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Makeover Studio

* * *

Roxy goes to pick up her passport photos, and gets roped into a video shoot where she undergoes some changes to her mind and body.

* * *

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults 18+. If you happen to be underage while accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. All characters in this story are of legal age. This story is a work of fantasy; in reality, nonconsensual sex and hypnosis are deeply immoral and illegal, and this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. Written by Skaetlett © 2021, please do not repost without explicit permission.

* * *

“Sorry I’m late, Lilac!” Roxy called through the door as she rushed inside, trying to stay out of the rain as long as possible. The blonde, short, athletic girl barged in, apologizing incessantly for her tardiness. She felt even more self-anger as she walked inside to find Lilac—her gracious photographer—already chatting with another customer. Lilac herself was known for her vibrant pinkish-purple hair, and her stunning photography. Roxy had come to her a few weeks prior for some long-overdue passport photos, and when Roxy got the proofs back, she was more than overjoyed with them.

The customer Lilac was talking with looked like one of Lilac’s close personal friends, the way she was dressed. She was tall—even taller than Lilac—with bright red and orange hair, punk clothing that was fashionably torn, and a body Roxy couldn’t describe anyway other than beautiful. The stranger turned around with a kind grin on her face, looking Roxy up and down.

“Oh my gosh, I didn’t mean to interrupt!” Roxy squeaked. “I’ll go wait out back.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Lilac played it off coolly. “We were just having a fun conversation. Nothing private or serious.” Her tone shifted as she began to introduce the two, motioning to Roxy first. “Cherise, this is Roxy, a client of mine. She wanted her passport photos done. Roxy, this is Cherise—she’s a close personal friend of mine, and I actually do boudoir shoots for her.”

“Oh! Um, I…” Roxy blushed. “I didn’t know you did those. Um,” she reoriented herself, “it’s really nice to meet you, Cherise.”

“And you as well,” Cherise responded in a smooth, sultry tone. It was clear she was some kind of model or performer, what with her makeup and body. Roxy couldn’t help but admire how good—no, how hot Cherise and Lilac looked next to each other. They looked like such a power couple, and by the flirty way they were standing next to each other, they might as well have been. “What brings you here, cutie?”

Roxy flustered even harder at the pet name. She physically picked her jaw off of the ground. “Um, I… I’m here to pick up my passport photos. You said they should be done today, r-right?”

“Oh! Yes,” Lilac grinned, her smile looking more sultry than usual. Was Roxy… seeing things? Or did Lilac look pretty—and pretty ravenous today? “Let me go into the back. I know they should be finished somewhere, there.” Lilac headed into the back of her shop, the area where she did all the shoots and editing. As Lilac left behind Cherise and Roxy, the two began to make awkward conversation.

“S-so, um,” Roxy played with her fingers. “What’s good with you? Um, I mean like, w-what do you do?”

“I’m a model, to put it in vanilla terms,” Cherise winked. Roxy instantly knew what she was insinuating. “Me and Lilac do some fun, sexy photoshoots together. We had one planned for tonight, though… our partner’s had a last minute cancellation since she’s sick. A shame, really—would have been quite fun.”

“Oh, that’s… a shame, yeah.” Roxy scratched the back of her head nervously. “W-what kinda shoot was it?”

“Mmm, it was a hypnosis porno. Not something I bet you’ve heard much about, y’know?”

“Uh...” Roxy stared at Cherise like a deer trapped in headlights. She didn’t even know hypnosis was an actual thing outside of movies—let alone that it was something people did for porn. “No, I mean, I haven’t heard much about it. I didn’t even know that...” Roxy looked over to the door to the back room. She was entirely bewildered that Lilac was into that kind of stuff; after all, Lilac just seemed like a normal yet cool photographer. “I mean, like, how does it work?”

Cherise’s lips tilted in a way that Roxy couldn’t describe as anything but devious. Her eyes lit up in an excited way, scaring Roxy only a little. “Well, it starts out by getting the subject—that is, the one being hypnotized—into a nice, cozy, relaxing place. Then what I and sometimes Lilac do is we take the subject into a deep, deep sleep, where we can plant suggestions and triggers in their mind. Then when the subject comes out, well... you could say it’s playtime, then.”

Roxy’s cheeks were entirely flushed with a hot blush as Cherise described hypnosis play. It sounded so hot, even to someone who’d barely even dipped her toes in kink. And yet—Roxy couldn’t help but stand and stare in shock. She was completely frozen. “That’s, uh... that sounds fun,” Roxy giggled nervously. “And you do it for money?”

“Oh yeah,” Cherise affirmed. “Lots of money.”

Roxy wasn’t sure what Cherise was about to say next, but it was definitely not, “you seem very interested, maybe you should try it sometime.”

