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Title: Muscle Bimbo

Tags: f/f, mc, fd

Description: The nerdy, plain, shy Alex asks goth girl Winter out on a date, only to be told she’s not her type. But after that, Alex finds herself changing

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of ‘girl’ in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie © 2018, do not repost without explicit permission

* * *

Chapter Three

“Alex, cmon!” said the exasperated voice of Alex’s friend and regular study partner Emily, on the voicemail she’d sent Alex a few minutes ago. “I know I’m normally the one telling you to take it easy for a change, but I’m worried about you! You’ve been missing classes like crazy. I heard you didn’t even turn in your assignment for Professor Sinclair last week. This isn’t like you! Just… talk to me, please! I can hel—”

Alex cut off the voicemail dismissively. She’d already wasted enough time. She’d only been meaning to take a few minutes between sets at the gym to get her breath back and check the time on her phone, and she’d noticed the voicemail and decided to give it a listen, in case it was something important. It wasn’t. Oh sure, she needed to get back to her studies sometime. But not just yet. She knew she could catch up whenever she wanted. For now, though, she was going to spend her time on what made her feel good! She’d been going to the gym regularly for over two weeks now, and to Alex’s surprise, it wasn’t getting old. In fact, she was enjoying it more than ever! She’d done some research into how to structure her workouts properly, and she was sticking religiously to the schedule she’d made. Well, more or less. She often spent longer in the gym than she’d really intended, because it was just so easy to zone out once she was really in the mood. But, she reasoned, as long as she wasn’t hurting herself, that was no bad thing. Quite the opposite—it was only going to help her get in shape quicker.

She’d started listening to music, too. That was why she had her phone with her. It helped her focus and block out anything that might distract her. It helped her with energy and rhythm, too. That was why she’d traded in her alternative rock—described by her old high school friends charitably as ‘sensitive’ and by her less charitable mother as ‘whiny’—for some nice, upbeat, bubbly pop music. Before, she always dismissed that kind of pop music as totally vapid and commercial, but it really wasn’t so bad now she’d given it a chance. Sure, it wasn’t complicated, but it was fun and bouncy and helped keep her energy up. There was one particular playlist that had really turned her on to the idea of it, and now she listened to that whenever she was working out. The songs were a little strange, they all had this vocal track that was seemingly barely audible; Alex had to really concentrate to make it out at all. It was like someone was whispering right in her ear, but she could never remember what they were saying. She often caught herself totally zoned out from trying to tune in to it properly. But whatever it was, it seemed to be helping her exercise, so she was more than happy with it. Where had she found the playlist again? Alex thought she remembered someone emailing it to her, but she couldn’t quite remember who and somehow she didn’t really care enough to try and find out.

But it didn’t matter, Alex thought, as she mounted the treadmill again. What mattered was that it made her feel good. That was her new motto. It made her feel good, just like her workout clothes. She was wearing the pink yoga pants and tank top she’d picked up at the mall last week, and a sports bra and sweatband she’d bought online the next day. A new pair of pure white sneakers and pink socks rounded off her gym outfit. In Alex’s opinion it was a far cry from the old shorts and faded t-shirt she’d worn at first. Now, she actually looked like she knew what was doing. She looked like she belonged in the gym.

And that wasn’t the only thing she liked about the outfit, Alex thought to herself with a naughty smile as she set the machine going at an easy pace. She looked round as she broke into a gentle jog, and saw that more than one pair of eyes were trained on her ass. She shivered. That feeling, that wonderful feeling of being looked at was what she’d been craving ever since she’d discovered that side of herself at the mall. She liked people looking at her. She liked people starting at her. She liked it when she could see their eyes turn hungry and their lips part slightly as they stared. It made her feel good about herself in a way she’d never experienced before. And, as her new motto said: what mattered was that it made her feel good. It also made her furiously horny. She finished every workout dripping with need and desperate to rush home and sate her needs. Alex liked that too, as much as it still embarrassed her to admit it to herself. Her orgasms were the best they’d ever been, and along with her new exercise regimen she was feeling more and more in tune with her own body. Her body had always been a source of discomfort and embarrassment for her. Now, it was a source of pleasure, and maybe even pride. The transformation was amazing. She’d masturbated before, of course, but now it was a daily event. Sometimes multiple times a day. It was taking up increasing amounts of her time, but Alex didn’t care.

