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my Master, my Black Master

You will have guessed the subject from the title. The story takes(took place) nearly 10 years ago, but as writing is new to me, I will write it as it happened and how it felt to me at the time.

I have had a bad day, I suppose I should explain who I am first.

I am 23, 5ft 9inches, dark brown hair, blue eyes, fit and tone but not a muscle freak, I workout most days and I had better say given the following story, I am straight. I have been a qualified printer for 3 years, and before that an apprentice printer. I work the 10pm until 6am shift. Today I should have finished at 6am, but some of the day shift did not appear and as there is a rush job on, I had to stay back till it was finished. As I said I have had a bad day.

I normally go to the Gym straight from work, arriving about 7.20am, the manager expects me and although he normally opens up at 7.30am, he lets me in when I arrive and I get to use the equipment in peace. Today of course, it was 9.30am before I arrived, the Gym wasn’t exactly buzzing, but there was certainly more people around than I am used to seeing. Anyway I had my work out, or tried, there was a guy at the other end of the room that was annoying me, you know the sort, loud and mouthy, hangs around gyms, isn’t really interested in working out, stays near the door so he can nip out to have a smoke and check out the guys coming and going. I see him occasionally as I leave in the morning, but he normally keeps out of my way. He would choose this morning to try to come on to me. I suppose he was good looking in his way, 6ft 2inches, 230lbs, well defined, black and with an extreme attitude, obviously gay and he made it perfectly plain that he was here looking for sex partners. Today he tried chatting me up and blowing his smoke breath all over me, I really wasn’t in the mood for it, so told him that if there were three things I didn’t like it was smokers, gays who smoke, and black gays who smoke, I regretted saying it as soon as I had finished speaking, but he had annoyed me so much, he just stared at me and I felt his eyes were boring into my mind, I felt my face flush so I just walked out. I don’t think I am particularly bigoted, I certainly don’t like gays, especially when it affects me, alright if they want to do whatever they do in private, I suppose that is OK, but not when then want me to take part. Blacks I can stand, in fact I know a few of them that do the cleaning in the printshop where I work, and I always talk to them, but they should stay with there own kind, there are racial and cultural differences and lets face they believe in segregation as much as anyone else. Smoking is different again, it is extremely unhealthy and if people want to kill themselves and ruin their own health that’s fine with me, but I don’t think I should have to breath their smoke and there is nothing worse than the smell of a smokers breath when they are talking to you, even if they are not actually smoking at the time.

I thought about it all the way home and decided I would stay on at the gym the next day until he came in, in order to apologise to him.

Next day, after my workout I stayed on and sure enough he came in about 9.15am, his mouth proceeding him. I went up to him and started to apologise, he stared at me with these big brown eyes and I could see the hurt in them, I tried to continue apologising and I think I did, mind mind seemed to fill with cotton wool, I remember looking at him and he seemed to radiate, I recall him talking but cant remember what if anything was said. Truth to tell the next thing I can remember is catching the bus at the bottom of the road to go home to bed. I laid awake for a long time, trying to work out exactly what had happened, one thing that stayed in my mind was that I had to speak the next day to him to make sure that I told him how sorry I was.

The following day, I hung on again ,this time he didn’t arrive until 9.45am, I was getting a bit fed up waiting, but I felt I had to see him and let him know how I felt. I went over and told him how sorry I was, he said that’s fine, how about a coffee. Well, normally I don’t bother with caffeine, especially as I was intending to go to sleep as soon as I got home, but, Hell, I had been rude to him the least I could do would be to, buy the guy a coffee.

He took me to a coffee shop I had not been to before, actually it must have been a fair distance from the gym, because it was nearly 12noon when we got there, but I am sure we hadn’t walked for that long. I ordered two coffees and took them to the table he had sat at, when I sat down he offered me one of his cigarettes, which I took, that should have told me something was up as until that point I didn’t smoke at all. We sat there chatting and smoking for quite a while, although I cant remember what we talked about. He walked me towards my house, and I called in to a tobacconist for some cigarettes, strong plain ones, the same as he smoked, I got 40, because as he said if I was working nights I wouldn’t want to run out at work. We arranged to meet up the next morning and go for a coffee again.

That night I had to buy another 40 cigarettes on the way to work, and I got myself a half bottle of whisky too, to help the night pass a bit quicker, though I seldom drink and never at work.