Roxy gasped in utter shock. She couldn’t believe the kind of bold move Cherise just made on her—she’d only met Cherise minutes ago! It was such an aggressive move, but... oddly, Roxy liked it. She never got attention from girls, with her unnoticeable body and face. Seeing someone actually give her attention, especially in a sexual setting, especially from someone as hot as Cherise... come to think of it, did that mean Lilac was also potentially interested? Roxy stammered out a bunch of non-words as she tried to formulate an answer. Fortunately, Cherise saved her the embarrassment and spoke for her.

“You don’t have to be so nervous about it,” Cherise laughed casually. “You can relax a little. You can always say no, even if it’s because you really want to but you’re just too damn nervous. Don’t worry, though, I’ve worked with plenty of subjects with anxiety, who stumble and stammer in the presence of a hot lady. That sounds like you, doesn’t it?”

Roxy couldn’t even think before she answered “yes” in a slow, trancey tone. Mentally, she backed up a few steps, wondering why she suddenly spoke that way. Was she testing Roxy? Roxy wasn’t opposed to it, but she was certainly bewildered.

“Um...” Roxy forced herself to speak. “What was... that? What was, um, what I just felt?”

“Oh, my apologies, for sure,” Cherise smirked even wider, even though she was apologizing. “Some people tend to get hypnotized by my voice alone. An honest mistake—honest.”

Roxy knew. She knew Cherise wasn’t actually being honest. But she couldn’t help herself; Roxy was too curious, too entranced by Cherise’s voice. “Yeah... yeah,” Roxy murmured sleepily.

“Oh, now, come on, I wasn’t intending to hypnotize you.” Cherise lifted two fingers to Roxy’s ears and snapped one, two, three times. “Come on, back up! We’re not doing anything, yet.”

“Huh?” Roxy shook her head, trying to reorient to the room. “I... I can’t believe it, I, um, know it wasn’t actually supposed to happen but... it felt so feel. I was... hypnotized?”

“Maybe a little,” Cherise chuckled. “Would you like to try again?”

“Um...” Roxy looked down, twiddling her thumbs. “Yes, please.”

Cherise’s grin widened. “Good.”

* * *

“Sorry it took me so long, Roxy!” Lilac shouted apologetically as she rushed back into the lobby of the store, holding Roxy’s well-done passport photos in hand. “They were under a stack of papers, so I had to look through, and—”

Lilac’s sentence came to an abrupt halt. She came back into the lobby to see Roxy and Cherise, not in a situation she had expected. Roxy was down on her knees, topless. Her eyes were half-open with her jaw slack, deep in a trance-like state. Meanwhile, Cherise’s pants and lingerie were on the ground, her dick out, hard, and twitching. Roxy was holding up her breasts to Cherise’s dick, rubbing her cleavage into Cherise’s cock. She gave it a passionate tit job as she drooled out of her mouth.

Cherise was already leaking out of her dick, her moans becoming curt and harsh. Eventually, Cherise’s body convulsed, letting out a loud gasp as she blew her load all over Roxy’s dumb, dim face. Some of the cum effortlessly dropped onto Roxy’s tongue, and she obediently licked up and swallowed as much as she could.

Cherise smirked, catching her breath as she held Roxy’s head in place. She admired the new hypnosub’s cum-drenched face as Cherise held her hair firmly. After a moment, Cherise tilted her head back to Lilac, and spoke confidently. “I think we found our replacement, Lilac. How does that sound, plaything?”

“Gooood…” Roxy drawled out, drool still falling down her chin.

Lilac dropped the passport photos immediately, cunningly rubbing her hands together. “Seems we did, Cherise. Why don’t we wake her up for a moment? Maybe we can wipe the cum off her face,” she added with a giggle.

“Wake up, yes. Clean her face? Hell no, I love it this way,” Cherise mocked. On the count of three, she snapped her fingers in front of Roxy’s face. Roxy blinked, recognizing her surroundings and immediately gathering the cum on her face.

“I-I… w-what happened?! How did you… what… how…” Roxy stammered out a bunch of incoherent thoughts, the flush on her cheeks tomato red. “I… I can’t believe…”

“You went into trance so easily, dear,” Cherise chuckled, brushing Roxy’s face with her thumb as if she were petting a cute animal. “And you took the suggestions very well. How’d you like to be a part of our shoot?”

“I…” Roxy looked down, her body shivering with anticipation. She didn’t not want that—what had just transpired with Cherise was one of the hottest things she’d ever experienced. “I… yes, but… can we, um, can we please wipe the… gunk… off my face?”

“Oh, you’re so innocent,” Cherise teased. “Do you really want that?”

“…No,” Roxy answered quietly, honestly.

“Good cumdump,” Cherise patted Roxy’s head appreciatively. “Now, let’s get you into the studio, shall we?”

