The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

I’ve decided to put Doc Specter to bed for a while...after all, an evil perverted genius needs his sleep too, yanno! Still, the twisted tales of the TransCorp employees continues. Specten left a bit of a legacy, and it seems that history often repeats itself. Hope you like Rudy as well as you enjoyed the doc. Enjoy!

Story: Mind Trans-4-ance

“Rudy! RUDY!!! Are you finished soldering the phase inverter into place yet?” Dr. Jennifer Bristol called out for the third time in the past ten minutes. I could have welded the fucking component in myself by this time, she thought to herself. Never send a boy to do a WOMAN’S job. “Rudy,” she said over the laboratory intercom, “if you don’t answer me in the next ten seconds—”

“I’m...gasp finished...Dr. Bristol!” Rudy Camden managed to gasp, breathless from jogging across the lab floor to the open mic switch on the wall. Sometimes being the laboratory assistant for the new head of research was no fun, especially when she was in a foul mood. But then again, with the recent shuffling in the corporate pyramid, it was easy to get bogged down in a depressed mood.

Jennifer Bristol had assumed the post several weeks ago following the apparent execution of the former project head, Dr. James Specten. Specten, a perverted madman, had been caught in an attempted rape, and has convicted of more than sixty other unsolved rape cases dating back over the past year. He had been tried, convicted, and executed in the electric chair. There were rumors, however, that he had somehow survived his death, returning as a revenant, or specter, of his former self. Rumors had it that he had been responsible for the termination of several key officials in the corporation, including the marketing chairwoman, Marquita Kueenland, the personnel manager, Vicki West, and the project’s second-in-command, Lisa Meadows. All three women had been arrested for committing lewd and indecent sexual acts in public, and taken for psychiatric evaluation to the local mental institution. Since his arrest, Specten’s project had been put on hold, but with the embarrassing upheaval of several TransCorp employees, the board of directors were anxious to restart the project, hoping its success would boost their market shares, and help get the company back on its feet. Needing their brightest engineer to follow in Specten’s footsteps, they appointed Jennifer to the task.

“Okay, I think we’re ready now,” she said idly, adjusting the instruments, and checking her notes. The transport chamber they had constructed consisted of a large metal cylinder with wire probes extending an inch from the wall in all directions. A small wire frame doorway led into the circle, completing the circuit, allowing materials—and later on, hopefully people—to enter the tube and be reduced to their component energy states, transported across the world at light speeds to their destination, and reintegrated back into its original form. IF all the diagrams and circuits were all followed correctly. The target material, a box of various metal components, sat in the middle of the chamber on the brightly painted ‘X’ mark. Crossing her fingers, Jennifer hit the main power switch, and watched the monitor. For a moment, everything looked fine. The chamber was awash in blue light, all the probes arcing strands of blue lightning across the room, enveloping the target. For a moment, the target appeared to flicker, as if it was starting to disintegrate. Suddenly, a loud alarm went off, and all the control dials spun into the red as the emergency shut-off circuit activated, cutting the power.

“Damn!” she hissed, slamming her fist onto the console. “I thought we HAD it that time! Everything was perfect, all the circuits checked out, and all of the equipment was in perfect working order. So what went wrong?”

“Here it is, Doctor,” Rudy piped up, pointing to the flashing K-14 circuit diagram. “The flux inductor burnt out. I remember Dr. Specten having trouble with that before when HE was testing the chamber. All that power flowing through it into the buffer circuits probably reduced it to melted slag.” The research assistant sighed, leaning against the desk, his hand slipping accidentally close to Jennifer’s. “The components all check out except the inductor. We need one right there to control the phase variance of the energized particles that the target is changed into...without that flux inductor to stabilize the flow, the entire circuit will fail. So, what do we do now?”

Dr. Bristol pulled her hand away with a jerk. “You can START by keeping your hands to yourself, mister! I’ve told you before my policy on inter-office relationships! Go down to supply and get another inductor grid before I have your ass canned for sexual harassment!”

