The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mind-Control Panties

by mypenname3000

Story 15: Becoming a Submissive Teacher Pet

The figure trembled as it stroked the last pair of mind-controlled panties it had made. The fun of this game was exquisite. It savored shaping young girls’ minds into its sluts. Turning good girls into whores, bad girls into virgins, and a whole host of other naughty designs. But too much of a good thing was bad.

It needed to move on to new amusements.

The figure slipped unnoticed through the department store. It had been in one of these places many times. It knew through its waterfall’s magic that this was the perfect place to find her. To find the girl who would wear the special panties. They were cherry-apple red, the cloth bright and brilliant and innocent. On the back, in white letters, was written: Teacher’s Pet. A wonderful pair of panties for a young girl to wear.

A young girl taught by a hunky professor.

The figure reached where the department store sold its lingerie. It passed through a display of cute, though not terribly risque, panties designed to attract the attention of young women who were shopping with their mothers. One such girl was about to arrive. She was minutes away from finding these panties.

The figure shuddered as, with a casual flick of its wrist, it deposited the mind-controlling panties.

The figure slipped away, unnoticed by any of the humans. It was unremarkable. Just another being shopping there. The mortals’ attention were on other things. On material consumerism. The supernatural wasn’t for them. The figure trembled in delight as its final mind-controlling panties’ game began.

It slipped out of the stores as it felt its target approach.

Courtney Taylor was a nineteen-year-old cutie. She was a fraternal twin, born minutes behind her brother Kenneth. She was with her mother today, Mrs. Brenda Taylor. Their kinship was obvious. Both had brown hair, the mother kept hers short while the daughter’s fell in a long and lush wave down her back. They both had round faces and similar cheekbones. Courtney had blue eyes from her father, while Brenda possessed a vibrant green.

“I hear you’re becoming Mr. Rainier’s favorite,” Mrs. Taylor said to her daughter. “A teacher’s pet.”

“Mom,” blushed Courtney as she glanced at the panties. Her breath caught as she stared at that special pair. The words and white letters beckoned her.

Teacher’s pet.

“I get having a crush on an older man,” said Mrs. Taylor. “And Mr. Rainier is a handsome man, but you need to be careful. You’re only nineteen. You’ll get your heart broken.”

The daughter gave a slight nod, utterly entranced by the panties. Her mother’s words were flowing through her mind.

“He’s a good man, so I’m not worried that he’ll take advantage of you, but I know what girls are like at your age,” Mrs. Taylor continued. She knew Mr. Rainier well. They were both professors at the same college. In fact, she had both Courtney and Kenneth in her own history class. “Well, those are cute panties. I see why you’re choosing them. You are a teacher’s pet.”

“Yeah,” Courtney said as she picked up the panties. The tingle rippled through her. Her nipples hardened while her mind thought of Mr. Rainier. And collars. Kneeling. Worshiping.

Neither the mother nor the daughter noticed that the cashier failed to ring up one pair of the panties that the two women bought. A single item that they didn’t pay for went into Courtney’s bag. Mrs. Taylor didn’t even remember the panties by the time they got home.

Courtney did. They scared her. Her mother’s warning dueled with the sudden lust to wear those panties and become her favorite teacher’s pet. Something in her blood recoiled from them.

* * *

Dr. Brenda Taylor

I hummed as I entered my daughter’s room, laundry basket under my arm. I know she was nineteen, but I had been doing her laundry for so long it was second nature to me. I set the basket atop her dresser, careful not to disturb her unicorn statue, and opened the top drawer.

As I grabbed her panties to put them away with the clean ones already in there, I noticed one that was bright red. Same shade as an Apple. I blinked, remembering a month ago we were shopping and she’d bought these. I picked them up, a strange tingle rippling through me. I shuddered, my nipples hardening.

They were gorgeous. Just so delicious. The perfect thing to wear.

Teacher’s Pet.

Those words echoed in my mind. I didn’t know why, but I found myself slipping the panties into my sweatpants’ pocket. I shook my head, confused why I would steal my daughter’s panties. I continued putting the rest of her clothes away. As far as I knew, she’d never worn them. I know I’d never washed them. A month was long enough if she wasn’t going to wear them, so it must be all right for me to take them. I could wear them. It would be funny. A teacher wearing panties intended for a teacher’s pet.

My own private joke tomorrow at when I taught my college students.

The idea set my mind alight with eager anticipation for the rest of the evening. When I laid down beside my husband, I felt this horny itch inside of me, but I didn’t let him know about my needs. I didn’t check to see if he was feeling horny. I knew he could do something about my itch, it just didn’t feel right.

It was like I needed something else to scratch it.

I struggled to sleep, my mind filled with strange images. Collars. Students. It was all such a blur. A melange of sexual impulses that left me frustrated when I woke up the next morning.

The moment I was done with my shower, I was pulling on the panties I stole from my daughter’s drawer. They fit perfectly. We were the same size, after all. I might be twenty-two years older than her, but I still had a great figure. I shuddered as I adjusted them to cup my rump. They hugged my flesh. I felt so wicked. They were so different than my usual, boring panties.

I trembled as I left the master bathroom, my husband stumbling in after me. He grunted, not even noticing what I was wearing.

I glanced at what I’d lain out to wear for the day. My blouse was just too conservative. I wanted something more fun. Something a little lower cut. I wanted to really show off my large breasts. I picked up my top and darted to my closet, the bra I was wearing constraining my heavy mounds.

I threw open my closet and dug around until I found a blouse I hadn’t worn in years. It was blue and had such a plunging neckline. My husband bought it for me as a birthday present, not realizing just how much flesh it showed off.

It was far more than I usually revealed.

But it was cute. I took it off its hanger and slipped my arms into the sleeves. I loved the feel of the silk against my flesh. I worked the buttons, feeling it fit me snugly. It cupped my breasts, just covering my bra while leaving the rest of my large expanse of delicious cleavage exposed.

“I bet this will keep the boys focusing today,” I told myself while I stared at my refection in the mirror on the back of my bedroom door.

