The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Mafisto

John Blake wandered into Russell’s Body Shop by accident, literally, after a shiny silver Volkswagen Beetle (new model), driving at Autobahn speeds, burned a red light at the intersection and rammed his sedan right into the garage parking lot. John, shaken, stayed put behind the wheel for half a minute; then he carefully palpated his neck, arms, chest, and legs, and concluded with relief that he was unhurt: the trunk had taken most of the impact. As he dazedly got out of his car, still in shock, his worries shifted towards the stolen chemicals in the trunk.

A tall young mechanic in blue overalls was rushing towards him from the shop. “Are you OK, sir?” he said, then he looked away behind John. “Fuck, look at the nerve of this guy: he’s driving away!”

John whirled around: the Beetle had indeed taken off. “Were you able to make out the license plate number?” he asked the mechanic, as he turned back and started walking over to the trunk.

“He was too quick for me, sorry sir.”

The mechanic twisted his mouth in frustration. His good looking, honest face was built with hearty features: a long nose, a wide chin, a thick forehead. His curls of dark brown hair were slightly wet, and beads of sweat sprinkled his forehead. A tag on his overalls labeled him as a “Scott”.

“Doesn’t matter, I guess,” said John, trying to open the trunk.. Damn, he thought, those Domination guys will kill me if the chemicals are damaged! “This trunk won’t open!”

“What happened?” said a rugged sexy voice from behind him.

John looked behind him. A twenty-year-old Adonis with golden blond hair was coming out of the garage. He wore a tight black T-shirt and jeans, and was playing around with a driver. John stared at him silently, as Scott told him about the accident.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” he said to John, startling him.

“I’m sorry, you looked familiar... I was trying to place you.” Of course! John thought. You’re that guy from my fantasies. I remember now...

“I guess we’d better take this inside to take a look at the damage,” said Scott.

They put John’s car in neutral gear and pushed it through the shop’s single door. John tried to help, but seemed more in the way than anything. Scott closed the door behind them, while Evan, the blond hunk, surveyed the damage.

‘Seems it’s mostly the trunk that’s damaged,” he said after a few minutes. " ’ want us to make an estimate for the insurance?”

“You might as well. I don’t know any other shop around here. But first, I’d like you to try to open the trunk. There’s fragile stuff in there that might be broken.”

“I can give it a try, alright,” said Evan.

He attempted to lift the trunk door; his muscles bulged, his body crisped, but he did not succeed. John was hovering around him, and it made the young mechanic uncomfortable.

“Scott, could you give me a hand with that?” he asked, wiping his forehead with his arm.. He had light freckles below his eyes.

Scott came to help him, and they tried to lift the trunk door together. There was a loud creak, but the door stayed still.

“Sir, would you mind fetching my crowbar from the table?” said Scott, as they were about to make another attempt.

“No problem,” said John, walking toward the cluttered table at the other end.

As he grabbed the crowbar, he heard a deafening grating noise, then a loud bang. The two mechanics coughed and yelled: “Fuck, what’s that stuff?” “Stinks like hell.”

His trunk door was opened and surrounded by heavy fumes. The two mechanics were coming out of the fumes on each side, wobbling and coughing like crazy. Scott struck the trunk door close again.

“Guys, are you all right?” asked John, in a panic. He walked towards Evan, grabbing his shoulder.

“I don’t know. I’m feeling strange. But don’t touch me, ok?”

John’s hand snapped off. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to...”

“What... <emph> is in this trunk, by the way?... I just inhaled <emph> a lot of it.”

“Me too. ’ went right to my brain... <emph>,” said Scott.

“Yeah, it felt like a <emph>... brain freeze. Shit, I feel another <emph> wave coming...”

Evan leaned his back over John’s hood, while Scott clung to it with one hand to keep his balance. Both had stopped talking, and had closed their eyes. They swayed slowly, almost imperceptibly, from side to side.

“My head...” said Scott. “There’s this buzz. waving in and out. It’s kind of relaxing actually...”

“Yeah, relaxing...” droned Evan. He opened his eyes, but there was no spark in them. He stood up, but didn’t move, still swaying slowly. Scott’s eyes were also open, and with that same, empty, faraway look.

