The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Mask becomes You

Part 15

“You are now my slave, and you worship me as your Goddess. I’m the most beautiful, alluring, and irresistible being you’ve ever encountered, and you want to please me, pleasure me, and serve me in every way you can with your mind and body. Your complete obedience to my will and my total power over you does not bother you, in fact it makes you feel happy and satisfied and like you have an unwavering purpose and that gives you great comfort. You will obey me in all things, whether or not I am wearing the mask at the time of giving you a command. When around others who I have not yet liberated, you will call me Tara. When exclusively in the company of myself and or my slaves, you will refer to me as Goddess. You will never try to take or touch the mask or in any way try to escape my control. You will not let your slavery interfere with your normal life. In fact, you will take better care of yourself and study harder than you did before, and you will let me know if a command I give you gets in the way of your normal day to day responsibilities and studying. Lastly, you will never let Stacy know that I’ve enslaved you, and you will always act as your previous normal self around her especially.”

I don’t say this. I think it. It takes less than a few seconds and I direct it will all my will towards Angela as I fixate on her enraptured gaze. Although the lighting in the room is fairly dim, it’s enough that I can see her pupils dilate as my commands pour into her, and she lets out a soft sigh.

“Now, if you understand all this, and it has fully sunk in, say the words ‘You have all of my attention.’” I think at her. I then hold my breath. Moment of truth.

“You have all of my attention.” Angela says reverently.

I smile broadly, my heart pumping with the exhilaration of literally enslaving a mind with a glance and a thought. I then repeat the process with Tyler, filling him up with my commands, making him another completely obedient and worshipful slave. I order him to say ‘I couldn’t pay more attention if I tried.’ with my final thought into his mind, again as a sort of a hidden confirmation that my telepathic commands really truly worked. This is purely cosmetic though, as I know that he is now my slave.

“I couldn’t pay more attention if I tried.” He utters, and I again smile victoriously.

“Good.” I say out loud now. “My name is Tara, and this is Stacy.” I place my hand on Stacy’s thigh as I say her name, feeling her warmth through her tight black jeans. A tingle of excitement runs up my hand and I wish I knew how Stacy was reacting, if at all. But I need to stay focused here, there’s a task to complete.

“Until you leave this room, you are completely under our power. Once you leave the room, the effect will be over, but you will not leave until either of us tell you too. So while here, you will do anything either of us tell you too, tell the truth for any question we ask you, and obey both the spirit and the letter of our instructions as best you can. You won’t waste time finding this situation strange or asking questions regarding how or why we now control you, you will simply accept it and focus on more important things. Lastly, once you do leave the room and our control over you ends, you will be able to talk about everything that happened in here with each other, but you will keep it a secret from everyone else.”

I give it a moment, still looking down at the kneeling Angela and Tyler, before I squeeze Stacy’s thigh gently and add “Anything I’ve missed, Stacy?”

“No!” she gasps nervously. “I mean, I think that will do it. I mean, I can’t think of anything else.”

I chuckle softly and reply “Good.” Before taking the mask off my face and tucking it away in my bag. I then turn back to Stacy, now that there’s no risk of her falling under the mask.

She’s enraptured by the kneeling couple on the floor, her eyes almost as fixed as theirs are.

“Hey.” I say softly, and she snaps out of her reverie, turning to me sharply. Her face is one of awe mixed with apprehension, but when she sees my maskless face she breaks into a bright, beaming smile.

“Tara that was amazing…” she bites her lip. “You put me in control as well…”

I find myself blushing, I simply can’t stop myself. “Well… Yeah… I thought we could do this together.”

She wraps her arms around me and buries her face in my neck. “God I’ve missed you.” I hear her muffled voice.

I gingerly wrap my own arms around her and then squeeze her tight. “I’ve missed you too.” I fight back tears again. I have too much gorgeous eye makeup on right now to let myself go. And besides, I’m a Goddess, I shouldn’t really cry at all…

“Ummm…” Angela says uncertainly from the floor. “Aren’t you both supposed to be controlling us or something?”

“We’re busy, suck your thumb.” I dismissively say. Angela looks completely surprised when her thumb involuntarily enters her mouth and she begins to suck it like an infant. Tyler looks at her, then at Stacy and I with nervous awe, and has the sense to remain silent.

