The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mr. Perfect

by Chester

Kerri knew that she had the best husband that any girl could ask for. He was just about perfect in every way.

At 30 years old he had just been promoted to a detective in the police force—the youngest one on the force. He had been decorated for bravery, was highly respected in his job and was seen by all as a good guy. And he was.

From the beginning when they had first met, Kerri knew that Doug would have to be the most handsome young man she had ever seen. When she met him he was twenty-one to her eighteen with dark stylishly long hair and deep green eyes. He had been a quarterback on his college team, an all A student, a writer, a community volunteer—and had just been nominated for a Rhodes scholarship. (It didn’t bother him that he didn’t get it, though-it was great just to be nominated.) Doug was so good that she knew there would have to be a flaw, but there wasn’t. He always made time for her, cared for her, was a gentle lover and a always had concern for her.

Doug could have done just about anything with his life, but surprised everyone by joining the police force because he wanted to do something for society that would make a difference in a practical way. And he brought his idealism into the force with him.

Yes, life should have been perfect with Mr. Perfect.

But it wasn’t, and it was all her fault.

Even when he proposed Kerri had her doubts. And it was all so stupid. What could possibly be wrong? The problem was that despite his good looks, his sensitivity, his love of her—she couldn’t get turned on by him. And why?—because he didn’t smoke!! Somehow smoking had been so tied to her image of her ideal mate, that only when she fantasized about him smoking could she even come close to an orgasm.

And she knew he never would smoke. He hated it. He was obsessive about it. And so she would be doomed to put on an act for him and never really feel what she wanted and needed to feel.

Even more, Kerri had never let him know that she had ever smoked, much less that she still smoked occasionally (never when he could find out about it, though). Often she would smoke early in the day after he had gone out, masturbating afterwards as she fantasized about Doug and other men.

So, seven years after they were married, Kerri had resigned herself to this existence, knowing that many other women were not as lucky as she, but still having an emptiness deep within.

* * *

One day Kerri received a visit from the chief of police. At first, seeing him on the porch, she was panic-stricken, thinking something terrible had happened to Doug—that he was shot down or something. Captain Marks assured her that everything was fine, that he just wanted to talk to her. It seems that Doug had applied to do some undercover work. On the surface it seemed that Doug was an ideal candidate for such work, being stable, well-balanced and centred. However, the psychological testing that they put the candidates through showed that Doug was far too conservative, closed, unbending and ‘straight’ to ever have much success in undercover work.

The chief had been very disappointed for he had known Doug for a long time and had been instrumental in getting Doug to consider police work. He had mentored him over the years and he knew the kind of drive and intelligence that Doug brought to the job. He also knew how disappointed that Doug would be if he were passed over.

Kerri listened to the captain, not quite understanding where all this was going or what it had to do with her. Soon the chief began to explain. He had contacted a psychologist in the city in order to find out what could be done to loosen Doug up, to make him a better candidate for the particular undercover assignment they had in mind for him. The police chief was assured by the psychologist that he could indeed work with Doug, particularly if Doug were willing to co-operate.

The chief had come to Kerri, though, both to warn her that there may be certain changes in Doug’s personality—all reversible later, that might appear as they prepared him for his assignment.

Kerri asked what the assignment was. The chief could not be specific but told her it involved prostitution and illegal drug trade. He wanted Kerri to understand what would be happening when Doug began to lose his conservative nature, so that she wouldn’t be scared.

Kerri asked what they were planning to do to Doug. The psychologist planned to use hypnosis and some hypnotic drugs to change memory patterns and personality traits so that Doug would fit into that type of society undetected. If she agreed to help in the process, she would be asked to help by playing tapes with subliminal messages when Doug was around, to reinforce some of the changes.

Kerri was fascinated by the idea. She wasn’t worried because she knew that it was just the two of them. They had no children due to her infertility, and their parents were either dead or lived out of town.

Kerri did say that she wanted to meet the psychiatrist so that she could monitor the changes at home and also know what was coming. The chief agreed.

Doug was not to know that she was in on things. He was to be told only that he could not get the position he wanted unless he co-operated with the psychiatrist who would try to “loosen” him up a little. He would not be aware of any major changes being made in his personality.

* * *

When Kerri met the psychiatrist he was able to tell her exactly what he would be doing. He was going to hypnotize Doug, getting him to be comfortable many of the things he was now uncomfortable with. For example, his profile had shown that he not only never swore, he became uncomfortable when anyone else did. The psychiatrist was going to make him more comfortable both with swearing and being around people who swore. Thus, he would be undetected in this area when he went undercover. He would be able to restore Doug back to himself at a later date after he was no longer undercover.

