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The Mayor

CODES: mf, md, mc
* * *

SYNOPSIS: The small town of Uniford has been the home of The Capital Lounge but running the club just got a lot harder...


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

AUTHORS NOTES: Tumblr is dead so I’ve moved all my old Tumblr content over to for now. I’m not writing as much there as I did on Tumblr but do post some new captions once in a while.

* * *

Jim looked across the darkened lounge as the last rays of early morning light streamed across it, the door closing behind him with a hard thud. The main floor was large and spread out, on the far wall was the stage, with curtains and all. Along the walls to each side of the stage were booths and along the back wall was the bar along with the entrance to the office, change rooms and storage. The whole place was decked out in red velvet and gold tassels and could seat 300 people easily.

He smiled and took it in for just a moment before reaching around behind the bar and flipping on the light switches. There was something special about seeing the old place devoid of any dancers or patrons, something few people ever got to see, but he did each and every morning as he came in to start the day once more.

The club had been started by his grandfather back in the 1940s as a burlesque club and he ran it for over 30 years. But as times changed, so did how people wanted to see their entertainment. It was Jim’s father that had taken it over in the late ’70s and converted it to a strip club.

It had been going strong ever since.

Which, to an outsider, might seem strange. After all, the town of Uniford had less than a thousand people living in it which hardly seemed like enough to keep any club, let alone a strip club the size of The Capital Lounge afloat.

What wasn’t obvious though was where Uniford was located, on the northeast corner of the state and bordered by two other states that were as dry as a bone. There were three small cities located within 30 minutes of Uniford and not a drop of alcohol, let alone nude dancers, for another hour in any direction.

Unlike his grandfather, who had worked until the day he died, Jim’s father had retired ten years ago. The club had provided more than enough money to fund his father’s move to Europe where he was chasing young women and even catching a few if his Facebook page was to be believed.

Jim had grown up in the club, loving everything about it, even the drama with the dancers was music to his ears. He was only in his thirties and was looking forward to another 30 years or more of running the place.

That is until Rebecca Mason had moved to town. She was part of a new wave of people moving there and using Uniford as a bedroom community to one of the nearby small cities. She’d immediately taken a disliking to The Capital Lounge and had been quietly campaigning against it.

But that hadn’t been a problem really, Mayor Johnston had been running Uniford for over 40 years and no one seriously contested him in the town’s elections. Oh, of course, there were always a few fringe candidates that tossed their hat in, but they never amounted to much.

Mayor Johnston was also a long time family friend, Jim’s grandfather had been one of the first people to donate to his first campaign. But even beyond that, Mayor Johnston new that the of all the businesses in Uniford, The Capital Lounge paid, by far, the most taxes. So much so that the few critics of the club could do nothing but concede that without it, the town would go bankrupt within a few years.

This was the life that Jim had lived since his father’s retirement and it had suddenly come crashing down six months ago during the most recent mayoral election. As always Mayor Johnston was well ahead, with three other fringe candidates running against him.

The first was a green energy zealot who wanted the entire town to be off the grid and use only solar power. This despite the fact that Uniford was 10th to last on the list of cities that received the most sunlight in a year. But that didn’t seem to deter the candidate, even when the ‘expert’ they hired said that it wasn’t feasible.

The second ran on a pro-cannabis platform, which had some support. But as there was little else the candidate wanted to discuss, they never managed to address the other issues the town faced or how he would get around the state or federal laws against it.

And finally, there was Rebecca Mason. A young, smart woman who had a plan to take Uniford “out of the dark ages” as she called it, with radical change and growth. One of the planks of her platform, of course, was to close The Capital Club.

None of them had a chance against Mayor Johnson of course, but for one thing. He dropped dead of a massive heart attack just two weeks before the election.

With no time to bring in new candidates and no way to elect a dead man, the election went ahead. And with only three choices, the people of Uniford made the best choice they could and elected Rebecca Mason as the first female Mayor of the town.

And so Jim looked out over his club with affection for what could be one of the last times as Mayor Mason was being sworn in later that day.

