The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Magical Girl Syn

Chapter Fourteen

by Jennifer Kohl

Terrence still couldn’t believe what had happened. He’d fucked Lisa! And here he was with his girlfriend Sharice, pretending nothing was out of the ordinary.

He ought to feel guilty. Or like he was getting away with something. Or really anything at all... but all he felt was horny.

Sharice at least seemed appreciative of that. “Oh, I don’t know what’s gotten into you tonight,” she gasped, “but I like it!” She clutched the back of his head as he practically mauled her breasts, licking and kissing.

She shrieked in delight as he pushed her down roughly onto the bed. “Shit,” she said, and giggled. “You being so excited is getting me going, babe! Hurry up and do me!”

As Terrence thrust into her, pain blossomed in his temples. But he ignored it, pounding away furiously until they both came.

And so the infection spread.

* * *

“How dare you!?” Bruce shouted, and Meghan cowered before him. “You, a lowly, worthless worm, a slave who cannot even bring me her one trusted associate, want to waste my time with a so-called lead? Do you have any idea how critical timing is at this moment? What if your nonsense distracted me while the girl fought the Beast, and I missed her again? I’m running out of chances!”

Meghan cowered down before him. “I’m sorry, Master! I just thought—“

“Which is the problem!” he snapped. “I left you too much of your own thoughts because I thought you could be useful to me. More the fool I, it seems.”

Meghan was crying openly, unable to hold it back. “I’m sorry, Master! I’m so, so, sorry! I just wanted so badly to serve you! The girl I brought has a connection to the one you’re seeking, I’m sure of it!”

Bruce sighed. “Take me to her. Perhaps even one as worthless as you can at least bring me someone worth my effort.”

“Oh, Master!” Meghan cried, struggling to get back under control. “Thank you, thank you! She’s right outside!” She ran to the door and opened it, ready to invite Ruthie in—but she was gone.

Meghan stood frozen in the waiting area. Maybe Ruthie had just gone to the bathroom? Meghan looked up at the receptionist, but Jessica shook her head. “She ran out,” she said. “I didn’t know what to do, so I let her go.”

I would have stopped her, Meghan thought. Obviously we should hold on to her! But that’s what happens to the girls Master gives the full whammy—no initiative. And yet Master thinks I should be more like them... and of course he must be right... right? Meghan saw the look on Jessica’s face, and turned slowly. “Um,” she said. “Master. I—“

“Silence,” he hissed, and Meghan’s mouth snapped shut through no volition of her own. “You have wasted my time enough, slave. Get out of my sight.”

Fed up, he teleported away, back to the sorority house. Despite what he’d said to Meghan, there genuinely was still a little time left before he needed to act, and he needed stress relief.

“Apprentice!” he called as he materialized. “Attend to me.”

Carice rushed to her Master, and he relished the feel of her mind. She had chosen to be his more or less of her own volition, which left her a great deal of her own will still intact. He could feel it squirming just under his orders, ever waiting to break free.

It wasn’t the same thing, precisely, but it reminded him of her. She had been willing, too, but the others, their power and will bound beneath her own... that had been thrilling. He missed her so—

Hastily he banished the thought. This always happened when he let go of his emotions. No matter what emotion he started with, it always ended up back at grief and the memory of lo—

No. He was better than this. Stronger than this. If he failed here he would have only two more chances. If he succeeded he would have everything he ever dreamed of and more. If he failed all his chances...

He wasn’t going to fail. He just needed a challenge, a struggle, to refocus his mind. And with Carice entering the room to kneel before him, he had just the opportunity.

In fact... he smiled thinly as an idea occurred to him. Yes. That was exactly the sort of game he needed right now.

Without saying a word, he pushed an idea into Carice’s mind. Instinctively, she pushed back. With anyone else under his control, it wouldn’t have mattered, but Carice had will and magic to back it up. Even unaware of his intrusion, her power resisted him.