As the treadmill picked up the pace, Alex paid close attention to how she was moving to make sure her ass was jiggling nicely. That was why she loved her yoga pants so much—they made sure every little movement of her ass was totally on display. When she hit a nice pace, she just knew her ass cheeks were bouncing up and down hypnotically, capturing the attention of anyone who glanced her way. Which was only more incentive for her to keep working out—the more squats she did and the more miles she jogged, the bigger and rounder her ass was going to get. And the bigger her ass got, the the more people would stare at her hungrily. That, thought Alex, was a delicious prospect. She didn’t want to be able to walk down the street without turning heads. And it was happening! Already, Alex had noticed herself becoming a little more curvaceous, with her waist shrinking and her ass expanding, and her legs becoming more toned and defined. That was the best feeling of all. She felt sexy and like she was becoming sexier, and all the girls staring at her at that moment as she ran on the treadmill was proof of that. By the time a fresh sweat was forming on her brow, Alex was already tingling with pleasure.

Like always, she pushed herself hard and lost herself in the flow of the workout, spurred onward by the feeling of people’s eyes upon her body. When she finally hit the stop button on the treadmill in triumph, her joints and muscles were screaming at her with the exertion. Alex basked in the feeling. She didn’t know how much time had passed. It didn’t matter to her. The joyful high of having pushed herself to her limits was everything. Alex stepped off the treadmill slowly, allowing her ragged breaths to slowly return to rhythm. She scanned the room, and her pounding heart skipped a beat as she saw that there were indeed still a couple of people looking at her. That exhibitionist rush combined with her runner’s high sent a burst of endorphins into her brain, and she let out a series of happy giggles. Spurred on by a desire for attention, Alex decided to give her spectators a bit of a show. She’d started stretching properly before and after workouts, to cut down on the aches and pains she inevitably felt the next morning. Alex turned around so she was facing away from most of the gym, put her legs together and bent down, trying to touch her toes with her fingertips. She wasn’t flexible enough to make it, not yet, but she knew that bending over that way was the perfect way to make her ass stand out. Next, she got down on her hands and knees and stretched herself out as long as she could, tightening her buttocks and arching her back to accentuate her figure. She didn’t even need to look to know people were staring at her. Alex bit her lip and shivered. Fuck, she felt amazing!

“Hey there. Nice workout.”

Alex scrambled to her feet and turned around, and paled. Standing in front of her, looking at her with a lopsided grin, was the biggest woman Alex had ever seen. She was tall, easily a head taller than Alex, and broad, with muscles so toned and defined she looked like she was chiseled out of stone, like an ancient statue of an Amazon warrior. Alex found herself staring at the woman’s huge biceps and sculpted abs, which she could easily see because the woman was wearing nothing more than a sports bra and a pair of loose-fitting pants, exposing her dark, olive skin.

“I’m Sierra,” she said, offering a hand. With the other, she reached up to adjust her hair. Sierra’s fearsome, butch look was carried off perfectly by a handsome sidecut, with her long, thick, red-brown hair all swept over on one side, away from the shaved part of her head. Alex was momentarily stunned by her striking appearance before she recovered her composure and extended her own hand for Sierra to crush in her strong grip.


“Alex? Wonderful.” Sierra’s shark-like grin widened. “Pleased to meet you. You know, you’ve managed to catch my eye the last couple of times you’ve been here.”

