The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Magical Girl Syn

Chapter Nineteen

by Jennifer Kohl

Beccany backed slowly from the writhing tentacles and hefted the fire ax in her hands.

Behind her, Maria cowered, whimpering. “We’re trapped!” she moaned.

Beccany raised the ax. “Then I’ll make a path!” She chopped at a thick tentacle, and a shriek erupted all around them. The tentacle she’d hit pulled violently away, yanking the ax out of her hands. “No!” she shouted, while Maria’s whimpers rose to a wail of terror.

Beccany couldn’t see any other choice. She lunged forward, trying to grab at the ax handle before it could be pulled too far away. Then she tripped as a tentacle grabbed her ankle and yanked. A moment later, she was hanging upside down, her uniform blouse falling to block her vision as she flailed desperately. She tried to kick with her other leg, but a tentacle grabbed it by the knee.

Dimly, she could hear Maria’s screaming. We’re going to die, she thought. A third tentacle slid slowly down her thigh, and her skin tingled strangely—and worrisomely pleasantly—where it touched. It neared the edge of her panties, and Beccany realized what else was going to happen to them before they died—and then that shrieking happened again, and she was hanging by only one leg. Another shriek, and she fell to the ground.

Beccany rolled over to see a ponytailed figure in t-shirt and shorts beating tentacles back with a baseball bat. A backpack slung over the newcomer’s shoulders bristled with sports equipment, and Maria stood back to back with her, screaming and swinging a golf club. Beccany saw the fire ax lying near her, so she snatched it up and joined in.

The tentacles soon retreated down the hall and around the corner, leaving the three panting young women in their wake. Beccany turned to their savior in surprise. “Sister Katherine?”

Katherine nodded. “I’m glad I found you girls. There’s...” She trailed off, eyes distant. “I don’t think there are a lot of others left. I was in the gym when they attacked, with... I was in the gym. I grabbed what I could and went looking for surv—for students.”

Beccany gulped. She knew some of the sports teams kept practicing over the summer, and Sister Katherine coached several of them. If she was in the gym, one of those teams probably was, too... and none of them were with Katherine now.

The pretty young nun hefted her bat. “They never stay away for long. We should try to get out of the building.”

“They came from the courtyard,” Maria said quietly. “We can’t get to the gate.”

“We’ll go through the cafeteria to the loading dock,” Katherine replied. “Get out onto the grounds that way, then cut across and get out on that side.”

“But there’s no gate on that side,” Beccany objected. “The access road loops around to the main gate.”

“There’s a gap in the wall in the southeast corner,” Katherine replied, “behind the raspberry bushes.” She laughed once, sharply, at Beccany’s look of surprise. “You didn’t know? I wasn’t a student here that long ago, you can’t all have forgotten how to sneak out!“

“They’re coming back,” Maria interrupted, and the others turned to look. Sure enough, a tentacle was slowly feeling its way around the corner.

“Let’s go,” said Katherine, and led the small party the other way down the hall.

Not very far, as it turned out. The tentacles that had been feeling their way around the corner suddenly erupted down the hall after the fleeing trio, and just as they were about to reach the corner of the hall leading to the cafeteria, a half-dozen or so tentacles burst through the door of a classroom and blocked their path.

“We cut through!” Katherine shouted and brought her bat down hard on the thickest of the tentacles ahead of them. The tentacles, or whatever it was they were coming from, shrieked again in pain, and Beccany rushed up to hack at it with her ax, making sure to snap it back as quickly as she could to keep the tentacles from pulling it out of her hands again. Maria stood with her back to both of them, bringing the head of her golf club down on any of the tentacles coming from behind.

Katherine brought the bat down on another tentacle and, with a resounding crack, it snapped in two. The shrieking tentacle pulled away while Katherine snatched another bat out of her bag—but another tentacle lashed out as she did and grabbed her wrist. Beccany was there in an instant, slicing clean through it with her ax, but it was enough to throw Katherine off balance, and the contents of her bag went spilling across the floor.

Beccany tried to stand between Katherine and the tentacles while the nun bent down to grab another bat from the floor, but then a slim, whipcord-fast one shot past Maria and grabbed onto Katherine’s curly brown ponytail. Katherine yelped as it yanked, hard, and Bethany and Maria both instinctively turned to chop at it—turning their backs on all the other tentacles.

Beccany saw the tentacles grab Maria around the waist and one arm a moment before she felt both her wrists grabbed. Like before, there was a strangle tingling where they touched her, but she tried to ignore it as she struggled desperately. More tentacles reached past both girls to grab the Katherine, and in moments she was held spreadeagled, face-up a few inches above the ground, tentacles holding her by the hair, all four limbs, and around her waist. Beccany screamed and struggled harder, and across from her she could see Maria doing the same, but they were caught, helpless to do anything but watch while the tentacles converged on Sister Katherine.

