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Master of the Mind

Chapter 3 — We will change your mind

The next videos still linger in my mind’s eye. The second one was the newly-minted floozy straddling into the most impossibly gaudy and objectifying fashion shop Chris could find. An ad poster inside the store featured a brain-dead blonde holding a purse dog in front of a pink backdrop. The text read “Here you go, girl!”

All in all it wasn’t much more than delighted ditzo “Debbi” squealing over pair after pair of sky high heel shoes and modeling “adorable” skintight clothes with borderline unemployable bubblebrain salesgirls.

But I still got irrepressibly angry. Chris knows it, too. We have argued over female dignity more times than I can count. The sight of my best friend prancing around in lacy fishnet stocking and a waist cinching latex corset hit like a gut punch. He knows I’m never going to let him to that to my friend. And I wouldn’t have if...Dammit...If only I had kept my damn phone on!

The third video is, naturally, even worse. Deb’s at a hair salon, getting her beautiful long dark hair ‘double processed’ to bleached platinum blonde. She is suckling a lollipop, humming trashy pop. I already want to claw my eyes out at how much poor Deb looks like a natural hussy but then the video switches to a beautician shop. Her pretty face is painted in shocking pink lipstick and dark eyeshadow as she bats her inch-long false eyelashes and blows kisses to the camera . I took a second to sit down and cry after this one. I was just too much.

And yet, it wasn’t enough. Deb had fully become Debbi. There was only one thing left to do. And thus, in today’s video...

“AaaaAAAah! Master’s totally doing meeee!”

He’s fucking her. She’s on all fours on the king-sized bed, she’s smiling and giggling like a retard and he’s banging her from behind.

“So how’s that, Clari? Do you like the new Improved Porno Deborah? She sure does! Am I right honey? Aren’t you one sexy bitch?”

“I’m super lush nowsies! Hmmmmh...Yeah fuck me more Master, like, I’m your babe...”

“Silly Debbie. We do nothing but fuck don’t we?”

“Tee hee hee yeah!”

“Bring the phone over to your face now honey. Show her your slut face.”


She looks at the device her PK power gently lifts the video phone and it smoothly floats to her, until I can see all the details of her ecstatic expression in entirely too uncomfortable details. At this point I ran into the restroom to isolate myself. They announced that my plane was departing. I didn’t care. I just didn’t want anyone to see me shaking and miserable as I looked at my best friend. Now a 100% genuine exploited brain-dead skank. And elated to be.

“Do you want to say anything to Clari, Debbi?” Jeered Chris.

“Yeah! Master, like, yanno, he wants you to cum...And I want, too, cos, huh...” She genuinely struggled to find her words. How much did he take away, goddammit?! “Cos he’ll make you just like me and we’ll be, like, totally his slaves of the world’s master and it would be awesuuum!”

“That’s right!” Continued Chris, back into his game show host voice. “So, come tonight! If you don’t stop me, we go to the plastic surgeon tomorrow anndd... Debbi is going to be in a porn movie! We are meeting the CEO of Vivid Productions tomorrow!”

And that’s the exact moment I knew I had to fucking kill him.

* * *

Come evening. My plane is long gone. I didn’t even think about getting a refund. Fuck running away. He’s going DOWN.

I’m so mad, I actually sent a heartfelt thank-you postcard to the Luxor’s pit boss. Bastard as he is, he made me discover my psionic blast ability. Without it, I’d be defenseless. With it, dear Christopher is already dead.

So I step foot inside the Bellagio and go straight for the elevators. Sure of the outcome, I talk to the security guard standing nearby.

“Hey, I think you’ve got a key to the penthouse for me.”

“I do, Clari.”

He zombishly hands me the elevator key. I kinda hope Chris controls the entire staff because otherwise the poor guy’s going to get fired over this. I go into the elevator and turn the key. We’re going all the way up.

