The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part Three—The Right and The Easy

Chapter Eighteen—Mystery Lady

I woke up to music, incense and soft lights. My head throbbed for a moment but that passed quickly. I realized instantly I was lying in a bed naked but didn’t know where I was.

The room was decorated in warm colors, dozens of lit candles and paintings of bodies writhing in massive orgies. The paintings reminded me of the mural rug Vikkor had so many months before. Directly over the bed was a huge panel mirror built into the ceiling. The reflection told me that the bed was almost as big as the one I had back in Texas. I sat up and looked around. There was only one door but no windows. The bed I was on was near the middle of the room.

I got up and went to the door. It was locked. I was certain I could break it down and escape, but to what end?

From the other side of the door I heard footsteps coming.

I could either get back in bed and feign sleep or take down whoever came in and leave. I decided on feigning sleep. Since I didn’t know where I was I would need help getting back to where I had seen the Dragons last. I still had to find Whisper.

I jumped back into the bed and covered up. Lying still with my eyes shut, I waited.

I heard the door open and the rustle of cloth. Someone was approaching barefooted.

The bed faced opposite the door. Even if I cracked my eyes open I wouldn’t see who was there. Then I felt someone sit on the bed next to my head. A delicate hand caressed my cheek. “Ral... Wake up, Ral. I have food for you. You must be hungry. Wake up...”

The voice was soft and coaxing. I shifted and opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was her eyes; an exotic soft brown outlined with mascara and shading to bring out her color. Part of me wanted to just lie there and stare. Besides the fact that it would be impolite, I had too many questions and the most obvious came out first. “Where am I? Who are you?”

She continued to caress my cheek, smiling benignly. “Shhh... You need to eat first. You’ve had some adventure today and need to recover your strength.” She looked up and waved someone in. I sat up, looking back at the door.

A butler came in pushing a cart with food on it. For a moment, I thought he was a joke. He was tall, with short blonde hair and was obviously well built under his tailored suit. He looked like he could have been a stripper women would hire for bachelorette parties or such. He parked the cart next to the head of the bed and hit a switch on the side. The top of the cart slid towards the bed and then lowered so it was nearly laying on the pillow. With the top of the cart out of the way, another shelf rose with an assortment of drinks and what looked like oils. The butler nodded to the woman and me and then left, closing the door behind him.

I looked up at the woman and asked again, “Who are you?”

She smiled at me again. If I hadn’t already been used to living with beautiful women throwing themselves at me all the time, I would have assumed that smile meant more than pleasantries. “My name is Fiona Bennet.”

I rolled over and sat up on my knees out of reach. Conscious of my state of undress, I pulled the sheet around to cover myself. I was feeling uncomfortable being so close to her, and it wasn’t the bad kind of uncomfortable either. Instead I wanted to focus on the more important issues. “How did I get here?”

She smiled again. “Eat something and I’ll answer your questions.”

My paranoia was getting the better of me. “Why don’t you answer some questions first and then maybe I’ll eat something.”

She continued to watch me as if I were amusing. “Ral if I wanted to poison you, I could have done it already. You were sleeping like a baby.”

I watched as she leaned over and picked up a croissant. My girls and I sometimes had them for breakfast, which made me wonder how long I had been out. “What time is it?”

She tore the croissant in two and said, “Nearly ten o’clock. You’ve only been out a couple of hours,” and then she began eating one of the pieces.

My belly rumbled, ignoring my choice to not eat. Fiona gave me a look that told me I was being stupid. “Eat something Ral. You’ll feel better.”

I moved over to the tray laden with food and sat cross-legged in front of it. There was fruit, breads, cheese, and deli cut meats. It was really finger food as I thought of it but there was more than enough to fill my belly. I started making a pseudo-sandwich and asked, “So, how did I get here again?”

“Michael called me. He told me where you could be found,” she said.

“Michael,” I said before stuffing my own mouth. He could track me down. Maybe he was closer to town since he had been able to tell Fiona where I was. When I had spoken to him about the kidnappings he had only a vague sense of where they were. Then again, with him bound to me it may have allowed him to have a better reading on my location.

I sat there eating for a bit, thinking about what had happened. One of the Dragons had pummeled me even though he had been unconscious and I was pretty sure someone else had shown up with the knock out blow. I had been so close to finding out where Whisper was that I was disappointed with myself, to say the least. Looking up I asked, “Among my clothes, did you find a small vial? It was about the size of your pinky.”