“I have?” Alex felt like a deer in headlights. Or perhaps, a deer trapped in front of a bulldozer.

“Absolutely,” Sierra replied. Her voice was low and smooth. “A pretty girl like you, so committed to her body? How could I not?”

“Oh… well… um…” Alex didn’t have the faintest idea what was happening.

“And,” Sierra continued, “you’re exactly where Winter said you’d be.”

“Winter?” Alex’s ears perked up. She hadn’t seen the goth girl as much lately, since she hadn’t been spending much time in the library, but her crush was always in her thoughts. And often, she was embarrassed to admit, in her fantasies. “You know Winter? And… she knows me?”

“Oh, me and Winter are thick as thieves,” Sierra smirked. Then, without warning, she stepped in closer to Alex. Alex froze on the spot, and found herself having to tilt her head back to look up and the muscular woman towering over her. “But that doesn’t really matter. Winter isn’t here, is she? We wouldn’t want to get side-tracked.”

“I… guess.” Something about Sierra being so close to her was making it hard for Alex to think. Sierra was the only thing she could see. The only thing she could smell. Alex let out a nervous giggle.

“Look at you,” Sierra purred. “You really pushed yourself today, huh? You should be proud.”

“Thanks.” Unable to help herself, Alex giggled again as Sierra reached out and slowly, sensually twirled a little of Alex’s brunette hair around one of her fingers.

“You’re welcome, cutie.” Alex blushed, and giggled again. Why couldn’t she do anything except giggle? “But a workout like that must take its toll on a skinny little thing like you, hm? I’m glad to see you’re stretching out properly, but let’s see…”

Without warning, Sierra reached out with her other hand, and placed it on Alex’s waist, stroking her gently but insistently. Between that and the hand toying with her hair, she was practically embracing Alex. Alex’s instinct was to pull away from the unfamiliar woman looming over her, but her body turned weak at Sierra’s touch. Thinking clearly was only getting harder. She giggled nervously. What was this? Was Sierra being mean to her? Flirting with her? Inspecting her? That was what it felt like. Sierra’s hand ran down over her waist all the way to her hips, pressing in just slightly.

“You seem a little tense,” Sierra commented. “Maybe you could use some help loosening up?”

“I…” Alex didn’t know what to say. All she could think about was Sierra’s hands on her body, sending warm, pleasant tingles through her torso and her head, and Sierra’s musk, so strong and feminine it was practically intoxicating. She asked herself if she wanted Sierra to stop. She didn’t know the answer.

“And here.” Sierra’s hand roved around Alex’s thigh, softly caressing her over her yoga pants but also poking and prodding here and there to test her sore muscle. Alex squirmed slightly in Sierra’s grasp as the girl’s fingertips reached her inner thighs, but the butch girl seemed not to notice.

“And here.” Alex actually squealed as Sierra’s hand suddenly darted, snake-like, round to her ass, her fingers sinking in and taking a firm grip. Her strength left her completely and as she meant to pull away she lost her balance, and somehow ended up falling forwards into the muscular girl’s arms, grasping into Sierra to hold herself up. She was so close now that Sierra only needed to murmur. “See? Why don’t you let me help you?”

That was the moment Alex became uncomfortably aware of how hot her body was, and from more than just the workout. Something about being so close to this tall, imposing woman was doing something to her. She was sweating bullets. Her breathing and her heartbeat, which had been slowing, were quickening again. She couldn’t even spit out a full sentence. The only thing Alex could think about was Sierra’s hand on her ass, and how small and needy it was making her feel.

“S-sure,” Alex forced out. At that, Sierra’s grin turned as wide as a Cheshire Cat’s, and before Alex could say anything more, Sierra kissed her. But it was like no kiss she’d ever had before. It felt like a storm. Alex felt so small, and so utterly in Sierra’s power. Her strong body was all around her, feeling her, groping her, cradling her, guiding her movements. She could feel Sierra’s tongue pressing insistently into her mouth, and Sierra’s scent, her musk, was filling her nose, overpowering her senses. Strongest of all was the feeling that she was dancing to Sierra’s tune. Sierra was so confident, so forceful, Alex felt like she was just pulling her strings and making her react just the way she wanted. Sierra’s presence was utterly overwhelming. But somehow, Alex felt safe in her arms.

