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The Mark of P

A young detective takes on the case of missing women who mysteriously reappear with no knowledge of what happened to them. They share one thing in common. All are branded with the letter “P” on their inner thigh.


Pam Delong read the files and still could not believe what she was reading. Another woman missing for over a year had turned up alive with no memory of what had happened to her. Like the six others before her, a medical exam revealed she had recently given birth and was in fact still lactating. As with the others, Alicia Smith had the letter “P” branded into her left thigh. Despite questioning, she had no idea where she got the brand, remembered nothing about her pregnancy, nor had any recollection of the last 12 months. The year remained a complete blank.

“I see you are reading the file on our latest appearance?” The Chief of Detectives, Bill Blazer, looked down at Pam as he finished sipping his coffee.

Pam nodded adding, “I am use to working disappearances, but appearances is an entirely new game.”

Blazer looked down at the file, “see if you can make any connections. Right now, the victims are providing almost nothing.”

Pam returned her eyes to the file and continued to make notes. Alicia, like the others, disappeared without a trace and then reappeared twelve months later. All six victims showed signs of pregnancy and recent deliveries, yet none had a child with them. None could remember giving birth and all had a 12 month gap in their memory. Despite multiple agencies looking into the cases, no connection between the women was evident. They all had different careers, lived in different areas of the city, and had no common friends.

“We are missing something,” Pam muttered to herself as her eyes continued used to scan the file.

At that very moment across town, Jennifer McCrary, the 24 year old daughter of mayor Bill McCrary was finishing her tennis lesson at the Westside Athletic Club. At almost 6 ft tall with bright red hair, Jennifer was a second year law student at the local university. Bright, beautiful and fit, she turned heads wherever she went, Being the mayor’s daughter did not hurt her social standing either. Wiping sweat from her forehead as she walked to her car, the beautiful, young redhead did not hear the van pull up next to her. Within seconds, the side door opened and strong arms grabbed the young woman pulling her into the vehicle’s cargo area. At the same time, another set of hands placed a gag over her mouth while a third set quickly injected her exposed arm with the contents of a small syringe.

Jennifer’s world became smaller and smaller as darkness enveloped her brain. Her last thoughts were simply about discerning what was happening.

The driver dialed a cell number and simply announced, “we have her,” as he exited the club’s parking lot.

Three hours later, two things happened: Jennifer woke to her new reality and Detective Pam Delong got her first call concerning the missing mayor’s daughter.

Jennifer’s eyes fluttered open as she tried to focus on her surroundings. It took a few minutes, but she finally realized she was in some type of medical facility. Her first thought was she had been in an accident, but then she remembered the parking lot and van and the darkness. Jennifer knew almost immediately that she had been abducted and cried out in anguish for her captors.

“I see our newest acquisition is awake,” Dr. Joe Wilder said to his assistants. “She sounds highly agitated, so be prepared to sedate her, but not completely. I don’t want to waste anytime getting started. Make sure the IV includes her initial dose of letrozole. I want her ovulating as soon as possible.”

Jennifer heard the door open and the sounds of footsteps as she turned her head toward the sound. The young law student had already determined that her arms and legs were in restraints, so she had no chance of escape or means to attack her captor. When she saw Dr. Wilder and his assistants, all dressed in white lab coats, she was confused. Maybe, she thought, this really was a hospital. Wilder destroyed that illusion with his first words.

“Resistance,”Wilder said, “is impossible.” He continued, “if you cooperate, you will be returned unharmed in about nine months.”

“I don’t understand,” Jennifer started to add to her statement, but was cut off.

“If you resist, you will stay another nine months and then sold on the market to the highest bidder. I suggest that you behave.”

As Jennifer was trying to process what Wilder was saying, she failed to notice the medical assistant setting up for an IV line. Only the sting of the needle brought Jennifer back to reality.

“What are you doing?” Jennifer asked.

“We are simply starting an IV. It is much more efficient delivering drugs to your system.” As Wilder talked, an assistant injected a light dose of versed into the IV port to relax the patient. A second injection with letrozole quickly followed. The effect was almost immediate as Jennifer’s agitation ceased and a dazed look spread across her face.

“Now just relax dear and let me explain what is going on.” Wilder looked down at Jennifer realizing she would remember little of what he said, but he told her anyway.

Wilder explained that there were men in the world who desired children, but just not any children, they wanted perfect children with the right combination of DNA and would pay handsomely for the end result.

“You should feel lucky Jennifer,”Wilder smiled. “You were personally selected to be bred by a very rich donor. All you have to do is enjoy the sex, become pregnant and have a baby.” He added, “after you do, we erase all memories of the process and return you to your former life.”

