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A New Kind of Therapy

* * *

Ally and her husband go to a hypnotherapist to get over their fear of flights, but the cruel therapist has other ideas in mind.

* * *

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this is not an accurate representation of hypnosis or non-consensual sex at all, as it exists in a fantasy setting. Non-consensual sex/sexual acts and hypnosis of other people in real life is highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone such acts. All characters in this story are above the age of 18. By Skaetlett © 2022, do not repost without explicit permission.

* * *

Ally had a conundrum.

After decades, Ally finally had everything she wanted. Her gorgeous looks, a beautiful house, and most importantly, the most handsome slab of meat she was going to marry the next month. Ally knew for a long time that her biggest ambition in life was to get married to a hot guy who truly treasured her. Someone who could support her—enough for her to be a stay at home mom, ideally. Luckily, Daniel’s high ranking job at a bank would provide them with more than enough for Ally to have that. When Daniel got on one knee on a vacation in New York, Ally knew her life was just where she wanted it.

They got to wedding planning immediately—obviously planning a large, lavish one for all their friends and family. Ally needed everything to be perfect—she wasn’t a bridezilla, per se, but she had a clear idea of how she wanted her marriage to be. Luckily for her, everything fell into the right place. They had an excellent wedding planner, Sherry. Along with that, they already had plane tickets and hotels booked for their honeymoon in France. Daniel’s family was French and they knew all the best places to go. Ally couldn’t wait for the wedding, but the honeymoon, she was... well, over the moon about it.

One small problem.

Both Ally and Daniel had a huge fear of flights.

All of their trips so far had been either by plane, by bike, or by cruise once or twice. They had never set foot on a plane together. Ally, never in her life. Daniel had gone to France a few times as a kid, but never got used to flying. Ally’s fear only multiplied tenfold when Daniel explained how flying was for him. (He was, of course, immediately apologetic. Gosh, he was so great.)

When Sherry noticed something was wrong during one of their meetings, she had a great idea. As she always did.

“You should see this great hypnotherapist in town,” she chirped.

Ally and Daniel looked at each other quizzically. “A... hypnotherapist?” Ally had never seen a therapist in her life. And she didn’t know hypnosis was a thing outside of Totally Spies. “How does that even work?”

“Oh, she is fabulous,” Sherry admired the mystery woman. “Just a truly stellar woman. She charges what she’s worth, and she’s worth every penny. She got me over my fear of the ocean, and even better yet, she helped me realize who I really am!”

Sherry was convincing up until the last sentence.

Ally remembered what happened unexpectedly a couple months ago in Sherry’s life—she came out. Sherry had been straight as a ruler her whole life. Hell, she was married to a man almost as hot as Daniel. And they were in love. But then, one week, Sherry told Ally and Daniel she was getting a divorce.

She told them she realized she was a lesbian.

Ally remembered feeling the shift was a bit drastic. To say the announcement was sudden would be a huge understatement. Of course, Ally and Daniel were totally cool with it—after all, Daniel’s sister was a lesbian, too.

“I... don’t know if I believe that,” Ally admitted, looking to Daniel for a bit of help. “I’m not sure. I- I don’t think that’s gonna help us.”

“Aw, come on, babe,” Daniel wrapped his arm around Ally and pulled her close. It felt so reassuring when he’d pull her in. It was like a hug from a giant, fluffy panda. “Sherry’s been great so far, hasn’t she? We should give this hypnotherapist a shot.”

“But...” Ally frowned. She didn’t know what, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong about this suggestion. Maybe it was all in her head though—mostly because Daniel seemed a lot more certain about this.

Well, she didn’t think she had suddenly becoming a lesbian to worry about. Ally loved her girl friends, but hell would freeze before she’d sleep with one.

“Okay,” Ally resigned. “Who is this... hypnotherapist?”

“Her name is Mira,” Sherry said. “Here’s her business card!”

Ally looked down at the number on the card. “Okay,” she said. “Let’s give her a try, babe.”

What’s the worst that could happen?

* * *

Sherry sure wasn’t lying about Mira’s prices. When Ally saw she charged $375 a session, her jaw dropped to the ground. On her website, Mira suggested weekly sessions for her clients—Ally winced guesstimating the total price for a single month. But, it would only be a month until she and Daniel were hopped on a plane. And if this woman could help with that... well, what was an extra $1,500 going to change? They’d already spent tens of thousands on the wedding alone.

So she and Daniel set up a joint session. And miraculously, the therapist had availability for the next day. They grabbed the slot on her calendar, and the next day, drove an hour’s drive to her office.

“Ready, babe?” Daniel asked, with that confident smirk he’d always give to calm her nerves.

“Yeah,” Ally sighed, forcing a smile. They knocked on the door, and milliseconds later, it swung open.

The woman who greeted them looked almost like she came out of a porno. She donned attire that would normally be professional, sure, but her miniskirt barely passed her ass, and half of her button up was undone. Her long black hair was done meticulously into graceful waves. Ally recognized the brand of her lipstick—and she knew it probably cost $30 for that stick. And her perfume... well, it smelled good, and Ally had to be a bit jealous of it.

Ally wasn’t a lesbian, but she couldn’t lie. This woman was a total bombshell.

Anxiously, she gazed at Daniel, jealousy spiking in her. Daniel, thank god, the angel he was, merely greeted Mira with a kind nod and a smile. She silently exhaled. Of course—Daniel was fantastic, and he only had eyes for Ally.

“Why, hello!” Mira sang. Even her voice was hot. “So good to see you two. I haven’t had time to read your intakes, but I’m so thrilled to get to know you two.”

“Us too. Mira, is it?” Daniel took over and did the talking for Ally. “We’re happy you had a slot. Sherry had such good things to say about you.”

“Oh... really?” Mira licked her lips. “Well, I’m so happy to hear that. Sherry is such a gem. But enough talking—come in! Sit! Make yourselves at home.”

“...Thanks,” Ally responded as she slid in. As hard as she tried, she couldn’t completely hide the suspicion in her voice. Daniel was still calm as a turtle, though. Maybe Ally really was just making everything up.

As the two sat down, Mira sat across from them. Ally looked around the office, noting the bizarre decor. All around her were cuckoo clocks in bright colors, and hanging on the walls were pendulums, pocket watches, and other fascinations. Ally felt like she wandered into some fairy tale world. But the ticks of the clocks, all working at the same exact time... it was calming. Ally relaxed a bit, sliding back into the couch.

Mira grabbed a notepad, and clicked her tongue. “So, let’s see. You’re here for a fear of flying, is that right?”

“Y-yeah,” Ally confirmed. “We’re going on a honeymoon to Paris next month. But we both have a fear of planes. Um... Sherry said you hypnotize us, right?”

Mira chuckled. Ally felt the hairs on her skin stand up. “Yes, I do. Hypnosis is very powerful, you see. It taps into people’s subconscious, allowing me to do the work of undoing those horrors and reservations you may have. It’s quite versatile. I have folks in here for all sorts of fears, all sorts of inhibitions, all sorts of problems... and they’re always surprised by how it works.”

