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synopsis: The story of Moses and the Burning Bush is what you think it is.

((Author’s note: Much like the original The “Holy Fuck!” Bible, this story was written upon suggestion by a patron of mine. It’s a different kind of beast but I hope you like what’s cumming... or not. Thanks.))

The “Holy Fuck!” Bible — Moses and the Burning Pussy

(By S.B.)

You’ve read from this Book before, one that more than Good, is also Kinky and Sincere. However, you hardly read it all, just a mere prologue for all the juicy things your imagination can muster, and everything else the men of cloth would prefer to keep hidden. Desires of old still remain hidden in its pages waiting to be satisfied. If you’re curious enough, you’ll go through them right now but be warned! Many will deem this blasphemy, and a few will try to silence you with sticks, stones, and nasty words. Stay strong on your resolve for this tale is one of faith in the One True Goddess.

Many moons after Adam became a mindless bitch ready to serve on command and the old idea of God embraced the same fate, people began to forget this ever happened, attributing it all to a feverish dream of someone with too much time on his hands. Delivered from para-masturbatory delusions, civilizations bloomed, empires flourished, and pantheons of other divinities were allowed to grow in size and adoration to explain everything about the world that could not be explained.

The land known as Egypt was ripe for this with the Pharaohs taking on the mantle of those deemed worthy of worship and stopping at nothing to maintain the status quo. Their methods of control were so effective they convinced everyone it was in their best interest to build massive pyramids to honor them, a remarkable achievement of sweat, blood, and tears.

It was in a time of turmoil and paranoia that a man named Moses was born. While scholarly consensus will tell you Moses is more of a legend than a historical figure, legends make history come to life when they’re called upon it and he sure did.

Scooped out of a drowning cradle by the Pharaoh’s daughter, Moses was raised as a full-fledged Egyptian, yet one with ideas of his own. Acknowledging his Hebrew heritage deep inside, he grew up discontent with the notion of slavery that was prevalent, and rebelled against it in the most painful way. The blood on his hands for killing an overseer with a taste for whips was both a bold fashion choice and a necessary evil for it precipated his escape and the fateful encounter that sealed the fate of a tribe for millennia to come.

After fleeing from Egypt, Moses found himself wandering through the area referred to as Midian and this is where things get interesting. One night, after being woken up by a profusion of inexplicable sweat on his forehead, ragged hands, and erect cock, he stumbled across a burning bush that resembled a flaming pussy and the most mellifluous of feminine voices rang in his weary ears.

“Ah, Moses, you’re here at last as expected,” it said.

“Hmmm... who are you?”

“I AM what I AM, the shadow you must bow down to. I’m the Dark Lady that dwells inside your heart. My name is Lilith.”

“That’s a pretty name,” he cocked his head, eyes fixed on the orange incandescence in front of him. “But why can’t I see you?”

“You are not yet worthy, of course. You can be, however, if you agree to serve Me.”

“Serve you how?”

“Your people—My people—is suffering a terrible fate as we speak, oppressed by a masculine folly that knows no barriers. They have been enslaved by vicious constructs I’ve sought to abhor a long time ago and they need to be released. You are to be My herald and carry out the necessary deeds to make this happen no matter the cost. That is why you have found your way to Me.”

“Why me? I’m not an eloquent person, I don’t have any authority,” he gasped.

The flames danced all around him, pirouettes of scorching heat dominating the cold desert sands.

“You were raised as royalty, you know how these Egyptians think and act. You are perfect for the job because I’ve just said so or do you dare question My Superiority?”

“I dare nothing but I just fled from that treacherous place and have no intention of going back. You claim to be superior but you’re just a disembodied voice behind some pretty lights. Why should I believe anything you say?”

“I see you need to be convinced then. In that case, close your eyes for me now.”


“Do as I say, Moses. You’ll soon learn how wonderful it is to let Me have My way... close your eyes!” Lilith cooed.

And Moses reluctantly carried out Her bidding. A northern wind blew on his face, massaging its temples and the back of his neck with invisible fingers. The cool sensation above was in utmost contrast with the constricting warmth emanating from under his feet and rising between his hairy legs. The burning twat had come for him, kissing the dark hairs above his knees before coming to rest on his intumesced manhood.

“Can you tell me what this is, Moses?” Lilith asked as a swarm of living embers enveloped his genitalia.

“My cock, what else?”

“That is incorrect. This is your brain, the very center of your existence. Everything you believe to be concentrates on this tiny little shaft since the Dawn of Time and if I simply jerk it like this...”

“Hmmm...” Moses felt the blood rush mix with the divine ecstasy of her incorporeal touch.