Eventually, Stacy and I break apart from each other, and I motion my hands to the kneeling couple. Angela is still sucking her thumb, looking up at us with wide questioning eyes.

“All yours.” I tell Stacy with a grin. “I’ll chip in if I feel like it, but otherwise, I want to see what you do.”

“Wh- Me?” Stacy stammers. “But Tara I have no idea—”

“Sure you do!” I encourage her. “This was your idea after all, you wanted me to fix them. Honestly, I’d sooner just take their control completely away.” I smile as I say this, the knowledge that I’ve already done this making me simultaneously cheeky, powerful, and incredibly aroused. “But you wanted me to go down a path with a lighter touch, so I want you to show me what you’d do here.”

“But... but...” Stacy had the deer in headlight look on her face. I laughed, and gently placed my hand on her shoulder.

“Relax...” I urge her softly. “There are no wrong answers here. These two sound like they were four insults away from breaking up.” I quickly turn to Angela and Tyler. “Am I wrong, guys? Be honest, remember”

Angela is silent for a few moments, before muttering “I’ve been seriously considering it.”

Tyler just nods briefly, looking downcast at the floor.

“There we have it,” I motion to them for Stacy. “Anything you can do to make them treat each other better can be no bad thing. You could even just say ‘Be nicer to each other.’ and leave it at that. The problem is, you leave the entire definition of what is nicer down to them, and you also don’t say how much nicer. They could twist it in their minds to doing next to nothing differently, so really the more specific to them you make any instruction, the more results you’d probably see.”

“But...” Stacy says, her brow furrowing. “What gives us the right? Who are we to dictate to them how to act, how to behave.”

I laugh again. “Stacy, trust me, you do Not want to get into a philosophy debate with me right now. You don’t even take that class and my own personal experience over the last week has given me a very unique viewpoint on the situation. But that’s why I want you to instruct these two, because I want to see how you would do it. Hell, I’m hoping I learn something from it, I’m hoping I can try and be more like you with my power... More, I dunno, responsible, but still able to control people, still use my power...”

“Oh, oh boy. Wow that’s a lot of pressure.” Stacy sighs heavily. “So you’re saying if I mess up and abuse my control, I’m pretty much endorsing you completely controlling people?”

“Pretty much, yeah” I grin, and Stacy laughs nervously. I hold up my beer and she clinks it, and we both take a hefty swig each.

“This is so unreal...” she says after in a distant voice. “This is the most unusual party I’ve ever been to... But I did ask you to, didn’t I? I just thought you’d do it all and I wouldn’t take any responsibility myself...”

“It’s not too late, you know. We could just pull the plug on this whole thing and let them go back to fighting.” I say with a shrug. “They’d very likely break up and be heartbroken.” I turn to the kneeling couple again. “Do either of you actually want to break up?”

“No!” Tyler says with certainty.

Angela, already glossy eyed, now bursts into tears. She vigorously shakes her head, her thumb still stuck in her mouth. She then turns to Tyler and says something semi incoherent, but it sounded nice.

“I love you too, baby.” Tyler replies, and they both gaze longingly into each other’s eyes.

I snap my fingers at them aggressively. “Hey!” I snap. “Romeo and Juliet! Much as I’d love for you to kiss and make up now, you’re just going to be right back where you were in a couple days time. Nothing has changed, you’re not going to do anything differently! So dry those eyes, look at us when we address you, and try to center yourselves. We’re going to get to the bottom of this. Or, at least, Stacy is....”

“I am? I guess I could...” Stacy frowns with uncertainty. “Now that we’re here and they’ll do anything I say, it kind of feels unfair to force change on them, even if it would feel like it was for their own good... I mean, they just said they love each other, right? Maybe it’s meant to work it out itself, maybe it’s wrong to get involved at all.”

“Well...” I say with a glint in my eye. “If you really believe that, then you’re as well not getting out of bed in the morning. You may as well refuse to interact with the world. Every kind word you say to a friend or even a stranger is influencing their life in some way. And when you give advice to people you care about or warn someone about an uneven step. That’s all forcing change on people, because they have to at least process and consider your words, and that inevitably changes their outlook. The only difference here is that you know beyond certainty that your words will be listened to and followed. If that’s reason to not say them then should you ever give advice to anyone? Because you hope people listen to your advice, right? Does that really change if you know that they a hundred percent will?”

