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Mad Monday AU

These are non-canonical short stories set in the world of Mad Monday, requested by my patrons. Fanfiction meets fanservice, basically. None of these tales “happened” within the main story, and each are completely independent, with no effect on each other.

They’re just for fun. Enjoy ;)

Beach Joy

It had been a simple plan.

Mary had been in her daughter’s body for almost two weeks, and they’d already made so much progress. At the start of the experiment, Belle had been a surly, uncooperative teen; thirteen days of seeing through her mother’s eyes (literally!) had transformed her.

She no longer saw her parents as nothing but obstacles. In just two weeks, she’d made huge strides in developing empathy for how they felt about her and understanding how hard it was for them to watch her self-destruct.

Seeing her own body from the outside had—as Mary had hoped—her truly realize her own attractiveness. It had boosted her self-esteem, of course, but just as importantly: she now understood the effect that her clothing choices had on others.

Before the swap, she’d been the typical teenager, complaining that she should be allowed to wear whatever she wanted, that it didn’t matter. But after Mary had dressed her eighteen-year old daughter’s body in a crop top and denim cut-offs, flaunting her smooth skin for a pair of visiting police officers, Belle had finally seen what it looked like. She’d witnessed the effect that wearing next to nothing had on those around her.

She understood that it didn’t matter how cool, or hip, or trendy, or attractive it was—the end was result was still that she looked like a slut.

Leaps and bounds. They’d done so much in so little time, taught their daughter so many lessons…but Mary wasn’t done yet.

With just under twenty-four hours left before they’d switch back, Belle’s mother was determined to teach her one more lesson. The sight of Belle’s body being shown off for older man had been so impactful...

This was going to be something that the teenage girl would never forget.

Nor, Mary thought with a thrill, would she.

When she’d initiated the body swap, it had been with the purest of intentions. She’d only done it so that Belle could get a much-needed wake-up call, be scared off the path she was headed down.

But the middle-aged woman had learned a few lessons of her own.

She hadn’t expected Belle’s hormones to hit her as hard as they had. Her daughter’s teenage body felt like it was constantly aflame with need. Desire. The chemical makeup of a pubescent girl was powerful enough, but combined with Mary’s memories.

When Belle felt aroused, it was in the abstract, a general yearning. She desired to be touched, kissed, fondled...but Mary’s daughter was a virgin. She didn’t know what it was to be fucked so hard that you forgot your own name.

Mary did. She’d enjoyed decades of a great sex life with her husband. And so when the temptations had arisen, she’d been able to resist.

With Belle’s body and her own sexual skills, Mary knew that she could have seduced any guy in school. Any of the teachers, too. She could have had all of them, any of them, spent her two weeks in her daughter’s body surrounded by cock, being tasted and touched and fucked to orgasm after glorious orgasm...

But she’d resisted. She had a husband. She loved her husband. Belle needed to remain faithful.

And so instead of the sweaty teenage cocks she was surrounded by all day, she’d taken out her frustration on Andrew.

Sweet, loving Andrew. He’d been so uncomfortable at first, so reluctant to do anything with his daughter. But she’d been been quite…insistent.

Mary had used every weapon in her arsenal, wearing her husband down until he’d finally agreed to kiss her, to get her off, and eventually to fuck her, to pound their teenage daughter’s pussy until she came and came and came again. Until his daughter’s body was covered in his cum, filled with it, until it leaked from her pussy, and her every muscle ached with satisfaction.

Belle, in her mother’s body, had no idea. As far as she was concerned, a different version of her was still steering her body. She thought she was watching her true self, making all the poor choices she was making before the swap.

Now, with less than twenty-four hours to go, it was time for her to witness one more poor choice.

The family were at the beach. Mary (in her daughter’s body) had been “convinced” to cover a revealing bikini with an almost equally revealing white top and pair of shorts. Belle (in her mother’s body) was with Andrew, exploring the beach, watching their son.

Mary was going to get her daughter’s body into trouble. Get into trouble, get caught, and in the process, deliver a final lesson about appropriate behavior.

She couldn’t wait.

Despite all the temptations, Mary had been completely faithful for the past two weeks. Many guys had made a pass at her, and aside from giving out her daughter’s number in a moment of weakness, Mary had resisted them all.