Even in her drugged state, Jennifer managed to whisper, “you are mad, it is unethical.”

“Of course it is, but very profitable. We had three bidders competing for the right for you to be the mother of their child.” Wilder smiled adding, “the drugs we give you will soon have you ovulating and then nature will take its course.”

With that, the doctor nodded to his assistant who added another drug into the IV port. “The last drug added is not FDA approved, but it is getting rave reviews from the black market. It is a female libido enhancer. Believe it or not, you will be begging your sponsor to fuck you.”

Jennifer shook her head in horror as she watched the clear liquid slowly drip into the IV line. Again she almost cried as she struggled to say “you are mad.”

“There is some satisfaction when we can turn their own body against them,” Wilder remarked to his assistants. Both assistants were women and he joked, “be careful with that drug, you don’t want to ingest any by accident.” Both smiled rolling their eyes at the doctor before returning to Jennifer and placing monitoring equipment on her body.

Across town, Pam was reviewing security camera footage of the latest abduction. So far, there seemed to be little of use. The van was a common commercial vehicle with thousands on the road. There was a stolen tag on it, which was now replaced she assumed. All the captors wore masks and not a single description could be obtained from the footage.

“This was a professional job and well done,” Pam remarked to the technicians.

“She was coming from the Athletic Club. This is the second one that was a member there,” Pam commented.

“It may be a coincidence, but maybe not,” she whispered to herself as she looked at the other files on her desk. As she did, Pam noticed each of the other victims had been the member of a gym or athletic club.

Sitting back, Pam smiled, picked up the phone and called her boss. “We might have a pattern.”

Within a few days and with some good police work, Pam determined the connection between all the missing women was a personal trainer named Marcie Grant. Marcie had been employed at each of the clubs where women had gone missing. Presenting the evidence to her boss, Pam seemed proud of her work. When he told her to join the club and get close to Marcie, Pam was ecstatic. “Finally,” she thought, “we are close to solving the case.”

As Pam got ready for her foray into the country club world, Jennifer was falling deeper and deeper into the grips of Wilder.

After almost seven days of her drug therapy, Dr. Wilder declared the young law student ready for breeding. While under continuous light sedation, Jennifer had been implanted with hypnotic triggers and phrases that would evoke a newly formed and evolving submissive side. Basically, Jennifer would do anything Wilder asked her to do without thinking anything was wrong.

In her room, Jennifer was being prepared for what she thought was a dinner party. While she was under sedation, her body had been waxed and tanned. She also received a new hair style all to the exact specifications of the client whose child she would carry. Immediately before dinner she was provided a little black dress to wear with a set of very sexy lingerie. Looking at herself in the mirror as an attendant finished her makeup, Jennifer commented, “I don’t think that I have ever looked so good.” The attendant smiled amazed again that these girls were almost complacent in their own downfall.

As Jennifer walked from the room, the attendant commented to others around her, “she’s oblivious to what has happened to her. It is amazing how quickly they succumb to the doctor’s techniques.”

Walking into the dinner party, Jennifer was quickly introduced to Paul Mattour, an international arms dealer, who kept offices in the city. Tall, fit and in his mid-40s, Mattour smiled as he took Jennifer’s hand and squeezed it softly. He nodded quickly to Wilder, who immediately escorted the young law student out on to the balcony.

Even Wilder was amazed at how docile the drug’s made his patient. Jennifer followed him without question. “Now,” he thought, “let’s see if the libido drug did its job.” He leaned forward and whispered a trigger phrase into Jennifer’s ear and watched as a quick dazed look crossed across her eyes. Smiling, he continued.

“Mr Mattour, finds you attractive and wants you to sit next to him at dinner.”

Wilder watched as a small blush followed by a shutter swept across Jennifer. He smiled and continued talking.

“You find him exciting, don’t you?”

The law student simply nodded her head, adjusted her dress and walked back into the room where she was soon standing next to the arms dealer.

“You do good work,” Mattour whispered to Wilder as he rejoined the group.

“You will see just how good my work can be later tonight,” the doctor retorted with a grin.

Before the dessert was served, Mattour’s hand had already found a home on Jennifer’s upper thigh where it softly moved back and forth eliciting soft moans from the student. No one at the table took note as this was commonplace at such affairs. When Mattour stood and announced he was returning to his room, all nodded. When he put his hands on Jennifer’s bare shoulders and simply said “join me for a nightcap,” all she could do was blush as she followed him down the hall.

Once in Mattour’s room, Jennifer’s conditioning and the drugs kicked in full force; she had an overwhelming desire to please this man and did not question why. When he asked her to remove her dress, she did.