Stacy looks at me in complete awe. “Tara, I don’t know if it’s the Tequila Sunrise or not, but fuck... You must be killing it in that philosophy class.”

“It’s the alcohol.” I quickly reply, and we both laugh. “I’ve been averaging a C plus. Well, until now...”

“But still, you’re right...” she says wistfully. “If I’m willing to give advice normally, it shouldn’t change just because I know it will be heeded…”

She slaps her hands down onto her legs and looks invigorated. “Right! Let’s do this!”

“That’s the spirit” I smile slyly, and turn to Angela and Tyler. “Alright Angela, you can stop sucking your thumb now.”

Angela pops her thumb out of her mouth and utters “Wow… I couldn’t stop, I really couldn’t stop…”

“Ok, so, sorry… um…?” Stacy leaned towards Angela. “It’s umm...”

“Angela...” the meek looking brown haired girl says slowly, uncertainty now sweeping over her features.

“Right! Yes! Angela and... Tailor.”


I stifle a snicker as Stacy blushes.

“Ok, fine.” Stacy composes herself and begins. “So, Angela, tell me what the main problem is in your relationship with Tyler. Be as brutally honest as you can. And Tyler, stay silent the entire time, and listen carefully.”

“He’s such a child.” Angela says bluntly, staring up at Stacy. “He makes promises and doesn’t keep them, he’ll change his plans at the last moment if something better comes along. He denies the things he says, and seems to care more about how he looks to everyone than my feelings. And he’s such a mama’s boy, like she’s the most delicate thing in the world and couldn’t handle meeting me in my uncouth ways. He’ll do anything she says and not stand up for what he wants, what he stands for. It’s exhausting.”

“Ok, thanks Angela.” Stacy nods, before turning to Tyler. His face is clearly agitated, and he looks up at Stacy with a furious intensity. “So Tyler, how many times would you have interrupted Angela there to argue if you could have.”

“Too many to count.” Tyler says back, hints of bitterness and resentment seasoning his voice now.

“Alright then. Angela, your turn to listen, and stay quiet. Tyler, what’s the biggest issue you have with Angela in your relationship?”

“She never tells me how she really feels about anything!” Tyler exhales sharply, and then takes in a deep lung full of air. “She’ll keep on saying that everything is fine and that there’s nothing she wants to talk about, and then she’ll explode at me either minutes or hours later, and then list the dozens of things I’ve been doing wrong the whole time but that she never mentioned while it was happening! And she never appreciates that I forget things, she always thinks it’s about her and doesn’t want me to be my own man ever. I seriously can’t handle it!”

“Ok, thanks Tyler. Angela, how many times would you have interrupted Tyler there, if you could?”

Angela looks to the side, and then back up at Stacy sheepishly. “Nine...” she says. “Eight actually, the last one would be after his last sentence so I guess that wouldn’t be interrupting.

Stacy and I laugh, and to my delight so do Angela and Tyler. This is actually more fun that I would have thought it’d be...

“Ok, so the first instruction I’m going to give you both,” Stacy says carefully, fixing them both with a serious stare, “is to allow each other to speak and to finish speaking without interrupting them, unless they’ve been talking non stop for like five minutes or something. And also, really pay attention to what the other one is saying, and appreciate how hard it must have been to say.”

“Okay.” Angela said agreeably.

“I can do that.” Tyler nodded.

“Ok, now, Angela, tell me everything you like about Tyler...” Stacy says.

I sit and listen as this goes on for a good while. Stacy is trying, really trying to be fair and good to them both. I know I would have used a much more direct and less compassionate approach. After listening to both of them for a while, my best friend lays down more decrees. Angela is to speak up when something is bothering her, and make sure she communicates how much Tyler’s promises mean to her. Tyler is going to now keep to his promises, Stacy has made it so he literally can’t break them unless he gets permission from Angela. I find this a very interesting piece of control, and make a note to myself to try it out later with someone. Angela isn’t free from some subtle programming either, though. She now literally can’t keep her mouth shut if something is becoming a major issue for her. She will share it before it gets to boiling point.