There were many more areas that the doctor intended to cover. He showed Kerri how he would place the subliminal commands on tapes that he would ask Doug to play at home, in the car, and when he was relaxing. He would give her videotapes with subliminals as well. The subliminals would not effect her but because of the programming under hypnosis, Doug would be very susceptible to them.

Kerri questioned him about the way the tapes were constructed and the doctor was able to give her very technical instructions about what he was going to do. He was impressed with her interest and the depth of her curiosity.

The sessions with Doug at the psychiatrists were to begin the following Monday. Kerri told the doctor she would be supportive and encourage Doug in any way she could.

On her way home, Kerri formulated a plan that might give her the sexual thrills that she needed and wanted. She went out and got some of her own equipment so that she could make her own subliminals or add to the tapes that the doctor would give her.

The next three days she worked on the subliminal tapes that she would use to make a smoker of Doug. Just the thought of it gave her shivers of ecstasy.

Her first tape contained messages which made smoking a positive thing. She stressed how relaxed a smoker was, how sexy a smoker was; she proclaimed how good it tasted, how nice the smoke smelled. The second tape gave visual images of inhaling and smoking that were tied into good feelings, positive feelings, sexual feelings.

* * *

On Monday night Doug came home from work after having had his first visit with Dr. Crowe. The doctor told Kerri that one of the suggestions he would give was that Doug would like to have music playing all the time—and in particular the music of Mozart. Mozart was already a favourite of Doug. Through Kerri, the psychiatrist had “doctored” all of Doug’s tapes, except the two that Kerri had purposely kept back from him and had programmed herself.

After about a week the changes in Doug became more obvious. He was much more short-tempered, swore occasionally, stopped shaving for days at a time, became more of a night person than a day person (he had a terrible time getting up in the morning now), started lingering on the sexual scenes in movies a lot longer, started drinking a bit more and seemed preoccupied with preparing for his first undercover assignment, reading files over and over again.

Kerri waited about a week and a half before she sprang it on him. They had gone out to a restaurant and after dinner Kerri told him that she had a confession to make. She told him that she used to smoke years ago and that she had taken it up again recently. She hoped that he wouldn’t be too upset, but that she enjoyed it and she wanted to continue. She then pulled out a pack of Virginia Slims from her purse, took one out of the pack, placed it in her mouth and lit it. So far Doug had not said a word. She had no idea how he was reacting or what he was thinking.

“I have to tell you—I’m quite surprised at you. I had no idea that you ever smoked, for God’s sake.” He watched her as she held the smoke and then inhaled it in a long thin stream. “Why? What the hell do you like about it?”

Kerri explained to him how much more confident it made her feel, how she liked the taste of the smoke and enjoyed watching the smoke come from her mouth. She told him she found it a sensual experience—quite sexy, really.

Again, he watched her as she smoked and explained it to him.

“You know, if I’m going to do undercover work, I suppose I should really learn to do this myself.” Kerri’s heart almost stopped. “Fuck. Everybody around me will be smoking and if I can’t it will be a real giveaway that I’m not who I say I am. Right?”

Kerri agreed that it would probably be so.

“Show me what to do,” he said.

It was hard for her not to shake, she was so excited. After she gave him a cigarette and he put it into his mouth, she could feel herself getting wet. And he hadn’t even lit it yet.

Slowly and patiently she took him through the ritual and the process of smoking. Starting with no inhales, to small inhales, she led him to smoke his first two cigarettes. That night she convinced him to have another just “before” they had sex and it was one of the best times for both of them. Kerri came again and again as she remembered Doug with the cigarette. For Doug, the association of smoking with sex had only been strengthened by the behaviour of Kerri who seemed more sexually turned on than she had ever been. Because of the tapes, he could easily associate this with smoking and how it made him more sexually attractive.

The next day his partner was surprised when Doug asked him for a smoke. The day after that Doug had bought his own pack of Marlboro Reds as suggested by Kerri on the tape. He didn’t know why he bought them, only that it seemed right.

Kerri may have gone a little overboard on the tapes she made because within weeks Doug was smoking almost a couple of packs a day. All the other changes in his personality had been moderate—for example, his swearing was still only occasional and his uncharacteristic assertiveness was controllable around the house. Needless to say, though, Kerri was a fulfilled woman.

The undercover work took about two months. Doug was able to look appropriately scraggy and convince people he was not a cop. After he managed the big drug bust and was supposed to go back to the psychiatrist to get reprogrammed, Kerri made sure that new subliminals made Doug not want to go back to the Doctor under any circumstances. She could take the slightly irritable, occasionally fouled mouth Doug as long as he managed to keep on smoking. Now he was indeed perfect for her. Besides, she might have other plans for future subliminals!