“Beautiful, my dear. Your naked body is so lovely in the firelight.” Mattour’s eyes followed the contours of her body.

He then led Jennifer to the bed where she watched as he removed his clothes revealing a hard cock for the first time. Instead of being repulsed at what was about to happen, Jennifer found herself excited. As she lay there, the young woman felt her nipples harden and her pussy grow lubricated signaling her excitement and readiness for him.

“You will carry my child, my dear. I have chosen you.”

Jennifer said nothing but smiled and opened her thighs and body to Mattour’s hard cock. Mattour wasted no time and was soon buried deep in her fertile body. Jennifer’s legs wrapped around her partner holding him deep as he gradually increased the pace of his thrusts. Shutting her eyes, she enjoyed the sensations building within her body. Within minutes, Jennifer was quivering as her pussy spasmed and gripped the invading cock tightly.

Now on the edge, Mattour looked down at the beautiful woman and with a grunt, exploded deep into her body.

Jennifer heard Mattour’s grunt and immediately felt gush after gush of warm semen flooding against her cervix. Instinctively, she thrust her hips up onto Mattour’s cock keeping it deeply embedded in her body. She shivered in excitement.

Wilder and his team monitored the activities by video and he smiled as Jennifer accepted Mattour’s seed deep within her body. “We have another satisfied customer.”

Pam, following her boss’s instructions, quickly registered at the country club immediately signing up for Marcie Walker’s training classes. Within an hour, she met Marcie and was sitting in front of her answering questions and filling out a questioner about what she wanted to get out of her training. When Marcie did a physical assessment on the undercover detective, she was surprised at her strength and agility. Near the end of the session, Pam casually commented, “I hear the mayor’s daughter was a member here and was abducted just outside.” Marcie said nothing, but nodded as alarm bells went off in her head to be cautious.

Within an hour, Marcie has sent a photograph of Pam to Dr. Wilder’s facility. It did not take Wilder’s team long with the aid of the latest facial recognition software to identify Pam as a detective. Instead of panicking, Wilder smiled.

“We always knew this could happen Marcie and we have a plan.”

When Marcie pressed him, Wilder simply said, “the detective wants to know what happened to the other women and the mayor’s daughter.” He paused adding, “we will answer all of her questions and better yet give her first hand experience with the process.”

Marcie smiled into the phone, “do you mean what I think you mean?”

“Yes Marcie, Pam Delong just became our next nominee for ‘mother of the year.’” He added almost laughing, “I sure she will love pregnancy, all nine months of it.”

Immediately a plan was put into motion to abduct Pam after one of her evening workout sessions. A week later all was ready.

Wilder handed Marcie a sealed water bottle. “Make sure she drinks this after her workout.”

“She will be finished at 8pm. I will give her the bottle as she gathers her things to head to the parking lot.” Marcie looked to see if that was ok.

“No problem,” Wilder said. “Please make sure the security footage is erased as soon as we are done too.”

Marcie nodded her head while remarking, “that will not be a problem.”

On Tuesday evening, Marcie put Pam through a strenuous workout. That Pam was in great shape was a plus for Dr. Wilder’s program. In fact, he already had an ad circulating among potential clients promoting Pam. “Young, fit and attractive police detective available for breeding. College educated, bright, inquisitive and fashionable, she is a one time offering.” Responses to the ad were immediate. In fact, within 24 hrs. A bidding war had broken out for Pam’s services.

As Pam finished her workout, she nodded to Marcie who threw her a bottle of cold water. “It looks like you could use this,” Marcie commented and added, “don’t forget to stay hydrated.”

Immediately, Pam twisted the cap on the bottle; tossed the cap in the trash and took a long quenching gulp of the tainted water sealing her fate. Marcie smiled as her student gathered her things and walked to the exit still drinking the water.

About halfway to her car, a wave of dizziness washed over Pam stopping her in her tracks. Immediately disoriented, the detective’s mind was still trying to orient itself when the van pulled up next to her. Unable to process what was happening, Pam never felt herself being pulled into the van or the faces staring down at her. Instead, she settled into blackness as a dark wave of sleep washed over her like a warm blanket.

Within a few hours Pam was quietly tucked away in Wilder’s facility and kept under heavy sedation. “She may prove disruptive for awhile, so let’s keep her sedated.”

The staff nodded its head in agreement.

“In the meantime,” Wilder ordered, “start her on letrozole through an IV drip. I want her ovulating as soon as possible. Be sure to include the new libido enhancer that worked so well on the mayor’s daughter. I’m sure it will make the detective’s stay much more pleasant.”

Looking around, he added, “be sure to start the subliminal messages with the headphones. She needs to learn as she sleeps.”

