The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

This story is dedicated to my Mistress Beth and our Friends Nyki and Mistress Fancy

Mark’s New Life

By Mark Flaherty (A.K.A Beth’s slave)

Mark got off work late on Friday. He was supposed to get off at 6pm but had to stay till 8pm. It wasn’t because he wanted to. It was because of the ineptitude of his employees. They could never seem to get their work done on time so he had to stay. He remembered hearing about a new bar that opened up down the street from where he worked. Figuring today seems like a good day to check it out he headed down there. All he wanted to do was have a few drinks, unwind and hopefully watch the rest of the Red Sox game. He walked in and looked around. There was only one table occupied and it was off in the corner. He noticed that there were four ladies at the table and they all appeared to be in their early to mid 20’s. Mark being in his late 20’s himself found himself starting to stare. After what seemed like about five minutes the bartender walked over.

Mark noticed that the bartender seemed a little distant but passed it off as just a long day. He ordered a beer and asked if the game could be turned on. The bartender handed him the beer and said “The ladies in the corner don’t want the TV on.” This got Mark upset. He just had a long day and wanted to watch the game. He figured he would go over and ask the ladies why they didn’t want the TV on. As he started to walk over he noticed that the bartender was kneeling beside the table of the ladies. As Mark approaches one of the ladies gestures for the bartender to leave. Mark had no idea what was going on but sill figured an explanation about the TV was in order. When he got right beside the table the same lady who dismissed the bartender looked at Mark with a cold glair but did not speak.

When Mark started to speak the lady just said “shut up!” This got Mark even more mad. The lady then said “My name is Beth and these are my friends and you are?”

“My name is Mark and I was wondering why you don’t want the TV on”

“Because we don’t” replied Beth.

Mark tried to explain that he had long day and wanted to catch the game. The ladies didn’t care and told him to leave their table. As he started to leave he stopped and turned around. Beth asked “What can we help you with now?” “I was wondering why the bartender was kneeling beside your table?” asked Mark. Beth started to laugh and one of the other ladies stated that they owned him and the bar. “What do you mean you own him?” asked Mark. All they would say is “You’ll find out.”

At that Mark walked away. After he finished a few more beers he was getting up to leave when he felt someone grab him from behind. As he went to speak someone shoved something cloth into his mouth and then taped his mouth shut. He then felt a pair of cuffs being placed around his wrists. Then into his ear Beth whispers “See? I told you, you would find out. You are going to become our newest slave and the best part is that there is nothing you can do about it”

Mark tries to struggle but to no avail. The ladies overpower him and force him into the back room of the bar. When they get him into the back they make sure to point out all the items they have. He sees a group of cages and other items he could not identify. At that point he heard the ladies start to laugh as they blindfolded him. They them moved him over to a table and remove the cuffs from one wrist. They then force him onto the table and secure his hands and feet to the table. Once he is secured he hears Beth say “So Ann do you think he likes the taste of your panties?” “I hope so but if he doesn’t he will soon” said Ann. “Ok now we need to strip him” said a voice he had not heard yet. “Fancy you can have that job since you brought it up” said Beth. “Nyki would you like to have some fun with our newest acquisition?” said Beth. “Yes I do” said Nyki. It only took fancy about a minute or two to cut off all of his clothes. After she finished she said “You won’t be needing these anymore.” “Ok Nyki since he already has Ann’s panties in his mouth tasting all of her goodness you need to remove your panties so you can sit on his face. Make sure that his nose is right at you pussy that way that is all he can smell. She did as she was asked and Mark found that the only air he could get was full of her arousal. The ladies noticed him getting hard and began to laugh again. That’s when Nyki stated “I think he’s enjoying this.” All of the ladies agreed so they stepped things up a bit more. They told him that by the time they are done with him he will be their complete and utterly loyal slave just like the bartender. “You see the bartender DID own this bar until we came in on Monday. After only a day or two we were taking ownership over him and with that he also signed over the bar to us as well. We own what used to be his house, his car and everything else he owned. Soon we will own you in the same manner.” said Beth. “We can already see that you are enjoying this. Your body is betraying you.”

The last thing he heard was Fancy say “Now time for your conditioning slave”. With that a pair of head phones were placed over his ears and taped on. Now he couldn’t hear anything except what would be coming through the head phones. It wasn’t too long before he thought he could hear something. It sounded like “SUBMIT but he wasn’t sure because it was really soft. He was sure he heard it a few more times but there was something else. “Music?” he thought to himself. Then he heard more words but still really soft. It sounded like “BEY, WORSHIP, GODDESS” Then sentences started to form and he figured if he listened carefully he could find out what they were planning. He started hearing “We own you” “You are our slave” “You have no will of your own” “We are your Goddesses” “You worship us” “You will do as we say” “You will kneel at our feet However by the time he realized what was being said it was too late. He was already repeating it in his head. The ladies knew about how long this part of the process took but they wanted to make sure he was completely conditioned. He had no idea how much time had passed between the beginning of his ordeal and now. In reality he had been captive for about 20 hours.