I have a vision of the future and my heart swells with hope. I see myself. I manage to get Chris off-guard while he’s groping Deb’s empty shell. He goes down without a fight. It’s heartening to know I have a chance. Deep breath. Breathe and keep a clamp on that rage. It is my only well as Deb’s.

But no celebrating yet—I still have to figure out how to get inside. Because, guess what, the door to the penthouse proper is keycard—locked. Fuck. Does he believe I’d be mad enough to ring the fucking doorbell? I mean I am mad as hell, but that would be such an obviously suicidal move.

So instead I go around the hallway, hoping there’s any alternate entrance. Sadly, real life doesn’t work like Deus Ex. Chris doesn’t want a surprise visit. That’s about the only think I can’t blame him for. Still, I KNOW I’m going to get in, so there has to be a way. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and try to get a clearer premonition.

But I keep going back to me knocking Chris out. Nothing before, nothing after...Just the flow of hatred snuffing his brainwaves out. I can’t get anything else! And I’ve got to see bimbo Debbi over and over again. I just keep feeling sick just looking at her or the other slut in the background. Chris is such a fucking deviant, holy shit...

Wait wait wait WHAT?

Oh shit, he bimbofied another woman. Of course, why stop at Deb when you can snag every showgirl in Vegas or even create your own with a thought? I bet he’s got a whole fucking harem in there. Too many for the bubblebrains to keep track of how many they are. And just like that, I’ve got my plan.

I go back to the locked door and take a deep breath.

“Oooh...Mmmmh...Yeesss, more...”

I hope I’m a natural at faking orgasms because that’s not stuff I want to train for. I raise my voice to a breathy high pitch as I pretend to be rammed by a sexy dreamboat. That doesn’t at all look like Chris.

“Ooooh I’m coming I’m coming I’m...AaaaAAAAH!”

Honestly, I don’t know if the skanks inside are brain-dead enough to come open the door just because somebody’s orgasming outside. But I know I’m going inside so...

Yes! The door’s opening. And as expected, I’m greeted by a pink-lipstick abomination with a smile so dumb you wouldn’t be surprised to see drool on her chin.

“Oh heyas! Like, did Master forget you? Tee-hee, you’re such a plain J...”

She seizes up and falls on the floor. I don’t want to be called plain by your siliconed ass, bitch. I clench my fists and walk forth. Hang in there, Deb. The nightmare’s almost over.

“Your pussy is so wet, Debbie...Your just a natural slut in heat, aren’t you?”

“Tee hee hee!”

The monster fondles Deb’s tits. He has her by her now platinum curls gathered into a ponytail bent over a fancy leather lounge chair. She is wearing a black lace bodysuit and 5 inch stiletto pumps for god sake! My vision is coming true. I walk slowly, without making a sound. The bimbo in the background enjoys the groping too much to notice me. I ready my rage and hatred. He doesn’t suspect anything, sure of his victory. Imbecile.


My blast hits him like a truck. His brain gives way. He falls like a ragdoll.


Wait. This isn’t right. It didn’t feel like the others. Like...Like hitting water where you expect a wall. He rolls on his back. His expression is still triumphant but his eyes are dead. What the...

“Sorry, Clari.” Chimes a feminine voice. “No one’s home.”

I feel a jolt, and everything goes black.


I try to get up but I can’t move my arms and legs. What?

“Wakey wakey!”

My eyes flutter. Deb’s in front of me. No wait she’s Debbie now...Except she’s acting like Deb again. Kinda. There’s something wrong. My mind is mired in mud.

“Pretty neat hun? I push on posterior nerve roots at the base of your skull and your neuro muscle control is no more. Unless I want to make my puppet dance!”

I can feel my body but I cant move a muscle to resist. My feet flail against my will and then stop.

“Thats not all. Any part of your body I think of, any area of your brain- like say the nucleus accumbens, I tickle your pleasure center and... ”

“OHHHhhhh” I moan as my brain loads up on dopamine

“Orrr, there is always the good old fashioned methods of stimulation..”