“For every action there’s a reaction, you see. While some are unexpected and hard to predict, everything related to a man’s true brain is of an entirely different nature, one that’s easy in every sense of the word. Easy to sway, easy to influence, easy to control. You can hold it, you can twist it, you can squeeze it, you can pinch it... you can do everything you want and the result is always the same. It grows hard, weak, eager to submit to rightful authority for following orders is what every man should do and if that’s so, why shouldn’t you? You’re a man after all.”

“I’m a free man...” Moses trembled, lips getting wet, voice trailing off.

“Agreed. You are, but ask yourself this. What does freedom mean anyway? Is it the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants? Perhaps, but what if what someone wants is to give in, to act on behest of others, to speak the words others want them to speak and think the thoughts others have carefully created for them to think? Free will doesn’t have to equate to complete detachment or independence. In fact, one is ever more free when having learned of the plethora of conflicting ideas all around, embraces but one to serve as its guiding light, the fire that will burn in his mind for eternity.”

Moses felt his dick being pulled to the left followed by a sharp pinch to the right, a living lever whose intimate settings were being readjusted on the fly. “That’s... hmmm... weird.”

Lilith’s voice rolled in his ears as a fulfilled promise of tongue and teeth savored the tip of his manhood.

“Not as weird as the nightmare you’ve been living under the guise of reality. Moderation is the key of everything, dear. If you do the same thing every single day at the same hour, after a while you’ll grow bored of the old routine, and start looking for alternatives. The same is true of other thoughts and beliefs you carry within you and you’ll grow bored of them too. I know you felt this as you were growing up for I saw the way you looked at other women, how you instinctively averted your gaze when they walked by. Just like your cock, you grew hard and weak, weaker and weaker. The one idea that never changed, the one constant you can’t live without is the one dictated by this primitive brain of yours, manifested in the need for sex, for passionate surrender, the ache of everlasting release for a powerful female figure. You can’t escape the mirage of undying pleasure that keeps on cumming until the day it never does. Today is that day, today is the day I win.”

“What does that even mean?”

“You’re about to find out. You may open your eyes now, flesh thrall of mine.”

And Moses did as he was told and saw Lilith staring at him right in the eyes. All of her perfect essence was enveloped in flames.

And in one moment, she had jet black hair so long that kissed the floor and full taut breasts unashadmedly exposed and in the other, her eyes glowed ruby red like the color of her famished lips.

And in another moment, her skin was dark like a starless night raining over the world, and in the next her legs coiled around his waist like ravenous snakes, a reminiscence of the Eden dictatorship she had overthrown.

In all these moments and others he can not recall, only a riddle of steel endured, sharp rings interlocked in a perpetual embrace. Moses looked down and gasped when the cock cage that had sprung out of thin air looked back, every inch glistening with mystical power.

“What is this abhorrent thing?” He asked

“Your new leash, the true promise that will forever bind your will to Mine. Do you know why the Pharaoh’s Dinasty is destined to fail? Because it has grown too big. Too many gods, too many false promises, too many egos all around. It’s time to shrink everything, starting with the one true brain. Now that you’re locked in permanent chastity, you have no choice but to be free to obey me.”

And Moses lowered his cracked hands to the minuscule prison trying to take it off only for it to become tighter and tighter with each pull. The tears desperate to come out were muzzled by her victorious laughter.

“It’s no use. You’re mine now.”

“Let me out!”

“How about no? Get used to that word, Mosey boy, because you’ll be hearing it a lot unless you become totally compliant to My wishes. Nothing else is real.”

“This is torture!”

“It really isn’t but you’re not a Divine Being so I understand how it must feel that way. I know you want to be taken over and this is how it will happen. The more you try to remove it, the more your resistance will wane. Under lock and key, you will thrive. Without it, you’ll just fade away. Remember my orders, Moses, and say My name out loud when you’re ready to accept your servitude.”

And as the flaming pussy vanished, Moses stood surrounded by ash, wild animals howling in the darkness. They had seen True Power and they were scared. He would be too if the trapped arousal didn’t speak louder.

“Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!” He screamed before lulling himself to sleep with the silly notion that none of this had truly happened. Let the brainwashed believe what they want for it changes nothing in the end.

It is said that during the night, he dreamt of ravishing plagues, waters breaking apart like inviting legs, and pink stone tablets written by Her Divine Hand, Ten Commandments that could be easily summarized in one: always obey your Mistress and Goddess.

“Yes, Lilith. Your will shall be done,” he shivered.

“Perfect. Now go forth my puppet prophet. We have plenty of work to do.” She replied.

On the very next day, Moses packed his meager belongings and headed back to Egypt, the first man in a new lineage of mindless minions destined to enslave everyone to the Truth of Female Supremacy.