The gag got removed and almost instinctively Mark started repeating everything that he heard in the head phones. This was very pleasing to the ladies. They then removed the headphones and he continued to repeat the same mantra over and over again. After allowing this for about 10 minutes Nyki told him to stop. He responded with “Yes Mistress”. The ladies couldn’t contain their excitement with their latest conquest. They have just successfully added a second slave to their collection.

“What is your purpose slave?” asked Beth.

“I worship and obey you Mistress” replied Mark.

“Very good slave. Now what is your name?”

“I am slave Mistress”

“Very good. Now it is time for your training. Your conditioning was the easy part and you took to it well. Now it is time for our fun to begin.” said Beth.

With that stated Beth mounted him and began to rape him. The whole time this was happening Nyki was still in the same spot. Mark had no way to know who was raping him but he knew he couldn’t stop it. As Beth felt him nearing climax she stopped. She had Nyki slide down so that her pussy was at Mark’s mouth. Beth reminded her new slave that he must please all of his Mistresses and then ordered him to eat out Nyki. The slave did as he was told. Nyki told him that he better bring her to orgasm or else he would be hating life. He knew, though he wasn’t sure how, that she wasn’t just looking for one orgasm but many. She told him that he better not spill a drop of her juices. He would never dream of it.

Beth brought up the idea that all the ladies take turns raping him. She felt that that would help him more easily realize his new and everlasting position in life now. They all took their turns on him multiple times except Nyki. He was completely worn out and tired. He couldn’t fight them off now even if he wasn’t restrained.

Nyki asked him if he enjoyed the taste of her pussy to which Mark responded positively to. She laughed and stated “That’s good slave because you will be tasting it quite often.” She got off of his face and mounted his cock. She proceeded to rape him repeatedly for hours.

After they had all had their fun with him Beth brought over a CB2000 and locked him inside of it. She then locked a metal collar around his neck. What he couldn’t see was that hanging from the chastity devise was a tag which stated:

Property of Mistresses Beth, Fancy, Nyki and Ann

On the collar was a similar tag except it stated:

Property of the Miss. F.A.N-B Bar

They didn’t allow Mark to cum that night. As a matter of fact he was told that he would not be allowed to cum ever again unless given permission by one of them. He agreed to this (as if he had a choice). Nyki removed the blindfold from Mark’s eyes and said “Gaze upon your Goddesses slave.” Fancy asked him “Are you ready to start your new life slave?” He responded by saying “I have never been more ready for anything in my life, Mistress. I was born to be a slave and you helped me realize that. For this Mistress I will be forever in your debt.”

Beth came over and removed the restraints and commented that they weren’t needed anymore. After the restraints were removed he just stayed in the same position he was in while he was restrained. Beth told him to get off the table. As soon as he got off of it he immediately fell to his knees and kissed the feet of all of the Goddesses. After that he stayed kneeling and had his head bowed. Ann came over to him and asked him a series of questions to know what they were getting with their newest slave.

Ann: “Do you own a house?”

slave: “Yes Mistress.”

Ann: “Not anymore. We own it now. You will sign the title of it over to us. Is that clear slave?”

slave: “Yes Mistress.”

Ann: “Do you have a job?”

slave: “Yes Mistress.”

Ann: “You will quit. You now work at this bar for us and you will not get paid.”

slave: “Yes Mistress.”

Ann: “Are you married?”

slave: “No Mistress.”

Ann: “That’s good. That means less loose ends to clean up. Ok now all of your stuff that we don’t want will be sold but everything else will belong to us. You now own nothing. You don’t even own your own body anymore. We control you and your body.”

slave: “Yes Mistress. Anything I can do to please you. I am yours.”

He took the ladies to what was his house and signed the papers to give them ownership. He called his boss and gave him no explanation as to why he was quitting just that he was. They took over ownership of his car as well. The ladies decided that Nyki and Ann would live at the house they got from the bartender with him and Beth and Fancy would live at the “new” house. Mark was made to pack up all of their stuff and load it into a U-Haul. Then drive them to there new house. Mark was then made to unpack everything for them. Beth and Fancy just sat outside watching him work. He doesn’t have a problem with it after all they are Goddesses and Goddesses shouldn’t have to do any work. Once everything was unpacked and set up he came outside and knelt at their side and let them know everything was done. They walked inside and were pleased at his hard work. The ladies took a seat on the couch and had him on all fours in front of them. They were going to use him as a foot rest.

At the end of the first day Mark was told that unless told otherwise from now on inside the house he was not allowed to wear any clothes anymore. He was to be completely nude except for his collar. Mark didn’t question them at all. He immediately removed all of his clothes and resumed the kneeling position in front of his owners. As soon as he did this Mistress Beth looked at him and said “it’s time to eat slave”. Mark was expecting food but his Mistress lifted up her skirt to reveal that she wasn’t wearing and panties. Mark responded “Thank You Mistress” and started leaning forward when he was stopped just out of reach of her pussy. Beth stared laughing and responded “Silly little slave. That’s not for you…….yet. First you have to eat.” Mistress Fancy handed Beth a dog bowl. Both Beth and Fancy sent Mark to the kitchen and told him not to return until told otherwise. He did just as he was told. Both Beth and Fancy began to finger themselves and allowed all of their juices to flow into the bowl. They then ordered Mark to return with some bread. When he arrived and assumed his place at their feet he was told that the bread was all he was going to get to eat but he had to dip it into the fluid that is in the dog bowl. He did as told and loved every piece of bread and every drop of the fluid. After he finished Beth said “Now it is time you little slut” and she raised her skirt again. Again Mark replied “Thank You Mistress” and leaned in to eat out his Mistress.