“So,” Sierra said as she pulled back, leaving Alex shivering. “You want more?”

“God yes,” Alex whimpered, before she even knew what she was saying.

“Perfect.” Sierra turned and slung one muscular arm over Alex’s shoulders, dragging her along as she started to walk out of the gym. Alex was in far too much of a daze to resist. She didn’t know what was going to come next exactly, but her mind was full of possibilities and she was hornier than she’d ever been in her life. As they walked, Alex noticed that at least half the people in the gym were watching them. They must have seen Sierra grope and kiss her too! Many of them had rueful smiles on their faces, and Alex noticed Sierra wink at someone as they passed. She got the feeling that Sierra picking up girls in the gym wasn’t an unusual sight, and Alex realized she was just Sierra’s latest conquest. Her latest trophy. At that thought, shame and embarrassment blossomed in her cheeks, and she felt her wetness start to seep through her pink panties. Why was that such an arousing thought? Alex didn’t know, but it was. She wanted to be conquered, dominated, and shown off as a trophy. There was something so comfortable, so right about being led around by Sierra like this. It provided the very thing she’d been missing at the mall, when she’d first discovered the show of exhibitionism: a sense of safety. Everyone was staring at her and her body. Everyone knew how shameless she was. But in that moment, being led around by a strong, strong woman like Sierra, she knew she was safe. And perhaps even more importantly, she didn’t need to make any decisions. Sierra was in charge. Alex squirmed a little and Sierra pulled her in tighter, and Alex loved it.

Sierra led her down out of the gym to the shower room. Alex shivered as she remembered her indiscretion from the first time she’d gone to the gym. “In here,” Sierra announced, pointing to one of the shower cubicles. Alex looked, and made a strange, half-choking sound. Somehow, by some chance, Sierra had picked the exact cubicle in which Alex had masturbated. Sierra noticed her reaction and peered down at her, curious. “What’s the matter?”

“That’s…” Alex was reluctant to confess what she had done, but she felt compelled to answer Sierra and her mind was far too addled to think up a convincing lie. “I… um… a few weeks ago… I… t-touched myself in there.”

Sierra barked a quick laugh. “Oh my god. Not such a blushing maiden after all, huh? Winter sure knows how to pick ‘em. I had no idea you were that kind of girl.”

Alex squirmed. “I’m not… that kind of girl.”

“No?” Sierra stopped, bringing Alex to a stop too, and looked her dead in the eyes.

Alex withered under her gaze, but nonetheless she protested: “I’m not!”

“Really?” Sierra’s voice was dripping with amusement and withering sarcasm. “You’re not that kind of girl? Not the kind of girl to finger-fuck herself in a public gym? Not the kind of girl to let someone she met five minutes ago grope her ass in public? Not the kind of girl who’d let that same person drag her down into a gym shower and fuck her? Is that not the kind of girl you are?”

Alex was so overwhelmed with embarrassment she was barely able to process that, and when she opened her mouth all that came out was a kind of strangled half-yelp.

“Sounds like we agree on something,” Sierra remarked dryly. “So come on then. Tell me what kind of girl you are. If you give me the right answer, I’ll make you feel really good.”

Alex didn’t know what to say. She tried to look away from Sierra, but the towering woman took a hold of her by her chin, making her look.

“Say it for me Alex.”

And then Alex realized she did know what to say. What she wanted to say. “I’m a slut.”

Saying those words was almost like a small orgasm, a feeling that was only heightened when Sierra responded: “Good girl.” Those words provoked a strange kind of joy in Alex, along with a whole host of mixed, unclear thoughts, foremost amongst which was that she wanted to hear it again.

