The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

MzDominica’s Double Play

“Going to be in town on Saturday. If you are interested in playing some games, I’m available for an appointment.”

That’s what the text message said. And it was from MzDominica, so Richard was paying attention. He noticed a few unusual things about it immediately. First of all, it was not phrased as a command. As one who had submitted to the hypnotic charms of MzDominica for a while, he had been conditioned to obey Her (he always thought of her with the capital H, of course). She was always careful not to enslave her subjects TOO much; a prosperous, happy slave with a life of his own was much more valuable to her than a full time one, and she believed in taking a long-term point of view. From his experience, this could only mean one thing: She was going to perform an experiment, and he was going to be the guinea pig. She had, of course, picked the right subject. Richard, a sometime hypnotist himself, was always interested in trying out new things. And MzDominica had never betrayed his trust before, so he decided to take Her bait. He texted back: “Thank You, Mistress. Any time You’d like would be fine. May i ask what sort of games You are talking about?”

The reply came quickly. “Cum in at 2PM. The usual hotel. And I’m bringing someone with me.”

Richard replied, simply, “i must obey Dominica.” This was MzDominica’s most common mantra, the standard reply that her slaves and subs gave when replying to a request/command. And he was definitely excited. He had numerous fantasies about threesomes; not the usual ones, but of being dominated by two Mistresses simultaneously. He was looking forward to the experience, but wondered who the other Mistress would be. MzDominica had taken on apprentices in the past, but She currently had been acting solo. He figured that this must be a training session for a new apprentice. If so, it would make things easier. MzDominica had a standing command for her more devoted slaves that they must obey the “Hypnotic Allure Ladies”, the term she used for her apprentices on her website.

He appeared at MzDominica’s hotel room promptly at 2PM. He nervously knocked on the door, knowing that his willpower was about to disappear and be replaced by pure pleasure. MzDominica answered. She was a blond goddess, 6 feet tall and dressed in black leather; a black leather top, a short black leather skirt, and knee high shiny black leather boots. The last were significant; Richard had a boot fetish, and MzDominica strengthened it, hypnotically, until Richard would go into trance at just the sight of those boots. Which he did, greeting her with, “Must obey Dominica. Must obey Dominica’s Boots.” Somehow, he managed to say “boots” in such a way that the capital B was clear. MzDominica laughed, gently, and said, “You see, I told you he would be a good start.”

In the room, there was a young woman, who looked very much like a younger version of MzDominica. She was dressed identically to MzDominica, but in white leather instead of black. “This is Mistress Daizy Chain.” she told Richard. “You may recall my mentioning Her to you. She’s my daughter.” This confused Richard. He knew MzDominica had a daughter, but he had thought of her as a young teenager, but the beautiful woman sitting on the bed was clearly an adult.

MzDominica saw the look of confusion on his face and smiled. “Yes, she’s been an adult for a while, and as a summer job, she’s going to be assisting me. She’s already a first class hypnotist; we’re going to see if she wants to go into the family business. You’re so heavily conditioned that I thought you would make an good first subject for Her.” MzDominica took another look at Richard’s face, and at a certain bulge in his pants, smiled again, and said, “Yes, I see you think so too. By the way, to help things along, I want you to know that I bought those boots Mistress Daizy is wearing.”

That was enough; Richard went into his standard submissive posture, on his knees, with his forearms on the ground, and his head bowed down towards Mistress Daizy. “Must obey Dominica’s Boots. Must obey Dominica. Must obey Mistress Daizy.”

“Very good, slave boy.” replied MzDominica, as a wave of pleasure swept through Richard, as always happened when he was complimented by his Mistress. Mistress Daizy looked a bit uncomfortable, so MzDominica told her, “Don’t worry. Remember, he has been serving me for 5 years; he has been thoroughly conditioned to my control. Haven’t you, boot slut?”

Richard was one of the few slaves to whom MzDominica had assigned a slave name: “boot slut.” Lower case, of course. He was already going into deep trance, so he immediately replied with his mantra, “boot slut must obey Dominica.” MzDominica smiled again.

“OK, Daizy, take him for a test spin. Try out a game of ‘Daizy Says’.”

Mistress Daizy spoke for the first time. In spite of her preparation for this, she was still a bit nervous. But the nervousness dissolved, when she said, “Daizy says, stand up!” and Richard jumped to attention, and said, “Must obey Mistress Daizy.”

