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Mother Knows Best

“That was wonderful,” the blonde hypnotist Vanessa Fontana said as her glassy eyed young thrall stared blankly from her knees after another round of trance and using her talented tongue. “You will stay nice and blank today, it is a very big day.”

Caroline, 19, and the daughter of the high powered attorney Alexandra Vandenburg, simply stared straight ahead and absorbed all her Mistress said.

“You may play,” the hypnodomme said, and watched as the pretty brunette’s right hand slowly worked between her legs while her left played with her ample breasts. “I want you blank and on edge for our meeting.”

The pretty college girl simply nodded as she kneeled and played, awaiting further instructions.

“You will continue playing until we get to the coffee shop,” the domme ordered. “Edge only,”

Caroline nodded, her hands continued their work.

* * *

Alexandra held the message in her hand, the one delivered by messenger to her office, as she read it again.


Meet me at the Big Spoon Cafe this Saturday at noon. There is someone very important I want you to meet, I will explain everything then.


There was no question it was Caroline’s handwriting, and its cryptic nature sent the lawyer and single mother into questioning mode. Alexandra had only sporadically heard from her only child over the last 9 months since she moved on to college, which wasn’t completely unlike her daughter. The high-powered attorney in retrospect felt she may have pressured her daughter too much in her formative years, causing the younger Vandenburg to pull away a bit. The strange nature of the delivery of the note sent alarms off, so the high powered attorney used her investigative crew to check up on her daughter.

Caroline had not been seen much at her off campus apartment, but instead at the home of a pretty blonde in her mid 20’s. Vanessa Fontana, a registered therapist who loved a few blocks from the college the girl was attending.

Alexandra chalked it up to her daughter experimenting with her sexuality, and a fear of opening up about it was the explanation that resonated in her head.

Caroline’s sporadic texts, which included messages that she felt less anxious in general and that she was doing well in school and feeling healthy, didn’t set off alarms in her head, but the note from the messenger, and the fact her daughter stopped posting on all social media in recent weeks, did.

But all the lawyer could do was wait for the meeting, as her detectives did all they could do.

* * *

Vanessa smiled as she watched Caroline dress, enjoying watching the girl keep a hand between her legs as often as possible in keeping to her sexy, suggestive task. Finally dressed and made up, which took extra time with that instruction to keep on edge, the pair left for the cafe to meet the mother of the hypnotized brunette.

“Beautiful,” the blonde domme saud once Caroline was dressed. “Sex in a skirt. And so blank for me darling.”

The girl, attention grabbing in appearance, was dressed in a black micro skirt, black thigh high hose with seams, 4 inch black stilettos, a tiny black top allowing her ample breasts to nearly spill out, with a one inch black ribbon holding a silver spiral around her neck. Bright red lipstick and matching nails accentuated the look, while a high, tight ponytail showed her youth.

Caroline simply stood and played in her skirt with her right hand as she waited for her next instructions. The young submissive continued her edging as they made their way to the cafe to meet.

“Hands free, darling, you may stop edging now,” the domme said as they parked the car, handing the girl a wipe for her hands. “WIpe your hands.”

Once at the meeting point, her submissive’s hands clean, Vanessa took the hand of her thrall and escorted her inside, into the quiet corner of the nearly empty cafe where an impatient mother waited.

Alexandra stood up and saw her daughter, dressed sexy, holding the hand of a very pretty blonde woman with deep blue eyes, walking over. She was stunned by the attire her daughter was wearing in public. And the hand holding. And the beauty of the woman attached to her daughter’s hand.

The mother then noticed how alive the blonde appeared, and her almost cryptic smile, and how expressionless her daughter was. The combination served to stun the normally unflappable lawyer.

“Hello, Alexandra, I am Vanessa,” the blonde said, extending her right hand to the lawyer as her left held the hand of Caroline.

“Say hello to your mother, darling.” Vanessa told the young woman.

“Hello Mother,” Caroline said flatly from her position standing next to Vanessa, still holding her hand, before moving in to give a meek hug and kiss on the cheek to her mother.

Alexandra was stunned at the beginning of the interaction, that emotion further heightened by the fact that she smelled arousal at the strange encounter, exasperated by the blank, expressionless appearance of her daughter.

“What’s going on here,” Alexandra demanded. “What are you doing, Caroline?”

Vanessa smiled at the confused reaction from the high powered attorney as the hypnotized submissive simply smiled vacantly as she stood holding her Mistress’ hand after greeting her mother, waiting for instructions.