One of the assistants quickly asked a question.

“May we begin changing her look to meet the desires of Mr. Martinez? Afterall, he had some specific specifications for Ms. Delong.”

Wilder nodded his head. “Yes, start those as you see fit. Given her sedated state, the changes will be easier to make.”

Daily, Wilder monitored the detective’s progress. He brought in a few of the best psychologist he knew to produce more subliminal tapes which were pumped 24 hrs a day into the young woman’s mind.

“What I want,” Wilder told them, “is for Detective Delong to understand everything being done to her, but be unable to do anything about it. In fact, I want her complicit in her own downfall with total awareness of what is happening.”

“You are devious”, Dr. Estella Groom, laughed. “Remind me never to get on your bad side.”

“I am just growing tired of investigators, they are bad for business and seriously,are we really hurting anyone?” Wilder tried to rationalize his actions.

Dr. Groom looked over at her colleague and laughed. “Ever since my medical license was suspended, I really no longer care. You provide a human laboratory for my work in mental conditioning and that is all that counts. Don’t expect me to shed any tears over the ethics of your business.”

As she talked, she checked the positioning of the ear buds pumping the messages deep into the detective’s mind as well as the IV drip. Looking to Wilder, Estella commented, “we will start bringing her into a semi-conscious state in a few days and then we can use the visor.”

“I need to know when she will be ready to meet her patron,” Wilder remarked looking at his colleague.

“So, the men who breed these women and take the children are now patrons? It all sounds so legitimate.” Estella loved to tease Wilder abut his lucrative profession.

“Whatever works, as long as they pay.” Wilder turned and left the room.

Dr. Groom finished her checks and remarked to the sleeping detective: “you have no idea what is in store for you my dear.”

She then turned to an attendant. “Have you made all of the changes the client requested?”

“Yes ma’am” was all she heard.

Looking down at Pam, she had to admit that she was hardly the same woman who was wheeled in the facility a few weeks ago.

Cosmetically, Wilder engaged a few medical friends who owed him favors. All were plastic surgeons with suspended licenses, but in his facility, a license was never needed. Pam’s nose was made smaller, her lips were enhanced and her brows tightened. Estella also knew that the client requested larger breasts and Pam’s athletic 34As were now healing 36Cs. Additionally, her body received a laser treatment removing all hair to include the pubic region. The detective’s body was now as smooth as a new born baby. At the same time, her hair was cut shorter and colored a natural looking blonde. The final touch and the one applied to all of the women run through Wilder’s program was a 3 inch letter “P” branded strategically into her inner left thigh.

Within 48 hrs, Pam’s sedation was lightened and although semi-conscious, she was very susceptible to programming. Now fitted with a visor and ear buds, the detective’s programming reached its final stage. Within a week, she would be the finished product and ready for her coming out party.

Wilder was notified when the final stage started and immediately made arrangements for a gala dinner in honor of his newest project.

Four days later, Pam’s sedation was stopped and she gradually awoke from her artificial sleep. Totally disoriented, the detective had no idea where she was or how she got there. Left strategically on a nightstand was a newspaper detailing her strange disappearance and unfruitful search by law enforcement agencies. Attempting to open her eyes, Pam fought a headache. Laying her head back on the pillow, she slowly tried again. Looking around, she saw that she was in a strange room that was part hotel room, part medical facility. That fact confused her. She got up out of the bed and was unsteady on her feet. Slowly she walked around feeling an unfamiliar weight on her chest.

Seeing a mirror, Pam walked over and looking in it, hardly recognized the face staring back at her. “What the hell,” she murmured. Lifting the hospital gown over her head, she immediately saw her new enhanced breasts. Again she whispered, “what happened to me.” Then her eyes fell to her hips and thighs where she saw the “P” brand and reality hit her. “No,” she whispered, “no, no, no.....”

The detective did not hear the door open nor Dr. Wilder and Dr. Groom with their associated assistants enter the room. When she finally realized others were in the room, Pam tried to cover her nakedness.

“That is not necessary,” Wilder said. “We have seen every inch of you over the last month or so.”

“Month?” Pam looked shocked.

“Well, actually 37 days, but who’s counting. Changes like these take time if they are to be done right.” Wilder smiled as he continued to look at the stunned detective.

“Why are you so shocked, detective?” Wilder was laughing now. “Afterall, you were investigating the disappearances and trying to piece together what had happen to those other women. We made it easy for you and decided to let you experience the process yourself.”

The reality of her situation crashed over Pam and the air almost came out of her lungs.

Wilder, seeing the change continued. “In your case, as you can see, we made a few improvements to the old Pam per our clients specifications. Now all we have to do is get you pregnant, have you deliver his baby, and then decide what to do with you long term.”