“Wow, sounds fascinating,” Daniel said. He kept his tone even and the tone lighthearted—for now. How could he be going along with this? He wasn’t into Mira, was he? Ally wouldn’t blame him if he was, but...

“So for instance,” Mira interrupted Ally’s thoughts, “I would put you two into a state of trance. And while you’re under, I would work on those fears. It wouldn’t be an automatic process... but every week, you should find yourself feeling a little better, a little more comfortable, with the idea of... flying.”

That hesitation set off alarms in Ally’s head. Something was wrong. She had to go. But just as she was about to stand up, Daniel grabbed Ally’s hand, and pulled her back in gently. “Babe, it’s okay,” he reassured. “She’s going to help us. I’m a bit scared too, but this will make going on our honeymoon so much easier. And we both want to be together in Paris and have our perfect honeymoon. Right?”

He squeezed Ally’s hands. Mira eyed them viciously, and Ally could feel it on her skin. Why was Daniel going along with this? He wasn’t being brainwashed, was he?

“Okay,” Ally retreated.

Mira laughed again. “I know it sounded preposterous, but I can promise you—once you’re in trance, everything will make much more sense. All you have to do is listen to me, follow my words, and allow yourselves to relax. You may find yourself feeling strangely, but it will pass. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

No, Ally wanted to say. But she forced herself to nod. “Sure.”

Mira smirked. “Very well then. A fear of flying shouldn’t be too hard to overcome.” She reached behind her, to the wall of belongings, and pulled off a simply intricate pocket watch. “All you need to do, first, is just watch what’s in front of you.” She held the watch higher, so that both Ally and Daniel’s eyes strained looking at it. The lamps around the room reflected off the pocket watch.

It was... beautiful. Ally could see all sorts of colors around it. She couldn’t get past the worried thoughts in her mind, but at least the watch was beautiful. She exhaled. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad.

“Just watch the pocket watch... hear the ticking around you... and exhale. Let all those thoughts leave through your breath. Know that I’m going to take very, very good care of both of you. Just follow my voice as I lead you below, as I lead you down into trance.

“You see, everyone knows what trance is. You go into trance while working on autopilot. You go into trance while driving a long stretch of barren land. You go into trance just before you fall asleep. So you know what trance is... all you need to learn is how to go there willingly. That’s why I’m here, to show you the way down. And for you, your trance isn’t necessarily going to be the calm place, the calming presence everyone else knows. No… You’ll be going to a control room, deep in your brain. In the basement. It’ll be a dark, mysterious place… but I’m going to help you make your way around it.” Mira’s voice was calming, soothing.

“A control room with controls and levers and buttons… you’ve seen them at your job before, haven’t you? You’re going to go to the one in your brain. A control room that’s connected to your feelings, your urges, your fears and… well, any reservations you may have. Don’t worry, dear. You’ll be in very good hands in this control room. In my hands.”

Sure enough, Ally felt the nerves in herself settle. Maybe this... was fine. Maybe she could trust Mira a bit.

And the second she thought that, was the second she felt herself sinking. The further she sank with Mira’s words, the less control she had over her body. She wanted to retain control. She wanted to hang on. But... it felt so good to just close her eyes, and to listen to Mira. To listen to the ticking. This was fine.

“And on the count of five, you’re going to go into that basement. The control room. Surrounded by tools and commands. Tools and commands I am going to give you. A place where my words can truly take place. Both of you can nod if you understand.”

Ally nodded. She felt Daniel shift imperceptibly—he must have nodded too.

“Good.” Ally couldn’t see it, but Mira was smirking like a madwoman. “Five. Sinking. Falling. Listening to me so closely.

“Four. Following me. Slipping.

“Three. Almost there. Letting the tension slip from your body. Letting yourself sleep.

“Two. Finally letting go. And...”

Mira snapped her fingers, and with that sound, Ally truly fell.

“One. In the control room.”

For a moment, the room was silent. Ally could barely make it out when Mira added in a much more sinister voice, “let’s get the real work started now.”

Whatever Mira said next, Ally couldn’t fully process. She just listened to Mira’s next words like they were objective truth. That was all she had to do... right?

“Here you are, in this control room. You can take a look around, you can see for yourself how things are laid out. Where the levers controlling your fears are, or where the buttons tied to your emotions lie. Flying... is such a scary feeling. You’re off the ground, and you don’t know when you’ll land.

Something was off in Mira’s voice, but again, Ally couldn’t put a finger on it. After all, she was too far out, too deep in trance. So deep that she barely even noticed when Mira said—

“But we’re not really in your control room for you to get over your fear of flying.”

Ally’s heart stopped momentarily, and then continued. The shock of that statement—of Ally realizing she was right in her suspicious—barely grazed against her. She didn’t feel any movement from Daniel either, meaning he was too deep as well.

Fuck. Hypnosis was more real and powerful than Ally had let on.

“You know my client Sherry already, right?” Ally nodded—she felt compelled to. “And you know how she suddenly came out to you as a lesbian, how she suddenly left her husband, and how it... came out of seemingly nowhere.”

A part of Ally’s mind screamed, ‘I knew it.’ Those words echoed against the sleek walls of the control room. She could imagine red lights beginning to flash in her.

“Well, you probably put two and two together. You seem like smart people, after all.” Ally could feel Mira’s awful smirk on her skin. “That was all me. Hypnosis is so powerful it can even undo someone’s sexuality. Or, it can change sexualities.

“You can be assured I’m not going to do anything to physically hurt either of you... and I won’t put my hypnotic words too much on Daniel here. After all, he already likes girls, so it would be hard to make him a lesbian,” Mira laughed sadistically. Ally wanted to wake up. She desperately did. But... as much as she tried to open her eyes, to fight back, she couldn’t. Mira was dragging both of them into trance, into her words, into the changes she wanted to make. “But, I have some ideas for how to... enhance your upcoming marriage.”

Ally, finally, after an immense amount of effort, shook her head slightly. Mira clicked her tongue once more. “You don’t need to resist it, dearie. After all, you can’t. You’re just succumbing to my words, letting them take over your mind as absolute truth. Right?”


Mira’s next words killed Ally’s words of protest in her throat.

“My words are truth. My words are your guiding light. So, when I tell you something, it’s going to be true. It’s not going to hurt—in fact, accepting what I say will feel so, so good. And you want to feel good, don’t you? That’s what humans want. Pleasure. Admit it, Ally. You want to feel good.”

Ally nodded. Tears formed behind her eyelids.

“Exactly. Following my words will feel good. And doing as I say will feel good. It will feel so, so good for both of you. Whenever you accept my words, in fact, you may feel a rush of orgasmic pleasure. A kind that’ll take over your whole body without me even having to put a single hand on either of you.

“So, Ally, let’s start with you. You may have thought your entire life that you were straight, but you know that’s false.” It wasn’t false. Ally was straight. She was like a diamond ruler—nothing could bend or change her sexuality. At least, that’s what she wanted to believe.

“If you look in the control room, a bit to the left… you can see a dial. This is your sexuality, dear. As you can see it, the dial is turned all the way to 0—all the way to heterosexuality. Isn’t that too low of a number? Shouldn’t we twist that dial a little? Feel your hand—no, feel me guiding your hand—onto the dial. Feel my fingers around yours, grasping onto that dial with you. You won’t put up much of a fight. After all, you’re too far gone, too deep in trance, succumbing too much to my words. So, we’re going to turn the dial together.”

