The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Neutral Territory

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright © 2014

Chapter 3 – The Assignments Begin

He led her down the stairs in to the depths of the basement. She felt claustrophobic, even though the staircase was wide and well lit. Her apprehension had jumped leaps and bounds since she had agreed to his term. Paulina didn’t like being two steps behind, either figuratively or literally, both of which were true at the moment.

The stairs ended in a long hallway, doors where along both sides, but he walked confidently ahead of her towards the one at the very end. Opening it revealed a small room, well-appointed with a desk on one side and a large comfortable looking lounge chair on the other. These were not the prominent feature of the room though, that was the large glass window the covered almost the entire back wall. There was just enough room left to host a large, open metallic door which seemed out of place with the easily breakable window right beside it.

The room behind the glass was clinical, white walls, a basic bed, a single table with a chair and a nook that must have been the bathroom. The only colour was what appeared to be a large rectangular black “painting” that hung on one wall.

“Welcome to your new home for the next while at least.

A few things you should know about the room, what you’re looking ‘through’ right now is not glass, it’s a scrying glass.”

Paulina was amazed, she’d see Master Magic cast a scrying glass spell once, it had been no larger than a bowling ball and was fuzzy and ill formed. This was easily a hundred times that size and looked perfect. The magician who cast this spell was well beyond any skill level she knew of.

“The room is also warded against physical attacks, you’ll find your super strength useless once inside.

Once you enter the room, you will not leave until you have overcome your limitation.

This is your last chance to back out. You may freely walk out of my home now and I will not hold it against you.”

His youthful face had a dead calm certainty about it. She knew her moment of truth was at hand, without saying a word she settled her nerves, she needed to exceed her own limits and as unsettling as Henry’s ability to predict her was, he clearly could help. Taking a step forward, she cross the threshold of the open door and immediately felt her strength leave her. She turned around just in time to see the door close.

Unlike the room she had just left, the wall on this side was identical to the others in the room, plain white with no distinguishable features, other than the door.

Henry’s voice suddenly came out of no ware and everywhere, it was calm and reassuring.

“Now then Paulina, the root of your problem is actually not a physical limitation at all. It’s a psychological limit imposed by your subconscious. I spend several years working with the last polymorph I knew trying to figure it out and in the end it came down to self-image. Your subconscious mind holds on to your natural self-image even though you feel completely at ease in whatever form you take. Eventually, the friction between your conscious mind and subconscious mind undermine your ability to hold your shape and you revert back to your natural self.”

Paulina listened, it made sense, whenever she shifted back after holding her shape for a long period of time she always felt relieved.

“It turns out what you need is the proper incentive to unify your mind in to a single purpose.”

She walked over to the table and sat down on the chair. The clinical tone of his speech almost reminded her of some of the monologues she had heard from villains in the past.

“To this end, the room has two additional features. The first is the black painting on the wall. This is a Computing Scryn, it will be providing you assignments, with images and instructions, on what shape you should take and how long you must hold it for. It also monitors your shape and identifies when you shift back to your normal self.

The second is a Nerv-O-Tron.”

Paulina came to full attention, the Nerv-O-Tron had been developed by the super villain Doctor Density. A brilliant scientist, the device could affect the nerves in a person’s body and stimulate either pleasure or pain.

“I found that for polymorphs, pain is an extremely effective incentive and that’s what we’ll be using for you.”

Paulina jumped out of her chair and ran to the door, hitting it with her shoulder to break it down. Instead she crumpled to the floor after making contact. Henry continued talking as she made her way back on to her feet, rubbing her shoulder.

“The Computing Scryn will be monitoring you all the time, if you fail to hold your shape it will activate the Nerv-O-Tron generating intense pain.

This process will repeat until your conscious and subconscious minds are unified in their fight to avoid another blast from the Nerv-O-Tron.”

She grabbed the chair and through it at the Computing Scryn, it bounced off without a scratch.

“Now then, I want you to fully understand the gravity of your situation, so I’m going to activate the Nerv-O-Tron for a short blast. When you regain consciousness, there will be an assignment on the Scryn. I suggest you follow it.”

A moment later Paulina felt the pain start. It was all over her body, intense and excruciating. It was unlike anything she had endured before and after just a few seconds, she fell unconscious.

* * *

When she awoke, the room was empty and quiet. The chair was still at the base of the Scryn where she had tossed it, the only change was the Scryn itself.

Instead of being solid black, it had a picture of a woman on it. The Scryn itself was taller than she was and reached from the floor to above her head. The woman was portrayed as a life size image for her to match. Paulina recognized the woman, she was a local news reporter she had seen on the nightly news. She was tall, almost as tall as she was and her features matched Paulina’s in many ways. She was dressed in a business suit jacket with a long skirt on.

