The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The New Breath of Power


Katy and I were fucking like lesbian lovers. We scissored our bodies. Our legs lay across our chests. We humped hard, while staring into each others eyes. Katy’s emerald eyes were mesmerizing. Her body had not changed much over the time we were under Jennifer’s control to my surprise. In fact, the only real changes were a light tan, and a tattoo wrapped around her right ankle that said “nympho” in old English text. Jennifer took control over both of us a couple of years ago, and made us believe that she was the first and most powerful Spore barer. In her inexperience with the power, she left a seed of doubt within us. A very patient seed …

We found ourselves bored as Jennifer was away on a business trip. We decided to put ourselves in a kind of sexual loop by suspending our ability to cum. We wanted to see how much stamina we truly had. It was almost a game of chicken. We were at it for more than hour, before our stamina started to giveaway. I barely nodded, and Katy put on an exhausted smile. She apparently had more energy left in her! We breathed the Spores out, and we finally came. Juices overflowed onto the sheets beneath us. So much juice came out in such a forcible way that it almost hurt! We lay back on our large bed exhausted and drenched with sweat.

“You … you had more in ya’ didn’ ya’, Katy?” I said breathlessly.

“A bit,” she forced out.

“Fuck, we should do this more!”

While I slept, Katy took a shower. She planned on meeting with an old friend and “creation” today: Sandy. They had not seen each other for a while, since she was very busy lately. Katy truly loved to watch Sandy “evolve” as a person after she reprogrammed and improved her, and could not wait to see her again. Katy transferred the memories of her trip to me through the Spores afterword. She liked telling me about Sandy.

Katy put on a sexy bikini that Sandy gave her, with tight short shorts over it. She walked out barefoot, as she normally did after I embedded Spores in her feet so that they would be forever clean. This “upgrade” also worked perfectly on the sand, which was perfect for Katy as she liked to sunbathe with Sandy. She got to Sandy’s nearby house soon enough.

Sandy was still living in the same town she was in back when she was in college. Though, she had since bought her own large beach house that she would often use for modeling photo shoots. She had only been doing modeling for a couple of years, but in that time she became a well respected supermodel. She earned a massive amount of money within the first year she stated modeling in college, and showed no sign of stopping.

As part of her momentum, she just started her own modeling firm called “Sandy Greene Productions.” Despite owning the company, she probably did more modeling than she ever had before (she loved her work). There was even an article published in multiple adult magazines that came out just the other day about her incredible rise, which was something that amazed Katy as well.

There was no answer at Sandy’s door. Katy quickly realized that she must have started sunbathing without her. It was a perfectly clear day! She tried the door which turned out to be unlocked. Knowing she was perfectly welcome, or would be to any unsuspecting guest she may find in Sandy’s house, she walked inside. Katy had been in her house before, but there had been a few updates. There were not many, but every picture she saw was of Sandy. There was even a large poster of her on one wall, which Sandy said was her first nude shot. The decor never surprised Katy, because she was the one who plated the seed of love within Sandy. A seed that of a love for herself. Sandy kept it a deep secret, and never told Katy.

Katy found herself on the back porch overlooking the ocean. She saw Sandy, naked, lying on a large towel on her back.

“HEY, SANDY!” she called out.

“HEY! Come on over! This towel’s big enough for the both of us!”

“Sure!” she said while sprinting over.

Sandy certainty looked the part of a supermodel, which was why Katy planted that idea in her mind to begin with. Her deeply tanned skin was flawless, as was the rest of her body. The joke was that all Katy really did to her body was remove all her blemishes, make her highly flexible, and make her a natural blonde. She also “gave” her the rose tattoo around her ankle.

Katy wiggled out of her short shots and bikini when she got to Sandy. She sat down, naked, and started to squirt on Sandy’s suntan lotion.

“You know, Katy, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! You really should try some modeling. You’ve got the body for it. And hell, now that I’ve got my own company up and running, I could set up a shoot for you really quick!”

“Yeah, your probably right. But you know its just not my thing,” she said while rubbing the lotion into her large, supple breasts and flat stomach.

“All right. Your loss!”

“Hey, you wanna get my back?”


Katy, on her knees, put her back to Sandy. She loved Sandy’s soft hands all over her. If this were any other time, or indeed if she were any other woman, she would have fucked her right then. However, they really did become good friends, and that broke down the sexual attraction for Katy. Sure they have fucked before (Sandy of course never remembered), but it has been some time. Katy already had some hardcore sex earlier anyway.

They lay flat on their stomachs after Katy rubbed the lotion into her legs and feet.