“And so... yeah...” Stacy trails off. “That’s all I can think of for a while. Anything to add, Tara?”

“No.” I remark with an approving nod. “I think you did really well there!” I turn to Angela and Tyler. “Ok, you two can move and talk freely now, I guess.”

The couple instantly turn and embrace each other in a long hug.

“Awww...” I say with a cheeky smile, but Stacy shushes me.

“Tara, please, let them have their moment!” she jokingly chastises me.

“You know, I really enjoyed that, you bossing people around, taking charge.” I say, looking into the beautiful depths of her jade eyes. “The confidence... It suits you.”

“Not as much as it suits you, Tara... I mean, obviously.”

“Well, I’m pretty special now, magic mask and all...” I declare, waving my hand theatrically.

Stacy seems to clam up and stiffen before my eyes. She lets out a deep sigh, before getting to her feet.

“You okay?” I say, still smiling, but confused by Stacy’s complete change of energy

She stands rigidly, but smiles gently. “This has been... This has been incredible... and completely bizarre. Thank you Tara.” she looks at me, and I can’t tell what she’s thinking. It’s such a mixture... Pain? Regret? Longing? Fear? But also contentment, calm...? Nope, it’s not good, I can’t tell what’s going on. I’m so used now to being able to coax the complete truth out of anyone when I wear the mask, I feel naked without it, and like I’m missing one of my senses.

“But I, erm” Stacy continues, slightly anxious. “I need a breather from the role of controller and agony aunt. I’m going to go find my... my, erm, date, I guess. Last I saw him he was playing Wii boxing in one of the games rooms downstairs...” she looks awkwardly to the side.

“Uh huh.,.” I say, feeling the tension pushing down on me. I can’t help myself but try to break it. “Sounds like a keeper. Shall I save a date for the wedding?” To my relief, Stacy chuckles with me, and even Angela and Tyler stifle a snort of laughter.

“Yeah...” Stacy grins, her posture relaxing, though only slightly. “I’m thinking winter, possibly on a thinly frozen lake...” She then waves slightly awkwardly to the embracing couple on the floor, who seem to be whispering affections to each other. “Bye Angela, bye Tyler.”

They both turn and shower Stacy with praise and thanks for essentially forcing them to be a better couple. She then turns back to me, and I notice her shift awkwardly on her feet.

“So, um, see you shortly.”

“Don’t leave the party without coming to see me first, okay?” I request earnestly.

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” She looks to the side again, then back at me.

“Maybe we could head back to halls together?” I ask hopefully. “Share a cab?” I can tell she isn’t saying something, and I so desperately want her to spit it out. But I’m Not controlling Stacy. Hell, that just makes me want to put the mask on even more... But I can and do resist.

“That sounds good... Sure.” she turns to leave slowly, and I watch her, mystified. Did she not like everything that just happened? Did I do or say something wrong?

My heart leaps in surprise when she turns sharply at the doorway.

“You know what you said...” Stacy says, her voice shaking slightly now. “About being special now you have the mask?”

“Uhhh.... Yeah?” I reply, my heart pounding in my chest. Our eyes were locked on each other now, I could feel such a strange energy between us.

“That’s what really bothers me...” Stacy says, her face set in a grim expression, but her hands trembling slightly. “You think you’re so special now you have the mask... You don’t seem to be able to realize how special you were before you ever wore it...”

A silence hangs heavily in the air for a moment. I literally don’t know what to say. Then Stacy shakes her head briskly and mutters “I... I’ve got to go...” before she quickly turns and leaves.

I’m left running her words over and over in my mind. “how special you were before...”

Special in what way? I was just me... Plain, boring, powerless me. And she was so nervous just now... Did she think I’d use the mask on her? She surely realises by now I’m never going to do that. I’m confused. I just don’t get it. I get up to follow her, to maybe get some answers, but as I reach the door, a soft voice behind me says “Goddess?”

I freeze, and turn around slowly. I know what’s waiting for me before I see it. Angela and Tyler are both kneeling on the floor again, facing me with their heads bowed. Of course, they had to wait for Stacty to leave before they could let their inner slave out. The fact that I did this to them without uttering a single sentence out loud is still intensely fascinating to me. What else could I do?