He could of course have forced it in, smashed his way through. But there was some risk to that, and it was more entertaining to seek a crack, to worm his way in slowly.

Carice smiled up at him and took him into her mouth. A game well played, but she never stood a chance.

“Listen as you suck,” he said, “and I will teach you the basics of mental magic. You have already demonstrated facility with the praxis, but for true mastery, you must learn the theory as well.” He closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation. “As you know, there are three great powers in this world: divine, diabolic, and primordial. Angel, demon, and Beast. Heaven, Hell, and Void. Light, fire, darkness. What you do not know, what few remember and fewer understand, is that this triad underlies all things.”

He leaned his head back as her tongue laved his cock. “Sulphur, salt, mercury. Order, energy, and matter. The three parts of a person—soul, spirit, flesh. And the three forces within any mind: will, desire, and belief.”

He came. Carice swallowed it, then pulled back and smiled up at him. He patted her on the head and continued the lesson.

* * *

Lisa staggered out onto the quad, head spinning, temples pounding. Those weird lumps she’d noticed were hurting more and more, and her feet hurt as well. Her mind whirled. Where once had been the thoughts of a smart, shy girl with stronger desires than she let on, now there was nothing but need. She had lost count of how many people she had fucked. By this point, she’d lost numbers themselves.

But here they came. Everyone she’d fucked since her encounter with the Siren. And everyone they’d fucked. And everyone they’d fucked. Students, mostly, but a few teachers and other staff as well. All told there were probably a dozen people gathered in the quad, not that “dozen” was a concept in Lisa’s brain anymore.

Lisa wasn’t really a concept in Lisa’s brain anymore.

She threw her head back and screamed as the pain reached a peak. And then, as the wings erupted from the sides of her head, her screams became song. The gathered, silent others began to scream in agony of their own as the transformation rippled outwards.

But soon their voices sang out as one.

* * *

“Ah,” said Bruce, looking out the window as the magical protections around the sorority house shimmered slightly. “It begins. You are dismissed, apprentice. Go to the mayor’s office and find a girl named Meghan. See if you can figure out some use she can be put to.”

Carice nodded, then focused. She had only practiced this a little, but the mayor’s office was technically public space. It should be relatively easy to teleport to, even for a novice. The world around her shifted, flowed—lurched sickeningly, and for a moment she feared she would be torn apart—and then she was there, the waiting room of the mayor’s office.

“Wow, you okay?” asked a woman.

Carice steadied herself against the wall, fought down the urge to throw up, and then looked at the woman. She was, Carice noticed immediately, extremely pretty. Just Carice’s type, actually—petite, with a pale elfin face, black hair in an undercut, big, soulful blue eyes. Carice was suddenly very aware that she was sweaty, out of breath, and judging from how the woman was looking at her, more than a bit green around the gills.

“I’m fine,” she said, straightening up. “Teleporting takes a lot out of me still. I’ve got a long way to go before I can do it as easily as Master. Speaking of, I’m looking for a girl named Meghan?”

“That’s me.” Meghan smiled nervously. If Master sent her... is this my punishment? She’s so gorgeous, too...

Carice laid a hand on Meghan’s arm. “Master sent me to find a use for you. Tell me about yourself?”

Meghan brightened immediately. Not punishment! A new task! And if I impress her, maybe I’ll be back on Master’s good side! She immediately began explaining what she could do—every skill she could think of, from investigative reporting to cunnilingus.

As she did, Carice slowly began to smile in a way that sent shivers down Meghan’s back—and she wasn’t sure if they were the good kind or not.

“I have just the thing,” Carice said. “Master has begun teaching me mental magic. Why don’t I practice on you? I’ll get better at it, making me more useful to Master—that way we’re both serving him!”

Meghan tried not to let her disappointment show. Service was service! “Okay,” she said. “What do I need to do?”

