The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Marital Strain

by Limerick


It was weird to think that this was the first time they’d actually been outside together. Amanda refused to admit it, at first. That couldn’t be. Surely they’d gone grocery shopping or whatever. But no, as far as she could tell, it was 100% inside the condo, all the time.

“That was really, really, very good,” Joseph said. He had worn one of his old t-shirts and a pair of faded jeans, and it was the perfect outfit. A fringe of black chest chair poked out of the top. He was letting his beard grow, and the fierce mountain warrior emerging took Amanda’s breath away. They were both lazy and horny from steaks. How many cows had she destroyed, since arriving?

“I told you,” Amanda said, lazing happily on his arm. She wondered idly if his cum would taste any differently. She was definitely detecting different flavors in the past few days. One of the happy surprises of dedicated cocksucking. “I don’t know why you were fighting it. I told you it’d be fun.”

“I saw your shopping trip bill, that’s why,” Joseph said. “This is supposed to be our make-money spend-nothing trip. I’m supposed to be getting all my entertainment cheap out of you.”

She gave him a mild punch on the shoulder. Things weren’t completely healed between them, as much as issues kept getting fucked away. Joseph was Raising Concerns. Why wasn’t she cooking, why was she spending. Cleaning, shopping. A mild stream of criticism that was edging its way more and more into her head. Amanda had found herself anxiously putting on makeup before he got home, ruby red lipstick, dinner already on the table, heart sick that he wouldn’t approve.

But tonight that wasn’t a problem. They’d drunk whiskey and wine, and joked about the hayseeds around them, and she’d picked happily at the rough hairs on his wrist. He’d spent much of the time staring at the ample cleavage in the baby blue top she wore, a good match for her khaki shorts. She was wearing a bit too much makeup but—hey. It was their night out. She could smell how horny he was.

“Oh—hey, lets stop in the bookstore,” she said. The church across the street was booming with business, as ever. Joseph looked over at it, frowning.

“Why a bookstore?” he said. “You aren’t exactly reading books, lately. Or anything.”

“I might be,” she said, flushing. It was true. Her magazines had finally caught up with the forwarding address. They sat in a sad pile just inside the door. Sorry, Atlantic Monthly. She tried to summon up indignation at the remark. It was getting harder and harder. “Just c’mon! I want to make sure Beth is coming tomorrow.”

Joseph put his hand on her ass. They understood each other perfectly. He’d allow this little trip, and she’d suck him extra hard that night. Really put her tongue to work.

Beth was behind the counter, as ever, in one of her t-shirts that failed to even slightly contain her tits. Amanda sensed her husband staring, and decided to let it. This was her idea, after all. And they were magnificent breasts. “Beth! How’s the book going?”

“Oh, my gosh, Amanda!” Beth beamed at her. “I’m doing so good with it! Thank you so much!”

“My husband,” Amanda said, with real pride. Her hubby. The engineer with the big dick. “Beth, I didn’t know you were married!”

“You’re married?” Joseph said. “You’re…I mean I’m sure you’re eighteen,” her beloved husband seemed lost in Beth’s boobs. They really were something. Give them a slap and they might never stop jiggling.

“Oh, yeah,” Beth seemed unenthused. “Yeah, me and Hiram. We’re married, yep.”

She looked at the ground.

“Well that’s good,” Amanda said. “Marriage, it’s good.”

That was enough staring at Beth’s assets from husband. “Joseph, over here.” She led him into the stacks, away from Beth, who still had both eyes on the ground. “Check it out. Lot of sex books, huh? For Churchland?”

They stood surrounded by porn. Weren’t the covers of “Sexuality” section books typically a little coy? These had proud pictures of bushes, penises half-submerged, cum glistening on extra-large covers. And the books themselves were heavy. She picked one up and thumbed through it. No wonder, they were essentially just pictures. Very explicit pictures.

“Huh,” Joseph said. “I guess even the church needs help getting people to make little parishioners? Or Maybe they need more advice. Shall we head home?”