Sierra smirked at her victory. “I can tell you’re new to this, but don’t worry. You’re about to find out just how good being a slut can be.”

And with that, Sierra dragged Alex into the shower, roughly slamming the door shut behind them. She pressed Alex against the far wall, and before Alex had a change to recover herself, Sierra was all over her, kissing her and touching her. Alex had thought Sierra was forceful before, but that was nothing compared to this. Now they were in private, the tall, muscular, powerful woman standing over her was utterly feral. Alex couldn’t keep track of her hands. They were all over her all at once, touching, pressing, groping, reaching, feeling, caressing. Alex let out a long, loud moan muffled by Sierra pressing her mouth against hers in a wild, unbelievably intense kiss. Alex’s whole body was on fire. She could feel herself twitching and shaking from the sensory overload, and she might have slumped to the ground of not for Sierra pressing against the wall hard enough to keep her on her feet. To stop her squirming so much, Sierra even wrapped one of her powerful hands around Alex’s neck, a move that Alex found threatening, sexy and comforting all at once.

“That’s it,” Sierra snarled approvingly. “Now you’re getting into it.”

Alex realized that as little control as she felt she had over her own body, she was in fact copying Sierra’s movements. She was kissing Sierra just as much as Sierra was kissing her, and her hands were all over the woman’s body, feeling all the contours of her impressive, strong muscles and marveling at the contrast between them and her soft, round breast. Grinning, her eyes huge and fiery, Sierra reached back and pulled her sports bra off over her head, happily allowing Alex to stare at her naked tits as they bounced slightly without the support of her bra.

“I wanna see yours,” Sierra growled. Alex eagerly rushed to pull off her tank top, but her hands were shaking so much she found herself struggling, fumbling with the fabric that clung so tightly to her sweaty body. After just a few seconds Sierra’s patience ran out. She grabbed a hold of Alex’s top with both hands and,in one easy movement, ripped it in half, pulling the shreds away from her body to expose her bra, which Sierra reached around and unhooked it skilfully with just one hand. Alex should have been annoyed at having her favorite new top destroyed, but she was too turned on to care. Instead she just shivered as her boobs were exposed to the air, nipples already hard, and then moaned as Sierra dove back in and mauled her tits with her hands, kissing and biting her neck at the same time.

“Fuck. Oh fuck,” Alex whimpered weakly. Her voice sounded so sensual, so sexual, it only served to heighten her arousal.

“We’re only just getting started,” Sierra replied. “Take your pants off. Don’t make me do it for you?”

Alex did as she was told, Sierra stepping back to give her room. Once she’d peeled off her yoga pants and threw them on the floor she looked at Sierra, waiting for her to do something. Sierra just looked at her. With a start, Alex realized what she was waiting for, and she took off her panties as well. Once that was done, she was completely naked. For a moment, neither she nor Sierra moved. They just stared at each other. Alex felt the urge to cover herself with her hands but she resisted, sensing it would displease the other girl. So she let Sierra stare, shivering and shaking as she carefully inspected every part of her—her tits, her hips, her legs, her dripping pussy. Fuck, she was so turned on. For her part, Alex was equally happy to stare at Sierra. The woman who’d seduced her so effectively was, quite simply, built like a goddess. She was perfect. With her sports bra off, it was even easier for Alex to admire her strikingly muscular form. Her firm, perky tits were perfectly in proportion to the rest of her, and the way she was breathing hard and drenched in sweat lent her a fierce, almost dangerous aura, like she was a tiger waiting to pounce. She was breathtaking.

Sierra reached up and ran one hand over her hair, smoothing over her sidecut. “This is going to be so much fun. I can’t wait to see what you look like when you’re cumming your brains out.”