“Just relax,” Carice said. “Master already put all the structures into place. As long as you don’t fight it, I should be able to...” She met Meghan’s eyes, blue and green capturing blue and blue. She reached deep inside Meghan, to the delicate latticework of power their Master had put into place. She saw how it twined in and around Meghan’s desire, extending just a little into her beliefs and barely touching her will at all. It was stunning work, and Carice could barely follow it even as she recognized that it had to be very similar to what had been done to her.

Nonetheless, the belief parts were fairly simple, and that was what Carice needed. A little tweak here and there, and Meghan’s desire to serve was transferred neatly to Carice.

The young witch stroked her new slave’s cheek. “You know,” she said, “you would have been just my type before Master.”

Meghan smiled bashfully. “Same here. Which means you still are... Mistress.”

“And we will enjoy that later, if you are a good girl... and you will be a good girl for me, won’t you?“

Meghan nodded eagerly. “Oh yes, Mistress. However I can!”

“Good.” Carice leaned forward. “But first, let’s talk about how else we can use your skills.” She ran through the logic again. Master is too busy to teach me all the time. The more I learn, the more useful to him I can be. So I need to learn more without him—and the best way to do that... “We’re going to be doing a little research project. We’re going to find out where Master’s power and knowledge come from. And to do that...“

“We need to figure out who he is,” Meghan finished.

“Good girl,” said Carice. And if I can grow in power without him... She shoved the thought away. No. I’m loyal to Master. This is just so I can serve him better, that’s all. And with a little effort, she was even able to make herself believe it.

* * *

Syn’s head snapped up suddenly. “No,” she said, scrambling to her feet. “Already!?” But there was no questioning it: there was a Beast nearby.

“Stay here,” she said to her friends. “Stay safe.” Then she rushed out of the physical plant, racing at blinding speed across the campus. It was evening by now, and in the summer session, that meant the campus was nearly deserted. Instead of the thousands of students present during the year, or the hundreds attending summer classes that had been around earlier, now there were only a few dozen.

And Syn was much, much faster than them. She had already reached the Siren when it began to switch from the song of transformation to the song of enchantment.

She stopped short, however, when she recognized it. Recognized them. “Grankitty?” she asked.

But the advisor riding in her cleavage had nothing for her. “I don’t know,” she said. “You killed the Siren, it can’t come back from that! Beasts never repeat if you actually kill them, only if you banish them.”

“Then what is that?” asked Syn. But there was no time to wait for an answer. The Sirens—each looking exactly the same in every detail as the original one that had attacked the school—were singing the song that drew victims, and at the same time charging toward her, a massive cloud of them.

She focused, and the bow and arrow flickered into being in her hands. She managed to get off two shots, two hits, two Sirens screaming as they dissolved into light, but then they were on her.

Back in the plant, Lawrence and Morgan fought the pull of the song. Lawrence could see Morgan taking step after unwilling step, slowly moving toward the door, just like he was. They both knew the danger, both knew the price they might pay—but neither could resist that pull.

Lawrence struggled to stay focused, but it was so hard. The song was so distracting, so beautiful, so easy to listen to and be swept away by. It was lulling his mind to sleep while his body obeyed, and he knew he might never wake up. Casting about desperately for something, anything he could do, he stuck his hand into his pocket. His earbuds, and a phone. Cheap burner Morgan had forced on him instead of his real phone, but it had a browser, and that meant...

What did that mean? For a moment he couldn’t put it together. He teetered on the edge of falling mindlessly into the music. But then, in one last flash of lucidity, he pushed through. Earbuds plugged into phone, earbuds into ears, browser to the white noise site he used when he had trouble sleeping.

Fuzz overlaid the song, suppressed it, drowned it. Fuzz filled his ears, and as it did, his mind grew clearer. He stopped, but of course Morgan didn’t.