* * *

Roxy was nervous. No, nervous was an understatement. She was scared out of her damn mind. She’d never even considered camming before—hell, any kind of sex work. Of course she wasn’t against sex work, it just didn’t seem like her kind of thing. But here she was. In a camming studio, with two trans girl hypnosis kink Dommes. She only had 15 minutes prior notice, with even less between her first quick scene with Cherise. It wasn’t that she didn’t think Cherise and Lilac were hot—in fact, she thought they were hot as fuck. Roxy thought they were out of her league entirely. And now they were suddenly inviting her to do a hypnosis body modification shoot.

She was so screwed—metaphorically and literally.

Lilac and Cherise were already ready for the shoot, makeup and hair done immaculately. Lilac—who also turned out to be a tattoo artist, who knew?—took care of Roxy’s hair and makeup, getting her to look as much like a porn star as possible. “Don’t worry,” Cherise said, “I do plastic surgery. Have my special supplies with me. You’ll look like a walking sex doll soon enough with me around.”

When Roxy heard that, her immediate thought was ‘hell no!’ And then after a bit more consideration, her thoughts were dominated by how hot her new body would look. Finally, people would have a reason to stare at her. To gawk. It was weird, but it was all she ever wanted—to be noticeable.

“Alright, Roxy,” Cherise started as Lilac continued doing the makeup. “Today’s shoot is going to involve us putting you into trance. Then I’m going to use some of my special medicine to… well, let’s say we’ll give your body an entire makeover. We’ll also work on your face a little, give you the whole deal and whatnot,” she spoke with a devilish grin. “Afterwards, Lilac and I are gonna use your holes and your new body to have our way with you. Sounds good to you… right?”

“Y-yes, it does.” She couldn’t believe she was agreeing to this! Who had Roxy even become? What kind of spell had they put her under?

“Good girl,” Lilac grinned and Roxy had to hold back a moan from how good it felt. “We’re going to put you into a trance now—into a real trance. Are you ready?”

“Um…” Roxy did an internal check. She knew they weren’t telling her everything—and in a way, that was okay with her. She knew this was a bad idea, a terrible decision, and could lead to unwanted changes in her life. But it was too late to back out now; after all, she would never get another opportunity like this in her life ever again. “Yes. Yes I am.”

Cherise grinned. She strolled on over to the camera and prepared to hit a button. “Alright, then. One, two, three… and action.” Roxy heard a small beep, and knew for sure now she was being recorded. The reality of it all set in—and she already felt sick from anticipation.

Before she could raise any far-too-late protests, though, Cherise and Lilac advanced on her. Their bodies weren’t quite facing away from the camera, but they were sure enough facing Roxy’s. Roxy could see the looks on their faces through the harsh light. They both had hungry, devious grins on their lips, their eyes glaring down at her like she was fresh meat. Roxy could only imagine what kind of things they were plotting on doing to her.

Roxy couldn’t fully process what was happening. Already, she felt like the anticipation itself was putting her in a daze. Lilac moved behind Roxy, as Cherise pulled from her jacket a pocket watch. She dangled it in front of Roxy’s eyes, and Roxy couldn’t help but stare at the smooth, sleek, shiny gold. She was almost too distracted by it to notice Lilac starting to play with her breasts and hips.

“It’s so easy to relax,” Cherise spoke softly, the watch swinging back and forth in front of Roxy’s face. “You’ve done it many times before, going to sleep. And you did it just now. You know how easy it is to just relax, just sink into the chair. Maybe it’s a little hard to follow the pocket watch with how sleepy and droopy your eyes are, but you know that you will anyways. After all, you’re just so obedient, aren’t you?”

“Yes…” Roxy drawled, drooling from the bottom of her lip. Her body slumped, only barely reacting to Lilac’s probing gropes and touches. Lilac’s hands made their way down—starting at her neck, down to her breasts and hips. Lilac paid special attention to her chest, as if she were examining it. She gave them firm, tight squeezes. Roxy couldn’t help but groan just a little in pleasure, still trying to focus on the pocket watch.

“Good girl,” Cherise smiled, and Roxy moaned again. It felt so good, so good to be called a good girl. To be called obedient, subservient, owned. She wanted that. She wanted to obey, to serve. She can’t believe she spent so long trying to figure out what she wanted to do when that was it. Already, the hypnosis was taking effect, owning Roxy’s mind, as Cherise took it for herself. “Just keep staring at the pocket watch. Keep giving your mind, your thoughts, your body to me. It belongs to me now. And it feels so nice, doesn’t it?”