She shook her lovely head. “No, nothing like that. When I took your clothes off to be cleaned the only thing I found was your wallet.”

Part of me wanted to not trust her, but Dr. Holzer’s gift for discerning the truth indicated that she wasn’t lying.

I looked over at Fiona. She was finished with her croissant and continued watching me. Of all the people Michael could have called to find me, he chose her; a stunning woman who was obviously wealthy enough to afford a young and buff butler. I was confused but thankful for the help.

Sitting there watching me, Fiona looked ravishing. She had a light touch of makeup, which not only brought out the color of her soft brown eyes but also made her lips look full, soft and moist. Her dark auburn hair fell in heavy waves just past her shoulders. Otherwise she was completely concealed in a dark green silk robe. However, all that beauty didn’t help the sinking feeling in my gut regarding Whisper’s vial.

Having finished three of my small, makeshift sandwiches, I relaxed a bit. The food helped, I did feel better physically, but emotionally, I was a wreck in slow motion. I picked up a bottle of tea and drank down half of it before stopping for air.

“I take it you’re feeling better?” Fiona asked.

I nodded, “Thank you.”

She waved my words away. “It was the least I could do. Michael seemed to think you were trying to do something noble and was worried about you getting hurt in the process.”

“Michael knows me pretty well,” I replied with a slight grin. I looked down, remembering my state of undress. “Not that I don’t appreciate what you’ve done for me, but where are my clothes?”

“Being washed. You were in a dreadful state. All mussed up like you had been crawling around that warehouse for hours.”

“You sent my suit to the dry cleaners?”

She chuckled. “No, I have dry cleaning machines here. Almost everything I own is dry-clean only.”

I relaxed a bit, knowing I couldn’t go anywhere without something to wear. Looking around the room again I asked, “Why aren’t there any windows here?”

Fiona looked around too as she answered, “This is my private chamber. I have a regular bedroom with windows and all the normal niceties, but this is where I go when I want to be alone.” She was looking at me when she finished. The look in her eyes told me that she didn’t come here to be alone, maybe to not be interrupted, but certainly not to be alone.

“How long do you think it will be before my suit is ready? I have things I need to do.”

She nodded. “It probably won’t be much longer. However, considering whatever it is you’re doing, don’t you think you could use some help?”

“Help would be welcome. I just don’t know who I can trust.”

She cocked her head to the side, brow furrowed. “Why?”

I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I have to assume you’re a Mind Magi, otherwise Michael probably would have called someone else to help me,” I said staring into her eyes.

She stared back at me for a moment and then reached for the opening of her robe. She turned to show me her back, slipping the robe down and watching me over her shoulder. She had probably the most complex mark I had seen so far. It was gray, which meant she wasn’t bound to any House.

She watched me, half hidden behind her shoulder and dark locks. Understanding her purpose for this room and the sight of her amazing eyes, I got the impression she was hoping for something more than conversation or to help me with whatever I had been doing when she found me.

That realization seemed to wake something up inside me. I felt my abs contract, my heart began to race and my cock began to rise. I kept myself covered and tried to remain calm. I really didn’t have time for a roll in the sack no matter how bad my hunger got. It had been hours since I had been with Whisper, and those memories didn’t help. In fact, they caused a conflict within me.

I had to find Whisper. I didn’t have time for my hunger for sex to have its way now. I forced myself to calm down, kept my breathing steady and generally remained composed. I looked at Fiona again. She had turned back around to face me proper but only barely covered herself with her robe. It still hung off of her shoulders. I tried to explain, “I’ve got to find... Jennifer. I need to find her before the Dragons do something... something really bad to her.”

“What do you mean? Why would the Dragons do anything to her? Who’s Jennifer?”

“She’s one of my schiavi.”

“And why do the Dragons have her?”

“It seems they’re kidnapping family members of all the house leaders.”

“Why are they doing that?”

“I... I don’t know. At least, I don’t know the entire reason. The House Leaders aren’t supposed to interfere in someone’s plans and the hostages are insurance that they don’t. Whatever is going on, it’s all supposed to be over with by midnight tomorrow night.” My guilt festered. “And I uh... I thought I could help. I thought I could find the hostages, free them so the House Leaders could do what they do to stop whoever it is that’s master-minded this.”