I slid my hands up the silk fabric of the blouse to cup my breasts. I squeezed them. The panties tingled around my pussy. They felt so amazing on me. Just perfect. I ached to be such an inspiration for my boys. I needed to help them pay attention. It was a little-discussed fact, but across the nation, boys were falling behind in college. It was up to professors like me to make it as engaging for them as possible.

My fingers dug into my tits, my wedding ring flashing on my finger.

I stared at that.

Then I blinked as the tingles soothed away whatever popped into my mind that had distracted me. I turned around and grabbed my skirt. I stepped into it and drew it up my legs. I wish I had something tighter. Shorter. But I didn’t. There wasn’t much I could do, but I had great legs and a nice ass.

My curves would show through. I just knew it.

I dug out a pair of five-inch heels, not my usual flats. I knew they would help to give definition to my rump and shape to my calves. I slipped them on, smiling. I sauntered down the stairs, my big breasts bouncing and heaving. I could hear my son and daughter in the kitchen working on breakfast. It was their morning chore. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I could see into the kitchen.

Kenneth glanced up at me and gasped. He was a handsome, nineteen-year-old boy. He stood taller than his twin sister, his brown hair cut short. A big grin spread across his lips as his gaze rippled up and down my body.

“Well, mom, wow.”

“Do you like it?” I asked, this flirty, bubbly tone to my voice. I couldn’t help but giggle like I was nineteen myself.

“Holy shit, mom!” gasped my daughter, Courtney. She stared at me, her eyes wide as she held a large jug of milk. Her jaw dropped. She shook her head. “You’re wearing that to school today?”

“What’s so wrong with this outfit?” I asked. “Your brother likes it.”

Courtney glanced at him. “Yeah, maybe too much.” Her face tightened. “Does Dad know you’re wearing that?”

“Why would your dad care?” I asked. “I’m just wearing this to make sure I get the most out of my boys. I mean, look at Kenneth. He’s certainly paying attention to me.”

“A corpse would pay attention to you, Mom,” Courtney muttered. She turned around and thrust the milk into the refrigerator.

I slipped onto the barstool and had breakfast with my children while my husband was upstairs taking his long shower. He would just have a cup of coffee before heading out to his office job. Kenneth had trouble focusing on his cereal because he was staring at my breasts. I couldn’t help but lean over and give him an inspiring display. After all, he was more than just my son.

He was one of my boys.

I had both my twins in my second class. I was teaching European history. Specifically, the Napoleonic era. My fingers itched to play with the large buttons of my blouse and give my boys a treat. Courtney was in the class, but I hardly thought about her. She was a girl. She did fine in school on her own.

I needed to focus all my attention on my boys.

My husband stumbled downstairs while I was heading out to the car with my two children. They rode with me since I was a professor at their college. On the walk out of the house, Kenneth was right on my heels, such a good boy. Courtney darted around me and deliberately jumped into the front seat much to Kenneth’s disappointment.

I rolled my eyes. She and her brother were always squabbling. I just wish they would get along. There was a time, when they were children, when they did everything together. Then puberty happened.

I was sure another decade they would be best friends. Again. They might technically adults, but they were till nineteen and immature. For now, they were still getting that matuirty.

I drove eagerly to the college, my panties tingling, making my pussy itch. The wet excitement soaked between my thighs. Class today would be wonderful. I would be such an amazing professor. All my students would just love me. I would educate them. I’d make my boys so bright and smart. I quivered, my thighs rubbing together as I drove, my large breasts jiggling in my push-up bra.

Courtney scowled the entire ride.

I definitely attracted notice when we arrived at the college.

All the boys were staring at me. Even the ones I didn’t teach. I loved it. I strolled along on my heels, my hips swaying. I felt my skirt rustling over my butt-cheeks and brushing my thighs. I loved the bounce to my tits. I especially savored how the boys watched me.

I wanted to prance. I felt like a prize show dog on display, a bitch in her prime proving just how amazing she was. I smiled, dazzling each and every boy I passed. A chorus of “Good morning, Mrs. Taylor,” echoed around me. Every boy smiled or grinned or smirked at me. Their eyes all flicked up and down my body, noticing me.

I perched on a stool in front of my first class, legs crossed, all the boys crowding up the front rows. The girls all look disgusted. They were in the back, scowling, staring at me like I was doing something wrong. It wasn’t my fault that all the boys were more interested in learning instead of drooling over their trollops’ tight, young bodies. The boys were finally free of the distraction of all those barely legal tarts.

My boys’ hormones were focused on education now.

It just felt so right. But, as I taught that first class, I felt like the boys just weren’t quite getting the material. I needed to do something bolder. I thought of the perfect idea while my first class filed out and I had to wait for the students of my second.

Kenneth was the first to arrive. My son sat front and center before me, a big grin on his face. “Damn, mom, I am so ready to learn about history from you today.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet, Kenneth,” I said, smiling at him.

Courtney, who was slinking into the back of the room, gagged. I did not know what was up with that girl today.

The other boys all perked up when they walked in. Rich, a tall guy with blonde hair and a big nose sat to the right of my son while Lance, a buff and tall Black guy took the seat to his left. For once, he looked eager to learn as he stared at me perched on the stool, his white teeth flashing between his thick lips. Paul came in next, a nerdy guy with red hair and freckles across his face. Today, he didn’t look bored because he already knew everything. He actually sat in the front row and with his back straight. I was inspiring them. Aston and James and Tommy all flooded into the front row, staring at me.

I sat there, back straight, drinking in their attention.

When the last student walked in, a girl named Nancy who just shook her head at the sight of me, I said, “Good morning, boys. Are you all eager to learn today?”

The boys all nodded. Their heads went up and down with such eager hunger. I would make this lesson so inspiring for them. I couldn’t let them down. They needed to learn it all. They had to be inspired.

“I thought we’d make a game of it today,” I said, staring out at them. I played with the top button of my blouse, a large square just begging to be popped through its eyelet. “For every question someone gets right, a button will come undone on my blouse.”

