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Marilyn: A Christmas Coffee

Chapter Two

So they talked some more, and more drinks arrived, and the night moved on, happily and easily for both of them. It wasn’t a great surprise to Beverly that Marilyn had slowly shifted closer to her on the bench seat as the evening went on. It wasn’t even that distressing to her when they’d ended up thigh-to-thigh and shoulder-to-shoulder as they sat there, drinking and chatting about themselves, their lives, and the quickly changing world outside “O’Leary’s” door. Just starting on her third double, Beverly realized that some of why she didn’t mind was because she always got so touchy-feely, so “I love everyone”, when she was drinking. But a part of it was because she knew that there was more to warmth than just the temperature of the air, and more to connecting with someone than just the words one used to fill the empty spaces.

She liked Marilyn. She liked being close to her, and found no good reason to deny what she was feeling.

Marilyn had sensed that, too, and was happy for that, as it made what she planned to do, and was about to do, so much easier for her.

“So tell me, hon... is there anything about your job that you really like? Anything about it that would keep you from considering working for me in some capacity?”

“Naww... nothing, really. I really like Liz, Bobbi, and the rest of that baristas, but other than that…? I mean, the pay is no great shakes, and the owner is nice enough, if a bit manic. Some customers are nice, but most could care less, wanting everything just so. I’m on my feet all day and all there ever is, is coffees, espressos, lattes, and danishes.

“It’s not what I would call my dream job.”

“But don’t you enjoy putting their drinks together?” Marilyn asked, needing the conversation to move in that direction. “I mean, isn’t every new order like you were creating a drinkable work of art, or something?”

Beverly thought about that for a moment before replying.

“Well, sure, there was a bit of that at first; but after your fiftieth ‘low-cal, half-caffe latte’ it all becomes sort of blah and tiresome.”

“Okay... I can see that. But tell me... and while I talk, just for the heck of it imagine a cup right here in front of us on the table... isn’t there a certain allure to pouring some rich, dark coffee into a clean, white cup, and then watching as you inject some cream into it, watching as the light swirls around and mixes with the dark, watching as what they’ve ordered becomes a soft, warm bit of pleasure for them to drink?”

“Well... yeah....”

“And not meaning to overstate it, but didn’t you feel, as you watched their drink come to life before your eyes, that it was an almost beautiful thing, that it was something you could be proud of, something they would enjoy as it sat there swirling around in the cup, so hot and fresh, so warm and reassuring, such a pleasant thing, such a good thing to look at while you made it?”

“I guess so... once in a while it did seem like I was doing something special.”

“Of course it did, hon. It might not be a reason to want the job, or keep it, but I could see making up their coffee drinks as being rather calming, as being something nice and relaxing to you, what with all those ingredients that you were slowly adding; their rich, dark texture, perhaps putting a lovely bit of whipped cream on the top, and watching it resting and floating on top of the coffee like some soft cloud, so white and fluffy and pleasing to the eye as you watched it shining there like snow on a mountaintop, the dark coffee so warm, the whipped cream so white as it slowly started to melt, slowly started to become one with the rest of the drink.

“You can picture that again, can’t you... right here on the table in front of us... such a warm, enjoyable drink that gives such pleasure to the customer, that made you feel so soft and happy to make it for them over and over, barely even having to think about it as you did, as you knew exactly what to do as you watched it forming before your eyes, so warm and sweet, so attractive and pleasant to look at as your mind created it, and your hands made it for them, again and again....”

Beverly sat there looking at the table, listening to Marilyn go on and on, somehow actually seeing what Marilyn was describing, remembering those times when it had seemed like a Zen thing, those times when she’d almost zoned out and simply let her hands do what they needed to do with no reason to really think about it anymore.

Marilyn watched as Beverly simply nodded, still staring at the table, thinking she’d picked just the right moment to try this, with her younger companion being just tired enough from her long day, and just drunk enough to get lost in the images she was trying to create.

It was all going so well so far, and Marilyn struggled to not raise her voice in response to the tingling in her loins, to not mess things up by going too quickly now.

“I’m glad you received some pleasure from looking at those drinks as you made them, Beverly, as, if nothing else it was a good thing for the customer and something to fill your time, and your mind, and to just maybe get lost in. In some ways those cups must look exactly like my beer glass does to you now, what with the difference in color between the layers, and the way the soft foam sits there, so still and frothy at the top.

