The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Masked Effect

1.) Some Assembly Required

It looked like a normal summer day in the upscale neighborhood, at least as normal as could be these days. Gone were the lemonade stands and sounds of approaching ice cream trucks, but there were still the sounds of kids playing in the pool, parents struggling to light a grill, the occasional sound of a child being scolded. Only now instead of “Timmy, I told you to share!” the shouts were replaced with things like “Helen! If you take that mask off one more time, I swear—”.

At the corner of this neighborhood was a very large house, complete with below ground swimming pool, spacious back yard protected by a large white fence, and an over sized garage that oddly had all the front facing windows tinted. Despite its normal surroundings, the going on inside the garage were about as far out there as they could be.

Nine people were inside, though only two of them seemed to be acting remotely normal. Sam was a tall blonde young man, a year away from graduating college. He stood over four people laying back in some lawn chairs, watching them and occasionally consulting a clipboard. His best friend Ben, shorter, more muscular from months of training for the wrestling team, (like that was gonna happen now), was looking over boxes on a table while a tall man with brown hair and a short redhead with a large bust and no top on stood behind him perfectly still.

“James, Pam, begin threading the wiring into the elastic bands of the blue masks.”

“Yes, master” they said through their matching green masks as they swiftly got to work.

Ben had picked them up about a week prior while jogging and “convinced” them to alter their route. A few questions about their personal lives revealed they both worked from home and wouldn’t be missed in the middle of the day, a perfect combination as Ben and Sam approached the mass production stage of their project and needed more hands. Now every day at exactly 3pm they would run by Sam’s house, (with their new favorite masks on), and as soon as they got in range their brisk run abruptly turned into a steady, mechanical walk into the open garage where they would close the door behind them and wait for orders. Ben turned to his and Sam’s bikini-clad assistant.

“Carly, have the pink masks been distributed?”

“You got it, Ben.” Replied the beautiful blonde co-ed as she stood by and observed the four people laying in various states of undress on the chairs. After a few minutes all four faces were growing flush and warm as dazed smiles grew beneath their masks. A particularly busty woman at the end of the row began tracing her nails against her exposed thighs below the hem of her dress.

“Looks like it’s starting to hit them now” Carly said excitedly. She bit her lip, knowing what was coming next, having experienced it herself on more than a dozen occasions. Sam walked up next to her and slid an arm around his girlfriends exposed midriff and absentmindedly stroked her. She purred into his ear and gave him a kiss.

Carly was a very pretty blonde, tall and athletic, a mainstay of their universities’ soccer team since her freshman year. She and Sam had been dating for well over a year now, and she was very loving and supportive of Sam. So supportive that she technically was an equal partner in their mask venture, having paid a third of the startup funds herself.

Sam and Ben neglected to mention the true function of the masks to her at first, though, and she wasn’t the only one...

* * *

Sam was a dual biology-tech major and Ben was a computer tech major with a minor in Psychology. Friends since elementary school, they had been through everything together; bullies, girls, classes, and now a global pandemic. When the virus broke out they had finished the spring semester from home, which presented more opportunities for casual fun, though with no parties to go to or sports to watch they quickly grew bored.

One drunken night over what was supposed to be spring break, Sam and Ben came up with an idea so ridiculous it would make a mad scientist laugh. After sobering up they looked at their drunken mock-ups and to their shock realized the plan wasn’t actually impossible. They got to work, combining their free time with their talents and knowledge from their education, along with a few thousand dollars sunk into materials purchased online, they had somehow succeeded in making…

“Masks?” Sam’s mom asked, stifling a laugh. “That’s what you’ve spent the last two months locked in the garage over?”

“Technically we did it in just six weeks…” Ben mumbled under his breath, pouring himself a drink.

“Of course mom, it’s a cash cow! What’s the number one thing that’s easy to make right now, in crazy high demand, and people go through quickly and will always need more of?” Sam asked, continuing his pitch.

“Well according to Courtney I hear it’s called an “Onlyfans” account.

Ben spat out the water he’d been drinking from the table and began choking on his laughter. Debra, (Sam’s mom), handed him a roll of paper towels as Ben coughed through an apology.

“Not a problem, Benji, we all make little messes from time to time” she said, winking at him. Ben grinned, blushing slightly.

Sam’s mom Debra was an absolute knockout. Wavy blonde hair that just brushed her shoulders, a warm smile that always reached her bright green eyes, and a trim body adorned with a wonderfully full ass built by years of yoga and tennis, and a wonderfully full bust built by her plastic surgeon ex-husband.

