The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: My Neighbor, Soon to Be Lover

Chapter: 3

Synopsis: A teen reprograms her older neighbour to become the lover she imagined him to be

Jacob blinked as he stared at me from the couch and I felt myself lick my lips.

I need you to do to me what you do to yourself at night.

There was only one thing I did to myself at night and, holy hell, it couldn’t be what Jacob was referring to.

I could feel my clit engorging in my panties as I blinked rapidly.


I refocused on Jacob. “Yes?”

“I know it’s a strange request. But I don’t know who else to go to that I trust.”

He trusts me.

“Your mother suggested it.”

My mother? Wait, what?

I cleared my throat. “My mother?”

My mother didn’t know about my addiction to my clit. She didn’t know Jacob was my obsession. How could she have suggested it?

Jacob smiled and the lines at the corners of his eyes crinkled again.

“She said you needed the practice anyway, you know, for your exams.”

It suddenly dawned on me that he was not referring to anything I had been thinking about. All the heat throbbing in my clit suddenly dissipated.

“I don’t understand.” I murmured.

“Sit.” He gestured to the armchair in front of him and I went to sit in it. I felt small in the chair as I tried to make myself comfortable.

When I finally settled, Jacob continued. “There’s a certain problem I have, with sleep. Your mom suggested that your hynotherapy lessons might help.”

It took a few seconds for me to respond. The feeling of disappointment hadn’t quite left me yet.

“Oh,” I finally said.

When I didn’t continue, Jacob leaned forward in his chair, and his cologne hit me again. “You don’t have to do it Layla. It’s a strange request coming from a neighbour you’ve hardly interacted with. So, I understand.”

I felt like chuckling.

Fuck, I’d interacted with him on so many levels in my head, he had no idea.

I shook my head. “No, it’s fine. I can help.

He seemed a bit relieved.

“Do you want us to try now?”

He seemed a bit surprised by that. “Would that be ok with you? Don’t you need to prepare or anything?”

I shook my head. “No, we could do it here in the couch if you like.”

His eyebrows raised a little and he seemed to shrug. “Ok. What do I do.”

Damn. This was happening.

“I need you to relax. It would be good if you could recline in the seat.”

He leaned his shoulders back and looked at me with one eyebrow raised.

I laughed and stood.

“No,” I moved over to him. “Like this.”

When my hands touched his shoulders I froze. Just what in the hell was I doing? But it was too late to stop now.

Using my hands to guide his shoulders, I spun him so his back was turned to the arm of the couch.

“Lift your legs up,” I breathed, very aware that I was mere centimeters away from him. He buried his elbows in the seat and lifted his legs, placing them along the length of the couch.

“Now, relax.” I leaned in and pushed him against the arm of the couch so his head rested against it. As I did, my breasts came down to his face and with my heavy breathing, they were heaving right below is nose.

My eyes widened as I saw what I was doing and my eyes locked with his.

There was slight amusement in his eyes and I straightened immediately.

Clearing my throat, I stepped away and averted my eyes from his gaze.

“Are you always this bossy, Layla?” Jacob was smiling and I realized he was teasing me.

“Not all the time.” I blushed and I saw the amusement in his gaze increase.

“Ok, what’s next.” He settled himself into the seat so he was in a comfortable position.

I cleared my throat again.

My nipples were burning and I didn’t want to look down.

They only burned like this when they were doing one thing and I knew if I looked I’d see the tight little buds printed through my t-shirt.

“I need you to look at this spot on my forehead.” I pointed to the center of my forehead. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I hoped I could remember all the steps from the textbook.

Jacob zeroed in on the invisible spot on my forehead.

I continued. “Now, look at that spot and as you look at it, you’ll start to become more relaxed.” I deliberately softened the tone of my voice. “Keep staring at that spot and you will feel the muscles in your body relax. The muscles in your arms are relaxing. The muscles in your legs are relaxing. The muscles in your face are relaxing.”

I used the opportunity to run my gaze over his chest and down to the waist of his jeans. I remembered the thick curls that I knew where hiding there under his clothes. I wanted nothing more but to lift his shirt so I could see them, touch them, kiss them.

“You can feel your eyes becoming heavier and heavier.” I tried to control my breathing as my gaze went lower on his body to the zipper of his jeans. I could see the slight bulge there.

So close.

“As you focus on this spot, you can feel your eyelids getting so heavy. You can feel them getting heavy as you blink.”

That bulge.

I had the strong urge to hold it, both hands wrapped around it, as I made love to it with my mouth.

I wanted to give it all the pleasure it had given me in my dreams.

I wanted to love it with my tongue and feel it throb against my lips.

“Your eyelids are heavy, so heavy. The next time you blink, they will be so heavy, it will be hard to keep your eyes open.”

I glanced at Jacob’s face and realized his eyes were almost closed.

Whoa. It was working.