* * *

Jim sipped his whisky as the music thumped in the background and the girls strutted around the floor. The club had filled up around 7 as usual and things were in full swing now.

“Hey boss.” Fidel, one of his bouncers, said as he approached Jim in the far booth to the right of the stage that was always on reserve.

“Hey Fidel, what’s up?” Jim asked.

“Ugh... well you’ve got a visitor. Mayor Mason is here to see you. I had Tommy take her to your office, I hope that was alright.”

“Yeah, that’s fine Fidel, thanks.” Jim replied and stood up from the booth and headed back to his office.

He opened the door to find Tommy standing just on the inside and Rebecca sitting in one of the chairs in front of his desk. Her well kept blonde hair resting just above her shoulders and her power suit hugging her thin frame tightly.

“Thanks Tommy.” Jim said and gave him a tap on the shoulder. Tommy nodded and closed the door as he left.

“Mayor Mason, to what do I owe the honour?”

Rebecca stood up and curled her perfect little nose that sat on her innocent looking face, “I just wanted to tell you personally that I intend to introduce a new by-law at the first council session next week that will see this placed closed down once and for all.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, The Capital Lounge has been a part of the community for 80 years. We donate to all of the local charities, provide employment for 40 townsfolk and then there is the small matter of our taxes of course.”

“I think the town will get by just fine without your establishment Mr. Donelly.”

“Miss Mason, I’m a businessman, nothing more, nothing less. Is there no agreement we can come to about this?”

“No Mr. Donelly, there is not. I’d suggest you let your employees know to start looking for new jobs.” Rebecca huffed and then turned and walked from Jim’s office.

As she did Jim let out a sigh and swivelled his chair over to the safe that sat under a table along the far wall. Twirling the dial several times he opened it up and pulled out a folder of papers.

Pushing back to his desk he opened the folder and smiled at the documents it contained. The original deed to the land, the first construction contracts from his grandfather, photo’s of the renovations his father had done. The most cherished photo he had though was of all three of them together, Jim being no more than 5 at the time.

Jim lost himself in memory for a few minutes before closing the folder and putting it back into the safe. He was about to re-lock the safe when the small lacquered box that sat on the top shelf caught his eye.

His fingers ran across the end of the deep red lacquer until they slid to each side and pulled the box from the shelf. It was no more than 8 inches long, maybe two inches tall and 3 inches deep. But it was inlaid with an intricate pattern of lighter wood that contrasted perfectly.

It was one of the few clear memories he had of his grandfather, the old man holding the box as Jim sat on his lap. Slowly his grandfather opened the box as he told the story of the families greatest treasure.

Jim opened the box himself and just as it had been when he was a child, the gold chain with the ornate pendant on it lay across the dark blue velvet liner.

He could still hear his grandfathers voice, “Now Jim, you must protect this at all costs. It has been handed down from father to son in our family for generations and one day it will be handed down to you.”

“But what is it?” he could still hear his younger self say eagerly.

“It’s a powerful talisman. It’s how I got your grandmother and how your father got his wife. All you have to do is put it on and look at the woman you want. Then, concentrate as hard as you can on her wanting to be your husband. The talisman will do the rest. But remember, it only works on one woman at a time, so pick wisely.”

“Wow grandpa, really? I will, I promise!” he’d said in a mixture of belief and disbelief at the same time.

He hadn’t thought about it for years after his grandfather had died, not until his father had retired and made a point to mention that it was in the safe and that it was his now.

He’d never known his grandmother and his mother only slightly more. Both had been divorced by the men in his family and moved away soon afterwards.

Jim had tried to reach out to his mother a few times, but there was never any response and so he’d eventually given up.

His fingers ran across the pendant, it was gold and silver, in an overlapping design with a red gem in the middle that was about half the diameter of the whole thing.

A slight tingle ran up his fingers as he rubbed the pendant and a smile came across his lips as a wicked thought formed in his mind. What did he have to lose really? If it didn’t work then no one would know any better. But if it did...