Debra was a walking wet dream, and the cause of a lot of grief for Sam in school. Sam still had a scar behind his ear from the fight he got into with a couple guys he caught taking pictures of her his freshman year of high school when she picked him up early for an appointment one day, still wearing her yoga pants from her mid-morning session.

Ben’s coughing fit over, Sam continued his pitch.

“Come on, mom, you know what I meant; masks! It’s perfect! People are going to be stuck in these things for months, if not the next year. Ours are stylishly designed, they have solid filers on the front, and we even found a way to put in scents! We’re gonna be rich, we just need more seed money to produce more of the prototype.”

Debra looked at the box of masks in front of her thoughtful for a moment, then relented slightly.

“Alright, at least let me try it on first” she said, reaching for a blue one.

“No!” shouted Ben and Sam at the same time. Debra stared at them.

“Try the green one, the blue one’s…” Sam began

“—We already wore today when we went for a morning run! I coughed a few times in mine, and no offense to your son, Debra, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t brush his teeth before we left.” Ben finished quickly. Debra laughed as Sam gave him a look and Ben shrugged as though to say “Shit, man, I don’t know” to which Sam shook his head and gave him a small thumbs up.

“Alright, alright, fair enough boys, hand it over.” Sam eagerly pulled a green mask out for her and she slipped it on.

“Alright, it is comfortable, and it does smell...hmm, is that bubblegum?”

“Yeah, it is, pretty great, right?” Sam said, slipping the blue mask on. Debra’s brow furrowed.

“Sam, why are you putting yours back on?”

“I just wanted to show you the full effects, mom” and with that Sam turned a switch on the air filter of his mask. The effect was instant. Debra’s eyes rapidly unfocused, her facial features relaxing. Her shoulders slumped slightly and her arms fell to her side as she stopped speaking and stared into nothingness.

“Holy hell, dude, it works!” Sam shouted, punching his fist through the air in victory. Ben gleefully reached into his pocket and pulled out a paper and a pencil.

“How do you feel, mom?”

“Like I’m...not really here.” Ben began writing notes.

“What are you thinking right now?”

“I’m...not” she responded, completely indifferent to her lack of independent thought.

“Sick…” Ben mumbled as he wrote more notes, “Ask her to do or say something she’d never do.”

“Mom, why did you really leave dad?” It was a sore subject neither parent would give more than a vague answer about.

“After he and I had a threesome with one of his nurses he continued seeing her behind my back.” Debra stated without emotion. Sam was stunned into silence, Ben pressed on.

“You’re into women, Debra?”

“I’m not opposed, I’ll bed anyone with a great tongue, and Nurse Fields could tie a sailor’s knot with hers.” This was met with another moment of silence.

“Your mom is awesome…” Ben said as he went back to scribbling.

“Shut up, Ben. That’s enough, mom. You will give us all the seed money we need.”

Debra nodded blankly.

“Hang on”, Ben interjected, “I told you, man, these won’t last when it’s not on, we have to condition her overtime, at least until the god masks are working.”

“Damn, I forgot. Alright, mom—You’re happy we are so smart and inventive, aren’t you?” She nodded.

“Good, you know it makes you feel good to watch us grow and thrive, it makes you feel good to trust us and believe in us. The mask project helps us do that. If that helps us grow and thrive, then what do you want to do to help us?”

“I want to give you all the money you need for the masks.” She stated. Sam turned to Ben.

“Yeah, that should be good for now man. She’ll do whatever we want while the mask is on and forget it all after, but we have to warp her actual feelings and thoughts over time with sessions like this. Getting her to commit to the money? I say three more days.”

Sam nodded. Ben put his notes away as Sam flipped the switch again. Debra blink a few times and took a deep breath.

“So what are the full effects?”

Internally doing celebratory back flips, Ben answered.

“Eventually we want to put Bluetooth in them, so when you wear a mask of our brand you can speak to someone else with it’s partner.” Taking off the mask, Debra smiled.

“Sounds wonderful, I love how inventive you boys are. Let me think about it, ok? You guys can’t be the only people with an idea to cash in on masks, but I’ll hear you out more tomorrow, sound good?”

The boys smiled.

“Sounds good!”

