The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part Six—Tangled Web

Chapter Forty-Two—Confirmation of Complications

The death of Lord Morehouse would be felt by his followers once they were free of Master PC. I wasn’t sure how I would address that. For that matter, I wasn’t sure it was my responsibility. More than likely the entire Mind Magi Council would have to address it. Either they would find a replacement House leader or allow those members to join the remaining Houses.

Standing up, I pulled out my cell phone to call Michael. I turned away from Morehouse’s body. Knowing that I couldn’t save him made me sick. He deserved to be punished, but not killed. At least not like that.

Just as I pulled up Michael’s number, I heard the rush of footsteps. If Lord Morehouse had more Dragons, even former Dragons, under his control, they may have felt his death and were rushing to his aid. I lowered my phone, waiting to see who approached.

The door burst open and a tactical unit moved into the room. Guns were trained on me and orders were barked.

“Get on the floor! Now!” One of the unit leaders said.

Surprised that this many people were free of the Master PC server, I held up my hands but didn’t do anything more.

Two of the men approached me, the rest moving around the room to cover me from a range of angles and to check for anyone else.

By the time the two men got to me, I had my hands on top of my head. Having recovered from my shock, I wondered why they were there. If Lord Morehouse wanted some form of protection, he would have had a Dragon or two around, not armed soldiers.

One of the two men stopped in front of me.

I met his gaze and asked, “What’s going on here?”

“No questions,” he responded.

The other man moved behind me and attempted to pull one of my arms down, but I held my pose. He pulled and tugged, but there was no use.

Still staring at the man in front of me, I said, “If you want my cooperation, answer my question.”

The man in front of me, seeing that his companion was having difficulty with me, stepped back and pointed his gun at my face. “You are under arrest.”

“Under whose authority?” I asked.

“That would be the United States Government,” said someone from the doorway.

I looked and spotted Agents Conway and Ellison stepping into the room with their own weapons drawn but pointed at the floor.

The unit moved to let them through, but I was still confused. “Why are you two here? Vikkor isn’t here.”

Conway shook his head. “No, but Morehouse is.”

He moved passed me and found Morehouse’s body. “What happened?”

“Someone killed him,” I said simply.

“That much is obvious,” he said. He stood up and looked at me. “Should we be taking you into custody?”

My curiosity regarding their freedom from Master PC was too much. “You’re not here for his murderer.”

Conway didn’t flinch. “Our reasons for being here are not your concern.”

I dropped my hands. Some of the armed men made it plain that I had moved too fast. Several guns were trained on me again. “You thought you could get the location of the Master PC server out of him, didn’t you?”

Conway twitched at that. He exchanged a look with Ellison and Ellison gave orders for the unit to withdraw. Once they were out of the room, Ellison and Conway approached me.

“How do you know about Master PC?” asked Ellison.

I shook my head. “I’m not answering any of your questions, either of you.”

“Mr. Setton, we know all too well what you’re capable of...” started Conway.

“Then you know that you’re in over your head,” I said, cutting him off.

“That’s where you’re wrong,” Ellison said. “That unit has already been modified by the program. They are now the elite. They are the soldiers of our future.”

“Then you already know or have an idea of what’s going on with the server,” I said.

Conway nodded. “If I’m reading you right, we’re working toward the same goal.”

I shook my head. “No. Where you’re trying to secure the server and make sure nothing befalls the populace, I’m looking to dismantle it. It’s too dangerous.”

The Agents exchanged another look. “You can’t mean that. Think about all the things that server could do for us, not just the United States, but the whole world.”

I nodded. “I know what it can do, but have you considered what would happen should someone like Charles Manson or Ted Bundy got a hold of that program. That may just be a local problem, but what about someone like Saddam Hussain, Fedel Castro, or even Usama Bin Laden?” I shook my head again and started walking away.

“Mr. Setton, you don’t seem to understand. We are under orders to take anyone with knowledge of the server’s whereabouts into custody.”

I stopped and turned around. “It’s you who doesn’t understand. The entire world is being infected by that software right now. What will you do when they wake up? Arrest everyone?”

“Our experts are certain that the current ordeal will be wiped from everyone’s memories once it is complete,” said Agent Conway. “But we still have to take anyone with direct knowledge of the program, and that means you.”

“Apparently, my demonstration at the hotel wasn’t enough to convince you of what you face.”

“We are faster and stronger as well.”

I pointed back at the door leading to the tactical unit. “Not the soldier who attempted to put me in cuffs. If his strength has been increased, it’s still not enough.”

“We have programmers working non-stop on improving the commands used in the program to make our soldiers and agents flawless,” said Ellison.

“Flawless?” I asked. “There is no such thing, and I’m proof to that.”

The agents looked at one another. “What do you mean?” asked Conway.

I pointed at Morehouse. “He’s dead. I should have been able to heal his wounds, to keep him alive, but the Mind Magi who killed him was too efficient.”

“Take us to this person and we’ll take them into custody,” said Conway. “Let us help you.”

I shook my head. “The person who did this was the one who made Master PC. She gathered the best Mind Magi to make the most effective device she could, and right now that device is ensuring she will have ultimate control of nearly every mind on the planet. Your programmers anticipated someone trying to manipulate you with the program and gave you features to keep that from happening, but me? I don’t need it. I am the culmination of that device. I am the only person who can manipulate the program without a computer, without the server.”

Again the agents looked at one another.

“The only person who can stop her is me, and I’m not going to just turn myself over to you or any other agency, government or cooperation. The best you can do for now is prepare your unit for a big let down because when I find the person responsible and serve justice for this and so many other atrocities, I will shut down the server and I will destroy it.”

“You’re not a court of law, Mr. Setton. You cannot execute justice like that.”

“I am a House Lord. It is my responsibility to punish others like myself who use their powers for personal gain at the expense of others. And if you haven’t realized it, this is about as expensive as it gets.” Calming down a touch I added. “Besides, the worst punishment I can and will dish out is to banish the individuals responsible. Which means taking away their powers. Making them normal. Beyond that, we have always left it to the courts to hand out proper punishment. If we don’t intervene as we do, you’d never catch or contain any of those who should be imprisoned.”

Agent Conway asked, “We... you... There are more of these... House Lords?”

“I’ve said too much,” I said. “You’re lucky I appreciate what you’re trying to do else I would be forced to remove your memories of this meeting.”

Agent Ellison seemed to take that as a personal insult and pointed his weapon at me. Agent Conway continued to attempt to persuade me to see reason. “Mr. Setton, please, let us help you.”

Agent Ellison tried to override Conway’s plea. “Forget that, I’m taking you in for Murder and Treason.”

I pointed at Morehouse’s body. “That man was one of the House Lords. A corrupt individual who felt the best policy for the planet was to simply take control instead of letting us do what was necessary as individuals. When he couldn’t stop me, another killed him.” Looking at Ellison I said, “And if you believe you can stop what is happening with a gun, then you’re wrong.”

Ellison called the unit back into the room, shouting, “Arrest him. Shoot if he does not cooperate.”

I stepped back from them toward the broken cabinet. I needed a good shadow to travel through.

Ignoring the agents and wall of bullets sent my way by the tactical unit, I thought about Fiona. I wasn’t going to rest until she paid for her crimes and the server was stopped.