A low, hungry groan came from the boys.

“So, I have four buttons on my blouse. Each question you get right, I’ll undo one. Four questions, and then I can take my blouse off, Next, I can—”

“Mom!” Courtney gasped and bounded to her feet. She smacked both her hands down onto her desk. “What the hell?”

“Courtney, you need to be quiet, sit down, and let me teach my class.”

“Teach your class?” she gasped, this look of shock on her face. “Mom, you’re talking about doing a striptease for the boys.”

“I’m inspiring them to learn,” I said. “Now you girls need to shut up, sit down, and do what you’re told. You’re already doing fine. The boys are the ones who need help learning.”

“Yeah, shut up, Courtney,” Kenneth said. “Mom’s teaching class her way.”

“Mrs. Taylor, you’re such an amazing teacher,” groaned Lance. His eyes stared at me with such hunger.

“Yeah,” Rick said, his big nose so bold. I heard what they said about men with big noses...

A hot tide rose through my cunt. I shuddered and squirmed on my stool. “Now, if the girls would like to be good and not interrupt us, I’ll begin.”

“Yes!” Paul groaned. The nerdy guy was interested in learning from me for once. They all were. This was perfect.

“Okay, what was the date that Napoleon Bonaparte was born?”

Kenneth shot his hand up. “August 15, 1769!”

I beamed at him. As I popped the first square button through its eyelet, I purred, “That’s correct, Kenneth. Such a bright boy.”

James licked his lips as he stared at my blouse opening, my large breasts still constrained. He could see the black bra now, half exposed.

“What was the date that he died?” I asked, my gaze sweeping across the boys.

Paul got his hand up first. The ginger had such a huge grin on his face. “May 5th, 1820!”

“Yes, that’s right,” I moaned, my nipples pressing hard against my bra. I popped the second button through its eyelet. My blouse was halfway undone, my breasts pressing against the bra. They wanted to escape.

“Now, the easy ones are over, let’s dig into some real history,” I purred. “Which revolt did he suppress with the Army of Italy?”

There was silence for a moment, and then Rich shot his hand up. I nodded to him. He blurted out, “It was the 13 Vendémiaire Revolt.”

I clapped my hands together in delight. “Well done.” My fingers popped the third button through its eyelet. Only one held my blouse close. They could see the smooth skin of my stomach. “That was wonderful, Rich. Now, how old was Napoleon when he began his campaign against Austria?”

It was James’s turn to shoot up his hand. As he waved it frantically above his head, he said, “He was twenty-six, right?”

“You’re not certain?” I asked, having some fun toying with him.

“No, that’s it,” he said, staring at me as I played with that final button. “He was twenty-six.”

“Yes, that’s right,” I moaned.

I popped the last button through its eyelet. I shuddered as my blouse fell open. It exposed my smooth belly and my large breasts constrained in my black bra. All the girls were shaking their heads in the back of the classroom. I did not care if they disapproved of my amazing way of inspiring my boys. The striptease was perfect. My boys were all so interested. They were all recalling things right that they normally would forget.

Oh, God, this was just amazing. I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of this before.

I loved these naughty panties I wore. They were so inspiring. Tingles rippled around my pussy. The heat built and built in my twat as my male students salivated over me. Young men were such horny things. I was so glad I was channeling their lust in an appropriate direction. They would learn so much as they stared at my ample flesh.

I couldn’t wait to masturbate when I got home.

“Now, why did Napoleon invade the Iberian Peninsula?”

My son shot his hand up. I smiled, nodding to him. “He, uh, wanted to extend the Continental system that existed in France while simultaneously choking off the British trade route through the Mediterranean they had established by constructing the Suez Canal.”

I beamed at him. As I shrugged off my blouse, I said, “You are such an intelligent, young man. I’m so proud of you, Kenneth.”

“Thanks, Mom,” he said.

“I am never giving you shit for having a mom for a professor,” Lance muttered as I dropped my blouse to the floor.

Courtney just glared at me.

“Now,” I said, reaching behind me and finding the clasp of my bra. “Get this next one right, and you’ll be almost there to seeing my big, lush tits. I know how you boys like them large and soft and bountiful like mine.”

They all nodded, salivating over me. They were like a pack of hungry dogs all wanting to mount the same bitch. I shuddered, my neck feeling so bare. There was something missing there. Something I couldn’t quite place. I shivered, momentarily forgetting about the question I needed to ask them. My pussy burned. I ached to touch myself so badly.

I had to focus. I was here to teach my boys.

“Where did Napoleon defeat the Prussians?” I asked, my voice a sultry purred.

“Oh, that was at the battle of...” Lance furrowed his brow. “The battle of Jena and Auerstedt.”

“Yes, that’s it,” I moaned. I unclasped my bra.

I brought my hands to the front, pressing the cups against my boobs. I wiggled to slide the straps off my shoulders, showing the boys that nothing was holding my bra on my breasts except my hands. They all leaned forward, their desks creaking.

“You boys get the next one right, and you’re going to see every, last bit of my big titties. Ooh, I know that makes you all hard and eager, doesn’t it?”

“Fuck, yes, Mrs. Taylor!” Aston moaned.

“You’re the best fucking teacher ever,” Tommy groaned.

“I love you, Mom!” Kenneth moaned. “Ask the question. I want to see those tits.”

Courtney gagged. She was just jealous that her brother wanted to see my tits and not hers. She only had a pair of round breasts. Smaller than mine. It was a wonder that Mr. Rainier paid any attention to her at all.

“Okay,” I purred, my pussy molten heat. “Final question. Where was Napoleon exiled?”

“That’s such a fucking easy one,” muttered my daughter.

“Saint Helena!” shouted Paul as Rich cried out, “The island of Saint Helena!”

“Saint Helena!” burst from Lance.

“He was exiled to Saint Helena!” groaned my son, his eyes locked on me.

“Yes, he was,” I moaned and ripped away my bra.

