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Ivaline suffers from a lack of self-confidence, and when her friend Poppy comes over, they decide to change that via hypnosis.

* * *

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under 18. All characters in this story are also above the age of 18.

Commission for a friend back in February!

* * *


Ivaline sat on the edge of the bed, twiddling her thumbs anxiously. She checked her phone again, for what might as well have been the hundredth time in the past 30 minutes or so. Poppy was supposed to be there at any moment, but as the time drew closer, Ivaline felt herself having second thoughts. Third thoughts. Any thoughts of regret towards making these plans.

She liked Poppy, yeah. She liked her a lot. In fact, her feelings towards the red-haired tall girl were reminiscent of the quintessential “disaster lesbian crush”, in which both liked each other but didn’t think the other liked them.

Why am I wasting my time? Ivaline thought. Might as well cancel while it’s still half-way polite...

Ivaline scrolled over to the text log between the two of them, but as soon as she was about to chicken out, Poppy piped in with a “here!”

Crap. It was too late. Ivaline stood up and checked herself in the mirror. The dress was cute, but part of her felt she didn’t fit in such a cute dress. And what was with that eyeshadow color she chose? Ivaline thought it looked better earlier in the day... Ivaline then realized her lipstick was also smudged... and then she realized she was keeping Poppy waiting with her fussing and made her way towards the front door.

Ivaline peered through the eyehole. Poppy looked gorgeous, just as usual. Her feathery long dress flowed down her slender body, accentuating her chest and shoulders and hips. Her hair was done in a lovely bun with a braid going over and above it. And as always — she had the best taste in makeup.

And that was only what Ivaline could tell from looking at her from a small glass hole. But there wasn’t really any way Ivaline could talk herself out of this one — they had the whole day planned, and Poppy came from far away. With a gulp and an awkward smile, Ivaline opened the door wide to greet Poppy with a dopey grin.

“Poppy! Welcome!” She smiled as she welcomed Poppy in.

“Hello, Ivaline,” Poppy gave a gentle, warm smile back as she walked in. Eyeing the coat rack, Poppy took her mink coat off to hang it up. “How’s it going today?”

“G-good,” Ivaline stammered, trying to keep on the grin. “Just... just vibing.”

“Vibing... I can’t say I’ve heard that slang before.” Poppy cocked her head confusedly, and Ivaline instantly felt embarrassed — as great as Poppy was, she tended to live under a rock in terms of meme culture.

“Oh! Just relaxing, I suppose. Anyways, um, can I get you anything to drink?”

“Some tea would be lovely.”

Ivaline nodded and went to the kitchen, Poppy following her into the dining room. She poured some water into the kettle and began to boil it, going over her options of tea to Poppy (there were a lot of fruity teas, but Poppy vastly preferred green tea.) Finishing the water, Ivaline began to pour it into the china tea cups.

“Ivaline, dear,” Poppy began, and Ivaline briefly flinched at her suddenly speaking up. “Would it be okay if I had some of the macaroons on the table?”

“Oh, not at all! I mean, yes, it’d be fine!” Ivaline didn’t realize she was practically shouting at this point, in such a high pitched voice too. Either Poppy didn’t mind, though, or she wasn’t showing that she cared in the slightest.

Eventually, she finished making the tea, and brought the glasses over to the table. Setting one next to Poppy and one next to her, she took her seat and a deep, deep exhale.

“Ivaline, you look quite nervous,” Poppy noted. “Is something the matter?”

“No, I just... I just don’t want to annoy you, is all.”

“Annoy me? Why would you think you’re doing that?”

“I... I dunno.” Ivaline slumped over in her chair, feeling ashamed that Poppy as always could see so easily through her. “I... I like, like you. And I don’t wanna scare you away.”

Poppy looked at Ivaline with a concerned, sympathetic face, and Ivaline still felt bad to feel as if she was bringing the mood down.

