The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Magical Girl Syn

Chapter Ten

by Jennifer Kohl

Syn looked up at her new Master through her lashes, waiting eagerly on her knees for him to acknowledge her, accept her, claim and control her. He looked down at her in confusion, scratching at his lightly stubbled chin.

“Tad,” he finally said. “Did you do this, bro? I know you’re still trying to get back at me for the ex-lax thing.”

“Come on, bro! You think if I had a chick this bangin’, I’d waste her on you?” one of the other boys—Tad, Syn supposed—answered. The others laughed.

“OK, babe,” Syn’s Master said, turning to look down at her. “Who put you up to this?” He looked around. “Where’s the camera?”

“This isn’t a prank, Master,” Syn said firmly, though something in her squirmed unpleasantly at the idea of contradicting him. “I am yours now. Completely, happily, willingly obedient to anything you want.” She wriggled a little, aware he was lookin straight down into her cleavage. “Anything.”

The assembled boys jeered. “C’mon, Todd!” one of them shouted. “If some slut came begging for me to tell her what to do I wouldn’t be standing around!”

“Well, you’re the expert on sluts, Teddy. Some of us like a girl who’s a challenge,” her master—Todd—replied.

“That’s Ted!” Ted answered, but Todd wasn’t listening.

“I can be a challenge if you want me to be, Master,” Syn purred. “I’ll be anything you want me to be.”

Todd laughed, but there was a hint of nervousness. “All right, whoever’s prank this is, I’m calling your bluff. You really gonna do whatever I want? Prove it. Suck my cock.”

“Yes Master,” Syn said emphatically, meaning every syllable. She traced slender fingers over Todd’s crotch, then slowly unzipped his fly. As she did, a hush fell over the frat bros.

“Holy shit,” said Todd quietly as Syn pulled his long, hard member out. She stroked it briefly, then wrapped a pair of ruby lips around it and began slowly sliding down.

“Holy shit,” Todd repeated as Syn took him deeper and deeper, her beautiful face still serene even as her lips reached his base.

Then the bros erupted into cheers.

* * *

“OK,” said Lawrence. “So... she’s just run out on us.”

Morgan checked her gun. “If she fucks us...” she said warningly.

“Hell, after the stuff I’ve seen her do, I don’t know if bullets would even stop her,” he said. “The more important question is, now that we have this hiding spot... how do we eat? Where do we poop? How long are we going to have to stay here?”

“As long as it takes for the heat to be off,” replied Morgan. “As for food and bathrooms, this is a college campus. They have to have vending machines and a cafeteria, and they will definitely have bathrooms.”

“But what if we’re seen?”

“Quit worrying,” said Morgan. “I’m prepared.” She sat on the mattress and pulled off her boots. Reaching inside, she removed a pair of inserts and handed them to Lawrence. “Shove those into your shoes,” she said. “Congrats, I’m an inch shorter and you’re an inch taller.”

“An inch isn’t going to—“ Lawrence began, but Morgan was already rooting through her bag.

“Here,” she said, and tossed him a short wig. While he fumbled with it, she wrapped her own hair swiftly and neatly with a scarf.

“Anyone who knows what we look like isn’t going to be fooled for long,” said Lawrence.

“So we make sure we’re not around for long,” she countered. “We dash out at night. One of these buildings has to be unlocked—we’ll use their bathrooms. And we’ll hit the cafeteria when it first opens, or vending machines after hours. Avoid people as much as possible.”

“I still don’t like this,” said Lawrence.

“And you think I do? Look, if either of us so much as suspects we’ve been made, we flee the city. But I’m not giving this up without a fight. There is some seriously weird shit going on, and I am going to get to the bottom of it!”

“I always loved when you got like this,” Lawrence said admiringly.

“Watch it,” said Morgan. “Don’t get any ideas just because we’re hiding out together.” But she couldn’t completely hide a hint of a smile.

* * *

Syn sat back on her haunches and smiled up at her Todd, licking her lips. “Thank you for using my mouth, Master,” she breathed.