Roxy nodded again, barely able to focus as Lilac’s hands strolled down her hips and reaching her legs. Her legs were not anything spectacular; there was barely any skin on them, and they shivered uncontrollably as Lilac felt them up and down. Roxy could feel her cunt tingling. Already, she felt ready to release—release her mind for Cherise, and release her orgasm for Lilac. Lilac immediately took notice of this. Her hands reached up her thighs to her cunt, playing with Roxy’s cute button through her panties. Roxy let out a loud gasp of pleasure. Her legs shook even harder. She couldn’t quite decide what to focus on—Lilac rubbing her clit at an overwhelming pace, or Cherise continuing to dangle the pocket watch and steal her mind. All Roxy knew is how incredible it felt.

“It feels lovely, doesn’t it?” Cherise continued, admiring the way Roxy’s body slowly lost control. “It feels great to give up your body. That’s all your body has ever been—an object, a sex toy, only built for other people’s pleasure. You’re going to make me and Lilac so, so happy. And I’m certain that once we’re through with you—once we give both your body and your mind a total makeover—you’ll love the changes, as well. You’ll love how people stare and gawk at you. You’ll love knowing that everyone around you only thinks about the myriad of ways they could use your body, your holes for their pleasure. You’ll love obeying, serving others. Isn’t that right? Don’t you love to obey, love to serve, love to pleasure others?”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes…” Roxy repeated. She could feel herself tear up from how good everything felt. She couldn’t help it—she’d never felt this wonderful. If anything, Lilac and Cherise were serving her.

“So,” Cherise held up the pocket watch higher, and Roxy struggled to keep staring at it. “When I drop this pocket watch, you’re going to fall into a deep trance. You’re not going to object or care about anything we do to you; you’re just going to giggle and smile and take every bit of it. It will feel divine. You will enjoy every second of it, and you will adore the changes we make to you. Understand?”

Roxy nodded. She was slowly losing even the ability to speak.

“Good.” Cherise held her hand under the pocket watch, ready to catch it. Slowly, her grip on the pocket watch began fading, and as it dropped into Cherise’s other hand… Roxy dropped. She slipped effortlessly into a deep trance, willing and ready to obey. “Sleep.”

Roxy fell into a surface-level sleep. Her eyes were open, but barely enough so as to watch Lilac and Cherise loom over her with wicked looks on their faces. “So,” Lilac turned to Cherise. “What should we do to her first?”

“Hmmm…” Cherise mused. “Well, why don’t we start with the tattoos? Let’s undress her and decide what kinda designs she should get.”

“Sounds fantastic to me.” Once again, the two advanced on Roxy’s limp, mindless body. “Sounds fantastic to you too, doesn’t it?”

Roxy murmured a sleepy ‘yes’. Cherise and Lilac only laughed at her. “Good,” Cherise stated as the two began stripping her. They manipulated Roxy’s body to make the process easier. Her body moved like butter as Cherise and Lilac stripped her shirt, her pants, and her lingerie. Soon enough, she was completely bare in front of the recording camera.

“Hmmm…” Lilac mused. She moved away, behind Roxy as she began prepping some tattoo ink and her tattoo gun. “I’m thinking some ownership tattoos. Maybe some handcuffs, and a tattooed collar around her neck. Oh, and lots and lots of naked women doing hot shit.” As she spoke gleefully, she noticed Roxy’s body twitch nervously just a little. To respond, Lilac grabbed a fistful of her hair and chuckled in her ear, “don’t worry. With you as deep in trance as you are, none of this will hurt a bit.”

“Okay…” Roxy sleepily replied as Lilac prepared the tattoo gun. “Get ready—all you’ll feel in your trance is a nice, light breeze on your skin.” She started tattooing, and—sure enough—that was all Roxy could feel. It was like a chill ocean breeze, the way the tattoo gun effortlessly slid across Roxy’s skin. Roxy couldn’t quite register what Lilac was tattooing, but it felt like a drawing. The first tattoo was across the side of her arm, a few inches above her wrist.

“You’re so still,” Lilac giggled. “Maybe I should hypnotize all of my clients from now on, make all of them dim sex toys. Would make my job a lot easier.” The first tattoo was, soon enough, finished. She held Roxy’s arm up to Roxy’s eyes, and the hypnotized subby girl could barely even make out the image. It was a topless girl with giant tits, and an even larger cock in her mouth, deep in her throat. Drips of cum were dripping out of the girl’s lips from under the cock. That sounded… right. It sounded accurate. She was a plaything. She was their plaything. And soon enough, she’d be everyone’s plaything. And that included deepthroating cocks, no matter how big or thick.

Lilac moved around Roxy’s body, to her other arm. She started tattooing again, and once again, Roxy was as still and mindless as a rock. The breeze of the tattoo gun crossed her arm, drawing in red ink this time. The second tattoo was another image—a woman with her breasts out, cum all over her face and tits. Roxy existed to belong to people. To serve them, to be useful to them. That was just a fact of life; just as Roxy had so easily given up her last life and slipped into her new role. She was Lilac and Cherise’s property, right now, but who was to say they wouldn’t trade her away, or sell her off? The excitement of that prospect tingled in Roxy’s heart, a sensation she could barely notice.