She tried a series of commands. “Daizy says, sit down!” Richard obediently sat on the floor, repeating his new mantra. “Daizy says, put your hand on your head!” Richard immediately put his right hand on his head. “Daizy says, stand up!” Richard awkwardly stood up, his hand still on his head. “Sunny says, take off your shoes.!” Richard complied. “Daizy says, take off your shirt and pants!” Richard did, revealing that the only underwear he had on was a pair of black pantyhose. He blushed a bit, but Daizy knew that he, and many other of her mother’s slaves were required to wear pantyhose as a sign of submission, and were conditioned to be excited by it. Mistress Daizy was also enjoying hearing the phrase, “Must obey Mistress Daizy” again and again.

“Daizy says, get on your hands and knees!” Richard went down on his hands and knees. “Daizy says, bark like a dog!” Richard started barking, without saying, “Must obey Mistress Daizy” something which is rather difficult to do when barking like a dog. “Daizy says, stop barking.” and he did, repeating his mantra this time. She got a little bolder and stuck out her foot. “Daizy says, kiss the toe of my boot!” A huge smile appeared on Richard’s face, as he was being forced to do something he loved to do anyway, and said, “boot slut most obey Mistress Daizy!” and started enthusiastically kissing her boot. “Cum, slave, cum!” said Mistress Daizy, and Richard said, while continuing to kiss the boot, “boot slut must obey Mistress Daizy.” and his hips started shaking in pleasure, when both MzDominica and Mistress Daizy yelled, “STOP!”

Richard stood stark still. The vehemence of the commands had pushed him a little out of the trance he had been in. He wondered what had happened, but Mistress Daizy explained with a big smile on her face. “I didn’t say, ‘Daizy says!’ The game is over. Now, wake up!”

Richard was shocked. He was out of trance, now, and feeling very confused. He had been brought to the very edge of ecstasy, and then rudely pulled back. But all he could think to say was, “Must obey Mistress Daizy.” He hoped that would help a little.

MzDominica said, “Well, he broke the rules. What do you think we should do about that?”

Mistress Daizy replied, “I think a punishment is in order, here.”

“What do you think a good punishment would be?” asked MzDominica. But her smile made it clear that she knew very well what it was going to be.

“I think I would like to try out the remote control.” said Mistress Daizy. Richard knew very well what remote control that was. One of MzDominica’s many pre-recorded trances had created a virtual collar he “wore” around his neck. It was activated by a remote control, which had a number of purposes. The first one was that it allowed MzDominica to control his emotions. “Stand up, Richard.”

“Yes, Mistress.” he replied, obediently. He stood up.

“Look into my eyes.” Mistress Daizy commanded, and he looked. “You know MzDominica has commanded you to obey me. You MUST obey Mistress Daizy/”

‘i must obey Mistress Daizy.”

She then proceeded to weave a hypnotic trance around him. MzDominica had been right; she WAS an expert. She continued to cast her spell around him, watching him. When she saw him resist, she let him until the resistance started slipping, then she pulled him in, exhausting his ability to resist. Even someone who had never been hypnotized would have fallen into her spell; with Richard, it was a matter of only a few minutes before she had a direct line to his subconscious.

“I am holding the remote control for your collar. Zap! Happy! You are happy I have control of your collar.”

A look of happiness came on Richard’s face, as he truly felt happy. “i am happy You have control of my collar.”

“You have been disobedient. Zap! Sad! You are sorry that you have been disobedient.

Tears appeared in Richard’s eyes. He sobbed, “i am sad because i have been disobedient.”

“You will have to be punished. Zap! Happy! You are happy that you will be able to make it up to us!”

Richard’s face broke into a smile again. “i am happy that i will be able to make it up to You!”

“Zap! Confused! Which of us is your Mistress?”

A look of confusion went on Richard’s face. He saw in front of him the two Goddesses. One in black, one in white. He was MzDominica’s slave. But he was Mistress Daizy’s slave, too. “i must obey Dominica i must obey Daizy i must obey Dominica i must obey Daizy...”

“Zap! Calm. You are a slave. We are both Your Mistress. All you need to do is obey.”

Richard calmed as he said, “i must obey.”

“Very good, boot slut. Zap! Love. You love both of us.”

And a look of complete reverence came on Richard’s face. “i love MzDominica. i love Mistress Daizy. I worship, follow and obey MzDominica. i worship, follow, and obey Mistress Daizy.” It all made sense to him, now.

“But we still have your punishment to consider. I’ve always liked shooting galleries. Don’t you like them, Mom?”

MzDominica smiled. If Richard had been able to think, it would have been clear that this was planned in advance. “Absolutely!” she said. “But what can we use for the bear?”

They both looked at Richard. “Go to the corner. Walk along that wall to the other side of the room. But every time one of us hit you, you are to stop, yell “ouch!” turn around, and keep walking.”