“Fuck,” he said, a hint of awe in his voice. “That was good.“

On of the other fratbros—Tad—put his hand on Syn’s shoulder. “So, you like being told what to do, huh, slut? I can make some suggesti—aaaahhhnnss!” He screamed as, without looking, Syn reached across with her other hand and snapped one of his fingers.

“Hey!” Todd snapped. “I don’t care how good a BJ you give, you don’t hurt my bros!”

Syn blushed. “I’m sorry, Master. I was only protecting Your property from theft and abuse.” Reaching down, she pulled up her skirt and ran her hand over her dripping pussy. Then she bent over backwards, quite literally, to smear it on the still-screaming Tad’s finger.

Gradually, his screaming stopped. “Do you have any idea who my father is!? I am going to sue your fucking—wait. It’s... healed?” He stared down at Syn, then looked up at Todd. “I am still totally going to kick your ass, T.”

Todd shrugged. “Hey slut, give Tad a BJ like you just gave me.”

Syn hesitated a fraction of a second. She didn’t like this order at all... but she had no choice. Obedience was a drug and she was addicted. It just felt to good to even try to resist, and she doubted even if she tried she could fight the overwhelming urge to do exactly as her Master commanded. “Yes Master,” she said, and half-rolled, half-twisted until she was facing the opposite direction, still on her knees. Then she pulled out Tad’s cock and began to suck exactly as eagerly and proficiently as if it were her Master’s.

Todd grinned. “Fuck, you really will do anything, huh?” He looked around at his assembled Sigma Ep brothers. “All right, bros... highest bidder goes next. What’s it worthy to you?“

He’s using me as a whore! Syn thought. Underneath the magic and the lust and the obedience, the core of her was still Cynthia, and she recoiled in horror at the thought. But pleasure filled her as well, because Master was using her, and it all felt so very good, and after all, in the end, when it came down to it, obedience was obedience and sex was sex.

So when Tad came down her throat, she smiled up at the sea of near-identical young men, and spoke with genuine happiness as she asked, “Who’s next, Master?”

* * *

“Sister Euphrasia?” the young reporter asked. She stuck out a hand. “I’m Meghan, we spoke on the phone earlier?”

“Yes,” said Euphrasia, not rising from her desk or taking the other woman’s hands. She looked the girl up and down and clucked lightly in disapproval at her too-short brown leather skirt and too-tall heels, not to mention the tight cream blouse that clung to her chest like an overeager lover. “You’re doing a story on the gas explosions, yes?”

“Yes,” Meghan replied, her professional smile not wavering or showing a hint of what she thought of the nun. Judgmental old bitch.” A human interest piece, on the trauma of being caught in a disaster like that, how people are coping, that sort of thing.“

“Hrm.” Euphrasia was not impressed. “And you want to speak to our Cynthia?” She shrugged. “I can’t stop you—she is eighteen after all. But I’m afraid you’ll have to find her, first. I have no idea where she is.”

“You don’t—you lost one of your girls?“

“She left,” Euphrasia replied, eyes narrowed. “In the night, like a thief—not to say that she took anything. But she is, as I said, eighteen. If she wishes to go, she can go.“

“So you have no idea where she went?”

“None whatsoever,” said Euphrasia. She suppressed a sigh, a decade and a half of caring for Cynthia overcoming both her anger at the girl, and her instinctive dislike of the reporter. It’s more than her clothes. There’s just something... wrong about her. But Euphrasia pushed that aside and let her concern for Cynthia speak. “Her friend Ruthie might know something. But good luck getting her to tell you about it.“

As Meghan walked down the hall to the room Ruthie and Cynthia shared a few minutes later, her mind whirled. Her reporter’s instincts were screaming at her that there was a story here. Girl runs away immediately after surviving an encounter with one of Master’s Beasts? And going by the date Euphrasia told me, the night she left is also the night that same Beast was destroyed. Could she be..? Fantasies of finding the girl her Master sought filled Meghan’s imagination. Though she kept her face impassive, she could feel her pussy dripping at the thought of how he might reward her.