I exposed my breasts to my eager boys. They all groaned. I could feel their eyes staring at my big, lush tits. My dusky nipples were so hard. I arched my back, thrusting my tits out before me. I wanted to make sure they got a good look at them. They swayed with a heavy jiggle. They all groaned, leaning over there desks, drooling.

“You boys all did such a good job,” I said, hopping off my stool. That really made my boobies bounce. “For your reward, I’ll do my lecture topless. I’m sure you’re all going to focus. You’ve all learned so much, but now we’ll get into more of the details of Napoleon’s life. Won’t that be amazing?”

“Yes, Mrs. Taylor!” groaned from the boys. My son licked his lips, looking so joyful.

“And you girls, I don’t want to hear a pipe out of you. You can just sulk in the back. I don’t care. I’m here to teach my boys.”

God, my pussy was on fire.

I gave my lecture, striding back and forth between my boys. Their eyes followed my heaving breasts. I shuddered, my naughty panties soaking up my juices. They were just flowing out of me. I’d never been so wet in my life. I shuddered, loving it. My heels clicked with every step, giving a wanton sway to my hips.

That helped my breasts to jiggle.

I had this strange itching around my neck. I kept my neck as I taught, struggling to understand what I was missing. But I maintained my focus. I taught my boys right up until the end of the hour. Then I slipped on my bra, buttoned up my blouse, and gave them all a kiss on the forehead. They were all grinning as they left my class, all talking about how they were so eager for tomorrow’s lesson.

My male students were eager to learn. This was fantastic. This was what it meant to be a teacher-pet.

Right then it clicked in my head what I needed.

Of course, I couldn’t do anything about it. I had classes to teach. I kept up my striptease lessons, the girls all glaring at me in the back. They were just jealous because I had bigger boobs than all of them, and that all the boys wanted to drool over mine as they learn. They were also excited.

Never once did a single guy get a question wrong. They got them all correct, letting me strip off my blouse and bra and then lecture topless for the rest of the hour. It was such a rush. Every female teacher needed to do this.

I had no idea what the male professors could do to inspire the boys.

The moment college was done, I headed to the store. Of course, in my eagerness, I forgot to take my children home, but they were nineteen. They could find their own way. I bought my supplies. My new outfit. I needed a shorter skirt, and I couldn’t wear the same blouse twice. That would just be silly. I was so, so eager for tomorrow’s class.

I just knew it would be so exciting.

Courtney acted bratty all night. She was glaring at me, huffing, shaking her head. She kept trying to talk to her father, but he was busy watching the game. I made sure he had plenty of beers to drink. I wanted him out of my hair. Kenneth followed me around, clearly eager to see what I had bought today.

I tapped his nose and purred, “You’ll just have to wait and see tomorrow, okay?”

“God, I can’t wait. Your boobs are amazing, Mom.” He grinned at me. “Can I touch them?”

I ruffled his hair and kissed him on the forehead. “We’ll see. Right now, I’m sure you have homework to do. It’s not just my class that you need to excel at. You have to be good at all of them.”

He darted off. It was wonderful to see him working hard for once. He was buckling down.

Unlike his sister...

I was half tempted to make her stay home from classes. I didn’t need her negativity in my class tomorrow. I was all about the positive. Helping my boys to dominate their lessons. They had to master their knowledge. I couldn’t wait to help them. I was so wet and horny.

While my husband was snoring on the recliner downstairs, passed out from all the beers I’d given him, I went upstairs and masturbated.


I thought about all my male students. I picture them one by one fondling my breasts and sucking on my nipples and eating out my pussy. I imagine their young cock sliding into me. They fucked me hard in my imagination. They pounded me. Lance and his big, black dick. Paul with his passionate thrusts. Even my own son.

He was still one of my students. It didn’t matter if it was incest. I had to make sure that he dominated his lessons and took charge of his education. I came so hard thinking about Kenneth being in me. My pussy rippled and spasmed around my fingers.

It was incredible.

I passed out in a haze of naughty thoughts. I slept peacefully and woke up bright-eyed the next morning to get ready. I could hear my husband grumbling downstairs, clearly hungover. That was his problem. He didn’t have to drink all those beers I’d given him.

I felt amazing.

I took my shower and got ready. I made sure my legs were freshly shaved, and I trimmed my bush, making sure my pubic hairs weren’t too long. I thought about shaving it, but I wasn’t a schoolgirl trollop. I was a mature woman. A sexy teacher.

I was just so excited as I pulled on my new blouse. This one was red, an exciting maroon. It, too, had four buttons. It was barely held shut, my large breasts struggling to escape. I wore a bra, but only for that first class. They missed out on my striptease the day before, so I figured I’d demonstrated it one last time before I implemented my new curriculum during my second class.

After all, my son deserved to experience it first. He was such a bright student.

When we left for college, my daughter defiantly sat in the front seat. She glared at me and complained about how short my skirt was. It was short. If I wasn’t careful, I would be flashing my pussy.

Of course, I wasn’t wearing any panties beneath. Not even that special pair. They would just get in the way. My Teacher’s Pet panties were amazing, but I already knew what I need to do. I had my lesson plan firmly set in my mind.

“So you’re not even repentant that you’ve become a whore,” Courtney continued.

“I’m being an inspiring teacher. Did you not hear your brother working on his homework all night? He was feverish. I know that you just spent all your time bothering your father instead of getting your schoolwork done.”

My daughter glared at me. Like she resented me for some reason. Well, I was inspired by the panties I’d stolen from her. If she just put those on a month ago, maybe she would’ve found a way to inspire her teacher. Maybe she would have become Mr. Rainier’s pet.

Well, they were my panties now.

God, all the boys would love me. They were all waiting out in front of the college. They wolf-whistled when they saw me strutting on my five-inch heels. My skirt barely covered my ass. If any coed wore a skirt that short, she’d be politely asked to go home. Not me, I was a teacher.

I strolled through the building and marched past my boys. They were all so hungry. All ready to dominate their lesson. I couldn’t wait.