It was 10.15am the next day, Thursday, before he arrived, I was getting quite worried as I was looking forward to our usual chat, we walked to a pub he knew, where we had a few drinks, I bought some more cigarettes and we walked back to his place. As we got into his house, he suggested that I would feel more comfortable, if I got out of my clothes, he was right of course, because I had been wearing them at work all night, and I hadn’t showered after my workout as I intended showering when I got home. I stripped down and then he did so that I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, he had a wonderful body and I seemed to stand there admiring it for a long time, thoughts about sucking his dick and letting him shove his cock up my arse kept going through my mind. I am straight but it seemed so hot to think along those lines, eventually I felt compelled to ask him if I could suck his dick, he seemed surprised, but said yes if I wanted to. I practically fell to my knees and took a mans cock in my mouth for the first time, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before, the world did move, I saw fireworks and as he came in my mouth, I came too without even touching my cock.

In the post orgasmic afterglow, he told me that I would enjoy myself more if I didn’t touch my cock in future, after the experience I just had I could believe it, he said I should stop playing with myself and I found myself agreeing to that. We laid back on the bed smoking for a while, I found myself hoping that he would want to fuck me, the feeling got stronger and stronger, until I had to beg him to do it and put me out of my misery, he tried to dissuade me, kept telling me that I was straight and that the first time was very painful, but I wanted it, I needed and eventually after much begging he finally agreed that he would fuck me. He told me to meet him again the next day after my workout and we would go to my flat. I tried hard to persuade him to fuck me there and then, but he said that I should think about it as it was a big step for a straight guy like me. I walked home and found I couldn’t stop thinking about that magnificent cock and how it had felt in my mouth, I could imagine being fucked by it too, I couldn’t get the thoughts out of my mind, I wanted it and I wanted him. On the way I stopped in for 60 fags and a bottle of whisky, to hopefully last me over the night shift.

Next morning was Friday, the weekend starts here, it was certainly the longest nightshift I had every known but at least I had something to look forward to now. I got to the gym at my normal time and my workout seemed to take even longer than the night shift had. Eventually I saw him, I don’t know if it was me or not, but he looked taller, broader, more handsome than I remembered, I was proud that this magnificent man was going to fuck me. He smiled across the room at me, I felt the pride surge in my heart, I almost wanted to tell everyone in the room that this hunk was going to take me home and fuck me. We walked to my flat, I called in for more cigarettes, I bought a pack of 100 and a couple of bottles of whisky, and for a change half a dozen cigars, nice thick ones.

We got to the flat and he insisted that we sit down and talk first to see if I was of the same mind, he spoke, I looked at him and the room seemed to tilt and fade. We must have talked at while, but again I don’t recall what was said. Well he asked, do you still want me to fuck you. Yes Sir, please Sir I answered. Well boy, he said, you will need to ask me properly. Of course I had forgotten that I should ask properly, so I got down on my knees and said , Please Master, this slave begs that his Master takes His pleasure with His slave. He told me to bend over the chair and present my pussy to him

I’m gonna make your arse into my personal fuck hole. I will coat it and my cock with lub and my meat will simply slide in like it is doing right now along your crack.” I knew what he said was true, and I wanted this perfect man to plough me, time and time again. I kept thinking that a few short hours ago I had been straight, I had never considered sex with a man, and now here I was begging a man to fuck me.

“Please, Sir, fuck me HARD,” I whimpered. He slid a pillow under my tummy and crotch, which raised me to a comfortable level for his tool. “Get your hands onto your butt cheeks and pull them apart to widen your hole, my little fuck slut, at the same time spread your legs as wide as you can.” I did that instantly and obediently, I knew that I wanted to be his fuck hole, I need to be the pussy he used, I wanted his seed in me. I totally believed that the pain would be excruciating, his knob was massive, it had already stretched my mouth and my hole was at the moment virgin. He sensed this, so once again slid his cock up and down my crack, kissing my neck as he did so. I was totally relaxed by the time he decided to make me his pussy and sex slave. Unbelievably, between his sliding that juicy creamed-up brute up and down my crack, and my own relaxation, when he suddenly plunged his cock into me, I hardly noticed it! I had to ask him, knowing that he had stopped sliding up and down, what he was doing. “I’m inside you now, whore” At that moment all the programming that he had be pumping into me for the last few days took effect, i knew from that second that i was His slut, His whore, His sex slave, His servant and His totally obedient slave. i knew that i would become His gay fuck hole and a whore for his friends, that i would be modified until i was the sex toy He wanted, and i also knew that i wanted it, that i wanted to be a black mans slave, that i had always wanted that. Always wanted to be a whore for black men to use for their pleasure.

