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Please be aware that this story contains consensual erotic hypnosis. All characters are over 18.

* * *

Magic Words

Sadie stomped up the steps to her apartment. The aged stairwell was poorly lit, and the peeling yellow walls did little to keep out the cold. No matter how many times she walked up these stairs, she never got used to how dreary it was. As much as she yearned to reach the comfort of her apartment, she didn’t dare pick up the pace. Her feet still slipped on the edges of the steps sometimes, unable as she was to see them. Going too fast meant risking a broken neck.

Finally, Sadie reached the top of the stairwell. She stepped onto a tiny carpeted landing, standing face to face with an old door. The metal door had been painted white some time ago, but years of being flung open and slammed shut by careless people had left it flecked with stains. There was a noticeable dent in the lower corner of the door, put there by Sadie after she’d accidentally swung a vacuum cleaner right into the door. Sadie eyed the dent, then let her eyes drift lower. A small brown package had been left next to the door.

Sadie ran through her memories of the last week. Had I ordered a package? The new toaster arrived last week... this must be for Evan. She scooped up the package and cradled it against her side. With her free hand, she dug around in her purse for her keys. After several seconds of rummaging, she extracted the keys and turned them in the dilapidated door’s lock. She pushed the door open, crossed the threshold, and flicked on the lights. The apartment was flooded with illumination. Sadie shut the door behind her, kicked off her work shoes, and walked deeper into the apartment with a small yawn.

The door to the apartment led into a cozy living room. A squashy green couch, a coffee table, and a wooden stand with a flatscreen tv on it were all spread out across the carpeted marine blue floor. Sadie gave the couch a longing look, but she passed it and headed for the far end of the living room, which transitioned smoothly into a kitchen. The kitchen was stocked with some basic appliances, and was flanked by a round dining room table with several chairs pushed up against it. Sadie placed the package on the table, got herself a glass of water, and then walked back across the living room. She entered a narrow hallway, which had only two doors; one led to the bathroom, the other to the bedroom she and Evan shared. She disappeared into the bedroom, pulling her work blouse over her head as she stepped into the room.

Moments later, Sadie was back in the hallway, now dressed in a slate grey oversized men’s t shirt and a pair of fuzzy polka dot pajama pants. With a stretch, she headed back into the kitchen. Evan should be home any minute, she thought as she popped open the fridge. I should pull some food together. Sadie took stock of the fridge’s inventory with a critical eye. I see a whole lot of Tupperware containers. Leftovers it is. She selected a container at random and dipped the contents into a large microwave safe dish. Chicken and rice from two nights ago? May as well. I feel a little bad that I’m not doing something fancier for Evan, but I’m in no mood to cook, and I’d bet he won’t be either. She set the bowl in the microwave and started reheating it. Halfway through the reheating cycle, she heard the door in the living room swing open. She jogged back out to the living room just in time to see Evan shutting the door behind him, a small white bag held in his hand. Sadie couldn’t help but grin as her eyes fell upon him.

“Hi!” She called to him as she walked towards him.

Evan looked up. His face was lined with fatigue, but it was split by a smile as he saw Sadie walking towards him. He set the bag down at his feet. “Hey, Sadie,” he said, pulling her into an embrace and giving her a lingering kiss. Sadie stood on tip toes to meet his lips.

When they broke away, Sadie asked, “How was your day?”

“Long, to tell you the truth,” he said. “Not necessarily bad, but I’m definitely glad to be home. How was yours?”

Sadie’s smile faded slightly. “The same,” she said. “I’ve had worse days, but I’m ready to unwind.”

Evan nodded. He began to pull off his shoes, but his grey eyes fell on Sadie’s midsection, and he frowned. “You stole one of my shirts again!” He said accusingly to Sadie, staring at the oversized t shirt. “It doesn’t even fit you!”

Sadie nodded happily. “It’s big, roomy, and it smells like you, perfect for relaxing in.”

Evan ran a hand through the top of his curly blonde crew cut, and blew a long suffering sigh. “How would you feel if I stole your clothes?” He said it wearily, but Sadie could see that he was trying not to smile.

Sadie laughed. “You’ve got about 50 pounds on me. I’d love to see you try to squeeze those shoulders of yours into one of my tops.”

Evan nodded impressively. “That’s true. I am pretty strong.” He puffed out his chest and flexed his biceps. He took on a mockingly self aggrandizing tone.“I’d probably tear right through those dainty little things you call shirts.” The corners of his eyes were twinkling.

Sadie laughed louder, then put on an aristocratic tone. “Oh yes, good sir. What a tragedy it would be for those shirts.” She gave him a wink, and dropped her tone to a whisper. “And what a show it would be for anyone who happened to be watching.”

Evan finally gave in and laughed. “I’ve missed you, sweetie.” He pulled her into another hug.

Sadie leaned her head against his chest and let Evan’s solid presence wash over her. She felt her shoulders drop slightly, releasing some of the tension of the day. “I missed you too,” she mumbled into his chest. After a moment, she said, “I think a package came for you. It’s on the table.”

Evan’s demeanor changed instantly. His casual stance shifted into an alert pose. Sadie could feel his whole body stiffening. “Oh,” he said softly. “Well, I didn’t expect that to be in yet.” He pushed Sadie away gently, holding her around her shoulders and looking her in the eye. “I ordered the package, but it’s not for me. It’s for you.”

