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Title: Muscle Bimbo

Tags: f/f, mc, fd

Description: The nerdy, plain, shy Alex asks goth girl Winter out on a date, only to be told she’s not her type. But after that, Alex finds herself changing

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of ‘girl’ in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie © 2018, do not repost without explicit permission

* * *

Chapter Five

“We’re going to play spin the bottle,” Winter announced, with a look that sent a shiver down Alex’s spine.

Fi, Violet, Kiyo and even Marie all cheered. They moved to sit down in a wide circle that included Winter, still sitting on the bed like a queen on her throne. Alex sat in the space they left for her. Marie reached over for the bottle they’d been drinking out of all night. She distributed what liquid remained around each of their cups, and placed the bottle on its side in the middle of the circle.

“You know how to play?” Fi asked Alex. Alex nodded. She’d never played before, she was reluctant to admit, but she’d seen more than enough movies to get the idea. Fi explained anyway: “We spin the bottle. It points to you, and it’s truth or dare. Easy!”

“OK.” Alex giggled. She was still riding high from the way she’d been dancing with Violet, and she couldn’t help but fantasize about some of what the dares might involve. She knew drunk truth or dare could easily turn dirty, and she was also sure that Winter and her friends weren’t the kind of people to back down from that.

“Let’s get this started,” Marie said. The androgynous girl in the bodysuit still sounded just as icy as before, but Alex thought she could make out a spark of amusement in her eyes. At the very least, Marie had been dancing just as much as the rest of them. “Who’s gonna spin first?”

“Me!” Alex sang out. She was loving being the life and soul of the party.

“Alright then,” Winter smirked, amusement in her voice. “Take it away, Alex.”

With another giggle, Alex placed her hand on the top of the bottle, and spun it. She was a little clumsier than she’d expected thanks to the alcohol, and the bottle spun wildly off its mark, but still remained in the circle. When it eventually came to a stop, it was pointing right back at Alex herself. Fi clapped her hands gleefully.

“Truth or dare, Alex?” she demanded.

“Um…” Alex muttered. Somehow, she hadn’t imagined it would land on her. Part of her wanted to see what kind of dare she’d get, but at the same time she was a little afraid of the way Winter’s friends were eyeing her with such mischievous hunger. In the end, she opted for what felt like the safer option. “Truth.”

Fi clapped her hands again. “Ooo, fun! Let me see… OK! Alex, do you or do you not have a crush on Winter?”

Alex blinked. That was the last thing she’d expected to be asked, and her stomach was suddenly doing the most awful butterflies. She couldn’t just admit that! That was a hundred times more embarrassing than anything else she could imagine. The prospect of it was sobering her up a little, although her head was still desperately fuzzy. The expectant eyes of everyone else in the room weren’t helping. Alex felt like a spotlight was on her, so bright it was making her sweat. For a moment she considered lying, but she somehow knew that wouldn’t work. She was a useless liar. And besides, she suddenly realized, maybe admitting her crush like this when she was being forced to wasn’t so bad. It was safe, in a way. And given given how much alcohol was coursing through her veins, this was about as courageous as she was about to get. Alex took a deep breath, and then nodded.

As soon as she did, she looked down and buried her face in her hands. Her confession was greeted by a loud series of cheers and jeers. Those did nothing to help her nerves. She wanted nothing more than for the ground beneath her to open up and swallow her, so she didn’t have to face anyone ever again. She’d told Winter she had a crush on her! How was she ever going to face her again? She was blushing so hard her cheeks felt like they were on fire. After a moment of anguished embarrassment, someone reached over and patted her arm sympathetically. That helped Alex feel a little better, somehow, and she looked up gingerly. Everyone was staring at her, but Alex was searching desperately for Winter’s reaction. As she made eye contact with her crush, Winter winked at her and licked her black-painted lips suggestively. Instantly, Alex’s heart stopped and her jaw hit the floor. It took several long seconds for her brain to start working again, even a little. Winter was surely just teasing her. Right? Alex refused to consider any other possibilities. But at the very least, Winter’s smile reassured her that she hadn’t ruined anything by admitted her crush.

“Next,” called out Marie. “Let’s just go clockwise, so it’s Violet next.”

Just as Alex had done, Violet span the bottle. It span slower this time, and didn’t spin out, and after a few moments it came to a stop. The bottle was pointing at Winter. The goth girl paused for a moment, considering the decision with a poised demeanor. “Truth,” she said eventually.

“Oh, oh! I’ve got a good one!” Fi said excitedly. “If you and Alex were going out, what would your ideal date with her be?”

Alex was thunderstruck, but Winter just laughed. “Trying to play matchmaker, Fi?”

Fi didn’t answer, she just giggled like a bashful schoolgirl. Meanwhile, Alex was spluttering feebly, trying to articulate some kind of protest. This wasn’t fair! It was meant to be embarrassing for Winter, not her! Winter looked far from embarrassed; the goth girl was as composed as ever. Alex was anything but. She hadn’t imagined she could get any more embarrassed than she already was, but Fi had proven her otherwise.