Lilac moved onto Roxy’s back. “These next few you won’t see immediately, but others sure will when they bend you over to use your cunt.” Lilac made quick work of the back tattoos, bending Roxy over just a little to focus better. Roxy could almost feel Lilac’s grin on her skin. Her work never became messy, though; her tattoos were immaculate, perfectly done and outlined.

“How does it feel, Roxy,” Lilac started as she moved onto another one. “To have ‘fucktoy’ tattooed permanently on your back?”

“Good,” Roxy murmured.

“It is good, isn’t it?” Lilac teased. “You’re such a good fucktoy. Cherise made quick work of you. And the two of us are going to do it over and over again until you’re a drenched mess. Oh, that’s another good one!” Lilac moved to the front of Roxy’s body, placing the tattoo gun across her chest. The next tattoo was soon enough written in big, bold letters on the top of her chest just beneath her neck. “There. ‘Cumdump.’ How does that feel, cumdump?”

“Good,” Roxy responded tiredly again.

“That’s a good thing,” Cherise grinned. “Because it’s true. After all, I just made good use of your face and tits as my cum dump. Can’t wait to do it again, this time on camera.”

“So, now that you’re property, now that you’re our plaything…” Lilac’s tattoo gun moved dangerously close to her neck. The area hurt, making Roxy flinch even in her trance. Lilac held her head in place and tattooed a thick, pink line across and around her neck. “We might as well collar you, too.”

Lilac spent what felt like hours tattooing almost every part of Roxy’s body. All sexual, lewd, kinky images. She started with black and pink stocking top tattoos on both of her legs, intricate designs drawn permanently on the top of her thighs. Across her body were pictures of women who looked like sex toys bent over and fucked, giving dicks handjobs, getting eaten out, leashed and collared, in handcuffs, and whipped and hit bruised. Lilac and Cherise were grinning more and more after every decoration Lilac gave Roxy. She looked like a work of art—a sexy, lewd, deviant work of art. Lilac even tattooed a tramp stamp above Roxy’s ass with two simple words. ‘Bimbo plaything.’

“Look at you,” Lilac cooed. “You look absolutely perfect. Now when we advertise you, people will have plenty of ideas on what to do with you. How to use your body.”

“And now we’re going to make some more… drastic changes to your body.” Roxy could barely tell, but Cherise’s wicked grin nearly went from ear to ear. “Lilac, dear? Would you please watch over the camera?”

“With absolute pleasure,” Lilac smirked as she and Cherise switched places. Cherise didn’t walk immediately over to Roxy; instead, she kneeled down to her bag and pulled out a vast array of medical tools. There were special gels, tubes, gloves… all sorts of tools. None of this had to be legal or regulated, but it wasn’t like Roxy could question her or interrogate her. She was too far, too deep in trance.

“Now, some of these gels may feel a bit… warm, but they’ll work soon enough. I think you’ll be quite pleased with the changes.”

Roxy murmured another ‘yes’, as if excited for an unknown possibility. Cherise put on some disposable gloves and rubbed a generous amount of gel over Roxy’s breasts. The entranced subby girl gasped, not entirely expecting how the gel would feel. It felt warm, as Cherise said—but in a tingly way, as the sensation crawled over her entire chest. Roxy’s head was tilted down so she could see the effect. Even if she couldn’t register what was happening, she could definitely see how much larger, thicker, and perkier her boobs were getting. It didn’t take long for the gel to sink into her boobs, turning them into downright porn star size. Roxy knew that had she not been in trance, she would have been totally thrown off by the change. They were downright huge. She could barely see the floor through them. The tattoos morphed around them, looking just as pristine and neat as before.

“Looks nice, doesn’t it?” Cherise cooed as she poured more gel on her hands. “With the body we’re about to give you, people will be paying good money to use your holes.” Before Roxy could stumble out anymore words, Cherise dabbed some of the gel to her lips, and soon enough her lips made her look like a total bimbo. Like her mouth was just made for deep throating.

Cherise turned Roxy’s body around on the chair, putting her face into the fabric; before she added gel to her ass and hips, she commented on how nice her ass looked, “and how much nicer it’ll look very soon.” She rubbed the gel over it, using even more than before. Soon her ass and hips barely fit in the chair. Every part of her looked fuckable. She looked like a fleshlight, a custom made sex toy.

Eventually, that part of the makeover was done. Roxy’s body was turned around again, and she could barely make out herself in the lens’ reflection. She looked… different. She looked so, so different. And she couldn’t register any of it.