Now it was Sadie’s turn to suddenly stiffen. Unless it was Christmas or her birthday, there was only one sort of thing that Evan would be ordering for her. “Really?” She said in a light tone that fooled neither of them. “That was sweet of you.” She wanted to say more, but her mouth had gone very dry. Her gut clenched with a mixture of trepidation and excitement. She found herself unable to look away from Evan’s grey eyes.

Evan gave her a thin smile, continuing to maintain eye contact. Sadie was looking so deeply imo his eyes that she was almost sure she could see her own dark brown irises reflected back at her. “It was nothing.” He said airily. “Just a little something for my Sadie.”

“Would- would you like me to open it now?” Sadie whispered.

Evan’s eyes twinkled with mischief. “Oh, we’ll get around to it at some point.” His right hand slipped off Sadie’s shoulder and began to trail down her arm, fingers tapping lightly against her tawny bicep.

Sadie’s stomach wriggled harder. But before she could react, a loud beeping noise issued from the kitchen. Evan looked up, breaking eye contact, and Sadie gave a tiny gasp. “Oh, that’s dinner!” She said in a strained tone. “I just reheated the chicken and rice, I hope you don’t mind...”

Evan let go of her and gave her a normal smile. “That’s fine! I don’t feel like cooking either. I’m going to go change too if you don’t mind.”

He walked off towards their bedroom, untucking and unbuttoning his work shirt as he went. His shift back into his normal demeanor signaled to Sadie that she could do the same, and she hurried off to the kitchen. She pulled their dinner from the microwave and divided it onto two plates as evenly as she could. The chicken and rice seemed to have reheated rather well, and Sadie realized suddenly that she was quite hungry. She set the plates on the dining table, carefully avoiding looking at the package in the center. She returned to the kitchen to fetch them glasses of water and silverware. Evan reappeared just as she was placing a fork next to his plate.

“Thanks,” he said as he approached the table, the small white bag he had walked in with back in his hand. He had changed into another of his grey t shirts and a pair of maroon sweatpants. Sadie smirked to herself as she noticed that the shirt, which would’ve been too big on her, fit him perfectly.

“I’m surprised to see you wearing one of your shirts,” she said. He raised an eyebrow, and she blushed. “I didn’t mean it like that! I thought that you were going to put on one of my tops to tease me.”

Evan gave a small cough. “Well,” he said slowly, “I may have tried to put on that one green shirt of yours that I like so much. It may have been too small for me to get both of my arms through the sleeves.”

Sadie giggled. “I knew you’d at least try. You should’ve gone for one of my pajama t shirts. That green top is a little too tight on me, let alone on you.” She sat down at the table.

Evan sat too, grinning sheepishly. “You win this round. Here,” he said, pushing the white bag across the table towards Sadie. “Your victory prize.”

Sadie peered into the bag and smiled. “Thank you so much!” She said as she removed a prescription bottle filled with blue pills.

Evan nodded. “You know my commute goes near the pharmacy, so I figured I’d stop by and pick up your estrogen prescription. I almost asked the pharmacist for spiro too; I had gotten so used to you taking it.”

“Well, I’m certainly not complaining about not having to take the spiro anymore,” Sadie said with a shudder. “I’ve never tasted a worse pill.” She stared down at her plate. “And with the memories of the horrible aftertaste of spironolactone in my mind, I’m going to eat.” She picked up her fork and dug in. Evan wasted no time in joining her.

The dinner was a bit underwhelming, but Sadie kept her eyes down and set to scraping her plate clean. Evan ate with an impassive face, staying quiet. It wasn’t until he was picking at the last of his rice that he spoke once more. “Thanks again for heating dinner, Sadie. What do you want to do tonight?”

Sadie, who had been sipping her water, spluttered. “Oh, I don’t know,” she said, coughing as the water went down her throat awkwardly. “It doesn’t really matter to me.” She looked up at Evan, making sure not to let her eyes travel over the package on the table.

Evan was giving her a bland look, eyebrows raised slightly. “Maybe we could watch a movie?” He suggested mildly. “I know you wanted to watch that new rom com that came out recently.”

Sadie shrugged. “We could do that if you wanted.”

“Or maybe we could work on tidying the place up,” Evan went on. “There’s some stuff in the fridge that we should probably toss, and we’d been talking about doing some dusting.”

Sadie looked at the space to the right of Evan’s chin. “That’s also a definite possibility.”

“On second thought, it was a long day. I don’t feel like cleaning up tonight. Maybe we could just have a little chat and then turn in early,” Evan continued casually.

Sadie gave a little nod. “If you’d like. What do you want to talk about?”

“I was thinking that we could discuss why you’ve been alternating between being your usual bubbly self and being so meek. You keep going back and forth. Why is that?” Evan gave her a mildly inquisitive glance.

Sadie felt her breath catch. Her heart began to beat slightly faster. “I’m not sure what you mean. I’m feeling a bit tired, maybe that’s what you’re talking about?”

Evan tilted his head back and forth noncommittally. “Perhaps. Or maybe your demeanor has something to do with the package you’ve been studiously ignoring all dinner.” His voice had gotten remarkably light, but Sadie could hear a hint of an edge beneath the tone.

Sadie’s heart was definitely picking up its pace now. “Hmmm?” She said, feigning innocence. She let her eyes fall casually on the package. “As I said, it was thoughtful of you to get me something.”

Evan wasn’t willing to let her get off the hook that easily. “But you’ve been going out of your way to avoid looking at it. What’s bothering you about it?”