* * *

They’d spent the next three days getting Debra firmly onboard with the idea and she committed to the project happily. Once online classes ended in Mid-May Sam’s girlfriend began joining them regularly in the home and they told her the same thing they told Debra. Always one to be supportive, Carly offered to help put in money for funds herself and was eager to get her own mask. Sam obliged, then spent the next 14 hours barely leaving his bedroom with a totally docile and pliant Carly.

Months of work had led them to have perfected two of the masks, (green and blue), with the black and pink ones undergoing their final trials today.

There was a knock on the door that connected the garage to the house and Debra walked through the door, beaming at the scene before her. Any other mother would be horrified to walk in on what was essentially a brainwashing lab and seeing her son exposed to people in various states or mindlessness and undress, but Debra had been condition nearly every day for months and now accepted anything that happened in the garage as perfectly normal.

“Hey, guys, looks like it’s go well in here!” Debra commented, eyes going from the mindless joggers working away to the people in their chairs dreamily shifting and squirming in their seats. She addressed a young woman in the fist chair.

“Courtney, dear, will you be joining Luisa and I for a yoga session later?”

“Sorry, Ms. King...I’m gonna be a little...busy later.” The lovely Asian girl softly responded. Debra nodded.

“Of course, dear, thanks again so much for helping the boys out so much this summer!” Courtney smiled and gave a weak thumbs up.

“Well, if that’s all, I’m going to go get some sun before my class today, return Luisa in one piece, ok?” Debra said, pointing to the dark, busty woman on the end of the row who had now pulled her dress down so she could start playing with her nipples. She turned to leave.

“Actually, Debra, Sam had a question to ask.” Ben interrupted. Sam gave no indication of, then Carly kicked him.

“Oh, right! Hey mom, I was thinking, what better way to give off the sense that we’re killing it in the market than to be seen driving around campus in the Jag?”

Somehow, as Debra stood in a room with multiple people dazedly rubbing themselves, two people people working like mindless drone, and her son’s girlfriend parading around in the smallest bikini imaginable, this request was what struck her as ridiculous. She over-dramatically threw her head back in laughter.

“Oh, Sam, there is NO WAY in hell I’m letting you putter around campus with my baby 100 miles away. Boy, I hope you were joking or I might have to check you for a fever.” She even slapped her knee.

Ben and Sam shared a look.

“Do it”

“Do what?” Debra asked, smile still plastered to her face.

Sam picked up one of two black masks in the room, put it on and flipped the switch twice, staring at his mother. The effect was instant as he spoke.

“You will give me the Jag.”

“Debra’s face went from gleeful mirth to devoid of all emotion in the blink of an eye. She stood to perfect attention, arms lifeless at her side, eyes fixed with a thousand yard stare.

“I will give you the Jag.”

“You will trade cars with me for the school year.”

“I will trade cars with you for the school year.”

Sam turned his knob one more time and Debra blinked a few times.

“What were you saying mom? Are you sure I can’t use the car?”

“What? Of course you can! Just trade with me so I still have something when you’re gone.” With that she walked past the small group of moaning people too horny to pay attention to the scene before them and handed Sam the keys.

“Thanks mom!” Said Sam. Debra smiled and patted his head.

“No problem, dear” She said casually, as though he had asked for something as simple as an extra $20 for gas. She closed the door behind her as she left.

Ben and Sam air high-fived as Carly fist pumped.

“We are going to look so fucking good driving that around campus, baby” Carly said.

“Man, it was so worth the wait using her as the control subject for the black masks; approved?” Sam said.

“Approved!” responded Ben, as he made a big check mark on his clipboard, happily looking down on the results of their months of work.

They found that the masks had their own advantages and downfalls. The green masks allowed someone wearing a blue mask control via a chip hidden in the filter that turned anyone wearing it into an obedient drone via a skin connection with a wire in the masks elastic bands. The commands only worked while someone was actually wearing the mask and the commands would be forgotten and ignored as soon as the active control was relinquished, but they had found that repeated conditioning while wearing the mask led to more permanent changes and learned behaviors. This was how Carly had gone from somewhat frigged, conservative, and certainly unadventurous in the bedroom back in May to the bubbly, openly bisexual, borderline-nympho hanging on Sam’s arm today.

The black masks emitted a tone that, when paired with their voices, paused the conscious mind and allowed their voices to be hyper focused directly into their subconscious, giving them total control. When focused it could reach two or three people standing close together and shut them down entirely. When set to “range” it could reach everyone in a room, but the commands didn’t last nearly as long. The suggestions made in “focus” states, however absolute in the moment, began fading after about two weeks though, needing to be reinforced fully within at least three weeks, or they’d fade entirely. The “range” suggestions lasted not even half that long.

