The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Morning Route

Val was just pondering whether or not she should maybe opt out of today’s plans and stay in this impossibly comfy bed in her room with some fake sickness when Deborah already got up and ripped the curtains open to reveal the scenery around their lodging. “Rise and shine, beautiful!” Val rose to a half-sitting position, blinking disgruntled into the rays of golden sun light falling into the room. Deciding that ruining Deborah’s first day of vacation by pretending to be sick wasn’t worth it she too got out from under the covers and mumbled something that might have been a semblance of ‘Good morning’. Or something to that effect. Her friend didn’t even care, though, and was already busy getting dressed. “Don’t take too long!” She checked the watch. “I believe they close the buffet in maybe forty minutes. And you wouldn’t want to go hiking with us on an empty stomach, right?”

Groggily, she went over into the bath and slipped out of her pajamas to shower. Passing the mirror on her way, she squinted at the sight of her disheveled caramel blonde hair going off in all possible directions. Her perky tits heaved as she sighed and turned the other way, letting the water run over her and wash away the last hints of sleep.

About thirty minutes later she joined Deborah and Rodney. The bespectacled guy was waving her way before his attention returned to his scrambled eggs and rye bread. Deborah was just excitedly going over their plans for today. “I was told we shouldn’t really go all the way up to the old viewing platform. Apparently some sort of wild herbs are growing there that can have a nasty effect on people. I didn’t really hear any of the finer details but the locals all warned me about those. They say people tried harvesting and eating them and needed intense treatment afterwards.”

“Sounds to me like they should just rout those weeds. They sound dangerous.”

Hearing her comment, Rodney looked up from his food for a moment. “I’ve heard about those herbs as well when we arrived here yesterday. They say they’re not actually harmful as long as you don’t try to eat them. So the authorities settled for the cheapest solution. Simply tell people not to go there, take down the old guide posts leading there and put up new one’s pointing the tourists towards the new and not infested viewing platform a little over twenty minutes away. That one is actually supposed to have a much better view over the scenery, anyhow.”

“What kind of idiot would actually go eating wild herbs anyway.” Val snorted as she sat down and then once more as she saw there wasn’t a single salad among the dishes the other two had brought to the table. She wasn’t a vegan by any stretch, but a girl should be allowed to choose not having to stuff herself on roasted bacon or eggs first thing in the morning, right? She had a reputation to keep!

It was obvious, she thought with a glance to the side, that Deborah shared no such concerns. The two friends had always been a bit of an odd pairing. Val usually looked like the pictures of those cheap fashion magazine’s come alive, which how much she was trying to stay on top of the trends. She herself would never use the term party girl when describing her personality, but in all honesty she never denounced it either. Which she couldn’t have, given the amount of evidence to the contrary. Truth be told, she was likely the only member of their group not here for the hiking. Which she only really understood when the three of them had long since boarded the flight. Even Rodney, usually the bookish nerd of the three, was looking forward to the extensive tours Deborah had planned. In hindsight, Val couldn’t help but admit it may have been a bad idea to leave all planning to them. But with Deborah being the only one with experience in traveling overseas and Rodney the one responsible for their groups expenses it had been kind of inevitable. She resigned herself and acknowledged that at least they had compromised. There would be a party later in the day and another the day after tomorrow before they had to return home. Not as many as she wanted, but more than she had feared the two would include. So that should be worth it.

Still, sitting together with them like this, she couldn’t help notice that she might be a tad ill-prepared. Deborah was already giddily outlining the paths on a map, time and again tugging her black hair behind her ears even though surely not a single strand came free in between. A habit she always had when she was focusing. Her pink shirt was strained trying to hold her breasts, which Val saw with concern. She liked parties and a well-meaning flirt. But Deborah was unfortunately frequently drawing in the wrong kind of guys, all the more since for whatever reason the young woman didn’t even seem to be aware of her own assets half the time. Having a guy around was a blessing in disguise in such situations. Val knew that Rodney more than likely was just as smitten with the two ladies as most other guys. But he was so much of a book worm he barely ever let it show. And when he did, at the very least he was cultured and respectful about it, if perhaps clumsy. Still, with him it was bearable and only the biggest idiots would dare approach them unbidden as long as he was close by.