What sort of chemicals had he stolen? thought John. What was this reaction that these fumes in his trunk had caused in Scott and Evan? Both men seemed in a sort of trance. “Guys, do you hear me?” he asked.

“Yesssssss,” said Scott.

“Yesssssss,” said Evan, a few seconds later.

What to do? thought John. Should he call 911?

“Scott, how do you feel?” he asked.

“...I feeeeelllll gooood,” he droned. “ my miiiind is oooopeeeen....”

Were they in some sort of hypnotic trance? John looked at those two handsome boys, completely helpless, and, unexpectedly, he was starting to get aroused. Why not try something out, some sort of bidding?

“Scott, I need some cash. Would you go to your cash register and bring me all the money that’s in there?”

There was a moment of hesitation, during which John feared he had misjudged their state. But then:

“...yeessssssss....” and Scott tottered towards the office like a zombie.

John could not believe it! What were the chances of anything like that happening? He turned towards Evan, who was so vulnerable—a confused angel in need of direction.

“Evan...” He paused to gather his nerves. “...Would you take off your shirt for me, please?”

Again, a moment of hesitation. Then Evan said, with his rugged voice: “Yeaaaaahh... My shiiiiirt...” and he pulled out the shirt from his jeans, then lifted it off slowly, clumsily, revealing first his well-sculpted abs, then his thick, smooth pecs, and finally his strong shoulders and biceps. He let the shirt drop to the floor beside him, and returned to his quasi-motionless state.

The sight of the man of his fantasies stripping his shirt for him aroused John intensely. Both men were straight, for sure; no way he would have been able to have them in any other circumstance. Wasn’t it strange that his thoughts had automatically drifted towards sex?

Meanwhile, Scott was walking back towards him, holding a Hershey bars box filled with bills and change. He presented it to John, who took it and placed on a chair beside him.

“Thank you, Scott. I appreciate your generosity. Now, you won’t mind if I take these overalls off you? It’s getting awfully hot in here.”

“...Hooooot... I woooon’t miiinnnd... Taaake theeemm oooofff...”

John grabbed the zipper and slowly brought it down Scott’s chest, who took his arms out and let the clothes fall down to his feet. He was wearing tight white boxerbriefs underneath, and his chest, smoother than Evan’s, glistened with sweat. He had a tattoo on his left shoulder. John took the overalls off Scott’s feet and stared at Scott’s package shaping the front of his boxerbriefs.

“Now, listen to me, both of you. I will count up to three, and you will return to your normal selves, except that you will not notice that some of your clothes are missing. You will act as if you were completely dressed. Also, you will call me sir, and always find an occasion to tell me that you are at my service. In fact, you will feel compelled to obey anything I tell you, any request, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Now repeat my instructions...”

They took a few seconds to let his instructions sink in, then started to repeat: “... You will cooount up to threeeee... We will retuuuurn to ooouuur former seeeelves...”

After he had them repeat the instructions a few times, which seemed to take forever, John finally said in a strong steady voice: “1... 2... 3...”

The sparkle in their eyes returned, although they still appeared a bit confused.

“What happened, sir?” asked Scott. “I seem to have lost it for a moment...”

“Yeah, all I remember are those fumes from the trunk,” said Evan, “then it’s a complete blank...” He hesitated, as if he had forgotten something. Then he remembered. “Sir...”

“You were just dazed for a while. Nothing to be concerned about,” said John. “So, will you two fix my car?”

“We’re at your service, sir,” said Scott, standing at attention with his arms behind his back, which, considering he was only wearing a pair of boxerbriefs, was quite provocative.

“Yeah, at your service, sir,” said Evan, also standing up straight, holding his jeans by the waistband with one hand.

“Good. Now get to work.”

The two mechanics went to the table to grab some tools and started to work on his car as they would have done normally had they been dressed.

“So how’s Tina?” asked Scott.

“A bit pissed about last night,” said Evan, getting in the back seat of the car and examining the door from the inside. “She wants me to cancel the poker game tonight.”

“And why the fuck would you do that?” said Scott, carefully removing the broken glass from the opposite door. “That’s crazy... She’d be punishing not only you, but all your friends as well.”