“Goddess, please let us offer our bodies to you for your enjoyment.” Tyler says insistently.

“Yes Goddess, please use us as your toys to fufil your every desire and lust.” Angela adds. Though her head is bowed, her eyes look up at me with a pleading need. My arousal had been lurking just under the surface of my mind, and now it returns with a vengeance, and a sudden warmth spreads through my body. My vision fogs with a pink mist, as I see my slaves kneeling there, waiting for me. They should be naked for me, I instantly think. Well... That’s easy to sort out.

But wait! Stacy! I can still catch up with her, Find out what she meant... Maybe I could tell her how I feel... How I’ve felt for a while now... Maybe she would take my hand in hers, and gently pull me close, and her dark purple lips might brush my skin as she whispers the words I want to hear, the words I want to say to her...

I want you. I want you so badly...

I clench my hands on my thighs and almost let out an audible moan. My eyes clamp shut as I picture Stacy running her hands over my body, up to my chest. I picture her entrancing jade eyes staring deeply into mine, and as she smiles I feel my heart melt and my loins cry out in need. I hear the sound of the door clicking shut behind me, and then hands guide me to the bed. I vividly picture Stacy pushing me down onto the soft sheets, gentle but determined hands guiding me onto my back. My legs hang off the bed, and I see Stacy towering over me with a look of lustful desire, before lowering down... down. Firm hands pull down my black leggings, the feel of them brushing my skin is electric. I kick off my shoes impatiently then sigh heavily as my legs are guided open. Tender loving kisses run their way from my ankle, up up up in adoringly delivered pecks until they reach my inner thigh.

I moan with my cascading lust and softly whisper “Yessss,,,” as in my mind I see Stacy’s gaze meet my own one last time before she sinks beneath my view and I feel a warm tongue over my soaking wet cunt. It moves slowly, sensually, it’s warmth and softness driving me wild in seconds, arousal shooting through my entire body, feeling like my fingers to my toes are twitching with erotic sparks. I heave heavy breaths as my heart pumps like a jackhammer, blood rushing through me, virtually boiling with the heat I feel. Eyes still tightly closed, I somehow see Stacy climb on top of me, her smooth naked legs on either side of my breasts and her exposed cunt on full display for me, dripping with arousal. Her tongue is still licking away at my needy sex somehow, but I don’t have the thoughts to spare to wonder about this.

Stacy smiles down at me and I smile dreamily back, my hips bucking and rolling from the endless pleasure being tongued into me. She runs her hands softly over the side of my face, and lets the tip of her thumb slide into my open mouth. I lick and kiss and suck devotedly, whining with pleasure, with desire, and begging her with my eyes. She smiles in understanding and then shuffles herself so she can lower herself down to my waiting mouth. The cunt tastes incredible, and I tenderly tease it with my tongue, the scent and the taste filling me up and pouring warm dripping pleasure over my mind. I run my tongue across her clit and grab her waist with my hands as she shudders and pulses with my touch. I pleasure her, all the time feeling her own tongue eliciting sheer sexual perfection from my electrified clit. The waves of pleasure build up so quickly now, suddenly multiplying a thousand fold and rushing up like a geyser that explodes out of me, Muffled by her cunt over my mouth, I never the less scream “Stacy! Oh fuck Stacy! Stacy!” until her name blends into one long, powerful scream, my mind crumbling into an oblivion of orgasmic bliss.

For a few moments, or maybe a few minutes, I’m completely unaware of where I am, or even who I am. My mind swims through shattered thoughts and fragmented memories. Stacy. Stacy. I just had my mind blown by Stacy. I’m in love with Stacy. I’m filled with such pleasure and happiness that I just sigh and space out. I feel playful nibbles on my ear and two pairs of hands hold me and gently stoke me, my hair, my thighs, my bare neck and shoulders. This is blissful, simply blissful. It doesn’t matter that I’m not sure where I am or how I got here, all that matters is the feeling of complete satisfaction and joy that has filled me to the brim.

Eventually, the dull fog of post orgasm bliss stats to dissipate. My own thoughts start slowly dripping back into my mind. The inquisitive part of my mind, long since silenced by the touch and feel and joy and pleasure, now starts to awaken once more. The first thing it cleverly thinks to ask is: What the hell just happened here?