Reward me... for bringing him a teenage girl. A girl that he wants more than any of us, and I have no idea what he wants her for. But I have to assume it’s to break her like the rest of us... It was wrong, deeply wrong. But what else could she do? She needed to please him, needed the reward that good service brought. She didn’t have any choice.

There was no response when she knocked on the dorm room door. She tried again, this time calling out, “Ruthie?” But there was still no answer. Finally, she pulled a card out of her purse, wrote a quick note on it, and slid it under the door.

Nothing for it but to check other leads, I suppose. If I don’t hear from her, I will definitely be back. Then she turned and left the school before any more nuns could look at her disapprovingly, like they could see the evil she knew she had surrendered to.

* * *

“Ahhh...” sighed the latest fratboy as his cum spattered across Syn’s face and hair. It joined the cum on her tits, her thighs, smeared in her hands, across her neck, dripping from her chin and pussy. She’d lost count of how many boys had used her—they all had the same light tans, the same blond or sandy brown hair in the same three haircuts, were all named things like Ted and Tad and Chad and Chaz. They all wanted to use her, and now they all had.

“Well, gentlemen,” Todd said as he counted the thick wad of cash in his hands. “A pleasure doing business with you.” He laughed. “And a business doing pleasure with you, too.”

Syn looked up eagerly at the sound of his voice. The other boys had done nothing for her. Only one had elected to use her pussy, and he’d been fast and artless. She enjoyed it as she enjoyed all service to her Master, but it left her craving more.

“All right, slut,” he said. “Hope you enjoyed the warmup, time for the real deal. Ready to head to my room?”

“Oh, yes, Master!” Syn said eagerly. Finally finally finally!

“Well, too bad!” Todd laughed cruelly. “You’re filthy. Covered in these losers’ spunk. Clean yourself off!”

“Yes Master!” Syn replied. She stood gracefully, and as she did, the cum which covered her absorbed into her skin, leaving her as perfectly, flawlessly beautiful as she’d been before she arrived. Even her cum-matted hair magically cleaned itself before snapping into a perfect tumble of curls.

“...huh,” said Todd. “Well, all right. Come on upstairs and let’s see what you can really do.”

“Oh yes, Master!” Syn chirped eagerly. Then she paused. No no no, not now! But she could feel it, more familiar and noticeable every time it happened: a Beast was near. And distantly, on the edge of even her enhanced hearing, she could hear screams as well. “Master, you should know, a Bea—“

“Shut up and follow me,” said Todd, and obediently, she did.

He led the way upstairs and into a messy bedroom, its floor lined haphazardly with boxer shorts and pizza boxes just as its walls were lined with images of half-naked women. Todd’s pants hit the floor. “Get on the bed,” he ordered.

“Yes Master,” Syn said meekly, very aware of the approaching Beast. “But—”

“Shh,” he said, climbing in on top of her. His hands went straight to her breasts, which he squeezed and kneaded roughly.

His clumsiness hardly mattered to Syn, however. She was so hot, so needy, so sensitive, all she could do was throw her head back and gasp in pleasure. “Master—!” she moaned.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Todd said. “You love it, don’t you, slut?”

“Yes, Master!” she cried. “I do! Please, use me! Take me! Fuck me!”

Todd positioned himself at her entrance, then paused. “Do you... hear something?” he asked.

Syn groaned. “Yes, Master. Screams. The Beast is coming. But—”

Todd sat upright, pulling away from Syn. “The what?“

But before she could answer, they heard the screams closer than ever—from inside the frat house.

“Holy fuck,” said Todd. He scrambled to his feet and looked wildly around the room. “What is that? You have to get me out of here!“

“It is—” Syn started.