Morgan kept walking. She’d fought as hard as Lawrence had, but it was impossible. She was vaguely aware of him behind her as she exited the physical plant, just as she was vaguely aware of the distant sight of a flock of bird-women swarming around Syn, the flashes of light from Syn’s bow. But it didn’t matter, didn’t register. She swam in music, and it was impossible to care about anything else.

And then came the sudden fuzz. She stopped walking as her head began to clear. Lawrence stood in front of her, holding out a phone. A white cord emerged from it, swooped up toward her...

Earbuds. It clicked into place as her mind continued to clear. Lawrence had stuck his earbuds in her ears, and white noise was now shielding her. Her, but not him. She took the phone from him as his eyes glazed over. He turned, and slowly began walking toward the battle happening across the green grassy lawn.

Why? Morgan thought. Why save me? Lawrence had always been kind of a sap, but now that they were broken up, would he really... oh.

The swarming bird-women around Syn outnumbered her ten to one. Sooner or later, one would get lucky—unless Syn had help. Quickly Morgan ran back inside, grabbed her gun out of her bag, and loaded it while she ran back out and toward Syn.

Syn ducked the claws of a Siren, leaped over another, then spun in midair and speared it with a blast from her bow. Another Siren slashed her shoulder, but she spun away from it, the wound healing almost as soon as it was made. But then one got a real grip on her arm and flew upwards, pulling her off the ground. Another joined it, grabbing her other arm, and the Starlight Bow dissolved as Syn struggled in their grip.

Then she looked down and saw Morgan aiming up.

“No!” Grankitty shouted. “Physical weapons can’t hurt Beasts!”

Morgan fired. The Siren holding Syn’s left arm screamed and fell, bleeding heavily. It was dead before it hit the ground, dissolving into light like the others. Without missing a beat, Syn swung her free fist at the Siren holding her other arm, unformed light flaring from her hand as she struck.

It exploded into light, and Syn dropped to the ground, the Starlight Bow in her hands once again before she even reached it.

“Bullets work,” said Grankitty. “But then... dear God. These aren’t just Beasts. They’re human bodies possessed by the Beast we fought before, turned into something like it! That’s disgusting!”

Morgan, unable to hear a word she said, moved to stand back-to-back with Syn and shot another Siren as it swooped toward them.

“They’re human?” asked Syn. “Can they... can we help them?“

“Look at them,” said Grankitty. “They’ve been completely devoured. The best thing we can do is kill them before anyone else gets here, keep this from spreading.”

“Got it,” said Syn. People were approaching, drifting toward the Sirens in fuzzy-brained, musically driven awe. She had to kill them fast.

Fortunately, she and Morgan could. As Syn’s shining arrow of light struck the last Siren, all the people in their thrall collapsed like puppets with their strings cut. It was over; she lowered her bow.

Except then a figure stepped through the light of the dissolving Beast, clapping slowly. “Oh, well done,” he said. “You’re very impressive; I’m glad to finally meet you.”

“Grankitty?” asked Syn.

“No idea,” the cat doll responded. “Never seen him before.”

“Indeed,” he said. “You do not know me, though I know you. Well... part of you. The host body is unfamiliar... but I suppose now is as good a time as any to meet her.”

His hand went to the pendant around his neck. It pulsed, briefly, a swirl of light and darkness.

Becoming Cynthia again was like a weight settling on her shoulders. All the strength and power of Syn vanished, the extra height, the perfect body, and most of all the feeling of being pure and wild and powerful and sensual, all of that disappeared at once.

“But—” Cynthia sputtered. “It hasn’t... hasn’t been...”

“Be still,” said the man, and Cynthia found herself rooted to the ground and unable to talk. “You have something of mine,” he said. “But I will allow you to keep it... because from now on you will be mine.”

“What have you done?” Grankitty demanded. “Who are you?”

“At the moment, I am going by Bruce. But I am a wizard,” he answered. ”The wizard, really. The last one left.” He smirked.

And then Morgan shot him.

* * *