I entered my classroom. I taught my first class. It wasn’t the true rush I craved, but still fun. My pussy was so wet as I did the striptease. I showed off my breasts to the excited boys. I lectured to them topless, but all I could think about was the special item in my purse. The thing that I needed. The thing that would complete me.

The special delight that would give a lesson to my boys they would never forget.

Finally, my second class had arrived. I was ready to implement my new learning strategy. The boys were already flooding in. Today, Lance was the first to show up. The buff and tall African-American sat down at his desk, hands folded before him. I shuddered, wondering if he had a big cock.

I hoped he did.

And then my son Kenneth appeared. A strapping, young man. God, he was so handsome. He had a big grin as he took his seat. Rich followed, his big nose leading the way. Aston and James and Tommy and Paul all took their seats. They were all ready to learn. All staring at me with such passion on their faces. I could see they were ready to answer questions.

“Did you boys study hard?” I asked, smiling at them.

“Yeah,” Aston groaned, nodding his head.

“You better believe I did, Mrs. Taylor,” Lance groaned. “First time I’ve ever done that.”

“Then I am doing a great job as your teacher,” I said, my fingers undoing the buttons of my blouse. I put it on after teaching my last class topless. I didn’t bother with donning my bra, though.

I wouldn’t need it.

“You’re not even pretending to make them ask questions now,” my daughter asked from the back.

“Courtney, honey, you need to sit there, shut up, and do the reading assignment that’s on the board. That’s for all you girls. Just stay out of the boys’ hair. I need to educate them. I need to teach them to be dominating, strong young men who seize their education.

“Dad is totally going to divorce you,” muttered Courtney.

I was a teacher. It was a nobler calling than being a wife. A mother. It was the most important thing in the world a woman could do. I had to be utterly devoted to my students. I stripped naked with pride, letting my boys see my large, lush breasts and the trimmed, brown bush adorning my pussy, I knew the truth. Why I was here. This was the only way that a female teacher could truly educate her boys.

She had to become their pet.

Their teacher-pet.

I pulled the leash and collar out of my purse. All the boys were staring at my naked body, drinking in the sight of my flesh. The aroma of my tangy pussy reached my nose, filling my every inhalation with delight. My daughter stared at me in shock as I placed a thick, black collar around my neck. I cinched it tight, loving the feel of the leather around my throat.

This was what I was missing. A hot shiver ran through me. I was a pet in need of being controlled. If not, I would just be a wild bitch.

My boys needed to seize their academic futures with both hands and show their teacher who was the master here.

I clipped the leash to my collar. Then I knelt before my boys. All of them were staring at me with such hunger. I held up the end of the black, leather leash, wagging it back and forth. “If you get the question right, you get to hold the leash. Then you can do whatever you like to me.”

“Holy fucking shit,” groaned Rich, his big nose quivering.

“This is amazing,” panted Kenneth. “You’re the best, Mom.”

“It’s Mrs. Taylor,” I said. “Now, what year did Napoleon invade Russia.?”

“1812!” Kenneth shouted a fraction of a second before the other boys yelled out the answer.

I was so glad it was my son who got it right. I thrust out the leash towards him and said, “I’m yours. I’m yours until you cum. Then the next boy gets to answer a question.”

“Holy shit,” he said, grabbing my leash in a trembling hand. He stood up, his cock tenting the front of his jeans. “Until I cum?”

“Yeah,” I purred. “You can use my mouth or my pussy or my asshole.”

“Kenneth!” my daughter shouted. My son’s twin sister bolted to her feet. “You can’t fuck our mom.”

“She’s Mrs. Taylor right now,” he said as he unsnapped his jeans, keeping my leash gripped in his right hand as he worked his fly open. His zipper rasped. “I’m just taking my reward for getting the question right. That’s all. Look at her. She needs to be fucked. That’s what you do with a teacher-pet, right?”

“Yes,” I groaned.

Courtney hissed and then she sat down. She could have been a pet to her favorite teacher, but she didn’t wear the panties in time. I found them. I got to enjoy them. I got to experience the delight of being dominated. Only I wouldn’t serve one man.

I would serve all my boys.

I groaned as my son shoved his jeans down. Then his boxers. His cock popped out. He was bigger than his daddy. My pussy clenched as I stared at that cock. That dick came from my body, and now it was about to return to my flesh.

An incestuous rush shot through me as he gripped my leash and moved behind me. He was going for my pussy. He would ram his dick into the hole that birthed him. I shuddered, my juices spilling out of my cunt. They soaked through my bush and dribbled down my thighs. That tangy aroma swelled in strength. It filled my nose.

My breasts swayed as I trembled. This was perfect. This was what I needed. I had to be fucked. I was glad that my son would ram that big dick into me and make me scream my head off in delight.

I groaned as he pressed his cock against my pussy lips. He rubbed his tip up and down, the crown of his dick teasing me. My toes flexed and wiggled. Such wanton moans burst from my lips. Then his cock was sliding into me. He was penetrating my twat.


My son took his time enjoying his academic reward. He pulled tight on the leash, the collar gripping my neck. I groaned as his cock sink deeper and deeper into my cunt. He reached towards my womb. The collar jangled, metal clicking on metal. I whimpered, squeezing my twat around his girth.

My son bottomed out in me.

I had my Kenneth back in me.

My strapping, hunky son was all the way in my cunt. I felt every inch of his dick. It was wonderful. I was glad I was both his teacher and his mother. That I could be his pet and stroke his cock with my cunt. He groaned as he drew back, experiencing the tight, silky grip of my twat. He moaned and thrust back into me with force.

Not a slow slide now, but a man taking his education in hand.

His balls smacked into my clit. Pleasure sparked through me. I moaned. The boys all groaned in envy. They were all watching, eager for their turn to fuck me. It was incredible. This was an amazing treat. I was so glad he was thrusting his dick into me over and over. He was churning me up. I whimpered, squeezing my pussy around his dick. I clutched hard, the pleasure building and building with every thrust.

“Holy shit, Mom!” he panted. “I mean, Mrs. Taylor! Oh, yes, your pussy feels amazing! Your cunt is gripping me! Yes!”