Just as had happened to Beccany earlier, a tentacle crept slowly up the nun’s thigh, leaving a thin, glistening trail as it did. It reached her shorts and slipped up into the leg. A moment later it flexed, and Katherine let out a short scream as it tore her shorts and panties off her. Other tentacles, curling their way up her arms, passed into her shirt through the sleeves. A moment later there was another shriek from Katherine, and she was nude, the torn remnants of shirt and bra tossed aside by the groping tentacles.

Beccany continued to flail and fight as best she could, but the tentacles soon had all her limbs, one holding her arms pinned to her sides while two more held her thighs spread apart. She braced herself for what she was sure was coming, but the tentacles seemed more focused on Katherine. Across from her, Beccany could see them holding Maria much the same way, though her wrists were bound together high above her head, and the tentacle around her waist seemed to be playing with her full, pale breasts. Maria’s screams soon turned to moaning, and Beccany couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like if that tingling touch on her thighs, arms, and waist moved to more sensitive areas. Closing her eyes, she tried to convince herself it wasn’t turning her on—but blocking out vision made the sensation more intense, and she soon opened them again at a grunt from Katherine.

The nun had her eyes shut tightly and her teeth clenched, clearly trying to ignore the sensation. Beccany couldn’t imagine the self-control it must take, now that the tentacles weren’t just playing with her breasts the way they were doing to Maria, but stroking teasingly up between her legs. Beccany couldn’t help herself—she let out a gasp when one finally thrust itself into Katherine, who shuddered and grunted again, but otherwise gave no sign of feeling it as the tentacle stroked in and out. But the sight of her protector being so violated, and the knowledge it was about to happen to her, and the thought of how good it must feel, made Beccany shiver in mingled fear and excitement.

What the fuck is wrong with me? she thought, but then Katherine finally let out a moan of what was unmistakably pleasure.

That seemed to break the dam. In moments, Katherine was moaning and crying out in ecstasy, her eyes wide and unseeing. When a tentacle pushed itself against her mouth, Katherine gave no sign of thought or hesitation as she pulled it into her mouth and suckled eagerly. That seemed to excite her even more, and she bucked her hips as best she could, suspended as she was.

Beccany couldn’t take her eyes off her. The expression on Katherine’s face, the sheen of her skin, shiny droplets of moisture that dripped from between her legs—from her or the tentacles, Beccany couldn’t tell—it held Beccany in a grip of total fascination, and it was no longer possible for her to deny her rising excitement even as most of her brain gibbered in terror.

So fixated was she, it took her a moment to realize something strange was happening: Sister Katherine’s skin was getting lighter! After a moment, Beccany realized the nun’s hair was, too. As the tentacles fucked her, and her ecstasy rose, Katherine was fading to monochrome. Soon, it was possible to dimly see the floor, and the purplish-grayish-green tentacles inside her, as she faded even further.

Eventually, there was nothing left but a vague outline, a kind of shimmer in the air like heat haze, and then with a final orgasmic cry, Sister Katherine was gone. The tentacles which had held her reached for the two girls, and Beccany knew her time had come.

Then a bolt of light slashed through the air, and Maria dropped to the ground, the tentacles which had held her lying severed and burning around her. A figure stood behind where Maria had been held, blazing with furious white light, and Beccany was tossed aside as the tentacles lashed out toward the new figure.

“No,” said Syn calmly, and drew back her bow. She fired with supernatural speed and precision, every blazing bolt shearing through a tentacle and leaving it burning and writhing on the floor—but still they came, more and more, thicker and faster.

Syn wasn’t worried. The power sang in her, echoing in her veins like pealing bells, shining in her heart like sunfire. She was light itself, untouchable, dodging with blinding speed and perfect grace between tentacles while she concentrated on her hands, cupped as if holding a ball. As she focused, a ball of brilliant white light formed between them. It contracted, briefly, intensifying as she squeezed it. “Nova Spark,” she announced, and it exploded outward. The tentacle creature screamed in agony, and when the light faded, there were no tentacles left in the hall.

“That was—” Maria began, but Syn held up a hand to stop her.

“They’ll be back,” Syn said. “I need to find the Beast they came from.”

“The courtyard,” said another voice, and for the first time Beccany noticed what appeared to be a small stuffed cat clinging to the angelic figure’s shoulder. Although, now that she had the opportunity to view her more closely, angels usually didn’t have bodies like that, or if they did, they wore more to hide it.