Rudy glanced up at the angry woman in shock. He had talked to her before of maybe meeting together outside the office, but after being shot down a few hundred times, he had gotten the message. He had meant nothing forward at all! “But Doctor Bristol, I didn’t—”

“Not another word Rudy. Go to supply and get me that inductor.”

Sighing wearily, he left the office. He didn’t know why, but lately Jennifer had become steadily more irritable and testy, snapping at every little thing he did wrong. When the project had first started, he had much enjoyed working alone with the lovely young woman; even though she strictly discouraged all of his advances, she seemed to delight in flirting, wearing very revealing and provocative clothing, four and five inch heels, and ruby red lipstick, that made her pouty hot lips all the more inviting. Now, close to the end, she seemed distracted, distant. Her clothing had become almost monk-like, wearing stylish but concealing pants, letting her white lab coat cover her silken, see-through blouses, and wearing no make-up whatsoever. Any attempt at small talk on his part was met with anger and threats of termination. It was a puzzle to him, one that he thought he might never solve.

Meanwhile, Jennifer sighed deeply, sliding off her glasses and rubbing her temples. Things for her had not been going well at all. The project, which she had confidently promised the board of directors would be ready within a year, was already two months overdue. Her superiors were breathing down her neck for a working chamber to show their investors, and she continued to have minor problems. Worst of all, her relationship with her girlfriend Susan had ended three months ago, in a huge fight. Before, she had delighted in teasing her co-workers, and her department personnel, letting them see but not touch, none of them having the slightest clue she was gay. Now, without Susan in her life, everyone else’s happiness seemed to put more salt in the wound. One or two women she found attractive at work, that she hesitantly approached, shot her down, none crueler than Andrea Stanton, who seemed to delight in her pain. Bitter by rejection, agonizing over her supervisor’s continuing urge for a completed project, she felt she was nearly at a breaking point. Poor hapless Rudy had taken the brunt of her frustrations, and deep down she knew nothing that had happened had been his fault, yet she found herself yelling at him more and more, grinding the poor man into the ground under her own built-up anger and stress.

“Doctor!” Rudy’s excited voice called from downstairs. “Come here quick! The circuit room outside the chamber! You’ve GOT to see this!”

“Have you got the new inductor circuit installed yet,” she asked, not bothering to look up from the diagram.

“No, I haven’t, but that’s why I need you to come see—”

“RUDY!” she bellowed loudly. “Install the component! We haven’t got all night for you to play around! We are already two months behind schedule!”

The harsh words stung. Rudy, having felt the brutal tongue lashing often in the past three month felt his patience coming to an end. “Yes, I know,” he tried again, taking a deep breath. “But doctor, if you’ll just come down here—”

“For what? To help you install a simple piece of electronic machinery? After all this time I would think you could at least install one piece of equipment without having to have me walk you through—”

“DAMMIT, Dr. Bristol!” Rudy yelled back, finally fed up with her bitching. “If you will be quiet for a minute and let me tell you what is going on, you will want to come down here and see for yourself! The inductor circuit can’t be installed just yet—because the old inductor remains seem to have fused with the other circuits...AND some foreign material! Furthermore, the circuit seems to be charged, as if its ready to power up. Now...would you like to take a look and see for yourself?”

Unable to speak for the moment at his harsh words, Jennifer sighed, rose from her chair, and walked to the door. This had better be good, she thought to herself. Making her way to the Trans-4 chamber room, the smell of burning rubber and silicon greeted her nostrils. “Ewww..” she gasped, covering her nose, as she walked over to the open panel box.

“You get used to the smell after a while,” Rudy said dryly. “See what I mean? There seem to be fused copper and selenium strands running through this area here, as well as traces of other unidentified metals. If I had to guess, the chamber had disintegrated part of the target, and was processing the energized molecules when the inductor burned out. Those few bits of metal returned to normal right THERE, in the middle of the blown circuit, and followed the electron trail, creating a new circuit where the old one had blown out. This isn’t the inductor we designed, but the accident seemed to create one of its own.” Rudy turned to his boss, seeing the surprise on her face, her wheels turning as she processed this unforeseen development.