They’d tested the black “god” masks at various times over the past month, but using Debra, (who they made sure never to use the black mask on in order to have a control subject who hadn’t been exposed to it yet as a final test), was the final stage.

“Now we won’t always need multiple masks on us at the same time” Sam said proudly.

“Now we can use the black masks on your mom too…” Ben mumbled to himself.

“I didn’t catch that” Sam said.

“I said now we can focus on the pink masks fully.”

The pink masks were the wildcard. Dosed with an extraordinarily mild sedative and powerful agent that stimulated the pleasure centers of the brain and body, wearing the mask was essentially like taking a continuous aphrodisiac with the inhibition diminishing effect of a few shots of vodka. While the black and green masks could cause arousal and increase sexual intensity, they just weren’t quite as powerful as the active chemicals in Euphoria. Additionally The pink masks didn’t require control via another mask. Those were the masks they were primarily studying today now that the black mask passed the test on Debra. It was the same pink masks that were cover the faces of their four “volunteers” laying in their chairs in various states of arousal.

On the four law chairs sat a couple from across the street named Andy and Liz, a beautiful young Asian woman named Courtney, and an athletic Latina named Luisa. Andy and Liz were a slightly overweight cheery couple in the neighborhood who were now thoroughly convinced they arrived at the King’s every day for lunch at 3pm sharp. The reality was they spent all that time at the heart of various experiments, then released back home believing they had a lovely time, and usually too horny to care to remember any more.

Courtney was the daughter of an old friend of Sam’s mom that had moved back to Japan just after Christmas. Courtney, halfway through her junior year at the time, stayed behind for the school year, then was stranded in the US after the quarantines began in a hotel near campus. Debra had graciously offered to have her stay with them when the school year ended, and she had spent the summer tanning and swimming with Debra, playing video games with Sam and Ben, watching re-runs of Bachelor in Paradise with Carly, (while Ben and Sam complained about it while pretending not to like it), and unknowingly testing out their first mask prototypes.

Courtney had already been similarly conditioned like Carly and Debra; she was fully accepting of anything strange going on in the house and happy and willing to test out the masks whenever asked. She was testing the smaller dose today of Euphoria, the name Carly had come up for the drug after first experiencing it. Laying back in her chair, short, toned legs crossed at her ankles on display via her skirt, she was now playing on her phone, eyes somewhat glassy, humming to herself and occasionally rearranging her legs and squirming.

“How we doing Courtney?” Sam asked, staring down her blouse. Courtney didn’t mind, on the contrary she shifted in her seat, sitting up a little and leaned forward, deepening her cleavage.

“Nothing to complain about, Sam, I feel great. Not as good as yesterday—yesterday my clit was practically vibrating—but I still feel sooooo warm and yummy, maybe I could show you just how warm?” She pulled her skirt up revealing a thin pair of white panties, practically see-through now with how wet she was.

“Sorry, you’re gonna have to take care of that yourself, which you can because luckily you’re all set to go, we have everything we need from this dose.”

Courtney took her mask off and stood up, flashing a 1000 watt smile.

“Thank god, it feels like I’ve been here HOURS! If any of you need me I’ll be in my room going through another pack of AA batteries.”

Sam watched her ass peaking out from under her skirt as she trotted off to her room and turned his attention to Andy and Liz.

“How are you two this afternoon?”

Liz pulled her face away from her husband’s neck and looked up, appearing dazed and blissfully unaware of her surroundings as her husband continued groping her.

“Oh, Sammy, thought we went home...”

“Not quite, you mind telling me how you feel? Too hot? Foggy? Blank?”

Liz blink a few times slowly, then smiled as her husband began nibbling on her ear.

“Feel great, sooooo warm...dunno about the rest, you ask too many hard questionsss...” and she went back to stroking her husband through his underwear.

Ben and Sam exchanged a smile while Carly laughed. Sam made an exaggeratedly large check mark on his paper.

“Think we nailed it, bud! For today that just leaves...oh, wow.”