* * *

Jim walked into the municipal offices the next morning, the cool metal of the pendant resting on his chest beneath his shirt, “Hi June, I’d like to see the Mayor if she has a moment?”

He’d known June since public school, he’d even dated the pretty brunette in high school for a few months and they still kept in touch once in a while. It, after all, was a very small town.

June had been Mayor Johnson’s assistant for the last few years, being his right-hand lady and virtually running the whole town. He felt bad for her, he didn’t expect Rebecca would be willing to give up that kind of responsibility being the new Mayor and all.

“Hi Jim, she’s got a few meetings going on right now, but if you want to wait I can probably fit you in between them.”

“Thanks June, I can do that.” Jim replied and walked over to the waiting room where several other people sat.

Jim took a chair facing the Mayor’s office and picked up one of the dog eared magazines on the coffee table. He flipped through it for a few minutes before looking up and realizing the door to the Mayor’s office was slightly ajar, giving him an unobstructed view of her sitting behind her desk.

He kept his eyes focused on her and then concentrated, not on her wanting to be his wife, after all, she was already married. No, Jim figured if the talisman was really that powerful, then it should be able to do more than just make someone want to marry you. At least he hoped it did.

Instead, he focused on the several items he’d written down and memorized, reciting each one in his head over and over again.

You want to dance at The Capital Lounge.

You want to work at The Capital Lounge.

You want to be the Mayor of The Capital Lounge.

You want to be my best girl.

He could feel the pendant warming against his skin and he kept repeating them over and over again until she raised her hand to her head and seemed to waver for just a second before regaining her composure.

The pendant became ice cold at that very instant and Jim almost let out a gasp of shock when he realized that it must have done something.

It took another 45 minutes before he managed to get in to see the Mayor and if it had worked, which he was convinced it had, she showed no sign of it.

She’d been curt with him, once more denying his request to come to some kind of agreement, but he’d left with a smile on his face.

* * *

Rebecca looked at the draft by-law on her computer and her eyes glazed over. It was late on Sunday night and she was determined to have it ready before the Tuesday council meeting so she could introduce it. But each time she’d looked at it in the last few days the same thing had happened.

It wasn’t that complex of a by-law, just a simple ban on selling alcohol in any establishment where anyone was in any state of undress. It would effectively close The Capital Lounge and get rid of the ghastly place.

It’s what she had wanted since she’d moved to Uniford... wasn’t it?

It was so hard to focus on the by-law to get it done, each time she did though, a strange thought seemed to pop into her head after her eyes blurred over. How could she dance at The Capital Lounge if it was closed?

She didn’t want to dance there! She’d scolded herself each time the thought wandered into her mind and she’d try once more to finish the by-law, but the cycle simply repeated.

She slammed her computer closed and pushed it away from her in frustration. Standing up she headed upstairs to get some sleep, she’d have better luck tomorrow with it.

* * *

“Rebecca, do you have that by-law ready?” June asked of her boss who seemed frazzled and distracted.

“What? Oh... no, it will have to wait until next week. It’s not ready yet.” Rebecca replied as she looked up at her assistant and then dropped her head back down to try and focus on the papers in front of her.

She’d spent most of the day trying to work on the by-law on her computer but had no better luck than the day before. She’d resorted to printing out a copy, thinking that might do the trick but so far it hadn’t.

She managed to stroke her yellow highlight across the word “business” in the by-law before another strange thought crossed her mind... The Capital Lounge was a business... and businesses had employees... how could she work at The Capital Lounge if it wasn’t in business?

She bit her lower lip and let out a low moan... she didn’t want to work at The Capital Club! She already had a job! She was the Mayor of Uniford!

She was the Mayor! The Mayor! The Mayor... The Mayor of The Capital Club! She gasped as a small orgasm came over her as the thought buried itself deep in her mind.

“No, no, no, no... I’m the Mayor of Uniford...” she whimpered quietly so that June couldn’t hear her.

Rebecca stood up and grabbed her purse and quickly walked from her office, “June... I have to... I have to go home. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Of course Mayor Mason.” June replied a little stunned, it was just after 5 and the new Mayor hadn’t once left the office before 7 since she had started.