“This feels good, Roxy,” Cherise cooed. “When you get home and see yourself for the first time, you’re going to feel so good. This is the body you were meant to have. This is the life you were meant to have. All you need to do is suck and fuck. Luckily, we’re here to help you with that.”

Roxy couldn’t respond to the degradation even if she wanted to. All she could do was nod. She agreed so easily. After all, Lilac and Cherise were being blunt, but honest. That was Roxy’s purpose in life—to be a fucking, sucking, pleasure machine. She was a sex toy. She was meant to be open for use by Lilac and Cherise, but also by anyone who’d pay more than a buck for her. And as her body became more built for sex, more built for pleasure, those things became more and more of a reality. Her new, wonderful, sex-obsessed body was bare for all to see in front of the camera. Lilac moved to the camera and adjusted it briefly, getting a better look on Roxy’s lips, hips, and chest. Roxy didn’t mind; she was meant to be shown off, like a prized artifact—if not a very dirty one.

“Now, why don’t we really show off your body?” Lilac offered, though it was more of a statement than a question. The two stood by Roxy’s sides, groping and holding up various parts of her body as they spoke. They molded her figure into various poses. They showed off every angle, every inch, every hole they could.

“As you can see,” Cherise started, using a certain voice as if she were an auction host. “She’s one of our finest productions, our finest specimens. She only offered herself up to us a mere 60 minutes ago, and look at all the changes she’s gone through—the changes we’ve put her through! And trust me, if you pay now, you’ll be able to choose the next change or tattoo she gets. Lilac, dear, how much do you think she should start for?”

“After all the work we’ve put into her? Oh, you know she’s quite priceless. Let’s start the bidding at $500, though. If you—” she pointed to the camera, “—want to place a bid on her, you know where to go. Let’s keep bidding open for the rest of the day, and tonight, you’ll get her contact information so you can get your hands on her!”

“$500, Lilac?” Cherise giggled. “You really think she’s worth so much? After all, she looks like such an easy fuck, we might as well give her contact info away for three dollars.”

“Yeah, but where’s the fun in that?” Lilac responded. “Don’t worry for the rest of you horny folks—she’ll be available for free use soon enough. Trust us—we’ll make absolutely sure she gets lots of free use.”

“Sounds great, doesn’t it? Being left out in front of a glory hole for hours. Anyone can use you—anyone. You like that idea, right?” Roxy obviously couldn’t respond, so Cherise just grabbed a fistful of her hair and nodded her head up and down. “See? She thinks it’s a great idea as well. Place those bids, folks—we wanna see some good money for her!”

Roxy couldn’t protest—not that she would have wanted to—as Cherise refolded the chair Roxy sat on into a table. The two laid her body over it, now much heavier with her massive tits and ass. They tilted the table around to show her dripping cunt towards the camera. Though, her body was left at a slight angle so as to show what her mouth could do as well.

Cherise and Lilac began disrobing, Lilac in front of Roxy’s mouth and Cherise facing her cunt. Roxy could barely make out Lilac’s dick; it was smaller than she’d expected, and much more tender. “Now, I know you were probably expecting a giant cock to shove down your throat,” Lilac started, staring at Roxy with a more serious look. “But you’re going to treat mine like a clit, licking and worshipping it instead of sucking hard. Understood?”

“Yes, Lilac,” Roxy murmured. She didn’t quite understand, but she didn’t need to—all she needed to do was obey. And if that meant worshipping instead of sucking, that was perfectly fine with her.

“My dick is going to slide right into you, though,” Cherise cooed. Roxy could feel her dick slowly going into her cunt, and she let out a loud indecent moan as Cherise slowly shoved her way in. Her cock was much larger than Roxy had expected. It twitched deep inside her cunt. Cherise began thrusting in and out, showing no mercy.

“Hey, don’t get too distracted,” Lilac teased as she shoved Roxy’s head into her clit. “Worship. That’s an order. Show them what you can do.”

And Roxy did. She kissed and loved on Lilac’s clit, trying to focus through Cherise’s merciless pounding into Roxy’s cunt. In fact, all her moaning did was drive Lilac even more crazy. The two Dommes knew they had power over her. They loved that. Roxy loved it, too—even if she couldn’t fully process how much she loved it. Cherise grabbed Roxy’s legs and wrapped them around Cherise’s waist, giving her access to even deeper parts of her cunt. Roxy drooled all over Lilac’s clit. What was left of her brain slowly melted out of her ears. All she needed to do was suck and fuck. She didn’t need her brain, her mind, her intelligence. She just needed to please anyone who presented their cock, clit, or body in front of her.