They both knew the answer to that question, but the edge in his tone had gotten more pronounced. Sadie felt a compulsion to look back into his eyes and give him the answer they already knew. “Because I know what types of things you get for me,” she mumbled. Her eyes flicked to his.

Evan’s eyebrows shot up higher. “I’m afraid I didn’t quite catch what you said,” he said politely. “Would you please repeat it?”

Sadie stared into those grey eyes, which were as impenetrable as the surface of a northern sea. Her heart was pounding quite fast now, but not from fear or discomfort. “Because I know what types of things you get for me,” she repeated more loudly.

“Ahhhh,” Evan said with a nod. “And what types of things are those?”

Sadie wanted to look away, but Evan’s eyes had her pinioned. She settled for blushing and pushing her thighs together under the table. “You know,” she whispered.

This time, Evan didn’t bother with pretending not to hear her. “I’d like to hear you say it,” he said with a veneer of smoothness.

Sadie knew that he was in no doubt that she would comply with his suggestion. “You get me things that make me feel... good,” she muttered, her blush deepening into a scarlet mask.

“Sadie.” Something in Evan’s eyes shifted, going from unreadable to wide and gentle. “If you don’t want to do something like this tonight, it’s okay.”

“No!” Sadie blurted. “No, Evan, I... I really need this tonight, if it’s okay with you.” Her blush was traveling down her neck, her whole body going warm.

Evan smiled. “I was sure that you weren’t going red out of discomfort, but I wanted to make sure.” He gave her an encouraging nod, but slipped back into his more confident tone. “And what is it that you ‘need’ tonight?”

Sadie’s eyes almost flicked to the package, but Evan’s eyes were becoming like the sea again. However, they were no longer impenetrable, but deep and bottomless. Sadie imagined that she could see beneath the surface of that sea, into a world of endlessly dark water with no discernible end. As it had many times before, staring into the depths of his eyes like this began to make Sadie’s mind drift a little bit. “I’d like you to put me under.”

Evan raised his eyebrows again. “You’d like me to put you under?” He echoed.

Sadie nodded. “One of the advantages of dating a hypnotist,” she said lightly.

“What purpose will putting you under serve?” Evan said lightly. Now he was the one playing dumb. “What do you want me to do?”

“Whatever you want,” Sadie replied dreamily. Extended periods of practice with Evan had conditioned her well to slip towards trance whenever she looked as deeply as this into those wide grey eyes. Her mind was drifting further, sailing gently over the iron grey waters of that sea. “Do whatever you’d like with me.”

Evan scratched his chin thoughtfully. “You want me to do whatever I want? That seems dangerous. You remember what happened the last time we did that?”

Sadie gave a tiny nod. “You made me forget about clothes for a whole day,” she said. “I spent an entire Saturday walking around the apartment nude, oblivious to the fact that I was naked.” A smile spread across her face at the memory. “I was so mortified when you let the trance end and I realized I’d been strutting around naked in front of you for hours. And so thrilled.” Her smile grew wider. “You can do anything you’d like. Surprise me.”

Evan stared at her for a moment, and then nodded. “Alright. Let’s move to the couch.” They stood up together and walked into their living room. Sadie settled herself down on one end of the couch, doing her best to get comfortable. It wasn’t hard; the couch was lined with a deliciously soft forest green upholstery, and plush cushions that were all too easy to sink in to.

As Sadie sank into the cushions with a tiny sigh of delight, Evan settled himself down on the opposite end of the couch. He gave Sadie a wink, then let his confident side back out. “I’d like you to get as comfortable as you can, Sadie. Just sit in a loose, relaxed position. That’s it. All you have to do as you relax is look into my eyes. Don’t look away.”

Sadie was all too happy to resume staring into his eyes. It was easy to slip back into her musings about her mind floating gently across the sea of his wonderfully grey irises. “Mmmhmmm,” she murmured. Her body was still a bit warm from their flirting at the table, and that warmth began to seep down every inch of her.

Evan began to speak again, in an even, pleasant tone. “You deserve to relax, Sadie. To let all of your cares slip away. All you need to do now is look into my eyes and follow my voice. Just let the words I’m saying wash over you. Any tension in your body should be slipping away. I’d like you to imagine a gentle pulse of warmth moving through your body.” This wasn’t hard for Sadie; her body was already feeling warmth. “The warmth will spread outwards from your center, in gentle little pulses,” Evan continued. “Each little pulse will help your body relax even further. Each pulse of warmth will spread to the tips of your fingers and toes, helping them relax. They’ll spread to your shoulders, helping them relax. Your knees, your thighs, your arms and your neck; all are touched by these pulses of warmth, and all will relax.

“And as your body relaxes, so too will your mind. It’s hard to think all the time, isn’t it? It’s hard and stressful to carry all those burdensome thoughts in your head around. Let your worries, your errant thoughts, let it all slip out of your head. It sounds nice, doesn’t it? Let each thought drift away, unneeded and unnecessary.” Sadie could still see herself drifting along that grey ocean. She imagined every fear, every concern, every errant thought climbing into boats of their own and sailing off across the grey ocean, leaving her mind behind.

Though she wasn’t quite as aware of it anymore, Sadie was still staring deeply into Evan’s smooth eyes. She was so used to Evan putting her into trance that it was quite easy for her to find her way back to it. Evan continued, his tone still pleasantly even. “Now, with your body relaxed and your mind emptying, I’d like you to keep listening to my voice. That’s all you need to do. You may find your eyes drifting shut; that’s okay! I’m going to count down from five to one. With each number, your mind will drift further into blissful relaxation and emptiness. When I get to one, I will say, ‘lights out, Sadie,’ and that will be the signal for your waking mind to go to sleep, a special type of sleep where you can still hear my voice and listen to what it’s saying to you. So, as I count from five to one, each number will send you closer to sleep. When I reach one, I’ll say ‘lights out, Sadie,’ and your mind will go to sleep.”