“Ral, it sounds like something that’s just too well planned.”

I shook my head, not wanting to admit to that. To me it was so much simpler. “They’ve got too much help, whoever it is. I can’t do it by myself.”

Then Fiona brought up a good point. “If the House Leaders are helpless to do anything, how is anyone else supposed to help? No one can stand up to the Dragons.”

I thought about that. Some of my own House members had talents that could be quite advantageous if used properly. “It’s a matter of tactics. Besides, any Mind Magi that’s willing to help, I’m willing to share my talents with.”

“Your abilities?”

“Yeah. For example, as complex as your mark is, I’d say you have more than one ability, and they probably intermingle pretty well.”

She nodded understanding. “Okay.”

“My mark isn’t a solid ribbon.”

She glanced down at my chest. “I noticed that,” she said with a slight smile.

I wasn’t sure what her smile was about. Part of me tried to say it was because my statement had been obvious already. Another part believed she was smiling because I gave her the chance to openly look at my chest for more than just seeing my mark. I had to remain controlled. “I haven’t even tapped all my abilities yet.”

“Well, why do you think that is?” she asked looking back up.

“I don’t know. I mean, I’ve kind of... tried, but I don’t know how I’m accessing them. I don’t know why they’re appearing.”

“Well, mine appeared as I bound, initially, to my first schiavi. I’ve changed schiavi since then. I mean, it’s not like I’ve always had the same men bound to me.”

“What? You’re saying your abilities changed when you changed schiavi?”

“Well, for the most part my abilities are still the same but they have different... er... tones. You know? It’s like you feel one way about someone and you feel the same kind of way about another and though the same word describes what you feel for those two, it’s not exactly the same.”

I knew what she meant. The love I felt for my girls was love but different for each. They held different places in my heart. I nodded. “Yeah, yeah. I understand that.”

“Now, I’ve heard rumors. Isn’t it something like twenty girls you’re bound to?”

I rolled my eyes but couldn’t help but grin even slightly. “Not quite twenty... only seventeen.”

“Seventeen?” she asked, pretty much confirming the truth of the rumor. Her face was open with astonishment but she recovered quickly, maybe noting my anxiety about the subject. Quickly she moved on with her point. “Well, what if it’s your girls who are unlocking your abilities?”

I thought about that for a moment. “Well, Michael told me that they’re the ones I get the energy from for me to use my abilities, but he never mentioned anything about me getting my abilities from them.”

“No, don’t think of it like you’re getting your abilities from them. Think of them like complex keys, and the locks to your abilities are just as complex. They unlock certain talents with specific... flavors.”

I was nodding as she spoke. “Okay.”

“So, who was the last one you bound to?”

“Jennifer... Just um... this morning.”

Fiona didn’t seem to bat an eyelash at that. “And has anything new happened recently? Think about it. It could have been something very subtle.”

I remembered something alright. “Yes, when I realized she was being attacked, I ran up the emergency stairwell of the hotel. When I got to my floor, the emergency door just flew open as if someone had been expecting me. No one was around and I was too caught up in what was happening to Jennifer to think about it.” I was puzzled though. “Maybe it has something to do with doors?”

“No, it wouldn’t be anything that specific. I’m thinking you can move things... with your mind.”


“What’s the sci-fi term for it? Telekinesis?”

I chuckled. “That’s funny.”

“Seriously, and I’ll bet you’ve got other abilities you don’t even use regularly.”

I would have laughed harder about me having ‘telekinesis’ but another pang hit. This time, I couldn’t hide what was happening. The urge was so sharp it was almost like pain. Almost.

“What’s the matter?

“I’m... having problems...”

“What kind of problems? You’re not in pain are you?”

“No, no. Pain, I could tell you about.”

“I don’t understand.”

“This morning it started... The hunger... and... it turned out that I was needing...”

“Needing what?”

“Sex,” I answered quietly, mostly under my breath as if the word was bad in some way. I looked up at Fiona. I wasn’t after sympathy but that’s how she was looking at me. I shook my head, both trying to shake off the feeling in my gut and to try to convey that I did not want the sympathy she offered. “This morning, when it hit the first time, one of my girls was there. We went to the bathroom and took care of it.”