Above the image were two clocks. The topmost one was counting down to zero, it had a little under 10 minutes left on it. The second one was under a simple message and had 13 hours on it, “Hold this shape for:”

Paulina knew what would happen if the countdown clock reached zero without her taking the form presented. She winced remembering the pain from the Nerv-O-Tron.

Taking a few minutes to get cleaned up and use the bathroom, she returned to the Scryn with just under three minutes remaining. She shifted her form and the top clock zeroed out while the bottom clock started counting down.

* * *

Henry watched as Paulina took the form on the Scryn, he had started with something easy to give her the best chance of success. And he certainly wanted her to succeed, he had been manipulating her life for months to get her here. Now that he was this close to fulfilling his own plan, for her to fail would be a huge letdown.

He waved his hand across the surface of the desk, which was in fact the second half of the Computing Scryn in the other room. It came to life, displaying the current clock, the queue of images and tasks that would be assigned. It also displayed the controls for the other features of the room.

The Nerv-O-Tron was not the only device he had installed that would help with the task at hand. The treasure trove of items he had liberated from Doctor Density after his demise had contained many useful inventions.

He pressed a button on the Scryn and activated the Will-O-Matic. The Doctor had been a genius, the device subtly opened the mind to more easily accept changes, but his naming had left much to be desired.

* * *

The clock read 1 hour and 37 minutes left and Paulina was feeling the uneasiness of her shift settling in. The message above the clock burned in to her mind, she must hold the shape, she had no choice. To fail would mean another shock from the Nerv-O-Tron.

45 minutes later the sweat from her forehead was visible and the strain was too much, she shifted back to her natural form and the Scryn went blank. A moment later the pain rendered her unconscious.

When she came too again, the screen had reset. The same image was there and the first countdown clock showed 28 minutes. The second read 13 hours.

* * *

Her second attempt had almost been successful, she had managed to get all the way to 2 minutes remaining on the clock. She was rewarded in two ways, the first was a 6 hour rest break, with dinner materializing on the table. The second was 14 hours on the clock.

This was the pattern for the next week, each time she succeeded or was close enough to it, the clock increased. Each time she failed, the pain left her no doubt she was here for the long haul.

Each time she succeeded the image she was to take on changed. At first she had recognized them, reporters, celebrities and politicians. Each new image was farther from her natural form then the last and yesterday had been the first one she didn’t know. She obeyed the command above each one without thought now, to do otherwise was to bring the pain from the Nerv-O-Tron.

Now, the clock read 4 hours and a new image was displayed but the message was different, no longer the simple “Hold this form for:” it now read “Assume this form and role for:".

The image was of a waitress, in a traditional plaid dress. She was smiling broadly with long blond hair framing her face. The feature that stood out the most to Paulina though were her breasts. They were quite large for her small frame.

She watched as the clock counted down and beat in to her mind. She had to follow the instructions if she wanted to succeed. She shifted her form and her meta clothing followed suit. A small wave of pleasure coursing through her as she complied with the commands on the Sycrn.

* * *

Henry watched Paulina change, she had hesitated only briefly with the new command. The Nerv-O-Tron was now set to reward her for obedience, the faster she complied the more pleasure she would receive.

He watched the tray and glasses materialize on the table, it took her several hours before she picked them up and pretended to be waiting tables, but the quiver that ran through her body was the pleasure from the Nerv-O-Tron’s reward.

She had done well the first week, breaking through 24 hours without any issues. Faster than he had expected in fact. He had not had the same facilities the last time, the total control of the environment, or his subject’s dedication to achieving the results. At this pace he’d be able to start the second phase by the end of the week.

* * *

Paulina had assumed the French maid persona just over two hours ago and was ‘dusting’ the room. If her previous self could see the same image Henry could she would be furious. The blond curls flowed down her head and spilled over her shoulders. They stopped just above her massive breasts that were squeezed together by the latex top.

Her waist was compressed by the corset and below that was a black latex skirt layered over a white lace puffy skirt. Her legs were encased in latex and she was hobbling around on ballet style stiletto heels.

She was talking out loud, to no one in particular, in a bad French accent. She was commenting on how dirty the room was and her desire to see it cleaned spotless.

Henry sat in the lounge chair and watched her “work”. She had long since mastered her shape shifting ability, now he was moulding her for his own purposes. She had taken on each persona he had assigned her over the last few days without hesitation. The cheerleader, the secretary, the lawyer, the maid. Each twisted in to an erotic version for his pleasure.

Now it was time for her to conquer her two other limitations.