“Well, let me see…” Winter tapped her chin with one manicured finger as she pondered. “I’ve noticed you’ve been trying out a little bit of a new look, Alex.” It took Alex a moment to realize what she was referring to, but she quickly figured out that the way she was dressing now was a far cry from the kinds of plain, frumpy outfits she’d used to wear. She could barely remember how or why it had happened, but she’d ended up giving herself quite the makeover. “So I think it could be fun to take that even further. We could go on a shopping date. I could take you all around town, suggesting things for you to try on. I’d be dressing you up like my own little Barbie Doll!”

Winter said all that with a serene smile, but her words were making Alex squirm. Something about that image, of Winter leading her around and making decisions for her, was incredibly exciting. Alex could imagine vividly how eager she’d be to follow Winter’s every suggestion, how pleased she’d be to win her approval. For a moment she got lost in the fantasy, and once she jolted herself back to reality she glanced around hastily, hoping no-one else had noticed.

“That’s all?” Marie asked Winter, sounding bemused. “Seems a little chaste, by your standards.”

“Perhaps,” Winter replied. The corners of her smile turned up, bringing a more mischievous look to her face. “Maybe after that, I’d take her home and then have a lot of fun taking those new clothes off again.”

Alex let out a gasp that quickly turned into an awkward cough. Everyone else laughed.

“She’s cute when she’s embarrassed,” Kiyo put in.

“She is,” Winter agreed, making Alex’s face burn. “It’s rather amusing to think about how embarrassed she’d be if I was peeling those clothes off one by one, revealing what’s underneath. I bet she’d be writhing and squirming like a trapped kitten. Of course, I’d be sure not to let her get away. What do you think, Alex? Would I need to pin you down?”

“I… what… you…” Words were far too hard for Alex in that moment.

“I suppose, just to be safe, I’ll have to throw her down on the bed and climb on top of her,” Winter continued with the same, composed expression on her face, a little spark in her eyes the only thing betraying how much fun she was having. “That way, it’ll be all the easier to slip off your top and your bra—assuming I let you wear one, of course. And I’ll be able to get a much closer look at your boobs.”

Alex was going to die. She was sure of it. She was going to pass out and die from embarrassment.

“All that is only if we were dating, of course.” Winter’s smile widened. “Isn’t that an amusing thought?”

“Y-yes.” Alex managed.

“Winter,” Violet said in a warning tone but with a rich smile on her face. “I think you’ve teased the poor girl enough… for now.”

Alex wholeheartedly agreed. Not only was she embarrassed from the fact that she’d admitted her crush on Winter—in front of a whole room of people, no less—she was embarrassed at how turned on she was by what Winter had described to her. She found herself longing for it, longing to be that deeply within Winter’s power, pinned down under her body and helpless in her grasp. The thought alone made her shiver. It was all she could do not to rub her thighs together.

“I’m next,” called out Marie, mercifully distracting attention away from her. Marie reached out and spun the bottle, finally giving Alex a little time to collect herself. But her reprieve lasted no longer than a few seconds, because the bottle soon came to a stop pointing, once again, at Alex.

“What?” Alex cried out at the unfairness.

“It’s the nature of the game!” Fi replied. “It’s luck of the draw! Now, truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Alex blurted out. She didn’t see any way it could get any worse.

“Hmm…” Fi didn’t seem to be able to think of anything, and Alex started to breath easier.

“I’ve got one.” Marie said, looking at Alex slyly. “What’s the furthest you’ve ever gone with a girl? Give us all the details.”

“The furthest…” It took a moment, but once Alex realized what Marie was referring to, her head was filled with vivid images of the first time she’d had sex with Sierra. Her mouth hung open as she remembered how it had felt, getting fucked hard in the gym shower while crying out for more like a shameless slut. She couldn’t mention that! There was no way she could mention that! “No. No! Dare.”

“You can’t just change like that!” Fi shrieked raucously, pointing an accusing finger at Alex while the others booed.

“Dare!” Alex repeated, like a petulant child.

“OK, OK, fine,” Winter said, cutting through the din. “I’ve got one. Alex, I dare you to kiss Marie.”

Out of the corner her eyes, Alex could see that Marie looked just as surprised as her, but that brought her little comfort. A kiss?! That was too far, wasn’t it? Or was it? At first, the prospect of being forced to kiss Marie seemed like just one more embarrassment piled atop all the rest. But the more she thought about, the more she started to find something alluring about the idea. She started to wonder what it would be like to kiss Marie. For so long, she’d fantasized about kissing a girl. Sierra wasn’t one for kissing, or for any kind of affection really. Marie didn’t seem the affectionate type either, but Alex could imagine her being an amazing kisser. Her lips looked so soft and inviting, parted slightly with surprise as they were. What would it be like, to feel Marie’s lips pressed against hers? Imagining it was making Alex’s heart rate quicken.

