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New Neighbors

M/F, M/M, F/F, f/MF, m/MF, MC, Humiliation
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This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

This story involves a man & wife (and later their daughter) being used by a set of new neighbors. It includes hypnotism, male/female sex, male/male sex, and female/female sex. Comments are always appreciated, but please limit those to ideas & not to just give grief. At this moment, the story has a few parts and is not complete, so asking how it will end—well, we will just have to wait & see.

And now—on with the story. I hope you will enjoy.

Chapter 11

The next morning when I woke, Sue was not in bed with me. So I stepped into the shower, and when I got out and started to dry my naked body, I found that Sara’s boyfriend was sitting on the toilet in then small offshoot room adjoining the master bath. In addition to him even being here this early in the morning, the thing that was extremely odd about this = was that he was not using the toilet but rather sitting there watching me dry myself off.

He startled me when I finally noticed his presence. “Woah, what are you doing in here?” I asked.

“Sara said you had a small dick. I didn’t believe her. I had to see for myself.” Tony gloated.

This statement put me on the defensive. “The size of my dick is not your concern. Now get out of here!” I started to object

“Normally I wouldn’t care if you were hung like a horse, or small as a little boy—except that she told me what you said about MY COCK—that I could do anything I want with her if my cock was bigger than yours.” Tony smirked, as he already knew the answer.

I cringed—remembering the phone conversation when Bob told me what to say to my daughter. I quickly covered myself by wrapping the towel around my waist. Instead of the large bath sized towel that could wrap around my waist and stay on my body without me using my hands—it barely lapped over on itself.

“So—just like two schoolboys—we will compare the size of our cocks” Tony stated as he lowered his zipper and fished out his meat.

I couldn’t help but stare. It wasn’t like I had any choice either. Someone stands in your bathroom and shows you their private parts—you just look. It wasn’t nearly as big or thick as Bob’s, but it was much larger than my own. There was no question about that. It was thick and cut, and had to be at least 7 inches semi-hard. I looked up at him and he had that nasty smirk that said ‘I’ve got you beat’.

“Lose the towel” he said.

It wasn’t a request -it seemed to be an order. I hesitated and wanted to object, but he knew that I was caught off guard.

“What’s the matter—don’t think you are man enough to compare?” he insulted me “Drop the towel and show it off.”

I let it slip to my ankles.

Tony let out a laugh. It was part snicker and part sneer when he said, “Is that all you got?”

My daughter’s boyfriend was humiliating me—yet much to my dismay, my dick started to grow. I was getting hard standing naked in front of him.

“Its’ getting bigger. That is good news! What have you got there—4 inches?” Tony accused

“5 or 6—when it gets hard” I retorted.

“I doubt it.” Tony laughed.

It was getting hard ... standing straight out from my crotch. It was at least 5 inches—and depending on how you measure it—maybe 6. But it was embarrassing being in this situation. My thoughts were of Bob’s cock. His massive tool. Even though I was looking at Tony’s sizeable weapon. This cocky young teenager was reading my scrambled mind.

“So I guess I was wrong about two school boys comparing cocks. I guess I should have compared one man, and one schoolboy. Does my cock look like that of a boy or a man? Look at it. It’s bigger soft, than your little pecker is hard. How does that make you feel?” Tony asked

“I feel weak” I answered.

“Kneel down and look at it closer” Tony pointed at his feet, while his other hand gripped his cock and balls.

I fell to my knees—I knew his cock was not the object of my desire. That belonged to Bob. But he did possess a nice healthy resemblance

“Well? What are you waiting for—You want it don’t you?” Tony asked.

I gulped as I stared up at his dangling flesh and nodded.

“Beg me. Tell me that since I am bigger than you are—I can have your daughter. Show me you are what she said you were—a pussy boy. Suck it” He commanded.

“Please Sir, may I have your cock?” I begged

“Tell me who is the superior male—a young strong vivacious man like me—or the pussy who is going to suck me off?” He taunted again.

“You are superior to me” I cringed, but deep down in my subconscious that is what I believed. I knew that I could bring a woman to orgasm better with my tongue than most men can with their cocks, but that penis envy that men claim women want—was really what GUYS WANT. They want to stand up in the locker room and wave their manhood around for all to see. They want to impress the female with full balls—allowing more fluid to impregnate them. They want the muscles and trim looks that this Tony possessed instead of the weak condition that I was in. All of this weighed heavily on my mind and caused me to submit to his rule. In my eyes, if I were to fight this arrogant teenager I would have lost. He knew more about so many more things than I did at his age. Everything in the world pointed to my downfall—my total emasculation—I became his BOY. The fact that he was starting to call me a boy, just made it all the more clear in my mind. I belonged on my knees before him. It was my job to please him. I must suck that cock of his, and make it squirt—on me—or down my throat; it didn’t matter as long as I showed him that I was inferior.