Ally felt it—she felt the dial turn. She felt Mira’s hands around hers, turning the dial with her. Her own hands were like clay—malleable and weak, there for Mira to mold just like the rest of her body. The dial first turned to one, and Ally felt electricity spark in her brain. Two. Three. She could feel herself somehow starting to short circuit. Her brain was physically changing. Mira grasped onto it like a stress ball.

Four. Five. Six…

“Seven,” Mira landed, mentally taking her hand off of Ally’s. “Let’s keep it there… for a bit. Now, I want you to go to another area… it’s a TV. It’s showing… well, maybe the best sex you’ve had with Daniel. Or your deepest desires, the male actor you like the most. But you’re going to press a button—a left arrow key. And the channel is going to turn… a few times, you press it, and finally, it lands.

“Now on the screen, you see a scene of you and the hottest lady on the market. Or me. Or even Sherry. You’re being eaten out by a hot girl, being brought to the edge over and over, and then once you’re done, they get their turn. You see, Ally, you’ve always wanted this.”

The words felt like truth, even though Ally knew for a fact they weren’t.

“You’ve always liked girls. You’ve always wanted to be... intimate with girls. Or, rather, you’ve wanted to be fucked by girls. Especially hot, luscious, attractive girls like myself, the hypnotherapist in front of you. You want to be smothered in tits and pussy and girlcock. It’s just the truth, Ally. That’s all you’ve ever wanted. You’ve never wanted anything else.”

Ally’s mind pleaded silently, begged to resist, but sure enough, Mira’s words washed over her mind like a tidal wave. She liked boys—no, she liked girls. She wanted to be fucked by—by girls, to be... smothered...

“You are a lesbian, Ally. You always have been, and you always will be. Admit it. It’s futile to resist. After all, admitting it will feel great, and you want to feel pleasure, don’t you?”

“I... am... s-str...”

“No. So close. You are a lesbian.”

“I... am...” The words felt fake to Ally, as if she weren’t saying them, as if she were a puppet. The images on the screen burnt into her head, making her shiver, making her clit twitch. And sure enough, Mira ripped those words out of her. “A lesbian.”

“Exactly! And you want to be fucked mercilessly by girls. You want to be dominated. You’ve never wanted a husband or a boyfriend. In fact, you love girls so much, that it’s all you want. You’re not just a lesbian. You’re a slutty lesbian. It’s what you want all the time. You don’t want to work—unless your ‘work’ is pleasuring hot girls around you. Especially hot girls I send your way.”

The more and more Mira spoke, the less and less Ally could resist her words. Yes. She was a lesbian. She was a slutty lesbian. She wanted to be fucked by girls. Mira... that didn’t... that didn’t mean she was planning to sell Ally off, did it? She couldn’t even ask that question. In fact, a potential ‘yes’ to that question made her heart pound with excitement. And it made her...


Ally’s legs shifted together. She squirmed. “Well done, Ally. You accepted my suggestions. Doesn’t it feel good? Doesn’t it feel wonderful to know what you really want, now?”

“Y-yes...” Ally gasped out. She realized, distantly, that she hadn’t even been breathing.

“But I’ve got good news. You don’t have to forget about poor Daniel, here. No, he’ll still be a very important part of your life. You will love him still, but you’ll love him doing something very different.”

Mira chose her next words carefully. She shifted over to face Daniel. “You’re going to love it when he watches.”

“H-huh?” Daniel asked sleepily. He couldn’t focus. But it sounded wrong to him too. Maybe... Ally was right in not feeling right about all this.

“Yes. You’re going to love it when Daniel watches helplessly, just jacking off in the corner while you have the time of your life. In fact, Daniel, you sweet boy. That’s all you’re going to ever want to do. Watch the channel on your own screen turn to a scene of Ally, the lady of your dreams, with the girl of hers. You’re going to love watching your fiancee get fucked and whored out and treated like a hot piece of lesbian meat. It may sting a little, but soon enough, you’ll enjoy that feeling. The feeling of betrayal is going to be so hot to you. Soon enough, you won’t even want to fuck Ally herself. You’ll only feel pleasure watching her get fucked by gorgeous girls.”

“I...I...” Daniel wasn’t convinced, and he tried to protest. Maybe he still had a bit of fight left in him.

As soon as Ally thought so, Mira killed that last piece of resistance in him. “Don’t fight back, dear. Just let yourself fall victim to my words. That’s it. It’s so easy, and it feels so good. And what’s going to feel even better is when you open your eyes and watch helplessly as I fuck your wife.”

At those last three words, the fire in Ally’s heart lit back up. She was... not a lesbian, no, she was straight. She was straight, she loved Daniel, she loved fucking him and didn’t want to get involved sexually with any girl. She hung onto those thoughts in her mind, but they didn’t feel real. They felt like cheap plastic. On the other hand, when Ally’s mind shifted to getting fucked like a lesbian fleshlight, having Daniel watch while jerking off to the side... her heart raced. She needed it. She hated how much she needed it. Ally’s brain screamed for her to resist, but she couldn’t. Her body, her heart, her desires, were working for her.

No. Working for Mira.

“So, I’m going to have you both open your eyes. Ally, I’m going to have a bit of fun with you, and you’re going to beg for it... and Daniel, you’re gonna stay right over there. Feel free, of course, to get yourself off watching us, though.”

No. No. No. No. No. “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Ally’s eyelids rose, as did Daniel’s. She looked at Mira. Ally’s jaw fell slack as she looked at Mira. ‘Gosh... she’s so hot... I’d love for her to fuck me...’ Ally wanted those thoughts out of her head, but she couldn’t get them out. Her body worked for Mira’s desires.

“Aww, good, drooling girl,” Mira chuckled. “Come over here. Take off your clothes down to your lingerie, if you will.”

“I...” Ally paused and frowned. That sounded unprofessional...

Mira shook her head. “Don’t worry, dear. You want to undress for me. You want to obey me. You want to follow my words.”

Yes. That sounded right. Ally nodded mindlessly, some drool falling off her lip to the floor. She stripped off her blouse and her skirt. Her lingerie was a cute blush pink color. Ally loved lacy lingerie. More importantly, Daniel did too. So, Daniel was probably going to enjoy Mira taking them off and fucking her... wasn’t he?

Ally’s eyes turned to Daniel. Protests still shouted in her head. Daniel’s eyes were blank and dim of light. He brainlessly reached for the hem of his pants and undid them. His hard cock sprang out. Daniel wasted no time as he watched Ally walk towards Mira. As he watched Mira undo Ally’s bra. As she tore off Ally’s panties with her sharp fingernails, letting them fall to the ground helplessly. His hand was stroking his cock fast, pre already leaking from it.

Mira got Ally onto her lap, and began fondling the formerly straight girl’s breasts. Oh god shit, it felt so hot to have another girl’s hands on her tits. Ally could never imagine it would feel that hot. She couldn’t even hold back her indecent moaning. Mira laughed in her cute sounds of pleasure. She laughed at Ally, at the fact the hypnotherapist broke her mind so easily.

