The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part Two – A Day Of Questions

Chapter Eleven – Mind Magi Police

The man with the knives wasn’t just fast, he was agile too. He moved with a grace that surpassed anything I had ever seen.

I was hard pressed to duck and dodge, but I knew he would eventually get me. I had to choose when he would. I had to make sure it was to my advantage.

I used the martial arts training I had gleaned from Mike, Erin’s ex-boyfriend, so many months prior, the training from Agents Davis and Marks not many days after that, and anything I had seen in a movie that looked like it could really work. Still I didn’t land a finger on the guy.

He kept his cool the entire time, looking for the perfect moment to strike. Taking swipes, thrusting his knives at me, and generally being in my face. I can honestly say that of all the people I had fought, this one scared me more than any of the others. Even his big friend on the floor wasn’t as much of a threat. My normal tactic of being faster than my foe wasn’t useful any more. I needed to strike with my other abilities. I needed to get those knives out of his hands.

What could I do though? Most of my abilities required touch. My Strength was useless unless I had like a bat or something. Even then, going for a weapon at this point would open me up for him to strike. I had limited telepathy, but that wouldn’t disarm him. So many talents, so few truly useful ones.

There was one that I had that didn’t require touch, my Charm, but I didn’t want this guy getting sexy for me. I wanted him nice and unconscious. If he would be so kind as to just fall asleep, I would be happy. Oddly, I actually felt my Charm reach out to him.

My hesitation was enough that he slashed my left arm. That brought me back to reality and I let my Charm go. Almost instantly the guy slowed down and finally went over and laid down on the couch. He was asleep in seconds.

I stood there, staring at him in confusion while clutching my bleeding arm.

The big guy started to stir. I went over to him, pressed my hand to his forehead and almost screamed, “SLEEP!”

One thing was certain: Whisper had been right about more people coming.

I went to the bedroom door and knocked on it. “Renée, Erin, Chloe. It’s Ral. Everything is okay.”

~Is it really okay, or are they forcing you to say that?~ I heard Renée ask.

~Brilliant. And yes, it’s really clear, both of them are asleep.~

The door opened and I went to the bathroom. The girls followed me. “What happened?” asked Erin.

“I got cut,” I answered. I rolled up my shirt sleeve and started washing away the blood.

Erin got closer and looked. We both watched as the cut began healing, knitting its self shut before our eyes. When it was closed there wasn’t even a scar left.

“Well, I’m not as worried as I was before,” Erin said.

I nodded. I couldn’t agree more that it was good to know I didn’t need sex to heal.

“What are we going to do? The hotel will certainly take note of a broken door, two sleeping guys and a dead girl.”

An idea struck me. It was perfect but oh so wrong. “We’ll check out and leave. Then we’ll call the hotel and report a fight in this suite. When they call the police, they will take the men into custody and cart away the woman. It even looks like they may have killed her except for her lacking a single mark.”

Erin looked at me shocked. Chloe seemed to roll the idea around in her head as if weighing the consequences and Renée said, “No. Ral, whatever we do, we can’t just leave like this.”

“Fine, but I still want you three in a cab on the way to the airport. I’ll talk to the police.”

Erin calmed down and Chloe just shrugged. Renée was still on top of things. “Before you call them, you need to find out who they are and who sent them.”

I nodded and walked past the girls. I went to the brute on the floor first. The other guy had really spooked me. I knelt down next to the big guy. He still had a pulse, which was good, and he seemed to be breathing nice and evenly. Whatever had befallen the woman wasn’t happening to these two. I wondered about that difference.

I pressed my hand to the big guy’s temple. Immediately I ran into a wall. Even asleep this guy had mental defenses. I sought an entrance. He had to have a door or window or something. “Show me…” I mumbled under my breath.

Somehow the wall disappeared. It was like my request was accepted. I didn’t wait to find out how or why, I just looked for what I needed.

Roy Jordan had always been big and in high school, the star of the football team. Colleges fought over him and he attended Georgia Tech. Then a man approached him and informed him that he was a Mind Magi. The man’s name was John Ramos, a recruiter for House Vaughan. Roy turned them down and continued with his education.

During one of the playoff games, Roy suffered a knee injury. It took three surgeries and two years of therapy to get it back to ninety percent functionality. Unfortunately that meant his football career was over.

During that two year period, Roy found out that his body was trying to compensate for the injury and he put on muscle mass. He realized that the Mind Magi recruiter had been after him because of that special gift. Roy called him up and decided to find out more.

That had been ten years prior. Now Roy was one of the Dragons of the Mind Magi. He was the heavy backup to whoever they sent into the field. He didn’t know why, but he was instructed to bring me in. He had never failed to do anything the council had asked of him before. I wondered what would happen now that he had.

I looked for who gave him the order. It should have been simple, but it wasn’t. Whoever gave the Dragons their assignments was smart. They were always contacted indirectly, usually by their cell phones.

I pulled back and picked Roy’s pockets. I found his phone. I opened it and pulled up the recently called list but it was empty. They had probably been trained to erase all lists after receiving such calls. I closed the phone and put it in my pocket.

“Did you find anything?” Renée asked.

I shook my head. “They’re contacted by cell phone. Their orders come from the Council. It could be any of them or all of them. You saw how Flemming took the news of me being made a House Lord. I’m sure he would have seen this as really funny.”

“Why were they sent?” Erin asked.

“They don’t even know that. Roy here was told to help him,” I pointed to speedy, “bring me in.”

“Bring you in?” Chloe asked.

I shrugged. “They’re like the police of the Mind Magi.”