Things start to come back together now. My eyes squint open, though do so reluctantly. I look around but also check in with my other senses. I’m in a bedroom. Lying on a bed, breathing slow but deep, still feeling the aftershocks of pleasure radiate from my cunt and tingling everywhere up to the tips of my fingers and toes. I’m flustered, hot and sweaty. My leggings are off, and my cunt is literally dripping still. I hear soft breathing either side of me and the two pairs of hands are resting around me now, feeling comforting and safe. Those hands could be dangerous though. I’m still incredibly aroused... One or two touches in the right place, and I feel my mind might dissolve into pleasure again, and I wouldn’t know when it would return. I sigh deeply, regardless, knowing that I feel more satisfied and tranquilly calm than I could ever remember, the self awareness heightening this feeling as without the context it doesn’t have as much meaning to me.

I now try to piece together the particulars, and my eyes open fully. A petite girl with curly brown hair lies next to me, nuzzling into the side of my chest and almost purring with contentment. On the other side, a tall, decently built guy with short black hair and a chisel jaw stroked my hair softly. Their names come back to me... Angela, Tyler, my slaves.

We had clearly all just had a good time, but it had been Stacy I saw… Stacy I felt…? Then I realise how my eyes had been closed, how I vividly visualised Stacy and how the hands and tongues had simply turned up where I visualised them to be. Or, apparently, where I commanded them to be… But I didn’t give any commands... Everything just sort of... happened.

I lean up in the bed and look across to my handbag sitting abandoned on the sofa. The mask is hidden inside, yet I can feel the energy coming off it like a smug smile. I still don’t understand what happened, but I know that it was something to do with the mask. What else would it be?

“Thank you for using us, Goddess,” Anglea purrs.

“We live to serve, Goddess.” Tyler agrees.

I find my voice, and say softly. “Good slaves, you’ve served me well.”

I then softly get up and shuffle off the bed. They both move to follow.

“That’s alright.” I quickly correct them. “You two stay here. Have some alone time, I’m sure you’re both charged up after that. Enjoy each other as many times as you want then rejoin the party.”

“Thank you Goddess.” Angela smiles gratefully, Tyler just grunts and nods in appreciation. They both keep their gaze on me adoringly, though they occasionally glance at each other. Their hands have met and dance around each other, fingers brushing skin slowly and sensually.

“Oh,” I say, picking up my leggings from the floor. “You don’t have to wait for me to leave, either.”

They don’t need any more than that to be all over each other, kissing, grabbing, tearing at each other’s clothes as if they’re allergic to them. I feel myself flush as I watch how quickly they become naked and how powerfully Tyler takes charge. He throws Angela on the bed and she cries out in delight, trying in vain to wrestle him and smiling eagerly as he overpowers her. He pins her on her front, grabs a fistful of her hair, and tugs back as he enters her from behind. His thrusts and grunts, and her moans of pleasure send powerful signals to me. Arousal starts building up within me incredibly quickly, pleasure spiking in my body and mind with each thrust. That could be me right now, I think, unconsciously licking my licks. I could be the one being pounded with that delicious looking cock. It would take but a word and both my slaves would be overjoyed to accommodate.

I have to draw up reserves of willpower to keep myself on track with redressing my bottom half and fixing my hair, the pleasure building within me every moment. The crotch of my leggings are soaked through, and I feel grateful my corset dress covers it up. The dishevelment my hair has acquired isn’t totally undone, but I fix it enough to get away with things. Angela’s scream of pleasure as she cums hard is more than a little distracting. I turn to watch when I suddenly feel my own cunt explode with pleasure and I cry out in surprise as my knees buckle beneath me. My body bucks with pleasure and my scream starts to echo Angela’s as I flop onto my back and close my eyes, letting the ecstasy flow through me.

Well that was new. Breathing heavily once again, I quickly pull myself up, grab my handbag, and leave the bedroom. As I close the door behind me, I exhale deeply and lean against the door, sinking down against it to sit on the floor for a moment. What was that? That was unreal... Angela came, and I... felt it? No, more than that... I mirrored it? Copied it? No.. I’m not coming up with the right word here, but I had an orgasm as if I were her, feeling her pleasure. It was fascinating and extremely distracting. My mind is now filled with ideas of more sex with my slaves, and I have to actively fight the urge to walk right back into the bedroom and turn it into an all nighter threesome...

