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The Need to Serve


‘The Need To Serve’ is a direct follow on from ‘Auction’. I intend it to be the first in a series of stories set in the same universe. Each of these stories will be marked TNTS.

While this story can be read on its own, I include a brief summary of Auction so the reader can start with a greater understanding of this world.

Summary of Auction

Mind Controlled slavery was particularly active in the British Isles. Because of the time required, as well as the cost, it was purely an activity for the extremely rich.

Gillian Ferguson was captured and turned into a mind controlled slave. The method was to use Pavlovian techniques until the slave achieved the ‘correct’ mindset and then apply a large dose of mind control drugs which had the effect of permanently ‘fixing’ this mindset.

As with all things, this technique was not a hundred percent effective. Those people who would to be more difficult than they were worth were not taken, or if, somehow, they were, they would be put down when the full cost of ‘training’ became apparent.

Gillian Ferguson was one of those people but a very powerful and rich man wanted her at all costs. So it took almost three times as long to ‘train’ Gillian, as she had an extremely well developed sense of self as well as a bloody obstinate nature generally.

In effect, Gillian hypnotised herself while she was being ‘trained’. That she was successful became obvious when, after a year or so of ‘married’ life and pregnant with his child, she unconsciously ‘recognised’ her opportunity and acted automatically by killing him with a kitchen knife. She spared the cook, however she did seek out the maid Jilly and kill her because of her actions before Jilly was herself ‘trained’.

Two of Gillian’s trainers, Stephanie Johnson and Clara Bow, escaped the police actions after Gillian was found and are, at present, missing.

Gillian’s actions on escaping brought massive publicity and once publicly known, the British mind control industry imploded.


I was panting with exertion when they entered. I had learnt the hard way not to make a noise because I always got shocked by the collar round my neck when I did. The door opening told me someone was here. Up ‘till then, I had only seen some boys walking past my stall. They didn’t react or respond to me in any way.

I didn’t have a great view but the mirrors on the far wall told me I was one of many locked in stalls by their collars. Well, I assumed many because the room felt large, but I could only see a few. They were naked and collared just like me, except for the only woman. Bare boobs, massive bare boobs, were the first thing I saw. When I could draw my eyes away, I saw she was wearing something round her waist that cinched it in a lot, which set her tits and hips off nicely. Heels and stockings held up by a garter belt were also there.

I don’t know how I didn’t see it first but it was the last thing I noticed. She had a cock. A big one. No, he had a cock? He was a pervert and shouldn’t be allowed. What the fuck were these people playing at letting something like that into this place?

When I woke up here I had shouted, with the results I’ve already described. I’d also tried to loosen the collar round my neck, but I couldn’t. Then I went at the chain linking my collar to the wall, but I made no impression on that. So I ended up waiting for my opportunity to get out or get someone to admit this was a joke. I know last night was rough, but this was too much. I wish I’d have thought of it for Karl though. It would make a great way to wake after a party. Why didn’t I have a hangover?

I heard the heels before I saw the two girls, one in business attire including heels and the other dressed as a female version of the boys wandering around. She was wearing those tight horsey pants some women wore.

“These are our stables,” said business girl as she click clacked across the cement floor. The other one had some sort of boots on. Boots without heels. ”I assume you’re familiar with the basic operation?”

“Yes, of course,” answered the other one in an English accent. “It all looks familiar, except for the men, of course.”

“That’s what I’m worried about,” said business girl. “We specialise in males while your experience is with females. I wonder if you can cope here.”

“It’s basically the same techniques. I don’t see why not. Are there any significant differences?”

“The drug regime is different, but I’m most concerned with your physical ability to do the job. Obviously males are stronger than females.”

“Oh that’s just technique. I’ve no worries about that.”

“But I have, so how about a little test?”

“Yes, of course. What is it?”

These two girls had walked passed my stall and I could just see them through the mirrors if I went as far as I could to the side. They had stopped at the far end of the room. Business girl handed the other one a file.

“I want you to prepare him on your own. Do you think you can do that, Colleen?”

Colleen took the file and studied it. It took a while, but she didn’t rush anything. Business girl just waited. The males wandering around were also silent and interested, at least the ones I could see were. Eventually Colleen nodded and looked around. I could see she was looking at the ones in the stalls she could see without moving and when she looked directly at me through the mirror.

After that she asked business girl, “You’ve already injected him with a high level of microcortizoidal phrenological perfatricoeg?