In all fairness, she had to admit Rodney didn’t look bad. Perhaps he could use a new hair cut. Maybe switch to contacts. That kind of thing. But when he tried, which so far he only had done twice before, he could actually be pretty damn good-looking. Despite being a studious nerd he had a pleasant amount of muscle. He wasn’t really buff or something, but it was enough to give him a reassuring presence. So long as he didn’t open his mouth and went on and on about some random science thesis nobody cared about.

As he was dressed in a tight white shirt and jeans today, completed by a pair of hiking boots, he did actually manage to look rather impressive. Still, the three of them had to be the strangest gathering she had ever come across and if it weren’t for the fact that the other two shouldered three fourth’s of the cost of this trip she very likely would have just stayed home. But as it was, she’d best start acting like she enjoyed it, if only to not dampen the fun for the others. “So where is that dangerous platform even supposed to be?” “Over here.” Deborah pointed at a spot on the map. Though Val had no idea if that was far or close to where they were planning to go. “Ah, wait, you got it mixed up.” Rodney reached over and tapped on a different spot, maybe an inch from where Deborah had indicated. “That other one is close by, but we likely won’t go there. See this bridge here? I was told they are doing some maintenance on it and closed it off. The only other way there would be…” “Okay, okay. We got it.” She grimaced. “Actually, maybe I should just leave reading the map to you. There seem to be only hiking trails around here. It’s a little confusing.” “Is it really?” He didn’t seem to share that concern. “I think it’s pretty logical, though. But whatever. Sure. I don’t mind if you really are fine with me leading the way?” The three finished up their meals and after a bit of a disappointing attempt from Deborah to understand Rodney’s explanations they agreed to just follow the guide posts along the way and leave checking the map to him.

All in all, Val admitted it could have been worse. The way turned out to be pleasant enough and when the sun rose higher she was finally getting into things. And so it was surprisingly late when she noticed that Deborah kept blushing every now and then whilst glancing down the way they’d come. “What’s wrong?” The raven haired beauty giggled ad if to hide her nervousness. “It’s just that I heard a lot of… weird stories about these woods.” “What kind of stories?” Val may have come to terms with a trip up a mountain trail, but she was still very grateful for any distractions along the way. “Apparently, there are some sort of deviants who, well, do it along these hiking trails.” “You mean they fuck? Out here in… Granted, we can’t really call this place open, can we?” Unlike Deborah, who was maybe just a bit prudish, Val was amused as she imagined how couples took the effort of walking up these sloped ways just so they could have sex hidden by the dense forest. It actually sounded thrilling and against her better judgment she scanned the shadows between the trees for occasional sounds. Maybe they would even disturb a few love birds on their way? The thought drove a naughty smirk to her face. A notion her friend clearly didn’t share. She fidgeted like a catholic school girl hearing about nudity for the first time.

“There are worse rumors! Apparently, twice now tourists came back from their excursions and told of entire groups of females just idling around on the pastures. The women were all nude and some apparently were pregnant, too!” At this Val couldn’t hold it in anymore and started laughing. “Sorry, but! There is no way that’s true!” Deborah looked rather peeved that she was not being taken serious, and to salvage the situation Val yelled: “Hey, Rodney. What do you think of those rumors?” “Huh?” He had apparently been absorbed by a neatly folded paper in his hands that looked like a note of sorts. “Oh, you mean about those herbs?” “No, silly.” Val giggled again as she saw the conflicted expression on Deborah’s face at her insistence. “People are apparently having orgies around here in the wild.”

“So what?”