But for this part of the plan, she didn’t have to resist. For just a few minutes, she could give into her forbidden desires, feel the touch of another, tease someone who wasn’t her husband....and let them enjoy her daughter’s body, if only for a moment.

It was so wrong, but she was allowed to do it. No; she had to do it.

For her daughter.

As soon as Mary steered Belle’s body around the corner, she knew she’d found the perfect prey. A group of four teenage boys, sitting on the most secluded part of the beach. A sultry smile crossed her face at the sight of them, and she swayed towards them, doing nothing to hide her daughter’s natural beauty.

They all looked up in surprise when they saw the teenage girl approaching. Their eyes scanned her body, making her feel warm. Each of them did a double take at the sight of the teenager’s curves, her long legs encased in the tiny shorts, her breasts barely contained by the skimpy top.

Mary was quite beautiful, but in her daughter’s body she felt like a goddess walking among mortals, a queen of sex. The teenagers stared unabashedly as the teenager approached, their mouths falling open in shock.

She paused, letting the effect sink in, a blush crossing her face as she approached the young men. For the first time in the two weeks she’d inhabited her daughter’s body, her wants lined up perfectly with the plan.

Mary wanted to be wanted. She wanted to flirt, to tease, to turn the group of men on until they couldn’t resist her. And now, like a beast left off the chain, she didn’t have to hold back. She could use her daughter’s body to its full potential, combining it with her mature knowledge of sexual mores.

Licking her lips, she waited for the teenage boys’ eyes to adjust to the sight of Belle’s exposed body. When their eyes eventually moved to her face, they were met with a sultry smile.

“Hey boys,” she said, pouting slightly. “You like what you see?”

The four teenage boys glanced away, trying to act nonchalant. All of them were blushing furiously, and Mary could see four erections tenting their shorts.

She tried not to drool at the sight.

“I don’t mind,” she said, running one hand up her daughter’s side. She shivered at the touch; her daughter’s body was so responsive, so eager. Spending two weeks in it had been like a holiday at a sex resort, like an adult vacation she never wanted to end.

The middle-aged woman knew that she couldn’t let herself get carried away. But if the plan was going to work, she needed to be in a compromising position with one or more of these boys before her husband and her body came around the corner.

She had to act fast.

“In fact,” she said, dropping each word like she was making a trail of Reese’s Pieces, “why don’t I make it a little easier for you?”

The boys froze as the teenage girl began to strip, her hands pulling up the white top, exposing the revealing bikini top to the four boys. She met their looks of lust with one of her own, revelling in the attention Belle’s body was getting.

“Is that better?” she asked, her voice dripping with arousal. The four boys were torn between staring at the inviting female flesh and looking at each other in disbelief. Belle even saw one of them looking around, as if worried they were on some kind of prank show.

Divide and conquer, she told herself, and picked a boy to focus on.

The tallest of the four looked like he was just under six feet. He had a lean build with short, dark hair and light brown eyes. He was wearing a pair of baggy shorts—comfort over attractiveness—along with a plain T shirt.

“What’s your name?” she purred, and it took a few moments for him to even process the question.

“Uh...Adam, ma’am.” His voice was a high squeak, as though the presence of the woman in front of him had sent him back through puberty.

“A palindrome,” Mary replied, shooting him her daughter’s most dazzling smile. “Well, almost.”

Adam’s blank stare told her that he didn’t get it.

“Adam,” she said, giving up on subtlety. “Do you like my body? Do you think it’s beautiful?”

He stared at her with a mixture of awe and fear. “Yes, ma’am. Yes, I do.”

“Then how would you like to touch it?”

Adam’s eyes widened as Mary, instead of waiting for an answer, leaned forward and kissed the startled teenager. It only took a few seconds for his brain to catch up with his body, and he began kissing her back.

“Oh, God, yes,” Mary moaned as Adam’s tongue slid between Belle’s parted lips. Her daughter’s body trembled as the teenage boy groaned with need, enjoying the feeling of her breasts against his chest, her mouth pressed firmly against his.

This was what she’d wanted for days. Sexual contact with her husband had scratched the itch, but this, this was what she needed. The feeling of someone new, the thrill of young lust.

She another guy touching her, fucking her, making her come over and over again. She could feel the admiring gaze of the three other teenagers, watching her, watching her skin flush with lust and her body respond.

She loved it.

She broke off the kiss after a minute, smiling wickedly. “I feel like these shorts are just getting in the way, don’t you?”