“Check him anyway, Ral. He might have received different information. I mean, he came at you with a pair of knives!” Renée noticed the handles were they stuck out from under the man’s jacket.

I nodded and approached him. He slept peacefully, just like Roy did. I wasn’t sure how strong my command had been since it passed through my “charm blanket” but I made sure he continued to sleep as soon as I touched him.

He too had defenses up even though he slept. Maybe they were trained for that. Again, I passed through his defenses with the same ease as Roy. If they’re being trained to defend themselves in their sleep, they needed better training. Then again, it may have been possible that since I induced their sleep this time they were even more defenseless. I would have to keep that in mind and test the theory. Some other time.

Russ Fairbanks was approached a few years ago by House Augustus. The recruiter, Jordan Litcom, had found Russ soon after Russ had been laid off. The firm Russ had worked for cut him and about a thousand other employees. He had been there for over seven years, working as a plant line worker. His natural dexterity was a benefit and burden. He was too good to give a promotion too, yet he wasn’t high enough in the company’s structure to escape the layoffs.

Russ was sure Jordan and this “House Augustus” was just some normal job recruiter and went through the whole process of “House Recruitment”. What he had failed to understand until they showed him what they were really about was that his gifts of speed and agility were not normal. They even convinced him that he could use them “to do some good for the world”. Then they started his training as a Dragon.

It seemed Russ never truly accepted what was going on. He may have played the part House Augustus wanted, but he kept everything in a very awkward state in his mind. He had seen some very strange stuff but took it all in stride and didn’t let anything stand in his way for promotion this time. He moved up in the ranks simply by doing what he was told and not asking questions. His practicality also earned him recognition. The House trusted him to do what needed to be done, and he felt he really found something he could do well. Until he ran into me.

I looked around for his memories of this assignment. He, like Roy, had been contacted by cell phone and told to bring me in. However, Russ received the addendum that anything was allowed. Unlike Roy, who would have been happy to just clobber me and drag me in unconscious, Russ was far more practical. I wouldn’t give them any trouble at all if I were dead. He wasn’t set to kill me when he met Roy down in the lobby, but after he saw me take the big guy down so quick, he knew I would not give up easily.

I pulled away shaking my head. “You were right Renée. He was told to use any means necessary.”

“What House are they from?” she asked. She was assuming they were from the same one. I had only wished.

“Roy is from House Vaughan, the same as my grandfather, and Russ here is from House Augustus.”

“Damn,” she said with emphasis.

Again, I rummaged through his pockets and found his cell phone. Just like Roy’s, the call history had been erased. I pocketed it too.

I got up and went to the woman on the floor. The police would be called soon if they weren’t already. I wanted her to look like she had just dropped dead so I removed the binds from her hands and feet. Next I took my suitcase and put it back in the master bedroom, opened it and left it. I wanted it too look like something had happened while I was gone.

Looking at my girls, I rolled my sleeve back down. “Hopefully I’ll be meeting Whisper when the police show up. It may be best to let them think I wasn’t here when they came in.”

Renée was aghast. “Ral, you just said you would talk to the police about this!”

I nodded. “But if you think I’m going admit to fighting those two or watching the woman die in my arms, you’re mistaken.”

“I didn’t mean that…” she said taken aback.

“If I was here, then they will ask all kinds of questions I won’t be able to answer honestly. I could be charged with assault on the two men and murder for the woman. Even if it was self defense, I could be detained here for months waiting for my case to be heard. I cannot just sit in a cell waiting for more thugs to come looking for me. Worse, what if the person behind all of this comes for me personally. It would look like suicide if they can just suffocate me while I’m in a cell and no way out.”

Renée looked shaken. I went to her and hugged her. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped.” She knew, just like I did, that it was very possible the death of the woman may have been a setup to make that happen. I could feel the idea slip through her mind.

She hugged me back. “This is just too much Ral. We need to get out of here. All of us.”

I pulled back and looked at her. A tear slid down her cheek. I wiped it away and she put her hand over mine. “Please, don’t stay. Come with us.”

I was sorely tempted. I would be the easiest thing to do, to just leave, to run, but it wouldn’t do any of us much good for long. Eventually they would find us. It wouldn’t be hard tracking a man traveling with a bunch of women. Well, unless you counted the bus drivers for like the Dallas Cheerleaders.

I knew I couldn’t. I had to stay and keep the fight away from my girls. “I’m sorry. I can’t. I have to make sure this is resolved here and now. I have to make sure you’re safe.” I looked to Erin and Chloe, held out my hand to them and finished, “All of you.”

The four of us hugged for a moment. I broke it up before anything else could happen.

Down in the lobby, everything seemed fine. I checked my watch and noticed a maid with a service cart entering the service elevator behind a wall of plants near the back of the hotel. I was pretty sure they started at the top and worked their way down. I didn’t have much time. Then again, to make my alibi work, something about me not being there when the fight broke out, I didn’t have to return immediately, but that didn’t make me any less nervous.

Outside, Renée hugged me fiercely. “What are you going to do?” She glanced up to indicate the room. I was sure she had seen the maid too.

“Relax. I’ll get Whisper to give me an alibi. I’m going to meet him right after I see you three off.” I tried to smile but couldn’t. All of us were too shaken up and nervous.

She nodded, as did Erin and Chloe. I could feel all of them trying to remain relaxed, but like me, they were having difficulty with it.

There were several cabs already sitting at the curb, waiting for someone to hire them. I waved at the driver of one and as he put their suitcases in the trunk I gave each of them hugs and kisses. “I have my cell phone. Call me when you land. Now, no more arguments, no more discussions.” I patted all three bottoms as they got in the cab.

I felt suddenly alone as I watched them ride away.