Both women just looked at him baffled, open mouthed even. His dry response sounded like he honestly thought nothing of it. “More importantly,” he waved with the map, “we aren’t far from that lake you girls wanted to see. If we keep at it like this, we can take a break there in… fifteen minutes tops?” With that he just turned and resumed his walk like the interruption never happened. The women followed him, but now even Deborah seemed preoccupied with her own thoughts and less interested in the surroundings. “Actually,” she mumbled as if to no one specific, “have you ever seen him interested in someone? I mean, like, romantically?” “Deborah, please. At least be honest and call it ‘sexually’ when you’re asking about if he wants to fuck someone.” Val was trying to gain time. She wasn’t completely sure it would be a good idea to just straight-forward tell Deborah he’d been checking her out before. Besides, compared to all the other guys she knew, it was true Rodney might as well not acknowledge the both of them as women at all. “You don’t suppose he’s gay, do you?” “Never! I mean, even if…” Suddenly Val perked up. “You wouldn’t have a problem with that, would you? A more personal one, I mean. It’s rare for you to worry about that in the first place.” “Oh, shut up!” The remaining minutes until they reached the lake were spend in an awkward silence, but the moment they arrived there that topic was blown away by the serene tranquility of the location. But even then, the talk from before didn’t leave Val’s mind. So when they resumed their walk after a short rest and headed for the second part of their tour she stole curious looks at Deborah. More specifically at the way she was observing Rodney. So she was rather quick to notice when minutes after resuming the walk Deborah munched on some leaves. “What are you eating there?” She grimaced.

“I picked some wild mint and such earlier. I wanna use them for our sandwiches later. You want some?” Val was skeptical, but Deborah was actually really knowledgeable about such things. If memory served, she had even held survival lessons a few years ago, contrary to the appearance Val was used to. So she didn’t doubt her knowledge of these things in general. But something kept nagging at her, like a pressing feeling of insecurity. “You actually eat stuff like that? When there is some dangerous herb growing here?” “It’s not ‘here’,” Deborah defended her decision, “but rather around the old viewing platform. And besides I know my edible herbs, thank you very much! Do you think I would put anything even just remotely near me that I would have even the faintest shred of doubt about?” Val knew that tone. Deborah was feeling seriously offended. That wasn’t what she had intended. “Okay, okay. I just don’t know as much about it as you do, I guess. So I couldn’t help recall that talk from this morning.” Deborah nodded. “Fair enough.” She’d calmed down, but the hurt remained. To appease her, Val picked one of the still offered leaves and chewed. It actually… tasted really good! The sharp, refreshing taste of mint spread through her mouth, sweeping away some of her fatigue. “Do you have some more of this?” She eyed the greens in Deborah’s hand for more, but it seemed her friend was a step ahead already and offered some. For a while they were happily munching away, before Rodney called from ahead: “Let’s pick up the pace a bit! We still need to get to the viewing platform.” The women didn’t have complaints at that. If anything, Deborah suddenly seemed pretty pleased with the world. “He’s got this authoritarian air around him, sometimes, doesn’t he?” “What?!” Val almost choked. “Tell me it doesn’t make you feel safe when he tells you what to do! It’s… I dunno. With most guys, heck, with most people in general I would think they are just bossy. But him? He really knows his stuff. And when he does make decisions, it’s because they’re the most reasonable thing to do.” Val shook her head, wanting to refute the argument.

Except she couldn’t.

Deborah had a point. Most guys might just tell them to hurry. He was thinking about where they had to go and how to best get there. Even though those where the girls’ ideas for sightseeing spots. He just patiently put up with and guided them. She felt a relieved giggle rise up. “I guess it was a smart decision to leave the map to him then.” “You betcha!”

It turned out surprisingly difficult to keep up with him. Even though she at first didn’t want to admit it, Val found her attention wander to the woods around them, thinking about that delicious mint she ate. Was there some more of it growing around here? Maybe that was the reason all those people from the rumors were coming here? She felt a warm glow at the thought. Suddenly she appreciated the shadows between the trunks in a different way.

How would it feel if she were taking a cock leaning against the rough trunk, watching the entire surrounding landscape unfold before her if she positioned herself just right? How would it feel to have the wind play around her as she got filled with hot, virile seed?

That thought admittedly startled her enough to end such day dreams. For a while, anyhow. What was wrong with her? She wasn’t prude. But she wasn’t quite ready to be knocked up yet, either! Every now and then Rodney was giving the two of them concerned glances as if to wordlessly urge them along. And so the women hurried to follow, even as the raised speed made them grow hot and sweaty. “Can’t we go any slower?” Deborah was clearly reaching her limits.