“Look at my glass,” Marilyn continued, pushing her glass of Budweiser so it rested between Beverly and the small, oil-filled candle at the center of their table. “Can see the way the bubbles drift up in the pale, golden light; the way those round, soft bubbles of air move up into the head? It really is a very nice and tranquil thing to look at, to see. Can you imagine what it’s like to be one of those bubbles, just drifting and happy, so free and easy as they glide up to the floating head above them?

“As you follow them with your eyes, isn’t it easy to feel as if they’re filling your head, too, making it all soft and frothy and airy, making it so easy for you to relax a bit more, to forget about everything but the way the bubbles are moving and making you feel so good, making you feel so light and free from all your worries, all your thoughts, concentrating only on the bubbles now, and how easy it is to get lost in them as you watch them, drifting and rising.”

Again, Beverly didn’t respond, not really wanting to, content for now just to look at the bubbles, to see them as she listened to Marilyn’s warm, soft voice filling her ear. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt this good, or the last time she’d been able to let go of everything that worried or bothered her so much.

Close... close... don’t mess it up now, Marilyn was thinking, a bit buzzed herself, and increasingly aroused by the way Beverly was starting to sink into her seat, seemingly enraptured by the glass of beer in front of her. Marilyn had already gotten past her moment of guilt at doing this, allowing herself to believe that Beverly would be better, and happier, for all this; so now all that was left was to continue, and to try not to rush or make a mistake.

“That’s it, Bev... you’re doing so wonderfully as you just let yourself go, staring at the bubbles, letting your mind relax, letting all your thoughts and worries just float away like they are floating, one after another after another, up inside the glass. No reason to think or worry or do anything anymore except watch the bubbles and listen to me, to just sit there and relax and sink deeper into the soft, happy place you’re in right now, where everything is so peaceful and pleasant. It feels so good to you to have your mind so empty, to simply let me tell you what you want to do and feel. You’ve haven’t felt this good in such a long time and you want it to just go on and on, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Beverly murmured, barely able to remember anything now, much less the last time she’d felt this good, this blissed out and content.

Knowing she “had” her attractive young friend now, barring anything unforeseen, like the bar catching on fire, Marilyn smiled and pressed even closer. She turned a bit so she could work her hand up along the inside of Beverly’s thigh, just underneath her short skirt. As she got closer to touching what she most wanted to touch, she continued to whisper, having given Cathy the high sign that they weren’t to be disturbed in any way....

“And as you continue to listen to me, to feel so happy and agreeable, you want it to get even better, don’t you? You feel so good and want to feel better, want to feel closer to me, want me to touch you, to arouse you, with no worries that this is wrong in any way, that this isn’t something you truly want. Everyone wants to be touched, to feel so warm and soft and happy, Beverly. You can feel me touching and rubbing your thigh now, and you like how it feels, and want me to continue do that, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.” It did feel very good to her, and it had been a long time since anyone had touched her like this.

“And now you can feel me stroking your warm, soft sex through your panties, and it feels so good, so arousing, and it doesn’t bother you at all, does it? It’s exactly what you want to happen as you keep watching the bubbles and feel yourself sinking even deeper into them, sinking into the sound of my voice as it tells you what you really want and need.

“It feels so good to let me do everything for you, doesn’t it, Beverly, to let me think for you and to make you feel so good as I gently rub and stroke your pussy for you?”

Beverly felt a bit strange about being touched in this way, but it was so easy for her to get past those thoughts now, as the good feelings Marilyn was giving her just went on and on. Somehow she knew all of this was exactly what she wanted and shouldn’t be bothering her at all, so she just let herself melt into them, sighing in pleasure. She was no longer so much looking at the bubbling beer glass anymore as simply seeing it, as if it were the only physical thing in her world. Like its shining amber light, everything else was just a warm, wonderful glow for her, and something she could almost feel wrapping itself around her.

She did want to move, though, and even tried to move, trying to push her excited pussy tighter to Marilyn’s teasing, sliding fingers. But even that was beyond her right now, as her mind and body felt like liquid rubber, with neither of them willing to accept any of the weak commands she tried to give them.