She nodded, listening to what I was saying rather than judging or continuing with her sympathy. “Okay...”

“When I got back to the apartment we were attacked. Laura Stephens had knocked my girls out and waited for me to show up. I took her down, forced her to sleep. Even after that, with all of us stressing because of it, this... hunger hit again. And... we took care of it.”

“Not long after that I sent my girls to the airport so they could fly to safety. Someone I’ve known for a while happened to be in town and was with me in the hotel when the hunger hit again. She helped me with it... and became my latest girl.”

“So you bind them to you through sex?”

I nodded.

“And you’re having another hunger pang?”

I closed my eyes fighting the urges coursing through me and nodded.

I felt the bed move. Opening my eyes I watched as Fiona crawled toward me on all fours. Her movement was as graceful, if not more so, as any big cat in the jungle. As she got closer she asked, “Does it have to be one of your girls?”

She moved up close to me, not quite touching, but definitely putting herself in my personal space. With a glance up and about the room she said, “This room isn’t really so I’ll be alone, but...”

“Not disturbed,” I finished for her.

She nodded, smiling. “It’s sound proofed, and sets the mood.” Still on her hands and knees, she looked me over again. Her eyes seemed to linger on my crotch. The sheet didn’t cover me so much as conform to my shape. I sat stock still both wanting her to stop staring and wishing she would just pull the sheet back and look at me properly.

She looked back up into my eyes and suggested, “We could test that theory.”

I fought to keep my eyes on hers. So badly I wanted to see the body she kept covered up. It was possible my struggle was obvious, but I wasn’t going to just give in. That meant keeping the conversation going. “Theory?”

She smiled just a bit. “To know if you have to have one of your girls to quiet your hunger.”

I swallowed and fought to keep my breathing controlled. I had promised myself to make adjustments to what was happening, but that was coupled with the idea that Whisper or one of my other girls would be around to help quell my hunger. Now, not only was the hunger back, but none of my girls were close at hand. I nodded and said, “Okay.”

Fiona seemed to sense my internal struggle. “Relax,” she said in a soft yet arousing voice. She put her hand on my chest to indicate I lay back. I followed her instruction. “Just relax,” she encouraged.

I nodded again and lay down slowly. Still my internal struggle made one more bid for resistance. “I can’t ask you to do this.”

“You don’t have to ask, Ral. I’m perfectly willing to help,” she replied.

I remembered what Whisper had said earlier: “Wouldn’t you rather have the ability to choose who you were with rather than just any random woman?” Fiona was willing to help and quite frankly I didn’t think any other woman would have been a better choice. Of course that was excluding my own girls, but since my choices were limited...

I had fought the idea of just taking anyone who happened to be around even if I had to choose someone, but that was because I thought I would only be adding women to my family. Would sex with Fiona bind her to me? The bonds I had with the other Mind Magi were different. I could feel the difference. They didn’t feel as intimate as the bonds with my girls. Yet she was both volunteering and curious about what would happen. Worst-case scenario? I could have sex with her for hours and still need the touch of one of my girls to quiet my hunger. It was worth a shot. I nodded. “Okay...”

Fiona’s smile grew. “Just relax.”

I finally gave in to the idea of relaxing and let my head fall to the bed.

“There is something you need to know about me though...”

I focused on her. My hunger was gaining ground and keeping me from focusing very well. “What?”

“I am to men what you are to women,” she said.

I continued to just stare at her puzzled.

“Some would call you an incubus, a male demon of sex,” she said with a grin that bordered on Renee’s mischievous smile.

I considered the term. In all the months that I had dealt with my talents and how they focused on sex, I was surprised with myself for not thinking of the term before. I nodded. “I could agree to that.”

“Quite readily I see...” she said smiling more broadly.

“Well, I’m not exactly proud of it. I’m still struggling with the whole idea. I’ve only been like this for a few months.”

“A few months?” she asked with a touch of incredulity, “and you have so many girls bound to you?”

“Most of them were bound to me within a week after my abilities manifested.”

Her eyes widened. “A week?” Her expression made it almost as bad as the number of girls who were bound to me.

I shook my head and looked away feel ashamed.

She shook her head in return, grinning. “No, no. I understand Ral.” She stifled a small laugh. “I’m constantly changing schiavi because I like the whole... new car smell.”