“Hey, why don’t you go a little harder?” Cherise smirked from behind her. “Come on, sex toy—thrust your body back against me. Go on, do it.” Roxy, of course, obeyed, trying to time her thrusts with Cherise’s. All the while, trying to maintain at least half her focus on Lilac. Her body was slowly getting overwhelmed, but she wasn’t about to pass out.

“Oh—oh fuck,” Lilac gasped, “your tongue feels so good now, plaything. We’re going to get you trained into a total fucktoy so people can really appreciate your holes. F-fuck!” She cried out. Roxy could feel her clit twitch dangerously, knowing she was close to orgasm. Cherise’s grunts were becoming chafe as well as she began thrusting harder and deeper into Roxy’s cunt. She was a fucktoy. She was a plaything. And just as her dozens of tattoos showed, she was a cumdump. And that’s what Cherise and Lilac were going to make her. They were going to make her their cumdump.

“Y-you’re feeling close too, aren’t you?” Cherise teased. And she was completely right—Roxy could feel her clit twitch as well, getting close to the brink of orgasm. “Let’s cum together, show how she can take more than one.”

Lilac huffed and panted. Her clit was ready to blow a load in Roxy’s face. “Fuck—your mouth feels so fucking good, you mindless sexdoll—aaah!” Lilac wasn’t even able to finish her degradation as she finished, shooting a generous amount of cum onto Roxy’s face. Roxy mindlessly took every bit of it, licking up whatever she could. Before too long, Cherise finished as well. She could feel her cunt completely stuffed with cum. Whatever couldn’t fit in her pussy leaked out of her instead as Cherise shot rope after rope of cum.

Roxy’s body was ruined. It was completely unrecognizable, both after the changes and after the loads of cum being loaded on or in her. She was a completely different person. No—she wasn’t even a person anymore. She was a sex toy. A cumdump. An object for people’s pleasure. And she was much happier that way.

Eventually, their simultaneous orgasms finished. Roxy came as well, though she barely noticed with the rest of the action. Cherise and Lilac turned Roxy’s body around to face the camera, showing off how drenched she was.

“Like what you see?” Lilac teased the audience. “You can have her too! Place your bets, folks—we can surely attest her body is ripe and ready to be fucked even more.”

Roxy nodded mindlessly. That was right. She wanted to be fucked over and over and over again.

* * *

Roxy’s jaw dropped when she got home and saw herself in the mirror, completely snapped out of her trance.

“What the fuck,” Roxy muttered under her breath. She rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn’t just seeing things. This was… her body? No. That was impossible. How could she go through that many changes in a few hours? All—all she wanted was to pick up her damn passport photos! Instead, she walked through the door and immediately felt something was wrong—even through her trance. The cum was still latched onto her face, dripping down her legs. Luckily she didn’t have to walk home like that—Lilac was generous enough to give her a ride. No. Generous wasn’t quite the right word. They completely destroyed her body! It wasn’t even the same body. It was the body of a porn star.

Except… Roxy wasn’t exactly opposed. She didn’t hate it. No, she… she liked it. She liked how her new body looked, even with the defiling tattoos, giant tits, plump lips and firm, round ass. It was recognizable. Compared to her earlier, less impressive body, her new body was something people could appreciate. Maybe now, people would actually consider sleeping with her or dating her.

Yeah. Yeah, she… she liked this.

Despite her initial surprise, she was excited to flaunt off her new body. Roxy couldn’t wait to go to class and have her ass hardly fit in the seats. Surely she’d get a few objectifying stares there. She was excited to go to work and fluster customers and coworkers—hell, maybe she could “convince” her boss to give her a raise. She wanted to be used, just like she was at the photo studio. The most annoying thing would be convincing people she was happy with her new body, and getting a new set of passport photos. Though—she was in no way opposed to seeing Lilac again. Not at all.

It didn’t take long for Roxy’s thoughts to come to a harsh halt. Her phone vibrated—a sensation that now made Roxy’s cunt twitch a little. She looked at the new message on it, seeing a text from a familiar contact. At least, she thought it was familiar—she didn’t recognize the name Tanya. Was Tanya someone she knew? “Roxy—I just bought you,” the first text read. Soon after, another text from her came in. “No idea you were into this stuff, but can’t say I’m complaining. Meet me at my apartment in an hour, understood?”

Of course Roxy understood. Roxy only had a stray thought of “how do I know this person?” She was built to obey—and excited to get fucked by her best friend.

* * *

“Ugh, fuck, holy shit,” Tanya gasped as she sat in front of Roxy with her legs spread apart. Roxy laid down in front of her, obediently eating out her best friend—and current owner. She didn’t even realize Tanya was her best friend when she got the text—only when she first started getting railed did Roxy somehow recognize her. Of course, she was too busy eating her best college friend out to have a nice reunion. “This is the fucking best, Roxy. I’m so glad I bought you, fucktoy—best birthday present to myself.”