* * *

Rebecca walked into her empty home, her husband off on a business trip for the rest of the week, and quickly made her way to their bedroom.

Opening her nightstand drawer, she pulled out her trusty vibrator and quickly stripped down and laid out on the bed. She turned on the vibrator and slid it between her already moist lips, letting it do its work as those strange thoughts kept running around in her head.

Her lips parted and before she knew what was happening the words started to come from between them.

“I want to dance at The Capital Lounge.” a small orgasm crested.

“I want to work at The Capital Lounge.” a larger orgasm crested.

“I want to be the Mayor of... The Capital Lounge.” she stuttered only momentarily before completing the sentence and receiving an even larger orgasm.

An hour later and after dozens upon dozens of orgasms one last train of thought crossed her mind... if she wanted to be the Mayor of the Capital Lounge then she had to get elected and the only person who could vote was Jim.

The final thought crashed over her like a ton of bricks, if she was going to get Jim’s vote she had to be his best girl.

A final massive orgasm rocked her as her eyes rolled back into her head and her whole body tensed and then went limp.

* * *

Jim looked over at Rebecca, seated once more in the same chair she had been two weeks ago, but this time she looked as though she had been freshly fucked.

Her hair was a mess, her makeup smeared across her face, her clothing dishevelled and her eyes darted from side to side like she was a schoolgirl caught passing notes in class.

“So Mayor Mason, what can I do for you today?” Jim asked and he watched her eyes widen when he said Mayor.

“Oh.. ah, Jim... you don’t mind if I call you Jim do you?” she asked hesitantly.

“Not as long as you don’t mind if I call you Becky.” Jim replied and he watched her face twist in anger for only half a second before she replied.

“No... no, I guess not... that would be fine Jim. I was wondering... if... well.. if I could... maybe you know... dance here or something... once in a while?” Rebecca asked as her eyes continued to dart from side to side never making eye contact with Jim.

“Well Becky, I don’t think so, I mean you said I’m going to be out of business soon right?”

“What?!? Oh god, I’m sorry Jim, just ignore what I said last time... I didn’t mean any of it!” Rebecca replied in almost pure panic.

“So then your not going to pass a by-law against The Capital Lounge?”

“No. Definitely not. As you said... The Capital Lounge has been here for 80 years... how could I close it down?”

“Ok, well, in that case, I still don’t think you can work here. I mean you already have a job as Mayor right?”

“I... I... I could... could resign?” she half asked, half stated, half begged him.

“Well, I suppose if you resigned... but what about your husband?

“We’re... we’re separated... just... just last week.” she almost let out in a whimper. She could still remember the pained look on his face when she had told him she wanted, no needed, to work at The Capital Lounge. He’d begged her to take it back but she couldn’t and he’d stormed out of the house.

“Well, in that case, there’s just one last thing...”

“Wh... what is it?”

“Your audition, why don’t you drop by tomorrow morning, say around 10 am and we’ll see if you can dance or not.”

“Really?!?” she almost squealed and jumped up from the chair.

“Yes, really. Now get out of here, I have work to do.”

“Oh thank you Jim! Thank you!” she enthused and turned to the door.

Just as she was opening it when Jim spoke up, “Oh and Becky, don’t forget to bring something to wear. Can’t very well have you looking like the Mayor of Uniford now can we?”

“Oh, of course, Jim, I will!” she said and almost skipped out of his office.

* * *

Rebbeca stood on the main floor of The Capital Lounge and her knees almost gave out from under her. She’d arrived right at 10 am, well 20 minutes early if she was honest but had waited in her car before coming in.

She’d thought Jim would have her dance on stage, instead he’d lead her over to his personal booth where he sat down and was now waiting for her to start.

For her part, she’d found the only outfit that she had that seemed appropriate, a small two piece light blue bikini she’d taken on vacation with her husband... ex-husband she corrected herself... last year.