“Hmmm. Well if you’re right, these melded materials have created an inductor component of its own. The circuit is complete again, and its even holding a charge.” Jennifer thought carefully. “I have no idea what this will do to the motherboard,” she said finally. “But as its literally fused into place anyway, we might as well activate it and see what we get.” If nothing else, the intense power charge might burn out the hunk of half-molten metal, removing their problem for them.

“Okay here goes!” Rudy called, flipping the breaker on the emergency cut-off switch, powering the circuits again. The lights in the room dimmed as the power drained into the chamber, everything glowing with a soft blue light as strands of blue lightning jump from probe to probe, enveloping the target materials fully. Entranced by the light show, Jennifer walked closer, gazing in delight at the sight of over a year’s hard work and toil coming to fruition. Unfortunately, the target was stable and sound within the field, and showed no signs of disappearing.

“What the hell? It’s not working!” Jennifer said, leaning forward, letting her hand rest on the edge of the framework doorway, forgetting that the frame was in fact part of the circuitry. A bolt of blue lightning struck her full on, lifting her three feet into the air, and depositing her neatly on the laboratory floor. Her scream of surprise and terror died in her throat as she slumped unconscious to the cold floor. Moving quickly, Rudy shut down the power, and ran to his unmoving boss.

Oh shit, what have I done? he thought to himself. I’ve really done it now! There’s no telling what the chamber’s energy might have done to her!Placing a hand to her chest, he sighed with relief feeling her heart beating normally, her chest rising and falling with each breath of air. At least she was alive. “Uhhhh,” she moaned weakly, her eyes fluttering open. Her face turned from a look of surprise to a look of horror and anger as her eyes focused on Rudy’s hand on her chest. “What...the fuck?” she said, pushing herself up onto her feet. “Trying to take advantage of me while I was down, Rudy?” she said, coming fully awake again. “That’s the last straw! First you nearly fry me with my own creation, THEN you feel me up while I’m out cold! You are OUT of here, Rudy! Terminated! Consider yourself FIRED!”

“Fired? Me?” Rudy said incredulously. “For trying to feel you up? Let me tell you something, Dr. Bristol, I wouldn’t touch you if you were the last woman on earth! I was only checking to see if you were alright, not feeling you up! You are biggest, most irrepressible BITCH I have ever known!” are the biggest BITCH...most irrepressible BITCH...BITCH BITCH BITCH... The words echoed eerily in her ears, sinking deep into her mind, as everything else faded into non-existence. Suddenly, the room came back into focus again. Jennifer glanced up at Rudy, letting the anger and frustration she had felt a moment before return. She felt a growl stirring in her throat, as her lips curled back. Bitch. She was a bitch, the biggest and baddest bitch he had ever seen, and she was angry.

“Huh? What the hell—what’s wrong with you Doctor Bristol? Why are you on the ground like that? What the FUCK—” Rudy barely managed to get his arm up in time to block her attack. The woman pounced on him, growling, sinking fingernails deep into his flesh, drawing blood, all the while trying to sink her teeth into his throat. “Get off me!” Rudy screamed hysterically, fighting for his life, and to his surprise the woman-dog did just that, moving off him immediately, still growling and sullen. “What the hell is wrong with you? Did that machine scramble your brains or what?”

Something suddenly clicked in his mind at that point, as he had an epiphany. The discharge from the machine, frying her synapses, altering her mind ever so slightly. She had passed out, but had seemed perfectly fine when she had awakened. She had blown her temper at him, which was also normal. He had then reacted, telling her she was a bitch, and within seconds, she had dropped to all fours, growling and snapping like some rabid canine. He had freaked, then yelling at her to get off him, and just as immediately, she had complied, even though she still looked like she wanted to rip him to pieces. It appeared that whatever her told her became her reality, accepted by her mind as the truth. An interesting theory, but one he needed to test to be certain.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I seem to be mistaken. You’re NOT a bitch after all, my dear. In fact, you are the loveliest woman I’ve ever seen. Dr. Jennifer Bristol, you are indeed all woman.” The confused woman shook her head, glassy eyes blinking, as she straightened up, moving back on two legs. Good, he thought to himself. But she still looks angry. “Now, I KNOW you’re not still mad at me, Doctor. Surely, you’re not. In fact, there’s nothing to be upset about at all. Nothing happened in the past few minutes to even get you upset...I’ll bet you can’t even remember what all the fuss was about, now can you?”