“Ivaline, why don’t we try something?” Poppy offered. Ivaline lit up briefly, wondering what she could mean.

“Please hear me out, but... I’ve been dabbling in learning hypnosis, and its therapeutic effects. I’ve been meaning to try it out on someone, so... if you’re willing...”

“Hypnosis...? Uh, I’m sorry for asking, but does that... actually work?”

“Oh yes! I’ve been hypnotized a few times myself, and it always works to a T. I could use it just to make you feel more relaxed, or more confident. What do you think?”

Ivaline pondered this for quite some time, honestly not being entirely sure. She was usually someone who was nervous to try new things, especially things that might have some sort of permanent consequence. And she wanted it to work, for Poppy, so would there be a problem if it didn’t?

Ivaline sighed to herself and resigned. “Sure, let’s... let’s try it.”

“Perfect! Well... is there anything you want to feel in general? Any specific ways you want to be hypnotized?”

“Ways to be... uh, like what?”

“For instance... I could give you a massage and hair pull induction.”

Oh, fuck, Ivaline swore to herself. That sounded nice as hell, especially coming from Poppy.

“That sounds great! Uh, let’s do that.” Ivaline gave a dopey, nervous grin as she spoke.

“Lovely! Let’s go somewhere more... comfortable, then. Maybe your couch?”

Sitting on the couch with Poppy. Getting a massage. And getting her hair pulled. That sounded like absolute heaven for Ivaline; a part of her wasn’t sure if she would be able to control herself.

“Yes! Let’s, uh, let’s go.” Ivaline stood up with Poppy, grabbing the tea as they were led into the living room. It was a modest place, for sure; the china tea cups were probably the nicest thing in the apartment in general. The living room couches were slightly worn down, sitting in front of the entertainment center with a decently sized TV on it and a small coffee table. It wasn’t a perfect place by any means, but it was Ivaline’s, and she felt most comfortable there.

Poppy sat on the couch behind Ivaline, and yet her body was so close to hers. It made Ivaline blush like mad; her entire face must have been beet red. She could almost feel Poppy’s warmth, too. Almost...

“Can I touch your hair?” Poppy asked. Ivaline nodded, and Poppy reached under Ivaline’s hair and grabbed a fistful of it. Gently, but rough enough to have some sort of oddly calming effect on Ivaline.

“Good,” Poppy cooed, and Ivaline could already feel herself melting. “May I start massaging your shoulders?”

“Y...yes,” Ivaline responded. Poppy put a hand on Ivaline’s shoulder and began massaging it. Ivaline nearly swore out loud with how nice it felt; her hands were warm, and she was hitting all the right places.

“Very good. Just feel yourself relaxing into my touch. Into your hair, into my hands, into me... if you’re feeling a little tired, that’s okay; and if you’re not there yet, that’s also okay. Whatever you’re feeling makes sense. As long as you focus on me, on my gentle, loving touch... that’s all that matters.”

It really was. Her touch, that was; that was all that mattered. Ivaline felt a strange sensation washing over her; was this what trance felt like? She felt so tired, so sleepy, so relaxed...

“And as you fall deeper into me, you feel yourself becoming more suggestible to my words; more easily influenced, more open to my thoughts... you do feel that, don’t you?”

“Mmm...” Ivaline tried to respond with a ‘yes’, but she found that she was so relaxed she could barely even talk.

“That’s right.” Ivaline could almost feel Poppy smiling, because she was so proud of herself. “Just melt... feeling yourself melt... your mind, your body... completely melting...”

Ivaline felt it — even though they were slipping in and out of consciousness, they felt themself sinking, melting into Poppy’s hands. It was a warm, silky sensation, like cooled off wax.

“And as you drop into this nice, deep place, you may feel yourself sinking more and more into a puddle, losing your form and becoming more liquid; more malleable in my hands. More easily influenced. And — most of all, softer.”

