The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mara and Finn

Chapter 2: Visceral Reactions

“Come back to me, Finn. Wide awake in three… two… one…”

Finn’s eyes opened slowly, her pupils dilating as they took in her new surroundings.

My plush yellow sofa, where moments ago she had been lying peacefully on her back, absorbing my whispered commands.

The fact that her toes could wiggle freely in the air, as she had removed her shoes upon entering my apartment.

The remnant taste of cheap beer on her breath from the party we had just escaped.

A flickering candle on the coffee table providing the only glow of light throughout the room.

My cloudy presence in the armchair perpendicular to her extended body. She sighed as she pulled herself into an upright position.

“Hey, sorry, I think I fell asleep for a second there.” Finn shook her head and pressed her palms against her eyes, rubbing out the last of the fuzzy darkness that had previously consumed her. She chuckled to herself. “I don’t usually do that when I’m—” her eyes shot upward to meet mine “in the presence of such a beautiful woman.”

I rolled my eyes and groaned playfully. “Shut up.”

A wide grin spread across Finn’s face. “Your wish is my command.”

Her words erupted through me. She joked, using the phrase like any other, but her subconscious mind must have registered the connotations behind such a bold statement, as well as the infinite ability for those connotations to turn me on. I tried my best to hide my goosebumps.

Compared to just seconds ago, Finn seemed so alive now, so readily back in her groove. I knew exactly what to expect from a girl like her. A casual charm that cuts through any tension, thick with humor to mask vulnerability, sprinkled with philosophies about life and love and the reason behind it all. That kind of girl melts you. That kind of girl pounds in your swelling heart, choking you with subtlety but constantly applying pressure. That kind of girl makes you fall in love.

I realized I was blushing. She realized it too and looked toward the floor. We sat like that for a tiny moment, letting our shared attraction settle, deciding our next move. Little did she know, that move had been predetermined for her.

Finn brought herself back to me. “I had a lot of fun at the bar with you tonight. We should go there again sometime.”

We hadn’t gone to any bar, but Finn believed we had. She also believed that we had been drinking, that the warmth swimming through her loosened muscles resulted directly from a few shots of whiskey, maybe a beer or two. Her inhibitions had dissolved into a chemical intoxication. It’s easy to make a person believe something they already expect, something they’ve grown familiar with through time.

“I knew you’d like it there.”

“I really did. It just felt so—uh—comfortable, I guess.”

I bet it did. “I know exactly what you mean. I’ll take you again sometime. Hopefully sometime soon.” I almost wanted to wink, but a surprising fear of embarrassment stopped me.

“I would love that.” Finn couldn’t contain herself. She was beaming now, her eyes searching mine for an explanation as to why she felt so uncontrollably connected to me, like we were being sewn neatly together by cosmic hands.

Finn reached forward, gradually at first, then with a more forceful confidence. I thought she might have forgotten her instructions, and I nearly wished she had. I wanted her fingertips light against my neck, curling and sweeping behind my ear, her short nails just barely grazing my skin. But she remembered.

She leveled my amethyst pendant on one finger, balancing it like a spinning top, then allowed it to fall backwards as she caught it again. “This is so cool. Like, breathtaking almost.” Her last comment hung heavy between us. “Where did you find it?”

“You know Visceral, on Sycamore?”

“I fucking love Visceral. I get my plugs there.” She pointed at the speckled blue stones in her ears.

“Yes! Me too! I can’t believe I haven’t run into you there—I’m seriously there like once or twice a week…”

I would have continued, but I noticed her gaze had settled back onto the dangling pendant. Was she distracting me on purpose? No, she couldn’t be. She was too distracted on her own, her pupils ticking back and forth along with the circular movements of the pendant.

Watching her fixation, my longing simmered back up to a boil. She snapped out of it quickly, remembering her purpose. Breathing in long and deep, Finn turned to me.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to try something with one of these.”

“Oh yeah? Something like what?”

Her confidence made it easy for me to play along. In fact, I had to play along. Otherwise she would lose the assertion that I craved, and my little game would end in disappointment.

She cocked an eyebrow. “May I?” She gestured upward, the carved stone clasped in her fist. I feigned surprise. This kind of role play is always my favorite. Allowing her the mirage of control while enacting the submission she desires, like an omnipotent god provides the illusion of choice.

I locked into her and my words floated out. “You may.”

“Thank you.” She lifted the necklace over my head, careful not to tangle the thin gold chain into my long hair. As she brought the pendant toward her, she swooped her wrist in two melodic circles, wrapping the chain around her palm and pinching it between her thumb and index finger.