“See, Ally? Doesn’t this feel good?” Mira’s hands squeezed Ally’s tits roughly, slowly bringing her to the edge. “You always wanted this. You’ve always wanted a hot lady to treat you like this. Well... I’m going to treat you very well. As are my friends. And Daniel, here... well... we don’t need to worry about him anymore, Ally. All that matters is you, me, and your shattered mind. And as those words take hold in your brain, you can feel me turning that dial up to an 8. And… even a 9. But not to a 10. Not yet.”

Ally’s cunt dripped onto Mira’s lap. She grinded against Mira’s thighs. She needed this so bad. Ally couldn’t believe she went her entire life denying herself this. Why was Ally so adamant in believing she was heterosexual? Ally regretted all those lost years. At least Mira seemed like she was going to help her make up for them. As much as she hated it, she couldn’t wait. She couldn’t wait for whatever was next.

“See, Ally? This feels good. Obeying feels good. You may feel sad that you’re leaving your old life behind… but don’t worry. I’m going to take very, very good care of you.”

Ally didn’t even notice herself cum after what felt like hours. She sure didn’t notice Daniel cumming in the corner either. And she certainly didn’t notice when Mira gently added—

“In fact, I think you’re ready to meet some of my associates,” Mira licked her lips. “Let’s make sure you know where to go.”

* * *

It had been three hours since Ally’s session with Mira. And yet, she couldn’t remember a damn thing.

Ally and Daniel had come home and collapsed on their couches. They didn’t really speak to each other for some time. After all, both of them were still trying to make sense of what happened. They were hypnotized, yes. And they definitely felt weird after—Ally still felt a wetness in her crotch, and a fog in her brain. She felt totalled. Like she was hit by a massive truck or even a plane.

She needed a drink. And a very alcoholic one. “Daniel,” she piped up quietly. Daniel turned his head to her. His eyes were so... glossy. Maybe he was recovering from the effects of the hypnosis too. Normally Ally would have thought he’d look cute so dazed, but right now she just needed to get out of the house. “I’m going to go for a drink. I-I think there’s a bar called Down South that Sherry recommended.”

Daniel raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t that the lesbian bar? I-I mean,” he pivoted. Ally’s forehead furrowed. “Well, if that’s what you want to do, sure. Sometimes you just need a night out, huh?”

“Yeah.” And a few thousand drinks. Ally grabbed her jacket—the one she grabbed happened to be her black leather one—and she grabbed her subway card. No way was she going to drive like this, let alone after some drinks. “See you later... babe.”

Calling Daniel ‘babe’ felt artificial. Ally tried not to think on why. After all, thinking too hard about it hurt her brain, for some weird reason.

Ally hopped on the nearest subway train. Her sunglasses shielded her from the bright sun and her pounding headache. The subway ride thankfully wasn’t too long, and once she got to the bar, the sun was beginning to set.

Down South.

The best lesbian bar in town, Sherry sang.

Ally had to wonder who she’d run into there. And... why she felt the dying urge to go there. It was like her heart pulled her towards the door. Ally’s body worked for her, in a weird way. Normally, she would have had a million reservations about why she’d want something like this—and then would just want to go home and get fucked by Daniel senselessly. But that thought did nothing for her.

The thought of meeting a hot chick, on the other hand...

Maybe this was a test. A test to see if she was really straight. If she wasn’t, and spent the night fantasizing about the lesbians at the bar, then her suspicions of Mira would be confirmed. And if she was, and just got drunk and went home... well, that would be the ideal scenario.

It was still early in the evening—about 6pm—but that gave Ally plenty of time to get comfortable at one of the bar stools. She placed her purse in her lap and waited for the bartender.

Who eventually came around, making Ally’s heart stop.

Oh fucking god. She was so hot.

The bartender was dressed all punk and goth, with massive earrings and piercings in various other places. Her hair was dyed blue and green, and it must have been done recently. It was done into a messy ponytail. Her makeup highlighted her facial features—her plump lips, her perfect skin, and her gorgeous eyes shaded around with black and red hues. And then there was her body itself. Her firm, round tits, and curves that could make a lesbian’s heart stop.

Ally couldn’t help herself. She looked down. Her legs were so muscular, and Ally’s head raced with thoughts of getting crushed between them.

She wasn’t a lesbian, though. No. Not Ally. Not after all these years.


Ally fidgeted in the barstool, trying to shove down any unsavory thoughts. She was engaged. To Daniel. A man. There was no way she would suddenly become a lesbian. She vaguely remembered Mira saying something about Sherry... but that was because Sherry recommended her, right? Ally sighed. Thinking back to that therapy session hurt her brain. She couldn’t figure out why.

But a part of her knew something was deeply wrong. Mira had done something. After all, Ally was still scared shitless of the flights she was—presumably—going to go on in a month. And she definitely felt different in a completely separate way.

As Ally thought to herself, she didn’t even notice that her eyes were plastered on the bartender. Until the hot punk goth behind the bar spoke up. “You look quite entranced,” she chuckled.

“U-um!” Ally straightened up her back, trying to whip out the first excuse that came to mind. “I was just... thinking... I-I’ve had a long day, and um, I could really use a drink.”

“Well, don’t be so nervous,” the bartender winked. “Trust me, I’m more than used to having cute girls stare at me. Kind of comes with working at a lesbian bar, y’know.”

Ally finally ripped her eyes away, looking to the side. “Right,” she murmured. Subject change, subject change... that was what they needed. “Um... if I can ask... you’re, um, a lesbian, right?”

“Sure am. Name’s Peony.”

“A-Ally,” she responded. “How did you... know? Like, when did you find out?”

The bartender’s lips curled even wider. “Someone’s questioning, huh?”

“N-no!” Ally protested. “I mean... no, I’m not, I just—I suddenly started thinking girls are... well... attractive, in that way, today. And... I want to see if these thoughts are serious. Or if my mind is just playing tricks on me.”

Peony leaned in, rounding her back over the bar. Her breath was so close to Ally, she felt she was going to faint right there. “Yeah, the realization can be a bit sudden,” Peony murmured. “I realized it after a therapy session a while ago. Used to be married to this hunk of a man too. Ain’t that weird?”

Yes. Weird. And more importantly, coincidental.

“Yeah... I’m engaged, y’see. And I love my fiance. But... I guess...” Ally’s voice trailed off as the door swung open.

A group of girls sauntered in, arms linked, already clearly drunk off their asses. One of them was dressed in quintessential butch attire—side shaved haircut bleached platinum blonde, leather jacket, platform boots. Not to mention her muscles, and a crop top that showed her six-pack. Hooked next to her were two feminine girls, in skimpy dresses, high heels, and long hair.

And Ally felt gay for every single one of them. Her heart was racing so fast she felt it was going to pop out of her chest. Suddenly, she felt a drop of drool fall onto her lap. “Yeah, you see,” the bartender spoke up, and Ally whipped her head back to her, “no straight girl stares at ladies like that.”

“B-but—I’m engaged! I’ve liked men my whole life! I wanted to marry all of the Backstreet Boys when I was 12! It’s so... sudden! Like...” Ally’s voice fell. “Like that therapist I saw made me like this.”

