The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Making a baby.

Stephanie was sat in her high chair,gurgling away happily and drinking from her bottle.Laura was sat in front of her smiling happily watching Stephanie,so obviously oblivious to the stresses of life,and so content in her own little world.The computer that Laura was sat next to gave a loud bleep,and Laura checked on it,a look of concern crossed her face and she pressed several buttons then turned back to Stephanie.

“That was never 4 hours,I’m sure of that,what’s the matter Laura?“said Stephanie slightly angrily.

“Computer showed no neural cell resistance to programming,thats what’s the matter,“said Laura firmly,“another few minutes and you would have started towards complete permanent regression to babyhood.Must be the fact that you had 4 hours this morning,and your mind was no longer resisting programming.”

“Oh,in that case I’ll let you off.“giggled Stephanie,“Much though I enjoy my relaxation periods as a 6 month old baby,I’m not keen on being permanently that way!It is a great invention of ours though,this neural control machine we’ve developed,and especially as we’ve developed this solution which stops its effects being permanent.”

“Yes I enjoy it too.“said Laura,“Though I must admit I prefer the early teenager program to the baby one,but each to their own.”

“Just find it SO relaxing,“said Stephanie,“I can just switch off completely,and just gurgle away,suck on my pacifier or my milk bottle, and just forget about the stresses of work.”

“Well if you will have these high powered jobs!“laughed Laura,“But I knew your scientific background would come in handy sometime!”

“And your medical skills are quite handy too!“giggled Stephanie,“And between the two of us we invented this little beauty.By the way,are you going to release me?”

“IF you like!“laughed Laura,“presuming you don’t want permanent baby status!”

“Not yet anyway!“giggled Stephanie.

Laura released the restraints from Stephanie’s ankles and wrists,took the baby bottle from its holder in front of Stephanie’s mouth,took the latex skull cap off her head,and began to remove the many electrodes underneath.She also took away the glass which had been filled with the chemical solution which stopped their minds being instantly overwhelmed by the neural control machine,as would happen otherwise,less than 10 minutes without the solution and the effects would be permanent.With the solution 4 hours was possible with no long term effects,but after that resistance would stop and permanent effects would begin to take place.

Laura is 38,short dark hair,very pretty,but as flat chested as a boy,much to her disgust.She works as a neurologist at a local hospital. Stephanie is 41,shoulder length blonde hair,buxom,but a real plain jane,as she terms herself.She works as a chemist for a local firm,in research and development,discovering lots of new and interesting developments in that field.And they love each other dearly and are a ‘happily married’ lesbian couple,though both have been married to men before,and indeed both have a daughter of their own.

Between the 2 of them they had developed and built the neural control machine,but had only used it regularly on themselves as a relaxation tool,to enable them to regress their minds to a time when they were happy and stress free,and just ‘forget’ all the worries and stresses of life.Sue(16),Laura’s daughter thought the concept of the machine was downright weird,and had no desire to go anywhere near ‘losing her mind’ as she termed it.Lorna(22),Stephanie’s daughter however was nearly as addicted as the other 2,and has even teased her mother about letting her be a happy teenager for the rest of her life,but her mother refused her firmly on this matter,but allowed her a daily 2 hour session on the machine as compensation for this.Lorna did tell her mother (at regular intervals) that unless they tested the machine on someone using the permanent effects setting that they didnt really know how well it worked,but to no joy on her behalf.

Laura and Stephanie did indeed discuss this fact,on more than 1 occasion,and both admitted that it would be nice to know what effect a permanent state of regression would have,and Stephanie even admitted that a ‘permanent teenager neural state’ would not be the worst thing to do,because the body size and shape would be right,unlike a baby style regression.

“Can’t quite imagine a thirty something gurgling away permanently!” she giggled,“But I’m still not too keen on Lorna having the mental state of a fourteen year old for the rest of her life,might be a bit awkward when she’s fifty,however much she would like it!”

“Would be a good test though,an adult to totally regress to a permanent baby state,finding a volunteer might be ‘interesting’ though!“said Laura.

“True.But they do say some men enjoy infantisation!“replied Stephanie. “But maybe not permanently!It would be so much better if I could invent some chemical that could cause body regression as well.”