I couldn’t help but stare, following the sedated, circular motion as my pulse quickened. My lips had parted, my mouth barely open, my tongue wanting to break the barrier between my teeth. Her eyes sparked in amusement.

“Mara, have you ever been hypnotized?” I inhaled sharply, overcome by the ease at which she had dropped that deliciously enticing word. You can tell a person what you want them to do, but you can only dream that they’ll enact your desires delicately, placing deliberate care into every nuance. Tone, demeanor, motion, everything. She had it all.

I relished in the question, my answer barely escaping in a low whisper. “Yes… I have.”

The corners of her mouth twitched up as she attempted to disguise her satisfaction with my response. “Good, then you know exactly what I want you to do right now.”

It always amazes me how intuitively a person can pick up the skills some hypnotists work on perfecting for years. Of course, Finn must have seen cartoon images of the act on tv.

Maybe, like me, she had always found these depictions instantaneously arousing. Maybe she used to enjoy the silencing weight of pleasure cascading over her body as she was forced to laugh along with a roomful of family or friends. But something had taught her these stereotypes. I could have wept with gratitude if I hadn’t been so enthralled by her performance.

She raised the pendant just centimeters above my eye level and began to lightly swing it from side to side. She told me to relax, to just watch it swing, watch it swing back and forth, so easy to just watch and relax. Although something inside me had tried to warn me, telling me that this was not the plan, I was not supposed to fall like this, I knew I had lost hope.

Her words began to disintegrate into my mind. I fought to stay in the room, I had to bring myself back. But her voice sounded so smooth, drizzling over me like warm, sticky honey. No, Mara, remember the goal. Look at her, not the pendant.

Somehow, I broke my gaze, although my eyelids continued to flutter with the sleepy weight hanging over them. I searched as quickly as I could in my half stupor for her eyes. When I found them, a light moan built its way up from my throbbing clit through my lungs, my throat, the echoing chamber of my mouth.

She had become just as transfixed on the pendant as I had been, her words propelling her into the blissful relaxation that I had guided her toward as we walked home together. My initial suggestions had worked. She was hypnotizing herself.

The problem was that I had become too weak for her, her awful, gorgeous freckles dancing across her face as she charmed me with each breath. Her terrible, messy hair symbolizing a lack of acknowledgment for social approvals. The unnecessary way that everything she said struck a chord in me, resonated with me, made me want her unlike anybody else.

I remembered our first encounter, the feeling of knowing her before I knew her. I couldn’t wait much longer. But I would, for her. For this.

Her speech flowed freely, almost carelessly, as if she had tapped into a stream of consciousness that ached to find its source. She had gone deep, deeper even than before, when my suggestions had stuck inside her without a second guess. I understood that underneath it all, she trusted me.

I cleared my head and reach up to the chain wrapped around her fingers. She was still speaking, her voice rhythmic yet breathy. As I unraveled the chain, I pressed my cheek against hers, my lips grazing her ear as I softly asked her to become quiet and relaxed, to sink heavy into the couch.

Her arm fell to her side.

Her head rolled backwards into the cushion behind her.

I scooted forward in my chair, my knees forming a lattice with hers.

“Finn, do you remember how good you felt earlier? Remember how good I made you feel?”

“Mmhmm…” she broke into a smile, her hips arching forward in primal arousal.

“Good, that’s very good. Now, I’m going to make you feel even better. I can make you feel so much better than that.” My breath grew hot on her ear, so hot I could taste my own desire. “Tell me that you want me to make you feel so good.”

Finn’s eyes began to flutter. “I want you to make me feel so good.” Her words stumbled out, tripping over the lust building for me.

“I want that too Finn. And remember, you always want what I want.” Her back arched into the suggestion. “Sit back, Finn, relax again. I want you to feel so incredibly good, beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. You already feel so good, but you can feel better. Every time you obey me, you feel twice as good as you felt before. These wonderful feelings build inside you, and you can feel them reaching every extremity, focusing on the most sensitive parts.”

As I spoke, I traced my fingertips down her sides, reaching the black denim of her jeans and following it inward, tugging gently. “To feel this good, Finn, you have to take your pants off first.”

Finn immediately lifted her hands, finding and loosening her belt buckle, then fumbling with the button and zipper. Her eyes remained closed as her knuckles slid down her thighs, the warm friction igniting her newly-bare legs. She wore men’s briefs, cotton and dark black with a white spandex lining. They emphasized her athletic appearance, and I could hardly look away.

