The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Miswish: Eternal “Hall Pass”

By Anostus

Ethan and Susan had been happily married for five years, and things were going well. Mostly. Ethan worked in big data and Susan was a radiologist. They loved and supported each other through hell and high water, and they made good money—those things were never the problem. Their main problem was their mismatched sexual appetites. Ethan had always been “at least once a day” in the bedroom, while Susan was more of a “once or twice a week” partner. At first it hadn’t been so bad—the internet was full of smut and Ethan could always do a little self care. But as time wore on, Ethan wasn’t satisfied with their arrangement. He had floated the idea of an open relationship or even just a one week “hall pass” so he could sate his appetite, but Susan softly but firmly knocked down those ideas. Ethan had been tempted to cheat once or twice, but he truly did love Susan and having to put up with one imperfection wasn’t so bad. Right?

Ethan was standing in line at the airport for a business trip thinking about this, when a short man in a turban and robes walked up to him smiling.

“You have the look of a man who has something eating away at him,” the man said, smiling.

“I guess you could say that,” Ethan frowned. “I don’t really want to burden a stranger with my problems, though.”

The man burst out laughing. “It would be no burden at all! In fact, I might be able to help you with your problems...”

Ethan looked at the man dubiously. “Well, it’s my wife. Her libido is maybe half of mine, and—”

“Aha,” the robed man said. “I know exactly what your problem is. You want to be able to have sex more often? Perhaps with other women?”

Ethan tried to hide his embarrassment. This stranger did know exactly what he was going to say.

Ethan looked at his feet. “I respect Susan being the way she is. It’s just, if she is going to be that way, I wish she wouldn’t care at all if I fucked other women.”

The robed man clapped Ethan on the back. “Your wish is now a reality, my friend.”

Then he walked off into the crowd almost as suddenly as he had appeared.

Ethan stood there dumbstruck for a few seconds, but then the words of the man piqued his curiosity. He pulled out his cell phone, and called Susan.

“Hey, Ethan. What’s up?” she asked.

Ethan didn’t know how to start. “Susan, uh, quick question. Would it be alright, if, um, while I’m on my business trip, if I fucked any of the sexy women I met?”

Susan’s response was filled with confusion. “Uh, sure? Why would I care what you get up to in your free time?”

Ethan hung up without saying goodbye. Then he threw his hands up in the air! Could this be real? He could hardly believe it, but that strange man had somehow done it. He licked his lips thinking of the pleasures the next few days would hold.

Then he noticed something interesting. He wasn’t wearing a wedding ring anymore. He wasn’t worried, in this new reality he probably just left his ring at home when he was on the prowl.

* * *

His first conquest was Tiffany. He had seen her at past business conferences, and while they had a somewhat flirty relationship, Susan was always in the back of his mind. Now he was free to hungrily eye Tiffany’s perfect body. Her breasts that strained against the buttons of her blouse, her perfect legs, and those perfect, kissable lips. He invited her to drinks after their meetings wrapped up, and she was all too happy to come. After a few drinks, they both started getting handsy and when he invited her back to his room, she only to happy to oblige

Her body was paradise itself. She was 10 years younger than Susan and did a lot more to keep herself in shape. Ethan had almost forgotten what it was like to fuck a vibrant young girl in her prime. And as a huge plus, she was obviously a pro in the bedroom. Compared to Susan, who had only had one boyfriend before she met Ethan, and was only passable in the bedroom Tiffany knew how to use her nubile body to its fullest extent. Ethan finished before her, but he ate her out to finish her off. (He was a gentleman, after all.) They were moaning and writhing in pleasure until the early morning.

In the morning, he woke up to Tiffany giving him a blowjob.

She giggled when she saw him open his eyes. “I noticed little Ethan was awake, so I thought I’d wake the rest of you up.”

She definitely wasn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch, but who the fucked cared. All Ethan needed from her was a lover, not a good conversational partner.

His business trip was a week long, and he wasn’t going to waste the free pass he had been given. Every evening, he brought home a different lovely lady. It was heaven. He would have to find some way to thank the man, even if he didn’t have any idea how to get in touch with him.

On the last night, he enjoyed a ménage à trois with Tiffany and a blonde girl he had met at a bar that night. It was pleasure beyond anything he had ever known.

* * *

After Ethan arrived safely back in his home city, he sent Susan a text saying he had arrived safely. He got into his car, and drove home.

When Ethan arrived, he thought he must have pulled up to the wrong house. It was painted the wrong color, and it was as if the work they had had done on the kitchen was no longer there. He double checked to make sure he hadn’t take an wrong turn, but the numbers on the house were exactly as he remembered them.

He walked up and tried his keys in the front door. They didn’t work. He rang the doorbell, and saw a black man he didn’t know walk up to the door.

“Can I help you?”

Ethan smiled, “Are you a friend of Susan’s?”


Ethan frowned. “Susan and I live her, I should be asking you who you are!?“

The black man looked him up and down, and shook his head. “You must have the wrong address, I’ve been living here with my family for the past five years.” And he slammed the door on Ethan.

Ethan was taken aback. What did this all mean? His mind drifted to the wish. Were he and Susan living somewhere else now?

He pulled out his driver’s license, and sure enough his address was different than the one he remembered. He put this new address into the GPS, and drove to it, still not sure what was going on.

He arrived at an apartment complex. He got up to the apartment number on his drivers license and tried his keys. This time they worked.

He walked inside, and was relieved to see Susan sitting on the couch watching one of her shows. At least this hadn’t changed!

