The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Miss Calculated

By Sen Oluguat

Based on an idea by Vended

Doctors Valerie Powers and Rebecca Smith had been rivals for almost as long as they had known each other. It had started when they had met each other while applying for the same prestigious PhD program at the International Academy of Sciences San Lutero. Rebecca had received the position and Valerie was never going to forgive her for derailing her plans, and forcing her to accept a position at her back-up school. They kept in contact after that, but mostly to hint at big advancements, and rub their progress in the other’s face.

They had both been hired by PlasmaTech, and humiliatingly Valerie received the title “Quantum Physicist/Engineer” while Rebecca had somehow wormed her way to the title ”Chief Quantum Physicist/Engineer.” With that one five letter word, it had seemed like the feud between the two of them had reached its ultimate conclusion. Valerie would forever live in Rebecca’s shadow.

However, as Valerie sat looking at the results of her latest experiment, she smiled as she realized the implications. Her rivalry with Doctor Smith was at a close. Soon there would be no “Doctor” Smith.

* * *

Valerie decided to use her device during the big Quarter Three planning meeting. The whole company would be there for the whole day, and she had big plans to bring Rebecca down a peg and show the company just how big a mistake they had made in favoring her over Valerie.

Rebecca was Valerie’s senior so she was going to be presenting their group’s plans for the next quarter. Rebecca was sharply dressed as always—her blonde hair was in a bun, her face had tasteful, natural-looking makeup, and she wore a black women’s blazer and dress pants over white blouse, and a pair of comfortable loafers on her feet. (Rebecca had long considered wearing dresses and heels beneath her.)

Two tables of food had been set out for the attendees, and people were grabbing breakfast and chatting casually with each other.

Valerie spied Rebecca talking with the CEO of PlasmaTech, Richard Senmensa, and strained to listen to their conversation.

“You know, Dr. Smith, your team is really doing wonderful work,” then he gave a quick look around before letting out some hearty laughter. “Who am I kidding—none of them are around to hear right now! You have really been doing wonderful work. Your work with r-waves has been simply remarkable. Get us another patent like you did last year, and I daresay that not only will PlasmaTech go from a Fortune 500 company to a Fortune 100 company, but I bet there will be a Nobel prize in your future!“

Rebecca smiled. “That’s very kind of you to say, sir. But anyone could have come up with the idea using a nanowave frequency shift to increase the energy yield of the transdimensional resonance chamber.”

Richard beamed. “Brilliant and humble, is there anything you can’t do!“

Valerie discretely aimed her new invention at Rebecca and pressed the button. Reality seemed to stutter for just a second, but then it reasserted itself and Valerie was now looking at the same scene from before, with slight differences.

Rebecca was still sharply dressed, but her make up was just a little heavier and her dress pants had been swapped out for a long pencil skirt. Other than that, she seemed largely the same, if slightly more nervous to be talking to the CEO than before. However, the CEO’s demeanor underwent a massive change. It went from an almost reverent respect, to the almost disinterested politeness reserved for people below the CEO’s concern.

Richard nodded. “Hello, uh, I’m sorry what was your name again?”

Rebecca’s shoulders slumped a bit, but she tried to force a smile. “I’m Dr. Rebecca Smith, I work under Dr. Powers.”

Richard nodded. “Of course, so you were one of the ones we have to thank for that little patent that’s been making us all the money from last year.”

Rebecca looked at her feet and blushed. “Well, um, I did help Dr. Powers crunch the numbers she gathered, but honestly a lot of the stuff she’s doing is a bit beyond me. They don’t call her the next Einstein for nothing.”

Richard looked behind Rebecca. “You’ll have to excuse me, I think I see someone from the board over there.” And he walked away without another word.

Valerie got out of her hiding place, and walked up to her.

“The next Einstein, huh? Is that really how you feel about me?” Valerie asked.

Rebecca looked horrified. “You heard that!? I’m just not used to talking to big wigs like you are. Not that I don’t mean it, but I would never—”

Valerie cut her off. “Don’t worry about it. I’m sure you know more than you let on to Richard. Us women have a really nasty habit of belittling our own accomplishments, and you’ve always been a very important member of my team. I mean without you, we never would have discovered a way to increase the energy yield of the transdimensional resonance chamber.”

Rebecca shook her head. “You’re on another level Dr. Powers. I mean, I never could have cut it in your PhD program at the International Academy of Sciences San Lutero, let alone do half of what you’re doing now.”

Valerie gave a wicked smile. The changes were working exactly as she had planned them to. It was nice to have Rebecca beneath her, where she belonged.

Valerie suppressed the smile the next moment, and gave her best impression of a genuine smile. “Rebecca, you really need to be more confident in yourself, you’re still part of my team and that’s all because of how incredible you are. I’ll prove it to you. Why don’t you take a look at what I’ve been working on recently and tell me what you think of it?” She held out a packet of papers with the equations that were going to be Rebecca’s undoing. There was something poetic about giving her a glimpse of what was going to happen.