Once he started Beth rapped her legs around him so that he couldn’t get away even if he wanted to. As she felt herself getting closer to orgasm she told Mark “You better not let a drop of my nectar go to waist. It is a precious gift and should be treated as such. Is that clear slut?” With his face buried in Beth’s pussy he did his best to mumble “Yes Mistress.” After that he didn’t get any more of a warning. After some time Beth starts to orgasm and Mark starts drinking up all of her juices. After she finishes her orgasm she pushes mark away.

Fancy pulls him over and lays a giant kiss on his lips forcing his mouth open with her tongue. After the kiss she looks at Beth and says “You taste lovely tonight” then looks at Mark and said “Don’t you agree slave?” Mark responded with a “Yes Mistress.”

A couple of weeks go by and Mark is accepting his new role in life. Beth and Fancy approach his with a bag and a smile. He promptly kneels and kisses their feet. After he does that Beth tells him that her and Fancy went shopping and got him some things. This comes as a surprise to him. When he opens the bag he is shocked at what he sees. He pulls out a pair of 5 inch heals, a red thong and a matching bra, as well a skimpy looking French Maid’s uniform. He looks up at his Mistresses with a shocked look on his face. The ladies look at him and ask “What’s the matter? Do you not like our taste in clothes?” To this Mark responded “Sorry Mistresses I was caught a little off guard. Of course I love your taste in clothes. You will look amazing in this outfit.” Beth and Fancy start laughing and tell him “You don’t get it. Those are for you to wear tonight. We are having a party and you are going to be our maid. Now go and put everything on so we can see ho you look.” Mark hangs his head and starts to get dressed. As he is doing this Beth and Fancy start taking pictures. After he gets all dressed Beth and Fancy look at each other and Fancy states that she thinks Marks needs the wig as well. Beth agrees and she hands him a black hair wig. After that is on the both grab him and Beth tells him its make-up time. They do his make-up to make him look like a slut. Not too long after they finished his make up there was a knock at the door. Beth slapped Mark across the face and said “The door isn’t going to answer it self, slave. What part of being a maid don’t you get? Also you better kiss the feet of every woman who enters.” Mark replied “Sorry Mistress. I understand.” And then went to answer the door.

After all the guests have arrived and he greeted them all as he was told to Beth called him to the center of the room. She welcomed everyone and double checked that all the ladies had their feet kissed by their slave. She then said “As we all know a slave’s job should never be easy. That is why we are going to make this slave’s job harder for him. She then grabbed his hands and cuffed them behind his back then she attached a set of leg irons. She looks at the crowd who seem amused by this and says “Well since you ladies are enjoying this I have one more thing.” She pulls out a ball gag and rubs it against her pussy and shoves it into Marks mouth and secures it. She then looks at Mark and says “You are probably wondering how you are going to do your job now. Well you are going to have to figure that out for yourself.” Mark starts to worry now because now he is completely helpless.

He realizes that his worrying wasn’t without merit when a group of about five ladies come up and grab him. They bring him into a bedroom which they set up to restrain him to the bed in his current state. They throw him onto the bed and secure him so he can’t get away. The start laughing and one of them states “Look at you. So helpless and vulnerable aren’t you? Your Mistresses made it so easy for us. Now we are going to have some fun with you.” They start by pulling his thong down. One of the girls starts raping him and another tells him that she is going to remove his gag. And as soon as she does she sits right on his face and orders him to eat her out. He does as he is told and each lady takes her turn on him. After they finish with him they regag him and leave him tied to the bed. They let Beth and Fancy know where he is and they have all the ladies come up stairs to see the slave. Beth walks in and climbs onto the bed stands over Mark so she can address the crowd. She states “Ok ladies I think it is about time we remind the slave here just how low males are.” With that said she starts to piss all over him. When she climbs off of him she spits in his face. All the ladies follow suit by either pissing or spitting on him and some do both. After everyone is done Mark is released and told to get back to work.

After the party is over and the last of the guests leave Beth removes the handcuffs and leg irons and the gag. She then orders Mark to clean the house including the room were he got spit and pissed on. She tells him that only after he is done may he remove his outfit and take a shower then he is to sleep on the floor at the foot of her bed.

In the morning when Beth and Fancy wake up Mark already has breakfast made and coffee and tea made. As Beth and Fancy eat Mark is kneeling beside the table waiting to get them anything they need. Once Beth and Fancy are finished with their food the dump the rest into Marks dog dish and then he is allowed to eat. This is his new life and he couldn’t wish for it to be any different.