“I was thinking of getting one.” Amanda found it and picked it up. “BLOWJOBS! This one. Blowjobs. See? I can get back into reading AND learn something we can both use!”

Joseph lingered by the exit from the porno section. “Honey, that’s the last book you need. I’m living proof. I’ve probably tattooed your tonsils. Lets go. Now. I am ready to leave.”

“Oh, I want this! I can’t look up anything on the internet, after all.” It was bothering her less and less, this enforced internet purity. Actually, she hadn’t even checked the news, besides the Farm Report. Amanda really needed to tell her Mom she’d arrived in town.

He frowned, suddenly stern. “Fine. Blow me right now and you can get it.”

She laughed, mildly. What a good joke. But her husband’s frown was deep and fierce. His eyes nearly glared. “That makes no sense. If I give a good hummer it means I don’t need the book about giving bad blow... jobs.”

She recognized her mistake.

Amanda was horrified. She’d fucked up. She could smell his impatience. She’d gotten her man all full and happy and horny, and instead of dutifully finishing the night with a tummy of cum, she’d dragged him into a fucking bookstore. To look at pictures of other people having sex.

She smiled weakly at him. “Okay. Okay, but lets get to the car. Okay? Lets…” he folded his arms. Amanda swallowed, hard. He was going to make her blow him in public? “Joseph, c’mon. It’s.. we’re in public. Please.” They couldn’t SEE Beth from where they were… but of course she’d know what they were up to. It wasn’t that big of a building.

“Do it, and I’ll buy your book.”

She DID want the book. And it was just them and Beth, who was a girl. And he’d been staring at her boobs.

And... Amanda was getting onto her knees, reproving herself. But she had to slurp hard to keep from drooling. Her blowjob routine was getting so automatic, the cantilever onto the floor so routine. Heck, that was one reason why she wanted the book—as much as she loved it, loved the cum in her mouth, loved the pat on the head when he finished, the shiver of anticipation on his dick, it was getting a bit obvious.

Amanda pulled out his dick. Usually she glommed right onto it, but in public… she spent a moment staring at it under unfamiliar lights. Was it looking angrier? Was it just the location? Were the veins always this deep-purple, the head this large and red? And then he was in her mouth and it was just like always, a rewarding burst of happiness in her head. Kinky public stuff, that’s what this was. Fun sneak-around sex.

“Everything okay back he—oh! Oh.” Beth startled, and backed up. Amanda waited for a rush of horrible shame. She’d been caught sucking a man in public, like a common slut. She was completely wrapped around him, his cock bobbing around her throat. But the shame didn’t arrive. Maybe part of her wanted Beth to know—this one was hers. He stared at your tits, he comes in my mouth. And part of it was her own orgasm sliding up to her. She rarely bothered to touch herself when sucking Joseph. She’d cum when he came, it was fine.

But it still surprised her when her own orgasm started to pound on her. She tried to resist against it, even as it started to make her thighs twitch, her body shake. She just wasn’t the kind of girl who came in public, because her husband needed a cum receptacle. Without even bothering to be touched, solely because he was using her, needed somewhere to dump his lust. She’d make all sorts of fucked up associations in her head, start wanting it in restrooms, for god’s sake.

Amanda couldn’t fight it. It shook her to the core, and she could feel hot pussy juice running down her thighs. “I’m being a slut,” she told herself, trying to stop herself. It wasn’t working. This was really fun.

He grunted as he spilled into her mouth. She didn’t let a single drop onto the bookstore floor. Then he picked up the BLOWJOB! Book, zipped up, and paid for it.

Beth looked like she’d spread her legs if he nodded at her. When they left he gave the book to her. “You don’t really need it, but fine.” he said. He nodded across the street, at the Church. “Lets go check out what the excitement is.”

* * *

“When we are called upon to multiply, we need to think about that,” the Pastor said. He held the microphone close to his lips. “We need to THINK!”