Adam nodded dumbly, and the four boys watched as Mary reached down to unzip her daughter’s jean shorts. They all stared with lust when she pulled them down, revealing Belle’s bikini bottoms—far too revealing for a respectable young woman to wear to the beach.

Mary felt their eyes moving over Belle’s body, and grew warmer at the attention. At any moment, her husband and daughter (in her own body) would catch her, and she wanted to make sure that she was in the most compromising position possible when they did.

“Now,” she asked, her blue eyes wide and innocent. “Where were we?”

Adam was more than happy to continue where they’d left off, and Mary was delighted to let him. Her daughter’s body was so eager, her muscles responding to every touch. Every moan, every gasp of pleasure made it clear that she was enjoying herself immensely.

It didn’t take long for Adam to gain enough courage to go further, his hands beginning to roam over Belle’s bikini-clad body. Mary gasped at his boldness as she let him explore her daughter’s stomach and her hips, even letting his knuckles brush up against the huge breasts.

A wicked thought entered Belle’s mind and she pulled away from the kiss to address the entranced audience.

“You can touch as well,” she said coquettishly. “I mean, if you’d like...”

Mary had known she was enjoying the attention of one horny teenage boy, but she couldn’t believe how good it felt when the others reached out and joined in. She moaned as the boys began exploring her daughter’s body; they were tentative, at first, but it wasn’t long before they built up the confidence to run their hands over Belle’s ass and squeeze her tits through the thin material as Adam kissed her.

She couldn’t stop thinking about the sight that would greet her husband and daughter when they turned the corner; Belle, wearing nothing but a bikini, allowing four strangers to fondle her on a beach where anyone could see. She returned Adam’s kiss with passion.

Mary felt as if her daughter’s entire body was buzzing with electricity. Belle’s heart was pounding, her breathing ragged, and she was soaking wet with arousal. The exhibitionism, the knowledge that any moment she was going to get caught, and above all, the sheer sluttiness of what she was doing…she’d never been so turned on.

A long moan left the teenage girl’s mouth as the boys groped her. Mary was in heaven, and—knowing that Andrew and Belle would turn the corner any moment—decided to completely let go, allow herself to enjoy the moment. That night, she’d be back in her original body; this was her last time to enjoy the free-spiritedness of being a teenage girl, and she wanted to make the most of it.

Her daughter’s body shuddered, and Mary pulled away from the kiss to see the four teenagers staring at her with hungry looks on their faces.

“Do you like me?” she whispered. “Do you think I’m beautiful?”

Adam was the first to respond, leaning forward and planting a kiss on her lips. “God, yes. You’re amazing.”

Belle’s body flushed with excitement.

Another of the boys—Mary realized she didn’t even know their names—was the next to speak. He ran a hand up her exposed side, resting it on her neck. “You’re so hot,” he breathed.

The shortest of the teenagers smiled and leaned in close, pressing his chest against her breasts. His eyes never left hers as he spoke.

“You’ve got such big boobs. And a great body.”

She giggled, then kissed him for the compliment. Mary hadn’t kisssed anyone but her husband in two decades; now, in the course of twenty minutes, her lips had met those of two strangers.

Why did that turn her on?

The final boy didn’t say anything. His fingers slid across her stomach, around her back, and Belle’s breath caught as she felt him undo her bikini top.

“Naughty,” she murmured, but made no move to stop him. If she as caught topless on a public beach, that would surely teach her daughter a lesson about responsibility.

All four boys gasped as Belle’s enormous tits spilled out of the tiny triangle of fabric, jiggling as they settled. The teenage girl’s breasts were huge, hanging heavy and firm in the warm summer air, the pink nipples pointing straight up, begging to be touched. Mary could feel her daughter’s nipples harden at the feeling of the four teenage boys’ eyes on her breasts.

“Oh, God,” one of them moaned, and Belle’s body flushed with pleasure at the compliment. They interpreted her long, shuddering sigh as permission; almost immediately, Mary felt four grasping hands roaming across her daughter’s exposed tis.

She sighed, enjoying the sensation as they squeezed and pinched Belle’s massive mounds of flesh. Adam began kissing her again, his hands moving to squeeze her ass, occasionally pulling away so that the others could take a turn.

