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Mathematical QuanTITTIES

Professor Samuels was sitting at his desk in the college algebra classroom when the knock came at the door.

“Come in” he said.

The door swung open and there stood Laura.

Looking up at her his thoughts turned to his last class which had just ended 20 minutes earlier and his knees went weak...

The students were all intent on the Algebra mid term.He knew he should be paying closer attention to make sure there was no cheating going on but, he was finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on anything but the beauty seated in front of him. Laura had a habit of taking the seat opposite him on test days. She wasn’t doing well in his class and he knew he would have to speak to her soon if she didn’t improve. He hated the thought of her leaving his class. The constant teasing she did,had him so horny each day it made him weak and clouded his judgement.He couldn’t get enough of the way she looked and what she did to him. He had been easy on her just to keep her teasing going. The easier he was on the quizzes the more brazen her flirting became.She must know what she was doing to him. Every so often he saw her glance in his direction with a sly little smile on her face.Today she was wearing a very low cut top that was obviously too small to contain her 36DDD breasts.

Her silver dollar sized aureola and prominent nipples we’re plain to see.She was also wearing a very tight and short skirt.Showing off her fine long legs.Along with the sexy underthings she would flash at him.

She was working on her test while she was also working on him. Between questions she would rub her legs together and then part them giving him a look at her tiny pink thong.Wider and wider each time.Then when she had his attention she would slowly stretch. Pushing her breasts even further against her top.Then she would look down at her breasts and pick off some imaginary dust.While licking her lips.This performance was having a profound effect on the professors hardening cock.

He had to resist since she was a student. It was far to risky.

When the test was finished Laura was the last to leave the class. She approached his desk and bent slightly at the waist as she set her paper down on the pile in front of him. This gave him a perfect view of her straining breasts.Making his cock twitch.

“It’s really hard isn’t it Professor” she said. While moving a stray lock of hair from between her breasts and running her other hand down her side and over her hip.Immediately drawing his attention to her cleavage and the rest of her fantastic body. He couldn’t decide where to look.

“What did you say” he choked out. As he stared at those incredible Tits.

She licked her lips before saying.

“Math is Professor.Math is really hard. What did you think” she said with that sly little smile.

She turned and slowly wiggled her way towards the door.Just before she got to the door she dropped the folder she was carrying. He began to get up to help her but she had already bent at the waist,knees straight, to pick it up.This caused her short skirt to ride up and exposed the lower part of her perfect bubble butt and her thong. She half turned while still bent over and gave him the most sultry look he’d ever seen.She shifted her weight from one leg to another while he watched helpless to look away. His cock went from hard to straining as she picked up the folder and left the classroom.

Get a grip on yourself he thought to himself.She’s trying to drive you crazy.She’s a student and you shouldn’t be ogling her no matter how sexy she is.

He wondered what she wanted. Returning from his revery...

Laura stepped into the classroom and closed the door behind her.

She strutted over and stood by the side of his desk.

Her sweet perfume made his head feel light.

“I’d like to discuss my grade on the mid-term”she said.

Perhaps he should talk to her at another time,he thought.He was still in a weakend horny state from her earlier performance and wasn’t as decisive as he should be.She was leaning across the desk toward him and the sight of her large breasts made him reconsider.I’ll listen for a minute.He thought.

“Very well” he said against his better judgement.

“I don’t think I did very well on it. Am I right.”

“Since you ask you got an F on it.To be honest Laura I have been lenient on your grades so far in hopes you would improve but I don’t think I can continue to be” he said.I can’t keep passing her just because she is sexy.He thought to himself.

“Well professor, I was thinking about that and I know some special advanced formulas and extra credit work that will surely make you reconsider” she said.

“I don’t know what kind of formulas they could be,since you couldn’t even do the basic ones on the test” he said.

“I was hoping I could show you some now.” As she said this she moved behind the desk and placed herself between my chair and the blackboard .She turned the chair so it was facing the board with her standing in front of me.

“Now watch what i am showing you very carefully and I know you will agree that these special formulas and the extra credit work I am willing to do will convince you that i am right.”

She picked up a piece of chalk and bending at the waist began to write on the board. This had the effect of placing that perfect ass in direct line with my face.I felt my cock get a little harder.

She wrote for a minute and then stepped aside and this is what I saw.


I looked at the formula and saw that it didn’t mean anything mathematically.

“This doesn’t mean anything as far as I can see.”

She turned and faced him. He realised that there wasn’t much space seperating them as she leaned down towards him.Damn she was hot,he thought.Stop that you need to be firm.Of course he felt very firm,but only between his legs.