Peony smirked. Somehow, Ally got the feeling that it was a wise, knowing smirk. “Listen, babe.”


Ally’s eyes dilated, widening at the sound of that pet name. Specifically, at the bartender’s deep voice using it.

“Everyone’s journey is different. Sometimes, it just hits them.”


“Come on,” Peony shrugged Ally off. “I know what you need. The best cocktail in the house.”

“...Okay,” Ally said with a bit of hesitation. “And which cocktail would that be?”

Peony turned around, once again winking and smirking at the new gay girl in sight. “Give me one minute,” she said. “It’s on the house, to celebrate your coming out.”

Ally wanted to protest with ‘I’m not coming out’, but even those words felt artificial to her. She couldn’t bring herself to say them. Is that what was happening? Was she coming out as a lesbian? No. Coming to this bar was just for experimentation. She needed to test herself to see.

No way could Mira have changed her sexuality so much in the span of one hour.

The door opened again. Ally’s eyes tore from her empty glass. More and more girls came in as the sun continued to set. And every one of them was somehow more gorgeous, more hot, more stunning than the last. Ally felt weak. Like she was going to drop. Like she wanted to drop to her knees and be buried in a hot girl’s—

“Here ya go,” Peony grabbed Ally’s shoulder firmly and turned her around. The drink she held looked like it had more color than alcohol. The colors shifted from magenta, to red, to pink, to blush. “I call this one Lesbian Paradise.”

Ally took it, her hand shaking, trying not to drop it. “Thank you,” she said meekly. “Um... what’s in it?”

“You wanna ruin the surprise? Alright. Vodka, tequila, coconut rum, shitton of mixers... oh, a dash of whiskey, and sprite. Topped with a lemon of course.” Ally’s eyes widened with every type of alcohol Peony listed off. It sounded more like an experimental jungle juice she’d have in college than a refined cocktail. She picked up the lemon and squeezed it, attempting to dilate out some of the alcohol. “Come on, girlfriend. Drink. What are you going to do, deny a free $16 drink?”

“I... I guess not.” She wasn’t. After all, Ally was the one who said she was going to have a drink or two. She put it to her lips, and began downing it.

The alcohol hit faster than she could have imagined. And moreover, the amount of mixer made Ally hardly even notice it. It tasted delicious. Like... paradise. Within less than a minute, the drink was downed, and began hitting Ally like a truck.

“Woah,” she said, her nervous smile becoming a dopey one. “That was amazing... Peony.” She almost called her babe back. Almost. “Thanks for the free drink.”

“Don’t mention it.” Her hand lifted around Ally and grabbed her hair lightly. Ally whimpered, panting and moaning, as if Peony had just started eating her out. When she released Ally, Ally felt something was now missing from her life. “Now, don’t be shy. Chat up some hot girls. And... if you need a place to, ya know...” Peony’s eyes gazed over to a bathroom. “There’s a single stall right there.”

“Um... thanks,” Ally giggled. She still wasn’t entirely sure that she’d need it, but it was good to have just in case. “Alright, well, I’m off.”

“Don’t be a stranger.”

Ally wasn’t intending to be. After all, in the back of her mind, her brain still lingered on the myriad of ways the bartender could use her body like a toy.

For a while, Ally stood around awkwardly in the corner. Girls danced to the beat, their bodies mashed against each other. All of them handsy with one another like they were one gay polycule. Ally swore she saw the butch girl’s hand slide into one girl’s panties. She blushed hard. Ally wished that could be her.

“A new girl, huh?” Ally gasped, turning around to meet the girl in front of her. She was another butch-looking girl, with a completely shaved head and a pantsuit. “You’re quite the looker, honey.”

“T-th-thanks,” Ally stammered nervously. “Um, how, where, I mean, how are you?”

“Good,” the butch laughed. Was she mocking Ally? “You’re really out of it. Just come out?”

“Yes, I mean, no!” Ally shook her head. “I’m just, well, I’m here to meet new people. And to get some drinks. That’s all.”

“’Meet new people’,” she said, moving her index and middle fingers as quotation marks. “’Have some drinks’. Come on, girlie, just let loose. You can tell me anything.”

“Okay... well...” Ally looked around. “My name is Ally. What’s, um, yours?”

“Isabella,” she answered. “Been out since college. 15 years ago.”

Wow. So not only was she hot off her ass, she was also older. Somehow, the risk to that, the age gap... it felt hot. Ally felt like a deer in headlights, and that made her even more horny.

“Come on,” she motioned. “Want to dance?”

Ally nodded. Dancing might have felt less uncomfortable to her... “Sure. Let’s, um, let’s go.”

Isabella grabbed Ally’s arm, and dragged her onto the dance floor impatiently. As if she’d been waiting for that moment her entire day. She was enthusiastic—too much so, Ally distantly thought. Her mind was so clouded by... how hot Isabella was. How hot Peony was. How hot every girl dancing on the floor was.

Ally shook her head. She was straight. She was straight. She was straight. She repeated those words in her head like a mantra. Mira must have done something to her, and once she remembered what happened, she’d be able to undo it. At least, she hoped.

Suddenly, Ally was in the middle of the dance floor. “Dancing” with Isabella. Her dancing was less actual movement and more, just, grinding their bodies together. Ally wanted to move into something more traditional, but she went along with what Isabella was doing. Grinding theit bodies together like clay, their boobs bouncing against one another, and Isabella’s hands growing increasingly handsier. On Ally’s legs. Her hips. Her midsection, and her breasts. Ally squealed as Isabella groped Ally’s tits, fondling them aggressively. She wanted more. Isabella did, at least, and slowly—Ally wanted more, and more, and more of this.

Isabella’s leg worked its way between Ally’s. Her leg ground itself into Ally’s cunt—dripping through her pants. “Wow, babe,” Isabella smirked. “You are really, really into this. You sure you’re straight?”

“Y-yes...” Ally moaned as Isabella continued fondling her boobs. She was straight. She was.

“Yeah, no you’re not. No straight girl would have this kind of reaction. You. Are. A Lesbian.”

“I’m... I’m...”

“A lesbian, dear. But... I know a better way to convince you.”

“Um... what’s th—”

Isabella grabbed Ally’s wrist, and dragged her off the dance floor. As she did, Ally looked behind her, at the girls dancing wildly, the smell of sex in the air. And she saw someone quite curious, quite familiar.


Ally barely noticed her, her mind hyper fixated on the girl dragging her into the single stall bathroom. Ally’s face flushed red. What was she doing there? Mira was off to the side, that same evil smirk on her face. She did something to Ally. Ally knew it.

But more interestingly, the girl Mira was with handed her... something. From a distance, it looked like a massive wad of cash. What could she be paying Mira for? God, Mira really loved taking money from girls, didn’t she? She must have been paying for a session, or something.

Ally caught a glimpse of the girl next to Mira with a millisecond left. A hot, blonde beauty, who looked a little like a modern Marilyn Monroe. But before Ally could feast her eyes too much, Isabella pulled her into the bathroom, and slammed the door shut behind them.

And locked it.

