The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Laura walked across the parking lot as fast as her heels would carry her. That wasn’t very fast; thanks to a generous dress code at work that let her wear tennis shoes at her desk, she wasn’t even used to wearing pumps or flats, let alone the pair of wobbly stiletto heels that Madeira gave her as a decidedly twisted ‘gift’. Despite weeks of practice, she still felt like she could take a tumble if she so much as saw a loose pebble. But she had to take a few risks—she’d used up most of her time cushion navigating some unexpected highway construction (why did they always do construction on weekends, apart from the obvious reason that traffic was lighter and people’s schedules were less likely to be impacted and it made perfect sense?) and she didn’t want to be late for her date with Madeira.

She knew what Madeira would do if she was late.

It was kind of startling, how easily she’d slipped into accepting Madeira’s authority after only five weeks. Laura had submitted to other women before, and it had always been a very fun way of passing the time in the bedroom, but she never saw herself as a ‘submissive woman’ before now. If anything, she thought the biggest problem with Madeira’s... arrangement... would be turning off her sarcastic side and actually going along with Madeira’s suggestions instead of blowing her off and breezing when things got difficult. But now...

She caught sight of herself in the reflection on the sliding glass doors of Madeira’s apartment. Five weeks of growth had left her hair tumbling down to her shoulders, and regular treatments had left it the perfect shade of golden blonde. At work, that wasn’t a problem—she just put it back in a ponytail and let everyone think what they wanted to think about the new color. But when she combed it out like this, and combined it with eyeshadow and lipstick and blush and that clinging top and that insanely short skirt and those stockings and those heels... good lord, did she look like a fucking slut.

A fucking horny slut. A horny, obedient slut who did what she was told. An obedient slut for her Mistress. Laura felt her cunt churning into a wet mess of arousal just thinking about it. It took Madeira just over a month to turn Laura into her obedient, submissive plaything, seemingly without any real effort on the other woman’s part at all. It should have been scary, but the thought of a lover holding that kind of power over her made Laura squirm with desire. She was so wet she could feel it now, the cool night air caressing her pubic mound and telling her exactly where her pussy was leaking.

Naturally, Laura wasn’t wearing anything under that thigh high skirt.

She let herself in and knelt down on the pillow on the living room floor just as she heard Madeira’s footsteps on the stairs. She thought she might have gotten away with it until she heard that rich, husky voice calling out to her. “You’re a little late,” Madeira said from behind Laura’s shoulder. Laura shivered, resisting the urge to turn to face her Mistress.

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” she replied, aiming her eyes downward at the floor instead. A month ago, she would have tried to argue, but she knew by now that the more she spoke back to Mistress the longer the punishment would last. Laura couldn’t help wanting her sessions with Madeira to be about pleasure instead of pain, and even though she knew that was a form of conditioning, she also knew that conditioning worked even if you knew about it. Laura was being subtly brainwashed to want to please Madeira. She’d be upset about that, if it didn’t turn her on so fucking much.

“Punishment pose, please,” Madeira said, and Laura leaned forward until her breasts were pressed into the floor and her ass was high in the air. She didn’t need to pull her skirt up to present her buttocks for spanking; with a dress this short, she was fully capable of flashing people just by bending over. (A fact that Mistress had taken advantage of on one or two memorable occasions.) There was a pause as Madeira walked over to draw the heavy curtains, then another pause that seemed to draw out into a silent eternity as Laura waited for her spanking.

Three swift, sharp, stinging slaps and it was over. “Next time, check the Department of Transportation website,” Madeira said, her voice firm but devoid of anger. “They’ll let you know if there’s anything happening on the route that might cause delays, and you can give yourself extra time. Do you understand, pet?”

“Y-yes, Mistress,” Laura whimpered, trying very hard to stay still. Madeira had a knack for spanking Laura’s ass just hard enough to make her seriously regret doing whatever it was she did to earn the spanking, while bringing up just enough endorphins to make her seriously think about asking for a few more swats to get her pussy all nice and creamy. But she knew that if she squirmed too hard, Madeira would make the decision for her. Good girls let Mistress decide when to make their pussy into a squishy, leaking mess, and Laura wanted very much to be a good girl right now.