“Now that would be something,I do agree.“said Laura,“But not possible?”

“Who knows?“said Stephanie,“Are we going to play tonight?”

“Yes please,“said Laura,“I’ll get all the toys ready,and boot up the computer.”

Laura collected their toys from their cupboard,and they both headed for the bedroom with wicked grins on their faces,saying goodnight to their 2 daughters on the way there.She switched on the computer terminal in their bedroom and then they both stripped off and bounced on the bed in anticipation of what was to come.Stephanie lubed and wired up their double vibrator,and then the 2 of them kissed passionately,and Stephanie said,

“Lets get each other ready for our electrifying experience then.”

“Too right!“replied Laura.

They plunged the vibrator deep into their bodies,and sighed with pleasure as it sprung gently into life.

“I’ve set it on low for now,until we’re ready dear.“said laura,“then it will increase in power ‘slightly’ when we are ready.”

“Good idea,“said Stephanie,“dont want to fry do we!”

Stephanie placed an electrode cap on Laura,and connected it up to the computer and also to her electrode cap which Laura placed on her head. She then clipped electrodes on to both Laura’s and her own nipples, wired them up together and connected them to the computer as well.They then placed sensitisor pads all over their breasts,and linked the pads into their electrodes.They then placed more sensitisor pads around their pussy and connected them up to the computer as well.

“All wired up successfully,“grinned Stephanie,“I’m ready for robotic sexual heaven Laura,are you?”

“I am,“replied Laura,“switching on program RSH1,will commence in 30 seconds”

“I’ll fondle you now,if you do the same darling.“said Stephanie.

“Of course darling,“said Laura,taking a firm but tender grip on Stephanie’s ample bosom,“If you can find mine that is!”

“Of course I can dar.......“Stephanie said,“RSH1 programming commencing,unit Stephanie1 submits to her programming.“she added in a slightly robotic voice.

“RSH1 programming commencing,unit Laura1 submits to her programming.” Laura said at the same moment,also in a robotic tone.After this they spoke as 1,albeit in a robotic style.

“Mind link commencing,the 2 sexual units recognise their partner and accept the link from their mind.Physical link and stimulation commencing,the 2 sexual units recognise their partner and accept the link from their body.“and a minute or so later they said,“Mind link, physical link and stimulation now complete,bodies now interacting as one joint sexual unit,controlled by computer program RSH1 and under complete computer control.Increasing vibrator speed to Period of RSH1 control set at 4 hours.”

For the next 4 hours Laura and Stephanie pleasured each other,their bodies highly sensitised by the computer program,and their minds overwhelmed by the computer,and their only thoughts were of satisfying their partners every need.Playing with each others highly sensitive breasts,and with the mental link making them operate as 1 sexually charged unit,intent only on pleasing each other,the effect was truly amazing,to say they had multiple orgasms would be something of an understatement!They have to place several towels under their pussys otherwise the bedding would be very wet at completion of the program! They have also got a mouth unit,with stimulating devices within it which they can use,but as they have to stay joined at the lips for the whole period,or get an electrical shock when seperating,they tend to only use this for short periods,and tonight they wanted to be together a long time,and a 4 hour kiss is a long time!At the end of the 4 hours the computer switched the program off,and the 2 women started to come round,and grinned widely at each other.They then looked down to see several very soggy towels lying beneath them,and then at each others damp and receptive body.

“Think we had a good time!“giggled Stephanie,“Judging by those towels, and by your pussy.”

“Yes I think we did.“grinned Laura,“and your pussy is pretty damp too you know!”

They tenderly removed every electrical device from each other, especially the clips on the nipples,playing with each other all the time they were doing so.

“Mmmmmmmm,time for some natural 69,“grinned Laura,“if you’re game that is?”

“Of course,“said Stephanie,“silly question dear really.Lets take off these electrode caps and get down to it!”

For the next hour or so they munched each others pussy,they were already damp so it was very pleasurable for both of them,and then they fell peacefully asleep,happy but exhausted.