Mary felt like her daughter’s body was on fire. Belle’s bikini bottoms were still on, but she was otherwise naked, her mouth being passed around between four teenage boys as their hands explored every inch of her body.

It didn’t take long for the teenagers to get bolder. Hands grabbing her ass turned into fingers making their way under her bikini bottom, enjoying the heat of her cunt, the feeling of her wetness, gently stroking her cleanly-shaven pussy lips.

She moaned as one of the boys rolled Belle’s nipple in his palm as it stood proud from her large areola. Combined with one of the teens finally—finally!—finding her aching clit, it was too much; Mary gasped as her daughter’s body reacted, arching against the boy’s touch and grinding her wet pussy into his hand as she came.

The boys didn’t stop; possibly not recognizing her impending orgasm, maybe not just caring. Even as she climaxed, Belle was being kissed, tongues dancing while the other boys ran their hands across every inch of her they could reach, their lips pressed to her cheeks and neck. Mary could feel the wetness of her daughter’s juices running down the inside of her thighs as she was pleasured by all of these boys.

She moaned as her body shook with pleasure, her head spinning. Belle’s tits were being fondled and groped, and Mary was coming harder than ever before, experiencing the most powerful orgasm she’d ever felt in her life—in her daughter’s body!

The teenage girl’s entire frame was wracked with pleasure; she couldn’t think of anything except how good it felt, how wonderful the boys’ touches were. Her body trembled, her muscles clenching as her orgasm took over her entire being.

As Mary came down from the long climax, she realized that she wanted to return the favor. All thoughts of her husband and daughter were gone from her mind; the only thing on her mind was bringing pleasure to the boys who had brought her so much.

For two weeks she’d repressed these feelings, focusing her lust entirely on her husband, trying desperately to resist the advances of everyone else who offered. Now, it was like the floodgates were open.

Belle was a sexual goddess, and her mother was going to put that perfect body to good use.

“My turn,” she growled, pulling back from the kiss. Adam’s eyes widened as he realized what she meant.

“Oh, god,” he breathed, and Mary smiled, reaching out and taking hold of his hard cock in her daughter’s hand. He was already rock hard, the teenager’s arousal obvious even through his shorts.

“Tell me I’m beautiful,” she ordered breathily. “Tell me you like my body.”

Adam’s face flushed red as she squeezed him, and Mary felt the pounding of Belle’s heart as she leaned forward to kiss him. Their lips met hungrily, their bodies pressing together as they kissed, the other teenagers continuing to explore her exposed skin.

She broke off the kiss after a minute or two, grinning wickedly. “You’re so hot,” she said, her voice ragged.

“I... I...” Adam stammered, looking down at the gorgeous teenager holding his erection in her soft fingers. He looked up, meeting her gaze, and saw the hunger there. He was panting, his chest rising and falling rapidly as he struggled for words.

“Tell me I’m sexy,” Mary pleaded. “Tell me I’m the hottest you’ve ever seen.”

“God, yes!” Adam gasped. “You’re incredible. You’re the...fuckin’....sexiest person I’ve ever met.”

“Right answer,” she replied with a soft groan, then leaned forward to plant another passionate kiss on his lips. Mary used her daughter’s hand to reach inside his shorts, stroking his hard, young cock as she kissed him. Adam groaned as his hips thrust upwards, wanting more of this forbidden sex as her tongue slid between his lips and into his mouth.

The other boys watched, their faces flush with desire.

“You’re so hot,” one of them added, unprompted, and soon the others joined in, complimenting the barely-clothed teenage girl as she jerked their friend off.

“You’re fucking amazing,” the shortest boy whispered, leaning in to run his hands across her stomach, squeezing her breasts as she continued to stroke Adam’s cock.

Mary moaned softly at the attention, continuing to stroke Adam’s dick. She watched in awe as her daughter’s fingers slid across its length, feeling the precum oozing from the tip. As the four boys fondled her body and buried her in compliments, Belle’s pussy was dripping wet; there was something so decadently egotistical about being touched by a group of men while as they showered you in praise.

It didn’t take long for Adam to cum, his body shaking as he shot his load into Belle’s hand. Mary gasped. She could feel hands on Belle’s ass and thighs, a mouth moving across the tops of her tits. She was completely lost in the moment, letting herself be pleasured by these strangers as she let her body respond to the situation.

