The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Naked in Front of the Computer”

Niusha sat down in front of her computer at precisely nine o’clock, just like last night, but she told herself that it didn’t mean anything. She had lots of things she could do online, catching up on the news or chatting with her friends or playing one of those dumb Flash games that Maamaan always talked about on Facebook. Just because she raced through her chores and ate microwaved leftovers for dinner so that she could have everything wrapped up before nine, that didn’t mean she was following... it didn’t mean it was having an... it didn’t mean anything. She was just relaxing after a hard day, that was all. Lots of people did it. Niusha didn’t have anything to feel guilty about. She—she wasn’t even undressed. How could the website be affecting her if she still had all her clothes on?

Niusha opened up her web browser, and her breath caught in her throat for a moment as she saw the familiar spiral begin to unwind in front of her. She heard herself begin to murmur something in bewilderment, but the grunt of confused astonishment died on her lips before it ever became words. This wasn’t—she didn’t—she hadn’t even done anything, Niusha thought to herself. She hadn’t typed anything or clicked anything or, or... how did she get here? How did her computer know that she was thinking about The Guiding Dark? (Which she wasn’t, not really, but maybe just a little but that didn’t mean it was having an effect or anything.)

She stared automatically into the depths of the spiral, watching the colors twist and whirl as she tried to figure out how she wound up here. She had a vague memory last night—all her memories from last night after nine o’clock were kind of vague, which was part of the problem and one of the reasons why she really wasn’t planning on staying on the site once she figured out how she got here in the first place. But she had a very vague memory of clicking through some settings in her browser. It didn’t seem like a big deal to Niusha at the time, because she was... kind of in the moment, she thought with a blush that turned her tawny skin a warm shade of copper. But maybe she’d done something without thinking?

Niusha already knew the answer to that. She’d done a lot of things without really thinking over the last few weeks, most of them involving gazing helplessly at her computer screen and nodding along to the sound of the soothing voice pouring out of the speakers like warm honey. (Oh. There it was again. She tuned it out without really even trying.) There was just something so hot about the fantasy of being programmed, brainwashed, trained to surrender her autonomy and become an obedient Good Girl that Niusha felt a warm shudder of arousal all the way down into her pussy just remembering it.

It wasn’t really a surprise that Niusha had gone back to the website every night since she found the link, reblogged in the social media feed that Niusha kept carefully quarantined from anything that might lead back to her real identity. It hit pretty much all of her kinks square on, melting her into an absolute puddle of lust from the moment she heard the first repetition of, “You want me to make you into a Good Girl.” (She reflexively capitalized the words in her head now, just as they were written on the pop-up boxes that the site occasionally expected her to click.) She loved to go along with the voice of The Guiding Dark and pretend that he was actually hypnotizing her into lowering her inhibitions and surrendering her will to a strong, dominant man. She’d lost count of the number of times she’d climaxed staring into the spiral and repeating his instructions.


But everything she’d done had been just exactly that. A fantasy. A little game she played with herself, pretending to go deeper and deeper into The Guiding Dark’s hypnotic trance every night and feel his pleasure slowly erode her ability to resist his warm, soothing words. (He was still talking, wasn’t he? Niusha nodded absently, clicking on a pop-up box that said, ‘I want to think less and obey more’ without noticing she was doing it.) She didn’t really want to become a mindless, obedient slave to some stranger on the Internet; she simply enjoyed the fantasy of giving up on the daily frustrations of dealing with arrogant doctors and demanding patients and sinking into a world of pure bliss where all she had to do was surrender. It was fun, it was sexy, and so of course she went along with it. It wasn’t affecting her. He wasn’t affecting her.