“Please, sit and we can discuss this like adults,” Vanessa said, handing the young brunette money. “Caroline, go to the counter and order coffee for your mother and me, you know what we both like.”

Silently, the pretty brunette nodded as she made her way to order coffee.

“What the hell is going on here?” the lawyer demanded. “What have you done to my daughter?”

“Your daughter has made a life change, and she didn’t know how to tell you,” the blonde started.

“Life change? She looks drugged…” the lawyer replied.

“Drugged? No. Just…. Hypnotized, Alexandra,” the confident domme explained. “It is something she enjoys and has helped her immensely.”

“Hypnotized? Or do you mean brainwashed…” the lawyer charged. “I should leave right now and contact the police. My detective team said you were a therapist, what type of therapy is this?”

“I don’t think you want to do that, Alexandra,” the hypnotist explained. “Who would possibly believe that fairy tale?”

The sexy hypnotized thrall returned with coffee for her mother and her Mistress, interrupting the conversation.

“Thank you darling, that’s perfect,” the platinum blonde said with a smile as she took her coffee from the dark haired young woman dressed to thrill. “Now stay quiet and sit here darling and smile while I chat with your mother.”

The pretty, buxom and hypnotized dark haired girl nodded, sat where she was instructed and put her best smile on her blank, perfectly made up face.

“So tell me again why I should not be involving the police? “ the 40-something corporate lawyer and mother said tersely as she stared at her daughter, then stared through Vanessa.

“Because your daughter is an adult and can make her own decisions,” the young, confident blonde woman in all red replied. “Including when to cut off contact with her mother.”

“You brainwashed her…” the experienced lawyer accused. “This is not who she is…”

“Oh come now, this is exactly who she is, Alexandra,” the pretty and shapely young woman, her voice melodious and her looks attention getting, replied. “Who wouldn’t want to be rid of an overbearing parent? I know all of your stories. Besides, look where she ended up when she was following your lead…”

“What do you know? You have no experience as a parent…” Alexandra countered with a sneer. “And you still haven’t told me why I should not contact the authorities…. Or why you haven’t allowed my daughter to speak for herself.”

The pretty young hypnotist, in a form fitting short red dress with black heels sat back in her chair in the dark corner of the cafe and took a deep breath and laughed, her black lipstick showing on the white cup as she took a drink of her high priced specialty coffee delivered by her submissive. She purposely flipped her platinum locks as she looked at the lawyer in the gray business skirt suit looking back, anger in her eyes.

“Well, first, you are correct. I don’t have any experience as a parent, but I do have extensive experience as a dominant and owner of slaves. Second, your daughter didn’t want to have this conversation with you at all,” the woman started, glancing purposely back, and at the third person at the table, vapid smile on her pretty yet emotionless face. “And third of all, she is very obedient right now, and deeply hypnotized, isn’t that right, my little darling?”

Finally, that third member of the group at the restaurant spoke.

“Of course you’re right, Mistress,” the 19-year old daughter of the lawyer said in a flat tone as she crooked her head with no expression before finishing her statement, leaning back in her chair and plastering that smile on her face.

“As for the authorities, that is up to you, Alexandra,” the hypnotist said as she reached over and took the hand of the young, hypnotized beauty seated next to her. “But really, who will believe you? Who would believe that I hypnotized and brainwashed this pretty little thing into my willing slave? If you accuse me of that, that will boomerang back onto you and crush your credibility as a lawyer. I know every story, I know every detail of your life with Caroline from her perspective. She will turn on you in a second. I don’t think that’s a risk you can afford to take.”

Alexandra, a seasoned corporate lawyer specializing in copyright law, knew she was in a serious negotiation with a serious player who held serious leverage over her. Two very big pieces of leverage- her daughter and her credibility. Neither of which she wanted to lose. The lawyer took a measured breath before speaking.

The silence was deafening.

“Look at her, Alexandra,” the hypnosis dominant commanded. “She is off the antidepressant medications she has been on since she was 14. That was when she was trying to be a younger, better version of you- under YOUR constant pressure, following your lead…”

Alexandra looked at her daughter, sitting peacefully, that vacant smile on her blank face. Her daughter, no longer looking gaunt and pale from the meds and pressure she felt at one time.

The mother took a very deep breath.

“I have always wanted what’s best for Caroline,” the mother and lawyer countered.