She didn’t object as they undid her bikini bottom, exposing her wetness. Two of them lowered their trousers, and the smell of dick suddenly filled the air.

“Fuck,” said the only boy still wearing pants, his eyes wide with lust. “Your tits are so huge.”

“You’re so good with your hands,” Adam added.

“And you’re so fuckin’ hot,” a third boy chimed in. “Fuck! I’m so fucking hard…”

“I’m sorry,” Mary laughed breathily as she felt two of the boys move their mouths to Belle’s nipples. “Maybe I can help with that..”

No one seemed to mind as the teenage girl pushed them away, sinking to her knees in front of the two hard cocks. She was naked on the beach, her perfect body exposed for all to see.

“Oh,” she breathed as she took hold of the first cock, running her hand up and down its shaft. “This is nice. So big.”

“God,” said Adam as he watched her wrap both hands around the base of his friend’s erection and begin to slowly stroke. “You’re such a slut...”

He froze as soon as the words left his mouth, but Belle didn’t seem to mind. Her entire focus was on the dick in her hands, as she slowly leaned forward to take it between her lips.

“So good,” she murmured, her voice muffled as she sucked him into her throat, her nose pressed against the pubic hair above it.

Belle’s body trembled as Mary used it to suck the teen off. His cock felt so good, and as she sucked him, she moved a hand over the other boy’s hardening member, marveling at just how big it was.

“Mmmm, yesss,” she sighed as she bobbed her head, trying to get every inch of his cock in her mouth.

“Oh, fuck yeah!”

The teenager groaned as Belle’s tongue flicked across the tip of his dick, sending shivers through his body. He’d never met someone like her before; part of him still wondered if this was some kind of elaborate prank.

Mary was in heaven, on her knees on the sandy beach, using her daughter’s hands to jerk one teen off, her mouth to suck on another, being watched and complimented and groped all the while. She loved the attention from the four teenagers; she couldn’t remember ever feeling so desired, or wanted. It was intoxicating, and she wasn’t going to stop until she had all of them.

All of them.

It wasn’t long before Adam was hard again, and he lowered his sticky shorts, giving the naked teenage girl access to his cock once more. The only one on the beach still fully clothed was the shortest of the four, who stood watching Mary (in Belle’s body) suck off one of his friends while she jerked off the two others.

“You’re so fucking hot,” the teenage boy groaned as she sucked his dick. “Fuck, you’re incredible.”

Mary moaned softly as his cock slid in her daughter’s mouth, feeling the warmth of saliva coating her tongue as she continued to jerk the two teens. She still didn’t know their names. Her body was on fire with lust and arousal; her pussy was dripping wet and begging for attention, her nipples aching as they stood out from her large breasts.

“That feels so good,” the second teen groaned, and Mary could tell he was getting close to orgasm. She thrust Belle’s shoulders back and aimed his cock at her ample chest, giving him a sizeable target to cum on.

“Oh, god, yes, yes, yes,” he gasped, and she smiled as she felt his cock twitch in her hand. In just a few moments he was cumming, spraying her tits with line after line of white goo. Belle shuddered with pleasure at the physical manifestation of his lust for her. The wanton look on her face was enough to set the other boy off, and soon he was cumming too, filling her mouth with his seed.

“Fuck,” he moaned as Mary swallowed it down eagerly. “Fuck, that was so good.”

“I know,” she breathed, smiling at Adam’s dick in front of her. She looked up, meeting the gaze of the boy still wearing pants. “Would you like a turn?”

He blushed, and Belle’s lustful eyes glanced down at the erection tenting his pants.

“I’m hungry,” she purred, and he nodded without a word, lowering his shorts to reveal an even bigger cock than the ones she was already handling.

The teenager’s eyes widened as Belle took him in her hands, stroking his length as she moved her mouth to Adam’s erection. The fourth cock was larger than any of the others; thicker, too, and it made her mouth water.

“You’re gonna make me cum,” Adam whispered as she took him in her mouth. “Fuck, I can’t believe how big your tits are.”

She groaned in approval, but her attention was almost entirely on the new erection in her hands. Every part of her body ached with a desire to please it. She wanted to stroke it. Taste it.

She wanted to feel it inside her.

Mary twitched in in pleasure at the idea of it. Taking the cock inside her wet, aching pussy. Being fucked by someone new, using Belle’s pussy to pleasure this gargantuan erection. She couldn’t imagine anything sexier.