“Huh?” Jennifer replied, shaking her fuzzy head. It felt as if her thoughts were sluggish, moving through wet cement to reach her brain. “I don’t understand. What...what happened? How did I get down here in the lab? Rudy, what’s going on here?”

Success! Barely able to hide his excitement, he walked over to the dazed scientist, pulling her over to a stool. “It’s okay, Dr. Bristol. The machine shorted out a bit while we were examining the circuit I told you about, remember? It shocked you, and you passed out for a while. You seem a little confused, but I’m sure the more you think on it, the more you’ll remember exactly what I just said as it happened.”

The glazed look faded slowly, as his words became reality in her mind. “Y...yes. Yes! As a matter of fact I do. Boy, I was lucky! I could have been killed!” she exclaimed. She walked back over to the circuit board, frowning. “Do you know what caused the discharge? And what is all of this ...whatever-it-is in there? It looks like material from the target melded into the burnt out inductor!”

“I think you’re right, Doctor. But enough about that for now. Come over here and rest, I think you are still a bit woozy from the shock.

Jennifer shook her head. “Don’t be silly, Rudy, I’m perfectly fine. I want to see what went wrong here.”

Rudy frowned. It wasn’t working anymore. She should have obeyed his command to return and sit down, feeling weak and woozy. Perhaps the effects of the shock were only temporary? It was risky, but he’d have to give her another jolt. “Hmm, you’re probably right, Doctor,” he said, thinking quickly, moving silently across the room to the circuit breaker. “If those are strands of target material, maybe you should examine the target to see if there’s been any...ummmm...degradation?”

“Good idea, Rudy,” she said, walking over to the chamber. As she stepped across the threshold, she turned back to glance at him. “Just make sure the unit doesn’t activate while I’m insi—”

At that moment, Rudy flipped the switch, powering up the chamber, sending another bolt of blue lightning arcing into Dr. Bristol. Hair standing on end, her body engulfed in the energy, she looked like some dark vision, an avenging angel surrounded by heavenly bolts. Rudy held the power for a few moments more, then rushed over to his ‘angel’ as she crumpled to the floor. “Dr. Bristol,” he said, lightly slapping her face. “Speak to me. Are you alright?”

Her eyes fluttered for a moment or two, then opened, with that same distorted, glassy stare that she had worn moments after the last shock. “Mmmm...what? The machine! I...I was the energy from the machine,” she sputtered, trying to rise to her feet. She glanced up at her assistant in horror. “Rudy, what did you do? What have you done to me?”

The once mild-mannered assistant smiled wickedly, letting a hand gently caress the woman’s cheek. All of the months of abuse, of being dominated and humiliated at the hands of this beautiful young woman came roaring back to him then, and he remembered how GOOD it had felt to take charge, to let his anger flow through when he had silenced her whining and bitching and COMMANDED her to come down to the lab NOW. The worm had turned, and it was about to travle far and free. “Nothing yet, my dear. Absolutely nothing. But don’t worry, the night is young.”

* * *

“Personal log. Rudy Camden, research assistant for TransCorp transportation research and development. Completely by accident, I have discovered a process of completely controlling and dominating the mind of any subject I wish. The transportation device, known with this division as the Trans-4 system, was modified slightly, through an unforeseen circuit failure in testing, fusing the circuit with foreign material strands of various metals. The modified circuitry creates a type of energy that affects only the human brain, scrambling electrical impulses, leaving the subject severely susceptible to the power of suggestion. In short, the subject will do whatever they are told, become whatever they are told they are, and remember only what they are instructed to.

My unwitting subject, Dr. Jennifer Bristol, has been exposed to this energy several times within the past three days. The effects are always the same: temporary unconsciousness, followed by a period of disorientation, followed by the before mentioned vulnerable state. This mental state lasts for precisely half an hour, no more, no less. Afterwards, the subject’s mental faculties return to normal; however, any changes made in the person’s thinking or behavior remain permanent. Repeated exposure to the energy thus far has shown no adverse side effects, and no damage to the subject has been recorded.