Sadie already felt like she could go to sleep. Her mind was so blank, her body so limp. She couldn’t have moved if she wanted to, couldn’t have wriggled her pinky... but Evan was still speaking to her in that wonderfully pleasant voice, and she found herself hanging on to every word.

“Five, your body is totally relaxed, totally limp. Four, your mind is floating free, so empty, so unburdened. Three, your eyes are drifting shut, so ready for me to reach one, so ready to finally fall into your special sleep! Two, your mind is drifting further down now, so blank, so ready for trance...” Sadie’s mind was drifting down, slipping beneath the surface of that iron grey water, sinking into the endless depths of the sea...

“...One. Lights out, Sadie.”

* * *

Sadie’s eyes fluttered open. A swath of green met her vision, making her momentarily confused. She blinked once, then again, her mind feeling sluggish and slow. Finally, after blinking a third time, she managed to piece her immediate surroundings together.

Her cheek was pressed against the armrest of the couch. She lifted a heavy arm and pushed feebly at the couch, slowly sending her body into an upright position. Sadie felt quite rested, and definitely relaxed, but everything seemed muted and distant. Pursing her lips, she rubbed at her eyes. After a moment of rubbing, her hands, still feeling rather heavy, fell to her sides, and the rest of her surroundings now began to fall into view.

She was sitting on the couch in her apartment. The living room was considerably darker than when she last remembered seeing it. Across the room, the light in the kitchen was on, providing the only remaining illumination. Sadie stared at the ray of light shining from around the corner, silently prodding her mind into action. She remembered feeling warm, then relaxed, then utterly blank, staring into a pair of depthless grey eyes...

“Oh!” She said suddenly, her mind finally putting the pieces together. Sadie had asked Evan to put her into trance! She looked to the other side of the couch, and saw Evan sitting there. His arms were folded over his chest, and he was watching Sadie with a small smile quirking his lips.

“How do you feel?” Evan whispered.

Sadie blinked again, still shaking off the lingering drowsiness in her mind. “Rested,” she said truthfully. “Calm and relaxed.” She remembered the context of why she had been put under, and she felt her cheeks begin to warm. “What... what did you do to me? What did I do?” She looked again at the now dark living room. “How long was I under?”

Evan shrugged. “A little while. You seemed to be enjoying the trance, so I wasn’t in a hurry to break it.”

“But what happened?” Sadie pressed.

Evan’s lips quirked further upwards. “You asked me to surprise you.”

Sadie looked down at herself. All of her clothes were still on. She held up a tawny skinned hand and examined it. She flexed her toes, pinched a lock of her earthy hair, and wiggled her nose. Everything seemed to be normal. “I can’t tell if anything is different,” she mumbled.

Evan shrugged again. “It was just a nice, relaxing trance,” he said innocently. “I simply put you under and made a minor suggestion or two. Nothing to worry about. As I said, you seemed quite happy.” He pulled a phone out of one of the pockets of his sweatpants. “Here, I took a picture of you.” He tapped at the screen, then held it out for Sadie to see.

The phone showed a picture of Sadie slumping against the couch. Her whole body seemed to be limp. The face of the Sadie in the picture was utterly slack, her eyes gently closed, mouth hanging slightly agape. She was obviously completely unaware of her surroundings. Sadie had never seen a picture of herself like this one, and her blush deepened further. If she was being honest with herself, she thought that she looked downright-

“Cute,” Evan said. “Don’t you think you look adorable like this?” He turned the phone around so he could get another look at the photo of Sadie in trance, and then pocketed the phone once more. “Anyway, you were a very good girl for me during your hypnosis. I think you deserve a reward. What do you say?”

Something about his tone seemed slightly off to Sadie, but she didn’t dwell on it. As soon as Evan had said she had been a good girl, her whole body had tingled with delight. “If you think I deserve it,” she said in a small voice, not wanting to betray how excited his words had made her.

Evan nodded. “You do! I’m proud of how good you were. Could you please go to the bedroom and prepare yourself? I’ll be along shortly.”

Sadie nodded eagerly. She bounced off the couch and hurried across the living room. However, as she passed near the kitchen on the way to the hall, her eyes passed over the dining table. She slowed and did a double take, an odd mixture of excitement and trepidation pooling in her stomach. The package Evan had ordered was gone.

“Is something wrong, Sadie?” Evan called over to her.

“No!” Sadie said quickly, scurrying past the kitchen and into the hallway. As she pushed the door to their bedroom open, she wondered again, what exactly happened while I was under?

Like the rest of their apartment, the bedroom was small. The rose colored walls were hung with pictures of her and Evan spanning back over several years. The closet door was flung open, revealing a space packed full of Evan’s jackets, Sadie’s dresses, and a haphazard mountain of intermingled shoes. In one corner stood their bed, a queen sized mattress topped with a luxuriously smooth grey duvet. Sadie had picked it out last year when their old quilt had developed a massive tear. She smiled as she remembered Evan’s reaction to her bringing it home.

“Did you get this quilt because it matched my eyes?” He had said wearily.

“Yep!” Sadie had said proudly, not bothering with false pretenses.