“Jeez Alex,” Violet said, rolling her eyes. “Stop daydreaming about it and doing it.”

“Shush!” Alex shot back, flustered. Everyone giggled. Alex realized she was actually going to have to this. Swallowing awkwardly, she reached out and set the bottle to one side, and crawled across the circle on her hands and knees until she was kneeling directly in front of Marie. Marie gave her an unimpressed look, but nonetheless bent forward a bit, offering her face to Alex. Alex found herself suddenly completely lost and unsure of what she should do. How did you kiss a girl? Which way did she turn her head? Was she going to mess it up? She knew she didn’t have time for those kinds of questions. She gathered her alcohol-induced courage, leaned forward, and pressed her pursed lips against Marie’s for a few seconds, and then pulled back.

The reaction in the room was a deafening anti-climax. After a few seconds of silence, Fi snorted loudly. “Is that it?”

“I kissed her, didn’t I?” Alex replied stubbornly, turning her face to one side.

“Hardly, babe,” Kiyo answered. “I don’t think that really counts.”

“What?!” Alex protested.

“Nope,” Violet agreed.

“It doesn’t count,” decreed Winter, silencing any further protest. When Alex pouted at her, she just smiled. “Come on, Alex. Have some fun with it. Loosen up.”

Alex sighed. She was hopelessly outnumbered, and completely unable to defy Winter’s verdict. “Fine. What do I have to do?”

“Put some tongue into it!” Fi shouted.

“Make her feel it!” Violet said at the same time. “Turn her the fuck on.”

Alex blushed hard at the last suggestion, but giggled at the same time as she turned back to Marie. She couldn’t help but imagine what it feel like to turn Marie on, to have her squirming and wanting more with just one kiss. The idea was intoxicating, so much so that it dulled Alex’s nerves as she prepared herself to kiss Marie again. Maybe Marie sensed her change in mood too, as Alex could see a faint curiosity in her eyes alongside the feigned boredom. Alex vowed to wipe the haughty, self-assured look off her face. She went in for another kiss, but this one was far more than just a peck on the lips. She put her body close against Marie’s and pressed her lips against hers forcefully. At first Marie kept her lips closed tight and was frustratingly unresponsive, but then a wicked idea came upon Alex. She opened her mouth, just a little, and gently bit down on Marie’s bottom lip. Marie’s eyes widened in surprise and her lips parted, but Alex didn’t give her chance to protest. She kept kissing her, and tentatively pressed her tongue into the androgynous girl’s mouth. Her tongue met with Marie’s and all of a sudden, Marie was kissing her back just as hard. Alex rejoiced; she’d won. She’d guessed that Marie wasn’t the kind of person to passively let Alex take the upper hand, and she’d been right. Marie was fighting her for the upper hand in the kiss, wanting to be the one who dictated the pace and the way their mouths met. Alex wasn’t willing to give any ground, though. Energized, she fought back just as hard, suddenly possessed by an insatiable curiosity to see how far she could push Marie, to see what Marie would do if she-

Winter coughed. “You can stop now, I think.”

Alex pulled back and slowly turned her head, knowing exactly what she was going to see. Sure enough, she was met with faces that were equal parts impressed, amused, incredulous and, surprisingly, aroused. Alex just stared back. That was all she could do; she knew there was nothing she could say after putting on such a performance. The awkward moment was finally broken when Fi collapsed into fits of laughter and shrieked: “Get a room!”

After that, they started giggling helplessly, including Alex. Even Winter was giggling, behind an upraised hand. The only person not laughing was Marie. She was doing her best to look serene and impassive, but she wasn’t doing a very good job. There was an indignant fire blazing in her eyes, and Alex noticed her shift her sitting position a little to keep her legs closed. The implications of that made Alex feel hot and blush, but also put a smug smile on her face as she crawled back to her position in the circle. When she was there, Violet offered her a high five, which had them dissolve into another fit of giggles. Their merriment only ended when Marie finally reached the end of her tether.

“She’s done her dare, right?” she snapped. “So let’s move on. Winter, spin!”

Winter raised an eyebrow at Marie’s tone, and Marie withered. But nonetheless, Winter reached down from the bed and spun the bottle. After a few seconds, it came to a halt, this time pointing at Fi.

“Truth or Dare?” Violet demanded.

“Dare!” shouted Fi immediately, gesturing enthusiastically with her cup. “Let’s keep the fun going.”

Just as immediately, Marie shouted “Fine! In that case, turnabout’s fair play. I dare you to make out with Alex! No, wait.” Marie paused for a moment, and a crafty look appeared on her face. “I dare you to feed her your drink, using only your mouth. There.”