I loved it. My son filled me again and again. “That’s it, Kenneth! This is how you treat your teacher. This is how you get educated! You fuck her hard. Your teacher is a slut. She’s a dirty whore that needs your cock fucking her. Ooh, ram that big dick into me. I love it. Your teacher, your mommy, is so thrilled you’re pounding me!”

He groaned, thrusting hard into me. He kept a firm grip of the leash, tugging on my collar. That kept my head up, my eyes staring at the other students watching. The boys were pulling out their cocks, stroking themselves.

Lance did have a big cock, ebony and long. So did Rich. Paul’s was nice and James had a decent one. Aston and Tommy both stroked theirs; Tommy was nice and fat. My pussy melted. I couldn’t wait to teach them all. To give them an education they would never forget.

It was my duty as a teacher-pet!

“Mrs. Taylor!” My son moaned, his left hand sliding up my body. He still gripped the leash in his right hand. He pulled tight, letting me feel that collar about my neck. “Damn, your pussy is amazing. I’ll cum so hard in you!”

“Kenneth!” his twin sister exclaimed.

“Either sit down and shut up, or get naked and help educate these cocks!” I moaned.

That shut my daughter up. I didn’t need her negativity. Not when I was worshiping my son’s big dick.

His cock slammed so deep and hard in me. He churned me up. His balls smacked over and over against my clit. Sparks burst. The pleasure rippled through me. I groaned, squeezing my twat around him. I loved every hot plunge of his dick penetrating my cunt. He buried his cock in me again and again. He filled me.

Used me.

It was wonderful. Incredible. I groaned, my hips wiggling from side to side. The incestuous pleasure built and built inside my pussy with every thrust of my son’s cock. He filled me over and over. I loved it. My twat grew so hot. So juicy. Trickles of cream dribbled through my bush and ran down my thighs. My heavy breasts swayed.

His exploring left hand found my tit. He squeezed it, gripping it and digging his fingers into my pillowy flesh. He groaned, slamming harder into me. His balls smacked into my clit. Little bursts of pleasure showered through my cunt. I was about to explode.

I was about to cum on my nineteen-year-old son’s cock!

“Kenneth!” I gasped. “You’re such a good student! You’re mastering your lusts! Oh, God, I’m going to cum so hard!”

His hand squeezed my left breast. He jerked on the leash. For a moment, my airway collapsed. I couldn’t breathe, and it was wonderful. He was showing his domination of me.

“Do it!” he howled when he relaxed his grip. “Cum on my dick, Mrs. Taylor!”

I exploded on my son’s cock.

My pussy writhed and spasmed around his shaft. He plunged hard and fast into my convulsing snatch. Incestuous waves of bliss washed out of me. They spilled over my mind, giving me the satisfaction I craved. I groaned, loving it. The other boys around me all stroked their dicks. Lance spat on his hand and rubbed it up and down his ebony cock. It gleamed.

I whimpered. My right boob swung free, trembling with my body. My son gripped my left tit, squeezing hard as he pounded my orgasming cunt. He growled out his boyish excitement. He slammed his dick so deep into my climaxing twat. He filled me to the hilt.


“Fuck, Mom !” Kenneth groaned. “Mrs. Taylor! Yes!”

Waves of rapture washed out of me with every hot blast of his jizz spilling into my pussy. I groaned as my cunt milked him. I worked him dry. I nursed every drop of incestuous seed out of my son’s cock. He filled me up. He was inside of me, brimming in me. It was incredible to teach him. To show him how a submissive teacher-pet should act.

“Kenneth! I’m so proud of you!” I moaned.

“Fuck, Mom,” he groaned. “Damn!”

He spurted the last drop of cum into me. Kenneth pulled out of me and dropped the leash. He stumbled back while I trembled through my bliss. I hit that wonderful peak as I stared out at the other boys watching. I had to give them another question. It was so hard to think.

Something bubbled through my brain.

“How long did the Peninsular War last?” I managed to spit out.

“Fuck, wasn’t that six years?” Lance groaned. “Yeah, that was six years!”

“I’m yours, Lance!” I moaned, my son’s jizz bubbling out of my cunt. The cream soaked my bush.

The strong, young Black guy grabbed my leash. He held it tight as he moved behind me. I shuddered, so eager to feel his dick in me. I quivered there, both my heavy breasts swaying. My collar jangled. I heard him groan. The boys watched with envy while they stripped naked and stroked their dicks.

I was sure they would all get a question correctly before the hour was over.

I gasped as Lance parted my butt-cheeks. He spat. Hot spit landed on my asshole. I groaned as I felt it soaking there. He spat again, coating my naughty sphincter. He was going to use my bowels. He would fuck that huge dick into my anal sheath.

“Yes!” I moaned. “Use your teacher-pet however you want. Master your education. You’re seizing what you want to learn! Experience!”

“Fuck yes I am, Mrs. Taylor,” he growled.

I shuddered as the wet tip of his dick pressed against my asshole. I groaned, eager to take his huge, Black dick in my bowels. My entire body quivered. I stared down at my left hand. At the wedding ring I wore. I didn’t need that any longer. I was a teacher-pet now. I existed to please my boys. My husband already had his education.

I ripped the ring off, threw it across the room, and moaned, “Fuck my asshole so hard, Lance! Be a good boy and use your teacher-pet!”

The tinkling of my ring bouncing across the classroom floor was drowned out by the cheering boys.

Lance thrust hard. I shuddered, loving as his cock stretched and stretched my anal ring. My sphincter didn’t resist. I was a teacher-pet. It might be my first time doing anal, but I knew my body could handle it. I would love it. But all my holes were available for my sexy boys to use. Lance wanted my ass, so he got it.

“Holy fucking shit!” I howled as his thick dick speared deeper and deeper into my bowels. He stretched my poor asshole to its limits. My anal sheath clenched around his ebony shaft. He growled as he sank farther into me. “That’s it, Lance! That’s how you fuck your teacher-pet. Ooh, you’re going to pound my fucking asshole until I explode!”