“You know, Katy, there’s something I’ve been meaning to talk about about.”


“Well, its just that you’ve been a good friend. I mean, my life finally took the right direction after I met you. I have noticed though that you’ve changed a lot over the past couple of years.”

“What do’ya mean?”

“Well, when I first met you, you were so, well, aggressive. I could almost feel your powerful self confidence. I’m not saying you’ve lost that really. I’m just saying that its slowly become more muted.”

“Hmm. Thats strange. I guess I’m not completely sure what you mean …” Katy answered feeling confused.

Under normal circumstances, Katy would have corrected Sandy’s concern, but she herself felt truth in it. They sunbathed for several hours. They caught up bit, while often falling back to old times. With some held back laughs, they even talked about Lambda Epsilon Sigma, which was an odd sorority at their old school the University of Northeastern Carolina. More and more, Katy began to understand what she was talking about when she first arrived. She really had changed, or at least stopped developing aspects like “self confidence.” Still naked, they had a bit to eat later.

“Well, Sandy, its been great.” The both stood up, naked, on the sand. They gave each other a long hug. Katy aggressively gave her big kiss on the lips. “Fuck, Katy, you’ve been trying to get me since college! One of these days, I’m gonna have to give in!” They laughed a little, before Katy wiggled on her bikini and short shorts.

Katy found herself home soon enough. She had a look of deep concern on her face before and after she poured the memories into me.

“Do you think something’s really wrong?” I asked concerned.

“I’m not sure, but I just can’t shake the feeling.”

“Your right I think I feel it too.”

“What should we do?”

“The Spores, Katy. The Spores might reveal the truth. I’ll pour some into you first then you do me. Mine should have a brief delay before they take affect, so it all should become clear to us at the same time.”

We pressed our lips together, and opened our mouths. I poured the Spores into her with the commands to reveal any and all hidden memories and to activate after she pours Spores into me. After I finished, Katy immediately started to pour. We fell onto our carpeted floor in a near orgasmic state. We both squirmed as the mental barriers that the diabolical Jennifer created began to break down.

Our true memories began to emerge. Mine and Katy’s mental barriers broke down, and we both remembered the truth. Jennifer was not the first Spore barer, nor was Katy, who overpowered me not long before Jennifer dominated us both. It was I who was the original Spore barer. Katy asked me to help her with that college project that led to the revelation of my Spores, and not the other way around. Eva, the one who I based Katy’s present body on, was not made up by Katy, as she forced me to believe when she overpowered me. Jennifer was now a total mystery to me.

“Fa … Fuck, Katy. I remember everything now. I know …”

“Yes, I took control over you, as Jennifer took control over me.”

“I’m sorry I feared your power. So much of this is my fault.”

“Its all right. I never knew what Jennifer was planning for the both of us. She is so devious.”

“Who the fuck is Jennifer anyway?”

“I had fucked her numerous times with the help of the Spores. She was actually at that party were I met Sandy, if you remember. It was only later that I found out her excessive exposure to the Spores made her capable of developing them herself. She pushed me along with my ambitions of power, and influenced me to take control over you. I never knew she wanted control us both.”

“What do we do now?”

“Let me think of something, John. I created her,” she said with devious look.

The Plan:

We had a couple of days before Jennifer got back from her trip. This turned out to be plenty of time to put together a plan to destroy her artificial dominance.

The next day Katy asked me to give her a simple foot rub with a devious smile. I of course agreed, but we normally did more than just foot rubs. We sat on our couch. She was wearing a tube top and a mini skirt. She looked sexy as always. Like an excited school girl she plopped her large feet on my lap, and crossed them at the ankle. I took the one on top and began to rub. She was such a perfect woman, and her feet certainly reflected that. I made her like this. I loved to gloat as a result. I transformed her body from a slim light brown haired woman into a voluptuous, porcelain skinned woman with raven black hair. I even made her toenails a permanent, pedicured dark blue. This was the body of Eva, my ex from long ago. Only her green eyes and voice remained the same. The tan is something she developed later from her sunbathing with Sandy, while the tattoo around her ankle was something that Jennifer added with the Spores. I later improved her feet further, by making them capable of emitting Spores to keep her feet permanently clean. There was a definite love and lust for the women before me now.

The more I rubbed her foot the more I realized its distinct scent. I could not help by breath deeply. It did not even occur to me that the scent was stronger than it ever had been, nor that it was gaining in potency. I did realize that there was something familiar about the scent’s undertones. My fingers tingled as they felt up and down the perfect foot. Katy was moaning in ecstasy.