There was a mild ripple of laughter across the congregation. Up on the big screen—there were three of them—Flynn held up his hand, flashed a quick smile. “I know it! I know it. I know I said we need to act, not think. Lord, why do you all listen to a fool like me when God is all you need!”

Amanda sat on Joseph’s lap. It was the only way they could sit together. The place was huge, and crammed with seating, and full. Every one of the expensive, glossy pews was occupied. They went on and on, too many rows to count, until the back rows were simply peering at a distant man way up front. Or more often, peering up at the big screens.

Or making out. Most of the back rows were sexy young couples unabashedly intertwined with each other. It was all above the clothes, but that was the only restraint. If it was possible to fuck through painted-on bright red shorts, their pew neighbors were going to try. It was very hot and strange. Amanda kept giggling at the goings-on. More and more a load of cum in her mouth was leaving her ditzy and stupid.

But she still noticed that even with hot big-boobed women purring around them, almost everyone was watching Pastor Flynn.

“We are called upon to multiply. And not just in the most obvious way!” another ripple of laughter. “I mean mathematics of course!!” a TON of laughter. This time he waited for it to die down. “We multiply our hearts, we multiply our efforts, we multiply in every way. We are a small church, but we grow, because that is what we are called to do.”

A small church with an expensive audio-visual system that pushed Flynn’s voice into every nook. And was there music playing, at some hard-to-hear register. Amanda was having a hard time concentrating on the Pastor, or concentrating at all. She sat on top of Joseph’s cock, and, somehow, he was hard again. She tried not to grind into it at Church. Hadn’t he gotten sucked dry just a few minutes ago? But it wasn’t like she wasn’t also desperately randy, trying to squeeze together her legs so the whole church couldn’t smell her.

Joseph’s hands kept creeping up onto her tits. It wasn’t making things any easier.

“Like the whole company is here,” Joseph whispered, into her ear. That was also hot. He pointed a few out. Amanda vaguely recognized the girls the men were attached to. “That’s our top mechanical engineer. That’s our draughtsman. And that’s your friend Chloe, right?”

It was, in fact, Chloe, her head buried into her husband’s neck, the two of them huddled into each other. They were seated well up towards the front.

She supposed she should be mad that her husband had basically made her blow him out in public. Had treated her like a mouth. But she had gotten the book she wanted, and it wasn’t like she didn’t cum. It was fine, right? A fun story they’d think about in years to come—that time he’d wanted her so bad they’d gone at it in a bookstore. Amanda’s brain was far from operating at full-steam, but she had enough to rationalize away sucking Joseph in the aisles, so she could get a book about sucking.

“I want everyone here to look into yourself, into your friends, your husbands and wives, and say—how can we multiply together? How can we come together?” Flynn peered at all of them. Not a single person said a word. The tension was unbearable. “Amen.”

“Amen!” the congregation said, in a relieved rush, and Amanda said it right alongside Joseph, while his erection fit right between her ass cheeks.

“Can we go?” she whispered, into his ear. “Please? Please, Joseph?” she might as well just say it. “I’m soooooooooo horny.”

Joseph cupped her nipple and tweaked it. “True,” he conceded. Was he still put out about the blowjob incident? She’d blown him. Why was he playing with her like this? Just because he could? Judging from his erection, he was enjoying himself. “Another half-hour. This is really interesting, right?”

Amanda sighed into his ear. She let her thighs relax. A bit of lubricant ran down her thighs. There was no point in fighting it. The choir struck up and the music swirled, and she relaxed onto Joseph’s erection. His hands snuck under her shirt. The music blared over the loudspeakers. It had a heavy bass line.

She started remembering things again in the apartment lobby. On the way back inside, exhausted and horny, she heard a triumphant orgasmic scream from the direction of the roof, and recognized it as Justine.

* * *

It turned out that the inaugural meeting of the Calving Book Club had totally forgotten to assign a book to the participants.