Luisa was the new edition today. She was Debra’s yoga instructor and best friend. She visited the house three days a week, holding sessions in the backyard. Full of energy and gusto, she had started her own yoga studio just days after her 31st birthday, and in three short years she had locations in four states and a thriving online subscription for her at home workout series. It was this entrepreneurial spirit she was possessed with that made her more than happy to borrow a mask to wear for class as advertising in support of the boy’s new enterprise, though shortly after sliding on the pink fabric she took a deep breath and quickly grew hazy and horny. A quick push from Ben with his black mask and she was laid out on a chair along for the ride.

Luisa sat in the final chair, moaning and practically cross-eyed as she came. Her sundress was now no more than a thick, damp fabric belt at her midriff from pulling it down to free her breasts and up to get access to her pussy, which she was currently stroking with gusto.

“ you feeling, Luisa?” Sam asked.

“Uhhh, s’good, s’very gooooo...” Luisa slurred between moans.

“Too hot? Any discomfort, or pain, or anything wrong at all?” Sam continued.

“Ummmm what? Don’t-mmmfine, never better, cutie...” Carly strung together as she pinched both her nipples and once again shuddered.

“Uh, Ben, this dose might have been a little too much.” Ben nodded.

Carly got close, blushing as she stared at the Latina’s glistening form. She put her hand in Luisa’s panties and began rubbing. Luisa giggled and pushed her hips upwards to meet Carly’s fingers, then threw her head back in ecstasy once more.

“Ya think?” Carly said as she continued playing beneath her panties.

“God, it’s like we replaced her brain with a second clit.”

“Jesus Christ, guys, it’s more like you melted her brain and what’s left is just leaking out her pussy...” Carly’s assessment was spot-on, as Luisa still couldn’t string together a full sentence five minutes later while happily fingering herself, her mask having been removed by Carly. Carly, longingly staring at Luisa and clinging to Sam’s arm, was now breathing heavy herself, her nipples clear as day through her thin bikini top.

“Baby?” She said with need, pressing her chest into Sam’s side.

“Soon, babe, he said as he walked closer to Luisa to get a better look, “we just have to—whoa!”

As soon as Sam leaned over Luisa reached for his very visible election and began stroking it through his gym shorts. Luisa giggled and said “mine now” as she thumbed his head through the thin material.


“Uuuhhyeahbro?” He uttered, half halfheartedly trying to push Luisa’s hands away.

“This is exactly why we said we need to wear real pants on testing days man—with belts!— remember the entire night we lost because we trained Courtney and Luisa to give expert lap-dances?”

“I do” Carly responded dreamily, memories of the evening dancing in her mind.

“Yeah, great night, then because we didn’t go to bed till 3am and forget to freeze part of the Euphoria mix we got set back a week.”

Sam had given up trying to stop Luisa and was now playing with an exposed breast while she sucked one of his thumbs, one of her hands now MIA in his shorts. Ben rolled his eyes and got back to his inventory list.

“Alright, that should do it, that bumps are initial totals up toooo... 50 green, 30 blue, 10 low dose pink ready to roll, 30 mid dose pinks ready for production tomorrow, and finally the highest dose -he was interrupted by another mewling moan by Luisa as Sam slipped his hand under her sundress—“...still just a little to strong to use without constant supervision.”

Sam nodded and continued fondling the squirming older woman before him. He got down on his knees, leaned over, and took a dark, swollen nipple in his mouth. Luisa shook and came again. Ben ignored them and continued going over the list of supplies while Pam and James blankly followed orders on what boxes go where. The next time Ben looked up from his clipboard Sam was standing again, pants around his ankles while Luisa’s head hungrily bobbed up and down on his cock. Carly was behind him, kissing at his neck and stroking his hair.

“Alright, man, no offense but I’m kind of done with the show here, I’m gonna put everyone in clean up and go use your shower.” Sam gave him a thumbs up from behind, then put his hand through Luisa’s dark curls. Sam put a blue mask on, flicked turned the nob on the filter, and turned to James and Pam. The second the switch was thrown they stood at perfect attention, eyes straight ahead and unfocused.

“Initiate clean-up protocol. When you get home you’ll find it difficult to remember the run, it’s as though the last few hours were a foggy haze, the harder you try to think about it even now, the farther away the memory gets. You will feel unconcerned, just as you do right now, just as you’ve grown to do every day” They nodded, and James began cleaning up the chemical supplies while Pam rolled the wiring coil.. Ben then walked over to Andy and Liz, still glassy-eyed and happily dazed as they continued their heavy petting. He grabbed a handful of Liz’s full tit and gave the nipple a squeeze, she giggled as they both turned to him.”

