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Masquerade: The lover’s mask

By sleeping beauty

I hear of the Masquerade from my grandmother year after year. It is almost like some old romantic novel come to life. People dress up in fine elegant costumes and don great artful masks for one night to become someone else and celebrate. The thought of being a part of such an exquisite and intricate production haunts me. There is something so mysterious and haunting about it when grandmother speaks of it.

“In Italy, the festival of masks is under way as I tell you this dear angel,” grandma started in. “Every year around the time of the harvest, it happens. The townspeople gathered in the town square as the sun set to play caricatures in time.”

I sit in anticipation as she unfolded her story again for me. One I have heard many times before, but one tale that never gets old.

“Their painted faces cloud their class and status within the city. Everyone hides behind masks to live out a story, or maybe a fantasy,” she says with a certain whimsicalness. “Within the carefully constructed scenes of this party, the people, like you my pearl, were young and sweet.” Grandma gently strokes my cheek as she says that part.

I smile and nod waiting for her to continue.

“They would go and knock on all the doors and go through the halls in search of others…like if playing some game.” she paused I tilt my head. “Others played a different game during the town’s event, their game however, is another kind of masquerade.”

“What of this other masquerade?” I ask, knowing the answer. She would not continue it unless I play along every time.

She gives me a nod and pats the pillow next to her for me to come sit. In a flash, I am right by her side where I loved to be. My head now rests on her lap as she tells me the part I love and dream about hearing.

“For some it is just a festival, a ball. To a few, dear, it is much, much more. Those few are called vampyre.” She strokes my hair as her words and mood change. “Those who drink the blood and life force of others to live and exist.” she pauses again to glance at me. “The dark sides of something ancient and timeless child, not to be messed with or taken lightly as I know you still think of it.”

This is always her warning to me as she tells me the rest of the story. Her fear of my falling into darkness and away from her is apparent to me. I understand her fear. I had my parents taken from me as a young child and grandma raised me from almost a babe. She did not wish to lose me as well.

“Those ones, the ones whom by day sleep and by night mingle with the normal and unsuspecting folk. Are always looking for someone special to keep as their own, to add to their flock of evil and sin. They lead such divine lives to those who do not know about them.” She looks at me and sees that I am enraptured by her tale as I have been for many years.

Her words drift into my ear and I feel her hand gently wander over my hair stroking it like a cat. It brings me to a lull and I start to nod off.

“Always remembering that their masks go deeper and they live their own masquerade…forever.”

She smiles worriedly and then brings me up for a hug.

“Anna why listen to my ramblings when you have heard them a thousand times?” she chuckles and kisses me “Off to bed with you my angel, to dream.”

“Cause I love you so grandmother.” I answer sleepily and nod returning the embrace and kiss before I pad off.

I retreat to my bedroom where soon after the moon rises in the sky. Closing the door, I shed my clothes and string them along one of the partitions along my wall, change into my favorite red silk nightgown. I look out at the night sky as I open my window. I see the moon rising ever so high as it beckons to me. I make a wish as the air freshens up my room before I close my window and locked it tightly for the night. My bed feels soft and feather light to my body and skin as I get into it. Dreams swirl just out of reach of my conscious mind as drift off.

Whispered words travel to me through my dreams. Voices so wonderful and seductive, promise me things beyond my wildest imagination. I find myself in the place of my grand’s tale, wondering the streets. The sky is void of stars and just as black as coal. People are walking and greeting me with nods as I walk passed them. They look as if they belong in some ancient play. When I turn to look back at them they seem to disappear into the night mist. I turn around to continue my stroll and bump into someone. I look up to excuse myself.

A man in a mask of gold takes my hand and kisses it. The kiss travels to my head leaving me lightheaded. Something touch, no caresses me where no hand had ever been. My body becomes full of heat and lust from the phantom touch I am receiving. I swoon into the arms of this stranger and blush as I look into his mysterious eyes. He is so beautiful; his touch feels like silk to me. He smiles at me, holds me up, and brings me back to my feet.

“Forgive me my intrusion Madame. I did not mean to knock you off your feet.” he says as he holds my hand. He smiles again and his eyes dance in the light.

“That is…Um…I am…. all right” I reply stunned, trying to get my mind to work so I could speak.

He smiles and chuckles a bit at my awkwardness. He seems to enjoy it. He nods to me to let me know it is understood and finally let my hand go.

“Till we meet again Cherrie.” said he as he smiles again, waving his hand about in a bow, and turns to leave me standing there in the square.

I hold my hand to my face as he bade me ado and walked onward. I finally blink and notice he was gone. Only the lamps and candles that decorate and light the streets remain. I go to turn to follow my intended path and go to the party but I am now lost.

In a sweat, I rise from my bed feeling the kiss and touch from the phantom man. I look around to see I am in my room again and safe from any such encounter. Part of me is relieved while another wishes the dream had indeed been real. I get up from my soaked bed sheets and pour myself a glass of water from my bedside. I take a sip and swallow still thinking of the dream. I feel his touch again just then. I turn to see no one there and my doors open to the hallway. I walk into the hallway where I see two double doors before me.