“What?!” Alex protested again. Why was it always her? That wasn’t fair at all. It was almost like the others were deliberately ganging up on her. The more she thought about that possibility, the more likely it seemed. They were all close friends, and she was the new girl. And there was something in the way they looked at each other, in the way they looked at Winter especially. A sadistic cunning, like they were a pack of wolves circling their prey. Alex was about to raise further protests, but she quickly realized she had no time for that. Fi was already moving towards her. The way she moved was so different from Alex; there was no hesitancy or awkwardness, only an easy, flowing sensuality. Her silly, playful demeanor was gone, and she fixed Alex with a smoldering, enrapturing stare. She crawled across the circle towards Alex, raising her hips and ass enticingly in the air as she did. From that alone, Alex found herself breathing fast.

“Now, wait a moment, I just—” Alex spluttered.

Fi didn’t let her wait. She got so close to Alex, she was practically sitting in her lap. She coiled one of her arms around the back of Alex’s shoulders, making her feel like a little mouse trapped between a cat’s paws. With Fi’s body pressed so close against hers, Alex was starting to feel incredibly warm. And then Fi drank deep from her cup, and kissed her.

The kiss was so fierce, it blew Alex away. Fi was all over her all at once, not just with her mouth but with her hands two, groping her and feeling her. She forced her tongue deep into Alex’s mouth, exploring her deeply and mercilessly. Alex tried to put up a fight, as Marie had done with her, but it was totally pointless. Fi was much too forceful and much, much too good. The way she kissing her was making Alex weak. She’d never have believed a kiss could be as intense as sex, but Fi was making her believe it. Alongside all that was the incredibly strange sensation of a mouthful of alcohol being passed to her by Fi. It felt incredibly intrusive, and she had to fight the urge to cough and splutter it away. In the end, when Fi pulled away, Alex was forced to swallow, although she was so desperate for air at the same time that she ended up coughing a little, spilling some of the strong drink all down the front of her top.

The others laughed, just as they had done at Marie minutes before, although Fi just winked at Alex and licked her lips, sending shivers all down her spine. As Fi returned to her position in the circle, Alex looked down and saw the mess she’d made, and groaned. The skin of her chest was glistening wet, and she could only watch, horrified, as her thin pink top soaked up the liquid, clinging to her skin and turning slowly transparent. Alex cross her arms tight over her chest to make sure no-one could see anything.

“Umm… I think I need to go and get cleaned up,” she muttered, but no-one took any notice. They were already moving on with the game. Fi had spun the bottle, and it pointed at Kiyo as it stopped.

“Truth or dare?” Winter asked.

“This is fun, let’s keep it going!” Kiyo said. “Dare.”

“Hey, where’s the bathroom?” Alex put in. “I, um, think I need some paper towels or something.”

“Oh, you need some help with that?” Violet said, and Alex couldn’t help being apprehensive at her tone. “Kiyo, I dare you to clean Alex up… with your tongue!”

Her? Again?! Alex fumed at the unfairness, but she couldn’t bring herself to muster a protest this time. She felt increasingly certain from the way they were all looking at her that they were ganging up on her on purpose, but she was feeling suddenly light-headed, and found herself just wanting to go with the flow. Maybe it was the extra mouthful of booze she’d just ingested, or maybe it was the way Fi had kissed her. Either way, she compliantly turned to face Kiyo, sitting next to her. Kiyo was grinning like a Cheshire cat, and gestured to Alex’s chest.

“Open up, cutie.”

As everyone else watched, practically leering, Alex slowly opened her arms to reveal her completely soaked top, which was so sticky with alcohol it was clinging perfectly to skin, completely revealing the shape of her body. It was also totally transparent, revealing her relatively sheer push-up bra. Kiyo didn’t hesitate. She lowered her head to the level of Alex’s chest, and licked her. Alex squirmed at the soft, wet, unfamiliar sensation of Kiyo’s tongue against her bare skin, and she utterly failed to surpress a quivering whimper that sounded far more sexual than she’d anticipated. Once she realized what kind of noise she’d just made, Alex shrank and closed her eyes, expecting to hear a chorus of laughter. But no laughter came. She timidly opened her eyes and peered around, and saw that all of the others were just looking on with intense interest, a shocking amount of naked lust in their eyes. Then Kiyo licked her again, and Alex was unable to prevent herself squirming once more, although she did manage to muffle her moan a little. She looked down and saw Kiyo licking her lips greedily, tasting the alcohol mixed with Alex’s sweat. Moments after they made eye contact, Kiyo abandoned any coyness and greedily pressed her face into Alex’s chest, licking and sucking up as much liquid as she could.

Alex braced herself, and tried her absolute hardest to remain cool and composed while Kiyo carried out her dare. She failed utterly. The feeling of having another girl licking and sucking her chest that way was divine, and what it was doing to Alex was beyond shameful. She could feel herself sweating and shivering, and even growing a little wet between her legs. She didn’t know if it was the alcohol or the excitement of the party, but it was like all her senses were heightened, and with her head already fuzzy, there was no way she could keep herself from moaning shamelessly from the waves of pleasure Kiyo’s tongue was sending all through her body. Alex closed her eyes, hoping if she could block out everything else she could control herself better. That proved to be a mistake. With her eyes closed, her sensitivity was even more heightened. Only a second or two later, she opened her eyes wide again with a particularly loud gasp, thick with pleasure. Once again, Alex chafed at the unfairness. This seemed far more like a dare for her than for Kiyo. By the time Kiyo pulled away, satisfied her task was complete, Alex felt like jelly. Sitting upright was hard, and resisting the urge to stick her hand down into her panties to make up for the unfulfilled pleasure Kiyo had given her was even harder. Alex giggled at how naughty that thought was, and squirmed at how tempting it was.

