The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part Three—The Right and The Easy

Chapter Twenty-One—Calls and Car Rides

Seeing what each of the girls wanted to wear for their weddings was both fun and distracting. We ended up spending the rest of the night going over details better suited to later when I was home. Pamela was perfectly happy to discuss those details with the others too. She didn’t seem to have any aspirations for getting married herself, and I thought it would have been rude to assume she would. I also refrained from letting things get too sexy, purely out of respect for Pamela, who was not there of her own decision.

When I woke up, I was alone in bed. Then I heard the toilet in the adjoining bathroom flush. Sitting up, I watched the doorway. Fiona came out, her hair still disheveled from sleep but a smile sparkling from under her ruffled locks. However, in a somewhat teasing mood, as she crawled up onto the bed, I slipped off the other side. She didn’t say anything as I headed to the bathroom. I needed relief too.

When I returned to the bed, she had curled up under the covers again. I noticed her alarm clock, 7:15. “Come on sleepy head. I’ve got a long day ahead of me and most of it starts this morning,” I said as I crawled up onto the bed next to the grinning and buxom bombshell.

“Did you see your girl in your dreams?” she asked softly.

I was at a loss of how much to tell her. On one hand she had pretty much saved me and even helped me with my hunger, but on the other hand I didn’t know her any better than I had Michael before I had seen his memories. Maybe if she let me see her memories I could drop all barriers and tell her everything. For the moment though, I nodded and answered, “Yes, and she’s thankful that we could see each other too.”

Fiona ran her hand down my chest and made directly for my crotch. “How’s your hunger feeling this morning? It’s been a few hours...” and she started stroking me.

I didn’t feel the hunger that had plagued me the day before, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t there. Again I looked at the alarm clock and felt a bit rushed because of everything I wanted to get done before the store opening yet not sure how I could.

Fiona noticed my glance. “Are you late for something?”

I tried to explain what all I needed to get done before the store opening as well as why I needed to get to the opening.

Fiona got up onto her knees with me. “Don’t worry. I’ll help. I may not be any good when it comes to dealing with the Dragons but I can at least drive you around town before I go to the meetings I have today.”

I hadn’t asked her for any favors. My girls would do things for me for no reason, but I always assumed that was from the bond between us. Fiona was a Mind Magi. As far as I knew she was free of my bond’s influence. “Why the charity?”

She pressed against me. “Can’t I just help for no reason?”

“Of course...I’m just not used to people doing something for nothing.”

Fiona smiled. “Okay then. If I help you, then you have to promise me more than just a video of you hosing down my tits.”

I couldn’t help but to return the smile. “Deal.”

I had run into the typical issue of waiting for one of my girls to get dressed when we had somewhere to go. Fiona, however surprised me by being ready before I was. She wore a dark red dress that was tight enough across her chest there was no need for the spaghetti straps to hold it up. Around her midriff, the dress was bunched as if she had hiked it up from her hips. The length of the dress was dangerously short. It seemed to stop just below her crotch but around her hips and ass it was tight enough not to go anywhere easily. If she wore a bra or panties, I couldn’t tell. The color and material of the dress on any other woman would have looked hot, but on Fiona it seemed to dampen her sexual appeal, blocking off and tampering the creamy caramel glow of her skin. Of course her curves were there for anyone to see. The dress couldn’t hamper that at all. With a pair of red high heels and a clutch purse of the same material as the dress, she was ready to go.

I had my suit back on and was putting on my boots when she came out of her bathroom. I stopped wrestling with the boot for a moment to look Fiona over.

She smiled at me as my eyes roamed over her. “You had me naked and in your arms all last night. No real hesitation at anything with me. Yet now, as you try to get dressed and see me dressed, you stop. Why?”

I looked up and met her eyes. Shrugging I tried to answer, “I suppose it’s the tease you give off when you’re dressed.”

“Oh,” she said smiling. “And how much of a tease do you think I am?”

That was one of those loaded questions that had no correct answer. If I said she was too much of a tease, she would take something off. If I said she wasn’t that much of a tease, she could be offended at the implication of her being a whore. As far as I was concerned neither was really true. “Let me just say that though I have seen you nude, had you in my arms already, that doesn’t cease the impressions I continue to get when you’re dressed.”