Sierra advanced on Alex again, pressing her back against the wall. Then, to Alex’s surprise, Sierra slowly, seductively, sank to her knees. Alex’s head was so fuzzy she was about to ask what Sierra was doing, but before she could, her lover demonstrated the obvious answer. Alex gasped loudly as Sierra planted a string of gentle kisses all along her inner thigh. Alex had no idea she could be so sensitive down there, but each one of Sierra’s kisses was electric. That sensation alone was one of the best things she’d ever felt, but Sierra was in no mood for slow, torturous foreplay. When she felt Sierra’s tongue on her sopping wet pussy, Alex was completely unable to stop herself crying out loud. She bit down on her voice moments after, restricting herself to desperate whimpers, but even then the pleasure was so great that Alex kept losing control of herself, squealing loud enough that she was sure someone would hear.

Sierra laughed. “It’s OK, cuteness. Let out your voice for me.”

“B-but someone will hear!” Alex moaned.

“Let them hear,” Sierra whispered conspiratorially, drawing her tongue in slow strokes over Alex’s pussy. “They all already know I’m in here with you. Besides, they’re used to it from me. And isn’t it kinda hot?”

“N-no,” Alex moaned again, without any conviction in her voice.

“Who are you kidding?” Sierra attention turned her attention to Alex’s swollen, over-sensitive clit, eliciting a little shriek as ecstasy coursed through Alex. “You already admitted it, right? You’re a slut. I could tell you were getting off in the gym, from people staring at you. You weren’t exactly hiding it well. It’ll feel good to let them all hear your slutty moans. You know it well.”

The fantasy was too alluring to resist. What would people think of her, if they heard her moaning like a cheap whore from being picked up and eaten out at the gym? It was so shameful. It felt so good. Some of them, the ones who’d seen Sierra lead her away, would know. Maybe next time she went to the gym, they’d be there, watching her. Alex would be able to see it in their eyes—their judgment, their contempt, their amusement, their arousal. It was going to feel amazing. Spurred on by that thought, Alex gave up on trying to keep herself quiet, and the moment Sierra’s tongue next touched her cunt, her moans filled the entire room. It was a little hard to tell over the sound of her own gasping and moaning, but Alex could have sworn she heard someone giggle from outside the shower cubicle in response. That only turned her on more.

Sierra kept licking her pussy, Alex’s pleasure growing more and more with each passing moment. She’d never been eaten out before, but as far as she could tell Sierra was good. Very good. She kept varying her technique, teasing her one moment and attacking her the next, sucking on her clit for a while before sticking her tongue deep into Alex’s needy cunt to stimulate her g-spot. It all felt so much better now that Alex was no longer bothering to try to hold on to any kind of dignity. She threw back her head and screamed her pleasure for all to hear, and her wild moaning only seemed to spur Sierra on. Without giving Alex’s pussy any respite, Sierra reached up with one hand and groped around for a moment before her fingertips found one of Alex’s tits. She immediately took hold, mauling her sensitive flesh with her powerful grip. Alex felt like she was going to pass out. The pleasure hitting her from her pussy was already overwhelming, but now her chest too was on fire with sensation. It only got worse when Sierra’s reaching fingertips found Alex’s hard nipple and she started pulling it and twisting it. That blissful mixture of pleasure and pain had Alex’s body in uncontrollable spasms as she screamed all the louder.

Within minutes, Alex was close to cumming. But Sierra seemed to sense that and slowed her pace, keeping Alex close to the edge without once letting her go over. Alex’s moans grew more and more desperate and she was about to beg the muscular woman between her legs to let her finally cum, when Sierra stopped altogether. Alex was unable to suppress a whine of disappointment as she looked down and saw Sierra looking up at her with an impish look on her handsome face.

“You didn’t think I’d let you get off that easy, did you?” Sierra smirked. “I’m not gonna let you be quite that much of a pillow princess. I want to feel good too.”