“No can do.” He seemed to note their plight and added in a slightly softer tone: “We’re almost there. Look, over there.” He pointed forward and actually Val could spot something that with a bit of imagination might be a bench in the distance. “Thank goodness.” She felt just so damn heavy right now. Sitting or even lying down and maybe eating something would be exactly what she needed right now. He noticed their relief and for a moment looked at them critically. “Did you two have a snack along the way? You look like… you might need one.” “Rude much?” Val acted like that, but his concern was sweet in a way. “Debby just picked some mint along the way.” He quietly raised a brow in response but didn’t say anything else about it. “Speaking of which,” Deborah bend over and plucked some from the road side, “there seems to be some more growing here.” And even as she offered to share with them, she casually chewed on some leaves. Rodney wordlessly declined, but Val gratefully accepted—if only to show him up. And this herb tasted so darn good! Addictive even. “Come on now.” Without warning he got between them, putting an arm around each of them and began walking. The girls were pretty much pulled along without much choice. But even as his hand brushed over her tit, all the reaction she could muster was a low: “Mmmh!” For a moment she was shocked at herself. Where had that even come from? But neither Rodney nor Deborah seemed to have noticed. So within seconds that had been forgotten and she even was happy when she heard something similar happen to Debby over on his other side.

The closer they got to the viewing platform, the more she thought to smell an invigorating mint aroma in the air. It was a nice change of pace if nothing else. Her eyes went wide as she realized where the smell came from. The entire place was filled with that herb. Despite herself her lips curled into a giddy grin at the sight. Maybe she could snack on more. As if he’d read her thoughts Rodney pointed the stalks out on his own. “Since you two seem to like this mint so much, go ahead and gather some. It would be refreshing for you before we go back at any rate.” No further prompting was needed. The women got to it, though Debby seemed much more interested in tasting the mint herself. Not that Val could blame her. It was just that tasty. She lost track of how many of the aromatic stalks she was munching away on when she felt the heat. It was like a wave, crashing over her violently and without any kind of warning. She had to get cooler somehow! Next to her, Debby was already clawing and tugging on her shirt, visibly trying to remove it—though it seemed she had significant trouble getting it done. And as Val tried it herself, she immediately understood why. As soon as she moved the fabric too much, it kept sliding over her skin and sending hot shivers through her body. Not to mention that it seemed to have caught on something… Almost like some part of her body was preventing it from sliding off. “There, there. It’s alright, it’s alright.” She looked over to see Rodney free Debby from her shirt and bra. Goodness, was it just her or had Debby’s tits grown to the point of spilling out of the padded cups? No, they obviously had not. They had always been huge, after all. But that didn’t help. Because those tits looked just so big… so full… she liked her lips without even realizing. Rodney gave each tit a good squeeze, drawing no reaction other than a long, hearty: “Moooooo!” The look on Debby’s face as his fingers dug into the soft flesh… Val wanted! Whatever was going on in Debby’s head in this moment, Val wanted it. Lots of it. The other woman’s eyes almost rolled up into her head in pure bliss.

She pulled and tugged on her own clothes as helplessly as Debby had, drawing his attention as she had hoped. “There, there,” he said whilst moving over to her, “It’s alright, it’s alright.” With quick movements he removed her clothes and rubbed her breasts almost as if he were massaging them.

She melted.

Whatever sensations she had believed were normal when her tits were touched was blown to dust and washed away by the firework of pleasure that shot through her. She was vaguely aware of a low, humming sound. It might have come from herself. But more than this she was rapidly pulled into a whirl of pleasure that sucked all she was, all she knew and all she felt into a blazing melting pot inside her breasts. The heat spread through her muscles , turning every fiber of her body into quivering jelly as she slumped into Rodney’s arms, too happy about the incredible sensations to even spare a single thought to the fact that he was extensively groping her. In fact, the very concept of being groped may have very well already melted from her brain, leaving nothing but a craving for fingers on her teats… Teats? She blinked, a groggy moment of half-clarity as the word struck a cord somewhere in her head. She… Did she have teats? Something… was wrong about this. Wasn’t it? She turned her head no matter how wobbly and weak her muscles felt and brought out something that may have been a faint: “No. No… I don’t have those.” From the corner of her eyes she saw Rodney pulling Debby closer, one of his hands on each of the girls’ chest. But as he heard her protest, he just smiled: “Of course. Here, eat this and cheer up.” Another stalk of that delicious minty herb appeared before her and she ate it without thinking. The sharp refreshing aroma spread through her head, drowning out whatever concerns she had wanted to express.

