The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A New Job

Approx 3000 words


Part One

It was a great opportunity for the 24 year old software engineer. Colin had taken a six month contract on the island, setting up a new system. He had an opportunity to stay longer if he wanted, but that was out of the question as Colin was engaged and his fiancee Emma was expecting him home.

It was the end of his first week and he had not much chance to see the beauty of this Carribean island which was to be his home for six months. He hired a car and spent the day sightseeing. It was hot and he wore just a t-shirt and a pair of thin beach shorts. On the way back into town he got lost, the sun had just gone down and he was looking forward to getting back to his hotel for a meal. Pulling into a side street he took the map from his glove compartment and tried to work out where he was.

After about a minute, he became aware of someone stood beside the open window of his car and a soft female voice saying " Are you lost?”

Candy was out trawling for business and she had spotted a possible catch. It was a five minute walk back to her place, but no tourists or any white guys would go into the poor black neighbourhoods by choice. Most girls had to make do with the lower paying, usually black clients who would go into the poor neighbourhoods, but Candy wanted the bigger money and she had the skill and techniques which allowed her to operate on the edges of her territory. Guys would cruise by on this street taking a look at the hookers with no intention of going any deeper into what they had been warned was a dangerous area.

Colin looked sideways to see a bare black navel, curvaceous belly and hips. Her question suggested that she may be able to help, although Colin suddenly realised that he may be in an area of town which was dangerous but it was rude not to reply to a possible offer of help

“Yes, can you help? I’m trying to get back to the Hilton”

She did not answer him, it was part of her routine. He couldn’t very well speak to her navel and as he spoke Colin put his head out of the window in an effort to see her face. As he did so, his attention was drawn upwards as she took a deep breath and heaved her chest out over him. The material of her white top stretched, moving upwards and away from her waist, her deep breath expanding her powerful ribcage, swelling her already enormous bosom out to phenomenal proportions. Her bust filled the space above Colin’s head such that he was still not able to see her face. It was the most enormous bust he had ever seen and it belonged to Candy, by far the most successful hooker in town. Candy had no intention of answering him of course, she just held her position, letting him take in the view.

Sat watching from the pavement nearby were two elderly women and one of them nudged the other one awake. They smiled as they watched this little scene develop, although they had watched Candy in action before, it was always entertaining for them. Candy’s huge breasts filled a JJ cup bra and Colin gazed up in awe, taking in the fact that although she was big she was not fat, measuring only 36 inches under her bust, yet a mighty 54 inches of bosom now hovered above his head. From beneath her balcony-like bosom Candy heard him gasp “Oh my god!"...and she waited a few more seconds.

Candy knew the effect her incredibe figure had on a guy who sees her for the first time, she also knew how long it took for a penis to swell and reach full erection. She applied skill and intelligence to what she did and was very professional, working methodically to make use of her natural assets.

Candy ended the long silence and bending down, put her head in through the car window. She rested her arms on the door, her huge bosom now hanging forward in her giant bra, her cleavage long and deep was inside the car and inches from Colin’s face. He looked like a rabbit who had been caught in the headlights of an approaching car, frozen and eyes wide, flicking between Candy’s cleavage and her big staring eyes. He wanted to speak but his jaw just moved up and down without any sound coming from him. He felt a strange and frightening power coming from this woman and he could not seem to move. Candy just looked into his frightened eyes and placed the palm of her hand on his chest. She felt his heart beating wildly as his eyes became locked onto hers. Colin slumped back into his seat, his arms flopping limply to his side. Candy was not just the possesor of a phenomenally sexy body, she was skilled in the black magic arts and came from a family whose females practised this voodoo.

Fixing him with her big dark eyes, Candy rubbed her hand around on his chest and said “Relax now..........I will help you find your way back, but you have to let me show you some hospitality must come back to my not far from here”. Colin had no intention of going with this woman and tried to protest, but his eyes were locked onto Candy’s, she had this strange magnetism and his words came out in a mumbled rush of.“Thanks but I should really be getting back..” as he tried hard to think of Emma, his girlfriend back home. Candy chuckled saying “You don’t have to worry about it or think too hard about it now, just relax and I will make it easier for you”

Candy slid her hand down his body until her fingertips slipped under the waistband of his shorts. Under the shorts Colin wore a pair of skimpy cotton briefs and Candy felt the waistband of these and holding it between thumb and forefinger she pulled it up and over his cock, freeing his erection before tucking the elasticated waistband behind his balls. Now his cock was free and it stood straight up making a huge wigwam like bulge in his thin cotton shorts. Candy broke eye contact and glanced down which made Colin also look down at his giant bulge as if he had some alien creature there in his pants. He was fully extended, his penis stood to attention with more vigour and energy than he had ever felt before.