Alex was in too much of a daze to take notice of who spun the bottle next, or to protest at the fact that the bottle ended up selecting her, once again unfairly depriving her of the chance to collect herself that she so badly needed. “Truth or dare?” someone asked, and Alex struggled to pull herself together and get her mind off her own scorching arousal in order to answer. Once she had, she found everyone else chanting at her:

“Dare! Dare! Dare!”

Alex dissolved into a fit of giggles. Maybe it was unfair, she thought to herself, but it was fun and exciting to be the center of attention for once. She wasn’t used to it, and the head-rush was incredible. Alex found she wanted to keep the party going. “Dare!” she called out.

Everyone fell silent instantly, and thoughtful looks appeared on their faces as they tried to think up a new dare for her. Alex shivered with anticipation. Maybe a naughty dare wouldn’t just be embarrassing. Maybe it would also be a little bit fun. Fi got an excited look on her face and made as though to speak, raising her hands, but then Alex noticed her exchange a significant look with Winter, and she lowered her hands again. When she spoke again, she sounded much more deliberate and purposeful.

“Hey Alex,” Fi said. “Let’s turn it up a notch. I dare you to give Winter a lap dance.”

“No.” Alex replied immediately, her blood turning cold. Even after everything that had happened, that was too much. “No, no, no!”

“Yes!” Fi insisted.

“You can’t just back out of a dare!” Kiyo shouted.

“Fine, truth then.”

“No!” Violet added her voice to the chorus of boos and jeers. “Do the dare!”

“Come on, Alex,” Marie put in. “Just do it!”

“No!” Alex knew she sounded drunk as she did her best to strike an insistent tone. “I don’t care what you say, I’m not doing it!”

“Wait, wait.” Winter easily cut across the din. When she looked at Alex, magic in her eyes, Alex’s resolve faltered. But she felt certain, somehow, that Winter wouldn’t do or say anything to hurt her. “How about we settled this with a little game? If Alex wins, she doesn’t have to perform the dare. If she loses, she does.”

Alex squinted. Was Winter trying to give her an out? “What kind of game?”

“It’s easy,” Winter answered with a coy smile. “All you have to do is count backwards, from fifty to zero, in increments of three.”

Count back from fifty in threes? Alex’s brow furrowed in suspicion. That seemed way too easy. But then it twigged, and a broad smile spread across her face. Winter thought she was so drunk, she wouldn’t even be able to count. Alex could prove her wrong easily, winning the game and getting out of the dare. She was drunk, sure, but she was confident that as fuzzy as her head was, she could easily manage what Winter had described.

“Deal!” Alex agreed enthusiastically. This was going to be too easy. Nothing embarrassing or humiliating or arousing, just counting. She gathered herself for a moment, and began: “Fifty, forty-seven, forty-four, forty-one, thirty-eight, thirty-five, thirty-two, twenty-nine, twenty-six, twenty-three, twenty, seventeen, four—”

Just as Alex was sensing victory, Winter slowly raised one hand and snapped her fingers. It shouldn’t have been much of a distraction, but for some reason to Alex, the sound of her fingers snapped was as loud as the crash of thunder. The sound echoed around in her head, melting all the thoughts it touched. When the moment passed, Alex found herself confused, dazed, and totally unable to remember where she had left off counting.

“Four… um…” The hairs on Alex’s arms stood on end, as she realized with horror that she might be on the verge of failure. She couldn’t give Winter a lap dance! She’d die from embarrassment. “Four… Where was I? What was the last number I…”

She trailed off. She couldn’t remember where she was in the count. She just couldn’t. No matter what. Alex head Violet and Fi start to giggle, and she saw red. “You have to let me try again!” she snapped furiously. Winter nodded happily, and Alex took a deep breath and began again. “Fifty, forty-seven, forty-four, forty-one, thirty-eight, thirty-five, thirty-two, twenty-nine, twenty—”

Just as she had done before, Winter snapped her fingers. For the second time, the thunder crash of the snap washed over Alex, and all the numbers she’d been counting so carefully flew out of her head.

“T-twenty…” Alex’s hands balled up into fists in frustration. Why couldn’t she count anymore? It was like Winter was doing something to her, but that was obviously impossible. Was she more drunk than she’d thought? So drunk a simple finger snap distracted her so much? No way. There had to be something else. But what could it be? Alex realized she was finding it increasingly hard to think. It was like that sudden confusion wasn’t fully dissipating. Alex heard giggling, and saw that Kiyo was making a poor effort to hide her mirth behind one of her hands. That made Alex blush fiercely. Not only could she not count backwards from fifty, she had an audience to her failure! She felt so stupid.