“Good answer.” She turned and went to the bedside table. Picking up the phone, she didn’t dial anything but said, “Byron, bring my car around. Ral and I have some errands to run.” Then she hung it up.

“Does he sit by a phone waiting for your every call?” I asked as I finished getting my boots on.

“No, it’s a message system. He’s notified as soon as I leave one and can access the messages from anywhere.”

I nodded and we left the bedroom, Fiona leading me through her house.

“Where do we need to go to first?” Fiona asked as we left through the front doors and approached her car.

I told her about my need to replace my phone because of the calls I needed to make. She pulled her cell phone out of her clutch purse and handed it to me. “We’ll go get your replacement, but you can use this to make your calls while we’re in route.”

I took the phone, gently caressing her hand as I did so. “Thank you.” Then we got into her car and Byron drove us off.

I had memorized Renee’s cell phone number while in my dreams. I called her first. She was already at the airport with Erin and Chloe. They informed me that Charlotte was already on a plane in route. I was surprised because they had still been in my dreams when I woke up. Not giving it any further thought I started calling hotels, looking for Lady Reynolds. Finally I found her and was patched through to her room.


“May I speak to Lady Reynolds?”

“Who is this?”

“Lord Setton.”

“Oh, Ral. Thank God. Where are you?”

“Currently heading back into the city first to get a replacement cell phone then to my store opening where I have a press conference scheduled.”

“I’ve been hearing rumors about you fighting Dragons...”

“Probably mostly true. I have been, or more accurately I’ve been defending myself against them.”

“I don’t get it, they should have been notified of your Lordship as soon as the meeting was over.”

“They don’t care. I had a nice long chat with Leland. They’ve pretty much given up any hope that the Lords and Ladies will ever be any help to the rest of the Mind Magi society. So, they’ve thrown in with whoever is behind all of this.”

“So, how much do you know then?”

I told her what I had found out about the kidnappings and the midnight deadline.

“How did you find out about the midnight deadline?”

“I have another source. She’s not a Mind Magi but a highly accomplished Master PC user. She’s given me advice and warnings before that have been extremely accurate so I have no doubt about this.”

“Okay okay. Ral, I don’t know what to say. I want to help, but my daughter was one of those kidnapped. If I do anything...”

“I understand the threat Cicely. One of my girls were taken yesterday but that’s not stopping me from doing what needs to be done. We have no idea what’s going on but if they’re willing to kidnap and threaten those we love to accomplish it, it cannot be any better than the kidnappings themselves. Do you understand that?”

“What you’re saying is we might all be in bigger trouble if we let this happen?”


A couple of minutes passed before Cicely asked, “What do I do?”

“We have to find our family members who were kidnapped. Remove that bit of control from the Dragons and more Lords and Ladies will be willing to help.”

“But we still don’t know who’s behind this.”

“That’s what I’m going to be working on. One or more of the Dragons have to know who’s calling the shots. They can’t all be completely duped into just following orders without understanding the full picture. I’ll find the Dragons and get that info out of them. Have your people look for the Dragons too but keep their distance. They should be more focused on learning the location of the kidnapped family members.”

“Okay. Should I call any of the other Lords or Ladies about this?”

“Only those you’re absolutely sure are not involved.”


“I suspect one or more of our fellow leaders are involved. They would have even had their own family members taken to keep suspicion off themselves. We really don’t know who we can or cannot trust.”

“Then why are you trusting me on this?”

“Do you have any plans that would involve the requirement to keep the other House Leaders under lock and key of a fashion while you implemented your plans?”


“That’s good enough for me.”

“Ral... thank you.”

“And thank you Cicely for trusting me too.”

I hung up just as we pulled up in front of the cell phone store. Fiona and I went in. After getting my phone, activating it, and having my contacts list transferred to it, I asked the clerk about tracing the other phone. He tried pulling it up but there was no signal. The phone either had a dead battery, the battery had been removed or the phone was destroyed. I was betting on the latter.