“Shut up!” Todd snapped. “Just do something!“

“I can fight it,” said Syn. “Don’t worry, Master, I’ll—”

“No!” he shouted. “I’m not sticking around for whatever’s making my bros do that!” The screams from downstairs were already dwindling away. “I told you, get me out of here!“

But if I fought I could—Syn sighed. “Yes Master.” Taking Todd in her arms, she jumped through his window, landing lightly on the sidewalk below in a shower of glass. Before she could start running, however, the wall of the house blew outward, throwing her off her feet. She rolled, covering her Master with her body as chunks of masonry bounced off her back, leaving momentary wounds that healed nigh-instantly.

She rose and half-turned to look behind her. Thick vines coiled out of the ruins of the house as the figure of a tall, redheaded woman strode out of the dust, untouched by any of it.

“Take cover behind me, please, Master,” Syn said. She concentrated, calling up the light in her hands, as she prepared to charge at the woman.

“Wait!” Todd called at her first step. “Don’t leave me! Help me!”

Syn stumbled obediently to a halt—and then a vine slapped her in the chest, hard enough to throw her a dozen feet. “No!” she cried as she flew, but her Master was already staring open-mouthed at the impossible beauty before him. Vines wrapped slowly around him as Syn recovered her footing, desperate to obey his last command, but there were so many vines sprouting up between her and him.

She punched and kicked, her limbs glowing with magical light, and with every blow a vine burst apart and vanished, but there were always more vines, more and more of them bursting out of the ground and curling toward her. They were sprouting faster than she could kill them, and then one managed to snag her leg.

She stumbled again, this time to her knees. With effort she was able to focus a burst of light in her leg even without kicking, and the vine dissolved, but another grabbed her arm, and another wrapped around her waist. In the time it took to destroy those, three more grabbed her—and then one wrapped around her breast and brushed its leaves lightly over her nipple.

Her light winked out as she gasped, squirming as the growing need she’d felt and been denied all day rose to the surface. Before she could resume her struggles, a questing vine found her pussy and worked its way slowly inside, filling her at last. Desperately she humped against it as best she could while the other vines held her suspended in midair. She knew she was about to be drained by this Beast once again, but she didn’t care. She couldn’t reach her Master, couldn’t fight, so her best hope to protect him was to cum as quickly as possible, to sate the Beast and send it where it came from...

And then she felt her Master die.

It was like a bucket of cold water to the face. Not a bucketful, the actual bucket. It was like a bullet of ice in her heart. It was like a scissor slicing through her spine. It was, in that moment, the worst thing she had ever felt.

She screamed, a howl of pain and rage in which the words “Nova Burst” were barely discernible. And for just a moment, she shone like a sun, a brilliant flare of pure, blinding white light that disintegrated every vine it touched. The Beast shrieked as she withered and burned in the brilliant light, but she was already reforming as the momentary brilliance faded away.

“No!” Syn screamed at it, the bow of light formed in her hands once again. “Shooting Star Bow!” She let loose, and the shaft of light struck the Beast where its heart would be if it had one, where the vines that comprised it were still regrowing their beautiful, human-shaped covering. It screamed as light poured through it, spilling out through every orifice—and then it dissolved away to nothing.

Syn stood there a moment, staring in horror at the withered husk that had been Todd. He was an asshole, she thought. But he didn’t deserve that. Then she remembered. “Morgan! Lawrence!” Turning, she sped away to find them.

Police and emergency vehicles were still on their way, and anyone who might have witnessed the event had either fled before Syn burst out of the frat house, or been killed. So there was no one to see the flicker of motion as Feiticeiro appeared in the ruins of the frat house. He looked around, then walked over to the spot where the Beast had died.

Finally, enough of a battle for him to trace the magic she used, to reach it barely after her victory. And it had been a victory, which meant the magic was still active, albeit much fainter than when she actually fought. He pulled the amulet he wore around his neck out from under his shirt and held it as he concentrated. Yes... she hadn’t gone far. It made sense—she was newly blessed, so she had to be eighteen. And where else would one find an eighteen-year-old but a college campus?

“So you’re a student,” he said with satisfaction, opening his eyes. “That’s it, isn’t it? I’ve nearly got you now... soon you will finally be mine again.”

* * *