Over the next few weeks one subject regularly cropped up in conversations,to put the neural control machine to the big test, permanent regression of someone’s mind.Not surprisingly Lorna volunteered yet again to be the guinea pig for this,though she wasn’t quite so keen when Laura and Stephanie pointed out that the ultimate test would be infantisation,and Lorna wasn’t quite so keen on that happening to her!

“Don’t mind being a giggly,cute pre-puberty teenager all my life,“she laughed,“but I don’t want to be a baby again for all that time.”

“Didn’t think you would somehow.“laughed her mother,“but maybe if we can’t find anyone else we will have to consider fulfilling your wish after all.”

“You will!“said Lorna in delight,“Thats great news.”

“But that would only happen if we can’t find anyone else Lorna,you know I dont approve of this.“said Stephanie.

“I know,“said Lorna,“But I can hope!”

“Fine,“said Laura,“and what are we going to say in the advert,person of either sex sought for experiment to permanently turn their mind into that of a 6 month old baby by computerised control of their mind,that should bring them rushing in,not!”

“Think you might be surprised.“said Stephanie,“Either that or we give it as a gift to someone who acts like a baby anyway.”

At that moment the spoiled brat pop star,Ray Gowan appeared on the TV throwing yet another of his tantrums at a meeting with his fans.

“He’d be suitable,“laughed Lorna,“he acts like a baby anyway,no one would probably notice the difference!”

“Might when he tried to sing!“joked Laura,“and all he could do was gurgle!Mind some people might be grateful if he couldn’t sing!”

“True,he’d be ideal,“agreed Stephanie,“but how do we take him,he is rather surrounded by bodyguards.”

“Thats easy,“said Sue,butting in,“it’s a well known fact that any buxom blonde will catch his eye,and gets invited backstage to meet him after the show.And he’s in this city next week.All you have to do Stephanie is flaunt your cleavage under his nose,then sedate him,either by injection or in a drink,bring him back here,and do the work on him,I just don’t want to be near the machine at the time you do it though.”

“You are perfectly safe unless you’re wired up to it Sue,and he will be the one very wired up to the machine,and not you!“said Laura,“So Stephanie,what do you think?”

“Even a plain jane like me,who’s 15 years older than him?“Stephanie asked in amazement.

“Mum,you’re a natural blonde with 38DD boobs,thats all he will be concerned with!“said Lorna,“Be like taking candy from a baby,if you pardon the pun.”

“Granted.“giggled Stephanie,“better go shopping then!”

“Sounds a good idea.“said the other 3.

A week later,Ray Gowan was in town,and thanks to contacts Laura knew where he would be,Stephanie was dressed in a blue dress that hid absolutely nothing of her cleavage,and that barely came down to her knees.She also wore long blue velvet gloves,and as she joked,’left the rest to his imagination!’Laura went with her,dressed slightly more demurely and carrying a needle filled with a sedative in her handbag,as well as a bottle of knock out drops just in case.Lorna was right,it was so easy,he saw Stephanie outside the record shop,and lost interest in anything but her.She didn’t play too easy to get,but not difficult either,and was soon heading back to his hotel with her friend for a ‘cosy threesome’ as Ray cheekily put it.

Stephanie seduced him beautifully with a erotic strip tease,before finally popping off her bra,and allowing him to see the 5% of her cleavage he hadn’t already seen!While all this was going on Ray failed to see Laura slipping on her black leather gloves,and checking the needle was fine.Just as he was about to dive on top of Stephanie’s naked body,Laura crept up behind him and injected the sedative into his arm,it was powerful and he was sound asleep in seconds.They carried him into the lift,took him down and out of the hotel to where Lorna was waiting in their car.They got past reception with the simple bluff, ‘He’s drunk again!’and carried him out of the hotel,and drove him to their home, gave him another strong sedative,and went to watch the news.

‘The brattish pop star Ray Gowan has mysteriously disappeared from his hotel in C_____ today,he was last seen in the company of 2 women,1 a blonde with shoulder length hair,and 1 a short haired brunette,Mr Gowan’s manager would like to talk to them about this matter.’

“I’m sure he would.“laughed Lorna,“Mind,after we’ve finished him his mental age will match his normal behaviour!”

