The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Making Love to the Camera”

The red light above Tamara’s monitor switched on. And Tamara switched off.

A few moments ago, she was preoccupied with a tricky bit of research for her Macroeconomics paper, busily grappling with a complex interpretation she was building regarding the integration of the euro into the Common Market in the 1990s. But all that simply winked out as soon as her webcam activated. All that remained, as the hypnotic trigger gently enfolded her mind in drowsy bliss, was Tammi.

And Tammi was always happy to see the webcam light go on. Tammi was always happy to put away her silly, boring schoolwork and pull her shirt down to put her big heavy titties on display for Master. Tammi was always happy to wiggle around in her chair until one leg curled under her to rest against her pussy and give her something to grind her cunt against while she listened to Master. Tammi was always happy to be a good little fucktoy. Tammi was always happy. Period.

“Hi, Master,” Tammi burbled, her eyelashes fluttering as her bright green eyes gazed into the webcam in rapt adoration. “I’m so glad we could talk!” She minimized the other windows on her computer and pulled up the camera screen so she could see how she looked from the other side—Tammi never got to see Master during her cam sessions, but she didn’t mind. The pretty spiral that popped up in his window was all Tammi needed to remind her that she was being a good girl for Master.

She slid her chair back a little and angled the webcam down, just to make sure that Master got a good look at her pussy underneath the cute jammies Smart-girl Tamara had been wearing. They weren’t as sexy as the stuff Tammi wore when she had one of her camera dates with Master, but they made her look all adorably cute and cuddly, and anyway Master told Tammi that he didn’t care what she wore when he surprised her with a cam session. “You’re not going to be wearing it for long anyway,” he always said.

But the voice that came out of the speakers didn’t belong to Master. “I’m glad we could talk too,” he said, sounding slightly nervous as he spoke into the microphone. His voice was a little distorted, but it didn’t sound to Tammi like he was disguising his voice. It was more like he was a little too close to the mic when he talked. “I’m a friend of your Master’s. He gave me this link and told me you would be very happy to see me. Is that right, Tammi?”

Tammi lost track of the image on the computer screen for a moment as her eyes rolled back in her head in arousal. “Uh, uh, un-hhunh,” she mumbled, stammering out an affirmative grunt while her hips bore down involuntarily on her heel until her clit throbbed. She couldn’t remember how many times this exact fantasy had played out in her mind late at night, when she was pleasuring her pussy and programming herself for Master. The webcam turning on, triggering her Silly Tammi mind. The voice in the speakers, not Master’s voice but someone he trusted. Tammi helplessly, obediently showing her body to someone she didn’t even know. Tammi fu-fu-fuhhking, fucking herself for a total stranger. Like a complete slut...

“Please tell me to... play with myself,” she whimpered, her hands already moving to massage her tingling breasts. “Sir?”

“’Sir’ is good,” the stranger said, his voice thick with naked arousal. “Do you play with yourself for Master?” he asked. The question sounded like an invitation, and even though Tammi’s head was already getting fuzzy with pleasure, she knew what she needed to be a good girl. Instead of simply nodding, she told Sir everything he wanted to know.

“Y-yes, Sir,” she gasped, helplessly squirming and rubbing herself as she spoke. “M-Master softens my mind with the spiral until I, until I can’t think anymore. Until I’m too hhhorny to think. And huh, huh, horny girls are obedient girls, and obedient girls are naked girls. And naked girls, f-fuck themselves. For Master.” Her programming completed the circuit instinctively, effortlessly, turning the words into a seamless truth that closed off any chance of denial. “And fucking myself for Master makes me too horny to think...”