“You fucking know it, Mrs. Taylor!” he moaned as he bottomed out in me.

I squeezed my bowels around his dick as he drew back. I heard him spit again and felt it splash against my stretched-wide asshole gripping his big dick. He thrust in again. He slammed that big dick into my bowels. My breasts swayed from the impact. My entire body rock. I gripped his cock with my asshole, savoring the velvety friction.

Pleasure melted down to my cum-filled pussy. More of my son’s jizz leaked out of my twat as I quivered. My impending orgasm drank in every plunge of his cock into my bowels. I loved that my hung student was fucking my asshole.

Lance spat each time his cock emerge. Seven times. Eight times. Until finally, he was pumping with ease. He was working that dick in and out of my asshole. He was fucking me like the slut I was. The teacher-pet. The MILF-whore. I loved it. I squeezed down around him, gripping him with my anal sheath as he pumped away. He growled, gripping my leash as he fucked me. The other boys cheered him on.

“Sodomize the slut’s asshole!” James shouted.

“Fuck that MILF’s tight ass!” groaned Paul.

“I can’t wait to fuck her,” groaned Rich as he stroked his big dick. “Damn, Mrs. Taylor, you are fucking fine!”

I loved the attention.

My orgasm built faster and faster. Lance fucked his cock in and out of me. He slammed into my depths and then pulled back. Over and over, his dick stimulated me. His balls smacked into my taint. They were heavy with his cum. I couldn’t wait for him to erupt in me. I just knew he would spill so much jizz in me.

I loved it. I savored being fucked by my Black student.

His big dick drove me wild. I was going to cum so hard. My pussy clenched, forcing out more and more of my son’s jizz. Hot rivulets of his spunk ran down my thighs. I lowered my head, staring down at my swaying breasts. I grunted and groaned, my hands balled into fists. I was so close. Just a few more strokes, and I would explode.

“Yes, yes, you’re doing it!” I moaned, squeezing my bowels tight around Lance’s big dick. I wanted to cum on his ebony shaft. “Keep fucking your teacher! Keep showing your teacher-pet that she’s your slut!”

“God fucking damn, you are!” Lance growled. “Mrs. Taylor, you’re the biggest slut ever. I love it!”

His cock drilling into my asshole combined with those words to make me feel so wicked. I came.

His balls smacked into my taint as I exploded in bliss. The pleasure erupted in the depths of my pussy. The molten flood of passion surged through my body. My big breasts heaved as I threw back my head and stared out at my boys.

Little sparks of light danced around them. Fireworks celebrating the intensity of my orgasm surging through me. My asshole spasmed and writhed around Lance’s big dick. He grunted and groaned, drilling into my asshole. He fucked me so hard. So fast. He was filling me up with his big dick. My mind burned. I blazed with ecstasy.

“Fuck!” He panted. “Kenneth, your mom is a fucking whore!”

“No, she’s a teacher-pet,” my son said with a big grin. He stroked his cock soaked in my incestuous juices. “She’s teaching us so much.”

“Yes!” snarled Lance.

His cock buried to the hilt in my convulsing bowels. I reveled in his large dick filling me to the hilt. I thought he was about to explode in me. I felt that he was on the verge of it. But he didn’t erupt. My asshole rippled around him, my orgasm burning through me, but no spurt of his jizz came. Then with a loud grunt, he ripped his cock entirely out of my asshole. I felt empty.

Then the strong, Black student yanked hard on my leash. I gasped as he spun me around, my large tits swaying beneath me. I came face-to-face with his ebony monster. I could smell the sour musk of my asshole upon him.

I understood. I opened my mouth and swallowed his dirty cock. I sucked hard on him, cleaning my ass off his dick. The sour flavor made me feel so naughty. Another orgasm rippled through me. A small one. But it was wild and delicious as I showed my boys I was such a good teacher-pet. I nursed hard on him, making him groan.

He rewarded me with his seed.

“Fucking Mrs. Taylor!” he growled. “Suck it down my cock as you clean my big dick!”

I swallowed all his wonderful cum. He blasted his jizz hard into my mouth. He splashed the spunk into the back of my throat and then it flowed down my gullet to my stomach. I loved it. I whimpered, my body trembling. My collar jangled around my neck. Lance grunted and groaned with every blast.

His jizz was flavored with my sour asshole. I reveled in the dirty flavor mixing with his salty passion. I squeezed my eyes shut, reveling in this moment. I drank down every drop of my Black student’s cum. I swallowed it all.

I was such a good teacher-pet.

I hoped the girls were watching and witnessing how they needed to educate their boys. I hoped my daughter would understand. That she could get over her jealousy and bitterness from missing out on being a pet to her favorite teacher.

Instead, I got to be a pet for all my students. I was so lucky.

Lance dropped my leash as he ripped his cock out of my mouth. “Better ask your next question, Mrs. Taylor.”


Right. I needed to ask my boys something. I groaned, struggling to think. I needed my students to fuck me. All my knowledge of Napoleon era seemed to have evaporated beneath the molten pleasure still simmering over my mind. I groaned, feeling my boys staring at me with expectant hungered.

They needed me to ask something. Anything.

“What’s 5 plus 5?” I shouted out.

“10!” Rich, Paul, and Tommy all shouted together.

“What the fuck!” gasped my daughter. “That’s a question a first grader could get!”

“They got it, though,” I moaned. “Until they cum, they get to use me however they like.”

“I call dibs on her pussy,” Rich said and snagged up my leash first.

“Ass!” Tommy gasped.

“Then I’m fucking your face so hard, Mrs. Taylor,” the nerdy ginger said. He ran his hand through his red hair. His cock thrust out before him.

I licked my lips and purred, “Yum!”

Rich stretched out on the floor. He held his dick upright with his left hand while his right jerked on the leash. He dragged me over his body. My heavy tits swayed as I straddled him. I lowered my cunt, dripping with my son’s incestuous seed, to Rich’s hard cock. I impaled myself down his dick. He was nearly as big as Lance.