Amanda realized too late she had given Beth her only copy of Sense and Sensibility. She had completely forgotten. All of her books were still, embarrassingly, inside the cardboard boxes they had come shipped in. There had always seemed to be something better to do. She pulled out a paperback of Pride and Prejudice and examined it, thumbing through the pages. She felt instantly weary, staring at the unending lines of boring-ass sentences. And paragraphs and just general words. Well, she had read it before. Something something she fucks Mr. Darcy.

Chloe brought a copy of Lady Chatterly’s Lover. Justine brought a takeout menu. “Yeah, I know,” she explained, tossing it inside. “I’m just not feeling booky lately. Glad to be here though! You look good!”

Amanda looked great, and she couldn’t hide how much she was enjoying the compliments. It was crazy and it was weird but all the weight was going to all the right places. Amanda had gotten into the habit of checking herself carefully each morning, examining the pleasing and still-growing softness that was, increasingly, her. The padding on her ass, the way her boobs were ever-heavier. And her skin had never looked better. She glowed.

She’d worn a dark grey dress that was semi-sequins. It went all the way up to her throat, probably why she’d found it hidden in one of the town boutiques. But it was cut just below her rear, and she’d spent much of the morning practicing sitting in it. Amanda had really bought it to match dark black high heels with an adorable faux-gem setting on the strap.

Both of her friends were in similarly towering footwear. They’d been confused on the book but had all known to go with tight cocktail attire. Amanda wondered what the new gear had cost. REALLY cost. There was no way Chloe had gotten those bright red shoes without putting her ass in the air. Justine probably had sore tits to get those blue suede pumps. She herself hadn’t had to go with a husband allowance, although her bank account was down to dollars and cents. She had her pride. More then Chloe and Justine did.

“I love your place,” Chloe said, ambling around. “I mean, yeah, it’s our place, and it’s probably Justine’s place, but… it’s nice. And you put a plant out! That’s so good!”

She had. All three girls admired the cactus she had put on the coffee table, and then they all walked over to the alcohol and snacks. Chloe took a plate and methodically heaped items high. Justine hit the wine. The local wine came in a plain cardboard box and was bright pink. Not rose pink, pink pink. Amanda was quickly getting a taste for it. Even the local coffee tasted sweet, plus it made her hyper-horny, but she was prepared to deal with that.

“Look at us, bringing a little culture to town,” Justine said, plopping into a chair. She failed to cross her legs in time. She wasn’t wearing panties, either. Well, Amanda was urbane enough to handle some friend pussy, plus she was pretty much inevitably going to flash her own.

“I think that’s the key,” Amanda said, reflecting. “We’re not fighting it, we’re making the best of it. It’s like if we lived in, I don’t know.”

“Canada,” Chloe said, between bites.

“Thank you. If we lived in Canada, we wouldn’t go around flying a big American flag and talk about baseball and apple pie. We’d go see a hockey game. So while we’re here, I think a little local culture is more than acceptable. Right?”

All three of them nodded, together. Right.

Local culture, of course. It was just one of the many rationalizations and excuses Amanda was using to tamp down occasional moments of panic and fear. Despite her best efforts they kept cracking through. When not a single one of her bras fit. When she couldn’t even tug her comfiest, most relaxed pair of jeans over her butt. The sudden realization that she had found a pearl of leftover jism on the floor and simply licked it up. That she enjoyed the taste. The realization that she was looking forward to sucking Joseph’s cock after dinner, and it was 9 in the morning. The way days just kept crashing by, lazy and stupid, until she wasn’t totally sure what day of the week it was.

“It’s just temporary,” Chloe said. They all nodded vigorously. It was the best explanation. It could sooth her even when she was staring at herself in the mirror, hardly recognizing the big-boobed lady with practically blonde hair. It was just for now, just a little vacation from thinking and striving and doing anything. Some time for her. A hazy fun time to just enjoy herself. To work on her marriage. To let herself go. Explore her sexuality. Soon they’d return to the city and she’d work off the poundage and read a fucking book. As soon as the project was done.