“Good boy! You can recognize the superior male in the house. From now on—you do what I say.” Tony said as he waved his now growing erection in my face. “If you are a BOY—what does that make me?” He continued to taunt.

“Master” I replied. I knew that Bob was my Master and he had a fabulous dick. One that would even put this teenager to shame, but the reality of the current situation was that I was the small helpless boy and he was the one with the now 8 inches of male meat.

“Good Boy! Now you can have your reward. I know that you want it. I remember the other night at the dinner table. You love to suck guys off—don’t you boy?” Tony tormented

I began to suck his prick, and Tony kept on intimidating me with more remarks.

“You look good on your knees. You are a weak pathetic little boy, who adores big powerful guys like me. I’ll bet you dream of me at night. Is that why you are afraid of me dating Sara? You wanted me for yourself. You wanted to suck my cock. You were just jealous of Sara getting to it before you did.”

That remark made my blood start to boil—but inside I knew he was right. For the last few weeks I have thought of little else other than bigger cocks. Ann, Sue, any other female didn’t matter. I dreamed of big cocks. I dreamed of submitting to someone with a big cock. So why would this be any different? Tony had a cock that was larger than my own. Unfortunately, most of the men over 12 years old were bigger than me. I didn’t like the fact that Sara had been here first. Maybe he took her virginity? But even that remark didn’t stop me from sucking and pleasing that firm cock in my mouth.

Tony grunted, and then let loose with a whole lot of cum, flooding my throat till it ran down my chin. He liked the sight of it. Some of it leaked out of my mouth and on the bathroom floor.

“Boy—Clean that up!” Tony pointed at my knees where the drops had fallen.

I went to move from that spot to get the towel I had used to dry myself, and he disliked that idea.

“Boy—When I say clean that up—I mean with your mouth. I want to see you lick it up.”

I obeyed.

Then he put his cock away and strolled out into the master bedroom. “Don’t bother getting dressed, just follow me.”

As I stepped into my own master bedroom I saw Sue kneeling beside the bed. She was nearly naked, with only a thong hiding her crotch, and a strange sort of open bra circling her large dangling breasts. But the sight that blew me away was my own daughter strolling into the bedroom from the hallway carrying what looked to be two collars and leashes. She smiled at her boyfriend and said “Well???”

“Just like you said—he saw it, knew he was inferior and sucked the better man off” Tony told my daughter.

“You let him bring you off already?” She stated with disappointment.

“Yeah—wasn’t that the plan?” Tony asked

“You were suppose to just SHOW him your cock and make him beg a little. Kinda show him who is in charge now. I wanted to watch him do you.” Sara frowned at her plan going a bit wrong. “Now if I let him suck you off—there won’t be enough left for me.”

“Baby, there is always enough for you!” Tony gloated as he cupped his cock and balls through his pants.

“Bring him over here” Sara told Tony while pointing to me, “I have a present for them both.”

“Kneel down” Sara told me.

I obeyed.

“Now, Mommy Bitch—Beg me to collar you.” Sara told her mother.

“Please Mistress Sara, I wish to be your collared slave” Sue told her 17 year old daughter.

“Oh—Wonderful—Now tell everyone what the name on your collar says” Sara held the tag in front of Sue’s eyes.

“It says—M, Mom—Mommy Bitch.” Sue stuttered.

“Mommy Bitch” Sara corrected her “Tell everyone WHY it says that”

“Because I was your mommy but now I am reduced to be your bitch.” Sue repeated as she had been instructed before.

“Good Bitch” Sara triumphantly stated as she snapped the collar around Sue’s neck. It looked like a typical leather dog collar, with a D ring to hook a leash to, and a silver dog tag in the shape of a heart.

“Oh, Sara—I can’t wear this to work” Sue started to complain.


Sara had slapped her kneeling mother across the face.

“What did you call me?” Sara glared down at her helpless mother.

“I’m Sorry—Mi,—Mistress Sara” Sue stammered.

“I’m in charge now—and from this point forward you will do as I say. And I say you WILL wear the collar, then that is exactly what you will do.” Sue admonished her defenseless mother.

“But—But about my work—I just couldn’t!” Sue started to cry.

“Now, now there—I wouldn’t be a good Mistress without a little tenderness -would I?” She raised her mother’s chin up to so she could see into her eyes. Then from her pocket she pulled out a lacy black choker that had a similar type of dog tag dangling from it. “See, this is what you can wear in public when you have been a good Bitch for me.”

Then Sara turned her attention to Tony and me. Handing him another black collar told him to make me beg to wear it.

“Beg to be my slave Boy” Tony snickered as he held out the collar.

I just couldn’t do it. Of course I was not in the best position to object—but it just didn’t feel right. I was naked—on my knees—in the middle of my own bedroom, next to my wife who had just been made my daughter’s slave and bitch, but I had trouble going through with it. I looked up at Tony and then to my beautiful daughter and started to object.