Jim picked up a remote control from beside him and music started playing. Rebecca started to dance slowly to the music as it played, standing several feet away from him.

“Becky, this isn’t the prom you know. At the Capital Lounge you do lap dances.” Jim said and slapped his leg.

Rebecca’s pussy went into overdrive as she sashayed over to him in her unfamiliar heels before straddling his lap.

It wasn’t long before the second song started and her hands untied her bikini top all on their own. When Jim’s fingers touched her nipples she gasped and leaned into him.

Shortly after the third song started she was naked, laying back against his chest, one of his hands firmly on her breast, the other rubbing her sopping wet pussy.

“So Becky, how does it feel to dance at The Capital Lounge?”

“Oh god Jim, it feels so good!”

“And you want to work here right?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried out as she bucked her hips into his probing fingers.

“What are you willing to do to work here Becky?”

“Anything Jim! Anything!”

“Even be the Mayor of The Capital Lounge?”

“OH GOD YES!” she cried out as an orgasm came over her.

“That means you serve The Capital Lounge you know. You have to look out for it’s best interests and serve the people who voted you into office.”

“Oh please Jim, vote me the Mayor of The Capital Lounge! I’ll do everything you want!”

“Alright Becky, I’ll vote for you but only on the condition that you’re my best girl, alright?”

“GOD YES JIM! I’ll be your best giiiiirrrrrlllll!!!!!!” Rebecca cried out as a massive orgasm crested and she collapsed back on top of Jim.

* * *

Jim sat in his booth and sipped his Scotch as the announcer boomed over the PA system, “Would you please give a warm welcome to our feature dancer of the night! You’ve seen her in the paper, you’ve seen her on TV, please give a big hand to the Mayor of The Capital Lounge... Miss Becky Mason!”

The applause rose up from the crowd as Becky strode on to the stage, her bright smile plastered from ear to ear as her tiny bikini was partly covered with a sash that read “Mayor” across it.

She grabbed the pole at the centre of the stage and swung around it as the music played and she started her first song of the night.

“She’s really improved over these last few months Jim.” June said as she sipped her own drink.

“Yes, she’s really taken to the work Mayor Cutter. It’s too bad about her breakdown though... I’m just glad I could help her get back on her feet.”

“Oh come on Jim, call me June, we’ve known each other too long to get all formal now. Anyways, I’d never have been able to afford my campaign if you hadn’t been so generous and rallied the other businesses behind me.”

“I didn’t have to do anything really, I mean you were the obvious choice and everyone knew it. They just needed a little reminding, that’s all.”

“Well thank you any way Jim. I really just dropped by to say that I don’t see any new by-laws being proposed any time soon. I don’t seem to have been able to find any of the ones that Mayor Mason had been working on.”

“Oh, well, that’s too bad I guess. I’m sure the rest of the townsfolk will be quite happy with the status quote, after all it’s worked for 80 years so far.”

June let out a small chuckle and set her drink down before standing up and walking out of the club.

For his part, Jim let out a satisfied sigh. It was a good lesson learned, not to take the status quo for granted. Next time he’d make sure to always have two horses in the race, just in case.

He looked upon the stage as Becky started her second song and his mind drifted back to the lacquered box in the safe in his office.

The memory of his grand father’s story coming back to him and he wondered what he meant by the talisman only working on one woman at a time.

Did he mean he had to wait for Becky, or himself, to die before it could be used again?

Or if he used it on someone else would the effect wear off and Becky return to her old self?

Was it work the risk to find out? After all, if he tried it and it didn’t work there was no harm. And even if he tried it and Becky returned to her old self what did that really matter? She was no longer the Mayor of Uniford. Everyone thought she’d had a complete mental breakdown. And it wasn’t like he’d done anything other than give her the job that she basically begged him for.

Even if she somehow knew what had happened and went to the police they’d never believe her. They’d just put her in for a psych eval and throw away the key.

Perhaps he’d have to give it a try sometime, maybe in a few years when Becky was near the end of her dancing career. Until then he’d just have to do with Becky being his best girl and that didn’t seem too bad at all.