“What is it you always told Caroline- Mother knows best?,” the hypnodomme said as she leaned forward. “But at what cost? And to think, Caroline said you never once asked her what she actually wanted. Not one time. Never…Instead she became a walking pharmacy of antidepressants and medications. But of course, obviously Mother knew best…”

“What is it you want?” Alexandra asked pointedly, her patience being tried. The lawyer didn’t have the cards in this hand, and knew she could not bluff, she didn’t trust Vanessa and didn’t know much about her. Except she had a hypnotized Caroline sitting right in front of her for leverage in the strange negotiation.

The woman in red laughed audibly, and smiled at her awake companion.

“Well, part of it is that your daughter does miss you, even if it did cost her health and wellbeing. And, believe it or not, I don’t want things to become estranged between you two, I do have a heart. Another part is what I didn’t want, and that was you sneaking around in my affairs, I know you have been sending your detectives out looking around Caroline,” the crafty hypnotist said. “And I don’t want or need that. So this now leaves us with an ultimatum.”

“And what are the terms of this ultimatum?” Alexandra, a veteran lawyer with numerous huge wins under her belt, asked with disdain as she looked through her opponent.

“You have two choices, Alexandra,” the hypnotist said flatly. “You can be part of your daughter’s life or not. That is your decision. But now there is a price if you choose to be part of her life. Your choice.”

The silence was thich and uncomfortable for Alexandra, further enhanced as her hypnotized daughter sat 3 feet away holding the hand of a woman who admitted she had owned slaves.

“And your terms are,” The lawyer asked, breaking the silence, her eyes laser focused on the woman making the ultimatum.

“Next weekend, you will visit us at the designated place at the designated time and stay the entire weekend,” the hypnotist instructed. “Once there, you will spend the first 2 hours with your daughter, she will be fully awake for that time.”

The hypnotist paused and waited for a reaction from the high priced lawyer.

“And after that 2 hours?” Alexandra asked.

“This is the best part,” the pretty young hypnotist replied with a knowing smile as she leaned forward. “You will see why your daughter loves where she is and what she does so very much…”

Alexandra looked at her with a puzzled expression and paused before she asked “What do you mean, exactly…”

“You will be hypnotized,” the hypnotist said confidently. “After two hours. And throughout the weekend. Hypnotized at my discretion.”

“And why would I want that?” the cagey lawyer asked.

“Because part of you wonders about it….why does Caroline love this life so much, and how does being hypnotized actually feel,” the hypnotist said with a chuckle. “Let’s be honest, Alexandra. Caroline is off the pharmaceutical cycle you spiraled her into from stress from trying to please you. Her physical health had never been better. She is fit, her weight is back to normal. Her skin is clear. Mentally, she isn’t pressured to try and please you. See is doing wonderfully at college. She just enjoys her life and obeys…Simplicity and no worry. You’re a high priced over stressed lawyer and bitch of a human being- God knows you need some stress relief…”

Alexandra sat back in her chair and took a deep breath. She looked at the Mistress, then at her daughter, who’s emotionless smile never changed. .

“You really have no choice, if you ever want to have Caroline in your life again,” the Mistress said pointedly.

Alexandra, normally calm and reserved in pressure situations as a high powered attorney, was taken aback by the terms. Face red, hands clenched into fists. She was reacting from emotion as a mom, not as a cool and collected high powered attorney. That caused the hypnotist to smile.

“Caroline, darling,” the hypnotist said to the shapely young lady she had under her control. “It’s time for you to go to the car now. What will you do if I am not there in five minutes?”

“I will drive where you instructed me to and start my new life,” Caroline said as she took the keys from her Mistress. “And forget about everything and everyone I know.”

“Perfect, darling,” the hypnotist said. “Say goodbye to your mother now, Caroline. When you get to the car, start the clock.”

“Yes, Mistress, I hear and obey,” Caroline said calmly and with a smile as she stood up from her chair and walked to her MIstress and gave her a kiss, then took the three steps to where her mother sat.

Alexandra, a bit stunned at the turn of events, looked up at her daughter, not really believing what she was seeing or hearing, who bent down.

“Goodbye, mother,” Caroline said, voice flat and face expressionless as she kissed her mother on the cheek, “I love you.”

Alexandra watched as her daughter exited the cafe in a strut, her heels clicking loudly on the hardwood floor, her sexy walk garnering looks from other patrons.

“Clock’s ticking, Alexandra,” the hypnotist said smugly, tapping her watch, a grin on her face.. “What’s your decision? Accept my terms, or Caroline is long gone.”