At some point, Ivaline must have dropped fully into trance. That was exactly how they felt. Malleable, like soft wet clay for Poppy to mold as she saw fit.

“And as you’re melted down into a puddle, you hear me ask you a certain question... and however you answer is okay. You know that I won’t judge you and I am only here to make you happy. You hear me ask — what do you most need right now to melt more?”

Ivaline groaned for a second, and answered — not realizing her awoken self would have punched her for answering how she did. “Touch... me.”

“That’s okay,” Poppy reassured, sinking her hands deeper into Ivaline’s shoulder and her hair. “I can definitely do that. After all, all I want you to do is melt for me, and melt further and further until you’re just a puddle. Like a good girl... melting for me...”

Ivaline moaned, and she wasn’t even being touched yet. Good girl. Those words stuck with her; she loved being called that more than anything.

“If you tell me you’re a good girl, you know that I’ll grant your wish and touch you if that’s what you really want.” Ivaline could, once again, feel Poppy’s coy smile behind her.

“I’m a... good girl,” Ivaline repeated.

“Yes you are! A very very good girl.” Poppy smiled and cooed as her hand drifted from Ivaline’s shoulder, lightly groping her chest and eliciting another moan from Ivaline. For a few minutes, Poppy fell silent as she just played with Ivaline’s chest.

“Just keep melting for me,” she continued. “With every touch, you fall deeper. Every touch, you melt for me. Melt into a suggestible puddle. Melt... just melt.”

It felt so right. So, so right. Being a puddle came naturally to Ivaline now that she was deep in hypnosis. Doing things for Poppy, submitting to her hypnotically was the most amazing sensation. Just melting further and further. Ivaline kept melting in Poppy’s grasp as her hand drifted lower down to Ivaline’s crotch, underneath her garments to lightly stroke her.

Even though Ivaline was melted, she was quite hard already, and already leaking from her shaft. Ivaline couldn’t help but moan out loudly, not being aware of herself in the slightest. She was too deep in, too melted. Poppy kept stroking her, faster and faster, whispering the word “melt” into her ear repeatedly. Ivaline followed that order easily.

“As you get more and more aroused, you become more and more confident,” Poppy whispered into Ivaline’s ear, her breath getting heavier as she herself got more and more aroused. “More and more loving, accepting of yourself, more, more, more... That’s it, that’s it. When you finish, you’re going to just feel good. Good about yourself. Melt. Melt, melt, melt...”

Ivaline’s girldick was twitching as Poppy stroked it faster, and as Poppy whispered one last “melt” into Ivaline’s mind, she finished. Ivaline ejaculated all over the couch and Poppy’s hand, shooting strand after strand into the air. It was the biggest load she’d have in a while, and with it came another wave of confidence and the type of post-sex glow some achieved after cumming. She moaned out loudly, crying out as her orgasm finished and Poppy pulled her hand away to lick off the excess cum.

“Good girl... you’re such a good girl. So melted.” Poppy was clearly satisfied with her work as she went back to keeping Ivaline in trance. “When I pull you out on the count of five, this feeling is going to stay with you, and you’re going to melt for me every time I tell you to. If you understand, give me a small nod.”

Ivaline nodded.

“Good... Let me count you up now... one, two...”

On the count of five, Ivaline slowly woke up, coming back into consciousness. When Poppy said “five!” And snapped her fingers, Ivaline appeared back in the room in terms of consciousness.

“How do you feel?” Poppy asked.

Ivaline was about to answer “good”, and then the memories from her trance started rushing back to her. And she saw the strands of cum on the sofa. A hot flush filled her face. She totally let herself go! How could she do this?

“Um, I, P-Poppy, oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I had no idea I was going to... oh my god, I’m just...”

In an instant, Ivaline’s thoughts faded when Poppy grabbed a fistful of her hair again and whispered, “melt.”

And Ivaline felt fine again. Melted. A good girl.

* * *