Pam whispered, “you are mad and will never get away with this.”

“Get away with this,” Dr. Groom grinned, “my dear, we already have. The search for you has stopped.”

Wilder continued, “your treatment moving forward will mirror the other girls with one notable exception. You will remember everything happening to you. Although you won’t be able to do anything about it, you will remember. It is your punishment for you being so inquisitive.”

Instinctively, Pam moved to strike out at Wilder, but found she could not and a confused look fell over her face.

“Surprise, surprise,” Dr. Goode laughed. “You will discover we have all types of programming embedded in that head of yours. You can’t hurt us and find great pleasure in obeying us. Welcome to the new you.”

“By the way,” Wilder laughed, “you will find no locks on the doors as you don’t want to leave.”

Tears began to run down Pam’s face drawing a smile from Dr. Goode. “You will also find yourself much more sensitive and emotional.”

When Pam composed herself enough to ask “what is this place,” Wilder explained the process. Finishing, he said “in summary, women brought here become mother’s delivering babies for select clients and are then returned to society unharmed with no memories about what happened.” Laughing, he added, “we provide a needed service.”

“Tomorrow night is your coming out party, dear. I promise you that before the evening is over, you will meet the man of your dreams and be swept off your feet.” Dr. Goode stared into Pam’s eyes. “Everything that will happen is already programmed into that little head. Just sit back and enjoy.”

Leaving Pam with attendants, Wilder and Estella left the room and walking down the hallway compared notes.

“She does not know how high her libido has spiked, but she soon will,” Wilder commented “and she is ovulating. The detective will be ready for Mr. Martinez tomorrow evening.”

Estella nodded, “all of the programming is kicking in as expected. In a tiny corner of her mind, she will be yelling ‘no’ as she goes through the program willingly. That knowledge is her punishment for the investigation.”

“We still have an issue of what we will do with her at the end of her term.” Estella turned toward Wilder adding, “we have not had this issue before. I don’t think, given her status, we can just let her go.”

Wilder smiled, “we have nine months to decide. Let’s not rush the decision.”

Back in her room, Pam was told to shower and dress. Again, everything she was asked to do tested her programming before the coming out dinner.

Pam stood in front of the mirror in her bathroom taking in her new look. Instead of being revolted, she suddenly found herself turning and looking at her reflection from different angles. She did not notice that her nipples were larger and erect, nor that her clit had been enhanced. Somehow, what she saw, now seemed normal.

Stepping into the shower, Pam shut her eyes as the warm water washed over her body. Gone were fears of Wilder and what was to happen. Right now, she was enjoying the moment and luxurious feeling. As she turned and the needle spray hit her nipples, she quickly sucked in air and moaned softly. “OMG,” Pam was stunned at the sensitivity and feeling she was experiencing as the water peppered her body.

Turning her body slightly, one for the sprays from the shower tower grazed on her enhanced clit causing a bolt of excitement to rip through Pam’s body. Stunned by the feelings centered on her nipples and clit, all the helpless detective could do was stand there and try to keep her knees from buckling. Moans filled the bathroom as the steam built. It took a second for Pam to realize that the moans she heard were her own.

Screaming “OMG, I am going to cum,” Pam soon collapsed on the shower floor as the remnants of her orgasm washed over her body. All of this was monitored by the attendants who made notes in her chart while smiling.

“She is ready,” one remarked out loud.

Pam finally recovered and after drying off, opened the closet to see what she could wear. Drawers contained sensual lingerie, while the closet was filled with light summer dresses. There were no shorts or capris anywhere. Pam found a brightly colored sundress that left little to the imagination and quickly dressed, before heading down the hall for food, which she had been told was waiting for her in the dining room.

As she entered, Dr. Wilder stood and pointed to a seat where she should sit. Obediently and without hesitation, the detective sat across from Wilder who took her in with his eyes.

“You like my eyes on you, don’t you?” Wilder asked the question already knowing the answer.

As soon as he asked the question, Pam felt a shot of arousal flow through her body. She realized with horror that she did like his eyes on her. She sat there as he took all of her in not moving. Although what he was doing revolted her on the inside, outwardly she accepted it and in fact seemed to enjoy it.

“See how conflicted you are Ms. Delong. Unfortunately, it will only get worse as what you enjoy and accept conflicts with your morals. I do love the inner conflict we create.” Wilder kept his eyes on her as lunch was served. He then explained the party and her date for the evening.

“Does the name Edward Martinez mean anything to you?” Wilder asked and then studied the detective’s face. He saw recognition as the name rolled off his tongue.