Rebecca looked at the equations for a few seconds before gasping. “This is—this is incredible! You’ve discovered a way to shift a person’s world line.” She read and flipped through the data and equations. “It looks like... Oh my, this is so elegant! With just a small quantity of r-waves, you can set a series of chain reactions in place that will shift their world line slightly every hour until it has fully shifted to a frequency you can control. The implications of this—with just a few nudges you can make reality be whatever you want it to be. Are you going to share something this dangerous with PlasmaTech?”

Valerie shook her head. “This is going to be our little secret. I’m showing you this because I respect you enough to show you the kinds of things that I don’t give PlasmaTech. The fact you were able to instantly grasp the implications is proof that you’ve earned your place at my side.” Valerie thought it wise not to mention that she had already used the device, and already had plans to make even more well deserved changes to reality. Perhaps PlasmaTech could use a new CEO? One with a doctorate, and the last name of Powers...

Rebecca gave a grateful smile. “Thank you so much for this. I had to struggle to keep up with people like you my whole life, so it means a lot for you to—” Rebecca choked back tears.

Valerie put a hand on Rebecca’s shoulders, and gave her a reassuring smile. “There, there. You shouldn’t cry, you’ll ruin your make up.”

Rebecca nodded, and with great effort calmed herself down. She dabbed her teary eyes, and excused herself.

Valerie walked around and enjoyed the respect people were suddenly giving her, now that she wasn’t the second fiddle. She was rubbing shoulders with the titans like she was supposed to be. She was so busy enjoying her new position, that she almost didn’t notice that the next hour was about to roll around. Thankfully, she received a text message a few minutes before the next change, and was able to excuse herself to find Rebecca.

She found her talking with Thomas from accounting. Rebecca didn’t notice it, but Thomas seemed to be subtly flirting with her.

“Can you explain what R&D is doing these days? Pretend I’m an idiot who’s never heard of the transdimensional resonance chamber,” he said, brushing her arm to get rid of an imaginary piece of dust.

Rebecca was happy to answer such a softball question. “That’s easy, the transdimensional resonance—”

Reality stuttered.

Rebecca looked confused. What had she been saying? It had been so clear just a moment before. The entire train of thought derailed as she felt another subtle touch from Thomas. She smiled, someone had noticed the way she had dressed today. Her long blonde hair was down, her make up would have looked at home on an Instagram model, her blouse and short skirt emphasized her gorgeous hourglass figure, and her one-inch pumps accentuated her curves further.

Rebecca gave Thomas a lusty look. “I don’t really know anything about that transdifferential business or whatever, I mostly just make sure all the equipment is clean and in good order. But I’m sure there’s something you’d rather be doing than talking about something like that.” She pursed her lips.

Thomas smiled and looked around. “The talks are going to start soon. Nobody ever pays attention to the intro, do you want to sneak off for a bit and have a little fun?”

Rebecca bit her lip. She liked the effect she had on men, but it was mostly a show to feed her ego. She never actually did anything. Still, Thomas was cute.

“Tell you what,” Rebecca said and she stepped forward and kissed Thomas on the lips. He was surprised at first, but quickly returned the kiss. It was an amazing kiss. Rebecca didn’t believe in Rom Com-style “fireworks”—normally kissing was actually disappointingly boring, but with Thomas... There was no other way to describe it. It was fireworks. She reluctantly pulled herself away. “That’s all you get for now, but find me later and we’ll see what else I have in store for you.”

She walked away swinging her hips seductively. She regretted that she couldn’t look back to see the expression on his face without risking ruining the effect, but she was sure her actions had had the desired results.

Valerie for her part loved the new Rebecca. She clearly wasn’t a doctor or a “quantum physicist/engineer”, but a low-paid lab technician. Valerie would have followed Rebecca to see more of her adjusted interactions, but someone came and reminded her that she was going to be presenting third, and should be up near the front. Valerie took her place, but kept stealing glaces at the table with Rebecca. She was talking to someone important at a table, and they had a barely concealed look of contempt. Why was this nobody distracting them from the important presentations?

After the intro presentation, and a brief presentation on finances, it was Valerie’s turn. She went up and talked about the research she wasn’t hiding from PlasmaTech. It would only make them rich, not give them virtually limitless control over reality like the little device in her pocket. About halfway through her talk—


—and when she looked out at the table where Rebecca should have been, the seat was empty. But that wasn’t all, she was interested to see that Thomas’ seat was also empty. She resolved to search for the two of them once her talk was done.

She finished, and the crowds of people applauded her brilliant research. She let herself take in the praise. It was going straight to her head—being second best had given her a bit of a complex, so to finally be recognized as the world-class genius she was—it felt like the culmination of a lifetime of hard work and dedication. Then the moment ended, and she walked off the stage and began looking for Rebecca and Thomas.

She found them in the Women’s restroom. She had quietly opened the door and heard the wet sounds of lovemaking. Rebecca and Thomas were inside the handicapped stall and their clothes were on the ground. They had clearly been going at it for a long time.

