The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Molding Melissa

This story was influenced by others like Daphne’s Press or Say 1, Makari’s Booty School, and maybe a bit of Hypnoslave’s The Spreading Darkness, so thanks to them, check them out if you like this, and I hope you enjoy my first submission!


Melissa strained again against the bonds holding her to bed. Her naked body arched and flexed, sweat glistening in the dim light of the lamp on her bedstand. She wasn’t even trying to get free anymore, had given up on that, but was merely refusing to give in. Refusing to lie back and stop resisting as the voices in her head continued.

“…so wet, need cock, horny cunt, I’m so horny, I’m a slut, I need a cock, hot, hard cum, throb, dripping cunt, need cum, fuck, need fuck, fuck me, fuck my wet cunt, fill me, need a cock, ache to be filled with cock, spurting cum in my pussy, in my mouth, on my tits, cum, need to cum, so horny, so wet, slut is wet, slut needs to be fucked…”

On and on, multiple voices, droning on and fading in and out. All of the streams variations of the same theme, but one or another becoming louder or clearer and then fading back into the chorus again. The crudeness may have been laughable at another time, but not now. Not when she had already woken up horny, only to quickly discovered she was bound and blindfolded and couldn’t do anything to satisfy herself. That she couldn’t do anything to quench her growing, burning need, and that she couldn’t forget it either, as the voices had started up. That there was nothing for her but the sensations of her body and the voices, focusing her attention and stoking her desire.

“…hard nipples, hard cocks, spurting cocks, spurting hot cum inside, slut loves to be full of cum, need cum, need cocks, need fingers, need tongues, need fucking, fucking, fucking, slut needs to fuck all the time, fuck all the time, masturbate all the time, keep cunt wet, keep cumming and cumming and cumming, need to cum, cum all the time, pussy needs to cum, so wet, wet to fuck, wet for cocks, wet lips to sucks cocks…”

It was so hard to focus on anything else. Her body was quivering with need, and kept getting hotter each time the voices were right. She was so wet. She was so horny and wanted to fuck. Tongues and fingers and cocks sounded great. But she wasn’t a slut. She didn’t need to fuck and cum all the time, and she had a life outside of sex. At least, Melissa had to keep telling herself she did.

“…so horny, dripping, aching, throbbing clit, shaking body, empty pussy, needy pussy, empty mind, needy mind, need sex, need fucking, need cock, need fucking, need cum, need to cum, need to get cum, need to cum my mind away, love sex, love fucking, only think of fucking, only think of cocks, think with pussy, pussy needs cocks and tongues and fingers and to cum, need to cum, only think of cumming, love cumming…”

It was impossible to keep track of time in that darkness. She was alone with her needs and her body. There was only her bonds, and the voices, and growing fire between her legs.

“…fuck me, horny slut needs to be fucked, fuck me, wet pussy needs to be fucked, fuck me, horny slut needs to be fucked, fuck me, wet pussy needs to be fucked…”

And as she continued writhing on the bed, not sure if she was trying to escape or just touch herself anymore, Melissa felt a sudden breeze. She stopped still as if frozen, the voices continuing unnoticed, as something had just blown a soft wind over her maddeningly hard clit. She couldn’t hear anything over the voices as seconds stretched on unbearably, but then it came again, and she moaned deeply, releasing the gasped breath she had been holding. Someone was there with her, and while she couldn’t move enough to stop or invite the stimulation, her body quivered its approval as the voices continued.

“…yes, touch, stroke, lick, fuck, grab, thrust, tease, please, more, want more, need more, touch more, all over body, hot, need to be touched, played with, fucked, need it on me, in me, needy, hungy pussy, wet pussy, needy pussy with hard clit, touch my clit, rub my clit, make me cum, make me scream, make me want, want to fuck, need to fuck, tease this slut, fuck this slut, wet to fuck, wet with need, dripping…”

Melissa’s eyes rolled back and her back arched as the breeze was followed by a gentle touch on her clit. A brief stroke, teasingly, but in her deprived state of lust, it was enough to blot out everything else.