He slowly pushed his cock all the way down till it hit my prostate. what a feeling that was, to have this man, my Master, taking possession of my entire being with the whole length of my anus stuffed with this big beautiful black cock. He laughed. Now He knew He had me in His power. “I’m going to plough you now, slowly at first, then build up into a crescendo of thrusts which will turn you into a lust bunny, hankering to be fucked every day of your life.” And without more explanation He fucked me. He slowed down, He sped up, He slowed down, He sped up. It took about 40 minutes, but 40 minutes of delight, while at each thrust He breathed instructions into my ear and directly into my mind. For myself i knew i had gained a small slice of paradise, and that life would never be the same. Now my Master ‘knew’ me through and through. My virginity was sold and the price was very high, it was servitude for the rest of my days but it seemed worth it to me.

i know now what i have been searching for that all my days. my Master is going to train me to be the slut He says i am, i am to move out of this flat and into my Masters house, He will sell the freehold, and my car to help pay for my accommodation and my training, i am to give up my job as soon as possible. i am to refer to my Master always as Master and to all black men as Sir, my cock is now redundant, my balls are a waste of space and my arsehole is my pussy. my pussy is available to all black men and when i am in Masters house i am to remain naked at all times.i am now a sissy, a sissyslave, a sissy pussy for the use of all Black men.

Master told me that He has many surprises in store for me and that my life will be different, i am now His property and my formal training will begin next weekend when i officially move into His house, until then all my spare time will be spent learning my new trade with the help of His friends. With their help i will become a cock hungry white whore.

i worked my normal shifts throughout the week, having handed in my notice on Sunday night when i started back to work, i had spent the weekend being fucked constantly, so much in fact that my pussy felt empty all day at work. i have become a heavy smoker too, smoking between 60 and 100 full strength unfiltered cigarettes a day, i also drink at least a bottle of whisky a day, but Master says that from the weekend i will drink only lager and dress as the lager lout i am going to become.

Friday morning i finished my work with my final pay packet, i emptied my flat and handed over the keys to my Master along with the pay packet, everything i once owned belongs to my Master now. This is to pay for my training and the modifications Master says i will need if i am to serve Him properly.

Saturday Master took me to the tattooists to have His mark put on my right arse cheek and above my left nipple, both were very sore but it is worth it because i am now owned, the owner of the shop took me into the back room and tattooed bulldogs with a Union Jack flag on both sides of my neck, LOVE and HATE on my knuckles and a Union Jack on my chest, Master says the eventually i will get more National Front emblems all over my body. Then i was taken to another room where my nipples and left ear were pierced, i now have a ring through my ear with a swaztika on it. Then i was fitted with a collar around each of my balls, Master likes low hanging balls and i will have more and more weights attached to these until my balls hang down far enough to satisfy my Master who likes to be able to kick them. Master had told me to pay for the tattooing, piercing and other work with the use of my pussy and the owner seemed to enjoy himself very much, as i said Thank You Sir to him one of Masters friend’s came by to pick me up to take me for my new wardrobe and to have my hair cropped and bleached. First i was taken to the back room of a hairdressing salon, where my hair was bleached and my body waxed. i know Master wants me to remain naked when He has guests, but He also wants me to join the local National Front party so i was dressed as a skinhead, scuffed jeans, white shirt, khaki blouson, red braces and 20 hole Doc Martens.

I spent the weekend naked, although i must admit that during the short times that my pussy was not in use i did enjoy the massive black cocks i had the honour to suck.

Monday morning i joined the National Front, my tattooes and piercing seemed to delight the recruiter, Master had programmed me with the answers i was to give, how blacks and asians were ruining the country, and how i enjoyed pakki bashing, gay bashing and the like.

Then it was back to Masters house to continue my training, i do love it so when Master invites His friends to use my previously straight mouth and pussy.

Well as I said in the introduction, this took place nearly 10 years ago, i am still Masters slave/whore, i still have bleached hair, cropped hair, although my hair is receding now, my nose has been broken five times as Master and His friends like to show what they think of skinheads, i smoke more than 100 cigarteets a day and what few teeth i have left are blackened as are my fingers and i have a massive beergut.i also now have many fellow slaves, who i met at the National Front meetings that i still attend, i know the sort of men Master wants, i invite them back to the house and Masters adapts them as He adapted me. my body is now covered with tattooes, mainly National Front logos, and pictures of skinheads.

During the day i keep my Masters house, cook His food and do His laundry, at night the boys that i help recruit from the meetings serve Him and His friends and from time to time i earn a little extra money for Him by being a whore. The day i met my Master was the best day of my life, which is why i remember it so well and why i am so happy to present you with my story.