It is my belief that this technology can be of great use to TransCorp and possibly to the government, however, the limits of this technology and the specific effects are still unknown. Further tests need to be done, and on other subjects. I intend to report all my subsequent findings in further logs, however it must be made clear that the final word on this technology lies within my hands. In the wrong hands, this could be disastrous. The effects of this new energy could have global repercussions. I must be absolutely sure before I release the specs on this project. Rudy Camden, research assistant for TransCorp transportation research and development, signing off.”

* * *

Rudy shut off the recorder, sighing contentedly. In three short days, things had changed dramatically in his life. Dr. Bristol, his boss, was literally a new woman. He had remade the stuffy annoying bitch over into a nicer, more submissive version. She was now a delight to work with, and a pleasure to command. “Mmmm...Jenny darling, that’s enough for now,” he rasped softly, pulling the beautiful blonde up from his very satisfied cock. “You have work to do, my little slave. The project head still wants a working model as soon as possible,” he reminded her chidingly.

Dr. Bristol smiled submissively, wiping her mouth. “Yes, of course, how silly of me,” she said with a girlish giggle. “I get so carried away sometimes. If I finish the prototype today can know,” she said shyly, looking down at the floor. Rudy smiled. His new slave never seemed to lose her wariness about a man’s cock, despite his reconditioning of her sexuality—that had been a real surprise to him. Now, she always seemed at war with her own feelings, repulsed and disgusted with sex with a man, yet because of his control of her mind, craving it, needing it, and wanting it with a passion. It made for an interesting sex life, however, so Rudy left her that way.

“Yes, if you hurry and finish, Rudy said idly, looking through a collection of video tapes. One in particular caught his eye, and he smiled as his obedient little boss sashayed out of the office. Slipping the tape into the nearest monitor, he pushed PLAY.

The screen filled with Dr. Bristol’s first conditioning session. The beautiful blonde sat on a stool in the middle of the chamber, the camera locked onto her face. Rudy, off in the background, could not be seen, but his voice could be clearly heard.

“Jennifer, can you hear me?”

“Yes, of course. But how many times must I tell you, not to call me Jennifer? Its Doctor Bristol at the workplace, Rudy.”

A chuckle. “Oh my dear doctor, I don’t think you mean that. In fact, I think you LIKE it when I call you by your first name. You want me to call you Jennifer, don’t you?”

The figure in the chair stiffened slightly, her mouth moving, mouthing unspoken words. Then she relaxed again, blinking, and turning to face the camera. “Yes, you’re right. It IS nice to hear you say my name. Let’s just dispense with all the formalities and just call me Jenny. I’d like that.”

“Very good Jenny. Okay, now I want you to answer the questions I’m about to ask you, honesty, and immediately. You will not lie or omit anything, in fact you will find it IMPOSSIBLE to lie or omit anything in response to my questions. And you must answer keeping silent, Jenny.”

“But...but that’s not fair!” she protested, looking uncomfortable. “I don’t want to talk to you about my personal life! Let me out of here this instant, this little talk is over—”

“No, Jenny, its just begun,” he replied calmly. “You’re not leaving here, not until I release you. And you DO want to talk to me. You want to tell me anything I ask, and you’re happy for the chance. We really don’t get the chance to really TALK often enough.”

“No...don’t want to...” she managed, before her eyes rolled up into her head. A soft moan escaped her lips, and a smile made its way across them. Coming back to herself, she nodded briskly. “Oh yes. I do so want to talk to you, Rudy. There’s so much we don’t know about each other, so much I really haven’t shared. What do you want to know? Of course, you can ask me ANYTHING.”

“Good. Are you in a relationship with anyone at the moment.”

“No.” She looked really uncomfortable.

“Ah, too bad. Did you have a recent break-up or something?”


A deep sigh. “Jenny, how about a bit more input. Yes and No answers aren’t very helpful.”

“Yes, I broke up with my...lover. We had been together for three years, but we had a big fight about two months ago and haven’t spoken since.”