“Fifty!” Alex said loudly, marking the start of a new attempt. “Forty-seven, forty-four, forty-one, thirty-eight, thirty-five, thirty-two—”

Another snap. Alex tried to prepare herself for it this time, but it was no use. She completely lost her train of thought, just as she had done before, and she felt her thoughts become even slower and cloudier. “I was… it was… thirty?”

“Nope,” Violet said jubilantly, giggling afterward. To her own surprise and in spite of her fierce embarrassment, Alex giggled too. She couldn’t help it! She just felt so silly. She knew it was important she managed to count all the way down to zero, but there was something inescapably funny about not being able to count at all. She giggled at how dumb it was making her feel. She still felt embarrassed, but she was starting to not mind so much. It was much more fun to just giggle along with everyone else.

“OK, OK. This time,” Alex announced, bringing forth more giggles from Winter’s friends. “Fifty, forty-seven, umm…. forty-four, forty-one, um, thirty-eight—”

She lost count again the moment Winter snapped her fingers, breaking off into a fit of giggles. Her head was so fuzzy, she’d been struggling to keep count even before that. It was humiliating, but she just couldn’t help it! She felt so dumb and silly. Perhaps it should have bothered her, but she found herself enjoying the feeling. It was so nice to be able to switch off her brain for a change. It was like how she felt when she was working out, but far, far more intense. And, Alex realized, just like when she worked out, she was starting to feel incredibly horny. She was hot and sweaty and sensitive all over, and she realized part of why it was so hard to think was that her body was screaming at her to rip off her clothes and start fucking herself, right there in the middle of the room.

“Come one,” Winter prompted. “Keep trying!”

“Um, like, sure.” Alex giggling again at the way she was so air-headed she could barely speak properly. Along with the fact she was failing at counting, and the fact that she was slurring her words, made her sound like a complete valley girl bimbo. “Fifty, um, forty-seven, forty-four, umm…” Alex lost count without any intervention and, realizing how ridiculous a spectacle she was becoming, redoubled her effort to complete the count as she started again. “Fifty, forty-seven, forty—”

One snap from Winter, and once again, her thoughts dissolved into nothingness, leaving her even more air-headed than before. How was she doing this? It was almost like witchcraft, not that Alex believed in anything like that. Maybe it was some kind of psychological technique, kind of like a mind game? She simply had no idea. She let out a whine at the unfairness, which somehow came out more like a moan. Fresh laughter reminded her that it wasn’t just her and Winter in the room—there was an audience to her humiliation. Somehow, that thought made her feel even more stupid, and even more sensitive.

“OK,” Winter said. “You’ve failed so many times, you only get one more chance.”

“Fine.” Alex made one last effort to summon up all her will and her diminishing brainpower. “Fifty. Forty-seven. Forty-four. Forty-one. Thirty-eight. Thirty-five. Thirty-two. Twenty—” Alex was interrupted once more by Winter snapping her fingers. Alex could feel the thunder crash of pressure in her head, threatening to take her under and ruin her counting. But, knowing this was her last chance, she just barely managed to force her way through it. “Um… t-twenty-nine. Twenty-six. Twenty—”

As it turned out, all her efforts were for naught. Dashing her hopes utterly, Winter snapped her fingers over and over again, hitting with a merciless barrage of snapping sounds that made her knees week and wiped her mind utterly blank. For several long seconds, she was barely aware of herself. She slumped over to one side, squirming hopelessly, and giggling over and over again as she babbled a series of incoherent, half-uttered numbers. The urge to pleasure herself was almost overwhelming, and it was getting increasingly hard for her to remember why she shouldn’t.

“You failed,” Winter said impassively, but with a sinister glint in her eyes. “That means you have to give me a lap dance.”

Alex rose unsteadily to her feet. She’d lost, fair and square. She no longer had the will to resist, nor could she grasp clearly why she’d even wanted to. Dancing sounded fun! It was embarrassing, sure, but so what? Getting embarrassed in front of Winter’s friends was fun too. That thought made Alex giggle, and she immediately giggled again at how dumb she sounded. The rush of heat in her body as she noticed the way people were looking at her was also making her giggle. Her horniness was fun too. That was the only level she could thing on anymore: fun. It was so blissfully simple.

Alex heard a strong, loud, distinctive beat and realized someone had put on music for her to dance to. She nodded gratefully and started tapping her feet. She was already feeling the music. Alex reached up to sweep her messy hair out of her face, and began. She started off by walking slowly and languidly towards Winter, swinging her hips as much as she could as she did so. The sudden interest in Winter’s face gave her confidence she was doing it right. She was far too drunk and fuzzy and horny to think about that properly—she was just doing what came naturally. When she reached Winter she bent over, keeping her legs straight, and rested her palms on Winter’s knees. She looked Winter dead in the eyes, fixing her with what she hoped was a sensual gaze, and she kept her body moving, gyrating to the music. With one hand she reached up and adjusted her top, pulling it down a little to show a little more cleavage. The gesture was greeted by whoops and cheers from her audience, but Alex only had eyes for Winter. Her crush was still looking calm and collected, for now. Alex was hoping to change that.

