The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part One – The Mind Magi Council

Chapter Three – Meeting The Council

Erin showed up about ten minutes later. When she did, I felt the overwhelming urge to take her clothes off and fill her to the brim as well, but I held onto the sink and just watched her as Renée explained what had happened.

Erin looked at me with concern. ~Love, you look like you’re in pain. Is there anything I can do to help?~

I didn’t bother hiding my thoughts. “I really just want to strip you down and have my way with you, like I did Renée. Until this meeting is over, it will probably be best for you to go back to the hotel and wait there.”

Renée looked at me too. “Ral...” she said as if warning me to stop before I did something I would regret.

I shook my head and closed my eyes.

I felt a cool hand on my cheek. I knew it wasn’t Renée.

Opening my eyes confirmed it was Erin. She was standing close but not touching me otherwise. It was probably for the best. “If you need me, I’m here. If this craving is that strong maybe we should take care of it before the meeting.” She closed the short distance between us and pressed herself to me.

I closed my eyes again. I could feel every hair, every inch of her body – in my mind. I knew Erin just as well as Renée and also knew she would be just as willing to receive me. However, I continued to hold onto the sink. “I… I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

Erin’s voice dropped to almost a whisper. “Would it be worse than if this got out of control while you were in the meeting?”

That made me stop and think. If this craving of mine reoccurred while I was discussing House politics with the Mind Magi Council and I couldn’t’ get to any of my girls, then I might turn to one of the women in the meeting. Worse, I might draw all the women to me like I had way back when in that mall so many months ago. I opened my eyes and looked into Erin’s.

She looked at me with concern and the beginnings of her own desire. It was so easy. I could have made the slightest nod or show the slightest movement to go with her idea and she would be on me. All I had to do was agree.

The bathroom door opened again. Michael said, “Ral, it’s the Council. They’re asking for you.”

“Fuck!” I replied with frustration at the timing. I knew it could happen, but that didn’t make me happy about it. “Okay, stall them or something. I’ll be out in a couple of minutes. I still need to get dressed.”

He nodded and left.

Erin looked back up at me, but I didn’t hold anything back as I kissed her. I put all my desire and passion into that kiss. I wanted her to know that I wasn’t holding out on her because of her in any way. I was afraid of what was happening to me.

She took it and returned the same. I had never felt so much emotion in a kiss. Then again, since I could feel what she felt, that probably made the difference.

She stepped back out of my embrace. Erin knew I had to go and didn’t want to frustrate me further. “I’ll be waiting back at the hotel. Chloe and I both will be.”

I nodded and watched her leave. Renée however was only just getting dressed herself and seemed to not be in any hurry.

“You should wait at the hotel too,” I said to her softly.

She shook her head and ran her hand down my arm. Somehow, it soothed my craving. As if just her physical touch made me feel so much better. I took her hand and held it.

“By the looks and feel of it, I’m needed here. If I can help you keep calm during the meeting, then things should go far more smoothly and allow you to get back to the hotel that much sooner.”

I couldn’t argue with that. However Michael tried to.

After Renée and I got dressed and mostly presentable, we went out to meet Michael and then the council. Michael saw us holding hands and approaching together. “Ral, they’re not going to let Renée attend the meeting. She’s not a Mind Magi.”

“What? They’ve got some kind of Mind Magi detection alarm?” I said in half-jest. I really was feeling much better.

“You might say that. One of the mages stands by the doors and makes sure only Mind Magi can enter. Anyone who’s not can’t get the door open.”

“Then I’ll just hold the door open for her.”

“It’s not that simple. There will be a barrier that she won’t be able to cross.”

“With all that’s going on, especially today, I need her with me. She’s helping me stay calm just by holding my hand. Can’t they make an exception for that?”

Michael shrugged. “I’ve known one or two others who have brought in non Mind Magi, but those were because the meetings involved those individuals.”

“Well, they’ll just have to accept this.”

“Fine, but I want you to honestly expect her to not be able to get through the door. That way it’s not a surprise.”

“Then let’s go.”

The three of us stood in front of those very doors. Michael opened one up and stepped through. I held it open and waited for Renée to go first. She went through and nothing seemed to stop her, so I followed.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting when I went in. Renée stood there and held her hand out for me. I took it and we followed Michael. He looked shocked that Renée got in. I thought it was something that could wait for us to discuss later.

The room looked like a roomy office space, waiting for cubicle walls, desks and the like to break it up. However, there were three tables in the room. The head table had five people sitting at it. From the memories Michael had shared with me I recognized the heads of Houses there. Blake Morehouse, Lord of House Nickelson, sat in the middle. He was an older man, probably in his mid to late forties with graying hair. His clean face was only just beginning to show lines of age.