“Oh, I see. What was his name?”

Jennifer shook her head. “It wasn’t a him, it was a her. Her name was Susan.”

A woman?!? “Jennifer...your lover was a woman?”

“Yes, of course. I’m a lesbian, Rudy. Didn’t you guess that by now?”

“No, of course not!” he replied hotly. “How was I to know? You never said anything, and you were adamant about not talking about personal lives in the workplace before. And besides, you seemed to delight in flirting with me and the other guys in the research department!”

“That was all part of the fun. The whole allure of teasing a man, showing him what he can’t have. Susan and I used to spend our night together, joking about how many propositions we had gotten from obsessed men that day.” Sigh. “Now that she’s gone, it doesn’t seem quite as much fun.”

“I should think not. Well Jennifer, this is your lucky day. I’m going to help you with your little problem. As of now, you’re going to love men. Now, I will not deprive you of your own deep passions, your love for women can remain, but from now on you are bi-sexual. Got that? You love cock. In fact, the thought of being so close to me, with my hard cock, makes you hot, doesn’t it? Makes you want to feel it inside you, right Jenny?”

Jennifer’s face turned into a scowl. “No fucking way! I’d rather die than feel that slimy piece of shit inside me! Me, fuck a man? I don’t think so, Rudy. You can go jack yourself off for all I care—its the closest you’ll come to getting in between my legs!”

“Shit! Its thirty minutes already?” Footsteps can be heard leaving in the background, then silence. A second later, Jennifer screams as the unit roars to life, striking her with blue bolts of energy, knocking her out. The sound of footsteps return, just as Jennifer moans, rolling her head slightly to the side as she comes awake. “Now, then, Jenny my dear, shall we continue?”

Jennifer’s eyes focused blearily on her tormentor. Seeing he had her attention, he began again. “Jennifer, repeat after me, as my words sink into your mind, becoming reality. You like men.”

“I...I l-l-like men.”

“You love men.”

“ men.”

“You love cock.”

“I love cock.”

“You love to suck it, deep throat it, and be fucked by it.”

“I love to suck it. I love to deep throat it. I love to be fucked by it.”

“Good girl. Now for the most important part. You love Rudy.”

“I love Rudy.”

“Rudy is your friend, your lover, your Master.”

“Rudy is my friend. Rudy is my lover. Rudy is my Master.”

“Very good, doctor. Remember that. Rudy is your Master, and you love to submit to him, to fulfill his wishes. You live to serve him, to please him, to pleasure him. And you love nothing better than the feeling of his glorious cock inside you, in your mouth, your pussy, or your ass—whichever your Master wishes!”

“ my to submit...his to serve him, please him...pleasure his glorious my mouth, my pussy, my ass.”

“Very good, Jennifer. I’m proud of you. Now I want you to do something for me. I want you to remove your clothes for me, and play with yourself. By doing this you will please me very much. And Jennifer, pleasing me gives you sexual pleasure. Yes, everytime you submit to me, or serve me in some way, you will feel yourself getting more and more aroused, wetter, and hotter in your pretty little snatch. Everything you do at my command makes you feel like you’re about to come, but Jenny my dear, you cannot WILL NEVER come, unless I give you permission.”

A whimper escaped the poor girl’s lips as she shed her clothing, sitting back down, nude, on the stool. Her hands began stroking and caressing her soft slender body all over, teasing her nipples into hard little peaks, before sliding downwards to her thinly furred delta. Rudy had commanded her to play with herself, and as she did so her pleasure and arousal continued to build, until soon she was busy humping all ten of her fingers, moaning loudly, trying to find release. “Ohhh...oh oh ooh...please Rudy...I can’t...I can’t come. I need to come so badly...please Rudy!”

“That’s it, my little slave, beg me to let you come,” Rudy said huskily. Off camera, he was naked now as well, stroking his enlarged dick with both hands as he watched his boss perform for him.

“Please Rudy, let me come...I need it so badly...please Rudy, please!”

“No, you can do better than that, Jenny. Beg me like a slave! That’s what you are, you know, my slave! Now beg me real good and maybe I’ll take care of that hot little pussy for you, and give you the release you want so bad!”