Pam nodded finding herself incapable of lying. “Yes, he is one of the largest crime bosses on the East Coast. The organized crime task force has been after him for years.”

“Very good my dear. You should feel honored as Martinez outbid many others for your services. He could not resist having a detective carry his child.” Wilder smiled, “you have to admit the irony of the situation.”

“Don’t worry, the programming you received will kick in and you will find Mr. Martinez the sexiest and most attractive man you have ever met. Before the night ends, you will be best bed buddies.” Wilder laughed as he emphasized the last term.

Before Pam could say anything, the door to the dining room opened and in walked Jennifer McCrary, the mayor’s missing daughter. Now showing, Jennifer was not trying to hide her pregnancy. Pam found herself suddenly able to speak and think and was shocked at the calmness Jennifer displayed.

“Jennifer, thank god you are safe, your family has been worried sick over you.”

Pam looked at the law student.

“I am where I belong and love what I am doing,” Jennifer replied. Besides, Mr. Mattour is amazing as both a friend and a lover. I love being with him.”

Pam wanted to slap the girl back to her senses but could not. When Jennifer added, “you too will come to love it here,” Pam felt fear. She knew immediately that Wilder was playing with her and showing her what she would become.

“That will soon be you,” Wilder laughed and whispered a phrase that quickly sent Pam’s rational mind into retreat replaced by the accepting Pam.

“Now, I think you need to go back to your room and make sure your clothes are ready for tomorrow’s dinner with Mr. Martinez.” Wilder waited only a few seconds before Pam began to move. As she left the room, he could not suppress a smile. Her conditioning was perfect. As he sipped his coffee and read some emails, Jennifer knelt between his legs and soon had his hardening cock in her warm mouth. As she sucked, the former law student seemed content and relaxed.

“You like this don’t you?” Wilder did not get a verbal answer as Jennifer was too polite to speak with her mouth full. Instead, she just nodded her head. Wilder chuckled with two thoughts racing across his head: if the mayor could only see her now, and why not get some enjoyment out of his ‘guest’ while awaiting the birth of her baby.

The following evening, Pam was escorted down the hall to the sound of laughter and muffled voices. Dressed in a black form fitting cocktail dress, white pearls, heels and the finest lingerie, Pam could not wait to meet Martinez. All of the weeks of programming led to this night. To say Pam was excited was an understatement. Although deep within her mind was screaming, her body became more and more aroused as she prepared and dressed for the evening. As she walked, the detective could feel her nipples hard and pressing against the thin material of her bra. At the same time, she could feel a wetness growing between her thighs. Each step towards the dining room brought heightened arousal.

As she walked into the room, Dr. Wilder caught her eye and just as he did so many times before, motioned her over to the group of people where he was standing.

“Edward, may I introduce Pamela Delong,” she is staying with us for awhile as we work a research project.” Wilder then turned to Pam.

“Pam, may I introduce Mr. Edward Martinez. Edward owns one of the largest import/export businesses on the East Coast. I hope you don’t mind, but you will be his dinner partner tonight.”

Pam looked directly into Edward’s eyes as she had been trained to do and simply said, “I don’t mind at all. I am sure we will have a wonderful time this evening.”

With that Dr. Wilder left Pam alone with Edward. She soon had a drink in her hand and was willingly telling her life story to the crime boss. Edward whispered in her ear, “so as a detective, do you like restraining people?”

“Only if they need it,” Pam replied.

Looking directly into her eyes, Edward whispered, “well how about you, do you like to be restrained?”

As he asked the question, Edward could almost see a look of lust fill Pam’s eyes as her mind recalled many of the images displayed by the visor during her programming.

“Only if I deserve it,” Pam whispered.

Deep inside Pam’s mind a little voice was saying “what are you doing,” but the detective was doing exactly what she was programmed to do. By the time everyone was seated for dinner, Pam actually looked forward sitting next to Martinez. When his hand snaked under the tablecloth and started a slow, sensual stroke above her knee, all Pam could do was shut her eyes and inwardly hope the hand moved higher. Wilder, of course took it all in and could only smile.

Throughout dinner, Martinez barely took his hand off of Pam’s thigh. Gradually, his fingers moved higher and higher on the detective’s leg until it crossed the top of her stocking and rested on bare flesh. For Pam, the flesh on flesh contact only intensified the feelings she was experiencing. She barely touched her meal distracted totally by what was happening just under the table. Other guests of course knew the script being played out having seen it many times before. In fact many just attended to see how the targeted girl would react.

Pam did not disappoint.