“Of course not silly that’s where the extra credit work comes in. Explaining it isn’t as effective as showing you the meaning. You will see that my extra credit work is unlike any mathematical quanTITTIES you’ve encountered”.

She began.“The F in parentheses is my grade on the test.Now you multiply that times my Triple Dees.”

With that she pressed her hands on either side of her tits and pushed them towards my face,while bending and leaning forward.She grabbed the edge of her top and pulled it down around her heaving tits.There they were in all their glory. I had seen bits and pieces of them as she had teased me in class. That didn’t prepare me for this sexual onslaught.I was completely transfixed .Her large puffy areola and inch long nipples were jutting forward proudly. She began massaging them,squeezing and pinching her nipples. I knew I was in trouble now. I am completely helpless when confronted by a large pair of tits and my better judgement soon starts to slip away.I must admit at this point my reason escaped me and I just sat there staring.She continued to manipulate them in front of my eyes.I was mesmerized. If she paused in her explanation much longer I would surely start drooling.

“Oh professor! I think you like these mathematical quanTITTIES.”

“Don,t you?”

All I could do was nod my head. I was speechless. She placed one leg on either side of the chair,straddling my lap.Moving closer she pressed them against my face,while reaching behind my head and pulling it into her deep valley. She started to slide up and down.

O god it felt good. Buried in between those big tits. A perfect siren seducing me into agreement.

I knew this was wrong of me but it just felt so good.I made one final effort to regain my senses.I tried to move my chair away but the back was up against the desk.

I could get into so much trouble for this. I had to get her to stop or I couldn’t be responsible for myself.

I pulled my face out from between her tits and said.“Laura, this isn’t right. I am your teacher and we shouldn’t be doing this.”

She quickly pulled my face back between her tits. She was surprisingly strong and in my weakend state I slid right in.She went back to rubbing up and down on my face.

“I am only demonstrating a mathematical formula professor. I’m sure you want me to continue so you will understand the complete formula.Isn’t that right. Do you really want me to stop rubbing your face with my Big Tits.”

I opened my mouth to reply. But before i could say anthing she stuck her nipple into my open mouth.

“Now professor you just think about the Triple Dee part of the equation for now and suck on this while I keep explaining.”

The perfume from between her tits was making me light headed and I so wanted to stay right there.

“You so want to suck and lick my BIG TITS Professor.You need them so

badly .I know you do from the way you have been staring at them in class. They make you so horny,don’t they.”

She was so right.

I nodded my head.

I started sucking and licking. Her nipples were hard as pencil erasers.Damn it felt good.

“That’s right sweety. Nice and wet. Suck them.Lick them. Make them wet.

Sexy Laura’s Perfect BIG TITTS.”

“Just keep doing that Professor.” She moaned and pressed her tits harder against me.

“So the first part of the formula is like this.

“We multiply the F times my Triple Dees(Don’t think about anything but how good sucking and licking feels sweety) then we multiply that times the LD.”

With that she reached down and stroked my cock a few times while moving it up on top of my thigh.She undid her skirt and laid it on the desk. Then she sat down on my lap,trapping my cock between her butt and my thigh while pulling my head down with her. I kept on sucking and licking. She started a slow circular grinding that made my head swim and my cock started dripping pre-cum.

“This is the LD part of the formula. You see the Lapdance times my Triple Dees changes the grade of F into a C.”

The formula was beginning to make sense to my addled brain.As she said this she pressed down onto my lap. She grabbed my head with her hands and looked me deep in the eyes.Then she said.“You love what I am doing”.Her eyes got very wide and I just stared into them. “You want this all the time,don’t you sweety.Now repeat what I say.”

“I want this all the time” she said.

“I want this all the time” he repeated.

“I don’t want it to end” She said.

“I don’t want it to end” he repeated.

She had him repeat this over and over till his eyes began to glaze.

“I give you pleasure “she said.

“What I say is true. You must beleive what I say if you don’t want it to end.”

“You beleive what I say . Don’t you sweety.”

“Yes” He said.

“Everything I say is true.”


She took his hands and place them on her butt.

“Give these a good squeeze please” she said as she squezzed my hands into her butt.

He began massaging her perfect butt.Damn she has a nice butt.

“Professor we will now change the F into a C. I never got an F at all”.She reached over him to the desk,mashing her Tits into his face and took her test. “What do you see my grade is.”

“It’s an F” he said. Looking at the paper.“You are mistaken Professor.Look again.”

She started to increase the pressure of her grinding while rubbing and pinching my nipples through my shirt. This send jolts of pleasure straight to my cock.She licked and nibbled along my neck and jaw line. Then she stuck her tongue in my ear.My brain was turning to jelly.I was overwhelmed by her incredible sexual onslaught. All I could think of was her perfect body and her sweet voice.Telling me what to think.