“Good girl.” Sir sounded just a little astonished, like he’d daydreamed about seeing something like this but never really thought it would happen. Tammi felt a silly grin spread over her face as a wave of pride washed through her fuzzy brain. She and Master had worked so hard together to make ‘Tammi’ a reality, through cam sessions whenever Smart-girl Tamara wasn’t busy with boring school stuff (Tammi knew about the calendar Smart-girl kept, showing when it was safe to surprise her with brainwashing, but it was all boring words and stuff so she didn’t pay much attention to it) and in-person sessions whenever they had the chance. It was nice to see someone else was impressed by Tammi’s programming too.

“Why don’t you start by showing me your cunt, pretty girl,” Sir went on, his voice hoarse and breathy, “and we can see what happens from there?” Tammi’s head bobbed up and down in a compliant nod, her blonde ringlets swaying back and forth in a syncopated rhythm as she squirmed her way out of her pajama pants.

“Master always wants to see my wet panties,” Tammi said proudly, spreading her legs and leaning back until the image on the screen showed her panty-covered pussy right in the center and the darker patch of fabric right in the center of that. “So he can see that I’m a good horny slut for him. Am I being a good horny slut for you, sir?” she asked, a note of uncertainty creeping into her voice. Tammi knew the answer was always ‘yes’ with Master, but she didn’t know if she was pleasing Sir the same way. Tammi always wanted to be pleasing.

Sir’s answer melted Tammi’s brain right back down into dreamy bliss. “You’re being a very good little slut,” he said. It wasn’t just the words that made Tammi feel all happy and floaty—she’d played with Master enough to know what it sounded like when a man couldn’t keep his mind off his cock. She could picture Sir’s hand teasing his shaft, stroking his balls, trying to hold off his urge to masturbate until he’d gotten all the pleasure he could out of commanding his fucktoy. “Now take them off, Tammi, and let me see how wet you really are.”

Tammi’s eyes rolled back in her head again, just a little, as she wriggled out of her panties and hooked her legs over the arms of her chair. “It’s so wet, Sir,” she moaned, once again grateful for a chair that had a waterproof vinyl cushion. She couldn’t count the number of times she’d cleaned up smears of her pussy juice after a session with Master—sometimes there was practically a puddle there by the time they finished. She reached down with one hand and spread her labia, giving the webcam a good look at the slick, pink cleft of her cunt.

“Does it need a cock inside it, slut?” Sir asked. Tammi could hear his breathing through the microphone, fast and heavy with lust. “Do you need to fuck yourself mindless for me, Tammi girl?” Tammi couldn’t help it, her head was already bobbing up and down in docile agreement. She shuddered with the force of her arousal; she never realized how hot it would feel to hear another man, a stranger, command her into helpless compliance. It made her feel so much more submissive to realize it wasn’t just Master who could turn her into a blank, horny fucktoy with his hypnotic voice—Tammi felt like she would kneel for any man who snapped his fingers right now, and it made her so fucking wet.

Before she even knew it, Tammi was whimpering out, “please, yes, oh please, please fuck my brains out, please empty out all my thoughts and fill my mind with cock, oh fuck, yes, please...” She was literally shaking with arousal, watching herself on the computer screen babbling and drooling and moaning with mindless lust. She hoped Master could see her right now—she felt like she had absolutely bottomed out into subspace, her mind so flattened with submission and need that she couldn’t even imagine saying the word ‘no’. All she wanted was to fuck and obey.

And Sir gave it to her. “Go ahead, pretty slut,” he husked out, his voice unsteady in Tammi’s ears. “Give your cunt the fucking it needs.” Tammi didn’t need to hear anything else. She reached down into the cabinet beneath her computer and pulled out the vibrator she called ‘Master’s Cock’. It was long, almost ten inches, and so wide that she inhaled sharply in surprise when she inserted it despite months of almost-nightly play. “Oh,” she gasped, her voice stunned into a reverent hush by the feel of the dildo pushing deeper and deeper into her wet channel. “Oh, oh fuck.” Her eyes went unfocused for a moment, the screen a blur of motion as she slid the sex toy in as far as it would go. “Oh fuckkk...”