Sierra rose to her feet, stepped back, and pulled down her loose-fitting trousers. Alex blinked. Underneath, Sierra was wearing a fairly plain pair of black cotton panties. But it was what was under that that had Alex staring. Between Sierra’s legs,bulging through her panties, was a huge, swollen cock, and beneath it, a set of balls. Alex could only stare. She should have been surprised, but as it was she could only look on in awe as she fantasized about how good a cock that size might feel. Nonetheless, she was curious.


“Trans,” Sierra answered. Her face was suddenly serious. “Is that a problem?”

Alex shook her head, numbly. It wasn’t. It made no difference to her.

“Good.” Sierra’s wolfish grin returned. “That means we can really have some fun.”

Sierra removed her panties, letting her cock spring free. At the sight of it, Alex found herself on the verge of drooling. It was like the dicks she’d seen in porn; hard, throbbing, and so big it was making her ache just to look at it. She’d always heard that porn was fantasy, that real cocks were much smaller and more disappointing. Clearly, Sierra was the exception. There was nothing ‘small’ or ‘disappointing’ about what Alex was looking at. Quite the opposite. Alex felt like it would split her in half, and she wanted Sierra to do exactly that.

“Please…” The word, a whispered prayer, escaped Alex’s lips. She wasn’t even embarrassed by it. Her head was too full of arousal for anything else. She expected Sierra to tease her for it, but the muscular trans woman did not. Perhaps she was just as needy as Alex.

Instead, Sierra reached for her and grabbed one of her arms and pulled her roughly, spinning her around to face the wall. Alex gasped at the feeling of her body being manipulated so suddenly, so roughly. The way Sierra had pleasured her had done something to her nerves; every touch was erotic now. Even the other woman’s hand on her arm felt more heightened and intense than almost anything Alex could remember from before that very day. Once Sierra had spun her around she pushed her against the wall, and Alex reached out with her hands to brace herself, palms flat against the wall. She shivered and whined at the feeling of Sierra’s strong hands sliding down her body all the way to her hips. Sierra pulled back on her hips and Alex responded instinctively, sensing what Sierra wanted. She bent over and stuck out her hips and her ass as far as she could, arching her back, presenting herself.

“Good girl,” murmured Sierra, and Alex giggled with happiness.

Sierra stepped in close behind her, resting a hand possessively on her shoulder. For a moment they were still, and Alex simmered with anticipation. Then, Sierra entered her. Alex screamed. She saw white. At first she wasn’t sure if what she was feeling was pain or pleasure, but whichever it was, it was instantly the best thing she’d ever felt. Sierra took her time sliding her massive cock into Alex’s pussy, and Alex savored every moment of it. Since she couldn’t see, she kept imagining that Sierra must be all the way in from how full she felt, only to find even more inches of cock being forced into her. By the time she felt Sierra’s hips pressing hard against her ass, her face was locked in an open-mouthed gasp and how far she’d been stretched out. But nonetheless, it felt indescribably amazing. Sierra’s cock was reaching parts of her she’d never felt before, parts of her that were so tight, so sensitive. Her fingers never reached that deep, and even the dildo she’d bought at the mall couldn’t compare. It was all Alex could do not to collapse, or pass out. There was no strength left in her at all.

And then Sierra really started fucking her, and she saw stars. She wasn’t gentle, not even to begin with. The moment she was sure Alex could take her whole length, she started pounding her with everything she had. Sierra drove her cock in and out of Alex’s cunt at a brutal pace. There was nothing slow or tender or teasing about it. She was just using Alex’s hole as a cocksleeve, treating her the way she’d treat a mere toy. Alex loved it. She was moaning so hard and loud her lungs hurt, and she barely even noticed. She’d never been fucked like that before, not even close. It was amazing. The pleasure was radiating out from her pussy through her whole body, filling her with bliss. She wasn’t, couldn’t, be aware of anything except Sierra’s cock in her pussy. She wasn’t even sure if her own legs were propping her up anymore, or if the muscular woman ploughing her from behind was simply ramming her against the wall so hard she couldn’t collapse. It felt like her brain was short-circuiting from the overwhelming pleasure assailing her sense, but through all that Alex could just about manage to form a single coherent thought: she should have been going out to get fucked like this way, way earlier.