“Pat?” said business woman looking at one of the men.

He answered defensively, “Yes because he’s got high blood pressure and has abnormally high cortisol levels.”

Colleen didn’t accept that at face value. “But he’s also a left handed narcissist and those total parameters plus his abnormal cortisol receptors indicate an extreme resistance to this particular drug. Have you considered that?”

Pat looked blank. It was obvious this level of oversight was not normal for him. “That’s never been a problem before.”

“Oh? I understand this combination of symptoms is extremely rare. How many such animals have you treated?”

Pat looked angry and shook his head without speaking.

She nodded then turned to business girl, saying, “You said you have British neural whips.”

Business girl nodded and indicated a container.

Colleen went and picked up what looked like some sort of Halloween whip. It was so slight it obviously wouldn’t hurt a fly. It was long though but that didn’t stop it being a toy. She opened it up and asked for fresh batteries, which she got. Reassembling it, she pressed something on it a few times and seemed satisfied. She looked around and walked to a large lump of metal in the corner, then turned to business woman.

“Do you want it recorded?” she asked.

Business girl smiled and nodded.

Colleen got one of the men to help her wheel the apparatus to the middle, right in front of my stall. I watched, wondering what was going to happen next.

“Will you activate all the cameras, please,” she asked of the closest man to her.

He shrugged his shoulders “It’s not my job,” he answered.

She looked at business girl who went to a panel on a wall and punched some buttons. Then she turned back and nodded to Colleen who picked up what looked like a remote and studied it. She pointed it at me and I heard a click and the chain attached to my collar fell away.

“Get to the frame,” she pointed to that machinery she had set in front of my stall, “and take position in it,” she ordered.

It wasn’t loud or anything like that, but it wasn’t a request either. Nobody talks to me like that and certainly not a fucking bitch like this one.

“You’re gonna wish you’d never been born, bitch,” I said as I started towards her. I took a step and fell to the ground screaming. She had whipped me with that toy whip and it hurt like hell. But that wasn’t going to stop me. I got up, eyes blazing and started towards her again. I was ready for one of the men around to help her, but none did. They all looked at us as if they wanted her to fail. Again I fell to my knees at the pain when she whipped me again. But the pain stopped after a second and I got up and walked towards her again. This time I saw her adjust something on that whip. I ignored it and her. When I got to her this farce would be over. She could only get me once or twice before I got to her, then she would see who was boss here.

The whip came down on my shoulder and I screamed. It hurt far more now. I couldn’t believe how much it hurt. I dropped to my knees and it was a while before I rose again staring at the bitch. There were no other thoughts in my head now except for seeing her broken at my feet. Then that whip struck again and this time I fell to the floor twitching and screaming. I eventually got up and looked at her, but now I couldn’t see her properly. My eyes were watery and I couldn’t see all that well, but I could still see where she was and I started towards her again.

This time I received multiple lashes from that whip and the pain was too much. I fell to the ground screaming. I tried to stop but I couldn’t, the screams just kept coming from my mouth. Eventually I heard her speaking. It took a few repetitions before I could understand what she was saying because all this while that whip kept lashing me.

“Do it. Do it now,” she was repeating.

Eventually I realised I was at that frame and had strapped my left leg to it. My brain seemed to come back in focus when I realised what I was doing and I stopped and started to unbuckle the strap. That’s when the lashes increased in intensity and I fell back on the floor, this time with my left foot still strapped to the frame. The lashes and the orders kept coming until I managed to rise again and strap my right foot in. Then the strap round my waist and then the strap round my left arm. The lashes has stopped by now, but the orders were still coming in and going straight to my muscles which obeyed without involving me at all.

“Put your right arm in the slot, grab the lever and pull,” was the order emphasised with another lash across my back. I did it without thinking. I wasn’t thinking at all by then. I was just trying desperately to get the pain to stop.

My arms and legs and body were suddenly gripped by something. I was stretched and bent over. Eventually it stopped and I had blessed relief.


I couldn’t be more content sitting there looking out on the Atlantic waves crashing onto the rocks. My rocks. I couldn’t see how my life could get any better. All I wanted was to prolong that perfect moment.

Then my life actually got better when Noreen surfaced with a pollack held fast in her teeth and another one in her hands. That’s the one she threw to me. I caught it expertly in my webbed hands with a grateful smile on my face and my razor sharp teeth made short work of the wriggling, squirming morsel. We both finished together and dropped the remains into the sea.