“Apart from 1 blessing for us,“giggled Stephanie,“like too many men he thinks with his cock,well he did up to now at least!Let’s go and see how he is now.”

All 4 of them went to the room where he was being kept,and he was still sleeping soundly.They took him to the room where the neural control machine was,and strapped him into the chair,attached the electrodes to his head,and placed the latex skull cap tightly on top of them.

“And now to get down to baby making business!“giggled Lorna,“This should be fun.”

Sue stood at a safe distance from the chair and looked on,’just in case I get any of those signals’ as she put it.

“You’re perfectly safe,as long as you drink the solution,“said Lorna,“I don’t know why you don’t try it anyway?”

“Maybe I should sometime,might help me to relax before my exams I suppose.“said Sue slightly nervously.

“Yes it would.“said Laura,while helping to get Ray ready,“I’m not going to let anything dangerous happen to my daughter,am I?Just take you to a state of perfect peace and tranquility,thats all.”

“Mmmmm...well...OK,maybe I will then.“Sue said still not quite sure.

“Lorna and Sue could try out the new double cap,take them both back to infancy,say 4 or 5 year olds,and let them have some kiddy fun together,and we could keep a safe eye on all the data reads that way.“said Stephanie.

“Is that safe?“said Sue,“Not certain I want to try something new.”

“Perfectly,“said Stephanie reassuringly,“just allows 2 people to regress at same time to the same age,thats all,apart from that its exactly the same as the single caps.Right,he’s ready to begin his ‘new life’ now!“and completed checking all the wiring attached to Ray’s head.

“How are we going to do this?“asked Laura,“Its going to lose some of the effect if he sleeps through it all,and he’s going to be out for another couple of hours or so?”

“Easy,“grinned Stephanie,“open his lips slightly,I’ll pour the solution into his mouth,and then the permanent regression wont happen for 4 hours,by which time he will be awake,OK?”

“Good idea.“said Laura,“I’ll fetch a shot of chemicals then.”

Laura did this,Stephanie opened Ray’s mouth,and Laura poured a shot of the chemicals into his system,left it 5 minutes for them to react,set the regression level to 12 months,and switched the machine on.Just over 2 hours later Ray began to come round,looked down at himself,opened his mouth to cry out,and all that happened was gurgling and crying,Laura plunged a bottle of warm baby milk into his mouth,and all his worries went away,he sucked happily on this,drinking up every drop of it.He gurgled again happily,made his best effort to say ‘Mama’ and grinned at them all.All the women began to coo and play with little baby Ray after this,and a beaming smile crossed his face.After a long while of doing this,the computer began to give a series of loud bleeps,

“Moment of truth,“said Stephanie,“neural cell resistance has dropped to nil,another 10 minutes and it should be permanent.Then the moment of truth when we disconnect I suppose.”

“Guess it will be,“said Laura,“hope it works or we will have a lot of explaining to do!”

Lorna moved over to the computer,and started checking the data,“It seems to be working,neural programming has adapted 25% of his mind up to 30%!”

They all waited nervously for another 10 minutes or so,and after 2 minutes or more of the data read showing completed neural regression programming,they switched the machine off.This was the moment of truth, if it hadnt worked,Ray would now go back to normal,but if it had......!

“Ray,how do you feel?“asked Stephanie.

“Gurgle,gurgle,coo,burp,Mama hold me.“was the only reply,“want mama’s milk,want mama’s milk.”

“Its worked!“the 4 women shouted in unison.

“Want mama’s milk!“squealed Ray in reply,and burst out crying.

Sue popped a bottle of warm milk in his mouth,and he sucked on it happily,“Now what?“she asked.

“Well there’s a couple of options,“laughed Laura,“we can bring him up as our own little baby,we can let him be found by his manager,or anyone of his fans,and they will probably think he’s just had a nervous breakdown or something,I’m sure many of his fans would love the chance to care for,and look after him.”

“Look at the baby’s cock!“laughed Stephanie,“thats showing no signs of regression,he must have enjoyed it.“and they looked at Rays pants and saw a large bulge there.

“Baby’s got a big pee-pee.“giggled Laura at Ray,who clucked and gurgled in delight at the attention.