“I’m gonna be honest with you girls” Justine said. “I actually found myself watching the Farm Report yesterday for like, two hours or something. I don’t know how long. It was dark when I was done and Matthew said we had sex. Whatever.” She gave them an uncertain look. Was that okay?

“Oh, I’ve been watching it too,” Chloe said, cheerfully. Justine looked immediately relieved. “I feel like I learn a lot. And the boys! I didn’t think I liked beefy but they are so perfectly guy. I feel like I want them to tell me about corn futures and then casually slap my ass.”

She’d changed the most out of the three of them. Her body sprawled with curves, a kaleidoscope of them, packed into one of Amanda’s sofas. A tightly packed pink package. The cross dangling between her ample cleavage was new. She wore a half-drunk smile.

“Girls, I need to talk to you about something,” Justine said. She leaned forwards. They all did, new tits hanging forwards. Six pendulums swung around. “It’s about—”

There were two tiny raps on the door, and Beth nearly tumbled in. She was dressed in a purple hoodie with the hood up, and a rigid khaki skirt. It looked like she might be trying to hide, which, with Beth’s chest, was a waste of time. She was identifiable as soon as she was sideways. The bookseller had Amanda’s copy of Jane Austen tight in her hands.

“Oh, you’re Beth!” Chloe said. She drained a cup of wine before getting up. Her body, freed from the sofa, fluffed out into full curves. “I’m so glad you came!”

Beth stepped back. “Are you all from the city?” she said, fearful.

“I have a degree from fucking DARTMOUTH!” Chloe said, giggling. “Come on in!”

Beth shut the door behind her. She looked anxious, even nearly tearful. Her copy of Sense and Sensibility was marked up with pink post-it notes all over the first several pages. And highlighting on parts of the cover. She kept it close to her body.

“I’m gonna be honest, Beth, this is turning out to be more of a wine and chips and wine thing,” Amanda confessed. “There MAY be some books. But I’m not promising anything. We got lots of girl talk though.”

Beth looked immediately deflated. “Not that reading isn’t VERY important,” Amanda was quick to add. “And we are VERY much in favor of it, as cosmop—cosmopo—city ladies.”

“I think so too! It’s just… I mean… people in this town just don’t CARE.” Beth said, sitting down. “They’ve never cared! They think I’m FUNNY for caring!”

The girls nodded. Yes, that was awful. Books were good. They should be read all the time, once they had the time. “Like, Pastor Flynn says its important, but if anyone comes in for a book the next time I see them they’re usually knocked up with triplets and I know it must be a coincidence but… there’s a camera that points right at the store… in front of the church..”

She looked at them, earnestly. “Its this stupid hick TOWN,” Beth hissed. She sat up straight. Amanda was getting worried. This was getting pretty intense for a book club meeting, and Beth had barely been there two minutes. “I want to just… get out of here sometimes! And just go! Where there’s no stupid corn!”

“I didn’t even know what corn really looked like until I came here,” Chloe mused. “It’s so tall.” The wine was taking hold.

Beth waved her hand, dismissive. “It’s like, if you aren’t getting your bell rung all day long and drinking in dicks and praying for more and dressing for cocks you’re... you’re…” the energy went out of her. Beth looked tired. Her chest heaved. Amanda stood up and gave her a firm hug. A thought struck her.

“Beth, is this about your husband?”

Ah-ha, the other two thought. Beth’s eyes shifted around, which was all the confirmation they needed. This was some sort of hubby trouble. That explained it. Why else feel so angry about a town with such a good bakery?

“No!” Beth said. She stood up, angry. “It’s about.. There’s… I shouldn’t have these big ’ol titties and I’m tired how I gotta read with my finger up my snatch or I get headachey and… I mean there’s SOME problems with me and Hiram, sure.”

Amanda nodded, sweetly. Of course that was it. Understandable. They were both so young.

“Go ahead, we’re all sisters here. Metaphorically,” Justine added, when Beth looked concerned. “That’s a metaphor. We’ll talk about what they are, this is a book club, after all.”