“Always room for one more, love” Liz softly said while Andy nodded and continued playing with her other breast.” Ben smiled.

“Tempting offer, Ben said as he switched to his black mask and set it to “focused”, but you’ve got to be getting home.”

Liz and Andy felt the energy leave their bodies and they slumped back in the lawn chairs, eyes even emptier than before.

“We’ve got to be getting home” they said in unison.

“It was such a nice time coming over for lunch though, we must do it again.”

“It was such a nice time coming over for lunch though, we must do it again” they softly repeated.

“Nothing odd happened today, just daydreams brought on by Long Island Ice Teas, understood?”

“Understood.” and with that Ben flipped the switch and the couple adjusted their clothes and walked back across the street hand in hand.

Ben took stock of the room, Sam was well into the start of a three way, James was still putting away the chemical mixes, and Pam was separating the functional masks into separate boxes.

“I’m gonna go grab that shower now”

Sam dint even hear him, he had switched spots with Luisa in her chair. She leaned over him, pressing her chest into his face while his girlfriend sucked him off from the floor. Sam went through the garage door, passed through the kitchen, then instead of going into the bathroom he took a left through a sliding door that led to the back deck.

“It’s finally time.” He thought to himself, excitement surging through him.

Stepping across the deck he went down the steps onto the lawn where Debra was sun bathing, sprawled out over a towel. She looked up and smiled.

“Hello, Benji, everything alright, dear?”

“Oh, not a problem in the world.” Ben replied, making a point to look her up and down.

“Glad to hear it, hun, but I meant is there anything I can do for you?”

“I could think of a few things you can do for me, Deb.”

Debra smirked at him from behind her large sunglasses and stood up, her white bikini contrasting fantastically with her bronzed body as she stretched. She leaned over and began gathering her things.

“Jesus, she knows exactly what she’s doing…” Ben thought, staring at Debra’s firm rear, fully on display in the tiny bikini bottoms.

“I’m sorry, Benji, but i have to be getting to my yoga class soon, but you better watch yourself, young man, or I’ll tell your mother the way you talk to me.” It was a hollow threat, accentuated by Debra looking back over her shoulder and throwing him a wink as she removed the shades. Debra had been teasing him for years now, never hesitated to flirt with him or show off some extra skin when she knew he was looking. She’d never put an end to the teasing, she enjoyed it too much, but Ben was ready for the teasing to lead to more.

“That’s such a shame, Deb—he turned his mask back to “focus”— I was just about to do some tanning out here, and I’m sure you’d love to help me oil up.” Her eyes went blank, her body lax.

“I’d love to help you oil up.” The flirtatious tone was gone, replaced with the same empty compliance that she had surrendered her car with earlier. Ben stared at her a moment; the object of his lust for years and the focus of his fantasies all summer, and here she was, standing perfectly still, mind empty and ready to be filled by his wishes.

“Seeing my body makes you horny.”

“Seeing your body makes me horny.”

“Touching my body makes you so wet.”

“Touching your body makes you so wet.”

“It’s so naughty to be horny for me”

“It’s so naughty to be horny for you”

“You love being horny for me”

“I love being horny for you.

Ben took a few steps forward and squeezed one of her perfectly perky tits, rotating his thumb over her stiff, pointed nipple.

“Tell me the truth, did you get off on it all these years, teasing me?”

“Oh, yesssss, it turns me on to know such a handsome young man still wants me so badly at my age.” Ben chuckled as he moved a hand down to her bottoms and began softly rubbing his knuckle over her wet mound.

“You’re barely in your 40’s Deb, you can’t possibly think you’re out to pasture yet” Ben thought as he felt her body twitch a little from his touch.

“You’ll think about me sexually all the time now.”

“I’ll think about you sexually all the time.” Even stupefied by the power of the mask, Debra’s cheeks had become flushed and red.

“You can’t say no to me”

“I can’t say no to you”


“I can’t say no to you”

Ben stepped back and returned to where he was when he activated the mask. He switched it back to “off”, then took it off. Deb shook her head a little bit, then refocused on him.

“I, uhhh, yeah that is a shame, Benji...” She trailed off as she watched him remove his shirt and shoes. She bit her lip as she watched the muscular young man bend over to take his socks off.

“Oh well, it can’t be helped” Ben said with a wink, one hand reaching for his belt.

Debra felt an intense heat between her legs as, to her shock, he next pulled off his shorts. Ben picked her towel up off the ground and laid it back out over a soft patch of grass.