“Harder! Harder!” Rebecca said. “A little higher. That’s it. Don’t stop!” She let out a loud, immodest moan.

Valerie wanted to see how low her rival had fallen. She went into the stall next to the handicapped stall, and bent down just a bit to peek under the stall walls. She caught flashes of flesh. Interesting. She had gone swimming with Rebecca as part of company retreats, and knew that her skin had always been blank and pristine. Now in the flashes of flesh Valerie was catching, she saw that Rebecca’s right arm had become a full tattoo sleeve with a colorful fruit-like pattern, and she now appeared to have a tramp stamp.

Valerie stood back up, and heard something clatter to the floor. Her heart sunk.

The sounds of fucking came to a pause.

“What the fuck is that?” Thomas asked.

“Maybe someone’s trying to record us? Wouldn’t that be totally hot!” Rebecca said, purring. She grabbed the device which had fallen out of Valerie’s pocket. “Why don’t we record them back?” Rebecca pointed the device at Valerie and before Valerie had a chance to say anything, Rebecca pressed the button.

For a brief moment, absolute terror gripped Valerie, but then she wondered what she was even worried about. She knew the device she dropped was important for some reason, but she couldn’t remember why. She reached under, and wrestled the device from Rebecca’s hands.

“Sorry, I wasn’t recording! This is just some stuff from work.”

“Is that you, Val?” Rebecca asked, surprised. “I always knew you were into weird stuff, but watching people...”

Valerie resented that. Rebecca may have seduced her way into the position of lab tech (she was so bad at nearly every duty she had!), but Valerie was a doctor. Sure, her PhD was from a school no one had ever heard of, and she had more work ethic than brains, but she was still above a floozy like Rebecca!

She walked out of the bathroom in a huff. She wondered why she had even gone searching for Rebecca, it wasn’t like her fucking every guy in the office was an unusual thing. When she got back to the presentation room, she sneaked back to her seat in the middle of the room. She wished she was important enough to merit a seat at the front with the presenters, but while her group had produced some useful advancements they had never been an essential part of the company’s ecosystem.

Three more presentations finished up, and soon they were breaking for lunch. She ate with some of the other scientists, and tried to ignore the looks of pity from the other scientists when Rebecca came back from the bathroom, her hair looking tussled and her make up in disarray, and sat down next to Valerie. Why did Valerie have to have a lab technician like Re-


-Why did Richard Senmensa’s dumb secretary insist on sitting next to a lab technician like Valerie! Sure, Valerie wasn’t a genius, but she was proud of where she had ended up. Surely, she was better than this, this—a number of unflattering words filled her head, but she eventually settled on “bimbo”—this bimbo sitting next to her!

“Val, I’ve been having so much fun at this party!” Becky said excitedly, her bra-less breasts jiggling a little as she jumped in her seat. She dropped her voice to a whisper. “I’ve already fucked four guys today. I think that might be a record.”

Valerie looked at her neighbor. Becky had a midriff bearing top that hugged her curves, a skirt so short that it showed off her panties as she moved and her make up made her look like a hooker. She carried a cute pink purse, and tattoos were visible on her legs, arms, and stomach. She had a silver nose stud. However, all of this was burying the lead. What really disturbed Valerie were Becky’s proportions. They felt... off somehow. Like, had her breasts and butt always been that big? But that was a stupid question! Of course, the brainless bimbo Becky had always been this ridiculously proportioned. Why else would Richard Senmensa have hired someone like her as a secretary?

Lunch finished up, and Valerie returned to the presentations. As the presentations—


—continued, she found herself growing bored with them. They were so—


—hard to understand. She walked over to a table with a cute guy (she wasn’t good with names, but she didn’t need to be to do what she did), and whispered a sweet and sexy little nothing into his ears. She could tell by the tent in his pants that she had his attention. The two of them rushed off to the restroom where they could hear Becky already fucking someone in there. Valerie really—


—Val really respected Becky. She was the only one at the company with tits or an ass to rival her own, and wasn’t that what really mattered at the end of the day? She didn’t really know what PlasmaTech did, all she knew was that she got paid to sit at a desk next to Becky with a name-tag that said “Secretary” (or was it “Sexretary”? she wasn’t so good at reading) and that perks of her job included fucking and sucking whoever needed help relaxing at the company.

It was hard work, but her and Becky did it well.

* * *

At the end of the conference, an expensive prototype device that had clearly been made with company resources showed up in the lost and found. The next day, Richard Senmensa opened it up and marveled at the complexity of the circuitry, wondering what the little device could do. When Val and Becky came in with his morning coffee, he was surprised when a brief look of recognition passed over their empty faces.

Val popped her gum and smiled. “Oh, it’s that thingy I made! I had wondered where it went.”

Becky put a finger to her lips. “That’s right! You had it when I was with Thomas that one time.”

They put down the coffee and sugar and left Richard alone in the office. He gave a small chuckle. Yeah right! As if those two could ever make something as complex as this.