The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Mutant Collector

Part 3: The Fight/Seducing Sirus

The four made it back to the SWC at 11 p.m. but Juni was hesitant to go back inside through the broken window.

“Juni, what’s wrong?", John asked.

“I’m scared.”

“Why? Sirus can’t hypnotize you,” Cole said.

“I know, but the thought of him being in the building scares me-that he can appear and disappear at will.”

“Juni, we gotta fight him at any cost. Besides, we can’t chicken out now,” Zelda said.

Juni thought for a second and said, “You’re right Zelda. Let’s finish this guy!”

“Right on girl!", John exclaimed.

With that, the four climbed back into the broken window to get back into the building and encounter the evil mutant.

In a few minutes, Sirus reappeared and exclaimed, “So, you four are back to fight me! I know your plan, Juni. You’re going to say my name backwards and defeat me.”

“Of course, Sirus,” she said.

“Well, I’m not going to make it easy for you. No one has ever defeated me, and I guarantee that you won’t either.”

Then Sirus sensed that John was going to attack him. He put a thought into his head:

“No, John.”

Like Cole’s, the mutant’s face slackened and he stood there unmoved.

“That’s it! No one does this to my friends!", Juni angrily exclaimed and froze Sirus. Then she said, “Punch him, Zelda!”

Zelda ran towards Sirus and punched him, knocking him to the floor. He was unconscious for the time being.

Juni went to her boyfriend and exclaimed, “Wake up John!"—shaking him.

John awoke from his trance and saw that Sirus had been knocked out.

“How long will he stay that way?", he asked.

“I don’t know, but let’s not stay and find out!", Juni exclaimed.

The four ran back outside through the broken window and Juni said, “I’ve got an idea. I think I can seduce Sirus.”

“Excuse me?", Zelda asked, “J, are you crazy?”

“Well, I might be but what else can we do? I’m the only one he can’t hypnotize.”

“But that doesn’t mean he won’t try to kill you!", Zelda exclaimed, “Juni, he knows our every move. He’s going to know immediately what you’re doing!”

“Well, that’s a risk I’m willing to take,” Juni said, “besides, we tried to kill him before and it didn’t work. We can’t keep running away.”

Zelda softened and said, “Okay J, but if you’re in trouble, freeze him and call us.”

“Okay,” Juni said, confident but a little scared.

Juni went to John and they kissed. Cole kissed her on the cheek and softly said, “Good luck, girl.”

“Thanks. I’ll need it,” she said.

“We’ll be out here if you need us,” Zelda said.

“I know,” Juni said.

She climbed back into the window and walked down the darkened hall. In a few minutes, she encountered Sirus.

“Well Juni, where are your friends?", he asked smugly.

“Those losers? Forget them. I want to join your army and taste world domination.”


“Sirus, I never noticed how handsome you are. I want you.”

“Really, Juni.”

“Yes. There’s something about older men that makes me hot, and I can’t wait another second.”

Unbuttoning his shirt, she breathed, “Take me Sirus. Make love to me. I need you!”

The mutant was on to Juni but decided to play her game.

“Take off your clothes, Juni.”

“Mmm...yes master,” she breathed.

In a few minutes, the two removed their clothes and were down to their underwear. Sirus kissed her lips and she was moaning a little. Her lips tasted so good and he felt her body next to his. Their tongues touched and Sirus’ went around her teeth and back to her tongue, and Juni was moaning again. He pressed his hand with hers and she whispered “touch me.” He kissed her neck and her eyes had a vacant stare to them, as if she were hypnotized, and she felt his warm kisses on her neck. Sirus touched her lips with his finger and her body was quivering. Juni’s eyes looked at his lips, and she closed them. She opened them again, kissed his lips deeply and couldn’t stop. Sirus’ lips responded to Juni’s and their kisses were very passionate and addictive. They kissed deeply in the dark, and Sirus kissed her face, causing her eyes to roll back in pleasure. Her pulse was quickening and she was breathing rapidly. They were clinging to each other, continuing to kiss hungrily. She said, “Sirus, touch me.”

And so he did. He stroked her breast and she began to shiver, and they kissed again. Sirus came down with his lips to her beautiful breast and kissed it and Juni said, “Oh Sirus.” Then she moaned loudly again and again because she liked it when he gave pleasure to her body. Juni continued to moan with pleasure, making love to Sirus. He kissed her again, and her lips begged for more.

“Kiss me more,” they said. He honored her request.

Sirus called out her name in the dark and followed her desire. He kissed her wet lips again and looked into her shimmering brown eyes. Their tongues touched and played together, and Juni moaned very strongly now. He laid her down on the floor and came over her. Juni opened her legs for him and he came to her with his heat and took her in his arms. Juni said, “Sirus, make love to me.”

He did, and she became very aroused and moved her body to give him the greatest pleasure. Sirus kissed her breasts and licked them, and Juni moaned loudly.

They laid together and nobody said a word. Juni’s head was laying on Sirus’ chest. He stroked her hair and body, and kissed her neck and shoulder. She held him and touched his lips with her fingers, then she licked his neck.

Juni was turning Sirus on with her stroking. He felt her warm body next to his and her full breasts touching his chest. Her hand searched for his and found it. She stroked his chest with her lips, and he ran his fingers through her hair. She liked that so much.

The mutant thought that she had the collector in her corner and proceeded to say his name backwards:


The evil mutant grabbed her by the throat and smugly said, “I know this is why you seduced me, bitch. I was on to you all along.”

Juni became frightened and couldn’t say anything, but then Sirus let go of her throat and pushed her down. She quickly threw him across the wall with her hands and froze him, then she grabbed her clothes and ran away.

“Guys, guys-help me!", she called out-still running through the building.

Her friends found her and John jokingly asked, “How many times do you want to get naked tonight?” and added, “by the way, we as well as the rest of L.A. could hear you moaning.”

“This is no time for jokes,” Juni said-trying to catch her breath, “the seduction backfired. When I started to say Sirus’ name, he grabbed me by the throat. I thought that he was going to kill me, but I escaped. I knocked him to the wall and froze him, but I don’t know if he’s still frozen.”

“Well, he’s left us no choice,” Cole said, “this time we’ve got to take risks even if we keep getting hypnotized in the process. For now, Juni, get your clothes back on.”

Juni put on her clothes and John looked at his watch.

“Oh no! It’s one a.m. now and at 9 a.m. everyone’s going to be coming back for work!”

“That means that we’ll got until 8:30 a.m. to defeat Sirus,” Juni said, “and I’m too tired to think.”

“Quick, have some Coke,” Zelda said-giving the bottle to Juni.

“I wish we brought cups, but here goes,” she said-and took a swig from it.

“Ah, now I’m awake,” she said-grinning.

The three mutants took drinks from the bottle as well and were buzzed.

After the four were alert, John said, “Juni, you’re the only one who can’t be controlled by Sirus, so it’s up to you to bring us out of our trances when he hypnotizes us. If you have to slap or shake us, that’s okay too. We won’t take it personally.”

“You got it,” Juni said, “but if any of us get tired, I’ll freeze Sirus so that we can refresh ourselves. After all, we gotta stay alert if we’re gonna survive the night.”