“Good.” Madeira crossed around in front of Laura, wearing nothing but a white silk bathrobe that contrasted her golden bronze skin. She sat down on the couch, and it took all of Laura’s self control not to look up at Maderia’s smooth, long legs and follow their curves up to her Mistress’s cunt. Laura spent more time than she wanted to admit thinking about Madeira’s cunt. Sometimes because she was instructed to—Laura had a regular evening schedule of masturbation set up for her, complete with videos to watch while she jilled off—but a lot of the time just because it was so damned sexy. It sure as hell didn’t make keeping still any easier knowing it was right there in front of her.

“Now, pretty pet, back up on your knees for me, and present.” Laura returned herself to a kneeling position with as much grace as she could manage, and scooted forward on the pillow until she was close enough for Maderia to touch. She still kept her eyes resolutely down on the floor, even as she peeled off her thin, clinging top in order to expose her breasts to Madeira’s gaze. Laura knew the rules. Madeira got to look at whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Laura had to wait for permission. She pulled her skirt up and over her head, leaving her in nothing but her stockings and heels.

“That’s my good girl,” Madeira cooed. Her hair cascaded forward in a wild profusion of ringlets as she leaned in to cup Laura’s pussy with one hand. “Mmm, that’s my messy girl!” she exclaimed, running her finger through the channel between Laura’s pussy lips. Laura tried to control her shudder of pleasure as she felt Madeira’s touch glide along the slick, smooth flesh. “Isn’t that right? Look me in the eyes and tell me you’re my messy girl.”

Laura looked up, locking her gaze onto the other woman’s eyes. She struggled to focus her attention on Madeira’s delicate features, her pencil-thin eyebrows and pert nose and those cheeks of hers that dimpled so adorably when she teased Laura’s pussy... but Laura kept finding herself losing track of her surroundings, for longer and longer now, as her mind pictured that perfect cunt that was just a mere glance away. She was so close to staring at it, nuzzling it, licking at the perfect musk that had to be soaking its folds...

Madeira cupped her chin gently but firmly. “Focus for me, pet.” She didn’t sound upset; Laura knew that Madeira liked to see her all distracted and horny. “Tell me you’re my messy girl.”

Laura’s voice quavered between moan and speech as she said, “I... I’m your mmm, messy girl.” She could feel Madeira’s fingers sliding into her wet cunt, meeting no resistance at all as they swirled along the inside of her pussy and found her clit. She was soaking down there, Laura realized. She was so fucking turned on that she could actually hear the sound of herself being fingered. She was impossibly fucking horny, and every second that Madeira rubbed her clit the sensation seemed to get ten times stronger.

“That’s a good girl,” Madeira purred. Her eyes seemed to draw Laura into the darkness at the center of their pupils, everything else fading away into insignificance compared to the bottomless depths Laura saw in front of her. Then Madeira’s hand moved again, finding a new spot to touch, and Laura didn’t really even see what she was looking at anymore. Her mind drifted once again into a fantasy of leaning down, licking, smearing her face with her Mistress’s pleasure... “Tell me you want to be my messy girl.”

Laura didn’t hesitate this time. “I want to be your messy girl,” she panted, suddenly aware of how hard it was to breathe with Madeira teasing her. She was having trouble thinking about more than one thing at a time—her mind felt so small now, deliciously cozy, with barely enough room for anything to fit inside it anymore. The pleasure was so strong, so intense, so fucking huge that she couldn’t get many other thoughts in with it. She couldn’t think about what she was saying and what Madeira was doing to her and that warm, wonderful daydream of burying her face in Maderia’s cunt all at once. Things kept falling out of her brain. Was that supposed to—

“Tell me your brain is leaking out of your messy, horny cunt, pet,” Madeira said, her fingers pumping faster in and out of Laura’s slick folds. Madeira was fucking her hard enough and fast enough that the impact of her palm against Laura’s pussy sent reverberating shocks of pleasure throughout her entire body, now, and Laura lost track of her own thoughts as her breath became a low, whimpering moan under the force of Madeira’s thrusts.

“M-my brain,” Laura gasped out, her gaze becoming unfocused as the pleasure between her thighs momentarily became too big for her to use her other senses anymore. She didn’t close her eyes—she couldn’t remember when she last blinked—but she was just staring vacantly at nothing as Madeira fucked her thoughts away in one sticky gush after another. “My brain is... is leaking out of my.” She gasped sharply as Madeira found her clit again, reinforcing the words with pure erotic bliss. “My messy... horny cunt.”