I manage to pull myself together and start to head back down to the party, all the while my mind racing with thoughts about the mask. Firstly, about the vision quest sex that I had just had... I couldn’t get my head around it… It must have something to do with enslaving Angela and Tyler with my thoughts alone… Did the mask take the lustful thoughts I had been having about Stacy and combined them with the new psychic connection I shared with these two newest slaves?

That sounded unbelievable. It certainly felt unbelievable… Like my conscious mind had been taken over by the fantasy, and I had subconsciously commanded my slaves to pleasure me while my mind painted images of Stacy all over it. I let out an annoyed as I descended the stairs down to the ground floor. I should be more annoyed by at the mask, I knew this. It was just hard to feel any negative emotions when I had experienced literally the most incredible orgasm in my life.

I decide to push all these thoughts aside and at least try to focus on the task at hand. Find Aileen. Enslave Aileen. Then take Aileen and Felicity back up to that bedroom and be pleasured into a sex coma until the middle of next week.

Yeah, that would work.

But then I remember that I’m hoping to share a ride home with Stacy. I really don’t want to mess up this chance I’ve seemed to have earned to be her friend again. I know I don’t deserve it, but that doesn’t mean I plan to mess it up.

By the sounds of things, the band has stopped playing and we’re back onto music from someone’s phone. It means everyone has mostly dispersed from the largest room and filtered out into smaller gatherings. Perfect. Less people to wonder why I’m about to put a mask on my face for a few moments. Just need to find Aileen…

I poke my head though a few doorways until I find Aileen sitting with Felicity on a sofa in a fairly deserted lounge. It has several sofas, coffee tables, and a fair few bookshelves. Clearly a room meant to be used for quiet retreats and high tea. Well, not tonight.

I keep my distance for a moment to observe my slave and her former obsession, and I’m soon frowning. Aileen is being overly forward with Felicity, leaning over to stroke her hair or place a hand on her thigh. Felicity stays polite but is shifting and squirming to avoid Aileen’s advances, straining to hide her distress. Why not just tell her to fuck off? Or get out of there? I guess it doesn’t really matter, as I plan to put a stop to it now. I stride up to the couch and tower over them both.

“Hey Felicity, miss me?” I say with a sly smile.

“Tara!” she leaps to her feet and throws her entire self around my neck.

“Goddess!” she whispers urgently. “Please let me make out with you for like, 20 seconds!”

“Make it thirty.” I whisper back and our mouths are soon locked in a passionate kiss, our tongues dancing with one another. It feels so good, Felicity is such a great kisser. My arousal hasn’t even fully ebbed away yet from before and it’s already flowing back into me. As much as I enjoy the kiss itself, I enjoy that Aileen is forced to wait for us to finish it before her interactions with Felicity can continue. I make sure to take my time.

When I finally pull away from my grateful slave, I turn directly to Aileen and give her a look of scrutiny. Our gazes meet each other’s and the stare lasts longer than I expect. When she finally looks away I resist the urge to pump my fist in victory.

“So glad you could join us Tara!” Aileen turns back now, wearing a plastic smile. She then makes a show of glancing all around us before declaring “Looks like we all need more drinks. Wait right here ladies, I’ll be right back. She quickly exits, which I find annoying as that impromptu staring match would have been a great time to whip out the mask and siphon her will out of that smug face.

Never mind, she’ll be back, and with alcohol. Score.

“Are you alright?” I asked Felicity concernedly, inviting her to sit next to me on the couch.

“Oh Goddess, I’m so sorry.” Felicity sniffles as I let her lean into me. “I couldn’t find you and she invited me to sit and she started coming onto me in a way she never has before and I was so confused and just wanted you to come and save me.” She looked up into my eyes, her gaze was so full of love and adoration and complete devotion that I found it almost dizzying. “And you did…” Felicity finished, nuzzling into my chest with a dreamy sigh. I placed my arm around her and allowed myself to sigh and relax as well. Just sitting there, holding Felicity… It felt nice. I tried to push the thought out of my head that I rather it were Stacy, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Also Goddess…” Felicity pulls away again to look up at me once more. Her eyes now twinkle with excitement and mischief. “You smell of sex… Did you enslave Stacy? Do you think we could all play together? I’m really happy that you—“

“Stop.” I say with a frown. “Yes, there was sex. No, no Stacy. And don’t mention it to her, either, okay?”