“Got it, Grankitty!” Syn replied. “You get to safety, Becc—you girls get to safety.” She ran into a nearby classroom and jumped through the shattered remains of its window into the courtyard.

Beccany stared after her. “Did she—did she know my name?”

“She did look kinda familiar,” said Maria. “But it’s hard to be sure.”

Beccany nodded. Already she was finding it hard to remember what the person looked like, other than angelically beautiful and devilishly sexy at once. Actual specifics didn’t seem to want to stay in her head. “Let’s get out of here.” She grabbed Maria’s hand and the two ran for the back way out of the school grounds.

* * *

Syn stood in the courtyard, facing the writhing mass of tentacles. If there was a core, it was somewhere deep inside, and there was only one way to find it. She drew her bow and fired into the heart of the mass.

Nothing happened, except that tentacles rushed toward her. These were subtly different than the ones in the hallway—shorter, though still at least a dozen feet long, and a darker shade of purple-gray-green. She fired the bow again, and the shining arrow of light struck one of the tentacles reaching for her, splashing harmlessly against it.

“These must be tougher,” said Grankitty. “The light isn’t going to be enough. You need something stronger—you need the fire!”

“I’ll try,” said Syn. She concentrated, trying to channel fire into her bow, but it just fell apart. “It’s too much!” she shouted.

“You can do it!” said Grankitty. “Focus! If you can’t keep it in a bow, make a simpler shape! Just try to hold it in your hands.”

That worked. White fire flickered in Syn’s palms, threatening to burst outward and dissolve, but she could hold it in, barely, keep it burning while she struck at a too-near tentacle.

The beast shrieked as the tentacle shriveled in flames, and Syn smiled. “It’s working!” She struck at another nearby tentacle, and was rewarded with another scream.

“That’s it!” Grankitty encouraged. “Keep centered and let them come to you. Don’t overreach!”

“I’ve got this!” Syn replied, and snapped out with a kick, her foot blazing.

But even as she struck a tentacle and ignited it, another wrapped around her extended leg. She gasped at its touch on her bare skin, a shock of pleasure running up her spine. The flames winked out as her concentration wavered, and the tentacle pulled her off her feet, others reaching to tangle around her. She grabbed one that was reaching for her face, and burned it in her hand, then reached for one holding her waist, but another grabbed her breast, making her cry out in pleasure.

Her body was already so sensitive to pleasure, and the tentacles seemed to have the power to amplify that. The slightest brush against her skin was nearly orgasmic, and now one was grasping her breast, brushing lightly over her nipple, then squeezing softly, explosions echoing through her body and into her brain.

So use those explosions, a voice seemed to say in her head—not her own, but familiar nonetheless. And she could, she realized, as it squeezed again. She could make the explosion pass through her, channel it into one of the tentacles holding her arms, and that tentacle dissolved in white fire.

She let the pleasure become fire, burning off tentacle after tentacle, but for every one she burned, two more seemed to wrap themselves around her. But that just meant more pleasure, more fire. I’m—fuck that’s good—going to win—oh!—this...

But then a tentacle reached her ear. Its touch was inexpressibly pleasurable, nearly as good as her breasts, both of which now had tentacles squeezing and stroking, stoking her sacred fire with which she would destroy them—but the one in her ear brought more than pleasure. It buzzed with vibration, singing in her ear, such a strange and pretty song, so distracting, so confusing, and yet so relaxing... There was one in her other ear now as well, she realized, and she hadn’t burned a tentacle in a while.

A tentacle brushed against her lips, and it felt so good she almost gasped, but she caught herself before she opened her mouth. Instead she burned off a tentacle, struggling reassemble her focus while the tentacles singing in her ears buzzed her thoughts apart.

Another tentacle approached, different from the others, with a transparent bulb at its end. She barely had time to register that before it began to flicker and pulse with colored light, strobing in her eyes, brushing aside the thoughts that survived the buzzing vibrating waves of light and sound that bounced back and forth in her head, sweeping aside everything.

She felt her body relaxing, and knew that was a problem for some reason, but she couldn’t hold on to the thought. She felt herself drooping, but something was supporting her, something bad, but it felt so good, and her face was going slack, her mouth drooping open, something inside it that felt so good, and it was so easy, so right to just suck.

And then it squirted in her mouth, and there was nothing but the hot waves of boiling need that erupted from her taste buds, a fire that burned only inside her, a yawning emptiness that cried out to be filled. Something was in her, something so powerful and so good, something that filled her and felt so very, very good, that replaced the fire with something darker that felt even better, and she was vaguely aware she was crying out, or trying to around something in her mouth.

Then she hit the ground, and everything was dark.

* * *