Evan had made sure she saw him roll his eyes, but she had also been sure that he was secretly touched.

Sadie snapped herself back to the present. “Focus!” She whispered to herself fiercely. “You need to get ready!” Evan had asked her to prepare herself, and she was in no doubt what that had meant. With efficient motions, she shucked Evan’s t shirt, pulled down her pajama pants, and sat down on the end of their bed. She had taken off her bra earlier when she had changed into the lounge clothes, leaving her bare chest exposed to the world. She snuck a peek at her puffy nipples, which had already begun to harden slightly in anticipation of Evan’s “reward.” One hand reached idly towards her left breast, but she forced it to her side. Wait for Evan! She chastised herself.

Sadie wasn’t completely naked. Her panties still hugged her hips tightly. The outline of her tiny girldick was barely but undeniably etched against the smooth teal cotton of her panties. She felt an urge to strip them off as well and begin to rub at her most intimate areas, but she quelled that urge as well. She knew that Evan enjoyed taking off her panties himself, and she had no desire to rob him of that.

Evan finally entered the room, his heavy set frame occupying most of the doorway. “Good,” he said with a smile, his eyes flicking up and down Sadie’s body. He held up something in his left hand. “Is this a satisfactory reward, Sadie?”

Sadie’s mouth went very dry. He was holding a large sea green massage wand style vibrator. The bulbous head of the massage wand was perfect for stimulating a wide area of her girldick. Sadie had never seen this vibrator before, but massage wands were her absolute favorite type of sex toy, and she eyed the long instrument in Evan’s hand with undisguised hunger. “Yes, please,” she whispered, her eyes darting between the massage wand and Evan’s self satisfied expression. “Was that what was in the package?”

Evan nodded. “You’re always such a good girl. I decided that it was time you got everything you deserve.” He said it lightly, but there was a mischievous gleam in his eyes that nearly gave Sadie pause. However, he began to advance towards Sadie, and Sadie’s attention was snapped totally to him and the toy in his hand.

Sadie let herself fall back onto the bed as he approached. He paused right at the edge of the bed, standing over her supine body, and he gave her another once over. The desire in his eyes was plain, and Sadie couldn’t help but shiver. With one hand still holding the vibrator, he hooked the fingers of the other into the fabric in the center of her panties, right over the top of her girldick. Sadie took a short, sharp breath as he tenderly peeled the panties back and down her body. Sadie raised her butt slightly off the bed so they wouldn’t get caught. Sadie shivered again as she felt her panties slip around her ankles, then disappear.

Sadie was now totally naked, spread out on the bed before Evan. Again, her eyes flicked between his face and the vibrator, unsure of where her attention should be. Evan raised his free hand again, placing his fingers on the inside of her thigh. He lazily traced circles up her thigh, ignoring the small gasps Sadie made as his fingers waltzed across her sensitive skin, until he was barely an inch away from her most sensitive parts. Sadie could feel a flush traveling down her entire body, a warmth that begged for her to be touched, to be stimulated, to feel. Heat was pooling in her belly, a heat that trickled down to the space between her thighs. Evan hesitated for several agonizing seconds, the smile back on his lips as he watched Sadie begin to squirm, desperate to be touched. Finally, he shifted his hand, and pressed his palm up against her heat.

Sadie squealed as she felt his rough skinned hand cup her nether regions. His fingers were spread unmoving against her girldick, which had stiffened and begun to ache. Evan’s palm was pushed up against the rest of her, pressing into the space below her girldick. Surgery five months prior had freed her of her testicles, leaving only the sensitive remnants of her scrotum and soft, yielding flesh. Evan let his fingers drift down her girldick, then pressed deeply into the space between her legs, pushing through the sensitive skin.

“oohhHHH!” Sadie squealed as she felt his fingers penetrate her. They had both been delighted to find that without her testicles in the way, Sadie’s nether regions could be explored and even penetrated to a surprising degree. Sadie’s squealing pitched louder as Evan’s fingers pushed in as far as they could go, pressing against a pleasurable spot at the base of her girldick inside her body. Evan withdrew his fingers, eliciting a tiny groan of disappointment from Sadie, and smiled.

“You know you’re beautiful to me no matter what, Sadie,” he murmured. “But I must be honest; I think that I prefer your womanhood on this side of surgery.”

“How do you think I feel?” Sadie panted, remembering her glee when she had realized that she was forever free of her testicles. “But can we please talk about this later? I have other things on my mind. Such as wondering why you’re not touching me anymore!”

Evan smiled and raised an eyebrow. “Someone’s needy. So demanding,” he remarked obliquely. Finally, he pressed the head of the new vibrator into the sensitive patch of skin his fingers had just been penetrating. “And here I was, talking about what a good girl you were during your hypnosis.” He thumbed a button on the vibrator, and the massage head rumbled to life.

Sadie cried out as the vibrations passed into her body. She could feel stimulation on the sensitive folds of her skin, at the base of her girldick, and even in some wonderfully tight spot deep inside her. Her hips jerked involuntarily as pleasure washed over her, her fingers curling into the grey duvet.

“That’s it,” Evan cooed as Sadie whined in pleasure. “That’s my Sadie.” He thrust the vibrator forward, pushing it as far into Sadie as he could. Sadie squeezed her eyes shut and gasped as she felt the vibrator push a few centimeters into her body. Evan drew the vibrator away, then pushed it forward again, spreading Sadie’s sensitive skin once more. Sadie let out a fresh gasp with each thrust of the vibrator.