I thought he might speak first, but a man to our right spoke instead. He stood at the end of the table that stood perpendicular to the head table. “Ral Setton, with leading Follower, Michael.” He announced us as if no one knew who we were. Maybe some of them did not.

Another man, sitting at the end closest to the door of the table to our left made notice of Renée. “And who is this young lady?”

I answered without pause. Michael had told me they would expect me to answer all questions unless they specifically asked him a question. I was pretty sure the same would apply to Renée. “Renée Hollander, Lord Constantine.”

Knowing the Lords and Ladies made me feel better. At least knowing their names on sight did. Lord Constantine of House Xion looked like he was easily the oldest of all those gathered. I felt like I was looking at someone who could easily be my grandfather. Well, if I hadn’t already known what my grandfather looked like.

“The docket did not mention you bringing anyone else other than Michael. Why is she here?” This was from Lord Mathews of House Vaughan, who sat on the right end of the head table.

“I do apologize for the sudden change, but her presence here is necessary to assist me.”

“To assist you do what?” asked Lord Greenwood of House Solomon. He sat next to Mathews. I also noticed his black mark, which meant Dr. Livingston was a member of his house.

“She is assisting me to remain calm and collected during this meeting.”

There was a sudden hush of whispers through the room. I had a feeling my statement wasn’t going to be very helpful to my prospects of having my House recognized and made official.

Michael had also warned me to be short and to the point with my answers. If I tried to explain further why I needed Renée, then things might degrade to the point of ending the meeting without concluding anything. So, I stood there and waited for them to continue.

“You say she’s here to keep you calm. Is speaking with the council, asking for our acceptance of your fledgling House that nerve-racking?” jeered Lord Thornburg of House Hawthorne. He sat and the head end of the table to our right.

“No. My emotional state regarding the proceedings is not the reason for her presence.”

“Then please explain why she is here,” ordered Lord Morehouse.

“My abilities continue to grow and evolve. Most especially my ability to seduce and employ sex. Not long ago, I felt the overwhelming desire for sex and she happened to show up at the same time. After taking care if the immediate need, she is staying to help stave off further bouts of need.”

“So clinical. So detached. I understood you to be a more passionate person. I also understood that you had a harem of twenty or more women back in Texas to attend your every desire.” This was from Lady Reynolds of House Treadwell. She sat at the left end of the Head table in a half slouch as if perfectly comfortable discussing my current issue. The rest of the council seemed irked or embarrassed by my bold statements.

“Would the council prefer a detailed recount of what happened or be satisfied with my current explanation?”

Lord Morehouse said, “No, further details will not be necessary.” He looked down the table at Lady Reynolds as if warning her. She smiled back at him and he turned to face me again. “However, how is it that your schiavi was able to enter our hall? None but Mind Magi should have been able to walk through those doors.”

I looked over to the man who had announced Michael and me but not Renée. “I put the question to your doorman. When Renée entered, what did you find? A Mind Magi or a mundane human?”

The man looked to Lord Morehouse, who nodded. Then he turned back to me and said, “The young woman is a Mind Magi.”

Michael had told me previously what Renée was and what she was not. I wasn’t shocked by the doorman’s answer, but it appeared a few others were. Renée wore my mark rather than one of her own, yet she had a talent all her own though no control over it. The term for such a Mind Magi was “newling”. Her parents weren’t Mind Magi but she was and her children would be. I explained this to the Council.

For a few minutes they discussed this among themselves. Finally everyone quieted down and though I thought they had had sour looks on some of them before, now they looked positively objectionable.

“In light of this new information, and with the standing of the First Law, this council has no choice but to request that you remove your bond from her, Mr. Setton,” said Lord Morehouse.

Of all the things I had expected from the Mind Magi Council, that was not even close to any of them.

I stood there stunned. I could not fathom going home and not having Renée beside me. I couldn’t see a single day when she wasn’t in my arms or in my bed. I could not bring myself to imagine not seeing her mischievous smile as she visually and mentally assaulted me with sexual innuendo. She was just too much a part of my life.

Fortunately, Michael was not too stunned to think. Again he leaned in to whisper to me. “Don’t forget that we’re here to petition the abolishment of the First Law.”

That snapped me out of my stupor. “I cannot, in good emotional standing, do what you request. I mean the council neither ill respite nor disrespect. I only point out that this meeting also includes a petition to have the First Law abolished. As such, should that law not be in question then my being bound to Renée breaks no laws.”

“However, that law is in place at this moment and your argument is circular. Should your petition for the law’s abolishment be denied, then you would continue to break it.”

“That law also regards the attempt of two Mind Magi to bear children. Renée and I have been together for almost a year already and, as this council seems to already know, my talents are focused on sex. So, yes, we have had sex, but she has yet to become pregnant. As such the First Law has not been touched. Skirted maybe, but not broken.”