I filled in the words for her, looking up into her eyes, “The experience and thrill of a new lover.”

She smiled back at me, filling me with excitement. “Yeah.”

I looked away. “I couldn’t let my girls go.” I didn’t understand it but I felt the need to explain myself. “I’ve tried, but I want to be with them... and they argue against me letting them go.”

“They argue against it?” she asked. “I had one man demand I let him go.”

“It’s something to do with the bonds...” I offered with a shrug.

“That’s different,” she pondered. “Maybe we’re not so alike after all.”

I reached up and stroked her cheek with the tip of my finger. When she looked up I said, “I don’t know. With your looks you could have any man you wanted. With my Charm I can have any woman.”

“Your Charm?” she asked with a half-disbelieving smile. “I’m sure your girls have told you this. I’m certain you’ve probably even heard the same from women who aren’t bound to you, but you are a very handsome and sexy young man.”

It was my turn to smile half-disbelieving.

Fiona moved closer still, but mostly to kneel next to me. “Believe it or not, women do think of men in the same ways men think of women. We may not become very vocal about it publicly, except maybe at a male strip club, but really and truly, we do size up men like men do women.” Her expression was a soft mixture of amusement and, I would say, honesty. “So, when a woman compliments you and says you’re handsome and sexy accept it for what she says, because Ral,” her eyes traveled down my body and back up in a sweep to help punctuate what she meant, “you are damn sexy. It’s not a trick. You’re not charming me, but I cannot deny what I see before me.”

Still struggling not just pull her to me and show her what I was feeling, I just nodded. “I’ll take your word for it.”

“Don’t just take my word for it. I’m not asking you to live it, because I like your modesty.”

I couldn’t stop the sheepish grin that crossed my face.

“Besides, I know what it’s like, from the other point of view. Men gush at me with compliments about my beauty all the time. And yes, I do use that to my advantage.”

When she stopped, I looked over her face. It wasn’t just beauty I saw, but a sexy, ravishing woman. “I’d say you’re allowed that.”

“And why aren’t you allowed?”

“Because of the effects.”

“What effects?”

“I usually end up bound to the girl I affect.”

“Because you end up having sex with them?”

I nodded. “Yeah.”

“And do they cry ‘rape’ after this happens?”

“Well, no.”

She chuckled, “Then what’s the problem?”

“I’ve not let any of them go... well, no, I let two of them go.”

“Again, what’s the problem?” I didn’t answer immediately so she had a guess, “They wanted to be let go, right?”

I shook my head, “No, they didn’t. I let them go because morally I couldn’t keep them.”

“Morally? Who were they?”

“My mom and my sister.”

She laughed, “What? You had sex with your mom and your sister?”

I rolled my eyes, somewhat embarrassed, not only because of whom they were but the fact that I was still in contact with my sister and had continuing fantasies about my mom. I felt I had to justify myself. “Well, technically, I was adopted by that family.”

“But still, you had sex with a mother and her daughter.” Fiona was a mix of heat and amusement. “Was it at the same time?”

“No... well, when I had sex with my Mom, my sister was there even though she didn’t receive me.”

“Holy Toledo, Ral! I’ve heard stories and even read fiction on the net about things like that, but that’s... that’s hot!” Fiona was hugging herself, and for the first time I got a good idea of what she was like under the robe. Her breasts bulged against her robe, which still covered her, but it was obvious that the silky smooth cloth was destined to fall away completely.

I looked up and caught her watching me. The smile on her face made me believe she was happy to have caught my attention in that way. Not like she hadn’t already, because I was still struggling to not demean or disrespect her in any way.

Fiona adjusted her arms under her breasts, raising them a bit and causing the robe to fall away just that much more. She was teasing me and I knew it.

A soft groan escaped me.

Knowing what was ailing me and how she was affecting me as well, she leaned forward, still holding her robe close by keeping her arms under her breasts. That didn’t stop the robe from falling open and exposing everything except her nipples. My eyes followed her cleavage, my biggest weakness. It was painfully obvious I wanted her and she said something that made me nearly jump for joy. “How about I lay down with you? We can touch and feel each other as openly as we both want, and if something more happens I’m perfectly willing to just go along for the ride.”

I looked back up into her eyes and could not mistake the lust that filled them for anything else. Losing the will to fight my hunger, I nodded.