Alexandra had a hard time believing the power the hypnotist had over her daughter was total, but she did not want to risk her daughter’s future on speculation. Emotion and fear coursed through the lawyer’s veins.

“Fine. I accept your terms…” Alexandra replied as she banged her hands on her legs in resignation.

“Excellent,” the hypnotist countered, holding out her hand to be shaken in a gesture to seal the verbal arrangement. “Tell nobody about this at all, and clear your schedule for next weekend. Is that understood?”

“Yes…” The lawyer said her hands shaking as she reached to shake the hand of the dominant hypnotist who had captured her daughter.

“I’ll be in touch….” Vanessa said as she left the cafe.

* * *

The hypnotist smiled as she made it to the parking lot, where Caroline sat in the passenger seat.

“Darling, why are you in the passenger seat?” the dominant asked.

“I knew my mother would accept the terms no matter what,” Caroline responded as she shut off the timer.

“How insightful, Caroline,” the Mistress replied. “Are you excited?”

“Yes, Mistress, I can’t wait for my mother to be hypnotized for you,” the pretty college girl replied.

“I know, darling, I know,” the hypnodomme said as she drove off, enjoying her success.

“You may resume playing, darling….”

* * *

“This came by messenger for you,” Christina said as she entered her boss’ office and handed her the Manilla envelope.

“Who is it from?” Alexandra asked as she took the legal sized envelope.

“No name I recognize,” the administrative assistant said as she turned and headed out of the office. “But the messenger is waiting for it to be returned. I’ll ask him where it’s from.”

“What the hell…” Alexandra said as she looked at the return address, turning her blood cold.

‘Ms. Tress’ was the only thing written in the return address section of the envelope, in flowery script. Caroline’s script.

The lawyer’s stomach dropped at seeing the return address, then opened the envelope and found inside was the contract for her weekend with Caroline. From the Mistress controlling her daughter.

“I’ll be damned… she put this to a contract….” Alexandra said to herself as she read through it. “This is a well written and binding agreement…”

The last line caught her attention.

‘Failure to sign this contract within 20 minutes of receiving it and turning it over to the messenger that brought it violates terms and this contract will be null and void. All handshake agreements will be canceled.’

“Shit…” Alexandra thought in her head as she read the terms. “If I don’t sign, Caroline will be gone..”

She took a pen from her desk, and signed and dated the contract. She brought it out where the bicycle messenger sat waiting.

“Where are you taking this signed contract?” Alexandra demanded as she confronted the messenger.

“I believe you know where,” the messenger, still in his helmet and wearing a red hoodie replied. “Turn it over, don’t turn it over, no matter to me, I’ve been paid already. But I am leaving now, with or without that document. Have a lovely day, ladies.”

The messenger headed toward the door before being stopped.

“Wait…” Alexandra said. “Take this…”

Alexandra handed the messenger her commitment to the weekend and her first hypnosis sessions. And the chance to see what her daughter was really doing, and get her out of there.

“Thank you Ma’am,” the messenger said politely, taking the envelope and leaving.

“What was that?” the perky admin assistant asked. “That seemed weird…”

“Oh, just wasn’t sure if I was going to take this case or not…” Alexandra lied. “It’s pro bono.”

Alexandra stormed back to her office, closed the door and reread her copy of the entire contact.

“What the fuck…”

* * *

The car delivered Alexandra to the meet location at the designated time, and nervously the mother exited the car and walked up the front steps. Before she could reach the door, it was opened from the inside.

“Hello Mother, please come in,” Caroline said as she stepped aside so her mother could enter.

“How are you Caroline?” Alexandra asked as she stepped in and looked around the place.

“I feel great, Mother,” the pretty 19 year old said, as she was dressed in a yoga outfit in black, a sports bra top and mid calf pants, black sneakers on her feet. Impeccable making and again the matching red lipstick and nail polish.

The submissive led her mother to a sitting room off the entrance, and took a seat in a winged chair, pointing to a second chair for her mother to sit in.

“Where have you been?” Alexandra asked, almost exasperated. “What is going on?”

“I have been at college, and learning from Mistress,” the girl said casually.

“Where is that bitch?” Alexandra asked as she swiveled her head in search of the platinum blonde.

“Mistress is about, Mother,” Caroline said. “We are going to be alone for the next two hours.”

“Still, I don’t trust her…” Alexandra said.