“You really...I don’t know if I have time...” She started, before Ben put his hand on her shoulder. It felt like a golden glow of warmth radiating out from the spot he touched her. Ben picked up the bottle of oil off the ground and put it in her hand.

“You sure you don’t have time? I could really use some help with those hard to reach spots. Come on, Debbie, you wouldn’t say no to me, would you?”

She relaxed slightly and softy responded “No, I won’t say no to you…”. Ben laid down face down on the blanket as Deb, still in a daze of arousal, got on her knees, poured some oil onto his back, and started rubbing, a smile growing on her face.

“This is amazing, his body is so firm and strong…” Debra thought as she slid her hands up and down.

To an outsider it would appear Ben was enjoying it the most, moaning and sighing every time she dug into a sweet spot or softly stroked a sensitive area. Anyone who could see into Debra’s mind would be exposed to a different story. Already turned on from his previous commands to get wet at just the sight of his body, Touching him threw her already revved up libido into overdrive, while staring at his muscular back and legs gave her a constant streak of wicked thoughts. After a few more minutes Ben turned over and asked her to get his chest and thighs. Without a word she complied, shaking slightly as her hands kneaded his thighs, getting closer and closer to his massive bulge.

Her hand slipped and he knuckles graved his hard-on and he moaned. Debra pulled her hands back in surprise, and released an “ohhh fuck” from under her breath.

“I’m sorry Deb, my must have wanted to reach everything!”

Before she could say a word he lifted his behind and legs up and pulled his boxers off, tossing them away, leaving his full, thick cock on display. She moaned, squeezing her legs together and licking her lips. Her body screamed for it, begging her mind to throw caution and reason to the wind and mount him, but the sliver of her mind still not overwhelmed with lust wondered is this actually right. She shook her head again and closed her eyes trying to focus. When she opened them he was leaning on his side, his face inches away from hers.

“It’s ok, Debbie, we both want this.”

“Soooo badly, Benji...this is… is this, it feels...wrong?” She said to him, voice nothing more than a whisper. Ben sat up and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her onto his lap. He squeezed her ass and kissed her neck. Deb groaned and pressed herself against him, body continuing to fill with heat.

He put a hand under her chin, guiding her gaze back to his.

“Then why does it feel so fucking good?” and with that they were passionately kissing, fingers feeling, tongues dancing, hips and thighs rubbing against each other. Every touch set Debra’s world further on fire. Ben tore her bikini top off and untied her bottoms, letting them fall to the ground. His fingers danced around her outer lips and she moaned into his mouth. He responded with a growl of his own and slid his fingers inside.

She continued shaking and moaning as the younger man lowered her to the ground and fingered her. She stroked his cock with one hand while rubbing his abs with the other. His thumb found her clit and she nearly shrieked into the kiss as she came. Trying to catch her breath she broke off the kiss and fell onto her back. Ben stood and picked her back up from under her arms and pulled her into his chest, she responded by wrapping her legs around his waist and grabbed his shoulders. Mouths locked again, he carried her to the side of the house, leaned her against it, lined himself up, then began thrusting into her.

Debra’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she dug her nails into his back. They were in heaven; Ben fucking the focus of his fantasies ever since the first day Sam invited him over to play CoD a dozen years ago, Debra having her brain and pussy fucked into blissful oblivion. He picked up the pace, pistonning with everything he had, feeling her sweat-glazed body pulling him tighter with every thrust.

It could have been five minutes or five hours for all Debra cared, she just knew that every second that passed was another earth-shattering orgasm that tore through her overwhelmed body. Ben pined her firmly against the wall, freeing one of his hands so he could turn the mask back on. Her eyes glazed over again and her arms loosened their grip on his back, falling to her sides.

“You love fucking me.”

“I love—ohh—fucking you”

He continued his thrusting, fucking her mind and body.

“You worship my cock.”

“I worship your cock.”

“You are head over heels in lust with me.”

“I am—hnng—I am head over heels in lust with you.”

“You will keep our affair a secret.”

“I will keep our affair a secret.”

“You can’t say no to me”

“I can’t say no to me”

“This is your new reality and you love it”

“This is my new reality and I love it”

“You are my secret sex toy.”

“I am your secret sex toy.”

“Cum harder than you have so far today.” Ben commanded, just before turning his mask off.