I’m feeling more sensitive than usual today, Sadie thought. Maybe Evan hypnotized me to feel extra erotic pleasure? It’s not the biggest surprise ever, but I’m certainly not complaining if that’s the case.

As Sadie mused in her head, Evan let his free hand drift to Sadie’s chest, and he began to idly tease her nipples. Sadie moaned in delight as she felt him pinch her left nipple, sending a burst of pleasure radiating out across her chest. Evan rolled the nipple between his forefinger and thumb, watching his actions with a look of detached interest. He withdrew the vibrator once more, then began to let it trail slowly up Sadie, moving on to the base of her girldick. The rumbly head of the toy sent vibrations straight through Sadie’s slight girldick, causing her to curl her fingers more fiercely into the duvet. She thrust her hips forward, desperately trying to push as much of her body onto the wonderful source of pleasure as she could. Evan continued to drag the vibrator up her girldick, until it was pressing right into the space behind the tip of her girldick.

This particular space had always been the most sensitive part of Sadie’s girldick, and her eyes flew open, her moans of delight becoming an involuntarily loud shriek of pleasure. Her bucking hips slowed, and she was left whimpering and shaking beneath the deep vibrations, utterly helpless to the power it exerted over her.

“Let it all out, Sadie,” Evan said with an oddly musical lilt. “Let out all your pleasure. Let me hear every gasp of pleasure, every cry of delight, every helpless whine of need...” With her eyes open, Sadie could now see his look of detached interest. She noted it with surprise, but as her eyes fell on his middle, she was able to give a ragged smile. The outline of Evan’s dick, clearly erect, was pressed against the fabric of his sweatpants.

He can pretend he’s only mildly interested all he likes, Sadie thought with satisfaction, but he can’t hide his body’s reaction to my- “Christ!”

Sadie yelped aloud as Evan thumbed the vibrator again, kicking the strength of the vibrations up a notch. He circled the vibrator around her girldick slowly, ensuring that the rumbling head left no patch of skin untouched. The power of the vibrations was too much, almost enough to hurt, and Sadie knew that she wouldn’t last long against this level of vibration. Her girldick ached in delight, basking in the attention it was receiving, but Sadie was beginning to feel like she was losing her grip.

“Evan!” She whined. “Evan, if you keep this up I’m going to cum!” Indeed, she felt like she was already beginning to build up to an orgasm. Her hips were beginning to buck again, but not upwards towards the vibrator. Instead, she was shimmying from side to side, wriggling her butt and beginning to lose control.

Evan merely gave her an odd grin and began to swirl the vibrator around her girldick faster. His other hand pinched at her nipples more aggressively, forcing fresh moans of ecstasy from Sadie’s parted lips. A white hot erotic energy was pooling in Sadie’s belly, and her entire body was beginning to spasm.

I’m almost there! The ragged thought floated through her mind, which was drowning in pleasure, lost in the delight of the vibrations. Her toes and fingers curled as a tugging built deep inside of her. She was so close to cumming, the pleasure was mounting, impossible to ignore, impossible to deny. As Evan passed the vibrator over the sensitive spot behind the tip of her girldick once more, she felt as if she had passed the point of no return.

“Evan!” She screeched. “I’m going to cum!”

Evan gave her another grin, the look of detached interest fading away as he began to stare at Sadie intently, as if waiting to see what she was going to do. Sadie was too far gone to notice, too trapped in the pleasure. She moaned as loudly as she pleased, unable and unwilling to try to muffle her cries of delight. The erotic pleasure flowing through her body was right below a zenith, ready to explode, to burst from within her. She was going to cum!

Sadie gave a great jerk of her hips, sure that she was going to hump against the vibrator one last time as a wonderful orgasm washed over her. Yet as she jerked her hips, no orgasm came. The unmanageable pleasure continued to roil inside of her, ready to burst. Sadie cried out and thrust her hips again, ready for her orgasm to take her, but still it would not.

“Please!” She screamed as her entire body trembled with unbearable erotic delight. “Please please please!” She shook and rocked and forced herself against the vibrator, but her organs wouldn’t come. She remained mindlessly horny, unable to think, unable to do anything except desperately try to reach her orgasm. “I need it!” She screamed as she thrust herself against the vibrator again. “Fucking God, please!”

“Are you alright?” Evan asked in a voice dripping with fake concern.

“I need to cum!” Sadie shouted at him, writhing in a tortured ecstasy on top of the duvet. “It’s too much, I need release!”

“Then cum,” Evan said simply.

Normally, Evan telling her to cum would’ve been such a turn on that she would’ve had no choice but to orgasm. His words certainly sent a fresh thrill of sexual pleasure through her body, which was beginning to feel exhausted from trying to contain so much sexual energy for so long without release. Yet still, no matter how much she shook or screamed or begged, she could not cum.

“I can’t!” She said in a choked voice. Frustration was building inside of her now, burning along with her erotic pleasure. “Evan, I can’t cum!”

He gave her a wide smile. “Have you figured out what happened when I hypnotized you?”

Sadie didn’t stop writhing, nor cease her desperate cries of pleasure, but her wide eyes snapped to Evan’s, which were clouding with a storm of sadistic delight. “Please,” she begged, realizing what he was saying. “Please, let me cum, Evan.” She felt as if her desperation was erasing her mind again, just like the hypnosis. She was sinking back into that iron grey sea, but instead of sinking into relaxation, she was drowning in unbearable pleasure.