“I trust her, Mother,” the girl said with emphasis. “And I have never felt better. Physically, mentally, I feel amazing. That’s Mistress’s hard work in helping me.”

“Brainwashing you, you mean…” Alexandra said with disdain.

“It’s not like that, Mother,” Caroline said. “Hypnosis doesn’t work like that. Are you afraid of hypnosis?”

“Afraid?” Alexandra asked. “I wouldn’t say that….”

Caroline stood up and held out her hand, and said, “Come, Mother, let’s go to the office.”

The teen led her mother to a smaller room, where a comfortable leather chair, a leather couch and large desk with an office chair sat set up like a psychologist’s office.

“Hypnosis is a lot about relaxing, Mother,” Caroline said pointing to the large chair. “Sit here, and let me show you something.”

“I want to talk to you, not sit in some office…” Alexandra protested.

“Mother, you know you have a hard time relaxing, and you are nervous about hypnosis,” Caroline said. “Just listen to me, for a change.”

Alexandra went to say something, but she was stopped as her daughter placed her finger on her Mother’s mouth.

“Enough, Mother,” the girl said. “Just listen, I will tell you all about how Mistress does hypnosis. You might learn something you need to know.”

Alexandra nodded her head.

“Mistress will start by having you breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth,” Caroline said, as she showed her mother an example.

“It’s simple, Mother, just breathe in through your nose, and exhale through your mouth, and don’t stop,” Caroline continued.

“You’ll find yourself relaxing as you just breathe deeply,” the daughter said. “Deep breath in, and then exhale out your mouth. Slowly.”

“Next, Mistress will just have you tense and relax your feet, breath in and tense the feet, then exhale and relax your feet.” Caroline continued. “Tense on the inhale through the nose, then relax as you exhale through the mouth.”

“Mistress would say that as your feet relax, feel them sink into the floor,” Caroline added. “Just continue to breathe, in through the nose, exhale through the mouth.”

“This is how Mistress does the simple induction, and right now all you have learned is to breathe, in through the nose, out through your mouth. And to tense and relax the right muscles. It’s pretty easy, there’s no secret, Mother.”

Caroline stood next to her Mother and mirrored her breathing.

“Next thing Mistress will do, as you continue to breathe, is tense your lower legs,” Caroline said as she matched her Mother’s breathing rate. “And relax the lower legs on the exhale.”

“As your breathing continues, inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth, Mistress will simply say a body part and you will tense the muscles of that body part on the next inhale, then relax them on the exhale through the mouth. That’s the pattern for right now, nod if you follow what Mistress will do, Mother.”

Alexandra nodded her head ever so slightly up and down.

“Very good, Mother, keep paying attention and you will completely understand how Mistress does hypnosis,” Caroline said, as she turned on a spotlight focused on a crystal. “You can simply look at the crystal as it shines. Focus your eyes on the crystal and breathe and listen.”

“Upper legs,”

Inhaling through the nose, Alexandra tensed her upper legs, then relaxed them on the exhale through the mouth, her eyes on the crystal.

“You’re doing great, Mother,” Caroline praised. “Now tense your ass muscles.”

Inhaling, Alexandra tensed the muscles of her ass, and relaxed as she exhaled through her mouth, eyes on the shining crystal.

“That’s perfect, Mother, feel yourself sink into that chair as you relax those muscles, learning the method Mistress will use.”

Alexandra continued her deep, relaxing breathing.

“Stomach,” Caroline said, mirroring the breathing technique and rate of her mother.

Alexandra’s breathing slowed as they continued.

“Chest…” Caroline said as she continued to breathe with her mother.

The lawyer tensed her chest, then relaxed as she exhaled through her mouth.

“It’s an easy rhythm, Mother, that Mistress will try and get you into,” Caroline said as her mother exhaled. “You might also find that the crystal will take up all your vision.”

“Upper back,” Caroline said softly as she continued.

Alexandra tensed her upper back on the inhale, and visibly relaxed on the exhale through her nose, a slow, long blink and her eyes never strayed from the lit crystal.

“Such a nice, easy rhythm, and you find you can even breathe more deeply and more slowly,” Caroline started before calling the next body part. “Your eyes so focused on the crystal.”


The mother took a bit longer to inhale this round, as her shoulders rose on the inhale and dramatically sank on the exhale as Caroline mirrored the breathing cadence.

“Very good, Mother. Mistress will slow your breathing and slow your relaxation, and maintain your focus on the crystal,” Caroline added. “There is no rush to enter hypnosis,”

“Upper arms.”