“That’s it, good girl,” Sir growled, Tammi’s submission coaxing the dominance out of him. “What does it do to you? What happens when you fuck yourself like this?” She could hear him panting, and her eyes went glassy and sightless for a moment as she imagined his fist pumping up and down on his cock, the cum building up in his balls as Tammi’s surrender to pleasure teased him closer and closer to spurting out jets of semen just from seeing her fuck herself.

“I, unnnh, I...” Tammi switched on the vibrator, the buzz against her clit melting her brain into vacant mush. “I fuh-fuck, I fuck my mind... away. I fuck... my mind away. I fuck. My mind. Away.” Her words settled into a lust-drunk rhythm as every thrust, every surge of pleasure in her soaking cunt put her brain on pause. She couldn’t even think in words when the euphoric bliss of Master’s cock overwhelmed her; Tammi’s thoughts simply became a warm, liquid rush of pure devotion that no language could possibly describe. She loved Master for making her mindless and obedient, loved it with the total focus that only a hypnotized slave could feel. “ifuckmymindawaaaayyyyy!” she whimpered, the sensation taking her right up to the edge of climax and holding her there.

“Good girl,” she heard through the speakers, the same arousal and exhilaration in Sir’s voice only more tightly controlled. “That’s it, fucking your mind... blank and empty. Open. Compliant. You are a... brainwashed fucktoy.” Tammi could feel the words literally sinking in, pushing into her cunt with every thrust of the fake cock and every thrum that carried its way into her sensitive flesh. She stared helplessly at her tits bouncing up and down, up and down as she fucked herself until she lost her will completely in Sir’s bottomless control.

“I am a brainwashed fucktoy,” Tammi moaned, her sense of self dissolving until it no longer felt like she was the one making her hand move. “I am a brainwashed fucktoy,” she gasped, lost in the fantasy of Sir controlling her like a puppet, making the cock slide in and out of her sopping pussy. “I, I am a brainwashed. F-fucktoy...” she repeated, the words her only remaining thought now. She could feel her whole body tingle with white-hot pleasure, the physical expression of an orgasm held back by hypnotic control until it seeped out through every nerve ending. “Ima... brainwashed... fucktoy...” she panted. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t think. She couldn’t stop.

And then she heard Sir moaning, gasping out, “G-good girl, cum, oh good good girl!” and her whole world went red with pleasure. She drowned in it willingly, immersing herself completely in ecstasy until there was nothing else in her mind. She couldn’t even see the screen anymore, there was nothing but the warmth behind her own eyes as she came and came and came until her muscles forced the dildo out through the sheer power of their repeated contractions and the slick, gushing, frictionless wetness of her cunt. And then Tammi sagged into the chair, her mind drowsy and blank, waiting to be programmed.

But Sir didn’t program her. Master must have asked him not to. Instead, he just said, “Very good, good girl!” with amazement and pride mingling together in his voice. “That was very good. You obeyed perfectly. You. Obeyed. Perfectly.” Tammi wiggled slightly in her chair, too happy not to squirm at the praise even though her body was practically limp with exhaustion.

“Now, pretty girl,” he said, “it’s time to go clean up, put away your toys, and put your pajamas back on. Your Master is telling me he’s very happy with you, very pleased indeed.” So he was watching, then. Tammi gave him a sleepy smile, the grin she gave when she knew she’d done a good job of pleasing him. “And when you finish, he says you can go all the way to bed as his Tammi and not have to be Tamara until you wake up. How does that sound, good girl?”

Tammi’s smile broadened until it felt like it was too wide to fit on her face. “Good, Sir. Thank you, Master.” Her eyes fluttered open, still only vaguely seeing the world around her through a haze of drowsy bliss. Smart-girl Tamara’s homework could wait until tomorrow, and Silly Tammi had instructions to follow all the way into sleep. She watched the light on the webcam flicker and die, finally freeing her from its spell... but Master’s control would always be with her. With a sigh of happiness, she headed to the shower to wash up.