Time lost relevance as she continued to swim in the incredible sensation. Words lost relevance, too, but in order to recognize that she would have needed any awareness of them holding meaning to begin with. The longer that unearthly pleasure coursed through her flesh, the less she could be bothered to care about anything. Caring meant less pleasure. And she couldn’t live without it anymore. There was a long flow of words somewhere behind her. A voice that kept on talking. Kept on telling her things. But she had no understanding left to realize what that voice said. All she understood was that it was male. Male and close! She felt her cunt moisten at that realization. At realizing there was something even better than just laying here as those hands mauled her teats and caused her to feel this good.

Mating. She had to mate.

She let out another long ‘Moo’ as the hand disappeared from her udders. She knew why. Her udders were empty. They weren’t ready to be milked yet. Mating. She had to mate. That would solve her problem. A second later that ‘Moo’ turned into a yelp of sorts as the hand came back- pressing into the slick folds of her cunt! Val convulsed, her eyes rolling back in her head as such a jolt of pure, undiluted sensation hit her that it was almost painful, her body and brain hopelessly overwhelmed. Never had she thought pleasure of this level even existed! It was wrong and so damn right! It turned her into a yelping, whimpering mess that writhed on the ground in a helpless craving to press into those fingers just one more time, feel that rush just one more time.

And all throughout there was that male voice, talking to her non-stop. She had no idea what he told her, but she didn’t need to. Each time he wanted her to, her body just gave a long, dumb, mindless ‘Moo’ to show she knew her place. She’d laughed if she could. It was all so obvious, really. She was just a dumb pair of udders and a womb. And she didn’t want to be anything else. Everything besides that was just a distraction from this pleasure! As long as she just listened to that male and allowed him to lead her she got to feel so very, very good! By her side she heard a second voice moo loudly and it made her happy in a basic, simple way. They were a herd. A small one. Just two obedient cows that needed to mate and be milked and one male to lead them. But a herd all the same. Cows just followed their bull, obeying him.

That this bull just happened to be a human only made it better.

That meant he was smart enough to actually take care of them. Skillful enough to properly milk them. And still horny enough to breed them. It didn’t penetrate the fog of her overflowing lust when he took of the remainder of her clothes. But as if to make up for that it hit her with the power of freight train when she felt a mouth blow hot air onto her vagina, a tongue lapping over her folds in between long mooing shouts of bliss. What little thought remained in her head figured out from the rhythmic slaps against her body and the way that voice half-screamed into her pussy that the mouth had to belong to… to… to that other woman. And that woman got fucked! The male was mating with her. He was going to mate with the both of them! Breed them like the cattle they were and then surely he would milk them! She felt each thrust of his cock through that cow’s head slamming into her folds time and again. There was a never ending loud ‘Moo’ to be heard. Some part of her brain was curiously wondering if it would echo from the mountains like she heard in some documentation on TV. Or if that was just her and the other woman shouting their ecstasy out for all to hear. But ultimately, it didn’t matter. Not with a dedicated tongue on her clit and a male plowing in and out of a dripping cunt. Even if it wasn’t hers. She still felt each thrust all the same each time the other girl’s face got pressed into her crotch.