Without flexing, Alexandra tensed her upper arms as she slowly inhaled through her nose, before relaxing the upper arms on the exhale. Again a slow, leisurely blink, eyes on the crystal.

“Mistress would be pleased with your practice, Mother, as you learn what She will do, you are going so slowly now, breathing so…. DEEPLY,” Caroline added. “Forearms and hands.”

Alexandra balled her hands into tight fists as she continued her slow, deep inhales, before eventually releasing the tension on her very relaxing exhales.

“So much tension released, Mother, all Mistress does is help you release that tension,” Caroline stated calmly. “As you listen, breathe and focus on the crystal.”


Alexandra clenched her jaw and the muscles of her face as she inhaled. On the exhale, the mother and lawyer felt a little lightheaded from the tension release from her head.

“That’s wonderful, Mother, you’re learning what MIstress will do,” Caroline said with a smile. “Now, Mother, as you feel that physical relaxation, you’re mentally relaxing too. Now for your eyes… you will open them as wide as you can as they focus on that crystal and listen.”

Caroline let her mother breathe another sequence before making the next call.


Alexandra simply listened, and showed no emotion as she opened her eyes as wide as she could. She inhaled and opened her dark brown eyes as wide as they could go, then on the exhale her eyes instinctively closed, before she slowly opened them as she began her next deep inhale.

“Mistress will have you relax your eyes again, Mother, but your goal is to not close them as you exhale, keep them open, Mother.” Caroline said as her own eyes stared into her Mother’s. “Keep those eyes open, and continue to breathe.”


Again Alexandra held her eyes open widely as she inhaled through her mouth, and kept them open as she exhaled.

Caroline snapped her fingers in front of her mother as she instructed her mother.

“Sleep now,”

And a second snap.

“Sleep now.”

On the third snap, Caroline turned out the lights on the crystal, and her mother’s eyes closed and her chin rolled into her chest.

“Sleep now,” Caroline said a third time. “Hypnotized. This is where Mistress wants you, Mother. Relaxed and hypnotized,”

Caroline moved in close to her mother’s ear and began counting her deeper.

“Mother, I am going to count backwards from five, and each number will relax you ten times more deeply as you repeat the number,” Caroline said. ‘Do you understand?”

“Yes….” the mom said quietly.

“Perfect, Mother, Mistress will deepen your trance,” Caroline added.

“Five,” Caroline called.

“Five….” Alexandra responded sleepily.

Caroline allowed her mother a full, deep breath before calling the next number to deepen her trance.

“Four,” Caroline called.

“Four….” her mother lazily responded.

Again a full, deep, inhale and exhale.

“Three,” the smiling daughter called.

“Three…..” the deeply relaxed mother responded.

A full, deep, breath in and out followed.

“Two,” Caroline called.

“Two….” her mother responded sleepily.

One full, deep breath later Caroline called the next number to deepen her mother.

“One,” Caroline called.

“One…..” the mom responded.

A last, slow deep breath and Caroline completed deepening her mother’s trance.

“Zero,” Caroline called.

“Zero…..” the deeply hypnotized mother responded.

“Mother, tell me you are relaxed and hypnotized,” Caroline instructed.

“I am relaxed and hypnotized,” Alexandra said, softly and quietly as her chin rested on her chest.

“Tell me you are hypnotized just like Mistress wants,” Caroline added.

“I am hypnotized just like Mistress wants,” the newly hypnotized lawyer and mother said ever so softly.

Caroline paused as she heard the door open. The daughter beamed as she saw her Mistress enter the room wearing a very wide smile on her face.

“Now, Mother, when I snap my fingers you will begin to count backwards from 100 to zero. Each number will take you deeper into this relaxing state you are now in, and it will feel so good,” Caroline cooed. “You will continue until you hear the next voice, do you understand?”

“Yes,...” the relaxed lawyer replied softly.




Caroline moved over to the door where her Mistress stood happily watching the process while her mother counted herself deeper under.

“You have done very well, Caroline,” the Mistress said as she handed her submissive a large vibrator. “You have earned your reward, my darling. Go to your room and enjoy until I come to collect you. You may cum as often as you can.”

“Thank you Mistress,” Caroline said excitedly as she took the vibrator and retreated to her room with her toy.

“Are you ready to follow suggestions, Mother?” The seasoned hypnotist asked, an evil grin on her face.

“I am ready to follow suggestions…”