Richard obediently walked to the corner. He started walking.

“ZZZZZZZZAP!” said Daizy. Yet another of his triggers. When he heard MzDominica, and now Mistress Daizy, say “zap” that way, he would feel a powerful electric shock through his penis. The command was part of a hypnotic chastity belt he wore, but now it was being used for a new purpose.

“Ouch!” he yelled, turned around, and started walking in the other direction.

“ZZZZZZZZAP!” said MzDominica, and Richard was again hit.

Back and forth he walked, with one “ZZZZZZZZAP!” after another, like a wind-up toy. His mind became completely clouded; his entire existence was walking and shocks going through his system.

But, after what seemed like an eternity, they stopped, and Richard finally reached the wall. By this time, he was near an automaton state, blankly waiting their next command.

Mistress Daizy was really enjoying herself. “Here’s a game we haven’t played since I was a little girl!” she said. “Let’s play dress-up doll.”

“And where will we find a doll to play with?” asked MzDominica.

Even through the fog his mind had become, Richard knew where they were going to get a doll.

“Let me handle this one.” said MzDominica. About 3 years before, she had convinced Richard to try out her feminization trances. Unlike most men who had listened to them, he had not been previously turned on by the idea of temporarily having a woman’s body. But he wasn’t turned off by the idea either, so MzDominica had promised him that if he didn’t like it, she would remove the commands. A little bit at a time, MzDominica had turned increased the new fetish, and ever since, kind of wavered between being one of her boy slaves, and one of her feminized slave girls. This discomfort made it much more fun for MzDominica, especially since the discomfort turned him on far more than the feminization did.

“Time for MzDominica to give you some SUGAR, boot slut.” Normally, Richard would react to his trigger by feeling a sort of phantom woman’s body around him. But he had been taken down so far, that this time, he felt a real transformation. He breasts and posterior grew, his penis and waist shrink, his hair grow long, and, in between his legs, a slick, dripping, vagina. He went on his knees, and said “boot slut must obey Dominica and Daizy”. He heard his voice go to a high, but not a falsetto, register.

“Here’s a nice top!” said Mistress Daizy, putting a yellow spandex top on boot slut. “Look at her nice little titties!”

“Stand up, boot slut!” commanded MzDominica, as she had him slip into a tight, matching short skirt. He wiggled his ass with pleasure, as Dominica and Daizy laughed, although he did not quite understand why.

“Do you think a little makeup would help?” asked Mistress Daizy.

“I think it’s a good idea.” replied MzDominica, and they proceeded to apply lipstick, eye shadow, and other cosmetics to Richard’s face, and placed a wig on his head. They put artificial nails on his fingers. His toes were already painted, because of previous commands.

“And now, for a special treat.” said MzDominica, and pulled out a pair of knee-high high-heeled brown boots. “Put these on, boot slut!” Waves of pleasure went though boot slut’s mind as he/she put on the boots. “Remember,” said MzDominica. “These boots are MINE. You must obey my boots!”

“Must obey MzDominica’s Boots.” said boot slut.

“This means that you are not wearing My Boots. My Boots are wearing you! You feel them taking you over. You are now just a doll, for Mistress Daizy and me to play with.”

“i am a little doll, for MzDominica and Mistress Daizy to play with.” repeated boot slut.

“There is a string attached to you. When one of us says something, and then says, string!, you will repeat what we just said.”

“Yes, Mistress”, said boot slut.

“I am a little dolly. String!” said Mistress Daizy.

“i am a little dolly!” said boot slut, in a childish, high-pitched voice.

“Will you play with me? String!” said MzDominica.

“Will you play with me?” said boot slut.

“Math is hard! String!” said Mistress Daizy. “Math is hard!” said boot slut.

“Look at yourself in the mirror, boot slut!” said MzDominica. He looked, and saw a beautiful woman looking back at him. “When you awake, you will remember this as if you were looking at a photograph.” commanded MzDominica.

“When i am awake, i will remember this as if i were looking at a photograph.” replied boot slut.

“Why don’t we take a real photograph?” asked Daizy.

“Photos have a way of getting in the wrong place.” explained MzDominica. “We can have our fun, but we don’t take chances with the privacy of our slaves. But now we have one dolly. Maybe we should have another dolly, so we can play with both!” And, from the other room in the suite, Mistress Daizy brought out a sex doll; not the cheap type they sell at out-of-the way sex shops, but one of the first class types that really resembled a real woman. And the doll was dressed very much like MzDominica and Mistress Daizy, except that her outfit was red. MzDominica turned to the human doll, and said, “This is Mistress Dollie. Mistress Dollie is your Mistress. You must obey Mistress Dollie.”