“He says he doesn’t really want a baby but… he wants to be faithful… and we’ve always said we’re the ones keeping each other normal but he needs it SO bad,” Beth said. Her legs rubbed together as she talked. The same thing was happening to Amanda more and more. At times she wondered where her thigh gap had fled.

It wasn’t clear what the problem was. Chloe was the first to figure it out. “Beth, are you saying you guys aren’t having sex?”

Their new friend turned bright red. “Don’t tell anyone!” she whispered. “It’s… its just not okay!”

Amanda was pleased to solve a little mystery. “So have him put on a condom.”

Beth was scandalized again. She made the sign of the cross twice.

“Oh, come ON!” Justine scoffed. “They’re condoms! They’re little plastic sheaths, don’t try and tell me they’re unholy here. Can you guys even use the rhythm method or is that straight to hell as well?”

“Umm… some of my friends tried that,” Beth said. She looked at the ground. “It just made them more pregnant-er.” she looked back up. “I’m trying to help him. I know boys need to cum ten or twelve times a day and I suck and suck and I have SO many different techniques but it’s just not the same. And he’s so big my throat gets so sore!”

“How big are we talking, exactly? Like a foot? Is it really like an entire foot of dick?” Chloe said. She was on what was possibly her third glass of wine, it was hard to say. Beth held her hands out very, very far, and also up, to indicate girth.

Chloe drained her glass. “Maybe this town is just what happens when the men have gigantic dongs,” she hazarded. “That’s all I’d be able to think about. I certainly wouldn’t read any fuckin books, I’m not sure I’d be able to read at all.”

Amanda had made a note of Beth’s promises of oral techniques. She went over to one of the many cardboard boxes she kept promising herself she’d unpack, any day now. “Beth, I’ve got something for you. I bet the other girls do too. Here. I knew I had some.”

She was on hormonal birth control, and was REASONABLY sure she’d been good about it. Lord help her otherwise. But every intelligent girl kept a roll of condoms on hand. These were in a dark black wrapper. Beth took them, her hands trembling. “Enjoy having sex,” Amanda deadpanned. “They roll over the penis.”

Beth’s eyes welled up with tears. “Oh, wow,” she said. “I can’t believe it. Really? For me?”

Justine and Chloe eventually contributed their own stashes. The number totaled forty. Beth carefully concealed them in her purse. They beamed at each other, wine-drunk and thrilled. THIS was helping the locals.

“Girls,” Beth said. “Don’t… um… this is really hard to say… but don’t, like, go all Calving on me, okay? It’s kinda nice to not talk about penises for once.”

“Well, YEAH, Beth. But before we get back to the books,” Amanda said. “You were saying something about incredible oral techniques?”

* * *

It was getting harder to tamp down the sense of… wrongness. Disconcerting flashes of fear and disorientation, a sense of being caught. They’d hit her at the worst times, a blurble of stray thought impossible to just laugh away, or resolutely ignore.

Like when she thought, with total and utter clarity, “Joseph’s dick didn’t always look like that.” It pierced the pink bubbles. She stopped mid-suck. Her husband frowned down at her.

“Everything okay?” he said. Joseph had let his beard grow all the way in. It was pure man and drove her wild with lust, not that that wasn’t increasingly her default. Everything about him made her spaz out schoolgirl. Joseph methodically doing push-ups in an a-line tanktop. Joseph calmly buttoning his shirt, his muscles broadly visible even underneath the white cotton.

She smiled at him, and let his cock slide out. Amanda jacked it cautiously, trying to judge length. The wrongness still shook her: this was not the same dick he had come to town with. It was raw, and longer, and heavier, and spit out way more cum down her eager mouth.

“Are you… bigger? Honey?” she said. “Lately?”

“My dick?” Joseph said, unconcerned. He hefted it fondly. “Sure, baby.”

“Oh.” So it wasn’t just her. He seemed happy with it. “Is that normal? Don’t they normally not get bigger at some point? Puber something?”