Ally squirmed, her breathing heavy, her heart racing. She needed this. No, she needed to run, to be back in Daniel’s arms. But... no, no, this felt right. Her entire body craved Isabella. Fuck, her entire body craved everyone on the dance floor.

And lucky for her, it seemed she was going to get that craving fulfilled.

Within seconds of the door locking, Isabella had Ally up against a wall. Ally’s breathing grew shallow and yet heavy. In fact, air was barely going down to her chest, and more hung around at the top of her throat. At this position, Ally could clearly see how much taller Isabella was. Ally hung around at 5′5″—not short, but not tall either. Isabella, though, she must have been at least six feet tall. Probably more. And with Ally’s back against the wall, Isabella’s hands next to her face, that height difference felt so much more dramatic.

“Y’know, you’re even cuter than I thought you’d be,” Isabella mused. One of her hands stayed plastered to the table, as the other one moved to gently stroke Ally’s chin. She tilted it up so Ally’s face was now facing the taller, toppier girl.

Ally sputtered, trying to get out an actual sentence. “W-what do you mean?”

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” Isabella chuckled. Her hand trailed down, going under Ally’s shirt and pulling it up. “Move a little for me, would you?”

Ally nodded and complied. Her shirt flew up above her, landing on the ground. Leaving Ally’s top naked to its bra. Ally wasn’t necessarily ashamed of her body, but being with another girl like this... of course, she’d been in gym locker rooms before with other naked women. But none of them towered over her like this. None of them made it a point to assert their dominance.

Isabella’s hands groped Ally’s tits. Her presence itself was what pushed Ally against the wall now. Ally moaned and gasped as her breasts were used in the same way as stress balls. That’s what she was. Isabella was clearly stressed—in a horny, pent up way—and she was taking that stress out on Ally. Isabella’s hands moved down, as did her head. Her lips placed gentle, but possessive, kisses down Ally’s midsection. Eventually, she reached her pants.

And without asking, Isabella ripped them down too. Ally’s panties were completely ruined, and when Isabella touched them, it was almost as if the panties were nonexistent. Ally’s gasped grew louder, more indecent. She needed more. She needed more. Her heart and her body ached to be taken over by hot girl after hot girl. But a bit of her still begged for things to go back to normal. She used to love fantasizing about Daniela going down on her in the way Isabella was. Only, now those thoughts were almost a turn off. What got her going again was Isabella. And, every other hot girl in their vicinity.

“You’re going to cum over and over again tonight,” Isabella smirked as she slowly, agonizingly, pulled down Ally’s panties. They almost stuck to her pussy. “I’m excited to get my round with you.”

“Your... r-round?” Alarms went off in Ally’s head. What was she talking about?

Isabella smirked, her thumbs grazing the insides of Ally’s thighs. “Oh, you haven’t realized it?” she asked. Ally hadn’t realized anything other than how much she wanted Isabella to shut up and eat her out. “I paid good money for you tonight, babe.”

Ally’s eyes widened. Red flags rose up in her brain. “ what?”

“Yeah. You’re getting pimped around, babe. And trust me when I say I’m not the only one who’s gotten a round with you tonight. Hell, the bartender is probably throwing up an “out of order” sign up there so you’re trapped here.”

Ally shook her head. She could barely think, with how horny she was, but she had to try. “T-that’s crazy! Who in the world would...” Ally knew that answer, deep in her heart. But she couldn’t believe it. Mira wouldn’t do something like that... this was all a coincidence. She tried her hardest to make those statements fact in her brain. But before she could try hard enough, as the battle for logic continued in her brain, Isabella interrupted her.

Isabella held Ally’s legs from the inside and spread them apart. Suddenly, her face was deep in Ally’s pussy, soaking up the liquids. Licking the folds, the outer part of her lower lips. She even used her teeth—lightly—to tease Ally’s clit. All thoughts that lingered in Ally’s head flew out of one ear. She didn’t care about any of that anymore. All she cared about was the hot lady under her making her feel really, really good.

The butch lesbian pushed her face closer into Ally’s cunt. Ally couldn’t control the lewd sounds coming out of her mouth anymore. Cumming was the end goal, all she needed. But every time she came close to the edge, Isabella slowed down, pulling her back down. In the moments in between edges, Ally desperately tried to make sense of the situation. But before she could think too hard, she was at the brink of orgasm again.

Isabella pulled out again, looking up at Ally. She smirked as she made out Ally’s flushed, panting, orgasmic face. “Do you want to cum, babe?”

“Yes!” Ally shouted. “Yes, yes, yes please! Please let me cum!”

“Then you gotta admit, babe,” Isabella clutched onto Ally’s thighs as if it were a thread. “You’re a die hard lesbian. Say it, and I’ll let you cum.”

“I-I-I’m...” The words felt fake to Ally. But she needed to cum. So she needed to admit that she was here, getting eaten out by a hot girl, and being brought to orgasm.

She was a lesbian. There was no questioning left.

“I’m a die hard lesbian,” Ally whimpered.

Isabella smirked. “Good girl.”

Those two words felt like an orgasm in and of themself. Isabella’s face was once again buried in Ally’s crotch, and within seconds, the orgasm in Ally exploded. Her entire body vibrated with pleasure. Isabella ate her out through the whole length of the climax, making it tenfold as strong. As Ally finished her orgasm—what was probably going to be her first out of many—Isabella pulled out, and kissed Ally on the lips. She could taste herself in Isabella’s mouth. It was degrading, and hot at the same time.

As Isabella got her things together, she pulled up Ally’s clothes. “You won’t be needing these anymore,” she stated casually as she threw the shirt and pants into the trash. Then, Isabella held up the panties to Ally’s eyes. “These, though? I paid a bit extra to keep these.”

Ally’s eyes weakly looked at Isabella. She felt ready to collapse. Isabella blew her a kiss, said, “have an exciting night,” and left.

The door slammed behind her. Ally barely had 30 seconds to get herself together before the door opened again.

Two girls now stood in sight—another butch, and a femme clinging onto her arm. “Hey plaything,” the butch said deeply. “My name’s Nikki. How’s it hanging?”

Ally couldn’t respond with words. All she did was whimper weekly. Her legs pushed together. Her cunt still ached from her earlier orgasm, and it was getting itself ready for another. “G-good,” she finally managed.

“Well, lovely,” the femme sang. “Because we’ve got some time with you booked tonight, too.”

Ally couldn’t protest or even beg for a second. The butch kneeled in front of her—somehow carrying her entire weight on her knees—and unbuckled her belt. Her pants and boxers slid down, revealing her fairly firm, long, purple strap on. “You’ve been with guys with dicks before, haven’t you?”

Her heart ached. She thought of Daniel briefly. What would he think, seeing her like this? Seeing her just have get fucked by a hot butch, and readying herself to suck off another’s strap on? He would have been heartbroken.

Guilt wracked through her until the butch pulled her up by the hair. “I asked you a question, babe.” Her words were soft, but she couldn’t hide the steel underneath them. “You’re supposed to answer when a hot girl asks you a question.”

“I... yes, I have...”