Roxy was about to giggle and agree with Tanya, before Tanya pushed her head into her cunt even further. “Hey, hey, less talking, more licking! You can go deeper, I know you can.” Tanya coaxed Roxy deeper. Roxy happily took it in, licking and sucking as hard as she could. This was her new job—after all, Lilac and Cherise were kind enough to give her some of the profits. No more school, no more work, just making a living off of sucking and fucking all day. Tanya was only her first client, and that was perfectly fine with her.

“Your new body is phenomenal. I mean, don’t get me wrong, your last body was fine, but right now your body is just… I mean, it’s just a sex toy. I can’t even describe it as a body. I can’t complain, though—your lips are perfect for eating me out.” Roxy didn’t mind the degradation—in fact, she quite liked it. Being insulted and degraded like she was only coaxed her to go harder. She loved being a sex toy. She loved every second of it. Besides, Cherise had later put a trigger in that made Roxy’s intelligence fall a little more every time she orgasmed. Not that she’d confess that to Roxy beforehand, of course.

“Ah—ahhh!” Tanya gasped, finally cumming and squirting all over Roxy’s face. “Fuck, you’re so good, Roxy. I’ve gotta drop another few thousand dollars on some time with you again soon.”

Roxy giggled. “That, like, sounds great, Tanya!” She didn’t even care about how stupid and slutty she sounded. After all, that’s what Roxy was—she was a stupid, slutty plaything who wanted nothing more than to be sold out to friends and strangers all day.

“Wow, I’ve still got some time with you, huh?” Tanya mused, looking up at a clock. “What else can we do… Oh, I know! Here, put out your wrists.” Tanya pulled out a giant bag of sex toys she had. Within a few minutes, Roxy’s hands were tightly cuffed and immobile. And only a few minutes after, her legs were forcefully spread apart with a spreader bar, giving Tanya easy access to her cunt. “I’m sure you love taking cock in your cunt—hope a strap on will do just as much for you.”

“Wow, I’ve still got some time with you, huh?” Tanya mused, looking up at a clock. “What else can we do… Oh, I know! Here, put out your wrists.” Tanya pulled out a giant bag of sex toys she had. Within a few minutes, Roxy’s hands were tightly cuffed and immobile. And only a few minutes after, her legs were forcefully spread apart with a spreader bar, giving Tanya easy access to her cunt. “I’m sure you love taking cock in your cunt—hope a strap on will do just as much for you.” Roxy heard some shuffling behind her, and just somehow knew Tanya was putting on a thick, long, hard strap on.

“It will,” Roxy responded eagerly, drooling all over the sheets. “Please, please fuck me with your strap! I, like, need to be fucked!”

“Oh, I will,” Tanya grinned. “Get ready, fucktoy—”

Just before Tanya could start, they heard the door to the room open—Tanya’s roommate, Georgia, walked in with a shocked look on her face. “Wow, Tanya,” she started, her lips curling deviously. “I knew you were having company over, but… wow, I didn’t know you landed a porn star. Good for you!”

“Y’know, she’s got another hole free now,” Tanya teased. “Want to make sure she uses her mouth for something actually useful?”

“Oh, do I ever!” Georgia praised as she threw off the lower part of her clothes, revealing her own hard strap on. She was somehow already ready to go. “You have no complaints with taking my cock too, right?”

Roxy was about to smile like a bimbo and answer, “not at all!” but as soon as she opened her mouth, Georgia stuffed her strap on in. The two began mercilessly fucking the sex toy. Roxy was happy. She was so happy that sucking and fucking was her life now—forever and ever.

* * *

After they were done, Roxy was expecting to go back home again—this time with her face drenched with cumlube and fluids. But before she could walk on home, she was picked up by none other than Cherise.

Roxy was pleasantly surprised to see Cherise—after all, she loved the way Cherise used her cunt just earlier that day. Roxy was fully expecting Cherise to go for a round two, but instead she was greeted with a quick hug, a snap, and—“Release”.

She blinked a few times, reorienting to her surroundings. Where was she? “Uh… Cherise?” Roxy turned to her. Luckily she recognized the hot woman sitting in the driver’s seat. “What’s going on? Why am I so tired? What’s, um… this?” She picked some of the cum off her face, suddenly unfamiliar with the substance.

“Oh, you just had an exhausting day at work, so I’m picking you up. I put some nice lotion on your face to relax you. Ready to go back to my place?”

“Huh? Uh…” Roxy felt even more confused. Since when was she going back to Cherise’s place? Then again, Cherise was kind enough to pick her up… “Uh, sure, yeah, I’m ready.”

Cherise grinned. Roxy couldn’t help but tell how cruel she looked as Cherise muttered, “good.”

* * *