Renée squeezed my hand just as I mentioned the possibility of her being pregnant. I couldn’t help but to suppress the smile that gave me, because she had openly admitted to me that she wanted to have my children, and we had actually tried to get her pregnant. However, that was before we understood that she was a Mind Magi and were technically breaking the First Law.

“Again, a circular argument. It has been well advised for centuries for the Mind Magi to avoid the possibility completely by refraining from even having sex with one another.”

“That may be, but that is not a law to my knowledge and thus we are not breaking any.”

Lord Morehouse leaned forward onto his table. “Can you honestly admit what steps you are taking to avoid pregnancy then?”

That made me pause. I was too big for most normal condoms, however, as a partial owner to essentially a sex shop, I could have ordered custom made ones. Still, my girls and I didn’t bother. If we wanted to make sure I didn’t get anyone pregnant then I could change my sperm count to zero using Master PC. The only problem with that was I had done that before but my body overrode the command. So, really, on my end, there was nothing that could be done to stave off that possibility.

The girls, on the other hand, used their own methods. At least the ones who weren’t ready to have a baby. Unfortunately for the immediate question, Renée was not one of them.

Michael had warned me against lying. With the collected abilities in the room, there was every possibility that one or several of these House Lords and Ladies could discern even half-truths.

Finally, I said, “No.”

Lord Morehouse sat back. “Then until the First Law is abolished, you will have to remove your bond from Ms. Hollander.”

“My bond has nothing to do with whether we have sex or not. It has nothing to do with the chance we risk of having a child together. My bond is not breaking the First Law.”

“But the nature of your talents does. I understand that you could coerce any woman into having sex with you. You could even make it look like they were the aggressor and yourself a victim. No, Mr. Setton, your talent demands the chance of conceiving a child and thereby runs the risk of breaking the First Law. No Mr. Setton, your bond on Ms. Hollander, break it.”

Not only did Lord Morehouse have me cornered with logic, but he also seemed almost determined to have me break my bond with Renée. Why? Was it a test? Was he trying to determine something other than the immediate subject of our discussion? Michael had warned that the House Lords and Ladies were all about intrigue. Several reveled in the idea that they were a secret power in the country and the world and were known to always be working on several schemes at any given time. I wondered if that was what was happening.

Then a possibility opened its self up to me. I noticed how Lady Reynolds leaned forward once Lord Morehouse made his final demand. Most of the council and other House Leaders were dressed in business suits. She was dressed in what looked like a cocktail dress and as she leaned forward, what looked like a generous amount of tit flesh was displayed. I wasn’t sure, but I had a feeling Lady Reynolds was brave enough to skirt the First Law herself.

I glanced at the other House Ladies. Lady Arneson of House Issacs sat next to Lord Thornburg at the table to our right. To our left, Lady Brooker of House Yates and Lady Kroeger of House Quinn sat between Lord Rhoads of House Zamora and Lord Constantine. Opposite of the man who had announced our arrival, there stood another young woman. I imagined she was a go-fer. She would get water, snacks, whatever if it was needed.

I looked back at Lord Morehouse. “Very well, I’ll remove the bond between Renée and myself.” I paused to let that sink in. I heard and felt Renée’s shock at my statement. Then I continued, “As long as you don’t mind if the women here suddenly lose control and try to do with me what my companion is keeping me from causing.”

It took a second for what I said to sink in. Lady Reynolds sat back in her seat, suddenly aware of how she was displaying herself. Ladies Arneson, Kroeger and Brooker all squirmed in their seats too. It made me wonder if they were having such thoughts already. The go-fer girl shifted from one foot to another but remained where she was.

Lord Morehouse asked, “Is that a threat?”

“No. Merely a statement of the possibilities. One of the aspects of the bond I have with Renée is that she can help keep my needs in check so long as we are touching. The same goes in reverse and those rules apply to the rest of my girls.”

“You mean your schiavi?”

I shook my head. “That may be the title you bestow those you are bound to, but I prefer not to degrade my girls. I may claim them as mine but the feeling is mutual. They feel like I belong to them too.”

“I see. And this aspect of your bond… Ms. Hollander is keeping you calm and under control?”

I nodded. “Yes.”

“Fine. We shall move on to the subjects planned for this meeting then. Starting with your petition to abolish the First Law. And if your petition is not passed, then you will obey the orders of this council and break the bond with her.”

“And the consequences of such an action?”

Lord Morehouse didn’t even bother to look at any of the women in the room. “You stand before the Lords and Ladies of the Mind Magi. We are the powers of our society. Your ability to incite lust in others would fall short of causing any problems.”

I stood there, not agreeing to what he said and also not disagreeing. I wanted to see how things played out. I was sure it would be interesting.