So it was a little bit of a surprise to find out that somewhere in all of that clicking and staring and furiously masturbating, Niusha had... appeared to... genuinely follow a hypnotic suggestion. She’d changed her homepage to The Guiding Dark’s training site. (She almost looked up to check the URL, but then another pop-up box appeared saying, ‘I want to belong to The Guiding Dark’ and she had to click on the ‘I Agree’ button, and once the window vanished her train of thought vanished along with it.) That felt a little too close to blurring the lines between fantasy and reality for Niusha’s taste, especially when she didn’t really remember doing it.

Well, she remembered, because of course she remembered because she was in total control because she wasn’t really hypnotized and she could stop anytime she wanted to. But she couldn’t seem to really make herself care. She didn’t feel like remembering. Even now, the memory seemed to slide down the endless trails of light that spiraled around and down to the center of the screen, diminishing in importance until it simply slipped out of her mind like... like... Niusha experienced a moment of uncertainty at the feeling of familiarity she experienced when she stopped thinking about things. It felt a little too easy to her. A little too comfortable. (But she liked being comfortable, didn’t she? Being comfortable was very important. Niusha wriggled out of her skirt so that she could enjoy that sensation of comfort even better.)

Maybe it was a good idea to take a little break. Just for a night or two, just to show that she could stop whenever she wanted and the website wasn’t really affecting her mind. Niusha nodded (and clicked on ‘I Agree’ again, the text now just a blur to her unfocused eyes) and decided that she really did need to take a night off. Not because she was really worried that she was losing her ability to resist the voice that tickled and teased her clit with every whispered word—that would be absurd. No, Niusha simply thought that maybe it would be a good idea to, to demonstrate how strong-willed she was by closing the browser and going to bed a little bit early tonight. She probably needed the sleep anyway. She was feeling so drowsy, so sleepy and relaxed and....

Niusha’s head nodded forward in a jolt so sudden that it practically startled her. She looked down at the clock, stunned to realize that she’d lost almost a half-hour staring at the spiral and woolgathering. It hadn’t really seemed like any time had gone by at all; one moment, she was watching the first strands of brilliant light trace their way around the screen, and the next it was already nine thirty. Shaken, she reached for the mouse, her mind instantly made up to close the browser immediately and sort out the implications later. The voice of The Guiding Dark still whispered to her, saying, “That drowsy, sleepy pull on your mind is getting stronger and stronger now, too strong to imagine resisting,” but Niusha was mindful of it now. She wasn’t going to let herself just tune out and follow along again.

But then another pop-up box appeared. ‘I’m only pretending to want to resist,’ it said. ‘Good Girls really want to obey.’ Niusha tried to ignore it, but every time she clicked on the red ‘X’ in the corner of the browser window, the pop-up only flashed angrily at her in response. She couldn’t get out of the program without clicking ‘I Agree’. She couldn’t escape without, without agreeing with The Guiding Dark. Despite herself, Niusha felt a powerful surge of arousal between her legs, soaking into her panties and making her squirm in the chair. She didn’t really want to be brainwashed, not really. But wouldn’t it be so fucking hot to believe she was? Wouldn’t it feel so good to click on the button and pretend that she didn’t have a choice?

Before Niusha knew what she was doing, she clicked on ‘I Agree’. The box went away, leaving nothing but the spiral in front of her and the slow, measured voice in her ears telling her to sink deeper. Niusha nodded vacantly, her mind already lost in the fantasy of being captured by the endless vortex of light. It was so fucking hot to imagine her resistance slowly eroding away, night after night of hypnotic bliss melting her mind down until she complied with her Master’s every command like a Good Girl. Until she was remade into a horny, thoughtless slut who couldn’t think about anything except following the instructions of a powerful, charismatic Man. God, that made her so fucking wet. Her left hand slipped down to rub at her pussy, her right hand still loosely resting on the mouse.

Niusha’s head sank forward again, her eyes rolling back in her head as she tried to keep staring at the screen, but this time she chose not to let it wake her. She wasn’t really asleep. She wasn’t really hypnotized. She was just going along with the fantasy. It was easy to go along with the fantasy, easy to pretend that she was filling The Guiding Dark’s pauses with mindless repetition of his words. “I’m not thinking at all anymore, Master,” she heard herself say, a hot tingle of arousal making her nipples stiffen into tight buds as she imagined the words sinking deeply into her genuinely brainwashed mind.