“Good. Then you know what to do with this strap. And, well, Patty here... Patty is gonna give you another mind blowing orgasm. You’re ready for more after your last one, aren’t you?”

Ally nodded. Her body felt like fire. And she was an obedient girl—she took Nikki’s strap into her mouth and sucked it. Having been with larger guys before, she had time to perfect her oral skills. It was her first time she did it with a strap. And yet, despite the strap not being attached to Nikki, she got the same amount of pleasure from it. Maybe she got it from the power grab? Maybe she just liked cute, newly out girls underneath her?

Ally couldn’t speculate for long, as Patty began eating her out from behind. As opposed to Isabella, Patty used her fingers to stimulate her clit. Her tongue in Ally’s pussy, and her fingers on her button, those things only coaxed Ally on to suck the strap on harder. She imagined that was the point. After all, Nikki seemed like a toppy butch. She had to guess that Patty was her loyal bottom. And, well... right now, Ally was beneath both of them. She wasn’t just a lesbian. She was a subby, obedient lesbian, who wanted nothing more than to be controlled and fucked and used as a sex toy.

Slowly, the pressure, the pleasure built up in Ally’s body, and she was getting close again. As soon as Nikki realized what was about to happen, she spoke up. “Now, this strap on is a bit special. See, it came with some lube that... quite resembles the feeling, the color, the texture of real cum. I love coating cute girls’ bodies with it. And moreover, I love stuffing it inside of them. I love filling up their cunts. And, even more than that, I love making them swallow a load of it. Sound good to you?”

Ally nodded. Nothing sounded hotter. Even in her days as a heterosexual, she was a total cum slut. She loved it on her and in her. Hell, she even went through the trouble of getting an IUD in her so she could get it in her cunt without the worry of getting pregnant—though, she’d been planning to take it out for some time.

Maybe she still would. Maybe it would be hot for her to be knocked up by a hot lesbian.

“Good. Then, once you swallow my cum, I’m going to let you get yours. Ready?”

Ally nodded. Tears welled in her eyes. She wanted this. She wanted cum.

And she got it. Sure enough, from a hole on the strap on, a load of a wet, sticky substance stuffed her mouth. It seemed never ending, the amount being much more than she expected—or could tolerate. Nikki kept stuffing more and more in her, to the point it was dripping out of her mouth.

“Don’t swallow yet,” Nikki said threateningly. She pulled out slowly, grabbed the bit that dripped out, and stuffed it back into Ally’s mouth. “There. Swallow it. All of it.”

Ally nodded. It was hard to swallow when she was hiding in moans and groans, but she was determined. She gulped it down, bit by bit. It slid down her throat, the amount painful as it all went into her stomach. Soon enough, her mouth was empty again, and she could feel the lingering cum in her throat.

Nikki smiled, and petted her head. “Good girl. Now you can cum.”

Ally gracefully took the offer, letting herself get filled up and pounded with orgasm again. Patty’s tongue thrusted in and out of her cunt, reveling in the way it twitched and vibrated. Ally thrusted her ass back against Patty’s face, begging for more with her moans and gasps, and her borderline ahegao face.

Her second orgasm finished. She sat up to look up at both of them.

“One more thing,” Nikki mused.

Before Ally could ask any questions, Nikki’s strap dripped another copious amount of cum onto her tits. “Open,” Nikki ordered. Once again, Ally’s mouth was drenched in cum, though significantly less this time.

She was still obedient. So of course, she swallowed. “Good, good girl.” Once again, those words got Ally going for more. She had more orgasms left in her. More things she wanted hot girls to do to her. “Have a good night.”

And they left. Once more, Ally wasn’t alone for long. She had nowhere near enough time to recover. Her eyes widened with horror as three girls walked in next. All of them much taller than Ally, and probably much hotter. They were all blonde beauties with varying lengths of hair, in gorgeous red dresses of a few varieties. Their lipstick was all plump and red. And they all gazed down at the ruined girl with wide smirks.

“My name’s Austin. This is Sandy and Crys. How do you feel,” one of them started, “about getting fucked by a polycule of hot blondes?”

Ally’s eyes teared up with pleasure. Yes. She wanted that very, very much.

“Good. Then you’re going to use your mouth and hands to pleasure all of us at the same time.”

All three girls took their panties off at the same time, and lifted their dresses. Two of their pussies were already dripping, and one of them had a soft cock to go along with her. “Your mouth on mine,” the one in front of her spoke, “your hands on the other.”

“Y-yes, Misses.”

“Oh, ho, Misses! She’s such a good girl, isn’t she?” The trans girl—Crys—hollered with laughter. “Well, get on it, then.”

Ally squirmed with pleasure. She was happy to give these three girls their own good time. She placed her face in one of their pussies—her first time eating a girl out. Ally was definitely inexperienced, but what she lacked in experience she made up for in passion. Ally was on a roll, after all—she just ‘realized’ she was a lesbian, or made a lesbian, whatever. And she had plenty of hot lesbian sex to go around.

Her face went into Austin’s folds experimentally. She knew enough about the female anatomy to know focusing on the clit was the right call. Were her hands not preoccupied with one dick and another cunt, she would have used her digits to slide into Austin’s hole. It didn’t matter. All three of the girls were having a great time.

And of course, Ally was, as well. The screaming questions in her mind notwithstanding.

It took some molding of her body, of her face, of her hands, to understand how to best pleasure the hot girls. But soon enough, she got into the rhythm. The girls all chatted with each other about how good Ally was, as if Ally wasn’t even there. They insulted her, telling her she was a depraved gay slut who didn’t care about anything other than sex. They told her she was an idiot for ever thinking she was straight. Ally barely even registered the fact these girls probably paid good money to fuck her, too.

She barely even registered the fact it was obviously Mira pimping her out. Distantly, she wondered how much money Mira made off of her.

Before she could ruminate on those questions too much, she felt something sticky wash over her again. The girls coated her face with their cum, all of them finishing at the same time. They squirted their liquids on her face, her tits, and her back. Ally felt more ruined than she already had. Her body was ruined, for sure, but even more so, her mind was completely shattered. The good girl who was about to get married to the love of her life was cheating on him with girl after girl. And she couldn’t help herself. She loved getting fucked by hot girls so much. She wanted more of it. Ally wanted the rest of her life to be this—sitting in the bathroom of a sleazy lesbian bar, being bought out by lesbians from the evil hypnotherapist who made her this way.

“Take off your bra,” Austin ordered.

“Okay,” Ally whimpered, taking off her cum-soaked bra.

“Give it to me.”

She handed it to Austin, who held a cruel smile on her face as she held up Ally’s favorite bra. “Paid for this. I’ll be enjoying it.”

Ally nodded gently, almost entirely at ease with having all of her clothes either thrown out or taken from her. She wondered how she was going to get home—maybe a hot lesbian would drive her back, and would do even more sexy things to her body.

The three girls left without even saying goodbye to Ally, after pulling their panties up.

The door didn’t even close as the next person walked in. Just as Ally began to wonder when the line of girls who paid to fuck her would end, a familiar face walked in.

Peony. The bartender.

“Listen,” Peony said in faux-defensiveness, “I had to see what the action was about.”