Candy moved her hand over the bulge, not touching it, just moving her hand around it as she spoke in a strange tongue. It was the language of voodoo, of an ancient magic. Colin’s eyes were like saucers, staring down at his lap, his erect penis and the feminine hand moving over it. He squirmed in his seat and it felt as if something were being wrapped around his balls as she continued this strange chant.

Candy fixed him with her eyes. “your car will be safe here” she said and removing the keys from the ignition and placed them in her cleavage. He wanted to reach to get them back, but his arms seemed so heavy and he felt somehow disconnected from every part of his body apart from his pulsating erection. Using her hand Candy rolled one huge breast around, the keys making a clinking sound as they disappeared from view. She spoke some more “you have a wallet and papers, they will be safe with me” Now his hands moved, responding to the silky voice, not under his control as he watched himself reach into the open glove box and pull out his wallet and passport. Still starning into those big hypnotic eyes he handed them over to Candy, part of his mind couldn’t believe what he was doing, but that part of him was no longer in control.

Candy tucked his passport into the waist of her skirt and his wallet she wedged into her cavernous cleavage.

“Now you will come with me” she said, and opened the car door. Colin was struggling as deep down he knew what this was all about, this went against all his upbringing, he would never go with a hooker....would he!?

Candy bent forward once more and moved her hand over his ‘wigwam’, speaking some more of those strange words. Colin’s pelvis jerked upwards in the seat in an involuntary spasm and it felt as if his balls were being pulled. Candy noticed a grimace of pain on his face as he grunted and struggled. He swung his legs around in the seat and it looked to the old ladies on the pavement as if Candy was helping a disabled person out of the car.

Candy spoke sympathetically but firmly “You are tied to me now honey, it hurts if you try to hold back.....its much easier for you if you don’t think about it too much and just go with your cock”

There was some more grunting as Candy moved her hand once more and with another pelvic jerk, Colin was stood up on the pavement. Candy closed the car door and they stood facing each other. Candy was over six feet tall in her heels and she towered over the scrawny software engineer who was a mere five seven and 150 pounds. One of the old ladies pointed at the young white guy and the huge protrusion in his shorts, he looked quite ridiculous but his head was spinning too much to notice anything. He could not seem to clear his head and all his concentration was focused on Candy. She turned her back on him and began to walk away, very slowly. Colin, feeling the pull on his cock and balls grunted once more and stepped up onto the dusty sidewalk. His eyes were fixed on her slowly rolling hips and his pelvis jerked again, moving him awkwardly but inexorably forward. It felt as if his balls were on a rope and Candy was pulling him along as she walked. His whole body pulsated with the beat of his heart, he felt confused and unable to get a hold on what was happening, it was like being drunk.

Candy’s walk was rhythmic and oh so sexy, big curvy butt rolling from side to side under the thin white material of her skirt. Her height advantage brought her pendulous rear into COlin’s line of sight and although he was free from the prison of her hypnotic eyes, now he was subject to a sexual magnetism beyond anything he had felt before. The fact that she had his keys, money and passport compelled him to follow. The first few yards were slow and awkward but he was soon taken bt the ‘beat’ of her rolling hips which helped him settle into a steady walk about 5 paces behind her.

Candy turned into an alleyway, striding along with a smile on her face. She was pleased with her catch and it gave her a real buzz to parade Colin through the neighbourhood and past the other working girls who couldn’t hope to compete with her. This was her world and she was proud to show what she could do. She was confident Colin would be unable to break free during the five minute walk back to her place, she knew that his eyes would be fixed firmly on her rolling hips which she swung deliberately, knowing how hypnotic the side to side motion was for a man. His wallet was small but stuffed with folded notes and she carried this proudly along, wedged into her cleavage as if to show to the other hookers that she was in charge of this one. Walking along with his wallet and keys up front between her huge breasts, she knew he was trapped.

The whole area throbbed with a reggae beat, and Candy’s rolling hips seemed to instill that beat into Colin’s stiff bone. He was putting one foot in front of the other but it didn’t seem like it was him doing it. They came to the end of the alley and turned into another street, it was quiet there, just a few kids and a guy who nodded and smiled at Candy seemingly unsurprised to see her with this white guy in tow, huge erection pointing out in front of him. This would have appeared bizzare in any European or American city, but this was the Carribean and in an area where white people would not normally go.

Another few hundred yards saw them into another alley, then up some stairs and into a first floor flat. Doors were just left open here and Colin followed his tormentor into a well appointed lounge. This place was clearly a cut above most of the other dwellings they had passed, Candy was obviously doing well.

“Sit down” she commanded, pointing to a soft chair. Colin was exhausted, his groin ached so much and he was happy to comply. “Sorry about the long walk” she said, “Let me introduce myself, I’m Candy, what’s your name?”