“Please” she pleaded breathily, “More” she moaned.

And the voices continued.

“…burning pussy, hungry pussy, aching cunt, needs to be touched, needs to be fucked, fuck fuck fuck fuck, clits, cocks, tongues, toys, fingers, cunts, lips, swallowing, fucking, sucking, tasting, cumming, living to cum, mindless sluts living to fuck and cum and make others cum, it feels so good, so good, so good, cum, cum, tease me, make me horny, love being horny, mindless with lust, need to touch, to fuck, to fuck, to fuck…”

There was another touch that made her gasp and it was gone again. She began to slowly, tensely, luxuriatingly shift in her bonds. This was a game she could enjoy. She was maddeningly horny and hot, and felt the sweat and juices dripping off her body, but eventually even a little touch would set her off. She reveled in the sensations, wallowing in her need, too far gone to resist, living for any stimulation that was about to come.

“…slut lives to fuck, slut loves to fuck, slut keeps her pussy wet for cocks, loves to suck cocks, get cocks hard, get cocks for her cunt, slut’s wet, hot cunt needs cocks, needs to fuck, needs to be touched, slut can’t help but touch herself, she needs to fuck so bad, slutty needy cunt, wet cunt…”

There was another touch and another. Her breath caught with each, and then there was the pause to anticipate the next contact, as the voices droned on, forgotten. Something was touching her aching pussy. Nothing else mattered now. It almost had a rhythm, but not quite. It kept surprising her.

“…wet, hot, need, touch, rub, juice, stroke, hard, want, sizzle, yearn, arouse, erect, ache, empty, open, wanting, inviting, welcoming, filling, warming, joining, heat, friction, pulsing, pounding, banging, screaming, exulting, joy, fulfilling, fucking, grasping, holding, pressing, deeper, harder, cumming, bursting, wanting more…”

Suddenly, instead of a touch, something entered her. Something slid easily into her wet cunt and settled there. She went rigid, and nearly came, but not quite, and then remembered to breath. It sat in her, frustratingly still, but satisfyingly filling, as she noticed new straps around her hips; it was locked into her. As she shifted, it moved with her, even the bit pressing against her clit, and she couldn’t get the friction she desperately tried to. Bucking her hips, she kept trying.

“…mind consumed by lust, no thought just need, just the feel on skin, the taste on lips, the pulse in veins, no mind, only body, only feel, only need, only pleasure, bliss, feel the need and pleasure and passion and want on and on, never want it to end, never want to think, only want to fuck and feel and be…”

As she lay there whimpering, defeatedly giving up her bucking, quivering and shaking instead, it started pulsing. Her clit buzzed and the thing thrust itself and the sensations exploded out from her sex through her whole body. She saw stars and almost blacked out her mouth open in a soundless cry. There in the echoing darkness her world burst and all there was was pleasure.

The aftershocks faded and she realized the thing was still going, but softer now, keeping her arousal simmering rather than letting her relax. And all the voices were clear in the background together now. An indistinguishable chorus around her as she felt heart race and her body throbbing.

That was fine.

That was good.

Everything was fine, as long as it kept pleasing her pussy.

A new voice thundered over the others, each word resonating with a buzzing on her clit.


“yes” the addled woman responded reflexively, then dimly registered what was said and her energy surged “Yes! Oh god, make me cum, fuck me, please! fuck, yes, please, m-uuhhhhhhhng!”. The thing briefly picked up it pace and her pleas were cut off by her own groans.


“anything! Fuck, suck, stroke, anything, anything…”


“mmm, I am a slut, oh!”

The other voices continued in the background of her headset, and the stimulator hummed away between her legs, rewarding the blissed out woman on the bed as she followed instructions, repeating mantras and new beliefs. Beside the bed, a figure watched as her training continued, her mind and body safely snared it would be safe to leave her here now. To return when the process was complete. The woman on bed cried out and repeated and chanted, and jerked with pleasure. The figure beside the bed remained, and watched, and listened, and smiled and smiled.