The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Master Hypnotist

Case Study: Bret

By: Chester

Week One

A friend had sent Bret to me for hypnosis. You see after I hypnotize someone, I always give him the suggestion to send me guys that he thinks I might be able to help in some way.

Bret was a construction worker who had just started his own company and was working very hard, too hard. His hours were terrible and he didn’t see much of his wife, even on weekends. He was getting very stressed out trying to capture new jobs and keeping up on the ones they had. This stress was showing itself in weight loss and Bret was afraid that he soon wouldn’t be able to keep up to the hard physical labor he was also doing. It was suggested to him that I might be able to help, so he made an appointment.

Bret was an eager, workaholic kind of guy, and showed up for the first appointment early. He was 28, over 6 feet and quite handsome in a ‘Robert Redford- in- Butch Cassidy’ kind of way. The induction took a while since he was very hyper and found it hard to keep still, but once he began to relax and go under, he approached that with the same kind of workaholism that he approached work and went quite deeply and quickly.

In the first session I mostly got him to talk. I found out that he had always wanted to have more muscle, would love to have a very muscular body, but that he hadn’t had time or energy to devote to that and now that he was losing weight, he felt like he was losing muscle as well. That saddened him.

He also told me he found it very difficult to relax. I asked him if he ever smoked (a particular fetish of mine) and he told me he used to but that he had quit a couple of years ago. I decided to work on this one first, since I did want to see him smoke, and secondly because I wanted a test of his post-hypnotic suggestibility. I suggested to him that his problem with relaxing began around the time he had quit smoking that if he hadn’t quit smoking none of his problems might have happened. I also suggested he would notice many of the men who smoked this week and would feel badly that he didn’t smoke any more because they looked so relaxed when they did. Finally, I suggested that by smoking and relaxing he might be able to stop this weight loss and gain some muscle. I left it there to see what would happen.

Then I started to tap his sexual fantasies and was surprised to find out that deep down there was a fantasy to be raped by a man. He told of how he would be knocked out, tied up, and fucked. He got very hard telling it. He described this to me vividly and added that he could never let anyone know.

I worked on deepening his trance some more and then suggested how good he would feel and how he would look forward to coming back and working with me. I suggested that he would easily be able to find them time to do ten minutes of muscle work each morning—that he would enjoy it and it would make him feel batter all day. I gave him a posthypnotic cue for rapid induction the next time and sent him happily on his way.

Week Two

I noticed immediately when Bret walked in the pack of cigarettes in his shirt pocket. Obviously the suggestion had taken and Bret was going to be a good subject. I said I wanted to talk to him a minute before we started and did he want to have a cigarette or something before we started. He eagerly took out a cigarette, a Marlboro Light, and smoked it. He mentioned that he had recently taken up the habit again and was really enjoying it—finding that it made him stop and take a minute and relax every little while.

After he finished his cigarette I asked him if he had been working out at all and he told me that he was managing to spend a little time each morning and that he felt good about it but needed to do more.

I gave him the cue and he went under immediately. I asked him how he had started smoking and he told me that all his problems started when he had stopped and that he was watching his foreman smoke, and how it seemed to make him less irritable when he did and so he bummed a smoke from him. He immediately felt more relaxed and he was now up to almost a pack a day. I asked how his wife reacted to it and he said she hadn’t even noticed yet.

I told him that he was going to work on getting his body muscular. I wanted him to look into an imaginary mirror and watch himself change into the muscular person he wanted to be. He smiled as he saw the new self in the mirror. I had him describe himself as he looked into the mirror and told him that every time he would look into a mirror he would have the flashback vision of how he wanted to be, and that would help him to achieve it. He would do anything to achieve it.

I also suggested that his relaxation would be directly proportional to his muscle gain. The more he could relax the more muscle he would gain. Then I asked him how he was going to relax more—and he answered “Smoke more”. That’s right, I said, and the stronger the cigarette, the more muscle and the stronger you’ll be.

I also told him that it was important to take more time each day for the weight training and that he should probably join a gym. it was more important for him to gain muscle and be healthy so he could do his job than it was for him to get home right after work. He agreed.

Then I began some sexual training. I began to talk about how his body was starting to get extra sensitive to touch and that when anyone touched it, it would be like a thousand volts of electricity going directly to his cock. I touched different parts of his body and he began to moan with pleasure. I suggested that particularly when a man touched those parts, the touch would be even more exciting. He moaned even more. Finally I told him the highest level of sensitivity was going to be in his lips and mouth and that he longed right now to be kissed. Slowly I brought my lips down to his, touched his lips with my tongue and quickly received a very passionate kiss from Bret.