Full of relief he rushed up to her and kissed her squarely on the lips. Instead of a happy “Welcome Home” kiss, she looked very taken aback and pulled away.

“Woah, there. What are you doing?” she asked.

Ethan smiled. “Come on, it was a long trip. I’m just happy to see you.”

Susan started pushing him away more firmly. “I thought we established boundaries when we became roommates. You can bring home all the little floozies you want, as long as you pay your half of the rent on time. But I am not, and will never be one of them.” She folded her arms proudly.

Ethan was now very confused. “Roommates? We’re just roommates,” he said, defeatedly.

Susan’s expression softened a little. “I’d never say we’re ‘just’ anything. You’re my best friend you big doofus, but I’m not one of your toys.” She gave him a playful punch on the shoulder.

Ethan nodded hollowly, and sat down next to Susan. The empty feeling in his stomach was gnawing away at him. He didn’t want this. She was his wife, not just his best friend. They were married!

When dinner rolled around, they ate together and Ethan was surprised when Susan started a conversation that was just like one they would have when they had be married. At least she wasn’t gone. At least their relationship still survived in some form. Still, in the morning he was going to call in sick to work and figure out how to fix this.

* * *

He was back in the airport. He didn’t know where else he could look for the mysterious man. He walked around for hours to no avail. Finally, utterly defeated he collapsed into a bench.

Then he heard a familiar voice.

“Why the long face, my friend?”

Ethan looked up, and grabbed the man’s robe, as if he was afraid he would slip away like last time.

“You! Please, you have to help me. That wish you granted me, something went wrong with it!”

The stranger shook his head. “No, I did exactly what you wished. Now Susan doesn’t care if you fuck other women.”

Ethan almost tore his hair out in frustration. “Obviously, I wanted her to let me fuck other women while still being my wife!”

The stranger tilted his head. “Well, you should have said that. I’m not a mind reader you know.”

“Well, you have to fix it!” Ethan said. “I don’t want to be stuck in the friend zone with my wife!”

The robed man nodded. “Well, you’ve already romanced her once. I’m sure you can do it again.”

Ethan was practically frantic now. “That’s all you have to say? You’ve erased my 5 year marriage from history, and your attitude is that I have to romance her again!”

The other man sighed. “Well, it’s very against protocol, but I suppose I can give you another wish. Is your wish to make her your wife again?”

Ethan shook his head. “Not exactly. If I just wish for her to be my wife again, I’ll be exactly where I was before my first wish.”

A hint of anger showed on the other man’s face. “Oh? What is your wish then?”

Ethan smiled, “Can I take a rain-check on the wish? It’s like you said. I can probably get back together with her without magic.”

* * *

It took two years, but Ethan had gotten Susan to say “I do.” It had been difficult, essentially having a spouse with partial amnesia. But in this new reality she was already his best friend, and parlaying that into a more serious relationship hadn’t been hard. Sure, just like last time he had had to give up other women to get with her, but that was where his plan came in. After their honeymoon, Ethan went to the same airport, and called for the stranger.

“Long time no see,” the stranger said, a cryptic expression on his face. “I’m happy you were able to get back together with Susan.”

Ethan nodded, “It was a piece of cake. I already did it once.”

“So what is your wish?”

“I wish that Susan had 100 times the sex drive she has now,” Ethan said, beaming.

The stranger slowly nodded, before patting Ethan on his shoulder. “It is done,” he said, before walking back into the crowd.

* * *

Ethan checked his driver’s license, saw that his address had changed again, and drove to his new address. He was excited to enjoy his new life with his sexed up wife.

Except when he got into his apartment, it was clearly a small studio apartment for one.

Sweat forming on his brow, he called Susan.

“Hey, babe. What’s up?”

Oh thank god! Ethan could barely speak.

“S-Susan, what is our relationship?”

Susan giggled.

Susan didn’t giggle!

“We have tons of fucking amazing sex, if I recall correctly,” she said in a sulty simmer that made the hairs on the back of Ethan’s neck stand on end. “And then you pay me, of course.”

Ethan’s heart sunk.

“Can you come over?” Ethan asked.

“I’ll be right there,” Susan said.

Twenty minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Ethan opened the door, and took the new Susan in. Gone was the mild-mannered radiologist. In her place was a wild firecracker of a woman, even the way she stood you could tell she was different. Instead of filling her head with medical knowledge, this Susan had filled every orifice imaginable with as much cock as she could get. She had tattoos, and she wore clothing that was barely more than lingerie.

Ethan sighed. For now-

“Why don’t I get to know the new you?”

* * *

The experience was mind-blowing—somehow even better than the ménage à trois he had enjoyed two years ago. Susan loved to fuck, and was very good at it.

However, the new Susan wasn’t very... deep. He got to talking with her, and she couldn’t carry an intellectual conversation to save her life. The woman that he loved no longer existed.

He went to the airport several time, but the mysterious man never reappeared.

Ethan eventually settled for a compromise. The new Susan liked to role-play, so every week he would pay her for the “wife” experience. The new Susan was a good actor at least. For few hours, it was almost like the woman from he previous two marriages existed, but then they would fuck and after he paid her he would be left alone in bed.

Ethan never really moved on, but he got very good at denial. Most of the time he convinced himself he was married, and everything was exactly like before, except now he could fuck anyone he wanted. Then sometimes he would collapse into his lonely bed and it would hit him all at once exactly what he had lost, exactly what he had selfishly done to the woman he loved. On those occasions, he would cry until he fell asleep.