“Yeahhhhh, but it’s getting a lot more exercise lately,” Joseph said. He stroked himself experimentally. Amanda fought an urge to continue sucking. Something was GOING ON. “And calories and protein. A lot of the guys and I have been working out, did I mention that?”

He had not, although she had hardly missed the ongoing development of his body. Joseph had been basically slender. Once past his shoulders it was a straight shot down his legs. Now he had definition all the way south. His body gleamed after showers. Amanda drooled about it all the time.

“Umm, no,” Amanda said.

“Well, we are. So, stands to reason. You’re all filled out too, right? I just got the nutrients for a few more inches. Three more. Maybe four. Something like that.”

Three more inches. That explained some mysteries, at least. Like the shrieking orgasms he kept bringing her to, and how casually his cock made it to the back of her throat. She could sense his growing impatience at her lack of giving head. It was so hard to hang on to the unease, that was the thing. She was so DISTRACTED. “Maybe you should go to the doctor or something?”

That was enough talk. Her husband put his cock back to her lips. Amanda duly started to nuzzle it. “The guys and I talked about it, don’t worry. We’re all putting on inches. It’s fine, baby. Bend over and I’ll show you. But not quite yet.”

And come to think—and Amanda struggled to, her mind foggy with the scent and heat of cock in her mouth—this blowjob was inspired by another passing concern. She’d realized she had no fucking idea what day it was. Or month, really. She’d gone through the condo in increasing bafflement and worry. Was it Monday? Tuesday? Sunday? Joseph had left that morning, which argued for a weekday, but more and more his work schedule was a hazy memory of entrances and exits. He came home for a half-hour at a time to fuck her, then would leave again. He’d get mad when dinner wasn’t on the table, then come in late at night, and wake her up for a blowjob.

She’d watched the Farm Channel for some sort of clue as to the date, but the chubby boys on TV lived in a world of weather alone. She sat through an hour long earnest discussion of wheat, growing dully interested in their sinewy forearms, their enthusiasm for everything. She’d spent some of her clarity time rationalizing her need for Joseph, her ache for his dick, as lack of purpose. Adrift in a new city the only thing that needed her was his big red cock. Of course she’d respond to that.

“I’m gonna cum, then we’ll bang on the couch,” Joseph explained. He’d gotten into the habit of simply telling her what was going to happen. Their days of lazy and spontaneous lovemaking were certainly over. Now it was “bend over, honey, I like the way your ass looks in those.” or “I’ve got just enough time for a blowjob.” He kept adding expectations to her, and Amanda was vaguely conscious of ever-eroding independence. But once a girl didn’t say no, once she sank onto her knees as a given, what else was there, really?

True, she could and did argue back, especially about his increasing expectations regarding chores and dinner. He could still take out their mountains of trash, he could still clean the dishes. But was it a chore, per se, when she sucked him off half the time as a reward? At least she still had her bank account with its ever-decreasing balance.

Another moment of fear—the whole “calendar” thing was sparked by an even older concern. One now layered over and over by fingerplay and creamy sweets and at least two facefucks. Amanda was pretty, PRETTY sure she’d had a birthday recently. She remembered talking about it, back when she was bony and thin and covered herself in ugly frocks. A birthday in a new town. When the hell was it? How could she forget her own BIRTHDAY? Not to mention her beloved husband forgetting it.

She had to—she couldn’t let him cum in her mouth. The syrupy white ropes played hell with her mind. A full blast—and Joseph almost only had full blasts—could leave her dopey and giggly for hours. She’d barely remember her name. Her husband was pure sugar and, like all sugar, it wasn’t very good for her.

“I’m gonna cum,” he said. Good boy, he still warned her. He hardly needed to. Amanda looked up, helpless. She could hardly pull off now. Well, she’d come down from the sperm-high eventually. And he’d be at work or something. And she’d find out what day it was, and make a doctor’s appointment about his magnificent cock, and read a book, and find a way to call her friends and family—and.

Here it came. Her thighs twitched.