I tightened my hold on her butt as she ground into my cock.

Then she said hotly into my ear.

“Don’t think of anything but my Big Tits and my sweet voice.You want my Big Tits,don’t you.”


“The grade on the paper is a C. You will place a C in your grade book,won’t you sweety.”

I looked at the paper and there it was plain to see. I had given her a C,because of her mathematical quanTITTIES and extra credit work.

“Now I see it Laura. I don’t know how I made a mistake before.”

“That’s all right sweety.You see now my Knowledge is superior. You believe everything I tell you. Your judgement is obviously faulty or you wouldn’t have made a mistake like that. From now on you will let me do your thinking sweety.”

Of course my judgement is faulty. I can’t think straight. She is in control of all my reactions.

“You are right”he said as he thought. I have to have those Tits he thought.

“Just keep giving me those BIG TITTIES.I need you’re BIG TITTS”he said.

“Of course sweety.just do what I say and there all yours.”

With that she took my hands and placed them on her heaving globes of flesh.

O God I wanted them.I thought.

“You just play with these while I explain the rest of the formula.

She started grinding and rubbing my chest and nipples.“So Professor this is the rest of the formula.The BJ+TF means I slide that great big cock down my throat plus I wrap my Big TiTTies around it. It means BlowJob plus Tittie Fuck turns the C into a B. Of course my grade is a B.

“You must think I’m right” she said.

Of course she was right I thought as I fondeled her Tits.

“As she said this she was unbuttoning my shirt and pulling it out of my pants. She slid back a little and started to undo my belt and pants.

“O my god Laura!“I have to agree that this is the most mathematically perfect argument a student has ever proposed.”

“O Professor of course you agree.”

She bent her head down and started licking and nipping at my nipples. This sent shivers of pleasure to my cock.

She dragged her Tits down my chest and into my lap. She leaned back and pulled off my pants,as I helped.

I was a willing participant now.I couldn’t get them off fast enough.

She parted my thighs and ran her fingernails along the insides of them.

Making me moan.

Then grabbing my cock She started to lick and suck at the head.

She paused for a moment and said.

“You have such a Big Cock. I can’t wait to make you cum all over my Big Tits.”

All I could think of was my cock sliding between those Big Tits.

“O please Laura let me cum between those Big tits.” My mind was empty now except for that image.

“Well sweety. Since you ask so nicely.

She wrapped her tits around my cock .She exposed the head just above her tits and started an intense sucking.Her tongue flicking over the head. She paused for a moment and looked me in the eye and said.Since your cock is all wrapped up by my TiTTies then you are all wrapped up by me. You know that’s true.”


“When I make you cum I am in control of you. You know thats true.”


“You can never escape the control of my Titts.”


“Then it’s time to cum for me Professor.” and make you all mine.

She was moving up and down fucking me with those beautiful tits. I felt my cum building and she looked me right in the eyes and licked her lips and that was all it took. I shot like a geyser coating her TITS. After my first shot she again took me in her mouth and started to suck all of my cum out. She didn’t swallow but waited till i was done and let it dribble slowly onto her tits. She began rubbing it in and taking some on her finger and placing it in her mouth.

“You have the yummiest cum ever. I could suck it down all day.” As I collapsed back into my chair in a state of perfect euphoria.

Laura pressed her Tits against my face and worked my nipples while saying.

“My Tits are perfect. You will think of them when you are awake and in you dreams.You can never get them out of your mind.”

Her words slid in with no resistance now. I was floating and her voice and Tits were all there was.

“When you hear the words Big Titties Sweety you will return to this state and will know that the voice is telling you the perfect truth.”

“You will wake up in a moment sweety. You don’t want to leave this place but you will because you do whatever I say. Right sweety.”

“Yes . I do whatever you say.”

Now wake up on three.




I looked up an saw Laura adjusting her top over those magnificent Tits. “Thank you for understanding why my Mathematical quanTITTIES are perfect and my judgement is so superior to your’s. You agree with that Professor” she stated.

Of course he agreed. How could she be wrong with tits like that.

She leaned over and gave me a deep french kiss while placing my hands on her tits. “Here you go sweety squeeze these please.”

She knew that everytime I saw or touched her tits it would deepen her control.

Now be a nice boy and check the grade on my paper.

Of course It’s a B. He said looking at the paper,the big red F looking exactly like a B to him.I will place a B in the grade book.

“Thank You Professor. I can’t wait to do more extra credit work to you and turn the B into and A. Bye,Bye Professor”. Then she turned and sauntered out of the room.

Leaving him to his visions of those Perfect Tits.