It looked like dropping the carcasses was a signal because when we did Seosaimhthin’s head suddenly appeared.

“Rosie, Noreen, come quick. The lads are hunting right now.” She was agitated and disappeared as soon as she warned us. It was enough for me so I dived in after her and headed for the commons with Noreen by my side. After all, it was Seosaimhthin that warned us, not Béibhinn.

‘This must be serious’, I thought. ‘What were the lads playing at? The Hunt was more than a month away. Why had they changed it? They can’t change it. Can they?’

It took us about thirty minutes hard swimming to get there and we went straight for the nose plugs and grabbed a pair each.

I was inserting the second one when I noticed the head was loose. I knew most would just tighten it but I’ve had a technical education, so I opened it up and checked inside. It’d been tampered with. Deliberately. I fixed it—not difficult—and inserted my now fully functioning contraceptives and looked around. Noreen was gone, probably thinking I’d be right behind her.

Only the lads could’ve done this, but why? Did they think we wouldn’t catch on?

I was angry then. There was no way I was going to get pregnant right then. It was my life and I would get pregnant when I wanted and not before—probably when I get really old, around thirty, and have nothing else to look forward to.

What about the others? I was ashamed to think I forgot about them. They must be swimming around without contraception during a hunt. I swam around frantically and found a few who hadn’t left yet. Getting their attention I quickly explained what had happened and got them to fix their contraception.

“We’ll have to save the school,” signed Nollaig, whose sibling was now swimming towards the lads’ lure. She raced off followed by the others. I was the last to leave as I still looked for others, but I quickly caught up.

Nollaig turned and directed us all in different directions, the lads’ tactics were known and there’d be many lures. Nollaig’s a natural leader and we all automatically deferred to her, so I found myself heading west, straight into the Atlantic where I do find some of my school, but too late.

I saw the change in the colour of the water and held back. My sisters were swimming in ecstasy right in the middle of that sperm sphere. They were obviously lost and pregnantly enraptured. There was nothing I could do there except get pregnant myself without the rapture unless I removed my plugs as well, so I went back to the commons hoping Nollaig and the others had better luck.

I was the first back and didn’t know what to do. My school was lost. They’d all transform into mothers and not want anything to do with me and the few who were left. That’s what happens to those who don’t get pregnant. It’s inevitable. What was I going to do? What was the point of that carefree life of love and abundance when there was no one to share it with? The few who would be saved weren’t enough, we were too few to form a new school. Our only recourse then was pregnancy, otherwise we’ll all die of despair. It’s the way we’re made.

This isn’t hyperbole. We would get pregnant or die. Those were our only options. The non pregnant need the school for the companionship, the help, the empathy and the protection against the lads when they were hunting. Without the school we were nothing.

I hoped against hope my sisters had been more successful than me. I didn’t want to get pregnant now. I couldn’t cope with birthing thousands of tads and then watching them die one by one, usually eaten by the lads, until only a few were left to try and survive into adulthood.

I had nothing to do then but wait. Wait to discover my fate and I didn’t want either option. I picked up my hand mirror, left there for tradition’s sake, and checked myself for want of something to do. My face was beautiful, I knew that and it matched my body. The thick layer of blubber that insulates me from the ocean’s cold still looked good. My large flat boobs, floating around with the micro currents, were admired by everybody. That wasn’t my own opinion, everybody said so. On land they would’ve hung against my blubber filled stomach, held down by gravity, but here, they float around like two separate heavenly animals, each full of promise.

Ms. Eve Fitzgerald, MP

I saw him approach. He was careful, wandering as if on a lunchtime stroll. He nodded to me and I nodded back as he approached, then sat down on the bench, just the right distance apart for friends.

“Are you satisfied?” I asked him.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Good. I’ve a job for you. What’s your status now?”

“I’m working on anti-terrorism as are a lot of us. I can be replaced, if that’s what you mean.”

“I want you to study this file,” I handed over the flash drive which he slipped into his pocket.

“What is it?”

“It’s a report I’ve produced concerning the future of this country. I want my conclusions verified independently. But it must be completely private. Don’t let anyone, even your colleagues and superiors know about it.”

He looked at me quizzically. I smiled. “Please don’t try and tell me this hasn’t happened before. I’m not asking you to actually do anything, just study in your own time, verify what you can privately, then report back to me. Of course you should inform your superiors if you think I’m subverting the country. But I’m confident you won’t think that.”