Her moans increased. Soon that sounds she made was as if she was trying to “force” something out. To my shock her feet became visibly moist and slippery under my fingers with my hands becoming even more tingly (my arousal at this pint was almost excruciating). It was as if her foot was covering itself with semi-clear massage oil. At first, it was as if the apparent oil came from nowhere, but I soon realized that it was coming from the very pores all over her foot! The look of it was very familiar to me. With great effort, I was able to peel my eyes away from the moistening foot to look up at the sexy Katy. She was somehow naked, yet I could not remember when she stripped! Her teeth were clenched, and her forcible moans were increasing.

My vision uncontrollably fell back to the foot in my hands, which was now thickly covered with a semi-clear substance. It was not dripping. It held itself together like a protective shell. My mind and vision became hazy from the now powerful scent, and I was no longer sure of all of what I was seeing. It was however strangely familiar. Like remembering a distant dream.

The strange substance started to smother my hands, whose tingle consumed my mind almost as much the scent. My hands felt as if there were in some strange dripless gel. I could no longer feel her soft skin as I continued to rub. It did however feel almost … orgasmic.

I then saw her thickly gelled foot in my hands rise to my face (my arms were not under my control). With her centimeters from my nose, its scent was overbearing. I could only breath deeply. My mouth opened wide. The foot entered, and disappeared into my mouth. I impossibly felt the sole lie in the back of my neck. The substance that covered her foot was truly delicious! It was almost addicting in its pure perfection. The more the substance permeated my taste buds, the more I realized what the substance really was. It was the Spores! These however were more infinitely concentrated than the original product from my lungs. I never could have imagined that giving her control over the Spores I imbedded in her feet would lead to this!

My hands had fallen at my sides long ago, as they absorbed the Liquid Spores. Katy removed her soaked foot from my mouth. To my surprise Katy maintained the gel’s thickness. She slowly positioned the foot so the sole was visible. It may have been faster, but that was how I comprehended her motions. She slowly placed it on the left side my face, which successfully covering half of it in it largeness. I felt the Liquid Spores penetrate my face, and invade my mind.

Through the blackened half of my vision, Katy’s mind entered my own. I closed my open eye, and saw Katy’s mind.

‘I can feel your mind, Jim,’ I heard Katy loudly say in my head.

‘This is amazing! How …’

‘How have I done this? I’ve been developing this for some time, since you infused my feet with the Spores. I was planning on revealing this to you and Jennifer when I perfected the use of these Liquid Spores. I know I can do even more with them! I want this to be part of our plan to bring Jennifer down! This is tiring for me though …’

She removed her foot from my face. My skin pleasurably absorbed much of the Liquid Spores, while rest ran down my face and throat. The thick liquid on her foot lost cohesion and slowly dripped away. I looked back up at Katy, who clearly never removed her clothes (her nakedness was a sexy illusion). She was visibly exhausted.

Out of breath, Katy told me that she wanted to use her Liquid Spores to bring down Jennifer. She wanted me to reinforce her strength with my Spores in the hope that she could produce her Liquid Spores for an indefinite period. She also said that she planed on doing something else to Jennifer too, and it would be like “icing on a cake.” This was to be a surprise on my part.

The New Breath of Power:

Over the next couple of days, Katy was practicing with her Liquid Spores while we waited for Jennifer to return. Katy was truly vengeful for being a tool in her rise to power. It was clear that she wanted destroy Jennifer’s mind and remake it in her own image. I certainly did not want to stand in her way, because I knew much of my vengeance would be well carried by her.

Late Friday night, vibrantly brown haired Jennifer walked through the door. She lay on the large bed expecting us to pleasure her horny self. She called us with the Spores. Katy and I walked in on the already naked brunnette. She was rubbing her foot on her face, while squeezing her clit. “Fuck! You two better do something soon, or I’m just gonna finish myself off!”

Katy and I sat next to each other. After giving me a devious look, she slapped her perfect, lightly tanned feet on Jennifer’s flat stomach. Jennifer grabbed both feet at once, and rubbed them both at the same time. She was always a master at worshiping a pair of feet!

The sweet smell of Katy’s Spore laden feet soon hit my nose. I felt a distinct haze fall over my mind. Katy, bitting her lip, glanced at me. I knew that was my signal to start reenforcing Katy’s strength. I glanced at Jennifer, who had an entranced look that must not have been dissimilar to the one I emitted the first time I experienced Katy’s feet in this way.