Aaaah! A big dick slides into my vagina and makes it feel good. I moan. It starts vibrating. I want it to stop but, I am in desperate fog deep in pleasure. I cum.


“Ha ha ha, your stuck-up ass needed that, didn’t it?”

My genitals still send me waves of shameful pleasure but I can think a bit more clearly now. It is Deb in front of me.

“Deb are you alright? Where’s Chris, did I take him out? What’s happening?”

Memories coalesce. I remember Chris’ empty stare. Then Deb’s voice...Yeah, it was Deb.

I feel a shiver down my spine. No, no that’s not possible. She can’t.

“Sorry Clari, it was me the whooole time.”

She pinches my nipple and I moan again. No. No no no no no. This can’t be. Nope. Nooope.

“I’m not exactly clear on what happened on the plane. Some kind of awakening I think.

Why when Chris and I started going at becoming members of the ‘mile high club’ that we bonded? Why we absorbed all the passenger’s minds when he was fucking me, but the shock made me devour his mind. I guess he does still exist...Inside me.”

“You assimilated him and he turned you into a monster oh my God...”

“We lit the same fire inside you too Clari. We stopped at devouring you, however. Maybe you had some kind of defense, I don’t know...”

She twists my nipple again. I cry out. I don’t wake up. I don’t even want to argue with that psycho so instead I beg for the nightmare to stop. But Monster-Deb laughs off my pleas and says...

“Chris Dear, come join us please...”

I hear him rise and walk toward us. His fully 6′3″ body is naked and realize that I have never seen him without a shirt. I always knew he was a competitive swimmer but gads! his body looks like it is carved out of stone. And yes, he is fully at attention down there! He lies on his back on the ground between us.

“Mount him” Deb’s command hits me like a warm irresistible wave and I take him all the way up my sopping wet vagina.

“Now let me see your erection Clar...” She says smiling seductively.

I don’t understand, but I slowly begin extending my tongue toward her until my chin

starts to hurt.

“Good” She says. “Hands behind you, fingers interlocked in the small of your back.” Of course, I comply.

“Now we can start” she says as she lowers her naked sex onto Chris’s face where I see he has likewise extended his tongue to its maximum. Debs lips touch my wet tongue and I feel another strong wave hit me. She is sucking on my tongue and my head is on fire.

“No. No. No Deb please..why are you doing this?” I am calling out in my mind.

“Whaaat? I go through all this fucking trouble to make you slippery bitch stop running and you break with just a little kiss? Clari, you’re just getting started.”

“Wha...What do you mean what...”

“I mean I acted like a stupid bimbo because I just knew it would make your social justice ass furious. Pure theater to bring up your outrage. And while I do plan to make myself more attractive, because that’s where the power lies, whether you like it or not, going full bimbo was annoying as hell. So after I assimilate your power, I’m definitely turning you into the real deal.”

I try to scream but all that comes out is a my panting breath. I try to hit her with a psionic blast but she shrugs it off with a laugh. I feel sickened and revolted but I’m also floating on a cloud. I’m too calm. I can’t use my blast because she is inside me! oh my God she is in my mind and cutting up my brain with her power! I’m so fucked I’m so fucked.

“Yes you are!” Wh...What?! “Ha ha ha, surprised?! Yes, I can read your fact you should get used to my presence because you won’t ever be alone in your head again. I’ll always be there to keep what scant few thoughts you have nice and obedient. In fact, let’s start now!”

No. No. No no no please God no stop her...

I gasp. I feel something. Like a shifting inside my head. This isn’t like Chris’ pushing, it’s a physical sensation...Like my brain is being kneaded into a soft dough. This is scary enough but

it’s not even painful. It’s pleasant and relaxing. There’s a snap. The right side of my face twitches. Wow, Deb is so hot. What? Why am I checking her out now of all things? And why does it make me feel more flushed than being fucked by Chris?!