“I am going to count down from five. When I reach one, your eyes will be stuck shut. They will be so heavy that the more you try to open them, the heavier they will be.”

I began counting, keeping my voice steady, even though my own thoughts were making it difficult.

When I reached one, Jacob’s eyes remained closed.

I took a deep breath. “When I touch you on the shoulder, you will feel your entire body become even more relaxed, even more loose, even more limp.”

I touched him on the shoulder and it was as if his entire body melted a little into the couch.

“When I touch your right arm, you will feel as if it is too heavy and loose to lift.”

I touched his right arm and didn’t see any response.

Time for the test.

“Now, your arm is so heavy. It will be impossible for you to lift it. Jacob, try to lift your arm.”

There was slight movement on his arm, but he didn’t lift it.

I took a few seconds to digest what I was doing.

I’d put him under.

I’d freaking put him under.

I could only continue from here.

“Now, relax. I’m going to count down to one and you’re going to go twice as deep. You will hear only my voice.”

I counted down to one and watched Jacob for any response. He seemed totally relaxed.

I stood watching him for a few minutes before I began pacing.

I’d gone into this with no idea what he’d actually wanted me to do. I didn’t even had any idea what I was doing.

There was a reason I was failing this course.

Maybe this had been a bad idea.

Finally coming to stop in front of him, I knelt by his head.

Tentatively, I reached a hand out and ran a finger over the gray at his temples.

Being so close to him was strange.

“Jacob, tell me what happens when you try to sleep.” I was calling him by his first name. It felt good.

It took a few seconds then he began speaking.

“I keep having dreams of her. Images. Thoughts I shouldn’t be having.”

My ears perked.

“Tell me about her.”

“Light-brown hair. Freckles. Round ass.”

My eyes widened and my hands flew to my light-brown hair then down to the freckles across my cheeks.

“I keep having dreams about this woman. Dreams I shouldn’t be having.” He frowned slightly.

“What do you dream about?” I asked breathlessly.

“I want to take her. I shouldn’t want to take her. Julia is my wife. I can’t cheat keep cheating on her.”


I hated Julia. But he was cheating on her? With who?

Damn. I was pretty sure neither my mother nor Jacob had expected him to be telling me these things.

My mother always thought my studies were about mindfulness. After all, that’s what I did before bed. I meditated to calm my mind and keep my nightmares at bay.

But this was totally different.

I wasn’t learning mindfulness in school.

This was hypnosis and I was free to do whatever I pleased.

“Tell me about this woman.”

Jacob began speaking immediately. “She’s sweet and so so soft. I like to have her in my room, on our bed, in Julia’s spot. Strip her naked. Feel her heavy breasts fall into my palm. I take her missionary so I can see the look on her face when I sink deep into her till my balls slap at that spot between the entrance to her pussy and her ass. Her eyes roll back and I know she’s feeling me. Every inch of me. She screams my name as I pound her. Her breasts bouncing up and down as I hold onto them. She’s everything Julia isn’t. But it’s still wrong.”

My eyes were wide as I stared at him.

He looked so calm and serene in his trance. Nothing like the words he’d just uttered.

I still couldn’t believe I’d heard those words come from Jacob’s mouth.

My. God.

And what was worse was that there was a throbbing in my panties just listening to what he’d said.

It was wrong. Bad.

But it felt so good.

I wanted him to continue.

“You enjoy fucking her?” I asked, my voice low.

“I most definitely do.”

I glanced down at his crotch and could see the bulge in his pants was more pronounced.

Damn. He was hard and it was making me even more horny.

I wanted to be this mystery woman.

“Do you want her now?” I whispered.

“I want her now,” he answered.

“Tell me what you’d do with her now.”

“I’d take her over this couch. Pull up her dress so her sweet cunt is exposed. And I’d take her from behind. Hard.”

I gulped and moved my hand down to my crotch without thinking.

I cupped myself through my clothes and squeezed hard.

“Do you always fuck hard, Jacob?”

“Yes. She likes it hard.”

His cock jerked in his jeans.

I cleared my throat as I glanced at the clock.

This was getting dangerous. Mom would be home any minute and here I was with our neighbor in our couch, hot and hard, and me flushed, ready and very fucking willing.

“Jacob, tonight you will sleep better. But you must come to me again tomorrow.”

I paused.

I wasn’t sure how to do this and I didn’t want this to end.

I wanted to hear more.

I wanted to be in his head longer.

Then it came to me. This mystery woman didn’t have to be a mystery to me. If Jacob knew who she was, then I could too.

Taking a leap, I asked, “What’s her name. The woman you dream about.”

I held my breath as I waited for his answer. A part of me wanted him to say my name.

A part of me wished for it.

Jacob opened his mouth and one word left his lips. “Maria.”

My heart dropped and the seconds ticked by but it was like time was frozen.

“Maria Rodenco?” I choked out.


At that moment, it felt like my world ended.

Maria Rodenco?

My mother?!?!

* * *