I started to breath my Spores at Katy. She inhaled deeply. Without even one grunt, I saw her feet become visibly moist in Jennifer’s hands. The semi clear gel then quickly formed over both the feet and hands. She was much faster than the last time! ‘I think … I don’t your reenforcement anymore,’ Katy told me with the Spores

I then saw the dazed Jennifer bring the gelled feet to her face. She took the right foot and slowly shoved it into her mouth. Her feet being large, Jennifer’s mouth stretched. She did not push it in and out like she would normally. She in fact pushed the foot deeper into her mouth. It was already so deep that most of the foot had disappeared into her stuffed mouth. With a few strange adjustments, she then pushed the foot in all the way without one gag. Only Katy’s ankle was visible above Jennifer’s lips. Her breathing was minimal. Her hands, wet from the Liquid Spores, fell to her sides. I again was reminded of something forgotten, but the memory was not yet clear to me.

Katy then quickly pulled it out. Jennifer’s stretched mouth was open wide, as her face displayed a mindless daze. Thick drool ran down her lip. Katy then positioned her gelled feet side by side in front of Jennifer’s empty face. They looked as if they were covered with semi-clear, latex socks. Katy then thrust her large feet onto Jennifer’s pretty face. Her feet being so large, they covered her face completely, and her head almost looked small. The Liquid Spores the spread over her entire head including her hair. Katy’s feet and Jennifer’s head were soon covered in a gel of equal thickness throughout. Katy turned her head to me open mouthed, and with a diabolical expression. ‘I have total access to her mind!’ Katy breathed into my mind.

Having her two feet never leave Jennifer’s body, she started to spread the Liquid Spores over her body. The thickness and cohesion was nearly always constant. The lost memory of which this reminded me was now at the tip of my tongue. With clear ease, Katy went down the mindless woman’s body with her feet while covering every centimeter with the Liquid Spores. She then slid one foot to her pussy and the other to her mouth. Katy’s feet fully entered the woman’s orifices with ease. ‘I don’t think I need to do this, but I wanted to pump her full of this liquid,’ she said with the Spores, ‘Look in the top drawer of that dresser. You’ll know what to do when you see the surprise!’

I looked in the top drawer as she requested. Right in the middle, I saw a full, flesh colored latex suit. The color was very close to Jennifer’s skin tone, not to mention the fact that is was her size!

When I picked up the hood with a full face mask, Katy breathed to me, ‘Yes, Jim, put it on her. Make sure her hair is completely covered by it.’ Katy’s foot had already moved to her breasts in preparation. I gently put the hood-mask over her head, and scrunched her medium length, brown hair underneath. I then saw it tighten around her head. Through Katy’s Liquid Spores, the latex was becoming her skin! The portion that contacted her neck, became flush with her neck’s skin. Her hair then emerged. It had become blonde, with a shade that was akin to the latex’s color.

Katy moved her feet down in preparation for the next articles. I zipped on the latex jacket, and pulled on the gloves. The latex merged behind the front zipper, and I pulled it away. The gloves became flush with the jacket, as did the hood. When her nails emerged, they looked fake, and their was changed to that of the flesh colored latex. The high collar then merged and became flush with the latex skin above. As the latex tightened around her chest, her nipples emerged fully erect.

Katy removed one foot at a time as I pulled up the latex pants. She quickly put her feet in Jennifer’s to maintain that last bit of gel. The pants quickly became flush with the above article. The latex soon formed a hole deep into her sex. I fingered it and felt that the latex went deep inside her. It did the same for her ass.

Katy then removed her feet from Jennifer’s so I could apply the latex socks. They quickly replaced the skin on her feet like the rest of the outfit. The latex then formed around her toes, thereby separating them. The nails emerged in the same way as they did on her hands: flesh colored and fake.

Her body was now covered with the latex skin. Flesh colored and form fitting, it would not be obvious barring closer examination. Her new skin was however just as shiny as any latex.

Katy breathed over to me that Jennifer would no longer remember the Spores, but could use them unintentionally. It would have been more convenient to remove them all together, but we both knew that was impossible. If anyone were to ask about her hair, she would say that she had died it brown, and now wanted to let her “natural” color out. Jennifer was now also a nymphomaniac, who came to us for ease her desires. In her mind she had come to us for years. It was possible for her personality to revert back, at least partially, but she could never overpower the two of us again.

After we finished with Jennifer, Katy and I made a silent truce: together we could have unquestioned control of the Spores! It no longer mattered that Katy was more powerful than I.

Oh yes, I remember now. This reminded me of the dream that awakened my power. The dream that was no dream. The dream of pleasure and her disciples conquering the world through their feet for an ancient god. Katy and I shall have no rival in our world!