Jennifer was going out of her mind with need. Her hands were like mindless automatons at her pussy, working with a mind of their own to bring her off. But she couldn’t, not without her Master. Her Master. That was it, what she needed to come. Suddenly she realized what was wrong, what she had been missing. “Please Master,” she begged, tears in her eyes. “Please fuck me! Slide your big thick cock inside me, stick me good and hard like the little slut I am! I beg for your fat rod, Master, I beg to be fucked and violated by your almighty dick! Split me open on that monster, please!” she screamed.

Unable to resist, Rudy stepped into the picture, taking Jenny to the floor, mounting her, and putting her through her paces. After bringing her to the razor’s edge of bliss a few times, he relented and allowed her to come, letting her scream and thrash her pleasure, until her very wet juices ran down their legs in a puddle on the floor. Satisfied, and fully sated, Rudy pulled himself up from the dazed and exhausted woman, smiling wickedly. “Jenny, my little slave,” he gasped breathlessly, “this is how its going to be from now on. Work will resume as always, but from now on, in private, you will service your Master whenever he wishes it. Now, get cleaned up and dressed, we have work to do.”

In the control room, Rudy sighed softly, shutting off the tape. Just as it had the many other times he watched it, the tape had excited him. As soon as she returned from working on a miniature version of the mind-control device, slave jenny was in for another good fucking.

Outside the office, down in the lab, Dr. Bristol was working furiously, soldering the tiny components into the small hand-held prototype they had designed. Her mind buzzed with her Master’s voice, promises of blissful sex and untold pleasures echoing in the caverns of her mind. Deep down, she knew what he had done to her, molding her, shaping her into his image, turning her into his helpless slut. Even as she worked on a device capable of doing the same to others, she was unable to resist. Thanks to their latest ‘session’ she no longer had even the desire to resist. Inside, she was still herself, still Dr. Jennifer Bristol, but slave jenny was in control now, and Jennifer found herself luxuriating in her new persona. Never before had she felt so free, so uninhibited, so stress free. Things were so important to Jennifer no longer mattered to slave jenny. Her only desire was to please her Master, and perhaps receive his pleasure in return. Her clitty jumped with the thought, and she hurriedly began soldering more circuits.

Just finishing, jenny turned to see the door open, and her superior in the company, Dr. Crystal Huumes stormed in. “Dr. Bristol!” she said loudly. “THERE you are! I have been ringing your office for the past five days now, trying to get an update on the project. I hope you have good news for me, Doctor, because the board is seriously considering suspending the project and cutting its losses. Including you.”

Slave jenny frowned. This was a problem. Dr. Huumes wanted to shut down the funding for the project. But her Master had given them a NEW project, a top-secret agenda, and one word from Crystal Huumes would put it all in jeopardy. Somehow she had to stall her. “Um, yes, yes of course, Crystal,” she said quickly, smiling at her boss. “I have been busy finishing up a few loose ends, and documenting all the trial runs. Everything should be just about ready to show the board.”

“Good. I’ll let them know the good news,” Crystal said, tritely, turning to go. Jennifer reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her back.

“Wait! Not so fast, Doctor,” Dr. Bristol said with a smile. “Don’t you think you could come and see the machine in action while you’re here? It’s really quite amazing to see up close. And it would give you something more concrete to give the Board, don’t you think?”

“Bah, I don’t think so. I have my own projects to attend to,” she replied turning to leave once more. “Just send the files and documentation, and the Board will be satisfied. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for another little engagement.”

Dr. Bristol’s hand closed on the handle of the mini-unit she had just finished creating. “Wait!” she called out to her boss, who turned yet again, anger evident in her expression. That expression rapidly changed to surprise them fear as Jennifer Bristol brought the small device to bear on Crystal’s chest. “This is something you should really stick around for, Crystal.”

“Have you gone mad? What is that thing you’re pointing at me?”

Slave jenny smiled wickedly, feeling her nipples begin to pucker with excitement. “Oh this? This is the first miniaturized version of the Trans-4 chamber system. It took a few days to build, but its lightweight, small, easily concealable, and shaped like a stun-gun, it won’t attract any undue attention. What do you think?” Jennifer turned the switch on the side, and the two probes lit up with blue energy.