“Mmm, oh fuck, yeah,” Adam groaned as she sucked him. “So hot. So good. Fuck...”

His words trailed off into a moan, and his hips bucked upwards as he came, shooting his load deep in her mouth.

“Oh, fuck,” Mary sighed, swallowing the teen’s cum, relishing the taste of his semen as she continued to jack the other boy off. His pisshole winked at her, and the sight of the other two cocks hardening pushed her off the edge.

“I need to feel you inside me,” she moaned, laying back on the sand. “Please. Fuck me. I need to feel you fuck me.”

The huge-dicked boy gawked at her words, but it didn’t take him long to take the horny teenager up her offer. Within moments, he’d positioned his huge erection at her entrance. Despite his size, Belle was so wet that he barely felt any resistance as he slowly began to push forward.

“Oh, god,” Mary gasped, arching her daughter’s back and pushing herself downwards onto his cock. The teen grunted loudly as he impaled her, groaning as he began to fill her .

He was so fucking thick; thicker than her husband, the only other cock she’d ever taken. Or that Belle had ever taken. She could only get about half of his cock inside her daughter before she felt so full that she couldn’t breathe.

The other boys were watching as the monster cock slowly fucked her, and Mary felt like her entire world was cock. Surrounding her, filling her, everywhere she looked, even the taste of cum still in her mouth...

“Fuck me,” she begged. “Use me. Dominate me with your cock. I want it. I need it. Please...”

As he slowly slid into her again, she felt a familiar tingle run through her body. It was the same sensation she got when her husband fucked her; an intense feeling of being filled, and completely owned. She was so wet, her pussy dripping with arousal as she watched the teen with his enormous cock pound away at her.

“Oh, god,” she gasped, moaning softly as he pumped his cock in and out of her. “Fuck! You’re so big! Fuck me. Fill my cunt. Use it. Own it.”

“I’m going to cum,” he gasped. “Oh my god, I’m going to cum...”

“Yes, yes, give it to me!”

He groaned, and Mary moaned in response, pulling her daughter’s legs up so that they wrapped around his waist. He thrust harder, slamming into her, and she cried out as the first blast of jizz splattered against her cervix, filling her womb with his seed.

The teenager kept pumping her, driving his cock in and out as he shot his load. She was a mess of cum, her pussy drenched and leaking down her thighs, her breasts covered in the sticky fluid.

She lay there for several minutes afterwards, breathing heavily, her eyes closed as she savored every last drop of the teen’s spunk. When she opened them again, she was met with the sight of three teenage cocks staring at her.

“Oh, god,” she groaned, Belle’s voice low with need as she stared up at the three teens. “You like what you see?”

They all nodded eagerly, and she smiled, her body wracked with pleasure from the massive orgasm she’d just had. She was so wet, it seemed as if her pussy might never stop soaking.

Mary shuddered as the enormous cock slid out of her daughter, leaving her empty, and she moaned in disappointment.

“That’s not enough,” she groaned, reaching out for the other cocks facing her. “Don’t worry, though. I’ll take care of each of you. Now, come here...”

She sat up, and the three teenaged cocks watched in anticipation as Belle’s curvy, needy body got to her knees. She crawled towards them, taking the teen’s cock in her hands, guiding it to her waiting mouth.

“Oh, god, yes, please,” the boy groaned as she took him in her mouth, sucking eagerly.

Mary grinned and wiggled her daughter’s ass invitingly, offering her cum-soaked pussy to the other boys. Adam was the first to take advantage of the offer, slowly sinking into her as she prepared to make him cum for the third time that day.

He felt good; not as large as the previous cock had been, but still enough to satisfy her needs. His hips ground into hers, and she moaned, the sound echoing across the beach.

“Oh, fuck,” he groaned, his fingers digging into her back as she took him deep inside her. “So fucking tight.”

“Mmm, yesss,” she sighed, grinding her pussy onto his cock as she stroked the other two. “Take me. Fuck me. I need it. All of it.”

When Mary opened Belle’s eyes, the enormous cock which had just fucked her senseless was staring back at her. Her eyes lit up in excitement.

“What’s your name?” Mary asked, as she wrapped her daughter’s hand around its base and took it into Belle’s mouth. She could taste her daughter’s juices on the huge rod, and it stretched her mouth out to take it.