I reiterated that he would feel great when he awoke, that he would want to come back next week and what his cue was. He awoke, surprised that any time had passed, and went home happy, cigarette dangling from his lips.

Week Three

When Bret showed up the third week he was actually showing signs of some weight gain and muscle. He was smoking constantly and looked great with the constant stream of smoking coming out of his mouth and nose. He explained to me that he was living in a motel at the moment because his wife got very angry with him starting to smoke again, they had a big fight and he walked out. He was a little more stressed than usual, he said and was looking forward to our session.

I tried a little guided imagery this time and took Bret for a ride on his fantasy. I sat him up and gave him the cue. I told him that again he would experience intense pleasure in the touch of another person. I explained that he was walking down a dark alley. It was night. Out of the darkness of the alley, two tough looking guys in their twenties jumped out at him and demanded his wallet. One of them held him from behind.

I grabbed his arms and held them behind his back. When I touched Bret, you could hear the intake of breath as his now very sensitive skin received the touch. I told him his hands were now tied behind his back.

I told Bret that the other man now came up close to his face, held his head in both hands and kissed him. At first Bret fought against my kiss, but soon he was very passionate and could not get enough of it.

Then, through the guided imagery, I told Bret that he was being stripped. I put a lubricant on my finger and began playing with his ass. Bret started screaming out in pain and ecstasy and came very quickly.

I explained to him that the face of his captor would be on his mind a lot now and that he would fantasize over this event like it had really happened. To Bret it had really happened.

I told Bret that when he woke up he would want more and more to have muscle, that each day he was getting bigger and stronger and that it made him feel so good. The man in the mirror, his alter ego, would soon be a reality for him. In order to do this he would have to smoke more and use a stronger brand. He was already smoking Reds. I asked him how much he was smoking now and he told me it was about two packs a day.

I finally told him that he would have a good week, and he would fantasize a lot about his ‘adventure’ and desperately want to have another session with me. I strengthened the fact he told me—that he didn’t miss his wife at all.

Week Four

When Bret sauntered into my office, he was already showing the signs of much more muscular growth and the cigarette dangling from his lips was an unfiltered one. He was inhaling the smoke without taking the cigarette from his mouth and as he talked a steady steam of smoke kept coming out. I asked him how he was and he told me that he was actually quite a mess.

Bret said he didn’t know if he had told me about the incident that had occurred a few weeks before, that he was embarrassed about the incident but that it had caused him to fantasize about ‘strange’ things. He wondered if I could do something to help him out.

I asked him what incident and what sort of things. He explained to me that a man had raped him and that since the incident he had not been able to get the incident out of his mind. If that weren’t bad enough he found that it was making him very horny and that he was constantly fantasizing about it. He said that he had never had thoughts for another man before and that it scared him and he wondered of there was a way for a hypnotist like me to make him forget about it.

I reminded him that I was gay and understood what he was going through and I would help him in any way I could.

As usual now the induction was very quick. Bret was an excellent subject and had utmost faith in my abilities. I explained to him that his horniness was probably caused by a deep-rooted homosexuality that he had been fighting for years and that it was just now coming out. Since these feelings are inbred, and because he was actually enjoying them, he ought to not worry about it, not be afraid about it, but give into the thoughts and enjoy them.

In fact, I told him, every time he had a cigarette now, he would find himself thinking about me and how wonderful a mentor I would be in leading him to explore his gay self. With each cigarette he would be surer that he wanted this and be more attracted to me.

I asked him how much he was smoking now and he told me close to three packs a day. I asked if he had heard from his wife and he told me that she had started divorce proceedings and he was anxious to settle and get on with his life. After the questioning I told him he would feel very good and relaxed when he awoke, no more fear about the feelings he was having.

When he awoke, he immediately lit up a cigarette and thanked me for how good he felt. After the first couple of drags, he started using the cigarette to seduce me—he would open his lips just a little before putting the cigarette in—all the while looking right at me. Then slowly he would take a drag, pull it in deeply, smile at me and then slowly blow the smoke out in my direction.

Finally he asked me out for supper. We decided on our second date that week that perhaps he didn’t need therapy any more. He just needed me.