I wanted to bury my face in her, to give her the pleasure she had surely granted many others before. Not yet. Not yet.

“Very, very good, Finn. You now feel—” I snapped my fingers beside her head, “—twice as good.”

I watched her lungs rapidly expand, her chest heaving forward. I stood from my chair and repositioned myself over her, carefully straddling her legs with my own. Sitting forward on my knees, I allowed my breath to once again tease her ears. She shuddered and I could have collapsed into her. Instead, I commanded her to take off her shirt.

I leaned back as she pushed her body away from the couch. She crossed her arms over her stomach and gripped the hanging fabric, uncrossing them above her head and pulling the cloth away hurriedly with a recognizable hunger. Looking down onto her, I took in her full beauty.

In my control sat a female Adonis, trim and toned, ready to be taken. Her black sports bra matched her briefs and accentuated her full breasts. I couldn’t wait.

“The bra too.”

In the same sweeping motion, she removed the enclosing material. I trembled. They were so perfectly rounded, her pink nipples already hardened. I sighed into her.

“Yes, good. You now feel four times as good as before, feeling better and better as you listen to my words, as you obey me.”

“Ohhh…” She moaned against me, the force of it causing her chest to press into mine. I could feel her hard nipples through my shirt. The encounter sent shockwaves through me.

Fuck, just do it, just fucking rip into me. My thoughts quickly began to manifest into action. Her perfection was unbearable, I needed to touch her. My breath pounding through me, I slid my hand down her chest and inside her briefs. I found her swollen clit immediately but didn’t stop there. I dug deeper to find that she was soaked.

My finger curled back up, coating her hard clit with her slippery juices. She bit her lower lip and thrust her neck backwards, exposing it for me to take in.

“Finn,” I gasped through my longing as I encircled her with a singular fingertip, “tell me how badly you want me.”

“I want you so fucking bad.” Her clit swelled even tighter.

“Tell me how badly you need me.”

“I need you, Mara, I need you. Fuck, I need you.” Her words showered upon me in a chaotic jumble of frustration and pleasure.

“Lie down, now.”

I had become her supreme ruler. I knew what she wanted, what she needed, and I would give it to her. She rushed to obey, her compliance strengthening her arousal.

“Take off your underwear.”

I held myself up with my forearms, raising each leg quickly as she kicked her briefs to the floor. I could smell her now, and I allowed myself a deep inhale that carried her scent into my lungs. I had become an animal ready to feast on my prey.

My fingers still revolved around her clit, faster and faster, bringing her close. Before she could cum, I thrust myself inside her, my two fingers swimming through her depths. I angled myself upward, focusing upon the ribbed ceiling, catching in the nook and pressing, pressing hard. Her chest jolted forward, her legs writhing underneath me. She burrowed her heels deep into the cushions, imploring her stability to let her float free.

I slid my face away from hers, granting my teeth the satisfaction of holding her skin between them, then hiding them away before truly hurting her, as I could have in this moment. I sucked hard, she moaned, and I fucked her harder.

I drove my lips down over her chest, could I stop there? No time. My mouth drove further, reaching her clit. I enclosed my lips around her, my left hand fulfilling the task my mouth had ignored. As my tongue rolled over her with such accurate precision, my fingers squeezed and tugged at her nipple. My right hand continued to plunge inside her, filling her completely.

Finn’s arms scrambled for my back, her nails dug into my shoulder blades as her pitch increased to a steady soprano. I left her nipple to hold myself up, providing extra leverage to my lapping tongue. I bobbed my head in rhythm with my mouth, following my tongue up and down, like my fingers inside her, in and up and back and forth. Like a machine, every piece of me functioned in perfect harmony.

Her hand snaked forward and found my head, my hair entangling between her fingers. She screamed and thrust her hips so far into the air I had to sit up on my knees, stabilizing her trembling thighs around my digging face. Her scream built, and her walls collapsed around me, sucking me up into the rubble as a new flood burst forth.

Gradually, her convulsions slowed and she sank back down into the couch, exhausted.

I wiped my mouth dry along her inner thighs, simultaneously hoisting myself up to face her. I realized I hadn’t even kissed her in the heat of it all, and as I dropped beside her I made sure to remain close to her lips.

Her eyes were closed, but she wasn’t asleep. She was lost in the dreamy aftermath of a booming orgasm, finding her way back to reality at a leisurely pace. She sighed as she turned to face me, placing her palm against my cheek.

“Mara, what was that? That—” she smiled “—was incredible.”

“Oh, Finn, we’re only getting started.”

To be continued