Suddenly the other girl grunted and screamed into Val’s pussy, the sound muffled only to be felt that much stronger in her sensitive flesh. Moments later the other rolled aside and instead she felt a hand on her crotch. “That’s right,” she heard that male voice tell her, “You need my touch. You need me to take charge and own you.” She quivered under his touch as much as the truth in those words. She was entirely lost without him. And worse, without his care she would be left with all this lust and heat pent up within her. She tried to reply, but all that came out was a dumb moo. He laughed and his fingers began to dive into her folds. Val thrashed about as her entire nerves were literally on fire with pleasure! Her head went white, every cell of her body singing out in bliss the likes of which she’d never known before. A sensation so overwhelmingly pleasurable that it was actually painful. She registered the water running over her cheeks as a distant curiosity without understanding that she was actually crying. All she knew was white-hot, searing feeling. A sharp stinging pain pulled her back into the present just enough to let her notice he was spanking her. Hard. And at each slap she mooed in… what? Pain? Need? Pleading? She couldn’t tell. All she understood that this was right in a deeply satisfying way. But when his fingers slid up to her throat, for but a second she felt something like nervousness well up—then his grip tightened. Just in time for his dick to slide into her. No sound made it out of her this time as the stimulation of his cock in her pussy surged through Val’s body like a lightning bolt.

The air was cool and the shadows growing longer when she stirred again. Her body felt heavy and sluggish. Like only part of her had come back. She spotted Debby not too far away. Her friend was nuzzling into Rodney’s touch even as he fed her some more herbs. The sight of that prodded her into action. Without even stopping a second to think about her actions she crawled closer. Seeing her trying to nibble on the leaves he’d given to Debby caused him to chuckle and reach out his other hand with what was apparently her share. The by now familiar fresh aroma spread through her mouth and seemed to really clear her head. Whatever she had struggled to recall simply was cleared away, leaving only the dull throbbing in her udders and cunt. She sensed rather than knew that she had only just recovered from being fucked. And yet her body incessantly demanded more. Was it the way she kept rubbing her tights together that gave it away to him? He laughed. “Don’t worry, Val. I’ll tend to that pussy of yours in a bit. We only have a short way to go.” It was strange. She definitely heard his words. But at the same time she cared so little about them that he might as well have used a foreign language. How much easier to understand was it compared to that when he produced to leather collars from his back. They even had bells attached! It gave her a weird comfort as he clasped it shut around her neck and fastened a leash to it. And by the time he had done the same with Debby she had already accepted wearing it as completely normal, the bell slightly ringing at each movement. “We wouldn’t want you to get lost this close to the goal.” Once the collars were in place he admired his handiwork for a second before ordering them to stand up. It took a reminder through the leash for Val to remember she knew what he expected of her. But then she tried to get up and stand on her feet. Debby tried the same but staggered so horribly that even with her brain foggy and dazed some small part of her sincerely hoped she herself to have done this better. Then he began to cover them up. Since getting dressed in their present state would have been a more than daunting task Val was glad that his idea of that consisted of only a pulling up their pants that until then had been almost forgotten unless they served to shackle their feet and slip their arms through the openings of cotton vests.

“Now move, you two!” Having finished everything he sharply tugged on their leashes. And the two women followed all too eagerly. This was simple. It didn’t take much to convince them to trot along after him. They were slower than he seemed to have expected, but it couldn’t be helped even if she’d wanted to. Walking on two legs seemed so difficult suddenly. Like a relic from a half-forgotten past.

“It’s not far,” she heard him say even though the only thing her brain understood was how cheerful he sounded, “we’ll be at the hut soon. I have to say, making sure neither of you ever saw the bill for renting it was nerve-wrecking.” As he explained things there really was a hut further down the way. She could see it and somewhere deep down a faint shadow of confusion fluttered through her mind. Were they not going to go back to their rooms? But all that did was make her look to him. He was leading them there. He’d know why. She didn’t have to care.

“I doubt you even can comprehend this anymore at this point. But that herb… Let’s just say that it was groundbreaking for this region. They didn’t refuse to weed it out because remaining passive was cheaper. They allow it to grow because it became this place’s greatest attraction. The effect depends on the dosage, by the way. But you two are already well past the point of no return. And believe me, for the next two days that we will be here I’ll be feeding you cows more than enough too last you a life-time.” A crumbling part in the back of her mind was shaking with anger at the realization as much as fear of her apparent inability to resist even now as he led them towards their new life. The rest of her had never felt better than with a hand on her leash.

* * *