“I’m just repeating everything you say, Master,” Niusha husked out, her voice thick with arousal as her eyes slid shut in a long, timeless blink. She was already squirming out of her panties, desperate to feel her fingers pistoning in and out of her dripping cunt without anything restraining the force of her thrusts. Her breath came faster and faster, each panting gasp turned into a squeak of arousal by the sheer pleasure of having all her fantasies fulfilled. She wanted this so much. She would do anything to feel like this again.

Her head wobbled upright again, feeling like it was held up with balloons as her eyelids fluttered open once more. There was another box there, one with a slightly different appearance that Niusha couldn’t even begin to notice as she recited, “It feels so good to think Master’s thoughts,” and clicked on it obediently. Her eyes stared straight ahead, glassy and unfocused, as she gave in completely to the fantasy of being a mindlessly hypnotized thrall to The Guiding Dark. It felt so fucking good to pretend that she couldn’t think anymore. It felt so, so fucking good.

“I am a thoughtless, compliant Good Girl for Master,” Niusha intoned, her hands moving automatically to pull off the rest of her clothing. Her eyes were locked onto the heart of the spiral now, automatically following the lines deeper and deeper every time her gaze began to stray away from the pull of the warm darkness at the center, but her peripheral vision noticed a red light above the monitor. She ignored it. Good Girls were very good at not noticing the things they didn’t need to see, and Niusha was a better girl for The Guiding Dark every single day. She slipped three fingers back into her soaking pussy, thrusting them harder and harder as her other hand began to massage her tingling breasts.

The pleasure kept getting stronger and stronger, filling Niusha’s mind until it was the only thing she could think about. She heard The Guiding Dark’s voice saying, “Every night, you brainwash yourself deeper and deeper into my control,” and she heard herself responding, but the intensity of her arousal swamped her ability to think about what she was saying. She didn’t want to think at all, really. Thinking felt hard and boring and tedious, and obedience felt so easy and so good and so much fun. Niusha found herself wishing she never had to think again.

That fantasy felt even better than the rest of them. Niusha could barely even speak, the pleasure hit her so hard when she fantasized about Master’s control turning her mind off completely and leaving her as nothing but a blank, compliant toy to be fucked whenever Master wanted. “N-never think—again!” she squealed, trying hard to repeat Master’s words but unable to escape the overwhelming burst of climactic bliss that washed through her whole body as she sank into the delicious dream of complete surrender. “Nnnh nnnh NNNN!” she gasped, before her mind dissolved completely into ecstasy.

Master’s voice seemed to pause while she came, waiting patiently through her whimpering, desperate moans of euphoric bliss and her writhing, helpless shudders of pleasure. She couldn’t think about it, she couldn’t think about anything except how good it felt to let her climax smooth away her every last thought and leave her a mindless, horny fucktoy for Master. It felt so good to pretend that her orgasm left her completely open to Master’s programming. It felt even better to pretend that she wasn’t pretending anymore.

Only when Niusha sagged into boneless relaxation, naked and drenched in sweat in her computer chair, did she hear The Guiding Dark begin again with his programming. “You don’t need to remember anything but the pleasure,” he said, and Niusha felt herself begin to tease her pussy again as she repeated his words. She smiled vacantly as her arousal slowly built once more, knowing that each climax helped to lock in Master’s suggestions deeper and deeper. Until that beautiful day that she dreamed about, when his control was so perfect and absolute that Niusha didn’t have to pretend she had free will anymore. Until she could stop thinking completely and sink all the way into Master’s hypnotic bliss forever.

Niusha spread her legs wide for Master’s enjoyment, dreaming of fantasies come true as she fucked her mind away.