“MotherfuUUUUUUUCKERRRRRR!” Debra squealed. It felt like a freight train of pleasure collided directly with her brain, spewing different colors, shapes, and stars before her eyes. She pulled him close to her and continued moaning and twitching into his chest as she rode wave after wave of pure sexual bliss until her body finally calmed and Ben gently lowered her to the ground.

Debra was a little groggy, but managed to get to her knees. She looked up and was greeted with the sight of Ben’s still rock-hard cock not six inches from her face. Instinctively she reached for it, using one hand to pull his head into her mouth, the other hand stroking his balls with the tips of her perfectly manicured fingernails. Ben shivered and shook from the pleasure, and within moments felt his balls tighten, his hips start thrusting on his own, and he let out a loud, primal growl as he came in her mouth.

The now dutiful sex toy Debra didn’t spill a single drop and gave the head of his cock a gentle kiss before laying back in the grass exhausted. Ben gathered his clothes and then carried Debra up to her bedroom. She began stirring again as he laid her in her bed.

“Holy...Shit, Benji”

“I know”

“I can’t believe that happened...”

“Any regrets?” He asked, knowing full well they could be erased. She raised her head and shook it, then flopped back down on a pillow.

“Not a single one, it was like you were fucking my very soul—sweetie, I’d be riding you right now, but I don’t think i can even walk after that”.

“I guess I have an extra reason to visit home a few more times this semester.” Ben said as he headed for her master bath.

He heard her mumble “You better fuckin believe it...” as he closed the door behind him. Ben quickly showered, dried off and redressed, and passed a now snoring Debra on his way out.

He walked down the hall, past the guest room occupied by Courtney all summer. He heard light moans and peaked in through the cracked door, expanding it enough to fit an eye through.

She hadn’t even made it all the way to her bed before she gave in. To her credit she got her panties and shoes off, but the rest of her clothes were still on her, matted to her body with sweat. She was bent over on her knees, face pressed against her mirror, one hand teasing her pussy with a small vibrator from behind under her tiny skirt.

Ben marveled at the effectiveness of the smaller dose, but rationalized that she could just be so used to the masks effects now that even lower exposure triggered the behavior eventually.

“Something to keep an eye on...”

He closed the crack again and went down stairs, nearly running into Sam in the kitchen.

Thought that was gonna be a quick shower, man, where you been?”


Ben was saved a lame excuse as Courtney let out a loud moan on the floor above. Sam smiled.

“Ah, can’t blame you, bro.”

“Yeah, wanted to check the effects, stayed for the show.” Sam nodded knowingly, grabbing a soda out of the fridge. Ben quickly changed the subject.

“Everything set in the garage?”

“Mhh-hmm” Sam affirmed, taking a swig from a coke. “James and Pam are back on their route, Carly left for a sorority Skype meeting, and I just drove Luisa home. She only lives like three miles away, but there’s no way she should be driving right now—She gives insane roadhead by the way. I instructed her to forget everything that happened after she walked through the front door and to go nap as soon as she gets home, the effects should wear off by then. We’ve got time before we have to leave for school, so we’ll make sure she’s more than happy with this in no time. I am going to have to make my mom forget she had a class this afternoon now though...“

“Umm, you don’t have to worry about that...” Ben said, not quite meeting Sam’s eye.

“Ok...why is that?”

“Well, she was going to go back into the garage, so.. i used the mask to make her go take a nap—i didn’t think you’d want her walking in on you balls deep in her best friend, and now that we know the god mask works to perfection on her i didn’t see the harm in it.” The last part was a little rushed as he made it up on the fly, Ben hoped he wouldn’t notice. Sam walked over to him and patted him on the back.

“Thanks, man, yeah that would have sucked. Any idea when she’ll be up?”

“”Up” as in awake or as in able to walk? Heh...” Ben mumbled

“Come again?”

“Not for a while i think, it seemed pretty effective.”

“Sounds good to me. I think I’m gonna go cool off in the pool, you wanna come?”

“Nah, i should be getting home, my mom’ll get mad if I miss out on delivering groceries to my Gram twice in a week.” Ben grabbed his keys off counter and headed for the door.

“Bummer, alright, man, I’ll catch you tomorrow afternoon—hey, maybe you should just use your mask to get out of it? Just do what you did to my mom.”

Ben was halfway out the front door when he paused, and without looking back kept walking and responded “Uhh...Thanks for the suggestion, but i think I’ll pass.” as he closed the door behind him.