Evan’s smile grew wider, turning into a cunning leer. “I don’t know,” he said silkily. “That doesn’t sound like real begging to me. You can’t want to cum that badly.”

“Evan, if you let me cum, I will do anything you ask!” Sadie pleaded. “I mean it! Anything!”

“Would you spend a whole day on all fours?” Evan asked.

“Yes!” Sadie cried.

“Would you run to the end of the street and back with no clothes on?” Evan asked.

“Yes!” Sadie cried again. “Anything!”

Evan studied her for a moment, then shrugged. He pulled the vibrator away from Sadie and turned it off. Sadie still writhed and shook, her pleasure still just below boiling point. “I’m just not sure if you’re being serious,” he said solemnly. “How can I be sure that you truly want to cum, that you mean you’ll do whatever I ask?”

Sadie did her best to shoot daggers with her eyes at Evan. Her hips were slowly beginning to jerk less without the constant stimulation of the vibratory, but the arousal was not dissipating.

“I don’t think I want you to crawl on all fours,” Evan said at length, scratching his chin thoughtfully. As Sadie’s cries of pleasure slowly petered into desperate whimpers, he said, “I think I want to do something more practical with you.” He gripped Sadie’s chin firmly, forcing her to look into his eyes. The shaking of her body finally subsisted into a general trembling, aching for orgasm but helpless to achieve it. “You can only cum if you hear me say the magic words,” he informed the whimpering woman. “And I will only say the words if you do something for me.”

“What are the magic words?” Sadie whispered hopefully.

Evan gave a bark of laughter. “Nice try.”

“It was worth a shot,” Sadie pouted between a fresh wave of needy whining. “Evan, I’m begging you. I will do anything you want. You don’t know what this feels like...” Sadie screwed up her face against the pleasure still burning within her.

Evan nodded. “I may let you cum. But you have to do something for me.” He tilted her chin upwards. “You need to take me.”

Sadie whimpered, in no doubt of what he meant.

“Stay here.” Evan withdrew and started to walk out of the room. “Feel free to touch yourself all you like.” He gave another barking laugh. “It won’t do you any good, Sadie!” He stepped through the doorway and disappeared.

Sadie laid there, her body shivering. Her fingers reached to brush against her girldick. She jumped as her touch sent another wave of sexual pleasure through her body, but it brought her no closer to orgasm. I need him. I need to cum. I need Evan.

Knowing that there was nothing she could do to help herself, she let her hand fall away and continued to lay limp. After a minute or two, Evan stepped back into the bedroom. Sadie’s eyes widened as she saw that he had stripped naked. His thickset torso was now barred for her gaze, and she let her attention linger on the dark hairs that ran across his flat chest. Normally, she loved to run her fingers through his chest hair, but she suspected that that wouldn’t be an option tonight. Her eyes fell, and her stomach twisted with desire as she saw his cock. Freed from the confines of his sweatpants, Evan’s six inch manhood had sprung to attention, jutting outwards from his body. Sadie’s stomach twisted further as she noticed that his cock was glistening slightly. Clearly, he had applied a generous layer of lube over his shaft.

As she eyed eyed Evan’s erection, Sadie’s unsatisfied arousal began to burn more hotly again. Feminine whimpers of need spilled from her lips as she slowly rose from the bed. Knowing full well what Evan wanted, she turned away from him, then climbed back up onto the bed. She got onto all fours and waited, knowing that Evan was tall enough to take her from this position.

“You know what I want,” Evan growled low with approval. Sadie’s body tingled with anticipation as she felt rather than heard him draw nearer to her. “Good girl,” he said as Sadie raised her butt into the air, presenting herself to him. She gasped as his hips were suddenly lined up against her butt, and his hands wrapped around her hips.

Evan leaned forward, bearing down on Sadie. She whimpered again as she felt his erection poking against her entrance, but not penetrating yet. Evan nibbled Sadie’s left earlobe, then whispered, “be a good girl and take my cock, and I’ll let you come.” Sadie nodded vigorously, every movement tinged with her desperation to finally vent her pent up erotic excitement. “Good,” Evan said. “Are you ready?” Sadie nodded again, and she let her butt relax as best as she could. Evan shifted, lining his dick it directly with her entrance with his hands. She heard him exhale, and then, with a slow, careful thrust, he pushed the tip of his dick inside Sadie.

“Ohhhhhh,” Sadie groaned as she felt Evan penetrate her. Evan had fucked her countless times over the years, but no matter how much she relaxed herself, there was always a moment of pain when he first pushed into her. Evan inched his way forward, slowly spreading Sadie’s tight ass apart.

“Good girl,” Evan whispered encouragingly in her ear. “You can take me, you can do it.” He continued to thrust forward, and his cock claimed another inch of her butt. Sadie groaned louder, acclimating to the feeling of having a hard cock inside of her. The lube on Evan’s dick made it all much easier, and combined with her experience, she was able to move past the discomfort fairly quickly.

Evan eased his way back, pulling his cock out of Sadie. But before he completely slipped free, he stopped, then rolled his hips again and pushed back in, going a little further, a little faster. Sadie cried out as she felt herself being spread out once again. Evan pulled back again, then repeated the process, his dick going further with slightly more speed. This time, he let himself push as deeply into Sadie as he could. Sadie cried out as she was filled by six inches of throbbing cock, Evan’s balls pressed up against her butt. Evan pulled back once more, then began to establish a slow, deliberate rhythm.