John circled the car and came close to Evan in the back seat.

“Evan, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’d like you to strip down to your underwear, if that’s possible. You can remain where you are.”

Evan instantly dropped his tools to the car floor and looked straight at John, eager to please.

“Of course, sir. I’m at your service, sir.”

He snapped off his running shoes, pulled off his socks, then slid his jeans off his muscular legs. He was wearing a pair of white briefs which hugged his “equipment” tightly. He then picked his tools back up, then returned to work casually.

“You know her,” he said, resuming his conversation with Scott. “I guess that’s what she wants... Punishing all of us, I mean...”

“Well, don’t you think you should defy her a bit? You’re getting too submissive you know. You didn’t use to be like that.”

“So you think I’m domesticated...” Evan said, with a little laugh.

“Fucking yeah!” said Scott, and they both laughed.

John, now a bit away from the car, called to them: “Could you both stand here before me for a moment, please?”

They stopped their work instantly, and hurried to take their place facing him. They stood with their hands behind their backs, smiling like employees-of-the-month.

“At your service, sir,” they said, almost in unison.

“I’m getting a bit warm, so I want you to remove all my clothes, except for my underwear. Do it slowly.”

“Yes, sir.”

“At your service, sir.”

“Oh, and Evan, you will let me touch you anywhere I please while you’re doing that.”

Evan looked shocked. “Of course, sir. It will be my pleasure.”

He started to slowly unbutton John’s shirt, while Scott kneeled before John, unzipping his khakis. Evan’s rough hands felt like paradise on John’s skin. John started to fondle Evan’s pecs, and worked his way down his flanks to his ass.

He was soon stripped to his boxers, and his two mechanics stood again before him. He had a huge hard-on just being in the presence of these two men in their underwear completely at his mercy.

“Now, I want you two to slowly lower your underwear down to your ankles.”

They blinked and there was but the briefest of hesitation in their eyes, but Scott said:

“If that’s what you want, sir, we’re at your service!”

“Yes, we’ll do as you wish sir.”

They pulled down their underwear, gradually revealing their patches of pubic hair, then their soft cocks and balls. Scott’s cock was around six inches, and cut. Evan’s cock was longer and thicker, and his pubic hair was blond.

“Now, turn around.”

They again agreed verbally and started to rotate in place clumsily, exposing their asses. Evan’s ass was tighter and more muscular than Scott’s, but Scott’s was lean and had its own charms.

John came close to them and squeezed their butt cheeks.

“Now, if I want to use your asses for my personal enjoyment, what will you say?”

“I’ll say that my ass is at your service, sir,” said Scott emphatically.

“And I’ll say you can use my butt for whatever you please, sir,” said Evan.

“Good, good, I’m very pleased by your service here.” John was eager to take them up on their offers, but he wanted to milk the moment for as long as he could. “Now, go back to work as you are. However, you’ll find that working like this in the nude will gradually excite you sexually. You’ll start thinking about sex, and the more you’ll try to think of anything else, the more you’ll think about having sex, right now, by yourselves and eventually with each other. Now go.”

“Yes, sir. At your service.”

They went back to work under the intense stare of John, who was slowly rubbing his crotch through his boxers. Evan started to sand the left side of the car, and Scott, to remove a torn panel from the door.

“I do think you’re domesticated,” said Scott. “Your girlfriend has you by the balls.”

“I guess I enjoy that. It makes me... happy?... horny? Yeah, horny... Anyway, let’s talk about something else, ok? How was the baseball game I missed last night?”

Evan scratched his pubic hair as Scott answered: “It was fantastic. It was exciting... It makes me hard just to think about it.”

He wasn’t kidding. His cock was already stretching forward, half hard. Evan started at it briefly, then started to fondle his balls. “Is that so? I guess watching player after player grabbing a long hard bat, waving it around, scratching their crotches, it could make someone hot...”

His own cock was also getting excited. Scott turned his soldering iron off, and said:

“I can’t concentrate properly. I’m gonna take a little break. God, I feel so horny. You don’t mind if I jerk off right here, now... I...” He didn’t wait for Evan’s answer. He lay down right there on the floor and started to stroke his cock with passion.