“Marco,” he said, grabbing her hair and beginning to fuck her mouth.


Marco’s cock was slightly too large to suck on comfortably, but Mary didn’t care; she swallowed him down greedily, moaning as she felt her daughter’s lips stretch around the giant cock.

“Fuck,” he groaned, thrusting into her throat as she continued to stroke his shaft. “I’m gonna fucking fill your stomach.”

“Yummy,” she moaned around his cock, and Marco laughed as she began bobbing her head up and down.

The other two boys were jerking off as she choked on Marco’s cock, while Adam gripped her hips and fucked her from behind. She could have done this all day, getting the boys hard and then getting them off, again and again and again until the sun came down.

She needed it; she craved the attention of these four horny teens, and they seemed to know it. Marco reached forward, groping her tits, rubbing her nipples as she sucked him.

It wasn’t long before Mary could feel the cock in Belle’s throat throbbing, and knew Marco was close to cumming. She pulled it out of her sore mouth, ignoring his disappointed moan.

“Cum on my face,” she begged. “Please. I want to—oh, fuck—I want to feel your seed coating my face. I want to see you cum, wear it as a mask. Please, Marco, I...I...need it.“

He groaned in frustration, but nodded.

Belle didn’t have to wait long. Soon, Marco’s cock was swelling up once more, and he grunted as the first blast of jizz splattered against her cheek. She licked it off, savoring the taste as she watched the next shot land on her forehead.

She smiled as the third and fourth blasts hit her cheeks and chin. The fifth landed in her mouth, and she moaned, her tongue licking at it eagerly.

“Oh fuck,” Marco groaned as he pumped load after load of cum into her waiting mouth. “That’s so hot...”

The sight of Marco cumming onto Belle’s face and the teenage slut eagerly eating it down was enough to set off the other two boys. Belle squealed with excitement as they also began coating her body with cum. She reveled in the feeling of their hot discharge landing on her bare skin, as Adam continued to fuck her from behind.

Belle’s pussy burned with desire, and Mary buried her daughter’s face in the sand, reaching behind her to spread her ass cheeks for Adam’s viewing pleasure. Her breasts brushed against the beach, and her ass was high and tight, inviting them.

Everything about the situation was so hot, and she could feel another orgasm incoming, as the sand of the beach mixed with the boy’s cum and her daughter’s sweat. Soon, Mary was moaning softly as Belle’s pussy spasmed, her clit throbbing, building up to what promised to be her biggest orgasm yet.

“You’re amazing,” Marco gasped, his breathing ragged, his cock thickening in front of her. “So fucking sexy.”

“I’m going to cum,” Adam pantingly announced. “I’m going to cum inside you.”

“Do it,” Mary urged. “I want to feel you cum inside me. I want to...I want to...oh!”

Just as she could feel her orgasm begin to hi, she saw it.

Andrew. Her husband. And, in her body, Belle. Her teenage daughter.

Her family.

She’d completely forgotten that she was waiting for them, but they’d arrived just in time to witness her be fucked to orgasm, the seed of strangers dripping off every part of her body, a huge cock pointing straight at her hungry, cum-coated face.

“No!” she gasped. “No! I...”

But it was too late.

Adam grabbed Belle’s waist and began furiously thrusting, letting out a long moan and pumping his shaft deep into her as he slammed himself home. Mary cried out as she felt him fill her daughter up, triggering her own orgasm.

Belle uncontrollably came, naked on the beach, full of teenage cock, covered in the cum of four strangers. Her entire body tensed with pleasure as she moaned and writhed in ecstasy, her toes curling in the sand.

“Oh, fuck,” Adam groaned as he emptied his cock into her womb, shooting a final, massive load which filled her up.

When it was done, Mary collapsed, her daughter’s face still pressed against the wet sand. She felt Adam slide out of her, and she looked over at her husband, who stood there, staring back.

“Hey, Daddy,” she said with a sheepish grin, sticking to the script. He looked horrified—rightfully—but it was the expression on her own body’s face that she knew she’d never be able to forget.

Horror. Disgust. Utter humiliation and betrayal. Belle, in her mother’s body, looked like she was going to burst into tears. Like she couldn’t believe what she’d just seen her own body do. Like she’d just seen what a complete and utter slut she’d be if she let herself go.

This would certainly be a lesson that her daughter would never forget.