Madeira leaned down and kissed her passionately. “That’s my good, messy girl,” she said, once she broke the embrace. Her fingers never stopped moving, changing just enough in speed and orientation to keep Laura constantly focused on their thrusts. “Messy girls don’t think, do they?”

Laura groaned, trying desperately to hold off her climax until she had permission to cum. “M-messy girls don’t, don’t think...” God, this was the moment she always loved so much, when Mistress took her so deep into subspace that it felt like she stopped being herself anymore. She was a mindless plaything, an extension of Mistress’s will, and all she needed to do was accept and feel and obey now. It made her so fucking wet to stop thinking and let herself be played with, and that just made it easier for Mistress to play with her creamy pussy and show her how wet it made her to stop thinking and oh fuck it just felt better and better. It never stopped. It never, ever stopped.

“You’re a messy girl, and messy girls don’t think for themselves.” Mistress pumped Laura’s cunt relentlessly, teasing her until the pleasure became a physical weight that crushed every other thought in her head. “It’s so much easier to think the thoughts that Mistress gives you.” She didn’t even ask it as a question. They were past that now.

“I, I’m a...” Laura felt like her mind was stuttering right along with her lips, the feel of those perfect fingers on her clit shutting down her brain for a moment like a record player skipping a groove. “A messy girl,” she finished. “And messy girls don’t, don’t think for themselves.” She couldn’t stop humping Mistress’s hand now, her body no longer under her conscious control anymore. “It’s so much... so much easier to think the thoughts that Mistress gives me.”

It was true. It was completely true. It was true every night when she masturbated before bed, staring at the video of Mistress’s body and reciting along with the words as she fucked her thoughts into oblivion. it was true every day when she spent her morning commute staring out the bus window and daydreaming about licking Mistress’s pussy. It became more and more true with each and every one of their sessions together, because Mistress was giving her thoughts to think that were better than her thoughts and she wanted them to be true more than she wanted to be free.

“You’re my messy, horny, obedient little slut,” Mistress said, and the way she started pounding Laura’s cunt made it clear what she wanted next.

“I, unnnh, I’m your, you’re messy...” It was more true than ever now, she was leaking her musk all the way down her thighs now until it dripped from Mistress’s fingers in long strands of clinging liquid. “H-horrny...” She felt the orgasm come upon her like a spring shower, moving so smoothly and swiftly that she didn’t even realize she was cumming until she was already lost in the pleasure. “Ohhhh... ohhhh... obedient...” The words seemed harder and harder to say, her mouth wanting to hang open and simply moan out the pure and inexorable bliss of mindless obedience, and only that same obedience kept her talking. “Lil’... slutttt...” The last of it came out in a slurred growl as she finally lost track of everything but her cunt, and she sagged against Mistress’s arm as her brain stopped working entirely.

“That’s a good girl,” Mistress said, petting her hair as she came. “That’s my good slave, that’s my good little slut, that’s a good girl for Mistress. Don’t think, just cum. Don’t think, just cum for Mistress. No need to think, no need to even remember if you don’t want to. All you need to remember is that you’re my messy girl and it feels so fucking good. That’s it. That’s right. Good girl.” Laura shook in helpless ecstasy, the words nothing but a warm tide of unconditional affection that went straight into the center of her mind and stayed there. “Good girl.”

Laura’s eyes finally opened again, but she never really regained consciousness. Her mind slipped easily from the haze of climax into the deeper haze of afterglow, and Mistress simply deepened that mental fog as she tugged Laura’s head forward to rest on the couch. “It’s okay, pretty girl,” Madeira said, shifting position and pulling the sash open on her robe to expose her cunt to Laura’s dazed and sleepy stare. “Just keep listening, no need to think at all. Just let my words fill your mind, while you put that tongue of yours to better use for Mistress now.” She pulled Laura forward, until the beautiful pussy that Laura had been fantasizing about all night was right there in front of her. And Laura could see that it was already so beautifully wet.

Helplessly, obediently, Laura reached out her tongue and began to lick.