“No, I don’t mind. I feel relieved. I’m so fucking hot and horny too...”

He sat on the hood of John’s car, beating his meat. They were breathing deeply now, and then the moaning started.

“Scott,” asked Evan. ”<moan> What are you thinking about?”

“I’m trying to think about Julie...<moan>


“But my thoughts always come back to you, probably because you’re right there.”

“Me too. I mean, I think about you. Scott, fuck, come here and suck my cock, suck my balls, I can’t wait...”

Scott jumped to his feet and hurried to kneel before Evan, swallowing his huge, thick, erection with alacrity. John was also jerking off like a madman, his boxers down to his ankles. He moved to get a better view of the action.

“Good,” said John, after watching them for a while. “Now Scott, its my turn. I want you to come here and service my cock.”

“Yes, sir. At your service sir.”

John sat on the hood right next to Evan, and Scott shuffled sideways to face John’s genitals. He swallowed John’s cock roughly. His mouth felt warm and wet and wonderful. The suction gave John such a rush that he almost came right then and there. He grabbed Evan’s erection with one hand and started to jerk him off; with the other hand, he massaged his nipples.

“Evan, I want you to kiss me.”

“Yes, sir. At your serv...” He did not finish his sentence because John’s tongue was already in his mouth, and he returned the favor obediently. His mouth smelled minty, as if he had chewed gum not too long ago. Then John lay on Evan’s warm and firm chest, and started to lick all around the young mechanic’s huge dick. Finally, he took it in, an inch at a time, and sucked on it slowly and hungrily, enjoying the double sensation of a hot cock in his mouth and a hot mouth around his cock.

John then moved his hand under Evan’s ass, which Evan lifted a bit off the hood, and then proceeded to knead his cheeks, and feel his butthole with his finger. He was unable to resist anymore...

“Now, listen to me both.” he said, getting off the hood. “I need some more service. I need to fuck you both in the ass, and I need you to fucking like it, is that clear?”

“Yes, sir,” said Evan, turning around on his belly, putting his feet on the ground, and lifting his ass up in the air. “My ass is at your service, sir. Fuck it all you want.”

“Right away, sir,” said Scott, taking the same position as Evan beside him and spreading his cheeks open. “I’m at your complete service, sir. I will do my best to satisfy your fucking needs.”

John took a little grease from the ground and prepared Evan’s ass. It was tight, and it was obvious it had never been fucked.

“Evan, I order you to loosen your ass.”

“Yes, sir.”

John inserted his finger in his ass again, and felt it loosen up. He gradually inserted his cock in the young Adonis’s ass, sensing him tense from the pain. It was hot, and tight. He smelled so good, His skin was smooth, not too soft, not too rough. It was a pleasure to pump this ass.

He alternated between the two mechanics’ asses, until he got almost to the brink, then he said: “Now, turn around on your backs and jerk off. I’m about to come, and I want you to come with me...”

“Yes, sir. At your service.” They did as he asked and started to jerk off. Finally, John yelled: “I’m coming... I’m coming...”

“I’m coming too, sir,” said Evan.

“Me too,” said Scott.

The three of them spurted thick and long jets of white cum on their chests and even their faces, John aiming at each of them in turn, mixing his cum with theirs. He ordered them to lick it off each other’s bodies, which they did avidly.

Finally, reluctantly, he gave them back their wills, but not before making them repeat a few further instructions...

* * *

A month later, long after having cleared up his mess with Domination, John returned to Russell’s Body Shop. Scott and Evan barely remembered him, and looked at him impassively. They were both wearing overalls that day.

“Did you manage to clean that trunk?” asked Scott.

“I can still remember that awful smell...” said Evan.

“It was hard, but we managed to do it. Now, I have a scratch on the left door I need you two to look at.”

They had him drive the car inside the shop. He got out, and said:

“It’s all yours. Can I count on you to give me the best service possible?”

At this sentence, their eyes became vacant. They unzipped their overalls, stepped out of them, and stood up straight, Evan in light blue boxers and Scott in Joe Boxers white and yellow “happy faces” boxerbriefs. They put their hand behind their backs, and their hardening cocks started to protrude forward in their underwear.

“Yes, sir. At your service, sir.”