“Is it safe?” Crystal asked, backing up. “How many times have you tested that thing?”

“Oh, this will be the first,” slave jenny replied with a laugh, as she squeezed the trigger. A small thin bolt of blue lightning discharged, sending Crystal Huumes to the floor. jenny smiles softly, licking her lips devilishly.

* * *

I wonder what’s keeping her? Rudy thought to himself. He flipped a switch, activating the video surveillance system, then gasped as he saw not one but TWO naked women on monitor three, slave jenny and some other woman, engaging in a fast, furious, frenzy of fucking. What the hell? Where did she come from? he thought, getting to his feet and hurrying down the stairs to the circuit room. “Jenny!” he bellowed. “Jenny, what is going on in here? Who the fuck shit! Dr. Huumes!!”

The slender redhead didn’t answer, her mouth and tongue busily working away at slave jenny’s hot wet snatch. Giggling and moaning, jenny managed to gasp out, “ohhhh..mmmm..oh don’t stop...I’m sorry Master...tee heee, hehehe.. but she only answers to the name..the...the..oh shit oh shit oh shhhiiiittt!! MMMMMMMMM!!! She only answers to the name...’pussy slave’ now! Tee heee...”

Rudy shook his head, trying to fight the sheer eroticism of the scene before him—trying and failing. Rubbing his growing bulge he asked, “What happened? How did she get here, and how...did she get like THIS?”

Seeing her Master’s need, slave jenny moved her hands to unzip his pants, pulling out his fabulous cock, and answered between sucking and licking his oh-so-sweet member. “Mmmm...well she...slurp came in see what...slurp progress me made...mmmmm...on the chamber. slurp She was lick lick lick going to go back to the Board of Directors...mmmmmm...if I hadn’t stopped her...lick lick lick so I did the only thing...mmmm...I could think of...slurp I used the device.”

Rudy sighed deeply, in pleasure at the tender ministrations of his little slave. Cock or pussy, slave jenny had one talented mouth, and could well please either. “Uuummmm...that’s fantastic news, my slave! Excellent. But from now on, only I am to operate the device, do you understand? You are never to use it.” Rudy felt the thin layer of sweat on his forehead. He had forgotten to limit jenny’s use of the device. Without such a command, jenny could easily have reversed the tables on him, making HIM her eager little slave-slut. In fact, in the next ‘session’ he would have to remove all knowledge of the device and how it works.

Unfortunately, at that moment, several things happened at once. The two mind-altered slave girls, nearing their climax, were given sexual release. As Rudy came hard in her pussy, he let slave jenny come, and she in turn whispered the magic phrase to allow her own slut, pussy slave, to climax. All three of them were deep in orgasm, lost to the world, when the doors opened suddenly, and about ten security men entered. In his hurry to locate Jennifer, he had switched on ALL the surveillance equipment, including the out-going signal to the guard building. It took several minutes before the startled guards were able to leave the erotic scene before them and charge the building. After the little ‘incidents’ with the supposed victims of Dr. Specten, they were on alert to act upon any strange or unusual activity, especially rampant sexual behavior. The three people were led away in handcuffs, still naked, where they would be given a psychiatric evaluation. Most likely they would all be terminated, and would DEFINITELY end up patients at the TransCorp run mental facility, Bellview Mental Hospital.

To his chagrin, Rudy was separated from his two new slaves, and despite all his efforts to the otherwise, he was unable to get free to see them. The miniature device, an unknown piece of equipment, was locked away with the rest of the project and moth-balled. The chamber itself was dismantled, and the project was deemed an abysmal failure. Still Rudy did not mind too much. As his predecessor, Dr. Specten had learned, all things come to those who wait. He merely had to be patient, and upon his release, he could continue with his experiments. Yes, thought to himself, this is not the end. They haven’t seen the last of me, by any means! This is simply a little vacation for me...a chance to rest and unwind. But I’ll be back. COUNT ON IT!

<<<<<The end...for now!>>>>>