“What are you doing to me Deb...” I ask with a dead, hopeless voice, unable to keep my stare away from her boobies...I mean breasts. “I’m straight, what the Hell...”

“Oh, nothing, my cute little slave...just showing you what I can do by combining our powers. Psychic brain surgery! I rearranged your neurones a bit...Now you think I am the most beautiful woman in the world.”

As she says this, a warm wave hits again. I am calm as I slowly fuck my nemesis. She really is beautiful...I...Is she even human? Her body, her black-lined pale blue eyes, her flowing platinum blonde hair...Nobody’s that beautiful. I realize she’s modifying my brain to think that way but...I just...can’t...

“Yes Deb...Yes, you are...”

“Good girl. Of course, it lacks precision...I could make you brain dead with this. Now if

only you had a psychic power you don’t really need...”

My eyes shoot wide open. She grins. I slip away into the future. I am in another penthouse, even more gorgeous than this one. Deb has shorter hair now but she’s still as beautiful as a Goddess. She’s closer to old me I guess. Me? I’m squeezing my new luscious DD titties. I grin happily, foolishly. I have smiled like this for days now. Mistress thinks I’m more fun looking permanently euphoric. And I am! I love my Mistress so much!

I know you are Clari dear, I know you are. Keep masturbating, this is a long meeting.

Yes Mistress!

I obey the voice in my mind and slide a third finger inside my hungry pussy. Mistress is controlling Chris to make him do some business stuff. I don’t know. My mistress has emptied my mind of anything unsexy. I wet the carpet with my love juices and moan like the slutty slave I am. Always happy. Always smiling. I love the new me. I can’t wait for Chris to come back so he can fuck me while I lick Mistress’ pussy and Tears roll down my cheeks. I feel like my brain is being squeezed. The premonition wasn’t done. It was both more powerful than ever before and slipping away...I look at “Deb”.

Her eyes flutter. She’s having a vision. My vision.

“Yes...YES!” I can hear her, loud and clear, inside my own mind. “This is our future! Now I can do ANYTHING!”

“Stop it please Deb stop iiiiiit...”

No hope. No rage. Just pure, unadulterated despair. I am doomed. Doomed. Her vision ends and she looks at me with excited, even ravenous, eyes.

“Oh I want you to be like that right goddamn now...Well, you won’t have your true body until tomorrow but...”

I yelp. She is giving me brain surgery again, but with terrifying speed and precision. She can’t make any mistakes now. She floods me with dopamine and I moan as everything I am is being written over. I feel my thoughts being snuffed out one by one and the pleasure becoming more intense by the second. Chris’ dick is so hard and strong in my slutty slave cunt? Slave?

Slave. I’m a slave slut with a slave brain. I don’t want to be a clinical psychologist and change the world anymore. I want to look pretty and be with Deb always. Yes, that feels right. I’m Clari-dear and I’m the slave of the ultimate being.

“How are you holding up, Clari-dear?” She asks in an excited voice. “Feeling obedient yet?”

“Oh yes I do, please keep changing me it feels so good I want it.”

Deb sure is working fast. I feel all my strong opinions about this and that turn into “What does Mistress think?". I mean, is slavery bad? I don’t know. Mistress seems to love it. She’s looking at me drooling and changing live as the result of her surgery and she’s cumming. She’s cumming so hard it even makes us, the extensions of her will, cum. Chris is blowing his load. I am squirting like a fountain in the biggest orgasm I ever had.

I felt control of my body return to me, but I didn’t stop fucking and french kissing my former friends.

“I love you so much Mistress! I can’t wait to serve you.” I said with genuine tears of gratitude rolling down my hot cheeks.

“I know you will baby.” She says with frightening assurance. “Now. Let me see you smile...”

My cheeks tense involuntarily. I’m grinning like in the vision. Mistress cuts down every synapse that could make me change expressions. The mere thought of being more pleasant for Mistress to look at makes me cum again. Mistress tells me I will have big boobs tomorrow. My shiny knew brain knows it’s the best idea in the world.