“This is wrong Sara. This must stop.” I started to rise to my feet. I covered my crotch with both hands and told her “That is your Mother—and I am your Father. We are not your slaves for you to order around and abuse. You are still my little girl and this young man must leave our house.” I was careful not to call him young boy—after all he was more of a man than I was. But deep inside I couldn’t let another part of my life fall into disaster.

“Oh—you and Bitch here” pointing at Sue kneeling at her feet “can screw around with the neighbors, then have the nerve to tell me what I can or can’t do. What I am going to show you is that I am not little anymore. I am better than you are—because unlike you both, I don’t submit to anyone. I always wanted to look up to you—to think that because you are my daddy that you were a BIG MAN. But what I found out was that you really were just a BOY. And MANS’ BOY—a pussy licker and a cock sucker to boot.” Sara scolded me.

I wanted to rebuff all the things she said—but I couldn’t think of any words. Before I could collect my thoughts from her cutting words she had told Tony to pull out his dick.

“Daddy—Look at Tony’s dick. Doesn’t it look big? Real men have big muscles and real men have big dicks. Look at how full his balls are—even after you sucked some of his juice from them. Put your hands to your sides so we all can see what a cute little dick you have.” Sara instructed.

I dropped my hands from my crotch and stared at his cock.

“Daddy BOY, Look at Tony’s masculine meat.” She smiled as she saw me eye his crotch. “He has a real cock—8 or 9 inches of meat for you. You want his meat don’t you?”

I couldn’t help it. She was right. I did want it. I could see flashes of Bob’s massive cock in my mind, but since this cock was the only one in the room for me to adore -then that is what I wanted. My eyes glazed over and I couldn’t think of anything but his cock.

“Tony has a superior cock, don’t you think?” Sara teased

“Yes he has a superior cock” I mumbled.

“You want it don’t you Daddy Boy!” Sara taunted

“Yes” I answered

“YES MISTRESS Sara and YES MASTER Tony I want his masculine cock” Sara corrected me.

I repeated what she had said. I was in a fog. I could see the smirk on her face, as she knew I was defeated, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I could see Tony watching closely as I sank to my knees and looked at his large manhood that he was gripping and holding out for my attention.

“MY MY, it really works on him. One minute he is bold as hell (even for a naked person in front of two clothed teenagers), and the next he is down on his knees staring at your cock.” Sara was amazed “Now Beg to be collared”

“Please Master Tony, collar me as your slave” I spoke as if in a dream.

“Show him the tag” Sara told Tony. When he held it in front of my eyes, she said, “What does it say?”

“Daddy—Boy” I read

“That is right, you used to be my Daddy, now you are Tony’s Boy. It may take you awhile to get used to being my slave, but I know you will worship any guy with a bigger cock. So you are going to be his BOY” Sara told me of their plans.

Tony gloated, and waved his meat in front of my face. I tried to kiss it; I even tried to suck it. But he just dick slapped me across one cheek and then the other.

Sara came over and took the collar from Tony’s other hand and snapped it around my neck. She went into my closet and got a tie from my tie rack. She used the tie to restrain my wrists behind my back. She did the same to Sue. Then she took the leash and connected it to the collar. She walked Sue and I over to the door, and threw the leash over the door so that the handle hung down to the doorknob on the other side. She slipped the handle over the doorknob, and then went and did the same to Sue at the bathroom door.

“Tell him to crawl to you” She told Tony.

Tony spoke “Crawl to me Boy” and he waved his cock for me to have.

I dropped to my knees and nearly choked myself. I could just barely touch my knees to the carpet, because the leash that was thrown over the door, and hooked to the knob didn’t allow me to move any further. With my hands restrained behind me, I couldn’t get my balance to lift myself back up either. I was helpless. Sue was treated much the same way, except she remained standing against the door. Both of us faced toward the bed.

“Now since I came home the other day and found you both fucking our neighbor, and I watched you both. You are going to watch as Tony fucks me with his big powerful cock. I am going to show you once and for all that I am a big girl.” Then she turned her attention to Sue. “Yes, I am a BIG girl. I’m your superior in every way. Not only am I much taller than you, but my breasts are bigger, and unlike you—Bitch, my pussy has hair.” Then she faced me. “Tony, is a better man. Then of course you know that already. Since you have sucked his cock for him. We have screwed many times, but this time is special. You both get to watch. You both get to adore me—as your Mistress, and Tony as your new Master.”

For the next 2 hours, Sara and Tony fucked every which way possible. He did her doggy style. She sat on his face in sixty-nine while she resurrected his manhood. She lay on the bed with her ankles up by her head, and he fucked her royally. Over and over, he plowed his shaft into her sweet wet pussy. I had not thought of my daughter in this way, but with her blonde hair, and deep tan everywhere except her ass, boobs and pussy she was quite gorgeous.

“Set my slaves free and we will being our new reign as their SUPERIOR Beings.” She told her boyfriend.

End of chapter 11