In one movement, she stood straight turned with the rhythm of the music. For a moment she let her body sway, side to side, with her hands on the back of her head. As little as their reactions mattered to her, she couldn’t help but notice the lust in the eyes of Fi, Kiyo, Violet and even Marie. It was invigorating. Alex giggled and winked, and their eyes widened just a little. Alex let her arms drift down to her sides and she started swaying her body more and more, bending as she did so and pushing back with her hips, leaning backwards into Winter’s lap and presenting her ass to her. She swung her ass back and forth in what she hoped was an enticing way. The appreciative noises of her audience let her know she was on the right track.

“Take something off!” Violet yelled raucously, and the others cheered to signal their approval for the suggestion. Alex didn’t even hesitate. She was lost to the music, and to the feeling of all those hot girls looking at her, wanting her. She crossed her arms over her front and, in one easy movement, slipped her top off over her head. Everyone cheered even more, and Alex threw her top off to one side, instantly forgotten.

Alex turned back to Winter, still dancing, and was immensely gratified to see Winter openly staring at her boobs, now concealed only by her bra. Eager to see what more she could do to turn Winter on, Alex reached down and made a great show of ‘accidentally’ flipping up her skirt, flashing Winter her panties. She saw Winter’s nostrils flair with lust, and the rush of arousal that brought her was better than anything she’d ever felt before. Through the thick mental fog of her own arousal, Alex was intensely grateful for all her time spent at the gym lately. Not only was she glad to have a slimmer, trimmer body to show off, all the exercise ensured she had the balance to really lean in to the dance.

“More!” Fi shouted. Alex whipped her head around and winked at her, and slowly slipped out of her skirt in time with the music. She was enjoying playing the role of the slutty stripper more than she’d ever thought possible. She’d always felt faintly jealous of those who were confident enough to show themselves off like that, and now, she was! Maybe the fact she could barely think was helping. Alex giggled wildly. Thinking was dumb!

At that point, Alex needed no encouragement to keep stripping. She reached out and gently caressed the side of Winter’s face with her fingertips, encouraging the goth girl to lean in closer. Then, she reached over behind her back and took off her bra. Despite her drunkenness, she managed to unhook it after only a few moments of fumbling. For a moment, she let the bra straps hang loosely off her body, holding the bra on her chest with her hands. Everyone cheered and hooted. She flung the bra onto Winter, and in the same smooth move crossed her arms in front of her breasts, hiding them. The cheers grew louder and more desperate. Alex was grinning from ear to ear. She knew she had them all in the palm of her hand, even Winter. Winter lifted Alex’s bra from where it fell across her shoulder and pressed it to her face for just a moment before casting it aside. Somehow, that small gesture set Alex’s body blazing.

Alex could tell the music was coming to a climax; it was time for the final flourish. Feeling bold, she raised one knee and pressed it against Winter, encouraging the goth girl to part her legs so that Alex could slip her leg between hers, resting it on the edge of the bed. Alex put her weight on that, leaning in until her body was barely inches from Winter’s. She arched her back, pushing out her chest all the way. The cheers had grown quiet. Alex knew everyone was on the edges of their seats, and for a moment, she let them savor the anticipation. Then she let her arms fall away, exposing her tits. She rested her hands on the bed, one on each side of Winter so she could lean against her even more, practically climbing into her lap. Everything about the way she was positioned was intended to let her shove her tits into Winter’s face as much as possible. Having her tits on open display like that was sending the best kinds of chills all over Alex’s body. She could feel everyone’s eyes boring into her with their hungry stares, and Winters’ was the best of all. Alex was high off a combination of alcohol, the attention and the teasing she’d received earlier. She felt almost as though she could cum from that alone. One touch on her pussy and she certainly would, but she was just barely able to hold herself back from that. She wondered how slutty and trashy she looked, breathing hard and shaking with arousal, having given another girl a strip-tease. That was a delicious thought.

After taking a moment to enjoy the silent applause of everyone’s amazement, Alex sauntered back to sit down in the circle again. She felt incredibly smug. There was no way any dare was going to top that. She wasn’t embarrassed, she was exhilarated. Clearly, her exhibitionism had reached its next stage. As Alex sat she felt the sudden, laughably out-of-place urge to cover herself, but she disregarded it easily, leaning back with her arms out behind her. She didn’t consider herself particular hot, but the way Winter was looking at her was making her reconsider that. What if Winter wanted to do more than just look? Alex found herself starting to fantasize. Maybe there was a spare bedroom somewhere at the party. The possibility of spending the night with the gorgeous girl she’d crushed on for so long felt tantalizingly real, and it was driving her wild. After everything that had happened, she was so desperate to be touched. Alex started rubbing her legs together slowly for the stimulation it gave her. She didn’t care who noticed. She was so needy.