As Martinez moved his hand higher, the detective shut her eyes and tilted her head back slightly exposing the bare skin of her neck. When Martinez’s lips caressed the exposed skin, Pam moaned lightly, oblivious to the others at the table or the spectacle she was creating. When Martinez whispered in her ear, “open your thighs wider for me,” his hand immediately felt Pam spread her legs wider. Within seconds his fingers traced the outline of her swollen pussy lips through the moist, thin material of Pam’s panties. With a nod to Wilder, Martinez continued his intimate strokes as he felt the detective’s breathing and heart rate increase.

Pam was lost in the feelings coursing through her body. She did not even consider the others in the room or at the table as she moaned softly into Martinez’s kiss. Even if she did, the detective’s programming had her accepting exhibitionism and voyuerism as not only exciting, but normal. At the moment, all she could feel were soft lips on hers, a darting tongue, fingers caressing her wetness and occasional words whispered in her ear. Fighting her growing arousal was hopeless; deep in her mind, Pam wanted to stop, but her body overrode that impulse and drove her on. Hormones raged, blood flowed and excitement built. Nothing in Pam’s training prepared her for the power of her own body’s arousal and need.

Everyone at the table could see the detective was on the verge of orgasm, when Martinez suddenly stopped and removed his hands. Pam almost shouted “noooo” as the intense stimulation stopped. Wilder almost laughed as there was absolutely no sign of embarrassment in her voice, only frustration.

“Please, please,” murmured Pam as she slowly opened her eyes.

“I think she is ready,” Wilder said to Martinez. “Please enjoy the rest of your night.”

Martinez stood, bent slowly whispering something into Pam’s ears and both quickly left the room heading down the hall to where the VIPs were housed for special events. All eyes followed the couple out the door and when Wilder stated, “another satisfied customer,” chuckles broke out across the guests.

Pam’s inner mind had no control over what was now happening. Internal cries of “no,” went unanswered. Her mental programming, animal instinct, and biological responses, now dictated her actions and responses. Right now, she wanted unfulfilled pleasure and Martinez was the instrument of her pleasure,

Once inside Martinez’s room, it was not long before Pam heard the phrase, “remove your clothes.”

Immediately, she turned, faced Martinez, who was now sipping a scotch, and slowly removed her clothes, one piece at a time. She never broke eye contact at any point and when the detective was standing in only stockings and heels, Martinez whispered “stop.” Taking out a camera, Martinez had Pam slowly turn photographing her over and over. “This will give me something to remember the night,” he whispered to her.

“This excites you doesn’t it? You love my eyes and the camera on you?” Martinez waited for a reply.

Pam nodded yes and then reinforced he head movements with a whispered, “very much so.”

As she stood in the center of the room, the detective watched as Martinez slowly stripped until he was as naked as the day he was born. Pam could not keep her eyes off of one thing: his cock. It jutted out from his body like a little rocket, hard and ready for takeoff.

“You like what you see don’t you dear?”

Pam again, could only nod, as she felt her body quiver slowly. Simultaneously, an image of Martinez fucking her flashed across the detective’s mind causing an unsolicited moan.

“God, you are hot,” Martinez mumbled as he pulled Pam into his arms.

Martinez let his lips devour his prey. He already knew she would be cooperative and offer no resistance. When his lips moved to her newly enhanced breasts and nipples, another moan filled his ears. “Oh, god” was all Pam could say.

Pam felt as if her body was on fire and charged with electricity. Wherever Martinez placed his lips, she seemed to respond. When he concentrated on her nipples, a jolt ran straight into her clit. As his lips moved lower and lower on her body, she knew what was coming. Knowledge, however, did not prepare the detective for her new reality when Martinez’s tongue finally swirled over her swollen clit. Pam immediately screamed and exploded in orgasm.

Martinez smiled and pushing Pam back onto the bed, was soon between her legs with his hard cock exposed and ready to enter her. Pam, for her part, was lost in a fog of lust. When she felt his cock slowly part her lips and slide into her warm depths, she did not resist at all. Instead, she pulled on his hips urging Martinez to go deeper. It was not until the tip of his cock rested against her cervix, that Pam stopped urging him to go deeper.

Martinez then began a slow and deliberate thrusting with his hips making sure he reached her cervix with every move. Pam matched his movements with hip thrusts and moans; she wanted this new lover. Squeezing him tight, she urged her lover on.

“Deeper, deeper.....yes, right there, right there....,” she urged Martinez on. He responded by increasing the tempo of his thrusts until both partners were quickly losing control. Martinez went first, exploding in a series of short deep thrusts spraying his warm, sticky seed against the lawyer’s cervix. When Pam felt his explosion, she came for the second time wrapping her legs tightly around Martinez’s back. She held him tight, just as her programming dictated, as his potent seed flowed deep into her fertile body.