“You like that, princess?” Sierra half-grunted from behind her. Alex wished she had the strength to turn her head to see the expression on her face; instead, she contented herself with the shameless groans the muscle-bound woman was making as she used her cunt.

“Yes! Fuck yes!” Alex screamed, before giggling manically. She didn’t know how load her voice was, and she didn’t care. Let everyone in the whole building hear! She wanted that. It made her feel hot and sexy and embarrassed and slutty and she’d never felt anything better.

Alex lost all sense of time, as Sierra kept pounding her with just the same rhythm over and over and over again. It could have been hours for all she knew, and she didn’t doubt that Sierra had the stamina. Sierra’s hand made it’s way up into Alex’s hair and wrapped into a fist, taking a tight grip. Sierra pulled back, and Alex let out a whimper of pain and her head being jerked back. But she didn’t dream of complaining. Sierra was so big, so confident, so strong, that Alex felt like nothing more than a doll being tossed around. The loss of control was exhilarating. As limp and weak as she was in Sierra’s grasp, Alex started to gyrate, rolling her hips along the length of Sierra’s shaft as she was fucked. Sierra’s fresh, pleasure-thick moans were rich reward, and Alex responded with even greater enthusiasm. It wasn’t long before, from the way Sierra was gasping and shuddering, Alex sensed she was close to orgasm. For her part, Alex wasn’t even sure if she’d cum already or not. It was so hard to tell. The pleasure was already coming in thick, orgasmic waves but Alex could sense an impending climax, in tune with how Sierra seemed to be feeling.

“Oh fuck!” Sierra yelled, and Alex knew that was it. What she didn’t expect was the way Sierra pulled back out of her and used the grip she had on Alex’s hair to turn her around and force her down to her knees. Before she even knew what was happening, Alex found herself on her knees, staring up at the powerful woman and her magnificent cock, dripping with Alex’s own juices. Sierra held her there and started stroking herself, her hand moving so fast along her shaft it was practically a blur. Alex was mesmerized, but not so mesmerized that she couldn’t reach a hand between her legs and start greedily finger-fucking herself.

Sierra came with a half-strangled scream, and as the cum spilled from her cock and down onto Alex’s face, Alex came with her over the edge. The orgasm that hit her had her seeing white. As Sierra’s grip on her hair loosened, Alex slumped onto her side, cum dripping from her face. Her fucked, stretched pussy was so desperately sensitive that the lightest touch of her fingertips was like a thunderbolt. She was feeling pleasure in ways she’d never even been aware of. All she could do was lie there, twitching and shuddering, as the orgasm pulsed through her, seemingly never ending. After a time she became dimly conscious of Sierra dressing herself again. She looked up and saw the trans woman, now fully clothed, looking down at her with a giddy, satisfied grin on her face. Alex thought about how she must look in Sierra’s eyes, slumped on the floor, lost in post-orgasmic bliss, and her face drenched with cum. She giggled.

“That was fun as hell.” Sierra sighed happily. “Hit me up if you ever want another round. I’m always down to blow off some steam.” She turned to leave.

“Wait!” Alex’s hand darted forward, catching Sierra by the back of her pants. She realized there was something else she needed to ask. There was something in particular about Sierra that had captivated Alex and it was only now, as the watched the woman with the body of a goddess standing over her, that she become fully conscious of it. It wasn’t just that she found Sierra’s muscular body unbelievably sexy. It was that she wanted it for herself. “Teach me.”

Sierra seemed bemused. “Teach you what?”

“Teach me how to look like you.”

To be continued...

* * *