My pussy loved it.

I groaned, my asshole aching. Tommy moved in behind me. He slammed his cock deep and hard in my bowels. I whimpered in delight, squeezing down around him. Then Paul was grabbing a fistful of my brown hair. He jerked my head to the right and rammed his cock into my hungry mouth.

I was pleasing three of my boys at once. It was incredible. I sucked hard on Paul’s cock. My pussy gripped Rich’s thick dick as I worked my hips, sliding up and down his girth. My asshole welcomed Tommy’s hard cock as he pumped away at my bowels over and over again.

I loved it.

All three of my boys grunted and groaned. The other ones were watching, waiting for their turn. I knew they would get theirs. I sucked hard on Paul’s cock. I nursed with hunger. His precum coated my tongue, giving me a preview of the delights to come. My hands pressed on Rich’s shoulders. I gripped him as I squeezed my cunt around his dick. I pumped up and down his shaft, matching Tommy’s hard rhythm as he fucked my asshole.

The velvety friction in my bowels mixed with the silky delight of my cunt. I loved it. I clutched both my holes around my big, strong boys. I whimpered around Paul’s dick as I pleased my other two students. My cunt and bowels drank in the wonderful friction. Over and over, I was filled with hard cocks.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” grunted Tommy. His hand slid around and grabbed my heavy tits. He squeezed them as he groaned, “You’re the fucking best teacher ever, Mrs. Taylor!”

“Fuckin’ A, you are!” moaned Rich, his big dick filling my pussy on every downstroke.

“Mrs. Taylor!” groaned Paul as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. “You’re going to deep-throat my dick, aren’t you?”

It was another thing I’d never done. I knew I could handle it. I was a teacher-pet. I moaned, sucking hard on his dick. He slammed his cock all the way into the depths of my mouth as my other two holes were filled with nineteen-year-old dicks. When Paul brush the back of my throat this time, he kept going. I relaxed my gullet and surrendered to his girth. His dick slid down my esophagus. His fiery pubic hair rubbed into my lips and nose. His balls smacked heavily into my chin.

I was truly being fucked in all three of my holes.

Rich was thrusting up as I rode his dick. Tommy pounded my asshole with his powerful strokes, his fingers kneading my heavy breasts. Paul grunted as he slammed his cock down my throat over and over. I loved the smack of his heavy balls on my chin. The impact of his nuts, brimming with his cum, against me had my lusts surging hot through me. I wanted him to flood my mouth.

I wanted them all to flood my holes.

I squeezed tight around Rich’s cock and Tommy’s dick. I swiveled my hips, stirring my pussy and asshole around their shafts. My orgasm swelled so fast. I whimpered and groaned around Paul’s cock driving down my throat again and again.

They used me.

It was perfect. Just the way a teacher-pet should be used. I squealed when Tommy found my nipples. He pinched and twisted them. The pleasure slammed down to my cunt. I was on the verge of exploding again. Another orgasm that would ripple through my body. My three boys were given me such bliss. They were mastering their education.

Mastering me.

I exploded on their three dicks.

I moaned and squealed around Paul’s dick while my pussy convulsed around Rich’s cock. Tommy drove his hard dick into my writhing bowels. All three boys groaned. They knew I had reached the pinnacle of rapture. That I had achieved the goal of every teacher-pet: cumming on my boys’ dicks.

“Mrs. Taylor!” gasped Tommy as he rammed into my asshole. “You feel so good! Fuck!”

His cum pumped into my bowels. I loved that wonderful spurt of his hot jizz flooding my asshole. It was so different from in my pussy. I got to experience that delight a moment later as Rich groaned. His cock flooded my cunt with his spunk. Both my holes writhed about their erupting dicks.

“Mrs. Taylor! You’re the best!” moaned Rich as he spilled his seed in me.

“Fuck,” Paul groaned and slammed his cock all the way down my throat. My vocal cords hummed around them as I moaned my pleasure. The waves of rapture were flooding through me. “Mrs. Taylor!”

Paul pumped his cum straight into my belly. I groaned as it flooded down my esophagus. I shuddered, savoring every last moment of having his jizz pumping again and again into my body. I quivered. It was such a delight. I squirmed and moaned, all three of my holes being flooded with my boys’ cum.

My pussy and asshole drained Rich and Tommy dry. Paul unloaded every last drop of his cum in my mouth. Then I had other boys who needed to answer questions. Aston and James and Henry and more. All my boys needed to fuck me. I shouted out questions. Simple ones.

“What color is the sky!”

“What is 1 times 1!”

“How many sides does a triangle have?”

My boys fucked me.

They pounded me over and over, trading my leash back and forth. I never wanted this lesson to end, but when it did, I had a whole new class of boys to fuck me. They would all continue their education and ream my naughty holes.

I love being a teacher-pet. As long as I had one of my boys’ cocks buried in my cunt or asshole or mouth, I was happy. I was so glad I stole those panties from my daughter’s dresser drawer. I came again and again and again.

I educated every last boy who entered my classroom.

* * *

The figure trembled at the end of its final panties game.

It would find new delights, new ways to amuse itself. This last game had taken so long. It had grown frustrated with Courtney. It had wondered if it had messed up the magic. Maybe it had because the mother had claimed the panties.

The mistake had created something wild. Instead of Courtney being the pet to one teacher, her mother was the pet to every last boy she could find.

The magic would ensure that no one except the stubborn Courtney would think anything was wrong. They would all accept the new Mrs. Taylor. The other professors, the administrators of her college, and her students would all think what she was doing was great. Perhaps, Courtney had a bit of Fae blood in her. A little drop the had immunized her from its magic.

Something so subtle, it hadn’t noticed it.

The figure turned to his workbench, contemplating what its next game should be. There were so many ways for a fairy to amuse itself. The figure would find something new. Something wild. The sound of its waterfall echoed through its cave, the sound stirring its imagination.

This game was over, and a new game was about to begin.

The End of the Mind-Controlling Panties Tales