Seeing her glassy-eyed, increasingly aroused subject trying to shift in her seat, Marilyn guessed the reason and began to work her hand a bit faster, and even more intimately.

“That’s it, honey... you can tell how much better it feels, how much hotter it gets for you if you let yourself sink even deeper, if you let me guide you deeper inside yourself, my words the only things that matter to you now, this soft, warm, happy place in your mind the only place you want to be. You can feel even more wonderful by obeying my words, by doing and feeling everything I tell you to, and you know that to a certainty now, don’t you?”

“Yess,” Beverly sighed, realizing Marilyn was correct, and all that must be completely true.

“So reach up now... obey my soft words and reach up and touch your breasts with both hands, begin to work them and tease them in any way that makes you feel better, knowing that the pleasure that gives you is because you’re listening to me, that you’re doing whatever I say, and that you’re happily obeying my words and instructions. Do that for me now.”

And Beverly did, unable to question why she was, simply know that if she did what she’d been told, she’d feel even better, if that were possible.

Struggling not to gasp aloud, Marilyn watched as Beverly raised her hands and began to deeply massage her own rather impressive breasts through her clothes. She watched her squeeze and lift them, then let them drop, her newest conquest’s face looking so aroused and happy. She shivered in her own pleasure and need at each of Beverly’s soft moans, knowing it was time to up the ante a little more.

Pulling the crotch of Beverly’s soaked panties to the side, Marilyn began to stroke the wet, puffy flesh beneath it, trying to keep the excitement out of her voice as she said, “You’re doing so perfectly, Bev, listening to me, doing what I say, finding so much pleasure in simply obeying me. Your breasts feel so good, so aroused now, and you feel my fingers touching your pussy, don’t you?”

“Yess... touching my pussy....”

“You want me to slide them inside you. You know that you’ll feel even better if I slide them inside you, don’t you?”


“Ask me to finger your pussy, Beverly. Ask me to masturbate your wonderful pussy for you.”

Unable to do anything else, not wanting to do anything else, Beverly moaned, “Please finger my pussy... please....”

“Yesss,” Marilyn hissed, sliding first one, then two fingers into Beverly’s sopping sex. “Feel even more of the pleasure that doing what I say gives you, Beverly. You love obeying my words now, your arousal grows every time you obey. You love me touching you and telling you what to do and feel more than anything now....”

Beverly didn’t respond, unable to, totally lost in her own arousal, in an irresistible feedback loop of obedience and pleasure. She knew she was being finger-fucked and it felt sooo good. She knew she was mauling her own tits, that her nipples felt like small stones, and that felt so very good, too.

“You need to cum, Beverly. You need to cum, knowing that when you cum you’ll be surrendering yourself to me, that you’ll be feeling just how wonderful it is to allow me to hypnotize you, to allow me to control your mind and body with my words. Nothing is as good or important to you now as cumming for me and giving yourself to me.”

“N... nothing. Need to....”

Marilyn’s hot breath felt so good on her neck, and she was fingering her faster, deeper, thumbing her aroused clitoris, and it all felt so right, so good beyond words.

“Then cum for me, dear. Cum for me right now. Just lose yourself completely in lust and passion for my touch, my words, my commands. Cum for me, Beverly.”

Beverly did, her world exploding in vivid shades of white and gold, everything inside her melting and flowing as she moaned and lurched against the woman who was making her feel so incredibly good....

Marilyn watched her cum, felt her newest slave writhing, clenching, and oozing onto her fingers, still sliding and stroking them deep inside her as she worked her swollen clit. Afterwards, she’d take Beverly a bit deeper, needing to make sure the beautiful young woman was completely comfortable with lesbian sex now. She’d also “suggest” she might like to come home with her, where she and Jada could work on Beverly’s mind... and body... a bit more.

But that was for later. For now, at least, Marilyn simply reveled in the other’s gushing arousal and pleasure, in her helpless moans, and in her own control over them.

There’ll be plenty of time, and soon, for me to gush and moan, too.

* * *

Cathy waited about 30 minutes before popping her head around the edge of the doorway and checking to see if she should return to the booth in the back room.