Felicity looks incredibly guilty for a moment. She places her hands over her mouth in horror and starts to say “Goddess! I am sooo”

“And don’t feel guilty or apologise either!” I quickly add. “We’ve had enough of that for one night.”

“Yes Goddess” Felicity bows her head obediently. Moments later, Aileen arrives with three beer bottles, and hands one each to Felicity and I.

“Mind if I join you lovebirds?” she says somewhat insistently, and takes a seat before either of us respond. She’s sitting on the other side of me from where Felicity is, and my slave tenses up and grabs me nervously. Part of me feels annoyed at Aileen’s rudeness, while another part of me feels deeply satisfied that based on what I’ve learned from Felicity, she’d only be acting that way because she feels threatened by me. I supress my smile somewhat, and try to appear welcoming rather than gloating. I’m enjoying feeling Aileen’s jealousy so much that I decide not to take out the mask straight away but rather see how much I can aggravate her before I decide to enslave her and make her grovel at my feet. There are several other people in the room, but they’re all occupying the other seats and sofas and not paying us anything attention. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, some guys across the room are snorting coke… Ah, so it’s that kind of party…

“So Tara, we simply must talk.” Aileen says, all fake smiles and forced politeness. “But first!” she holds up her beer, and then yells to the whole room “To the Party!”

“To the Party!” a chorus of yells echo back from everyone in here and from the corridor. I stifle a scoff, but never-the-less raise my bottle and then take a swig of beer. Asahi again, though it tastes a bit different from before. I see that Aileen is determined to down about half the bottle, and I let the adolescence in me take over and copy her. Yeah, look at me, I can drink stupidly too…

Then the questions start. She asks how we met, how we got close, and similar questions. It’s an interrogation masquerading as conversation. Felicity, being on the other side of me, doesn’t really add much to my answers, and I mostly make things up as I go along. Apparently our first date involved getting ice cream and getting jealous looks from the squirrels, according to my imagination…

Then Aileen starts talking to me, about how Felicity and she are really inseparable and how they met and funny anecdotes of their misadventures. I smile and nod along, sipping away at my beer.

I know I should just take the mask out and be done with it, but my head feels a bit fuzzy, and I feel like it would be too much effort right now. Maybe I should stop drinking. Maybe I should get some water. Felicity… She can get me some water. What are slaves for, after all. I turn to her, and the fuzziness in my head gets compounded by the confusion when I see her passed out against the sofa cushions. It doesn’t make sense, she was fine a few minutes ago…

The fuzziness gets worse, I feel so dizzy and drunk and disorientated… Maybe I need to just rest my eyes for a moment too… They start to flutter shut, then snap wide open as a sudden fear grips my heart. I breathe sharply, erratically. This isn’t right. Something is wrong. I look around frantically, Stacy is coming in the room! Wave to her! Shout! Anything!

She doesn’t see me and my body barely responds to my brain. I manage to rasp “Stacy…” but only Aileen can hear me. Aileen! I turn and see her look at me uncaringly, with cold, dispassionate eyes.

“No one comes between me and Flick, Tara…” she says bluntly. “Not you, not her, not anyone…”

She’s responsible for this! I don’t know what’s happening but Aileen is doing it! The mask! It’s my last chance. I fumble clumsily into my handbag, grab the mask, and quickly put it to my face.

Except I miss by a clear foot over my left shoulder. I go to try again but the mask is deftly torn from my feeble fingers.

“Oh, hello!” Aileen says with curiosity. “What’s this?”

A cry of distress caches in my throat as I make a wild grab for the mask. Aileen brushes me aside with ease. I scan frantically around me. Where is… Stacy! There. She’s looking at me, and looking at Aileen, her face drained of all colour as terror fills her eyes.

I watch as Aileen moves the mask towards her face, then everything goes dark.