“Girls.” Winter was the first to speak. She looked more composed than the rest of them, and there was a note of reproach in her voice. “What are we all waiting for? No-one said the game is over yet.”

Obligingly, Fi slowly reached out and span the bottle. When it stopped, it was pointing at Marie. “Truth or dare, Marie?” Winter prompted.

“Dare,” said Marie finally. Her voice was higher pitched than it had been before, and she sounded a little out of breath.

It was a long time before anyone spoke, but eventually Violet said: “I dare you to pleasure Alex.”

This time, there were no protests, from either Marie nor Alex. The only sound in the room was Alex tittering at the idea. After a moment, Marie nodded curtly and started crawling over to Alex. Alex’s giggles died in her throat as she realized this was actually going to happen, but she still didn’t protest. Shame was a foreign concept to her at this point, and her body was unbelievably thirsty for pleasure. It helped that there was no suggestion of mockery in Violet’s voice, only lust. Violet wasn’t doing this to humiliate Marie or Alex. She was doing it because she wanted to watch Alex get fucked. That realization alone was enough to make Alex whine.

Once Marie was right in front of her, she just stopped and waited. Alex realized she was waiting for her to get ready. Slowly, she lent back, shifting her weight until she was reclining, and started to part her legs. She was extremely aware of the fact the only thing she was wearing was her panties. She was offering everything to Marie. She started to wonder what it was going to feel like. Sierra had eaten her out before. Would it be like that? Would Marie feel different? She was incredibly eager to find out. Marie moved closer and started to lower her head, moving by inches. Unable to wait any longer, Alex reached out with a hand to guide Marie’s head down to her dripping, desperate pussy. She started with surprise when Marie grabbed her hand at the wrist and fixed her with a wicked grin.

“You think I’m gonna go down on you?” Marie asked. Her voice was dripping with sadism. “Foolish girl. That’s not the way I do things.”

Alex realized that in not protesting, she’d made a huge mistake. She giggled nervously. Marie was probably just as horny as she was, but that wasn’t all. Marie was thinking about the way Alex had embarrassed her earlier. Marie was looking for revenge. Before Alex could say anything to pacify her, she made her move. Swift as a pouncing serpent, she darted forward to press her body flat against Alex’s, keeping her from moving. Their faces were barely inches apart. Alex was more terrified, but she was also more aroused than ever.

“You think you got the better of me earlier, you stupid fucking bimbo?” Marie snarled. “Let’s see how smug you look when you’re cumming your brains out all over the floor.”

Before Alex knew what was happening, Marie’s hand was down her panties and her fingers were inside her. She let out a huge gasp and squirmed desperately as her muscles spasmed, involuntarily squeezing down on Marie’s hand and sending thunderbolts of ecstasy through her entire body. Marie was determined not to let her squirm away. With her free hand she took a hold of Alex’s hair, keeping Alex firmly in her grip and making Alex look into her face.

“I can make any girl cum in thirty seconds with these hands,” Marie bragged. “And I bet a slut like you won’t make it ten.”

Once she started working her fingers in and out of Alex, Alex believed her. Her long fingers were so deep inside her, and curved perfectly to bring her as much pleasure as possible. It was as if Marie instinctively knew how to hit her g-spot, and she was fully exploiting that advantage. At the same time, her thumb was rubbing against Alex’s clit so fast it was almost vibrating. Marie wasn’t messing around, and she wasn’t trying to torture her by keeping her on the edge either. She was just trying to make her cum as fast as she possibly could. And it was working. Alex lost control of her voice immediately, moaning and screaming her pleasure for all to hear. Even Marie’s hand in her hair was part of it. She felt so powerless and dominated and slutty. It was amazing. Alex’s body was responding to her perfectly. It was like Marie was a virtuoso musician, and Alex her instrument. Within seconds, Alex was seeing stars. Moments later, the corners of her vision started to cloud in and turn black. She could sense her impending orgasm. Part of her wanted to fight it, to deny Marie her victory and preserve just a small fragment of her own dignity. That part of her was utterly dwarfed by the part of her that just wanted more. She felt the orgasm start to crash against her, driving her to the edge, and her cries of pleasure shot up an octave.

“That’s it, whore,” Marie urged, sensing she’d won. “Cum for me.”

Alex did. She came, with an earth-shattering scream that the whole house must have heard. It was her best orgasm yet, so powerful and intense and humiliating and raw that it made her feel as though her mind was breaking and her whole world was ablaze. Marie gave her no mercy, continuing to fuck her with her fingers, constantly driving her to fresh heights of hedonistic bliss. In the end, she couldn’t take it anymore. With one final scream, Alex blacked out.

To be continued...

* * *