“Why me?”

“Because you’re different from most people. You’ll see exactly why when you read it.”

“My difference isn’t your difference,” he responded, seeing if that would discomfort me. It didn’t. I smiled again.

“I do know that. That’s why you’re ideal for this little project.”

He stared at me for a while, then nodded and ambled off, lost in his own little world.


I stiffened when I saw a shape in the distance. After checking all around and finding nothing alarming, I faced the newcomer warily until I saw it was Keriann, who stopped as soon as he saw I recognised him. He started to sign a complex message and I had to concentrate. It took a while to penetrate but I eventually got it. He was saying they had to do it for the our own sakes. They had discovered the humans had developed a new lure that would penetrate our nose plugs and attract us to their nets. The only alternative in the time available was to impregnate as many females as they could because their scent lures don’t work on the pregnant. The lads had to scramble to get this together and work as a team because of the time scale, they don’t like working in teams. The humans were out now with their lures, searching for the fertile ones. Keriann begged me to remove my plugs and get pregnant for my own sake.

I was torn. All that made sense. After all, the natural hunt was over a month away and they had never deviated from the traditional ways before. I had just about decided to remove my plugs when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I twisted and somersaulted and twisted again, the erectile tissue in my breasts immediately engorging into two long, thin solid shapes resembling rudders, which I used to good effect to squirm and twist my way through the group of lads who had sneaked up behind to trap me. I had to slap Rorke across his face with my ‘rudder’ to get away and I was afraid I used too much muscle in my panic. I didn’t know how badly he was hurt but I smelt blood in the water.

The lads couldn’t manoeuvre like this so I was free in a few seconds and sped away towards the open ocean.

I swam on, fast, until it was obvious I’d lost them, and I felt it safe enough to relax a little. My breasts contracted to form the normal nearly flat flaps on my chest that stuck to my body due to water pressure from my swimming.

Eventually I slowed right down and tried to think. What had happened? I had believed Keriann, so what were the others doing? Was it possible they were trying to help by forcing me to become pregnant?

I stopped thinking as my breasts engorged again. Not the long paddle shaped rudders as before, this time they assumed the sexual position automatically, forming large globular additions on my chest. But I didn’t notice them. I noticed nothing except the…?

What was it? I couldn’t resist and swam towards it and found it only a mile away on the sea bed. It looked like a globe but it fascinated me. I swam down to grab it and the nets were hauled up around me.


I approached her in an identical fashion to last time, eventually sitting on the bench near her.

“Your conclusions?” she asked.

“I agree. But what do we do about it?”

“My recommendations for that weren’t in my report. I’m very interested in your recommendations though. Do you have any?”

“Nothing legal.”

“Same here. But do you agree something must be done?”


“Do you have any concrete proposals, or even thoughts about it?”


I looked at her. It seemed obvious why she, of all people, would be worried about this. There had been headlines and the public was aware, but it wasn’t an epidemic. Just the odd case here and there now. Enough to titillate but not worry the Great British public.

“What are you thinking?” she asked.

I knew enough politicians not to be afraid of hurting their feelings. “Why you, of all people, are worried about this.”

She smiled. “What do you know about me?”

I was waiting for that. Obviously I had researched her while I was researching her report. She was different than the rest in major ways. I decided to answer truthfully. “You’re a major Labour MP in a safe seat. You’re a highly intelligent, competent politician, who’s not afraid to use some, well, unorthodox tactics.” She smiled at that. “But your past is worrying.” She looked at me quizzically. “I mean worrying in the sense that you are more likely to advocate for the undesirable elements in society.”

She interrupted me there. “Have you any evidence I’ve done that?”


“But you did check?”


“And your conclusions?”

“You are to be trusted. So far, that is.”

“Why the qualifier?”

“Because of your history. You are a recovering mind control victim.”

“Recovered mind control victim.”

“That’s speculation. From what I understand about such people, you are far more likely to succumb to another such approach, even if you were fully cognisant of it happening. If you were kidnapped, you would be easy prey and whoever controlled you would have full access to your knowledge. You would give that, and anything else he wanted, willingly.”

She nodded. “You’ve already made one mistake, but we’ll let it slide for the present. What if I say I’m different?”

I was curious what she considered to be my mistake, but, as requested, I let it slide—for the moment.

“You’d have to prove it.”

We sat there for a good few minutes before she handed me an unsealed envelope. I opened it and glanced at the letter inside, then looked back at her.