Peony threw her clothes off her tattooed body, and looked down at Ally with a smirk. “I’m sure you know by now what to do.”

* * *

Ally didn’t even remember how she got home that night, but it barely even mattered. As soon as 9am hit, Ally swung open the doors of Mira’s office, and barged in. She met eyes with the hypnotherapist, with nothing but fury in her eyes.

“Change me back!” Ally ordered.

Mira merely smiled innocently. Ally was barely a violent person, but she wanted to slug that smile off her face. “Change you back to what, dear?”

“You know! Make me straight again! You... you did this to me!”

Mira shrugged, and sighed. “Sit down, girl.”

That word again. It made Ally freeze. She had to obey. Ally walked over and sat down. She was still pissed and ready to physically fight Mira. “I was straight as a ruler before I came to you yesterday! And... I was engaged! I cheated on my fiance because of what you did to me, you bitch!”

Mira straightened up at that word, the hairs on her arms standing up straight. “Hell, I didn’t even cheat on my fiance! You pimped me out at a lesbian bar! I couldn’t... I couldn’t even think to resist!”

Mira chuckled. “That hardly sounds like a problem, dear.”

“Shut the fuck up!” Ally shouted. “Change me back, or I’m going to report you right to... wherever the hell I need to report you!”

Silence hung in the air. Mira sighed, taking off her glasses and rubbing her temples. “Come on, dear,” she reasoned. “Aren’t you happier this way? Wasn’t it nice to be fucked mercilessly by an army of hot lesbians? Come on, when was the last time Daniel ate you out?”

“That doesn’t matter!” Ally changed the subject. She didn’t want to admit she couldn’t remember the last time Daniel ate her out. “Change. Me. Back. Now.”

More silence. Ally hoped, prayed, that her pleads would get through to the cruel therapist. She needed things to go back to normal. All she wanted was for this to end, to be back in Daniel’s arms, and to be well on her honeymoon. She didn’t even care about her fear of flying anymore. All she wanted was for things to go back to the way they were.

Finally, Mira agreed. “Very well. I’ll turn you back to normal.”

Ally exhaled. “You... will?”

“Of course,” Mira nodded. “I thought I was helping you, but clearly I was wrong. Let’s change you back, and I’ll send you on your merry way. You can even blame your fun night out on me. After all, I did commit a crime.”

Ally calmed down a little. Just a bit. She didn’t entirely trust Mira not to fuck with her mind anymore, but...

It seemed like Mira was being honest. And that was what she needed. “Okay.” Ally nodded. “Do what you need to do, and then I never want to see your face again.”


Mira pulled something from the wall. Another pocket watch. Similar to the one she used last time, but a bit different. Just as shiny, though. And Ally fell just as hard into it as it swung back and forth above her eyes.

“Follow the pocket watch, dear. You know how to do that. Follow my words, as we go back into that control room to fix things up. You know the way by now, so all I have to do is open the door for you. Are you ready to get things tidied up?”

Ally nodded. She was more ready than anything ever. “Yes.”

“Good. Five... four...”

Ally didn’t even notice when Mira reached one. She dropped into trance, and found herself back into the control room. Sure enough, the screens were still playing lesbian porn, and that orientation dial still hung at a 7. So she still had some of her heterosexuality left. Mira was going to turn her back, and then Ally was going to go and find comfort in his arms.

At least, that’s what she thought. Until Mira spoke up again.

“You’re going to regret ever going against me, girl.”

Ally froze. She couldn’t move or disobey in this tranced state. But she couldn’t deny that the sentence Mira just uttered meant... Mira was absolutely not going to fix Ally.

In fact, it sounded like she was about to make things worse.

Ally struggled. She tried so hard to wake up, to run away, to get away from this place. From the control room. But soon enough, Mira had her grasp on the controls again, and began doing whatever she wanted. Ally was in serious trouble. She was like a mouse trapped under a cat’s paw, left with no good options, no way to escape.

“See that button in the corner? The blue one that’s flickering on and off?” Yes. Ally saw a button there. “That’s your free will. Your ability to go against my orders. To do anything but be my slutty lesbian I get to whore out whenever I want. That’s free will. And I’m going to take it away from you.”

Ally tried to shake her head. She couldn’t even do that. “Smash. Smash. Smash. That button is gone. No more free will. All you can do is follow my orders. You will never, ever go back to how things were, Ally.”

The button smashed, and Ally felt it. She felt her free will breaking. Her body, her mind, it couldn’t even register that Mira was doing anything bad to her. She just had to go along and follow her orders. It was so easy to obey, all this time. Why had Ally even come here, other than to get trained any further?

She had no will left. All she could do was follow Mira.

“Now, see that dial we went to last time, the orientation one? We left it on... seven, didn’t we?”

Ally nodded. She had no choice but to go along.

“We’re going to turn it again.”

The dial began to turn.

“Eight... nine... ten.”

Sure enough, Ally felt her urges change. She couldn’t even think about Daniel anymore—all she wanted to think about was getting hot girls to fuck her. Getting whored out by Mira.

Obeying Mira.

Being a slutty, dumb lesbian.

“So it’s at ten, isn’t it? You’re just a complete lesbian now. No way out. No going back. But let’s ensure that you won’t find someone else to turn you back, dear.

“Let’s break that dial.”

The dial kept turning, turning, turning. It couldn’t turn anymore, but that didn’t make Mira stop. Her hand tight on the dial, it kept turning further and further away from heterosexuality—more than Ally even thought it could.

And then the dial broke.

“Broken. You’re just, such a slutty lesbian now, you can’t even put it into words. That’s all you’re going to do for the rest of your life. You’re just going to spend your life being my plaything, being my toy to bring to all my friends and clients and customers. Oh, and of course, you’re still going to pay me for my services. After all, I’m doing you a favor, Ally. I’m making your life better. Your life is so much better when you’re a slutty, free-use lesbian.”

Ally nodded. All of that sounded right. Her control room was permanently altered—her free will gone, her orientation broken past full lesbianism, and the screens only playing lesbian fantasy porn.

“But let’s do one last thing while you’re here. One last safety measure.”

“” Ally almost asked a question.

Mira paused for a minute, just to chuckle.

“Water is going to come in, now,” she said. “And it’s going to flood the entire room.”

So it did. All the controls in Ally’s mind broke. She was truly, completely, absolutely under Mira’s control now. Her body fell back, her head falling onto the back of the couch.

Amusingly, Ally’s hand went over to her crotch. She slid it under and began pleasuring herself. She wasn’t even thinking about what she was doing. She didn’t care. She had to touch herself to the thought of girls fucking her one after another. Just like a plaything. A toy.

“There you go,” Mira chuckled. “Now, let’s arrange your next session, hmm?”

“Yesssss,” Ally droned in a moan.

“And in fact,” Mira mused. “Why don’t I bring both you and your friend Sherry in? Sound like a fun time?”

Yeah, definitely. Sherry was another hot lesbian after all. She got off to the idea of fucking—or getting fucked by—her. Ally found the strength to nod.

“Good,” Mira stood up and walked over to Ally. Towering over her, with her arms crossed. “I think you’re going to be quite the nice lesbian plaything.”

And that was how it was meant to be.

* * *