Martinez looked down at Pam as she slowly recovered from her orgasm. As he did, his fingers slowly traced the “P” branded on her thigh. “Yes, you will be pregnant,” he whispered to Pam who could not make out what he said.

Pam’s mind was in turmoil. In the deep recesses of her brain, she was screaming a loud “no.” At the same time, her body and voice was saying “yes.”

As his thick, white seed splashed against her cervix, Pam should have been revolted. Instead, she wrapped her legs tightly around Martinez thrust her hips up, and titled her pelvis forward. She wanted him to remain deep within her for as long as possible.

Martinez kept Pam in his room for the rest of the night. They fucked once more that night. The next day, he again filled Pam’s waiting pussy when they woke in the morning. By the time he was ready to leave, Martinez felt confident the detective was pregnant and carrying his child. Of course he would not know for sure for a few weeks. If she was not, he was looking forward to a return visit.

“Remember, she is yours for the next nine months and will provide pleasure any time you are in town. Do not hesitate to call and set up an appointment.” Wilder shook his client’s hand as Martinez climbed into his limo for a trip to the airport.

Pam spent the week in blissful ignorance. Her rationale mind was suppressed and she almost enjoyed life at the facility. When the team told her she was pregnant, she smiled stating, “Mr Martinez will be happy.”

Dr. Wilder and Goode wanted to see how the rationale Pam would react, so they invited her into a conference room, where a spoken trigger word gave her control of her mind for a brief moment.

“Well detective, I would guess you have seen all you need to see to know what is going on?” Wilder posed the question with a smile.

“How could you do this to people, to those girls, to me?” Pam asked almost screaming.

“Oh please, you have not been harmed in any way. In fact, anyone watching the tape would clearly see you willingly participated in your breeding and shall we say, enjoyed the event and time with Martinez.” Dr Goode taunted her with the “enjoyed” word.

“I don’t know how you did this, or what you have done to me, but you have to let me go.” Pam’s plea fell on death ears.

“You may be let go after you deliver Martinez’s baby. Until then, you will enjoy your time here as you prepare for childbirth. You are now special and marked with a “P.” You never know, after Martinez, there may be others desiring your services. This might be your new career if you are not careful.” Wilder loved toying with his captive.

“Now, I expect you to read up on your pregnancy, so that you know what to expect. I think we will particularly enjoy your second trimester. You will have a spike in libido, which we will all get to enjoy.” Wilder’s eyes took in Pam’s body as he spoke. She felt he was undressing her with her eyes and failed to realize with the turn of a phrase, he could make her do anything.

“Well, it is time to have rationale Pam go back to sleep,” Dr. Goode laughed.

Before Pam could say anything, the trigger phrase was spoken and Pam slipped back into her happy, pregnant self ready to please Martinez, Wilder, or anyone they selected.

Nine months later she gave birth. Two weeks after that, she was found wandering the local airport. Quickly identified, Pam was soon in the hospital and under strict medical care.

While she rested, Chief of Detective’s, Bill Blazer, was getting a briefing on his missing detective’s health.

“Like the others, Detective Delong was pregnant and delivered within the last month.” Dr. Sherri Bath passed a file across the table. She is still lactating, so she has not been separated from her baby for any length of time.”

“And she remembers nothing” Blaze asked already knowing the answer.

“Not a thing, she does not even know what the ‘P’ stands for on her thigh, but we can guess. Like all the other girls, she was pregnant and gave birth.” Dr. Bath was horrified at the implications of her statement.

“Detective Delong was simply bred like an animal and then her baby was taken away from her. It is babies for money.” Bath then shut up.

Detective Blaze shook his head. “All of these missing women and we still have nothing to go on. Who knows when it will stop.”

Dr. Bath said nothing.

“Well, Dr. Bath, your quotes in the paper may help generate some leads. Thank you for your cooperation and your care for our colleague.” With that, Detective Blaze left the hospital.

Twenty minutes later, Dr. Sherri Bath was reaching for her car keys in the parking garage of the hospital when a van pulled up. She never saw the face of the hands that grabbed her and hardly felt the prick of the syringe in her arm. She woke four hours later under the glare of medical exam lights. Naked and restrained, the young doctor tested her bindings and cried out in both confusion and despair.

From the other side of the room a voice was heard.

“Now, now, now, Dr. Bath, there is no need for screaming. Let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Joseph Wilder and you will be a guest in my facility for the next nine months or so. Detective Delong could not remember what happened to her while she was here, so I feel obligated to show you.” The young doctor knew she was in trouble.

With thought still in her head, a medical assistant walked over with an IV. The last sound Sherri Bath heard was her own screaming as the IV entered her vein.....then darkness.