“i must obey Mistress Dollie”, repeated boot bitch.

“Zap! Love! You LOVE Mistress Dollie.” commanded MzDominica. “Now worship Her.”

boot bitch looked at Mistress Dollie. She was a Goddess. He was lucky that She allowed him in Her presence. He got on his knees and started bowing in front of Her. “i must obey Mistress Dollie i must obey Mistress Dollie i must obey Mistress Dollie...” he repeated over and over again. After all, She was his Mistress. She was his willpower. And he loved her, truly and deeply. So deeply that he didn’t hear the laughter in the room by the two women, looking at his loving worship of an oversize dress-up doll.

“Look!", said Mistress Daizy. “Our dolls want to play with each other. Oh, boot slut! Mistress Dollie wants you to worship Her boots!”

This drove boot slut into total mindless bliss, as she went up to Mistress Dollie, and started licking and kissing her boots.

“Don’t forget to suck the toe!” said Mistress Daizy, and boot bitch started sucking on the toe.

“Suck the heel!” commanded MzDominica, and boot bitch started sucking the heel.

“Suck the toe!” said Mistress Daizy, and boot bitch started sucking the toe.

“No, the heel!” replied MzDominica.

And they proceeded to start going back and forth, watching their obedient dressed up doll desperately trying to obey the conflicting commands, blissfully unaware of the game his two Mistresses were playing with him. But, finally, tears started appearing in his eyes.

“Mistress Dollie just wants you to lick Her boots, now.” said MzDominica, and boot slut gratefully went back to licking his Goddess’s boots, to the amusement of the two real women in the room.

“Hmmm...", said Mistress Daizy, looking at her watch. “I think we only have time for one more game. What should it be?”

MzDominica smiled. “Our little boot slut has been such a good sport, let’s give her a real reward.”

She turned to boot slut, still licking away at Mistress Dollie’s boots. “Mistress Dollie says to stop.” said MzDominica.

“Must obey Mistress Dollie”, said boot slut, as he stopped licking, and waited, kneeling before his Goddess.

“What would you REALLY like to do with Mistress Dollie?” asked MzDominica.

boot bitch had to think. But there was only one way he could show how much he loved and worshipped Mistress Dollie. “i want to lick Her Ass! I beg permission to lick Her Ass!”

“Ewwwwwwww!” said Mistress Daizy, but MzDominica smiled. “Mistress Dollie commands you to lick Her Ass!”

And boot slut, in ecstasy, put his head underneath Mistress Dollie’s skirt, and started licking furiously, putting his tongue around, in and out of the plastic anus.

“Now watch this.” said MzDominica to Mistress Daizy. “Cum, slave cum!” And boot slut’s hips started pumping back and forth; his body started jerking, and he started moaning with pleasure, as he continued to lick the posterior of Mistress Dollie. “Stop!” she commanded, and his body stopped, although his tongue continued working. “Cum!” she commanded, and his body followed her command. “Stop!” she commanded again, and once again his body stopped. “Now cummmmmmmmmmmmmm!” she said, and for the next two minutes, boot slut kept on cumming. Mistress Daizy was a little afraid he would hurt himself, but her mother knew what she was doing. “Stop!” said MzDominica. “Now, stand up and come here.”

“Must obey Dominica” said boot slut.

“Go into the bathroom, and clean yourself up. When you are done, come out.” commanded MzDominica, and boot slut obeyed. She and Mistress Daizy talked quietly, while Richard removed the various cosmetics that had been used on him. He walked out, without the makeup, wig or nails.

“When I count to 5, you will be totally awake. You will clearly remember everything that happened to you, as if we had recorded it and you saw it again and again. One, you are waking up. Two, things are becoming clearer. Three, your eyes are opening. Four, you are almost awake. Five, wide awake!”

Richard looked around. “That was incredible!” he said, “Thank you, Mistresses!”

MzDominica smiled. “I hope you enjoyed yourself. Put on your clothing.”

Richard put on his clothing. For some reason he did not understand, he had a bit of trouble putting on his pants. “You’ve been through an intense experience here. I want to make sure you’re safe. Give me a call when you get home!” said MzDominica.

“Must obey Dominica.” replied Richard, and MzDominica gave him a big hug and sent him on his way.

“When are you going to tell him he’s still wearing those boots you gave him?” asked Mistress Daizy.

“Well, when he gets home and calls me, he’ll find that the fun hasn’t quite ended.” said MzDominica with an evil smile on her face.