“So could he.....?“asked Sue.

“Can’t see why not!“said Stephanie bluntly,“would still seem very active,why?”

“Just wondered.“giggled Sue,“Would it count as underage sex?”

“Shouldn’t think so.“said Stephanie with a laugh,“After all he’s still 26 on his birth certificate isnt he?You’re not thinking of.....?”

“Well why not?“giggled Sue,“If its legal?",but after a glare from her mother said,“Alright I won’t!",and just played with his erect cock instead which brought further gurgles of delight from Ray.

(A few days later.)

The four of them were sat in front of the TV watching the news when an item of news came on that interested them greatly,

‘The pop star Ray Gowan has been found in a shopping centre in B______ would appear to be perfectly safe.He does appear however to have suffered a major nervous breakdown,and would appear to think he is a 1 year old baby.He has been taken to a local hospital for medical tests to be carried out,but his manager believes it is simply down to the stresses of his success,and the long tour that he has been undertaking. He was recognised by 2 of his many fans,Susan Washington and Lorna Portland who contacted the police,and through them his manager.’

“Fans,huh.“said Lorna disgustedly,“He can’t sing to save his life!”

“Helped our story though!“grinned Stephanie,“And you will get your reward so stop moaning about it.”

“OK then,“grinned Lorna,“ooh my pop star hero Ray Gowan.“she added sarcastically.

Not surprisingly Ray Gowan never recovered from his ‘nervous breakdown’ and remained in a content state of babyhood for the rest of his life.A considerable number of fans offered to look after him (funnily enough Sue and Lorna were not amongst them!),but these offers were refused and he stayed comfortably in a luxurious nursing home for the rest of his days,the money he had made over the years more than paying for this luxury.

Prior to Sue’s exams she braved a linking to the neural control machine,where her and Laura were jointly regressed to an age of 4 where they happily played with their dolls,each other and some very childish games like snakes and ladders.It worked perfectly,the 2 ‘children’ had a wonderful time together,and it may have done Sue some good,after all she got 9 A grades in her exams,2 with distinctions!She did even admit to enjoying the whole experience,and whenever she had a difficult decision to make after this,she regressed to childhood,and as she put it,’thought the matter over in a better way!’.

Lorna’s reward,somehow I dont think you really need me to tell you,do you now,but yes somehow I think you’ve guessed Lorna got her wish and was permanently regressed to a happy state of early teenage heaven which she loved.What she didnt know was that Stephanie and Laura had developed a mind scanning device,which they ran first on Lorna,and transferred all the data found there onto their computer,as they put it ‘for future reference.’,albeit untested previously,but as they said to each other,

“Lorna will be happy either way.",but it was successful.Lorna happily sailed through life,and ironically found herself a lovely man who enjoyed her ‘childish attitude’ to the rigours of life,not knowing the truth of course.They married in time,had several children and were very happy together.She never did change back in her whole life,indeed after many years Laura and Stephanie deleted the data to ensure this,Lorna never neither knew nor cared.

Sue continued to use the machine for regression and relaxation purposes for many,many years and indeed even after marrying,regularly found opportunities to visit Mum and Stephanie to undergo a period of total serenity.

Laura and Stephanie,well they continued to live together,both happily admitting they never wanted another man in their lives,only each other. They both progressed onwards and upwards at work,luckily they developed a chemical which enabled them to spend longer periods (up to 24 hours) at a time linked to the neural control machine,and both regularly used it for the purpose of pleasure and relaxation.A cut off was developed so they could spend time playing together as children by using the double cap,and in time they developed sensor caps which meant they no longer had to be sealed into a chair while regressed.This gave them great opportunities to play together as young children while not being limited to what they could do.

After 20 years or so of personal pleasure,they finally admitted to the world what they had invented,and companies worldwide showed great interest in it.They made millions of pounds this way,and were able to have a very happy retirement together.Made even more so by the fact that they permanently regressed their minds to the age of 35,’old enough to be wise,but young enough to have fun’ as Stephanie put it. They both lived happily into their eighties,and were active and bubbly to the end,indeed all their friends remarked on this fact,without ever realising their little secret,and what a secret it was!