Back in Fiona’s car and moving again I called Renee back but she was in mid-flight and the airlines wouldn’t let her take the call. I left her a message with my new number and asked her to call as soon as they landed. Then I started calling the House Members who lived nearby. Most were either at work or school, but three of them were free.

Jordan Kawowski lived in lower Manhattan. He was a college student with an extraordinary memory. He could recite an entire novel verbatim after reading it once. Sarah Johnson, a store clerk who had the ability to travel from one place to another via the shadows around the two locations, was also available. Her ability was one I hadn’t thought to use but I was happy she was available because if anyone could escape the Dragons, she could. Finally there was Eric Lawson, a high school senior who could step back in time by fifteen seconds. It wasn’t much, but he proved how useful it could be by saving one of Erin’s treasured glasses from being broken. All of them had marks, proving them to be Mind Magi, and those marks were amber.

All three were willing to help out and they all knew the city very well. I told them what I wanted and why. None of them were exactly thrilled with their assignments but then they understood what was at stake.

By the time I got off the phone with Eric, we had arrived at my store. When I hung up and put away my phone I looked over at Fiona. She had watched me the entire time I had been on the phone.

“I have no doubt that you will prove to be a fantastic House Lord,” she said.

I wondered what brought that on. She wasn’t bound to a House. Even after all the sex we’d had, her mark was still gray. I asked, “Was there doubt about me?”

She nodded. “All the House Lords and Ladies have let the power go to their heads. It’s why I’ve not joined a House.”

“They probably started off idealistically. Wanted to improve things, hoping to stop the corruption or simple lack of concern for our society,” I said hoping that I sounded as optimistic as I had felt when I petitioned to become an official House Lord.

“You’re probably right, which means eventually you’ll be just as passive in the interests of our society as they are.”

“I can only hope that that doesn’t happen,” I said with a sigh.

Fiona leaned over to me, putting her face close to mine. “Don’t worry about it right now. You have a lot on your plate and are trying to do things that other House Leaders don’t want to. It’s a lot for someone so young.” Then she kissed me.

I kissed her back with growing passion. I could feel the hunger in me growing, the pangs of yearning causing my abs to bunch up. My lips moved away from Fiona’s, down her neck and to her chest. She didn’t say anything.

A knock on the window interrupted what was quickly becoming more than a make-out session. I looked up and saw a police officer.

“As if I didn’t have enough worries...” I looking back at Fiona.

“Are you sure you have to be here? We can drive away right now...” Fiona started but I was shaking my head no at the idea.

“Don’t get me wrong, Fiona, I’d love to ditch and hang out with you all day,” I looked back at the officer again who had a grave look about him. “But this is my responsibility. If I run from it, there’s no point in me being a House Lord.”

Fiona smiled softly. I wasn’t sure why but it was reassuring and disappointing at the same time. I gave her one more kiss and the slipped out of the car.

The officer started immediately. “Sir, the car has to be moved...”

I nodded at the officer and heard the car shift gears. What I didn’t understand was why the police were even present and that made me worry.

“Ral, will I see you tonight?” Fiona asked.

I turned around. She was looking out of the open window. “I don’t know. I have your number. I’ll call when I’m available.”

She nodded and withdrew into the car. It pulled away and I watched it go.

“Sir, you cannot stay here...”

“I am the owner of this store, officer. I’m here for its grand opening,” I replied.

“Mr. Setton?”

I nodded.

The officer nodded in turn but I couldn’t let my curiosity go. “Why are you, the police, here?”

“We were called in to cordon off the street during your opening.”

“What? There weren’t going to be that many here...” I started as I headed around to the front of the store. There had only been a few magazines interested in our opening. What I found though were several newspapers and even a news van standing by in front of the store.

I walked up to one of the crew men setting up lights. “What’s going on?”

He looked up, busy with the stand. “Some rich kid is opening what looks like a porn shop.”

“Doesn’t sound all that news worthy,” I commented fishing for the real reason they were there.

“Well, someone thinks it is, otherwise we wouldn’t be here,” he said as he finished with the light. “Excuse me...”

Someone thought my store opening was newsworthy? Who? More questions but nothing I had to worry about. What was a little more publicity for the store? I had other things to worry about.