I guess not yet, she thought, shivering inside at what she was seeing. The small table had been pushed to the side and the younger woman... Beverly?... was down on her knees, her head buried between Ms. Kramer’s thighs. The older woman’s head was back, and she looked so happy and flushed with arousal.

She’d been expecting something, but not quite this, and Cathy found she wanted to stay and watch. She wanted to stay and watch and reach under her skirt and slide her fingers inside her own panties to try to feel some of the pleasure these other two were obviously feeling.

She couldn’t, though. The bar was so crowded tonight and they were a bit short-handed, as per usual, and Tim would be bellowing at her from behind the bar if she didn’t get back to work. Her legs ached already, and she still had five hours of her shift to go, and if the tips didn’t start to pick up a little this wouldn’t be a great night for her in any way.

So who wouldn’t rather stand here and enjoy the erotic view while masturbating a few of their cares away?

With things as tough as they were all over, she was happy to be employed anywhere. But sometimes she just hated her job, and right this moment was one of those times.

With a soft sigh and one last sexual shiver, she turned and headed back to the bar to pick up her next order.

* * *

Everything seemed so wonderfully fog-like to her... the surprising, and surprisingly erotic, sex back in the bar; the shortish drive from there to Marilyn’s nearly palatial estate; her meeting with Jada, Marilyn’s current slave; and now this.

Beverly was naked and kneeling in Marilyn’s huge living room, her back nearly to a warm, roaring fire in the fireplace. Her arms were tied behind her back, but she didn’t really mind. They would have been back there anyway, as it really did feel so very good to be fondling Jada’s breasts, as her hands were now. Jada was lying on her back underneath her, with Beverly basically sitting on her face, her new friend’s lips and tongue doing such delicious and irresistible things to her down there.

If she looked down, she was certain she’d see at least Jada’s dark eyes smiling up at her.

But she couldn’t look down, even if she wanted to, her eyes transfixed on the antique bronze pendant hanging between Marilyn’s naked breasts.

Though Marilyn had taken her out of trance soon after they’d reached her home, now she was attempting to hypnotize her again, only this time, with Beverly’s permission.

For about the tenth time, Beverly wondered if she was making a mistake by allowing this, by letting herself want to do this, but it was almost too late for such thoughts now. Thinking, itself, was becoming more difficult, as she listened to Marilyn speaking to her, and as she stared at the pretty pendant that shone so brightly in the light of the fire. Marilyn’s large breasts, along with Jada’s insistent tongue, were horribly, and wonderfully, distracting to her, too.

Just as at the bar, this all simply felt so good, so warm and wonderful, that Beverly was finding it impossible not to want it, or to want all the things Marilyn had promised would be hers if she agreed.

“Feel yourself getting more and more lost in my pendant, Beverly, as everything spins away from you but how it looks, and how you feel, and on the words I’m speaking to you. You’re finding that safe, warm, quiet place within yourself again, because you want to so very badly, and because you know you’ll find happiness and arousal there.”

Beverly had been mad at first, when Marilyn had brought her out of trance here in her home. But she could also remember everything good about her evening... Marilyn’s compassion and concern; the way she’d slowly fallen under the older woman’s hypnotic control; the moaning, incredible sex at the bar; and how much better she’d felt after it was all over.

She hadn’t felt so alone anymore. She hadn’t felt so scared and uncertain about her future anymore.

As they’d driven here, Marilyn had told her to finger her pussy, to masturbate herself as she sat wet and drifting in the passenger’s seat. And Beverly had, her mind and body floating and responsive. She hadn’t been so far gone that she didn’t know what she was doing, though, or why she was doing it. It had felt so good to do, too, for herself and for Marilyn. There hadn’t been any guilt or embarrassment, either, as Marilyn had told her there wouldn’t be any. There was only the heat of it, and the wet, squishy sounds of her manipulations.

She hadn’t cum, but that’s because Marilyn wouldn’t allow her to.

Beverly hadn’t minded that, though, as her torment and aching need felt so exquisite, even moreso because Marilyn had told her to think of it in that way.

“Tell me why your wrists are bound, Bev.”

Without taking her eyes off the pendant or Marilyn’s soft breasts, Beverly responded as she’d been instructed to, but also believed. “Because I want to please you, as you’ve told me how much you like the way being tied like this displays my naked tits for you.”