“You’re always tighter than I remember,” Evan groaned in delight as he fucked Sadie. Sadie’s response was lost as she gave a yelp of pleasure. Evan had pushed into her again, hitting a wonderfully tight spot deep inside of her body. The hot pleasure that had been burning within her began to pitch again, easily building back up towards orgasm. Sadie gave a choked cry with each thrust of Evan’s hips, her mind sinking into the primal pleasure of being fucked.

Evan kept a firm grip on her hips, leaving her in no doubt that she was under his control. He began to increase the pace of his rhythm, his cock thrusting in and nearly out of Sadie’s tight ass. Each time Evan went deep into her, Sadie felt a delicious sense of being filled, and she squeezed her butt, desperately trying to hold Evan’s cock inside of her. Of course, Evan was too strong for that, and he always managed to pull through her clenching muscles with ease. However, it was not for nothing; Sadie was delighted to hear his groans of pleasure growing louder as her butt became even tighter for him. Sadie’s own pleasure was back at a fever pitch, and the desperate urge to orgasm was undeniable once more. White hot sexual energy ran up and down her body, and she cried out, desperate for her orgasm.

“I’m so close!” She begged Evan as she found that, once again, her orgasm wouldn’t come. “Please say the words! Please let me cum!”

Evan responded by picking up the pace of his fucking once more. He thrust his hips harder and harder, his movements becoming more desperate. His grunts were getting louder, more uncontrolled, and Sadie realized that she wasn’t the only one who was building up to orgasm.

“I’m close,” Evan groaned. “You feel so good, Sadie, you always do...” he fucked Sadie relentlessly, forcing a series of squeaks from her lips. Sadie’s whole body was shaking again, and even on all fours she was tempted to collapse and shake, writhing uncontrollably in pleasure. She was too warm, too aroused, too full of erotic energy. Sadie was sure that if she didn’t orgasm soon, she would drown, forever lost in the unbearably hot pleasure of her body, her mind melting away...

Evan gave a series of particularly desperate thrusts, and Sadie felt his cock begin to twitch inside of her. “Yes!” He cried in delight as he hit his orgasm. His cock throbbed violently, and a burst of hot cum splashed deep inside Sadie. “God, yes!” He cried. His cock continued to spurt cum into Sadie, driving her absolutely wild. She moaned desperately, the heat in her body swelling, but not cumming! As Evan’s cock shot a final burst of cum deep inside of Sadie, flooding her insides, Evan gasped, “I love you, Sadie!”

It was as if a switch had been thrown in Sadie. Her mind went utterly blank as her orgasm finally smashed into her. Her body burst with sexual energy, overwhelming her frantic senses. As if from far away, she heard herself screaming in ecstasy as she shook with the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. Every inch of her sang with pleasure, all crying out as one with relief as she was finally able to cum. Her girldick dribbled a stream of clear liquid, spilling out onto the bed. She was vaguely aware of Evan’s virile cum, now cool, dripping from her butt, running down her quivering thighs and mixing with her own juices. She couldn’t say how long her orgasm lasted. She simply shook and screamed and sang with delight as she was finally, finally satisfied.

Evan pulled his cock from Sadie with a wet pop. His erection began to fade away as he stumbled on to the bed and slumped down beside Sadie, looking spent. Sadie’s orgasm finally began to subside, and she fell over on the bed, odd parts of her body occasionally twitching. The aftershocks of her orgasm began to roll over her, each one forcing a whimper from her lips. Her mind still felt nearly blank, and her body was utterly ruined. She felt as if nothing on Earth could have forced her to move in that moment. She was simply too exhausted, all of her energy sapped. To her embarrassment, her physical and mental exhaustion got the better of her, and she began to cry.

“Hey,” Evan murmured, wrapping his long arms around Sadie and pulling her quivering body against his own. “It’s okay, Sadie. It’s okay.” He planted a soft kiss on her forehead and stroked her hair. Sadie felt as if she had been caught up in an uncontrollable high that had come crashing down, leaving her broken and beaten.

“Sss- sssorry,” she managed to choke out between sobs. She continued to cry, feeling utterly naked and vulnerable. Only Evan’s tender caress was keeping her from outright hysterics.

“Don’t apologize,” Evan murmured to her. “We’ve never done something that intense. Are you okay? Was it too much?”

Sadie shook her head. “It was good,” she sniffled, “very good. I loved it so much. But it was so intense. I feel so... so...” she let out a fresh sob.

“Subdrop,” Evan murmured. He squeezed Sadie tighter. “You went through a lot,” he whispered in her ear. “I want you to know that I am so, so proud of you. You took the hypnosis, the vibrator, and me so well. You were so strong as you handled the hypnotic implant and my penetrating you. I’m so, so proud of you.”

Sadie gave a weak, trembling smile. “Really?” She whispered.

Evan nodded firmly. “You did it all so well. You were such a good girl. But it’s over now.” He gave Sadie a kiss on the cheek and kept her wrapped firmly in his protective embrace. “All you have to do now is rest. Rest, and let yourself cry as much as you need, and know how proud of you I am.”

Sadie nodded and buried her face in his chest, still sniffling. The warmth of his body spread to hers, wrapping her in a cloak of security and protection.

Though she couldn’t see it, Evan looked down at Sadie with a light of adoration shining in his eyes. “And I need you to know one more thing.”

“Mmh?” Sadie mumbled.

“The trigger I implanted in your mind so you could cum? I meant it.” He leaned in close, lips pressed against her ear, and breathed out in his softest tone, “I love you, Sadie.”