“Check him out. Convince yourself of his qualifications, his patriotism and his abilities. Then have a quiet word with him about me. Show him that note. It gives him permission to answer anything you want.”

“Just one more thing before I leave.”

She looked at me quizzically.

“What mistake did I make?”

She looked blank for a moment before she realised.

“Oh yes. You automatically assumed all, or most, mind controllers would be male. That’s true in a pedantic sense, but if you delve into the statistics, you’ll find the majority of those males are just after a sex toy or two. They’re not an issue as we can deal with those people normally. But of the ones who want power and/or riches, well, there we females have the numbers on our side.”

“Thank you. I’ll check that.”

I pocketed the envelope, rose and nodded amiably at her in leaving.


I came to trying desperately to breathe while lying on the ship’s deck being photographed . Expelling water from our lungs isn’t an automatic action for us so being pulled into the open air can easily kill us. I panicked and flopped around before managing to expel the water so I could breathe air.

“Look out, she’s recovered,” came a cry from someone.

I flopped around and looked desperately for a way back to the sea but couldn’t see one. The photographs continued along with the video. I lunged for someone’s legs and tried to bite them, but it was a gesture only. They were too far away and I wasn’t very nimble out of the sea. Gesture or not, that made them aware of what I could do.

“Watch out for the teeth,” was shouted out as the men jumped back and I felt something in my back, my blubber prevented any pain reaching my brain, but I still felt it.

I awoke, groggy, in some sort of tank and it took me a long time to recover. It took another sleep to get rid of the headache. The was nothing for me to do except swim around the tank. It was large enough for me to do that but that wasn’t nearly large enough for my needs. I needed to be able to roam the seas freely, often covering a few hundred miles in one roam. My mind needed this and after a day of captivity with nothing to do I was frantic. Eventually I slept and woke without any teeth.

That was devastating. I thought I would die, but I was given some sort of liquid in a bottle I could suck through a straw when I surfaced. It wasn’t nearly enough but it was all I had.


Nothing happened for a while. My head was clamped onto a padded hole in the machine and I was looking down into darkness. There was a click and a bright light suddenly shone in my face. All I could do was close my eyes and wait for them to adjust. The next things were confused but I swear I heard a couple of snapping noises. I also heard background noise, the sound of her boots as she walked here and there was prevalent and not much else. That surprised me because I thought I would be deaf with my head clamped like this. My eyes eventually adapted to the light and when I opened them I saw I was staring straight down the lens of a camera.

I jumped, or tried to in my bonds. It must have looked like I spasmed when my balls suddenly cooled. Then the pain happened. It was down my ball sack, down the back and didn’t last long, but the residual pain lasted. Something grabbed hold of them and fiddled with them. A couple more sharp pains happened, each followed by a splashing sound.

“Testis prosthesis,” demanded that fucking English voice.

Silence and nothing happened for a good few minutes until I heard a chiming sound. What the fuck was that? Then some more fiddling with my balls and a series of sharp pains in my ball sack again. I felt something happen to my balls which cooled them and suddenly I was free. I never heard any locks or anything moving. One moment I was totally immobile and the next I was free.

I sprang up. Everyone was staring at me. I looked down and checked myself. My balls looked okay. Actually they looked better than okay because they were bigger. Much bigger. I thought I must be mistaken because I didn’t remember them like that. I felt them and felt something additional at the back of my sack, a sort of bumpy ridge in a line at the back. It was where I couldn’t see it. She had done something there and she was going to pay now.

I started towards her and there was a chime. I stopped and looked down at the noise—my balls were glowing, one red and one green. I felt them. They were hard. Too hard. Immovably hard. And they chimed and glowed again when they hit each other. How the fuck could they do that? Looking up, I saw the jar on the top of the machine. The jar full of red liquid with two bloody oval things in it. I saw red. Literally.

I looked at her and she was now red. Red skin and red hair wearing red clothes and the background was also red. Different shades, but all red. I didn’t analyse anything then, I just went for her.

I ran towards her, despite the pain in my cock, with some sort of cry emerging from my mouth. The pain didn’t matter now. I remember that whip shocking me again, but that also didn’t matter. I ignored it. Then she whipped me again and that didn’t matter either. I ignored that as well. The pain that had brought me to tears and to my knees was just a background sensation now. It didn’t phase me in the slightest. I was going to break that bitch and nothing was going to stop me.