Colin was recovering his senses, he just wanted to get his stuff back and get out of there. “Look, I don’t know what you did to me back there, but I don’t go with hookers, I’ll pay you some money if you just give me back my things, I just want to get back to the hotel”

Candy smiled at him and fixed him with her stare again “You don’t understand the voodoo, but it is very powerful, as I said you are tied to me now honey, now tell me about yourself”

Colin leaped up from his seat and tried to grab his passport from her waistband. Unfortunately for Colin Candy had a height and weight advantage and he seemed to have no strength, Candy easily pushing him back into the seat. She squeezed in beside him and pushed her bust up to his face. She chuckled

“All your anger, all your strength is needed to keep this up” She moved her hand around his bulge once more, the monster erection was making him weaker and taking so much of his blood supply. She concentrated on his throbbing bulge, speaking to it and Colin too stared down, gasping and jerking his hips upwards......“You will answer all my questions” she said. Now the words flowed from his lips as Candy learned his name, where he was staying. the fact that he was not a tourist but was working there. This was very satisfying for Candy and she also learned that he had a girlfriend called Emma who would be coming out to see him in a few weeks time.

Candy took his wallet from her cleavage and began to look through it. Colin wanted to reach out and grab it but he just sat in the chair, cock pointing upwards, eyes glazed over, staring ahead. Candy noted the $120 in cash, took that out and tucked it into her pocket. Then she noticed two little photographs, small ones about an inch square of a blonde girl smiling, the other was of Colin and the girl. They looked like they were taken in a photo booth.

“Is this your fiancee? this Emma?

“Yes” replied Colin in a deadpan voice. Candy seemed pleased, almost excited, like these pictures were worth more than the $120.

Candy removed her thin white top to reveal her huge bra which was also white. Staring at him, she ran her hands proudly over the huge cups while Colin gazed in awe at the garment and the seemingly impossible jutting size of Candy’s bosom which filled the giant bra cups.

“These are specially made and very expensive, over $200” she said, " 38JJ from Rigby and Pellar in Bond Street London. Some of my clients travel there and get them for me, I’m really pleased you are not just a tourist. You will be getting some bras and other clothes for me on your trips back to London Colin”

Sitting down opposite him, Candy turned her attention to the two little photographs. She took the one of Emma and placed it into her cleavage.

“please don’t do that” Colin begged, tension in his voice. He reached forwards but his eyes engaged with Candy’s, big and staring, holding him, and he slumped back into the seat.

Candy was concentrating on the little picture as she worked her bust around with her hands. Colin watched anxiously as it kept disappearing and reappearing, popping out every so often as she really squeezed it hard. She spoke some more of the strange tongue Colin had heard her speak in the car as she mashed the picture until it became crumpled. She placed the photo back in Colin’s wallet before taking the other one, the one with both of them and subjecting that to the same treatment.

When she had finished she asked “Do you have any more pictures of Emma with you?

“Yes” came the reluctant reply, reluctant because he didn’t want to speak but he couldn’t help himself, this woman had such a commanding authority.

“you must bring those to me” commanded Candy.

“Now I will release you” she said.

She stood up and went over to the stereo, putting on some music with a heavy bass beat. Colin’s wallet and keys she placed on a table. She told him to stand facing her and she began to dance around. Candy was smiling, enjoying herself as she took a banana from a fruitbowl and placed it in her cleavage. As she danced she worked the banana around like it was a big erect cock. Colin’s eyes were on stalks watching this display and he began to get agitated, his pelvis moving back and forth.

“Mmm, that’s good, Dance with me now honey” she purred. It was a bizzare sight as they stood face to face, the amazon black girl and the small white guy, her hips rolling in smooth circles, his pumping and jerking out of control. Colin could feel the cum being drawn from his balls and up the length of his cock, an incredible sensation, one he had never felt with such intensity. He watched as Candy made the banana sink into her soft black bosom until just the tip end showed when she really squeezed the fruit. Colin gasped with a shocked look on his face “Oh no!” as he jerked his hips wildly and gushed into the beach shorts.

He collapsed on the floor and Candy, removing her bra knelt down beside him and buried his face in her cleavage. It was the first time he had seen those massive breasts naked, or felt their softness and weight. He had no strength left to resist as she enveloped his head. Candy knew this was important and would help bring him back to her. Releasing him, she helped him clean up but he was embarassed, annoyed and eager to get out.

“I will see you again soon” said Candy.

Colin scurried back through the streets in his sticky shorts, finding his car still there unlocked but untouched. He drove, where he didn’t know but eventually he found the Hilton and collapsed into bed exhausted. What had happened there!?...what had he done!?...He didn’t believe all that voodoo mumbo jumbo...

He slept.

Several thousand miles away in London, Emma woke from a bad dream.