“And why else?”

“Because it shows how much I trust you, Marilyn, to be so helpless before you like this.”

“And do you trust me, Beverly?” Marilyn asked, her hands moving up to cup and fondle Beverly’s breasts.

“Yes, I do trust you,” Beverly half-moaned, feeling her nipples swelling even more against the other’s palms.

And that was the truth.

Again, she hadn’t felt that way when she’d come out of trance, at least not totally. She did know, from what Marilyn had told her in the car, that Jada was already her hypnotized slave, and that she wanted her to become one, too. That had seemed so wrong at first, but then she’d met Jada, and talked to her, and been instantly drawn to her as a good person and as someone who’d make a remarkable friend.

“You like Jada, don’t you, Beverly? You think you could grow to love her, too, don’t you?”

“Yess,” Beverly did moan this time, still helplessly staring, arching her shoulders to thrust her aroused breasts even more deeply into Marilyn’s hands.

And that was true, too, she knew, also unable to resist working her hips to grind her pussy on Jada’s insatiable, knowing mouth and tongue. A stranger could never have imagined that Jada was a hypnotized slave, and even Beverly could barely tell, even though she knew. No, she and Marilyn had seemed more like loving partners, the two of them kissing and joking and getting on each other’s cases... Marilyn teasing Jada for so obviously having the hots for their newest “recruit”, and Jada giving it right back, chiding Marilyn for getting drunk on a “school night”.

But when Marilyn had leaned in and whispered something in Jada’s ear, and Jada’s face and expression had become so blank, yet so aroused and happy, Beverly had known what she’d been told was true.

It was also one of the most erotic things she’d ever seen in her life. And when she remembered that a few minutes before she’d looked exactly like that herself....

“Feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper under my hypnotic control, Beverly, knowing that you want to, knowing that I will never hurt you and will always support you in anything you want to do. You believe that now, don’t you?”

She did. Though she realized she was sinking deeper into erotic trance, somehow, outside of that, Beverly knew she believed what Marilyn was telling her. Perhaps it was because she wanted to believe it, but mainly because, before she’d agreed to let her attractive friend and benefactor hypnotize her again, she’d made the decision that she could trust Marilyn’s word, and that she did want everything the other was offering her.

It had definitely felt like her own choice, and not something forced upon her.

So she said, “Yess,” again, almost cumming as she allowed that belief to fill her, as she tossed away her last bit of resistance to what she was becoming.

Holding and massaging Beverly’s breasts, Marilyn could feel that certainly, could sense Beverly’s complete acceptance of her new station in life, and almost came herself. Instead, she held on, managing to tell Jada to “lick her good, my love,” and shuddering in lust at her first slave’s muffled moan of obedience, and at her newest slave’s subsequent moan of pleasure.

“Say it!” she hissed, needing to hear it. “Tell me you know I’ll always try to make you happy, Beverly.”

“I... You... I know you’ll always try to make me happy, Marilyn!”

“And do you want to make me happy, too?”

“Yes... make you happy, yess,” Beverly groaned.

“Then tell me you’re my hypnotized slave.”

“I’m your hypnotized slave!”

“Then know it would make me happy if my hypnotized slave would cum for me, Beverly. Make your owner happy and cum for me.”

Beverly couldn’t even get out a “yes” before she was cumming again, lurching and shuddering against Marilyn’s fingers and Jada’s mouth, losing herself in this new world of pleasure and companionship. She felt Jada gasping and crying out inside her pussy, too, cumming as well. The knowledge of that, of Jada’s pleasure, sent her spiraling even higher into a personal bliss she’d never imagined could be hers.

Marilyn moaned, too, watching both of them cum for her, her own pussy spasming and dripping in arousal. She let their orgasms roll on and on, not wanting to say or do anything to pull them from their release. She knew that in a few minutes she could have both their mouths on her body, doing anything to her she wanted, and for now, that was enough.

Two of them. Two wonderful, hot women who are mine to love and control, Marilyn thought, as she pulled at Beverly’s swollen nipples, and watched as the newest member of her home’s eyes rolled up into her head.

This was going to be the most wonderful Christmas she’d ever had, and by the time it was over, she’d make sure her lovers and slaves felt the same way, too.

* * *