I enter the room that lies beyond the big dark doors protecting it. I am in awe as I run into it to see the walls and ceiling covered in nothing mirrors. There are two sofa chairs and a table between them close to the center of the room. The room seemed to spin as I walk to the middle. I lose my balance a little and grab the back of one of the chairs for steadiness. I turn to watch the doors close seamlessly, trapping me inside not knowing where the exit is.

I start to feel panic surface but then I catch my reflection in the mirrors and it is forgotten. I gaze into the mirror at myself and feel dizzy. Falling back onto the back of the chair, I move to sit in the chair when the floor turns it around to me. I sink into it as the room engulfs all my senses. The lights dim and I faintly hear music playing. It sounds like music from someone’s music box. There are lights shifting into patterns and colors coming from the reflections in the mirror. I am stunned by their brilliant swirling patterns that play off the surface. As I stare into them, a mist comes in from somewhere unnoticed.

He is suddenly beside me holding me to him, his arms wrap around my waist. I sigh deeply as his hand starts to trail up my stomach to my breast and gently massage it before he brings his hand to my neck to caress and move hair from my neck. His lips touch me and give me a tender kiss that produces chills in me. My body shudders with anticipation as that feeling of lust return to me. I fall into him and he carries me back to my bed.

It is then he starts to tear off my clothes and ravish me like nothing I had ever known. His lips and hands roam my body and light me with a passion. I kiss him feverishly forgetting all about the dream. I feel him inside of me as we pump and move together making love. Upon my orgasm, I scream into the night and am again left alone in my bed. Before I could do anything, I fall into a deep rest from our union and would have a full sleep for the first time in years.

The next few nights were more of the same with one difference, on the last night, instead of him coming to me, I went to him. I turn and find myself in a grand ballroom full of people wearing masks. They are all dancing to music, I could not tell where it came from. The man from my dreams appears in front of me, takes my hand, and leads me to the middle of the floor. We are swallowed up in the crowd as they took their places again. Everyone has a partner in hand and goes around in a circle as the dance begins again. All the dancers look as if they were just thrown together or happen upon one another unlike my mystery man and I.

He takes me in his arms and my head swims again. I look upward and see the ceiling blend into the night as they mix into one another. I see no stars just the blackness of the darkness. My eyes return to his as we start to spin around as we dance. Everything becomes a blur now except for him. I fall into him again. He catches me and embraces me tight against him. Heat arises as I feel his body against mine.

His eyes behind his mask remind me of the darkness but yet they are different. Something within his eyes pulls me and keeps me there. I feel like I am floating now. He speaks to me but his mouth is not moving.

“You are lovely Anna. I would so much like to love you.”

I blush and keep looking at him, wondering how he knows my name. I start to speak but could not find the words.

“I know you would love for me to love you too. You dream about me every night.” He continued.

I look at him with surprise and shock, as he seemed to know the dark fantasies of my heart. He smiles and pulls me closer to him.

“Yes Cherrie, I know all about you. I have been watching you for years waiting for this moment.” He proclaimed. “Let yourself live it out my love and all will be clear, this I promise you.”

For some reason I trust him. I know somewhere I should not but I do. I should be scared, I should run away, I should do many things…but I did not do anything but stay there getting lost in his eyes and words.

One by one, people leave the dance floor, parting as couples and disappear from sight. I hear the music faintly now as we move away from the grand ballroom. He walks me up a staircase and down a hall where frames hang along the walls, some full of shattered glass, and 8 by10’s. My eyes travel watching the pictures move and the glass fall to the floor as the illusion fall away.

I feel panic suddenly grip me as the reality of what is happening comes to light. I am being led to my death or something worse than death for sure. I look and glance to see people running around scampering around. Their movements, being directed and purposely redirected to move them like rats in a maze. They try to head for the doors to the outside. Most are greeted with a jolt of pain as teeth sink into their skin. Screams pierce the night air as they are fed upon like cattle.

I turn to the dark stranger and see his eyes twinkle. My fear is held within them as we continue to walk upward to a large bedroom. He gently picks me up and places me onto the bed. He leans over me brushing the hair from my face and kisses me. Everything was gone….

He makes love to me like in dreams and it is heaven like I thought it would be. His hands produce a fire in my body and makes me ache with need, and it quench something deep within me that even I was not aware of. I gaze into his eyes one last time as he speaks to me.

“My Anna, your taste is intoxicating just like I knew you would be. So sweet and alive. I give you the gift to be this way forever.” He barred his teeth then. “With me forever...”

His mask falls away as he swoops down upon me like a lightning flash as his fangs sink into my skin. The sensation is both painful and pleasurable as he drinks my life away and I know his love for me. My world fades away as he loves me for the last time taking all of me for his own.